Timeless Guidance

Distributed by the Maethana Asha

Table of Contents


Chapter One

Chapter Two




What we present here is that which has been taught by Lord Mithra, and revealed by His Divine Manifestations throughout the ages. We have taken the heart of His teachings and we present it to you in a concise manner, as a symbol of glory for the Ashavan, that they may be devoted to the New Mithraic Covenant.


That through a life of obedience to Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra, they may receive their Divine Inheritance.And upon their return to Bahisht, they may finally re-merge with the Ocean of Sentient Consciousness, that is the One, Universal Soul of Mithra.

Chapter One

Stanza One

My first piece of advice to you is this: Acquire a compassionate heart, so that you may one day ascend to the Eternal Realm in harmony with all who reside in Bahisht.

Stanza Two

That which is valued above all things in the eyes of Mithra are Truth and Righteousness*. If you long to merge with Mithra, you will value them dearly.

Do not abandon Truth and Righteousness, if you do, your connection to Mithra will be severed. If you cultivate Truth and Righteousness within you, you will awaken your soul and no longer remain intoxicated along with so much of the world.


And you will know True Gnosis and not be swayed by the false knowledge that covers the Earth. Contemplate this deeply: What is required of you in order to be an inhabitant of Heaven?


Truth and Righteousness are offered to you and they are a gift from the Compassionate Heart of Mithra. If you know their True Value, you will not turn your gaze from them.


Stanza Three

Awaken to the Truth! God has always loved you; In the Oneness of the Celestial Son, He created you.


As a microcosm of the One Created Being, you have imprinted upon your consciousness, the awareness of the Majesty of Zurvan.


Stanza Four

Zurvan, the Father of Righteousness and Anahita, the Divine Mother of Life, love their wondrous Child: Mithra, who is the totality of all Creation.


Zurvan has created you. The Love of God is inherent in the Son, and you are a microcosm of the Son, when you are One with the Son, you will remember this limitless love and your soul will be filled with eternal joy.

Stanza Five

Love God fully and without reservation. The love you give to Zurvan unconditionally is reciprocated exponentially.


If you have no love for God, You cannot experience Zurvan’s Love, either. The awakening soul has this Gnosis stirring within their hearts, as they read these words.

Stanza Six

You will find Eternal Bliss in the love of Zurvan; when you ascend into Bahisht, you will merge into the Universal Soul. There you will, once and for all time, finally be Home, in the Presence of God, Mother and Son.


Why do you shuffle your feet? Run to the loving embrace of God! Your Celestial Homecoming has been awaiting you in the Eternal Kingdom of Light.

Stanza Seven

If you love God, abandon love of self; and if you seek to be in harmony with God’s Will, do not place a higher regard on your own.


What is unreal about you will fall away in the fullness of time, And what is real about you will live eternally.


Stanza Eight

There is no Heavenly Reward for the soul that is unwilling to sacrifice the ego and seek the Divine Light of Zurvan; the celestial inhabitant glorifies the Name of God, and has no pride in their own.


One who resides in the Eternal Realm trusts in Zurvan fully and they do not place a higher priority in themselves. The Divine Source is deserving of all love; all that we have to give is not enough to honor the One True God for all that we receive.

Stanza Nine

The love of Zurvan is your Citadel; the soul that enters into this Pristine Fortress is invulnerable, and the soul that has no interest in this Heavenly Citadel, will be lost forever and will become extinct.


Stanza Ten

Be one with the Mind of Mithra to experience the invulnerability of the Heavenly Citadel, even now.


The Love of God is contained within you, awaken to this Reality, the love of Zurvan is present with you in the Divine Mother and the Celestial Son.


Stanza Eleven

Each Ashavan is as a beacon of pure Light to illuminate the ever darkening world, the Unkindled Fire of Mithra shines out in all directions from every true believer.


Their radiance is a particle of Mithra’s radiance and the radiance of the Celestial Son is a reflection of of Zurvan in Creation.


God has created you as a luminous being and He has bestowed His blessings greatly upon those who are of One Mind with Mithra.


Stanza Twelve

Zurvan has created each of us as a being of light. Be at peace with this and do not seek for a state beyond this.


What He has created is pure and what Zurvan calls into being are subject to His Will. Have no doubt in that which God has created Pure.


Stanza Thirteen

Zurvan has created you to exist in splendor but Tiamat has made you believe your only fate is squalor. Zurvan has created you with nobility but the evil one has made you believe you are insignificant.


From the Source of Gnosis Zurvan has created you, but the adversary seeks to instil doctrines of ignorance within you that will only lead to your extinction.


Zurvan is your Creator but many bow down to other creations, can they not see how unacceptable this is? Do not look to Idols in order to find God.


Look within and you fill find the reflection of Zurvan. It is the Son who is always with you and He is the Mirror of God in Creation.


You who covenant with Zurvan, are Children of God and as such, will live eternally. If you understand this abandon your fear of death.


The Light of Zurvan shines in you and will shine bright for all eternity. If you acknowledge this renounce your obsession with extinction.


The Glory of God resides in you, and never diminishes; You are a vessel of God’s Grace and shall never be taken under the waves of impermanence. Experience, then, the Love Zurvan has for you, so that you might find God in Bahisht.

Stanza Fourteen

If you seek the Image of God in Creation look to the Mirror of God, that is the Son.


Have you found the Reflection? Then look and do not turn way again; the Ascendancy of God perseveres and His Authority is Eternal.


If you seek out a god other than the Divine Source, it will not matter where you look or how intently you look, all your efforts will amount to nothing.


Stanza Fifteen

Turn away from everything except God, Mother and Son, and take counsel with the Divine Manifestations of Mithra. This is the Heart of God’s Guidance to you, the wise will take it to heart and abide by it.


Stanza Sixteen

Exist in tranquility in the Presence of Zurvan and take no counsel from anyone who does not faithfully represent God, Mother and Son. Because nothing but the Divine Celestial Triad will ever truly benefit you.


Stanza Seventeen

Do not petition God for anything that the Divine Celestial Triad does not expressly will for you.


Be at peace with whatever God, Mother and Son consecrate on your behalf, for this will benefit you most, and you shall know contentment.


Stanza Eighteen

Zurvan has instilled within you a particle of His own Son, that you may become the True Servant.


Why then, have you turned away from God and why do you look for a benefactor other than your own Creator?


Stanza Nineteen

God’s ownership of you is unequivocal, make peace with this. Zurvan’s blessings upon you are countless, they are easily apparent.


God’s love rests within you, accept this perennial Truth. The Light of Zurvan emanates from you, be a light for all who are lost in the darkness.


Stanza Twenty

In the Realm of Light is a Paradise that is unlike anything in the physical creation.


Why then have you wandered away from the Pilgrim’s Road back to your Eternal Home? Why have you allowed yourself to become intoxicated with all that is worthless and meaningless in the world?

Return to that which is most beneficial for you, it awaits you in the Eternal Realm of Light, even now.

Stanza Twenty One

God has created you to be Regal, but instead you have allowed yourself to become servile to the wicked*.


Pick yourself up, then, from this debased state and travel the luminous road back home to obtain your Divine Inheritance.


Stanza Twenty Two

God is calling you to your Eternal Home, why then do you continue to absorb yourself with the impermanent?


What has made you wander away from the Divine Will and make you complacent in these many temporal distractions that surround you?

Stanza Twenty Three

Do not violate your boundaries, and do not extol that which you do not require.


Bow down before the Reflection of God, the Celestial Son.


Stanza Twenty Four

Do not exalt yourself over the impoverished in this world, the evil one leads the worldly around by their base desires.


Those who pride themselves for having more than others, will renounce their Divine Inheritance. One day they will know what it is to be truly destitute.

Stanza Twenty Five

How can you be so preoccupied with the flaws in others, yet so blind to your own? God curses those who exhibit such callous hypocrisy!

Stanza Twenty Six

Do not wallow in the sins of others and believe that you, yourself, are not contributing to that muck. The person who is indifferent to this direction is cursed.

Stanza Twenty Seven

Understand that the person who compels others to be fair, but is themselves, an unjust person, is a stranger to God. Regardless as to whether or not he invokes the Divine Names.

Stanza Twenty Eight

Do not charge any person with a characterization that you would not have applied to yourself, and do not claim what you have no right to claim.


God gives this guidance to you, the wise will heed it and apply it in their lives.

Stanza Twenty Nine

Do not deny the Celestial Son anything He would ask of you, for His Face is the Mirror Reflection of Zurvan in Creation.

The attentive soul understands to humble themselves in the Presence of God.

Stanza Thirty

Make yourself accountable daily before you are ultimately brought before the Throne of Judgment.


Make no mistake, death is coming for you and you will not know the exact moment until it has arrived at that point. You will be required to be accountable for your actions in this life.

Stanza Thirty One

The evil one, in her corruption of the light, has made death. Death is feared but it is the release from the prison that confines you.


You will be liberated from imprisonment one day, why mourn that which will grant you freedom?


Zurvan has made the Light and you are of that same Light. It is your True Form. Why then, do you fear casting off this decaying garment that limits you?

Stanza Thirty Two

With the luminous teachings God through Mother and Son, greets you! Zurvan summons you to the Heavenly Court. Live in this Gnosis so you may one day live in bliss eternally.

Stanza Thirty Three

The Divine Mother of Life brings you the Pure Teaching so you may one day be reunited with the Universal Soul; Why is it that you lament?


Mithra has enlisted you in His work; Why do you shirk your responsibilities?


The Reflection of God shepherds you; How is it that you presume to wander off the Path that leads to your Eternal Salvation?

Stanza Thirty Four

Do not be sad that you are far from the Divine Celestial Triad at this time, but do not celebrate anything other than your immanent return to the Presence of God.


Stanza Thirty Five

Be joyous in the depths of your heart, that you have been found worthy to meet God and to serve as a reflection of His Glory.

Stanza Thirty Six

Do not remove the mantle that has been bestowed upon you by Mithra, and do not sacrifice your place in the Ocean of Sentient Consciousness, unless you find value in extinction.

Stanza Thirty Seven

Follow the Maxims out of your love for God and cast away your attachments to the dying creation if you truly long to Honor Zurvan.


Stanza Thirty Eight

Do not abandon the Maxims of Zurvan if you truly love Him, and do not forget the Pure Teaching of Mithra if you wish to acquire God’s trust.


Stanza Thirty Nine

Even if you were able to traverse the expanse of the physical cosmos and somehow manage to ascend from the physical realm into the Realm of Light;


Unless you were in complete Harmony with God’s Will and submissive in the Presence of the Divine Celestial Triad;


It would have all amounted to nothing, as you would only be cast out into the darkness.

Stanza Forty

Exalt the Will of God so that He will disclose the Gnosis of His Creation to you.

Stanza Forty One

Seek the Presence of God in Humility, and Mithra will attend you.


Stand up for the Cause of God, Mother and Son, so that even while you are in the world, you can attain ascendancy.

Stanza Forty Two

Speak of Zurvan on the Earth so that God will remember you in Bahisht, and at that time, your thirst for the Heavenly Presence will finally be quenched.

Stanza Forty Three

What you hear Mithra hears, what you see Mithra’s sees; deep in your soul, you already know what this means!


You are part of the Celestial Son, and if you are of One Mind with Mithra you will have a place within Him in the Presence of God eternally.


This process is consecrated the moment you establish a covenant with God through Mithra.

Stanza Forty Four

Live and die in the service of God, Mother and Son.


Be at peace with that which is pleasing to Zurvan and be content with that which God decrees.


By so doing, you can rest in the Presence of God.


Stanza Forty Five

Consider this: Is it your desire to die in your bed, or to die on the path of Holiness?

As one who served God fully, becoming an extension of God’s Will in Creation;


And one who shines with the Divine Light of Truth outward and upward to the Highest levels of Bahisht?


Consider your options, wisely, you who seek to serve God in sincerity!


Stanza Forty Six

To offer up the mortal shell in the service of God’s Will is more exalted than the formation of the physical universe itself. The one who originally formed it has no honor.


The pious soul is the epitome of honor and is a beacon of light in the physical and spiritual realms. The pious servant will seek to obtain this.


Stanza Forty Seven

Learn to read the signs that are offered.


If you are courageous in your implementation of Divine Direction.


That is a sign of your unwavering love for Zurvan and perseverance due to the trials placed before you by the evil one and her son, the dragon.


Stanza Forty Eight

One who loves God, Mother and Son deeply longs for the opportunity to cultivate virtue in the same way the sinner longs for forgiveness.


Stanza Forty Nine

If difficulties never challenge you on the path of righteousness, how can you walk in the footsteps of the saints?


If adversity does not assail you on your journey to the Presence of God, How can you overcome your imperfections and ascend to the Realm of Light?


Stanza Fifty

The adversities that you experience can be, for you, a means of purification, if you are attentive.


The misfortune you experience today can be used for your greater fortune down the road.


Be cognizant of the opportunities to perfect consciousness so you may return to your original state as a being of light.


Zurvan encourages you to use adversity as a means to perfect.


Stanza Fifty One

If you find yourself beset by opulence, do not bask in what seems to be material success, no, rather, you should humble yourself.


Do not be upset, for the states of material opulence and material adversity are soon to dissolve from existence. They are momentary distractions only.

Stanza Fifty Two

If you experience financial hardship, do not lament; Lord Mithra will offer you abundance in the fullness of time.


Do not be fearful because you may be humbled in this world, one day you will arise victorious.

Stanza Fifty Three

If your attention is rooted in the Eternal Realm of Bahisht, abandon any notions of material exaltation.

Stanza Fifty Four

So many in this world long for wealth but Zurvan desires that you be free of this attachment.


You make the mistake of priding yourself on your material acquisitions, but God sees your wealth when you are free of such attachments.


This I swear, this is the Gnosis of the Divine, but what you crave is matter that is destined to abandon you.


How can you reconcile your petty acquisitions with the Heavenly Reward?


Stanza Fifty Five

Offer up what you have in this physical life to those who have little, so that in the Heavenly Realm you can receive the abundance offered and the wealth that never fades.


To offer up your existence in service of God, Mother and Son, is greatest gift you can receive, if you truly understood the nature of Eternal Reality.


Stanza Fifty Six

Your consciousness is a temple to Zurvan; purify it of all that is unworthy of God.


Do this so that the praise of Zurvan may emanate from there and become a hallowed place.

Stanza Fifty Seven

Your heart is God’s Sanctuary; make it worthy of Zurvan.


Your spirit is a Treasury built for the Gnosis from the Divine Celestial Triad; purify it from all that would contaminate such Divine Gnosis.


Stanza Fifty Eight

Focus your attention on the essential Nature of God; do this so that Zurvan can illuminate you.

Stanza Fifty Nine

Ascend into Bahisht, and by doing so, you can finally experience the reunion of the Universal Soul.


Do this and you will drink heavenly ambrosia that flows throughout the Celestial Realm.

Stanza Sixty

A great deal of time has elapsed while you have involved yourself in temporal distraction and meaningless delusions.


For how much longer will you remain intoxicated?


Wake up! For the Eternal Light of Mithra is shining, allow it to shine upon you and finally give you clarity.

Stanza Sixty One

The Divine Light shines upon you from the Pinnacle of Hara Berezaiti and the spirit of Gnosis has entered the inner sanctum of your heart.


It is time to liberate yourself from the chains of ignorant obsessions that keep you from the Truth.


It is time to prepare to enter the Presence of God so that you can become a worthy inhabitant of Bahisht.


Do this, and you will live eternally, free from all suffering and fatigue.


Stanza Sixty Two

Eternity is the Creation of Zurvan, He has made it for you. Eternity is your Divine Birthright.


The Oneness of God is His Nature; He has created Himself in this way.


Be ever mindful of this, as you praise Zurvan for all Eternity.

Stanza Sixty Three

The Nobility of Zurvan is presented before you, and His greatness is but a glimpse of His Benevolence to you.


No one can understand or describe that which suits God. His ways are a Mystery to us.

God keeps His own counsel on matters far beyond our reckoning. We cannot fathom the workings of the Mind of God.


Yet, even with an understanding of His Omniscience and Omnipotence, still, it is we who are the recipients of His Boundless Compassion.


Stanza Sixty Four

While in the flesh, Tiamat will seek to obstruct your knowledge and love of God, your souls will be persecuted simply for speaking of Zurvan.


Those who are enslaved to the evil one and to the world are unwilling and unable to comprehend God, Mother and Son, their hearts are contaminated and are a wasteland, devoid of Love for God.

Stanza Sixty Five

Out of Love and Mercy, God has revealed to you through the Unkindled Fire, and spoken to you through Divine Messengers throughout the ages, all that has been according to the Will of Zurvan.


What has been revealed has been tempered to meet your capacity to understand.


There are limitless stores of Gnosis, far beyond mortal comprehension, that awaits you in the Higher Realms.


If you turn to the Divine Light and make your way Home, you will receive more than you could have ever imagined.

Stanza Sixty Six

Be attentive if you seek to know how you were made! You were created as One Being.


You entered the corrupted state that is the physical creation in order to save it from extinction. You became enslaved and lost in matter and your soul was threatened with extinction.


Zurvan breathed His Mercy into the physical creation to create Harmony to combat the Chaos and make a pathway for you to awaken and return Home to life in the Eternal Realm of Light once more.


You are many and you are One in Mithra. You are Mithra! Knowing this, never seek to exalt yourself over others. Consider the limitless mercies that have taken place to create you, sustain you and offer you liberation.


You were created as One Soul, it is your history and your future, if you are conscious. Be unified with all those who are waking up to this reality.


The evidence that you are understanding this will be your indifference to material distraction and your cultivation of virtue.


Consider these Truths so you may obtain your Divine Inheritance in the Eternal Realm of Light.

Stanza Sixty Seven

You are a facet of the priceless Gem that is Mithra. You are cherished more than words can express.

You have within you the capacity to store God’s Gnosis. The true devotee will know to protect the Gnosis Mithra offers from those who only give lip service to such a state.

Stanza Sixty Eight

God has conveyed to you the Heavenly Incense, through Mithra He has revealed to you His Gnosis.


Zurvan desires for you what He has desired for Mithra. Be at peace in the knowledge of God’s Love for you and be ever thankful for God, Mother and Son.

Stanza Sixty Nine

Cherish all that God reveals to you through the Mother and the Son in your mind and inscribe this Gnosis upon your heart. If you are unable, then at the very least, put the words to print, read them, recite them and memorize them over time.


Many have lived and died for the Higher Truth which the Divine Messengers have heroically offered in your midst. The soul that places the highest value on what God has revealed, is precious to Him, eternally.

Chapter Two

Stanza One

For all those with open minds, open ears and open hearts! Receive this first gem of Gnosis:


Do not call any place your Home save Bahisht, itself.


Do not seek safe haven in this dying creation except with the righteous.


Do not value any personal attribute higher than your single minded faith in God.


Your relationship with Zurvan is your life blood, if you truly understand this, you will enter the Divine Current back to Bahisht.


Stanza Two

The hearts of people today are happy to be mired in temporal distractions.


They have lost all hope for eternal bliss, in their impatience they struggle to squeeze more relative amusement from fleeting enjoyments and relationships.


In their restlessness and desperation they have bartered their eternal salvation for empty promises.


It is as strange as it is tragic; A mere rain drop distracts them from the Ocean Bliss that awaits.

Stanza Three

Seek the association of the pious in this world and avoid the company of those who deny God.


To associate with those who have no love for Zurvan, is to lie down with corpses.


That they move about and make all manner of noise, but there is no sign of intelligent life among them.


Stanza Four

What place can you call Home except the Presence of whom you love most?


When will you find a cessation from your heart felt longing?


Only when you have found what you have been looking for, all along.


One who loves deeply, lives fully.


One who is kept from that love, dies a little each moment they are separated from their beloved.


To the devout lover there is no tranquility within, as long as they are not with the one they love.


Such a person would gladly turn from all in this world if it would lead to their return into the presence of the one they love most.


Stanza Five

The person who invests all of their time in useless debate and whose only desire is to silence those that disagree with him, has made a bad investment of a valuable commodity.


If your thoughts and your words are virtuous, let your actions be a pure reflection.

Stanza Six

One who harbors within themselves even a trace of covetous nature, cannot ascend into the Divine Presence, and will not breathe in the heavenly incense from the Celestial Court.

Stanza Seven

Be attentive to that which has been revealed before you:


As you advance towards the Celestial Realm, place one foot after the other and do not take your feet from the Heavenly Path;


Do this and you are assured entrance into Bahisht.

Stanza Eight

Consciously walk the Path to Bahisht, and enter the Celestial Court of Zurvan.


Purify your mind, your heart, your words and your actions, and make your way into the Celestial Court.

Stanza Nine

Move past the lower levels of uncertainty, fear and intellectual pride born of egotism, and ascend to the Celestial Heights of Faith, Courage and Submission to God, born of Humility.


Remove the toxic sleep of delusion from your eyes so you can see the Beauty of the Pure Teaching and proclaim:


Praise Zurvan, who is the Divine Source of All!

Stanza Ten

Each person is drawn to what they identify with most and each person revels in the association that reflects their own nature.


It is because of this that the druj* will never see Asha**, and the jaded individual will never enjoy anything but the dying creation.

*(A demonic being or a wicked person)

**(Truth and Righteousness)

Stanza Eleven

Close your eyes to the temporal creation, so you can see the light of the Unkindled Fire within. Shut your ears to the distracting noise in the world around you, so that you can finally hear the Soothing Voice of Mithra.


Empty yourself of all false concepts and the fragments of false doctrines you still retain, so you can be filled with the Pure Teaching and free yourself from a bondage to materialism, so that you can inherit the Heavenly Wealth that resides in the One Universal Soul.


Close your eyes, to everything that does not reflect the Will of Zurvan.

Close your ears, to everything that does not echo the Pure Teaching.

Become a vessel for the Message of Light that leads you to God, Mother and Son.

If you will see clearly, with a receptive ear, an awakened mind, and an open heart, you will enter the Celestial Court.

Stanza Twelve

When you shut your eyes to the physical world around the inner world becomes visible to you.


Looking within, you enter communion with your True Nature. You become re-acquainted with your Higher Self, a fragment of the Celestial Son.


Stanza Thirteen

The flying immortals and saints fear for you, that unresponsive to the Ministry of the Celestial Son, you will become distracted by the snares of the false creation and wander from the Path that Leads to the Divine Light.


That having never caught a glimpse of the Heavenly Beauty, you become the instigator of your own destruction.


Stanza Fourteen

Do not sacrifice the Divine Light for the distractions that spark your curiosity in this world, and do not place your hopes on the promises of a dying creation.

Stanza Fifteen

A time is coming when the Divine Messengers will no longer appear in this world. Nor will they impart the Pure Teaching for your liberation and humanity will be deprived of the Soul Liberating Gnosis from Mithra.

Stanza Sixteen

Many Manifestations of Mithra have appeared in the physical creation, providing the Pure Teaching and offering covenants to the receptive souls.


Many Revelations have been revealed by many mouths but with only One Voice.


Still, when there are so few who listen with an open mind and heart, the harvest is assured to be relatively small.

Stanza Seventeen

The Portal to the Celestial Realm, at this time, is wide open to all who seek it.


Many have suffered and died to bring your attention to its existence, but with so much effort and so much loss, so few have taken up the Path that leads to their own salvation.


And even of those who have stepped onto the Path, few remain steadfast to complete the Journey to Bahisht.


Stanza Eighteen

Speak to those are still able to hear the Truth that in Bahisht, the Limitless Ocean welcomes them. In this Sea of Sentience there eternal bliss awaits them.


Make every effort, to reach this Divine Ocean, and be welcomed Home. In this Ocean, under the Majesty of Hara Berezaiti*, every mystery will be solved, every secret revealed, and Divine Wisdom will be the air that you breathe. Bahisht offers eternal wonders, seek entry while you are able.

*(The Highest Peak in Bahisht. The Home of the Manifestation of Mithra)


Stanza Nineteen

Do not place your personal preferences ahead of God’s Will, if you have desires for anything that Zurvan has not wished for you, abandon it.


Walk towards God with a full heart, free of worldly passions and attachments.


If you would only purify your consciousness you would remember the place of your Origin, and the Thoughts of Mithra would finally be acknowledged as your own.

Stanza Twenty

The time for this world has come and gone. The inhabitants have had their moment in the flesh.


Even with every avenue to reach, to teach and to awaken these beings trapped in flesh, so few have responded.


The Divine Messengers have appeared in a carnal wasteland, and have sought to remind the people they are not of this world, originally.


The Divine Messengers have taught of the existence of the One True God.


Many taught to unreceptive numbers; many taught those who initially responded but then abandoned or corrupted those teachings.


Only a sliver throughout history were reached, who responded to the teaching and began their journey Home to the Celestial Realms.


Too many chased after idols and false teachers.


Too many have sought the comfort in those who are abhorrent in the sight of God.


Every moment that you walk upon this world, and act as if you own the place, you are forgetting that it is not your True Home, you did not create it and you will not be around to see its demise.


The Earth was a temporary retreat that you forgot to leave. The retreat is coming to an end, where will you go now?


If you would only wake up to reality as it is, you would long for countless adversities on the path to Bahisht than the illusory joy of a dying world.


You would prefer death in the flesh, than a continued existence in a false creation nearing the end of its existence.


Stanza Twenty One

Out of love, Zurvan seeks to be in communion with you, why then the hesitancy?


The bridge between this world and the Heavenly realm is only fragile due to our own failings.


Through the Divine Mother and the Celestial Son, God is with you, but you keep yourself far from Him.


God offers you eternal esteem, but you settle for condemnation instead.


This need not be! There is still time for you to commune with Zurvan.


God is awaiting you to consider His offer carefully.

Stanza Twenty Two

Many people of this world, have struggled to find a pathway to enter the Presence of God. Many have failed to find this pathway. So much energy and time were devoted to this cause, only to fail.


You, on the other hand, with a fraction of the effort, have achieved this long sought after prize, to find a true path to Zurvan and you have done this with comparatively little searching. You have found what you have sought. You have found what many are still searching for.

But even finding this priceless Jewel, you continue to mire yourself in the intrigues of the shell, to such an extent that you still do not look up and see the Divine Manifestation, nor take His Hand.


You look with eyes closed, you listen but you do not hear, you perceive but you do not realize what you have found.

Stanza Twenty Three

The heavenly spark resides within, but so many, through their mindless behaviour, are ever-poised to extinguish that flame.


And the wonder of the Divine Manifestation of Mithra honors us with His presence but we close our eyes, our ears and our minds to what has been revealed in ignorance and arrogance.


The Ruler of the Stars is mistreated by a people devoted to Illusion and the unsuspecting soul awakens to a life in a prison of flesh and a world spiralling into the darkness.


The flying immortals and saints all mourn for our predicament, while we live in this dying creation, and mistakenly believe that this physical existence is our only reason for being.


How deluded can we possibly be?

Stanza Twenty Four

You who take up the mantle of religiosity but are strangers to Mithra, why do you seek to lead others when you do not know the way Home?


You are like a comet in the night sky that pilgrims mistake for a star, they follow you, but the destination is nothing but scorched earth.

Stanza Twenty Five

The false teacher gives the semblance of legitimacy but what they teach is toxic to a seeking soul. The teaching seems sound to the unconscious, but under closer inspection, the teaching collapses under the weight of its delusion.


The sunlight reflects off of pure gold and fool’s gold in equal measure, but only one has any real worth: May the wise be discerning enough to take heed of the teacher that points them to the Eternal Truth.


Stanza Twenty Six

Consider this: Have you ever given merit to the teaching that the disciple and the heretic can peacefully co-exist within one person? Not so!


Expel the heretic, so that only the true disciple can call your shell it’s hermitage.

Stanza Twenty Seven

All that exists within the physical creation that offers harmony, order, beauty, mercy and leads a soul to liberation, all this is what Zurvan offered you, with the notable exception of the soul, which is a fragment of the One Universal Soul of the Celestial Son.


However, even with all that God, Mother and Son offer you, still you are falling before false idols of stone and thought.


Whenever a Divine Manifestation of Mithra enters your community, rather than bowing at His Lotus Feet and receiving the Spiritual Food He offers, so many ignore or revile Him.


Only later do these mindless individuals set the memory of the Divine Manifestation up as an idol to compound their delusions.


Even with all of this, Zurvan wishes for you to know the Truth and provides you a way back Home, if you are discerning.


Stanza Twenty Eight

God turns His gaze upon us regularly, But rather than seeing a world of pious souls, He has caught sight of many who enslave themselves to false gods, false teachers and false teachings.


If you seek to be an inhabitant of the Celestial Realm, you must abandon the conduct of the mindless pagans.

Stanza Twenty Nine

You were created as a part of a Greater Being and you exist in the physical creation to save all sentient consciousness trapped in matter. Even before you entered the womb, you have been under the protection and the loving gaze of the flying immortals.


Out of the love and mercy of the Divine Celestial Triad, you have come into being, and brought the Gnosis which awakens the sleeping souls. You were created as One Universal Being: the Son of God.


The fall was not your fault, yet you suffer the threat of extinction due to one who used their free will to become an an enemy to Zurvan.


Out of love God has offered you a path to awakening, to ascension and to reunification of the One Soul, your True Self in Mithra. But regardless of all of this, you exist only at the level of material sustenance and temporal distraction.


Time and again, you ignore the countless blessings around you and the countless Messengers He has sent to liberate you. You abandon the longing for Heaven for the passions of the flesh.


The enemy knows you well, and you aid in your own imprisonment.

Stanza Thirty

So few days you spend in the flesh, so many times God has tried to reach you, yet so many times you have been unresponsive, intoxicated with meaningless thoughts, relationships, issues and distractions.


Only, in the hour of your death, do you complain that God has somehow abandoned you, when it was you who abandoned Him over the course of a lifetime.


Do you really wish to compare the times you have sought God to how often He has sought you? Regarding this, you truly have no idea!

Stanza Thirty One

If you are sincere that you long for the Presence of God, then look to no one other than Zurvan;


And if you really wish to experience His Beauteous Countenance, stop enslaving yourself to mortal concepts of beauty that stirs the Passions.


You cannot be obedient to God’s Will and the will of the ego, who is naught but an emissary of the evil one.


You cannot seek the darkness and the light at the same time; one must be abandoned for you to make progress.

Let it be the one that keeps you from the Eternal Realm of Light.

Stanza Thirty Two

Your mind can open to the Gnosis of Mithra as long as you do not close the doors to Revelation by being absorbed in egotism, intellectualism, and obsession with temporal distractions.


The True Answer to what burdens your soul is to contemplate God, Mother and Son.

Focus your attention on them and you will transcend the dying creation. Immerse yourself in God’s Love and make it your reason for being.


Stanza Thirty Three

Listen to the words of the Divine Manifestation of God’s Son, and drink deeply from the River of Gnosis that flows from Him.


Allow the Pure Teaching to make its home in your mind and heart, that the Gnosis of the Divine will emanate from you and be experienced by all who seek it.

Stanza Thirty Four

Extinguish the fires of egotism and pride within yourself, and make a space for the Unkindled Fire of Mithra so you may be the recipient of Heavenly Gnosis.


One day, all too soon, you shall stand before the Throne of Judgement, in the presence of a Manifestation of Lord Mithra.


Ensure that your thoughts, words and deeds reflect the Gnosis received from Mithra, and that you do not have to answer for the notions born of vain speculations and the poison of false teachers that you have taken to heart.

Stanza Thirty Five

The wise person speaks when they have something to say, not based on vain speculation and opinion but reflective of Divine Gnosis.


This person does not share with those who have not asked or sought, but offers this wisdom to those who hunger for it.


Therefore, it is wise to learn from the Divine Messenger and embed these Truths within your mind and heart.


There will come a time when this wisdom is sought by others in the world. You will then be able to bring forth this Gnosis for the receptive soul who has sought you out.

Stanza Thirty Six

Do not sacrifice your Divine Inheritance in Bahisht for the shiny objects of the material creation as they are slated for destruction, and do not turn away from the Divine Love of God in favor of that which entices your material senses.


This guidance can reach you only if you stop deifying the ego; there is only One worthy of your obeisance and He exists outside of Creation!


Stanza Thirty Seven

O captive soul! Break out of your cell on this prison world, and prepare for your Journey back to the Eternal Realm of Light, Life and Joy!


Abandon the ego and receive the Love and Gnosis of Mithra, live in the Oneness with Mithra to know true Peace.

Stanza Thirty Eight

The Journey to your Celestial Home will not be accomplished by getting lost in material distractions.


You must plan for your Journey and then you must set out on the path.


If you continue to wait for some other time in some other place, you will miss your window of opportunity.


You can be free of this prison, eternally, and ascend into Bahisht, if you wake up and start moving in that direction now.


Stanza Thirty Nine

Liberate yourself from the chains of material existence, and let the soul emerge from the shell of the body.


Take this opportunity, while it is still afforded to you, as there will come a time, not long from now, when it will no longer be available to the souls of this world.

Stanza Forty

If you have within you the capacity to sense Truth and Holiness, you will sense the presence of the Gnosis of the Divine Messenger.


If you are mature in spirit you can begin to see the celestial prayer garland made up of all the Divine Manifestations of Mithra who appeared in this world to liberate souls trapped in matter.


Stanza Forty One

Be free of hostility, jealousy and greed, and bow down at the Lotus Feet of the Divine Messenger.

Stanza Forty Two

Follow in the footsteps of the Divine Messenger, and understand that He reflects the Will of God in the physical creation.


You cannot enter the Celestial Court unless at the bidding of the Divine Celestial Triad which you receive through a covenant with Mithra.


You cannot return Home to the Ocean of Sentient Consciousness unless you are of the same nature of that Ocean, you do this by living the Pure Teaching of Mithra.

Consider this as you make your way Home.

Stanza Forty Three

Listen to the Truth, and reject all that is false; focus on what is Real over the Unreal, do not be vulgar, do not complain or speak negatively.


Treat others with the kindness that you, yourself would wish to experience, and not dwell on the flaws of others, so others will not dwell on your flaws in like manner; and do not spend time wishing for misfortune to fall upon others, so that others will not spend all their time wishing hardship upon you.


Your time on this Earth is but a heartbeat, spend this brief moment devoted to developing a pure mind and heart, contemplating worthwhile thoughts, and always cultivating a benevolent demeanor.

In doing all of this, you purify that stream of consciousness we call the soul.


When you reach your appointed time to be free of the limitation of the flesh and to transcend the physical creation, you will be a fitting inhabitant of Kingdom of Eternal Light.

Stanza Forty Four

Be mindful, O faithless ones: With little or no thought you have disregarded the Pure Teaching of the Divine Messenger and obsess over licentious interests.


You humble yourself before the idols of your own conception and have the audacity to expect them to bless you in some way.


When the Light dawns you mourn the darkness.


You breathe in corrupt doctrines and exhale their poison to infect others; you extol materialism and mock detachment.


You have abandoned the Loving Wisdom of the Divine Messenger and have made every attempt to eradicate His Gnosis from your hearts.


You claim to long for heaven but all your thoughts, words and deeds, all show that your true desire is only for the corrupting attachments that only lead to hell.

Stanza Forty Five

Be on notice, lukewarm believers: Why have you abandoned the Name of God, and sought everything but His Presence?


The locus of Joy is the Divine Source of All Life, but you give higher priority to the flickering shadows that amuse you.


The Sweet Incense of the Divine Presence enlivens the spirit, but rather than breathe deeply, you only cough and complain that you cannot breathe.


There is a wide gulf between the true believer and the person who only mimics the pious but who are secretly dead inside.

Stanza Forty Six

Remove all traces of arrogance and reject every attempt of the ego to offer you a crown, it is but a worthless headcovering designed for fools.

Stanza Forty Seven

Forgive one another and do not become attached to carnality.


Do not seek to exalt yourself and to be too proud to be humble.


Zurvan has re-ordered the vile matter to make it habitable.


Still, even the most beautiful of physical objects is destined for dissolution.


You are a gem of light with the potential of eternity, matter is only a temporary residence for you, the Light is your Home.

Stanza Forty Eight

The wealthy who are indifferent to the suffering of the impoverished have placed a costly bet against their own salvation, but they remain unaware.


Their callousness will not bring them to the Heavenly Realm.


Teach them the importance of consideration so they will see them as brothers and sisters.


To be giving and forgiving are reflections of the Divine; the attentive soul understands this reality and seeks to reflect these Divine Attributes.

Stanza Forty Nine

Abandon your material desires and be at peace; for the more you crave the less you have, and those who are at peace have what matters most in all of life: The love and blessings of Zurvan.

Stanza Fifty

Do not be disturbed in hardship or complacent in wealth.


Times of hardship are replaced by times of prosperity, which then are replaced by times of further prosperity, and this process will continue to repeat itself during your incarnations in the flesh.


The best form of poverty is spiritual poverty, it is a blessing, do not overlook the priceless quality of spiritual poverty, it is this form of poverty that makes you prosperous in the Presence of God.

Stanza Fifty One

When you place the love for anyone or anything above your love of Zurvan, you have followed in the footsteps of the Adversary.


Give heed to the Teachings of Mithra and find your way Home to Bahisht.


The associations you make in this world are self motivated to some degree, Mithra has loved you unconditionally and loves you for your own worth.


Mithra has suffered for the sake of all, and undergoes countless trials to awaken all who will respond.


Be faithful to the Son; do not shuffle your feet, run to Him!

Stanza Fifty Two

The accumulation of material wealth creates an obstruction that will keep the spiritual aspirant away from what they desire most.


The one who longs for the Presence of God, cannot attain this precious state if they are obsessed with the trinkets humans label “precious”.


It is extremely rare for wealthy people to ascend to the Celestial Court or re-merge into the Ocean of Sentient Consciousness that is the One Universal Soul of Mithra.

This is why those who have material wealth, who understand the Truth of the Pure Teaching, do not consider themselves wealthy, even if they have riches, and because of this, they are not obstructed from entering Bahisht in any way.


A soul is rich if it has faith. A soul is luminous if it shares this spiritual wealth with others as they make their Holy Pilgrimage back to Bahisht.


Stanza Fifty Three

The impoverished in the world are in the care of God; this care is to be channeled through His disciples in the world.


The disciple who only focuses on their own well being, is impoverished of understanding.

Stanza Fifty Four

Those who have a greater understanding know that material wealth is a burden for the soul, not a blessing.


The wise will seek to be free of this attachment. You are not required to discard it physically in order to be free, simply become detached to it. Whether you have or have not, is irrelevant.


Understand that it has no inherent value and cannot lead you to what you long for most: the Presence of God.


Spiritual poverty will bring you perfect peace. With a spirit of detachment you are no longer weighed down under the heavy burden of materialism.


Eternity is for those who have not bartered away their Divine Inheritance for a few pieces of silver.

Stanza Fifty Five

There is no benefit from association with those who reject God, but association of the pious is a godsend.


The person who desires a covenant with Zurvan, is wise if they seek out the company of the Ashavan;

And the person who is committed to be obedient to Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra, will seek the illumination that emanates from the disciples of Asha.


Stanza Fifty Six

Do not follow in the footsteps of the atheist and do not seek to associate with such a person. The friendship of one who rejects their Creator is deceptive.


It appears benevolent but is only an attachment to this impermanent world. That friendship will not last beyond the dying day.


Be discerning of spirit: It is not you who is leading them to the Light, but they who are leading you into the darkness.


Be wise enough to know the difference!

Stanza Fifty Seven

If you desire to flow with the Divine Current that is the Divine Mother and find your way into the Eternal Realm, enter the assembly of the Ashavan.


They are focused on the Unkindled Fire and you can be warmed by that Hearth and receive Life Saving Gnosis in their company.

Stanza Fifty Eight

Do not labor under the false perception that your mind and your heart are concealed from God, Mother and Son.


Realize that every thought you think and every emotion you have and every action you take, are revealed and understood at all levels, by the Divine Celestial Triad.

Everything you hide is seen. Everything you seek to cover over is laid bare.


Stanza Fifty Nine

Anything at all that is hidden within your mind or heart is made known to Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra.


The notion of being secretive before God would be laughable if it were not so delusional.


Everything is known but the ability to delude yourself is granted to you, since you seem to cling to it so desperately.

Stanza Sixty

Zurvan, in His Mercy, sends His Son into our world, but the people are so mired in wickedness and delusion that they either miss Him when He is there, or they misunderstand His Teaching.


So many have discarded the offer to awaken and return Home. So many have consumed the poison that destroys their hope for Heaven. What they hold up as priceless is truly worthless.

Stanza Sixty One

Do not take your eyes off the Pure Teaching of Mithra, do not turn your gaze to the words of the wicked, the fallen and the faithless.


Receive the Divine nectar of Life from Celestial Son, that Divine Gnosis may be infused within every part of your being. Do this so you can heed the Call to return Home to the Celestial Realm.


In vain, have many settled for what is most unworthy, if they seek something to mourn, let it be this!


You who long for Paradise: Why do you reject the Pure Teaching which offers Eternal Life?


As long as you see Salvation as oppression, and decay as delight, you are not worthy of Gnosis.

Stanza Sixty Two

For those who willfully turn from God, who look to the darkness as the light, know that an unanticipated downfall lies in wait for you, and a tragic reckoning you have earned and will be paid in full.


Do not presume that the sins you have accrued in this world have been forgotten by God, Mother and Son. If you remain on the downward path, your thoughts, words and deeds will not be worthy of the Tablet of Life.

Stanza Sixty Three

Renounce your attachment to corruption, for God will only offer forgiveness to those whose intentions are pure.


Mithra offers you a covenant on behalf of Zurvan, if you are ready to rebel against the extinction of consciousness.


Stanza Sixty Four

Those who seek the darkness are made bold by God’s Patience. In glee they are led by their fantasies and passions down destructive paths.


If they thought that due to the lack of an immediate reaction, that God was unaware of what they have been doing, they have only deceived themselves.


Stanza Sixty Five

God has given you a tongue for taste and speech, the wise use it to praise Zurvan, do not desecrate it with vulgarity and evil speech.


When the drive to exalt the ego assails you, call to mind where you have stumbled along your path in life, and be compassionate for the weaknesses of others.


Remember your own faults and not the faults of others. Truly, you know more about your own faults than you do about the faults of others and you have the power to seek repentance should you have insight.


Stanza Sixty Six

If you seek to stand on holy ground why do you not remove your sandals?


If you seek to speak with God why will you not clean you heart of passion?


Your journey to God begins with a humble spirit.


Stanza Sixty Seven

Pious thoughts, words and deeds serve in your ascension into Bahisht.


Work diligently so your consciousness will be purified and you will be worthy of the Celestial Court.


Very soon you will stand before the Throne of Judgement and only virtuous thoughts, words and deeds will be acceptable.

Stanza Sixty Eight

Bahisht is the Realm of Tranquility, an Eternal Paradise, if you have the blessing to enter.


The eternal realm is wondrous, you will find it meets your every hope of Heaven, if you have the insight to transcend the physical creation.


The Gnosis of Mithra is like ambrosia to the Ashavan, it is sweet and provides illumination.


If you ascend into Bahisht, you will be liberated from the threat of extinction, from the temporal realm of suffering and death.

Stanza Sixty Nine

The Divine Manifestation of Mithra is a Heavenly Messenger sent by Zurvan to liberate all souls. He is an instrument to effect change that serves to bring pious people back to the Divine Source.


The True value of the Divine Manifestation is not known to those around Him, only to God, Mother and Son.


The Divine Manifestation is an instrument of change; the sound emanating from this instrument is music to the ears of those who hunger for righteousness.


In the fullness of time the worth of this Divine Messenger will be clearly seen by all.

Stanza Seventy

Mithra is the Pinnacle of Existence, nothing in the Creation can desecrate the True Nature of the Celestial Son.


For the person that is attentive to the Divine Manifestation of Mithra, it is time to tear away all the sheaths that obscure the soul from hearing and responding to it’s Master’s Voice, and in so doing, regain your Divine Inheritance in Bahisht.

Stanza Seventy One

Those who hunger after worldly power and prestige squabble over control of a dung heap, when the real attainment for any soul is the Eternal Realm.


So many clothe themselves in fineries that are destined to fade. They are no more representative of you than the animals, vegetation and minerals they were procured from.


Your body, with or without adornment, will turn to ash one day, and all that you placed upon it to show others your interpretation of distinction will be indistinct from all other types of ash on the ground.


Adorn the consciousness in virtue and your distinction will be seen and celebrated in the Heavens.

Stanza Seventy Two

Do not seek to rule others and do not be proud if you find yourself in such a position.

Those who seek to control others in this world are like a big fish that hunts and torments the smaller fish around it, unaware that a shark is pursuing them quickly.

Stanza Seventy Three

The Pure Teaching is an activating principle if it reaches the soul. You will know, as it will be reflected in a person’s thoughts words and deeds.


You will know it has not been experienced if a person does not understand the Pure Teaching or believes that they know better; at such a point, you know that soul was not receptive to Gnosis.


Work wholeheartedly to refine yourselves by what you think, say and do.

Stanza Seventy Four

Drink from the River of Gnosis provided by Mithra so that you may awaken your soul and lead a life of piety, and one day, find yourself entering the Eternal Realm of Light.


Learn, live and love the Pure Teaching, make its intention your intention. Make its view, your view. The more you do this, the closer you are to Oneness with Mithra.

Stanza Seventy Five

How long will you wallow in material passions, fantasies and attachments?


Zurvan gives you sentience;


Anahita guides you to that which will bring you Freedom.


Mithra provides you with the Gnosis that brings Realization and Enlightenment.


The Divine Celestial Triad does all of this so that you may awaken and return Home to the Celestial Realm and not die in the false creation.


Stanza Seventy Six

Collectively, you are shards of one vast Mirror;


You must come together to be whole, you must reflect the Divine Will of Mithra the Son, who, in turn, is a Pure Reflection of the Mind of God in Creation.


This is a requirement if you seek to realize your full potential.


Your understanding of this timeless guidance will be to turn fully to Zurvan and to make Him the center of your existence.

Those who do not understand will continue to make themselves and their earthbound passions and fantasies, their sole reason for being.


All of this will only lead to their descent into the darkness.


Stanza Seventy Seven

The most worthless person in the world is one that has cultivated no virtue at all.


Such a person is hollow and empty; they are close to death even if they walk and talk and perform all manner of actions. They are without an inner life and have no future in the world to come.


Those who lived and died with virtue have more life those who live without virtue; they suffer from spiritual rot.


Stanza Seventy Eight

The most cherished type of person is one who has lived honestly, compassionately and who has made Zurvan, the Divine Source of Life, as their sole refuge.



This timeless guidance has been made manifest to you , by the grace of God, Mother and Son.


I confirm that you have what you need to know to find the Divine Messengers and hear His Pure Teaching.


It is now up to you to use this timeless guidance for the purpose it was intended: To awaken your consciousness and save your soul from extinction.


If this is done, the purpose of these words will have been realized in full.


All praise to God, the Lord of all Worlds.

Praise Zurvan, the One True God, outside of Creation.

Praise Anahita, the Divine Mother of Life.

Praise Mithra, the Celestial Son.




Asha: 1. Truth and Righteousness.

2. The religion of the New Mithraic Covenant. The faith of the Ashavan.

Ashavan: A disciple of the religion of Asha.

Anahita: The Divine Mother of Life.

Bahisht: The Kingdom of Light.

Hara Berezaiti: The Mountain Home of Mithra in Bahisht.

Mithra: The One Created Being. The Celestial Son and Divine Mirror of God in Creation.

The Pure Teaching: The Eternal Wisdom of Mithra that awakens the soul.

Tiamat: The evil one.

Zurvan: God.