We are given ten maxims or precepts in Asha that we strive to live by, they are:

1. Worship the One God and do not worship idols.

(Tablet of Mithraic Psalms 2:1-2,10-11;

Tablet on the Nature of Mithra 1:11;2:1,3-6;3:9;4:10-11

Tablet on the 2 Natures of Man 1:4;2:1;3:1,4

Tablet of Mir Fratama 1:13;3:1;15:2-3;22:12;75:2

Tablet of the Perfecting Spirit 31:6;

Tablet of Devotion 4:8; 18:8.)

2. Do not lie.

(Tablet of Mir Tarendra 4:5

Tablet of Mir Fratama 22:13;30:13:81:3;83:4

Tablet of Devotion 11:6.)

3. Do not practice greed.

(Tablet of Mir Fratama 19:1;22:14;27:3;29:2

Tablet of Mir Eresh Zademir 22:3

Tablet of Devotion 13:7.)

4. Do not harm any living being, neither abort an infant; and do not unnecessarily destroy any life including animals and plants.

(Tablet of Mir Fratama 15:12;22:15;26:2;61:12;80:1;84:2;Ch.8;

Tablet of Mir Eresh Zademir 4:4; 16:1;20:4;25:4

Tablet of the Yazata 2:4.)

5. Do not be unfaithful to your spouse, or commit any form of sexual misconduct.

(Tablet of Meditation 2:5

Tablet of Mir Fratama 22:16; 70:4-8

Tablet of Devotion 2:15.)

6. Do not steal.

(Tablet of Meditation 2:1

Tablet of Mir Fratama 22:17.)

7. Do not deceive anyone.

(Tablet of Zarathutra 8:6; 9:3

Tablet of Mir Fratama 22:18

Tablet of the Vizier 9:2

Tablet of the Perfecting Spirit 5:8.)

8. Do not practice magic.

(Tablet of Creation 4:4; 5:4

Tablet of Mir Fratama 22:19;25:1;27:7.)

9. Do not be a hypocrite.

(Tablet of Mir Fratama 22:20;Ch.41; 81:4.)

10. Do not be unfair to anyone regardless of his or her ethnicity, color, nationality, religious beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.

(Tablet of Mir Fratama Ch.2; 22:21

Tablet of Mir Eresh Zademir 9:3.)