Table of Contents

Mihr Yazd Namaz

Tablet of Creation

Tablet of Origins

Tablet of the Manifestations of Mithra

Tablet of the Seven Calls of Mithra

Tablet of Mithraic Psalms

Tablet of Abraham

Tablet of Zarathustra

Tablet of Mani

Tablet of Meditation

Tablet on the Nature of Mithra

Tablet on the Two Natures of Man

Tablet of the Four Laws

Tablet of Mir Tarendra 

Tablet of Guidance

Tablet of Those who Seek a Higher Path

Tablet of Mir Fratama

Tablet of the Awakening Soul

Tablet of the Three Neighbors

Tablet of Mir Eresh Zademir

Tablet of the Gathas of Mir Eresh Zademir

Tablet of the Yazatas

Tablet of the Sun

Tablet of Mir Garendra

Tablet of the Vizier

Tablet of the Eternal Nature of Asha

Tablet of Wisdom

Tablet of Healing

Tablet of the Perfecting Spirit

Tablet of Devotion

Tablet of the Great Struggle

Tablet of the Luminous Asha

Tablet of the Trees

Tablet of Mahvar


Mihr Yazd Namaz

(Prayer to the Living Spirit)

1 Zurvan, we give this occasion to kneel in praise of Your Son, Mihr Yazd.

2 Mihr Yazd, You are the Divine Messenger sent to teach all humanity.

3 Mihr Yazd, You are the Divine Descendant sent by Zurvan.

4 Mihr Yazd, You are the Light of Zurvan sent to illumine the world.

5 Mihr Yazd, Divine Messenger, You are the Eternal One, grant us eternity.

6 Mihr Yazd, You are the Hope of the World, strengthen our hope.

7 Mihr Yazd, You are the Protector of the World, protect our faith.

8 Mihr Yazd, You are the Messenger, eternally existing.

9 Mihr Yazd, You are the Messenger who lives forever.

10 Mihr Yazd, You are the Divine Light of eternity.

11 You are the Lord of Divine Origin, this we acknowledge daily.

12 You are the Holy Lord from Zurvan, this we acknowledge daily.

13 You are the extremely powerful Lord from Zurvan, this we acknowledge daily.

14 Mihr Yazd, Deliverer, this is Your Name.

15 Mihr Yazd, Giver of the Tablets of Light, You are our Lord.

16 Mihr Yazd, Protector of the Hanzaman*, praised are You.”


This concludes the Mihr Yazd Namaz

The Tablet of Creation

Chapter One

In the beginning

1 In the most ancient of times, before the creation of the human body, a time which humans are unable to recall to the mind, Bahisht *existed in true peace.

*(The Kingdom of Light, i.e. “Heaven)

2 During that time there was no darkness in existence, for, only Bahisht existed, and the joy of the celestial beings and flying immortals was always in praising Zurvan.

3 The praise and speech of the celestial beings and flying immortals, and all the sons of God, went forth continually, never letting up.

4 From their praises went forth hues of blue in the form of rays of light throughout the upper most levels of Bahisht that would reach down to the lower parts of the Kingdom, and it was a cause of great rejoicing for the beings in that place as well.

Chapter Two

The development of desire

1 After a great deal of time had passed, one of the beings who was residing in the lower realms developed the desire to see more of the light that was passing down through the various levels of the Kingdom.

2 Thus, she made numerous inquiries to the various flying immortals as to the origin of the blue lights, but to no avail, for the flying immortals would not respond to her, except for saying, “We only know that the light derives from the upper realms, but we are assigned here, and are unable to see its true origin; however, we are content and filled with joy, to be wrapped in its warmth here in our level of the Kingdom.”

3 The response of the flying immortals was not satisfying to her and she began to develop anger; thus she took it to heart to visit the place from which the light was emanating.

4 As she approached the next level above her own abode, the flying immortals in that level of the Kingdom sensed her desire and anger, and said unto themselves, “What are these strange thoughts in her mind?” And some of the beings in that level followed her.

5 And she continued to travel upwards as far as she was able, taking with her other beings similar to her own nature until she had amassed a vast army.

6 But when the army began to approach the fifth level of Bahisht, thousands upon thousands of soldiers of light appeared on the edge of that level and warned her and those who followed her not to approach any further.

7 And the soldiers of light said to her, “Why have you left your abode? You are not permitted beyond the fourth level of the blessed Bahisht. State your business, for you are intruding upon this most blessed land, and you are a foreigner here. Who has sent you and who has given you Authority?”

8 However, she had no intention of listening to the words and did not respond; and the other beings who were following her blindly, continued to gather around her in support of her wishes.

9 Then another celestial being who had been standing above the soldiers of light, approached her and said, “Why do you come here? This is a place of peace, where desire is not present.”

10 She was taken aback by the beauty of the celestial being and said, “I desire to see the origin of the blue lights that shine down into my abode and the abode of all these beings.”

11 The celestial being said to her, “It is not your place to make such a decision. Your assigned realm is the place in which you shall abide. Turn around, and return to your abode in the lower levels of Bahisht. Your are not permitted here, and if you continue on your course, it will mean destruction for you and all who follow after you.”

12 This angered her and she set it in her heart to usurp the Great Throne of Light, and she turned back and resided in the second level of Bahisht for three-hundred and fifty years.

Chapter Three

Cast out of the Kingdom

1 During this time, she was scheming and planning a strategy concerning her going up to the higher realms of Bahisht.

2 She had amassed many more followers from her realm, so that she could wage war against the sons of God in the highest realms above her.

3 And she and her army set forth on their course to the upper realms.

4 As they approached the fifth level of Bahisht, the soldiers of light appeared again, warning her to leave that place, but she would not listen.

5 After this, Zurvan gave the decree that she be bound and sent out of Bahisht.

6 And without delay and with a mighty shout, the glorious sons of God brought forth swords of light and living chains and pushed her back to the second level.

7 It was from the second level that she snatched with her own hands some of the light that was present in that place and hid it within herself.

8 The war continued between her and the soldiers of light, until she was pushed back down to the first level of Bahisht.

9 And again God said unto the soldiers of light that the evil one was to be cast out of Bahisht, out into the darkness which was a place previously unknown to the celestial beings.

10 And thus, the soldiers of light immediately complied with the orders which they were given and cast her and all those who followed her into the outer darkness.

11 The light that she had snatched from the other realm escaped from her and returned to its proper place within Bahisht.

12 She and her army made numerous attempts to re-enter that place, but they had been cast so far into the depth of the darkness that they were unable to see the blessed light.

13 There was not even a glimmer of light in that place, for it was pitch black and billions of billions of miles from the border of Bahisht.

14 The evil one and those who followed after her lived there in the darkness for billions of years and eventually forgot about Bahisht.

15 Because these beings rejected the authority of Zurvan, they became demons, opposing the truth and the Throne of Zurvan, and thus they lost the lustre they previously held.

Chapter Four

Origin of false kingdoms

1 Over a period of millenniums, the evil one established a kingdom with numerous cities and many institutes for those who lived in the darkness to worship her.

2 Within a short period of time after establishing her kingdom in the darkness, the evil beings began to war against each other.

3 Chaos reigned throughout the kingdom of darkness, with various sub-kingdoms being established by the demons.

4 Various institutes, ideologies, spiritual practices such as magic, and falsehoods, were brought about in the Kingdom of Darkness; this is where some ideologies and religions that are practiced today derive – that is, from the demons and their queen the evil one.

5 Certain types of weapons were created to use against the evil one; and many of the demons attempted to usurp her throne, but to no avail, for she chained all those who would challenge her authority.

6 Many of the smaller kingdoms continued to increase their territorial claims with ravaging wars until eventually some of them came close enough to the border of Bahisht that they saw the Light and began to desire it.

7 The demons were mesmerized by the bright lights that they saw emanating from the blessed kingdom.

8 Some of the demons returned to the deeper recesses of the darkness where the evil one resided, and they gave a report of all that they had seen on the border of Bahisht.

Chapter Five

Beginning of the second war

1 At this time the evil one began to recall her previous life in the lower levels of the Kingdom, and the more she contemplated of that existence, the more she became angry.

2 After recalling the blessed light that had escaped from her during the battle between her followers and the soldiers of light, she set it in her heart again to wage war against the sons of God.

3 And thus she fashioned herself in the form of a great dragon-like being, with scales and a spine covered in poisonous spikes.

4 She fashioned special armor for her cohorts to be placed upon their spirit bodies, enchanted with her own magic and evil potions.

5 Thinking of themselves as being fully equipped to engage in battle against those who hold the Light, they set their course to the upper realms of Bahisht.

6 Before they had reached the border of the first level of Bahisht, three celestial guardians came forth to meet the vast entourage of darkness.

7 The guardians of that particular level inquired by saying,“Who are you and who has sent you here? Why is it that you have come to this blessed place?”

8 The demons* did not answer, but instead, rushed ahead, breaking the barriers in the lower realm in an attempt to overtake the celestial guardians.


9 The guardians were thrown aside, but were not destroyed as the evil one had originally planned.

10 And there appeared more celestial guardians, and an army of light appeared from the second and third levels of Bahisht to assist the others.

Chapter Six

Earth and humanity

1 After a long period of time had elapsed during the second war, Zurvan Above the Sky, sent more light unto the celestial beings, which gave them the ability to overpower the evil one.

2 They placed the evil one in chains, and as they were casting her down, out of Bahisht, she snatched some of the light that was sent from above and hid it again within herself.

3 She and her cohorts were cast out into the darkness once again, but the celestial beings also took the armor from their spirit bodies and pinned them with stakes in different areas of the skies of the various universes where they currently exist.

4 The evil one, once again outside the universe, fashioned for herself a new world, which she called Red Land – known to humans as earth.

5 Taking the light which she had stolen from the first level of Bahisht, she used magic to form grotesque bodies, which eventually became humans.

6 The bodies were unable to move properly upon the land, and were unable to breathe, for they were nothing more than a mass of muscle and decaying sacks of fluid.

7 The celestial beings above took pity upon the humans, for they knew that the light was trapped within the grotesque creation of the evil one.

8 Thus, the celestial beings, upon receiving orders from Zurvan, fashioned proper bodies from various elements of the earth, and gave them organs, and orifices to breathe, speak, eat and defecate.

9 In this manner did Zurvan, known as the Father God Above the Sky, gave hope to the light within humanity, which is the soul.

10 God sent unto the earth, Mithra His Son, to awaken the first human from his deep slumber giving unto him knowledge of his past.

11 After receiving this divine knowledge, the first man realised his true origin, and he began to weep.

12 The first man came to understand that part of his body was provided by Zurvan, but that which was mixed with the body, had been particles from the Light above and particles from the darkness below.

13 He came to realize that the evil one took part of the soul from above and bound it within a physical body; and upon realizing this, he began to wail and cry out in anguish.

14 But he also learned the way of the truth from the Son of God, so that he could teach those who came after him, the way of liberation from the darkness.

15 Mithra told the first man that another messenger would come and teach him the mysteries of Bahisht, and that from the two would come a righteous race that would redeem all of humanity in the various worlds.

16 And the first man was comforted and began to praise God.

Chapter Seven

The arrival of Tarendra

1 And it came to be that from the eastern part of the land, another messenger came just as it was promised by the Son of God.

2 The messenger, known as Tarendra*, came unto the first man, and taught him the mysteries of Bahisht, uniting with him in order to produce two children – that is, twins.

* (A Manifestation of Lord Mithra in the Creation.)

3 And these twins were not like ordinary human beings, but they were celestial in origin, for they contained within them light from Tarendra their father, and a portion of the light from their mother, the first man.

4 And after they were given the names, Mehrshad and Mahvar, Tarendra said unto the first man, “These children are from a New Race; they will be taken up into the heavens for safekeeping until the cycle of a determined number of eras has been completed.”

5 At that time they will appear, manifesting from my own Form, in the earth and they shall make intercession and instruction for the New Race of sons and daughters that I send unto the earth, assisting in the great awakening of the people of the True Seed.”

6 The twins and their father, with an unfathomable number of celestial beings and flying immortals, ascended above the sky, where they were instructed in the Religion of Light.

7 Over a period of time, from their own nature, they produced many sons and daughters which were sent unto the earth to rest until being called to take up their assigned Mission.

Chapter Eight

Hope for humanity through the Divine Fire

1 And in the same era, the light was spread throughout the earth, causing many creatures of varying sizes and natures to come forth, such as lions, bears, fish, birds, and others.

2 And similarly, grass, trees and other vegetation was springing forth from the earth, and much of it was edible for the new humans.

3 And God also caused mountains, waterfalls and rivers to form throughout the earth, for the benefit of humanity.

4 The first humans were instructed by the Son of God to protect all living beings, and to understand that just as there are differences between the animals and the plant life upon earth, that there would also be differences between humans.

5 As other humans were spreading across the face of the earth, evil began to arise in their hearts, and they become disobedient to the instructions provided to them by the Son of God.

6 And at this time, the Divine Mother, known as Anahita, sent forth from Zurvan, was compassionate toward the humans, and thus asked that her son, Mithra, send forth additional rays of light so that humans would have a continual source of divine knowledge.

7 And the Son of God sent forth a portion of the Light from Hara Berezaiti*, the highest level of Bahisht**, in the form of a Fire.

*(Hara Berezaiti is the Home of Mithra in the Celestial Realms.)

**(The Kingdom of Light.)

8 And then the Son of God sent forth Parjanya*, he who strikes with justice, to speak unto some of the humans.

*(In Vedic Religion Parjanya is called “Indra”.)

9 Parjanya said unto them, “This fire, being a symbol of truth and righteous, shall be maintained for eternity. As long as this fire is continually maintained in righteousness, the very presence of the Lord and his retinue shall be with you.”

10 And he said unto them, “But if this fire is treated with disrespect, you shall lose the divine knowledge that you have been granted, and you shall lie outside Bahisht, in the darkness and your body shall lie in coldness until you are destroyed forever.”

11 In time, other beings were sent from above to the earth, namely: Asha Vahista, Vohu Manah, Kshathra Vairya, Spenta Armaiti, Haurvatat, and Ameretat*.

*(These beings are known in Avestan religion as the Amesha Spentas. In Asha we also refer to them as the Divine Sparks.)

12 These beings continued to teach and safeguard the truth of the Light, causing some of the humans to grow in righteousness.

13 And they were given understanding concerning the proper practice of the traditions from the celestial heights, regarding the purity of the blessed fire and the word of truth.

14 The humans were taught not to forget the origin of the soul within, and that the taking in of divine knowledge would lead to their liberation from the chains of the physical world.

15 They learned that one day, the Celestial Twins would return with their father Tarendra, to awaken the seeds that had been planted within the earth, and that one day, a Teacher of Light, by authority of Mithra, would teach the remainder of humanity in the Way of Truth and Light.

This concludes the Tablet of Creation

Tablet of Origins

Chapter One

1 Once that Mithra, through Mir Tarendra, the Amesha Spentas and the Yazatas, created our world.

2 He placed the first man into paradise. His name was Mashya*.


3 It was decided by Divine Decree to bring forth a race from Mashya who would bring forth the human race for the sole purpose of building a kingdom of light for all generations.

4 One that would give glory to Zurvan.

5 To ensure this, Mir Tarendra took His own seed and that of Mashya, and combined them and from that seed was produced two celestial twins: Mershad and Mahvar.

6 Their purpose would be to assist humanity to both cultivate the land and to bring this kingdom of light into realization.

7 Mir Tarendra brought the Celestial Twins to Vault in Heaven called “The Horizon of Light” to grow and learn how to serve Mithra in the right manner.

8 After this time, Mashya became lonely and due to his loneliness, Mithra, out of Compassion, produced his mate, the woman Mashyanag**.


9 Mashya and Mashyanag cared for the Garden of Paradise faithfully but they both committed unfaithful acts that separated them from the presence of God.

10 This unfaithfulness created the lowering of the spiritual vibration of the world.

11 Mashayanag began to petition Mashya to conceive children.

12 Saying that she wished to be the mother of the species just as the female species of each animal was the mother of her children.

13 Mashya did not tell Mashyanag that two children had been already been born who were the children of Mir Tarendra and Adam.

14 These children being born in a perfect state before the fall.

15 So it was that the human race was derived of two species: The Children of Mashya and Tarendra and the Children of Mashya and Mashyanag.

Chapter Two

1 The Children of Tarendra continually sought the presence of God.

2 The Children of Mashyanag invariably clung to wickedness, leading the people further and further away from the mind of Mithra.

3 Because of the mockery of the Children of Mashya and Mashyanag, humanity incurred the wrath of the Great Flood.

4 It was at this point that Mir Tarendra petitioned Mithra on behalf of the Children of Mashya.

5 He asked Him how he brings such a wicked seed back to a state of perfection.

6 Mithra told the Melek Taus that He would send out a great light and in so doing, He will redeem those who turn to Him.

7 The purpose of the birth of the two sons of Tarendra was to assist the children of Mashya and Mashyanag* in cultivating the land and to build unto the Lord of heaven and earth a kingdom of light for all generations, giving glory to the King in heaven.

*( Adam and Eve)

8 After many unfaithful acts of the children of Adam and Eve, Mir Tarendra spoke unto the Creator and said, “What shall I do to bring perfection to this wicked seed?”

9 And the Creator of the Universe spoke unto Tarendra and said unto him, ‘I will send out a great light and redeem those who return to Me.

10 Now, you send out a light from the vault in which you created in the heavens and bring a doctrine unto the sons of Adam for them to learn and to obey.

11 You shall bring them into a binding covenant and they shall learn My way and My teaching.’

12 And Tarendra went to his abode and spoke to his companions and to his sons and said, ‘Send out the light, for the Father has spoken the word. The children of Adam shall be saved.

13 If they look into the light and they taste it and see that it is good, and make it as their own, they shall have life.”

Chapter Three

1 And in the last days there shall come a light from the East.

2 And Tarendra will go up and take the scroll in which the names of the children of Adam are written, all those who have sought after the Lord of heaven in truth.

3 And it shall be sealed with the scroll of the Sun of Healing and He shall bring them into one light under His kingship.

4 All those who refused to look into the light and live within the truth of the words of Tarendra and his people shall be utterly destroyed by the Light which shall engulf the entire earth and they shall be no more.

5 But those who have been faithful within the light of Mithra shall pass over the bridge of death and life into the vault with his sons.

6 And the children of Adam who have remained faithful to the teaching of the light, in which the Father sent as a redeemer, shall be brought into another abode.”

This concludes the Tablet of Origins

Tablet of the Manifestations of Mithra

Chapter One

1 Whether you know Him as the Peacock King or the Peacock Angel, He is always Mithra.

2 Whether you know Him as Enki, Melchizedek, Murugan, Dionysus, Osiris, Al Khidir, Quetzacoatl, Masaw, Apollo, Eros, Adonis, or the Planetary Logos/Metatron Ketana (a sub-logos of the Absolute Logos, who is Zurvan), He is always Mithra.

3 Whether you know Him as Vishnu, Sanat Kumara, Skanda, Kantikeyya, Sri Ayappa, Rama, Krishna, Lord Mahavir, Sri Ramakrishna, Mahavatar Babaji, He is always Mithra.

4 Whether you know Him as the Primordial Buddha, Tonpa Shenrab, Taphiritsa, Majushri, Amitabha, or Maitreya, He is always Mithra.

5 Whether you know Him as the Simurgh, the Saena Bird, the Great Spirit of the Hopis, the Kitchi Manitou, Iladbaoth of the gnostics, or from the Grail legend, The Fisher King, or the Green Man, He is always Mithra.

Chapter Two

1 Many people throughout history have known Mithra in one form or another – one way or another. Not all have comprehended His power, His sovereignty, His Wisdom on the one hand or His complete and total reflection of Mithra on the other.

2 All Ashavan are charged with the gift and the responsibility to see the Truth.

3 In all eras, since the time Mithra calmed the raging earth and brought life to its surface out of the hand of Zurvan,

4 It was Mithra who brought the many vibrant colors and features to the world, and breathed the life giving breath into Adam, a being made without a soul and gave him a spirit.

5 From the time Mithra faced mankind to the Sun (as a symbol of the Divine, not the Divine itself) and directed him to praise that which is greater than himself, Mithra has been in the world, leading mankind to to one central purpose:

6 To purely, simply and truthfully live for God.

Chapter Three

1 Other religions, other people have grasped a part of this knowledge but to deny the complete and unequivocal servitude of Mithra to the Compassionate God, is to completely misunderstand and grossly deviate from the true purpose of Mithra.

2 A servant serves the Master. Mithra is the faithful servant. Zurvan is the Master. At our best, we can only hope to be a dim reflection of the servant, that Mithra is to Zurvan.

3 We could live for eternity and never know what He knows, what He has experienced, how He has sought to serve in all ways and forms to all sentient life in the Omniverse.

4 No, even the greatest scholar, the most adept mystic, is still only an infant, in their capacity to comprehend the True Nature of Mithra.

5 Just as it is the greatest of sins to equate Mithra with Zurvan, it is also a great sin for any servant of Zurvan, to overlook all the wonders and service that Mithra does in all ways.

6 It is also a grave tragedy to refuse to see the valiant and faithful work of all Yazatas, of all Celestial Beings in the service of Zurvan.

Chapter Four

1 It is understandable for mankind to try to focus on only one thing. But what thing? Zurvan is the Divine Source. Anahita, is the Divine Mother, the Celestial Current. If we could envision them, we would, but we cannot.

2 Mithra is a Mirror Image of Zurvan in Creation. He is the only form of the Divine Source we can envision.

3 To worship Zurvan fully is to honor our Great King, Mithra because this is what He has been trying to get us all to do since day one.

4 Turn to the Source and worship something greater than yourself. The light and life are Zurvan.

5 We have the gift to see the workings of Zurvan through the workings of Mithra. If we start to truly see Him, we can start to truly hear Him and follow Him.

Chapter Five

1 No matter what happens He is always Mithra, the Right Arm of Zurvan, our King and Greatest Teacher.

2 Mithra is watchful over His disciples, saying, “Use this gift of sentience that you have to praise the One who gives us all life. Praise Zurvan”.

3 Without Zurvan, we would not have life. We would not have Mithra. Without Mithra, we would not have a soul or the hope of eternal life, or the means to turn to God fully.

4 We are very fortunate to know Asha. In Asha, we embrace the opportunity to always honor Mithra, to always listen to the Gnosis of Mithra and to always follow precepts that Mithra reveals to us.

5 If we love Him completely and trust Him implicitly, Mithra will direct our souls towards the bright Celestial Light of Zurvan and we may finally return to our true Home beyond the stars.

This concludes the Tablet of the Manifestations of Mithra

Tablet of the Seven Calls of Mithra

1 The Opening Verse, read before the First Verse:

2 Praise be to You, O Zurvan, the One Supreme God, Cause of Creation, Great Father and Highest Counsellor. Zurvan, protect the disciples of Mithra with Your Divine Light emanating from Your Holy Mirror. Zurvan, You are the One True God beyond all Creation, the Divine Source of All life.

3 The First Verse: Mithra carries off the agents of the evil one in battle. He conveys guidance for all, and establishes righteous rulership in all the pure lands.

4 The First Call: Mithra, come quickly; remove the agents of the evil one. Guide us in your righteous kingdom. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

5 The Second Verse: Mithra directs all the stars*; He is the giver of good counsel, at whose name the stars quake in fear, as at the storm.

* (Celestial beings)

6 The Second Call: Mithra, come quickly; direct the stars with your name and provide your good counsel. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

7 The Third Verse: Mithra sits above the Temple; the people present their gifts at His feet, and from Him they receive their assignments; none can bring alms without Him. Aside from Mithra no god knows the answer as to the length or the course of their days.

8 The Third Call: Mithra, come quickly; sit above our Temple; may we be faithful in the presentation of gifts at your feet. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

9 The Fourth Verse: Mithra maintains the double edged sword, and brings forth miracles in the battle against the evil one. He has broad wisdom, is filled with insight; His mind is so vast with wisdom that the gods, all of them, cannot fathom it.

10 The Fourth Call: Mithra, come quickly; bring forth miracles and destroy the evil one. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

11 The Fifth Verse: Mithra is his name, his cape is like a canvas over the whole sky. May his beneficent voice ever hover over the earth; may he diminish the dark clouds of untruthfulness of the peoples of this world.

12 The Fifth Call: Mithra, come quickly; grant your blessing to us; cover us with your protective cape above the sky; remove untruthfulness from our hearts, from our hands and from our mouths. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

13 The Sixth Verse: Mithra guides the gods in their duties as to the future; all the gods are certainly in His charge.

14 The Sixth Call: Mithra, come quickly; bless us with the guiding of the stars in the heavens and show us your glorious kingdom. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

15 The Seventh Verse: Mithra shall hold the crossings of heaven and earth; he is the Chief Star whose light and likeness illumines the sky. He upholds the course of the stars of heaven; He shepherds all the gods like sheep.

16 The Seventh Call: Mithra, come quickly; may we, your children, see your light in the heavens. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

17 Closing Verse: May Mithra vanquish the evil one; may her life be short, may it be cut away and may she be removed forever even at the hearing of the name of Mithra in these Seven Calls. Blessed is the name of Mithra, the Divine Mirror of Zurvan.

This concludes the Tablet of the Seven Calls of Mithra

Tablet of Mithraic Gathas

Gatha One

Master of the Covenant

(Based on a Gatha from possibly around 300 or 200 B.C.E.)

1 O Master of the Covenant, praised is your bright countenance, for your many forms are in such striking beauty.

2 O Lord of Light, praised are you for your light;

3 O Lord of Truth, praised are you for your music;

4 O Lord of Beauty, praised are you for your appearance.

5 O Lord of the Light, praised is your blessed presence, for your various appearances are lovely to contemplate.

6 O Lord of Light, praised are you for your light;

7 O Lord of Truth, praised are you for your music;

8 O Lord of Beauty, praised are you for your appearance.

9 O Lord of the Truth, praised is your blessed speech for your holy music* no man or woman can resist.

*(Teachings, or speech; alternative translation: “Your teaching, O Lord of Truth, is no ordinary music.”)

10 O Lord of Light, praised are you for your light;

11 O Lord of Truth, praised are you for your music;

12 O Lord of Beauty, praised are you for your appearance.

Gatha Two

Commemoration of the Seven Days

(Recited each day with the daily offerings)

1 Praised, glorified and lifted up is the One God who brings Light into the world through His divinely appointed Messenger.

2 On the first day the One God brought into existence, the Bright King.

3 The first day, Sunday, is a day for Mithra.

4 The second day, Monday, is a day for the one who unites the people in holiness.

5 The third day, Tuesday, is a day for the bringer of divine news.

6 The fourth day, Wednesday, is a day for the mirror of divine reflection.

7 The fifth day, Thursday, is a day for the one who carries divine strength.

8 The sixth day, Friday, is a day for the one who upholds the divine tree.

9 The seventh day, Saturday, is a day for the one who carries divine light.

10 And the One God set Mithra as the greatest of all of them.

11 Praised, glorified and lifted up is the One God who dispels the darkness from the eyes of humanity.

Gatha Three

Homage to You

1 Keep us well protected within this sacred tribe.

2 Mithra of wide pastures, of one thousand ears, and of the countless number of eyes, the highly exalted and the everlasting ruler of the kingdom, the divinity of the spoken name, the holy one from God.

3 Homage to you Mithra of wide cattle pastures, whose mouth is true, who is of the assembly, who has one thousand ears, the large-shaped one, who has ten thousand eyes, the exalted one, who has wide knowledge, the helpful one, who is never slothful, the ever wakeful.

4 We sacrifice to Mithra, the lord of all countries, whom God created as the most glorious among the supernatural beings.

5 So may there come to us for aid, God through Mithra.

6 We shall sacrifice towards His mace in the East, well aimed against the skulls of the evil one and her son, the dragon.

7 O Mithra, raise your sacred torch to enlighten our eyes, plunge your sacred sword to protect our tribes; bring your light and the truth of God down to us, help us to learn that which God requires of His servants.

8 May the restored kingdom be realised in our lifetime.

9 Keep us well protected within this sacred tribe under the shadow of the presence of God.

Gatha Four

Blessed is Your Great Name

1 Blessed and holy is your great name.

2 You, who are full of compassion and justice.

3 Ever vigilant to protect your people, we praise your holy name.

4 When I think of your name I am filled with peace and joy.

5 Your peace, O Mithra, is unfathomable.

6 Your children are your disciples on earth and in the heavens.

Gatha Five

The Light of the Morning

1 When the light of morning dawns upon my face, I think of the warmth of your heart and the depths of your love for all of your children in all corners of the earth.

2 Light, dawn on me.

3 Shower me with your love.

4 Take me to your place.

5 Take me to your place, O Lord.

6 Lord, your place is our eternal home.

7 Oh Lord, let me praise your name in the evening and in the morning.

8 I only live for you.

Gatha Six

A Prayer to Mithra

1 Zurvan, we give this occasion to kneel in praise of Your Son, Mithra.

2 O Lord Mithra, You are the Divine Messenger sent to teach all humanity.

3 O Lord Mithra, You are the Divine Descendant sent by the Great Father.

4 O Lord Mithra, You are the Light of God sent to illumine the world.

5 O Lord, Mithra, You are the Eternal One, grant us eternity.

6 O Lord Mithra, You are the Hope of the World, strengthen our hope.

7 O Lord Mithra, You are the Protector of the World, protect our faith.

8 O Lord Mithra, You are the Messenger, eternally existing.

9 O Lord Mithra, You are the Messenger who lives forever.

10 O Lord Mithra, You are the Divine Light of eternity.

11 You are the Lord of Divine Origin, this we acknowledge daily.

12 You are the Holy Lord from God, this we acknowledge daily.

13 You are the extremely powerful Lord from God, this we acknowledge daily.

14 Mithra, Deliverer, this is Your name.

15 Mithra, Giver of the Holy Tablets of Light, You are our Lord.

16 Mithra, Protector of the Community of the Faithful, praised are You.

This concludes the Tablet of Mithraic Gathas

Tablet of Abraham

Chapter One

1 All this, whatsoever that is good, moving in the heavens or on the earth, is from the hand of Il’Ya*.


2 When you have surrendered all material things, then you may enjoy and say “Praise, Praise!”.

3 When a man who comes to a proper understanding and knowledge of the True God, what trouble can there be to him who has beheld the Holy Unity?

4 He, the Holy God, is like a circle, luminous, pure, wise, and self-existent.

5 All who worship what is not real enter into the darkness, but those who worship that which is real enter into the Holy Light.

6 All who worship that which is not the True God, enter into the darkness, but those who worship the True God from His Temple, enter into the Holy Light that has been prepared for them by the Living Spirit*; they have life because of the Right Hand** of the Living Spirit.


**(The Divine Manifestation of Mithra, also called “The Divine Messenger.”)

7 The Divine Messenger has taught the True Teaching to the people of God.

Chapter Two

1 There are the worlds of the spirits which are covered with total darkness.

2 Those who have performed works without having arrived at a proper knowledge of Il’Ya and His religion, go, after death, to those worlds of the spirits and are given the opportunity to learn and to live and receive rest in the Lord.

3 In this way, if they are successful in their learning, they are able to overcome death and never see it and sin does not walk behind them nor does she stand in the door of their houses.

4 Such a man has overcome death, and he obtains immortality from God.

5 The door of Truth is covered with a golden seal. Open it, disciple! Open it so that you may behold the True Light.

6 Our Lord, gather your people and increase your Light to the nations so that they may see your beautiful form.

7 You are God who resides in this place.

8 May God lead His people to blessing, to the Good Way, for it is He who knows all things.

9 May He keep His people from a crooked path and let all the people of God give Him the fullest praise. Amin!

This concludes the Tablet of Abraham

Tablet of Zarathustra

Chapter One

1 Ideal are the thoughts, words, and deeds of the Righteous.

2 Righteousness* is the best good. It is radiant happiness.


3 Radiant happiness comes to the person to whom righteousness is for the sake of the best righteousness alone.

4 Mazda*, the Wise Divinity, I pray.

*(Mazda refers to Ahura Mazda. Ahura means “Wise or Wisdom” and Mazda means “Lord or Spirit”. Ahura Mazda, then, is another name for Lord Mithra. The attributes of Zurvan, who exists outside of Creation, are reflected in Mithra (Ahura Mazda) so He is referred to as the Divinity of Wisdom or “Wise Lord”.)

5 First, I ask for support through progressive mentality.

6 Then I pray that I may perform all my actions, based as they are on the wisdom of good mind*, precisely according to the laws of righteousness so that I please You.


7 Divinity of Wisdom, I approach You through good mind.

8 Grant me through righteousness the blessings of both existences, the material and the mental, so that I lead my companions to happiness.

9 I, who am attuning my soul to Good Mind, know that the actions done for the Divinity of Wisdom have their rewards.

10 As long as I continue to have the will and the power, I shall teach others to strive after Righteousness.

11 Having realized Good Mind, when shall I see you, O Righteousness?

12 When shall I find the path to the Most Powerful God*,and listen to the voice of the Wise One**?



13 Come through good mind, and grant a long life through righteousness.

14 O Wise Lord, through Your sublime words, give me strong support, so that we may overcome the spite of the hateful.

15 Grant, O Righteousness, those rewards which are the gifts of Good Mind.

16 Wise Lord, fulfil the desire of those whom you know to be just and earnest in righteousness and good mind to attain rewards.

Chapter Two

1 I have always observed the principles of righteousness and good mind.

2 Divinity of Wisdom, teach me to speak the thoughts of Your mind, and the words of Your mouth: the teachings by which the pristine life shall be re-established.

3 Those who would please the Divinity of Wisdom, may do so by choosing true actions.

4 But the seekers of false gods do not decide correctly, because delusion comes to them in their deliberation, therefore, they choose the worst mind, rushing in wrath, and afflicting human existence.

5 But to the person who chooses correctly, comes endurance of body and steadfast serenity* through strength, good mind, and righteousness.

*(Spenta Armaiti)

6 Of all these, such a person shall be Yours, because he has come fully out of the fiery test.

7 And when the sinners undergo their punishment, then, O Wise One, the dominion* will be realised for them through good mind.

*(Kshathra Vairya)

8 You, lords of wisdom, who bring happiness through righteousness, come, let us be single-minded in the realm of inner intellect.

9 Those who strive with good name shall immediately be united in the good abode of good mind and righteousness of the Wise One.

10 If you understand the two principles of prosperity and adversity established by the Wise One, which are a long suffering for the wrongful and a lasting good for the righteous; you shall, then, enjoy radiant happiness.

11 The best shall come to the wise person who will propagate my true thought-provoking message.

12 It leads to righteousness for wholeness* and immortality**. Thus the dominion of the Wise One will, through good mind, increase for him.



Chapter Three

1 He is Who thought first that the lights emanate with bliss.

2 He is, through His wisdom, which holds the best mind, the creator of righteousness.

3 Wise Lord, stimulate my mind through Your creative mentality, because so far it has remained the same.

4 I realized, Wise Lord, that serenity is Yours, and O Creator of the Living World, that wisdom of mind is Yours, which has given the world the choice to go either to a settled person, or to the one who is not.

5 Of the two, it has chosen the prospering settler and the promoter of good mind as its righteous lord.

6 Wise One, the deceitful nomad has not shared in this good tradition.

7 O Wise One, at the beginning, You, through Your mind, fashioned for us the living world, conceptions and intellects, put life in the physical frame, and gave deeds and words, so that one makes his choice through free will.

8 Therefore, whether one speaks truth or not, whether one is wise or otherwise, one expresses in words what is in one’s heart and mind.

9 Let none of you listen to the messages and teachings of the wrongful, because he brings danger and destruction to the house, settlement, district, and land.

10 Lord, one who listens and realizes the truth, becomes a life-healing wise person.

11 He controls his tongue to express the right words when he wills.

12 He, O Wise One, through Your radiant light, proves good to both parties.

13 Whoever goes over to the righteous, enjoys a bright future.

14 But the wrongful lives a long life of darkness, evil splendours, and woeful words, because it is on account of his deeds, that his conscience leads him to it.

Chapter Four

1 The Divinity of Wisdom grants wholeness, immortality, abundance of righteousness, independence in dominion, and a lasting good mind to him, who is His friend in mind and action.

2 These principles are clear to the beneficent person, who works for the realization of good mind and dominion, and serves righteousness with his words and actions. Such a man, Wise Lord, is the most helpful person.

3 No wise person has ever attained power which could be called life, a life, said to be achieved by the force of flowing metal. Of such, You, Wise Lord, know best the consequences.

4 The evil teacher destroys with his teachings the doctrine of the wisdom of life.

5 He prevents people from the precious acquisition of good mind.

6 Also they devastate life who highly regard the wrongful as lords and ladies, rob people of their property, and try hard to distract the righteous from their best mind.

7 It is through such teachings that they try to distract mortals from excellent deeds.

8 For them, the Wise One has decreed ill consequences, because they devastate worldly life in luxury.

9 It is for this reason that wicked priests have chosen the wrong dominion of the wealthy instead of righteousness.

10 It is because of such power that the power hungry of this life wish to gain their spoils in the house of worst mind.

11 And they, Wise Lord, who, in their lust, growl about the message of Your thought-provoker (Zarathustra), lust, in turn, prevents them from seeing righteousness.

12 Seizing such spoils, even the sagacious princes have long been devoting their minds and efforts. They have, thus, resorted to help the wrongful.

13 Fired by the wisdom-wasting drink, they have declared that the world must be destroyed.

14 It is with such actions that the decadent and ritualistic priests and worldly princes are annihilated through the very people, whom they have deprived of the power to live as they wish.

Chapter Five

1 Every teaching of the talented is the best to listen to.

2 I, Zarathustra offer to the Wise One the very life-breath of myself and the first fruits of my good mind, deeds and words, gained through righteousness, with my ear to the divine voice; in fact, my whole strength.

3 The living beings in Your dominion* are those who promote good mind**.

*(Kshathra Vairya)


4 Indeed, it is in the rise of a beneficent person, Wise One, that there lies gain for all those belonging to You.

5 Show us, through righteousness, the paths to self-reliance of good mind. God, this is the same road of good mind You have shown me.

6 It is the religion of the benefactors by which good deeds lead only through righteousness to happiness, the promised reward for the beneficent, a reward, Wise One, solely given by You.

7 Wise One, make all those enjoying a good life, who have been, who are, and who shall be, share Your pleasure. Promote our physical enlightenment through good mind, dominion, and righteousness.

8 Most powerful Wise God, Serenity, world-promoting Righteousness, Good Mind, and Dominion, listen to me, be gracious to me for whatever rewards You grant.

9 Wise Lord, rise within me, grant me courage through serenity, good gifts of prayers through the most progressive mentality, full vigour through righteousness, and felicity through good mind.

10 To support me, Wide-watching Lord, reveal to me the force of Your sovereignty, the blessings of good mind.

11 Show me through progressive serenity, righteous conceptions.

Chapter Six

1 Now as a dedication, I, Zarathustra offer to the Wise One the very life-breath of myself and the first fruits of my good mind, deeds and words, gained through righteousness, with my ear to the divine voice; in fact, my whole strength.

2 The deed, the word, and the veneration by which I give immortality, righteousness, and the motive for wholeness to the people, are very much offered by us, Wise Lord, to You.

3 Moreover, all these offerings are made to You alone through thoughts of good mind and actions of a progressive man, whose soul is in accord with righteousness.

4 If indeed, You are so, Wise One, through righteousness and good mind, then grant me guidance through all the goals of this life, so that I happily return to You with veneration and praise.

5 Wise One, where are Your devotees who comprehend good mind, and despite retrogression and failure, attend to inherited doctrines with wisdom?

6 I have none besides You. Therefore, protect me and my people through righteousness.

7 Wise One, those who are antagonistic to Your principle, do not think of righteousness, and are at a distance from good mind.

8 Wise One, he forsakes progressive serenity, esteemed by your wise one, with his evil deeds solely because of his lack of good mind.

9 He avoids them much on account of their righteousness, just as the dishevelled barbarians keep far from us.

Chapter Seven

1 The person of good intellect says that the deeds of good mind must be maintained.

2 He knows that progressive serenity is the true product of righteousness.

3 Show us, through righteousness, the paths to self-reliance of good mind.

4 God, this is the same road of good mind You have shown me.

5 It is the religion of the benefactors by which good deeds lead only through righteousness to happiness, the promised reward for the beneficent, a reward, Wise One, solely given by You.

6 According to the Primal Principles of Life the leader shall do full justice to the wrongful and to the righteous, as well as to the person whose falsity is combined with his integrity.

7 And whoever foils the wrongful by word , thought, or action, or if approached by a visitor, teaches him good things, advances in his convictions to the satisfaction of the Wise God.

8 Whoever is very good to the righteous whether a relative, or a member of the community, or, O Lord, a member of the fellowship, or serves the living world with zeal, lives indeed in the domain of righteousness and good mind.

9 I shall listen to Your Inspiring Voice, the greatest of all voices, to reach my final goal: a long life in the dominion of good mind, and a straight walk along the paths of righteousness to the serene abode of the Wise God.

10 They are, Wise One, reverence and praising words for You through righteousness.

11 Grant me the steadfastness of immortality and the substantiality of wholeness.

12 Wise Lord, rise within me, grant me courage through serenity, good gifts of prayers through the most progressive mentality, full vigour through righteousness, and felicity through good mind.

13 To support me, Wide-watching Lord, reveal to me the force of Your sovereignty, the blessings of good mind.

14 Show me through progressive serenity, righteous conceptions.

Chapter Eight

1 Wise One, I realize You to be powerful and progressive because You help with Your own hand.

2 You give rewards to both the wrongful and the righteous by means of the warmth of Your fire which is mighty through righteousness, and through which strength of good mind comes to me.

3 I realized You, Wise God, to be progressive when I saw You at the birth of life, and found that You have ordained that actions and words should have consequences: bad for the bad, and good for the good.

4 It shall be so through Your excellence until the final turn of the creation.

5 At that turn, in which I exist, You, Wise One, come with Your progressive mentality, dominion, and good mind, through the actions of which the living worlds are promoted by righteousness.

6 Serenity* explains to them the proper laws of Your intelligence which none can deceive.

*(Another definition attributed to Spenta Armaiti)

7 I realized You, Wise God, to be progressive when I was encircled by it (enlightenment) through good mind, and it asked: “Who are you? To whom do you belong?

8 And when I first learned from Your words that it would be difficult for me to teach people the devotion to practice what You told me is the best.

9 And You said: “You have come to understand righteousness, and have not paid attention to disobedience.”

10 Now, I shall proclaim, hear and listen, you who have come from near and far as seekers.

11 Now, clearly bear these in mind. Let not the evil teacher, the wrongful, with his evil choice and perverted tongue, destroy life for a second time.

12 Now, I shall proclaim the two foremost mentalities of life.

13 Of these, the more progressive one told the retarding one thus:Neither our thoughts, nor teachings, nor intellects, nor choices, nor words, nor deeds, nor consciences, nor souls agree.

14 Now, I shall proclaim the foremost point of this life, which the Wise God, the Knowing told me:

15 Those of you who do not practice the thought-provoking doctrine the way I understand and explain it, shall experience a woeful end of life.

Chapter Nine

1 Now, I shall proclaim the best in this life, which, I know through righteousness, the Wise One gave.

2 He is the patron of active good mind, and the good-working serenity is His creation.

3 The all-watching God cannot be deceived.

4 The living, the departed, and the yet-to-be-born seek their great successes from Him.

5 The souls of the righteous shall eternally be strong.

6 The wrongful shall experience repeated failures.

7 The Wise God has, through His sovereignty, established these principles.

8 I shall seek to turn Him towards us with praises of reverence, because I have now conceived Him with my eyes of good thoughts, words, and deeds, and perceived Him through righteousness as the Wise God.

9 I shall seek to please Him for us with good mind, for He has granted us the will to choose between progress and retrogress.

10 He who denies the false gods and their men, just as they deny him, and unlike others, acknowledges Him in good spirit, is, through his progressive conscience, the beneficent and master of house, rather a friend, brother, and father, O Wise God.

11 Grant them, through righteousness, the riches of good mind.

12 To whom shall this wisdom come with good mind to help? For myself, Lord, I choose Your teachings.

13 Now, the wrongful prevents those, who support righteousness, from promoting the living world, whether of a district or land.

14 It is hard to challenge him because he is hostile in his actions.

15 However, Wise One, he who opposes him with power and life, leads the people as a leader along the paths of good plan.

Chapter Ten

1 A powerful person, a noble man, as a rule of a contract, welcomes a new comer. He, as a righteous person, is a man of principle.

2 The other (new comer) is a wrongful man. He should, therefore, decide and share the matter with his family. This will, Wise Lord, save him from any violation. But, if an able person does not come to help, he shall himself fall into the binding trap of wrong.

3 He indeed is wrongful who is very good to the wrongful, and he is righteous to whom the righteous is dear. These are the foremost rules of conscience established by You.

4 Who will, O Wise One, give me protection when the wrongful threatens to harm me, other than Your Fire and Mind? It is through the working of these two that, O God, righteousness thrives. Do enlighten my inner-self with this doctrine.

5 The person who undertakes to harm my people shall not have his fiery actions reach me. In fact, they shall recoil with his hatred to him, and shall keep him far from a good way of life. Wise One, hatred does not save one from a bad way of life.

6 Who is that devotee who shall first teach me to regard You as the most worthy of invocation, as the progressive, righteous Lord of actions?

7 People want to know the things that are Yours through righteousness, things You, the Creator of the world have taught are righteous, things which are Yours through good mind.

Chapter Eleven

1 Wise God, whoever, man or woman, shall give me what You know to be the best in life, rewards for righteousness, power through good mind, I shall accompany him and her in glorifying such as You are, and shall, with all of them, cross over the sorting bridge*.

*(Chinvat, synonymous with the Throne of Judgment. It is where souls are virtuous or wicked. They then either Ascend into Bahisht, or are cast into the darkness for eternity)

2 Wicked Priests and princes yoke people under duress to destroy life with their evil actions.

3 But their souls and their consciences shall upbraid them when they approach the sorting bridge, because they have been all the time dwelling in the house of wrong.

4 Whoever distinguishes between the just and the unjust, Wise Lord, is, through righteousness, a wonderful counsellor.

5 Whoever is united with me, I promise him the best through good mind, my only riches. But I oppose him who places himself in opposition to us.

6 Wise One, I want to please You, because this is the discernment of my intellect and mind.

7 Whoever truly accomplishes through righteousness the complete renovation of life for me, Zarathustra, as is the will of God, deserves the desired future-life in a fruitful living world as a reward.

8 This is what You, the most-knowing Wise One, have taught me.

9 If, after this, one conquers wrong through righteousness, because one reaches what is always said to be delusions by the false gods and their men, one shall, by these gains, increase in Your glorification, God. Lord, tell me since You know well.

10 What shall henceforth my struggle bring for me and my men? Shall the righteous, Wise One, conquer the wrongful? Because this, indeed, is known to be the good form of life.

11 The teachings, which the Beneficent Lord teaches through righteousness, are the best for the knowing.

12 Such a knowing person, like You, Wise One, is progressive and wise, even in what is profound teachings through the wisdom of good mind.

13 Whoever, Wise One, has set his mind on the better or the worse, sets his conscience accordingly with actions and words. His desire follows his cherished choice. But in Your wisdom, the end of the two will be different.

Chapter Twelve

1 May good rulers, and not evil rulers, rule over us with actions of good understanding and serenity.

2 Giving health and happiness in life is the best for a man who works for the living world in order to increase its splendour.

3 Indeed the living world is our good dwelling, rather our endurance and strength: two precious gifts of good mind.

4 Now, the Wise God has increased its prosperity through righteousness since the beginning of life.

5 Put down fury, check violence, you who wish to strengthen the promotion of good mind through righteousness, because a progressive man is associated with this. God, his associates are in Your abode.

6 It is through it that the corrupt priests and the wicked rulers of the lands form their evil intellects. Therefore, I long for union with good mind, and disavow all associations with the wrongful.

7 Those who, through their evil intellect, promote anger and cruelty with their tongues are but drones among productive people. Their evil deeds have not been defeated by good deeds.

8 It is they who created false gods, which forms the religion of the wrongful.

9 Now, Wise One, every person, who has linked his religion with good mind through devotion and invocation, is a noble person of serenity through righteousness. He lives, with them all, in Your dominion, Lord.

10 And Wise One, You guard in Your abode this good mind, the souls of the righteous, and the reverence that comes with serenity and invocation, a fact that makes the great sovereignty everlasting.

11 Now, the souls of the evil-ruling, evil-doing, evil speaking, evil-conceiving, and evil-thinking return back because of their evil lustre because they really dwell in the house of wrong.

12 Indeed, Wise One, it will, through righteousness, dominion, and good mind, be his to whom a promise has been given. That person, strengthened by the reward, will promote his immediate world, so far consumed by the wrongful.

13 May the Creator of Intelligence fix the course of his tongue so that he teaches my doctrine through good mind.

Chapter Thirteen

1 Now, whatever I have performed and shall perform, and whatever, like the rays of the sun, the wide dawning days, which one will esteem through the eyes of his good mind, are, Wise Lord, through righteousness, for Your glory.

2 I am, Wise One, Your praiser and shall continue to regard myself so, as long as I have the strength and the will through righteousness. This shall promote the laws of life through good mind, for true actions make life most renovated as God wishes.

3 The good dominion is to be chosen. It is the best dividend. In fact, it is devotion for the dedicated, who, Wise One, moves best within righteousness by his deeds. It is for this dominion that I am working for all of us now.

4 I dedicate these deeds, Wise Lord, first of all to You, then to Righteousness, and then to you, Serenity. Show me the desired dominion. Grant me, through Your good mind, the strength to glorify.

5 Let those, who have joined You in action, assemble to hear You, because You are the Lord of true speech with words of good mind. Of these words, Wise One, You are the foremost promulgator.

6 He is a humble intellectual who is a true leader of the lawful and is recognized as the ruler of the rewarded.

7 The Wise God gives, through his sovereignty, much good to him who succeeds for the sake of his conviction. But he who does not strengthen it, shall get much bad at the turning point of his life.

8 You, Wise One, Who have fashioned the world, the waters, and the plants by Your most progressive mentality, grant me, in accordance with good mind’s doctrine, immortality, wholeness, steadfast strength, and endurance.

Chapter Fourteen

1 Now, I shall speak, Wise One, for You.

2 Let one tell the wise that evil is for the wrongful and radiant happiness is for him who upholds righteousness. Truly, he who tells this thought-provoking message to the wise, will thereby become happy.

3 You grant happiness to both factions through Your bright Fire*, Wise One, as well as through the purifying test.

*(Mithra, the unkindled Fire)

4 This is the established principle of existence: Sufferings for the wrongful, and blessings for the righteous.

5 Now, Wise One, the person who wants to destroy us, is indifferent to this doctrine. He himself is the child of a wrong world, and is one of the malefactors.

6 I invoke righteousness for mine, so that it comes along with good reward. Thus the conscience of the wrongful tramples the truth on the straight line.

7 His soul openly upbraids him in front of the sorting bridge, because it is his deeds and words that make him lose the path of righteousness.

8 The mumbling priests are not friends. They are sufficiently far from laws and from the settlement. They take delight in injuring the world with their deeds and teachings, a doctrine that ultimately places them in the house of wrong.

Chapter Fifteen

1 The prize, I, Zarathustra have promised my fellows in the future is the House of Song*, in which the Wise One came first.

*(Bahisht, the Kingdom of Light, Heaven)

2 I have promised it to you through gains of good mind and righteousness.

3 It is the wisdom the progressive Wise God has thought through righteousness so that to teach us radiant happiness.

4 The person who dedicates himself in comprehending the good mind by his religion, and in desiring it for life who says that the laws of God are better for living them through deeds alone.

5 Here, all of you, who are of one will with us in giving goodness: Righteousness is through good mind and through words which stem from serenity.

6 While humbly worshipping, ask for the help of the Wise One.

7 The person who belongs to progressive serenity, promotes righteousness with his intellect, words, deeds, and conscience. The Wise God grants him dominion through good mind.

8 These words I speak to the charming brides, and to you, bridegrooms. Do bear them in mind. Comprehend them with your consciences. Master the life which belongs to good mind.

9 May you each win the other through righteousness. It will, indeed, be a good acquisition for each of you.

10 Men and women, it is true that wrong is attractive and appears to have advantages.

11 But it alienates one away from one’s self. It ends in woefulness and bad reputation. It destroys happiness for the wrongful. It defiles truths. With these, you shall be destroying your mental life.

12 But the reward of this Fellowship shall be yours as long as you remain united in weal and woe with all your heart in wedlock. Thus the mentality of the wrongful disappears.

13 However, if you abandon the Fellowship, then the last word you shall utter is “woe”. It is with such actions that evil doers become prone to deception and ridicule. Let them all scream for themselves.

14 Let, by means of good rulers, killings and injuries be prevented and peace be brought to homes and settlements. Let afflictions be gone. He is the greatest who restrains violent death. And let this happen soon!

15 Activity with evil doers yields to decrease in worth. In their anger, they defile truth and are criminals.

16 May the desired Fellowship come for the support of the men and women of Zarathustra, for the support of good mind, so that the conscience of every person earns the choice reward, the reward of righteousness, a wish regarded by the Wise God.

This concludes the Tablet of Zarathustra

Tablet of Mani

Chapter One

The Divine Messengers

1 From time to time Wisdom and the Pure Teaching have always been brought to mankind by Messengers of Zurvan; in age after age have Messengers been sent by Zurvan – Shitil bar Adam, Akhenaten, Tutankhaten, Zarathustra, Mahavira, Siddhartha, Mashikha and others.

2 The Messenger of the Light, the shining Luminary, came to Persia to Gushtap the King; he chose out righteous and truthful disciples and preached his hope in Persia.

3 But Zarathustra, the famous Master and Leader of those who worshipped the Wise Lord, did not literally write any books;

4 His disciples who came after him remembered and wrote the teachings of the books which they read today;

5 He revealed the Two Natures which fight with one another.

6 They honoured him more than all other Messengers;

7 Zarathustra was even buried in the tombs of the Kings, they made a royal garment and honourably laid him in a tomb in the land of the Hindus.

8 Later, the Mazdian leaders corrupted that once glorious expression of the Religion of Light.

9 When Siddhartha* came in his turn to India, and Mahavira and the others who have been sent to the East, the disciples have reported of him that he too preached his Hope and taught much wisdom.

*(Gautama Buddha)

10 He chose out and completed his assemblies and revealed to them his Message.

11 But there is only this fact that he did not write his wisdom in books;

12 His disciples who came after him, it was they who recalled something of the wisdom they had heard from Siddhartha and recorded it in the Scriptures.

13 In another age they were taught by Isho who appeared to the West (the West of Persia, in Israel); and the earlier religions were true so long as pure leaders were in them;

14 However, in the course of time they became corrupt – both the teachings and the recorded scriptures from their assemblies.

15 After which the present Revelation, this Prophecy in this latest age, has come down to Babylonia through me, Mani the Messenger of the God of Truth to the various sects and heresies.

16 To each one of them I have made known that within his own wisdom and his scripture the truth can be found – the truth which I have unveiled and shown to the world.

Chapter Two

The World Teacher

1 When any Messenger of the Light appears in the world to teach and convert the host of living beings in order to save them from their sufferings, he begins by bringing the sound of the wonderful Law down through the gate of their ears.

2 During the decline of the Pure Teaching, in the days of darkness, in the days when the corruption of religion becomes a disease in the bones of the religious sects, a man of Truth and Righteousness shall appear being sent down from the Kingdom of Light into the world of Matter.

3 It is He who shall take great concern for the Assembly according to the powers of the Great Spirit within Him and to His capacity as one inhabits a physical body.

4 This Man of Righteousness shall raise up, as our Master, the Land of the body of the Assembly, gradually and assist in bringing its inhabitants to perfection in the True Light.

5 After the perfection of the Seed People, which is the Elect and the Hearers, the world of Darkness will remain behind, eventually plunging into the abyss of no return while the Seed People are delivered into the hands of the World Teacher, the True Messenger, in the Kingdom of Light after the Call no longer goes out into the lands and across the great bodies of water.

6 The world is like a tree and the people are like the fruit of the tree. Those who have no inclination to receive the healing Light of the Sun become rotten and fall to the ground.

7 When the World Teacher – the Messenger of Light –comes to take the tree up to the Kingdom of Light, only the hardiest of the fruit shall remain on its branches, and they shall forever remain within the Presence of the Lord in the Kingdom of Light.

8 Then he enters the Ancient Dwelling (the actual spiritual home of the Messenger of Light) and, using the great mystical prayers, imprisons the swarm of venomous serpents and all the wild beasts, no longer leaving them free.

9 Next, armed with the Axe of Wisdom, he cuts and destroys the poison-trees and uproots their stumps, as well as all the other impure plants. At the same time he has the Palace Hall cleansed and splendidly adorned, and a seat placed there for the throne of the Law; afterwards he sits down in it.

10 When he has entered the Old City and destroyed the hateful foes, speedily he will separate the two Forces, the Light and the Darkness, and no longer let them mingle.

11 O Messengers, since you are Shepherds of the Light-Flocks, always zealously gather the soft and timid Lamb-Sons, and personally defend and cover the pure Souls of Light!

12 You must be like that able Shepherd-Lord who catches and saves the Lamb-Sons from wolves and tigers (all forms of evil)!

13 Be each of you the brave, strong and wise Pilot, and ferry these wandering Sons into the strange Land; they are the adored and precious treasures of the Venerable One of the Light (Zurvan); remove them all from the Sea (samsara) by means of your bodily Ships, and return them speedily, as they are, to the Lord; send them back swiftly to their Native Land (Bahisht), the place of peace and happiness!

Chapter Three

Impermanence of Matter

1 Death is the sure appointment of humankind; the house of death is the destiny of the human body. None can escape it.

2 The temporal contacts of a family, how far do they differ from that of a traveller staying at an inn? Crowds of people stop and rest together for a night; in the morning they part and return to their own lands.

3 Man is born a naked shape, and he will die in the same manner*; in spite of his love for the body of flesh he must give it up at last; all the material riches and treasures we do not wish to part with will no longer be with us at the end.

*(Without material possessions as implied in the latter part of the verse)

4 Take to yourself the words of truth, O men who love Zurvan, that the world is nothing, there is no gain at the end of it.

5 Do not be a friend of this beauty that shall be totally destroyed, decayed and melted like snow in the sun.

6 All things of this earthly life are fleeting, they vanish from our sight like fallen rain before the midday sun.

7 Renounce the possessions of the world and embrace the peace of poverty!

Chapter Four

Perfection in the Way of Truth

1 In these three things is Perfection found: In the Commandments and the Wisdom and the Love, for all the people of Zurvan attain perfection through these.

2 For this reason let us pray and implore Zurvan who has chosen us that He may make us perfect in His Way.

3 Keep yourselves far from magical arts and sorceries of the darkness, for he who shall learn them and practice them and realise them, finally where the master of those of the darkness shall be bound with his powers, they shall bind also in that place the soul of him who practices them and walk in such arts of the error.

4 With wisdom and skill strengthen yourselves around the gates* of the body lest the sin** that dwells in the body prevail over you and bear away your Light from you and extinguish it in many places and shatter it everywhere in every way.

*(senses and organs)


5 So, then, do not permit this to happen to you, but be a watchful people and strong in your faith in the Truth.

6 Be prepared from everything to everything, so that your rest and your end may be with Him for whose Sign and Hope you watch!

7 Be ever firm and strong in keeping the Precepts and the Rites; give alms and always practise fasting, worship, praise and recitation.

8 Sing and chant the words of the Righteous Law without break or stop, read and study eagerly, discriminate with your wisdom and accept the Pure Commands.

9 Always keep before you the Three Pillars of the Holy Faith: Scripture, Tradition and Revelation.

10 Always be clean and pure in the deeds of the body, mouth and mind.

11 Also be found earnestly practising kindly deeds, be gentle and amiable, bear humiliations, and purify all your roots.

12 Follow good rules and habits and determine to rest your minds in the Place of Liberation; leap with joy and stand firm by the Religion of Righteousness!

13 All these are the remedies for the Light-Bodies; if you do these things and sleep not, you shall go up and you shall see the Land of Light.

14 If indeed you truly fast, you shall be taken into the Garden of Light.

15 If your eyes do not make an evil glance, you shall be seated under the shade of the Garden of Light.

16 If your mouth speaks truly, the Divine Beings shall show you their various images.

17 If your hands are free from violence, the pleading of your speech shall be heard.

18 If your heart stands firm, they will lift you up and stand you in their midst.

19 If your feet walk in the Way of Truth, they will make you one of them.

Chapter Five

Death of the pious

1 In the time of his departure, when the Light-Form that appears to everyone about to leave his body, after the example of the Image of the Messenger, comes forth from before him and separates him from the darkness to the Light, the Higher Self rises out of all embraces.

2 The blessed glorious Man has mysteriously become – in his likeness, in his form, in his love, in his holy Maiden who is the Maiden of Light – the Soul of the Father.

3 This Light-Form pacifies the man by the Kiss and its rest from the fear of the demons that would destroy his body; through its appearance and its image, the heart of the pious soul who leaves his body is calmed.

4 At whatever time he dies, thousands of beautiful angelic beings will come to meet him with flowers and a golden chariot, and speak unto to him saying: “Fear not, righteous Soul!”

5 And his own merit will come before his face like a divine virgin princess, immortal and lovely, a flowery wreath upon her head; she herself will set him on his way.

6 Thus, the God of the Majesty of the Righteous Law, the glorious Deity of Righteousness comes to the Soul with the three Celestial Beings who are He Himself, the great glorious angels who come with him – the one holding in his hand the prize of victory, the second bringing the Robe of Light, while the third is the same who holds the diadem, the crown and the wreath of Light.

7 Then the angel who holds the prize of victory stretches out to him the right hand and draws him out from the abyss of his body, and receives him with the Kiss and the Love.

8 That Soul worships her Saviour who is the Light-Form.

9 Now at the very moment when he dies, he perfects himself, and awakes in conformity with the Will of Zurvan in the House of the Living and the Celestial Beings, angels, and all the Messengers and the Chosen Ones, and he receives the shining garland of glory in everlasting life and puts on the raiment of divinity.

Chapter Six

Death of the secular individual

1 The Soul is sent to the Judge of the Dead and the Just seizes the confused Soul which appears as in a mirror.

2 It is set down in the Balance its merit is apparent, its evil deed revealed; the deeds done by itself appear – the majesty of the Earth and Water is unhappy, the splendour of the Fire and Air weeps, the brightness of Plants and Trees, wails aloud!

3 On that day of danger no bribe or gift or pleading can avail; the Father’s Image, the Maiden of the Light, is the only one to help on that day! Those near the King are the Righteous.

4 If the Balance rises, his good deeds will overcome his sins committed and will raise him to the Garden of the Light uniting with the Column of Glory.

5 Those indeed who are the doers of good, to them He rewards the good deed according to their goodness, He gives them the Kingdom of Light and makes them heirs in everlasting Life – they will be forgiven because they have forgiven others, but they will atone for every sin they have committed.

6 Woe to it, the empty Ship that comes empty (without merit) to the Customs-House, they shall ask it when it has nothing to give!

7 Woe to it because there is nothing on board! It shall be, to that one, roughly treated as it deserves, and sent back to rebirth – it shall suffer what corpses suffer!

Chapter Seven

Death of the wicked soul

1 Those souls who for the love of the world have let themselves wander from their own first bright nature and have become foes to the Holy Light and openly armed themselves to the ruin of the Holy Elements, and have submitted to the fiery spirit, and have even by their cruel persecution imprisoned those who observe the Divine Precepts, will be shut out from the bliss and the glory of the Holy World (the Kingdom of Light).

2 And because they have let themselves be ruled by evil, they will continue in the same race of evil – that peaceful land and the immortal regions being forbidden them.

3 What then will come to them when they have thus fettered themselves by wicked deeds, so that they are estranged from the life and liberty of the Holy Light?

4 They cannot then be received into those peaceful realms, but will be confined in the horrid Lump, on which moreover a guard must be set.

5 Whence also the same souls will cling to those things they have loved, being left behind in the same Lump of Darkness, seeking that out for themselves by their own deserts.

6 For they have neither cared to know these things, nor withdrawn from the same when time was given.

Chapter Eight

The Great Judge

1 The great Judge who sits in the Air, judging all men, his tent is set up in the Air under the Great Wheel of the Stars –there is no partiality in his law, no turning in his righteousness.

2 He knows how to forgive the one who has sinned and repented, but he has no dealings with a false one who may come to his feet and implore him – he does not forgive the one who is of two minds.

3 No one will be able to hide from him when he searches out the deeds that each one has done and repays them according to their deserts, so he who has something good, let him put his trust in his deeds! Let us not neglect ourselves and keep to our own regret.

Chapter Nine

The End of Time

1 Now at the end of time, as soon as all the Nature of Light has been separated from Matter entirely when the Elder* has shown forth his Image, when the Statue has come, then the Supporter on seeing his face lets the earth slip.


2 So the height collapses upon the depth, and fire blazes up, and thus the age-long fire ignites the earth, the outer fire falls and consumes both itself and all the rest of the Matter which remains intact.

3 Then will Zurvan hand it over to the fire and make of it a single lump, the tangle which the Sun and Moon could not unravel, and with it also the souls who have sinned much and been guilty of much unbelief, who seem like dregs in the midst of the lump when the fire has melted all.

4 But the Divine Beings were not grieved because of every soul which went down with the darkness could not be separated.

5 Then again, Zurvan lets the lump slip after the New Aeon, so that all the souls of the sinners are forever bound.

6 In it has been collected all the Light that was mixed and mingled in created things, and these things catch fire.

7 Now this fire outside the universe is Matter itself, altogether unmixed with the Divine Power, and the burning does not cease until what was in it of the Light disappears – and the duration of that burning is fourteen hundred and sixty eight years.*

*(not literal human years)

8 Now when this affair is ended and Ambition, the spirit of darkness, sees the freeing of the Light and the Ascent of the Angels, the Hosts and Guardians, she is humbled.

9 She watches the battle; then the Hosts press on her all around, and she flees to the grave already promised her.

10 The architect and builder of that grave is the one named the Great Builder, who in the days of his trouble became fashioner of the grave of the darkness.

11 So he imprisons her in it, thereupon he closes up that grave with a stone that is the size of the earth, the macrocosm whence the Builder cut whole stones for the grave of the darkness.

12 And the Light at last finds rest from the darkness and its wickedness.

13 Now after this will be a restoration of the two natures to their original state; the rulers will remain in their own lower regions, while the Father enjoys the higher, having full power over His own.

14 For it is not possible that the image of the Living Man should come to the homes of the beasts.

15 The Light shall go to the Light, the Fragrance shall go to the Fragrance, the image of the Living Man shall go to the Living Land from which it came.

16 The Light shall return to its place, the darkness shall fall and not rise again.

17 At this time instruction is given and conversion is achieved; the True and the false are each returned to its Root; the Light is returned to the Great Light, while the darkness is returned to the massed darkness.

18 So all the race of souls will be saved, and what was once perished will be restored to its own flock.

Chapter Ten

The Last Statue

1 At the time when all the Light in the universe has been purified and refined, Isha the Child*, who is the Image of the Living Word (Mihr Yazd) in his two persons, who is the Call and the Hearing that lie in the Elements which are mingled– it is he who makes a separation between the good and the bad.

*(Mani referred to the Living Spirit as “The Isha of Lights” distinguishing this from the physical manifestation of Isha Mashiha in First Century Judea. The Isha of Lights is name for Mithra)

2 Again at the end he joined with them, he stood up in silence, he drew up the Light-Sparks until the final moment when he should awake and stand in the Great Fire, and gather his own Soul (all the redeemed reunited with and in him) to himself and form himself into this Last Statue*, which is the last Hour of the Day, the time when the Last Statue will go up to the Aeon of the Light.

*(A technical term for the perfect Image of Zurvan to be revealed at the End)

3 And you shall find him purging and refining out of himself this impurity which is foreign to him, but the Light and the Life that are in everything he gathers into himself and builds it upon his body.

4 When this Last Statue is complete in all its Limbs, then it shall emerge and come down in that great struggle through the Living Spirit, its Father.

Chapter Eleven

Mithra and the Chariot of the Sun

1 You see how near it has come to the end of the world; the lifetime of humankind has come to a fraction, their days have decreased, their years have become fewer, for the Life and the Light that were in the world in the first generations were more than that of today.

2 Their ideas and thoughts are filled with wickedness; in old age they spend their lifetime with sufferings, also death comes to them swiftly.

3 When the eternal Light is brought up to the celestial beings, then shall the zenith and the nadir of heaven become united; at that time Splendour (Pahragbed) will take hold of the uppermost part of the heavens, which matches the lowest part, and it will become loosened from the bond and order.

4 Then the divine being Mithra will come from the Chariot of the Sun to the region which has been united, and a great shout will go out; then shall a great sign manifest itself in the Moon and the Zodiac [the entire planetary system] and the Stars, and all the peoples of the earth will begin to receive this news.

5 And after this, will come the God of the Realm of Wisdom, he who is First Knowledge, and just because of the sorrow upon sorrow and the distress upon distress he will send down Wisdom and Knowledge.

6 Then will appear the Kingdom of the God of Wisdom; the Celestial Beings who are in all the regions of the heavens and the earths – the Supporter, the Light-Adamas, the Glorious King, the King of Honour and the Custody of Splendour – and who are revilers of the demons, will bestow a blessing on that Realm of Wisdom, and the righteous will become Rulers in the Kingdom.

7 They shall themselves see him, the Image of the Light, all rejoicing and being glad over him. Desire shall depart far from them with also the other kinds of temptation.

8 When they wish they shall clothe themselves with their body and gain victory over it, and they shall find the way from it to the Kingdom of Life made smooth.

9 They will pay homage and receive him with joy; but the man who is a worker of greed, along with the evildoers and those who corrupt humankind will be filled with remorse.

Chapter Twelve

The Great Dissolution

1 The time draws near when the Light-Body shall be freed from its chains, the forces of Light and Darkness will be separated evermore, and so will the doers of good and their evil foes.

2 The universe – heaven and earth, and the countless dense and close things – will be properly dissolved and freed by the pitiful Adorable One;

3 The demon races* will be put into the dark prison forever, and the Race of the Illumined (Buddha Family) will leap for joy, and return to the Realm of Light.

*(The druj)

4 Then shall the light go to the Light, while darkness shall fall and henceforth never rise again; it shall be blotted from its place.

Chapter Thirteen

Light returns to the Light; Matter returns to the Darkness

1 Zurvan too is a Judge of the Souls who obey the Adversary and do what is evil, not believing in the Truth, and He condemns them through their deeds, because they are cut off and excluded from the Last Statue (the uniting of all perfected souls in the Great and Perfect One) when the universe shall be dissolved and all things destroyed, and the Great Fire be let loose and the Last Statue be formed out of the remains of all things.

2 The souls of the deniers and blasphemers shall weep when the Last Statue comes down therein; then shall they cry aloud that they are cut off from the company of this Great Statue and remain behind forever.

3 For from this time there is no rest for them who shall go into this Darkness and be chained with the Darkness as they have desired and loved, and put their treasure in its keeping.

4 He does not take them to Himself at their end, but they become the portion of the Enemy whom they have loved.

5 Zurvan Himself has not done them any wrong, but it is themselves alone who are against them; it is their own actions which condemn them and throw them to the hell of burning;

6 The wicked justly come to hell through the wickedness of the venomous beast and through the disease of pollution.

7 The Light shall withdraw to its place and ascend and reign in its Kingdom, while the Darkness falls and is taken into the Grave with all its offspring, and they shall be chained with it, binding with them the Darkness, the Enemy, who has lifted himself up against the Light from the beginning.

8 The souls of all the sinners who have been condemned through their deeds are fastened to the Enemy in the Grave– its masculine and feminine; the masculine shall be parted from the feminine and bound in the Lump.

9 This final shall be densified when all forms and images are included in it; the Globe shall sink down by its own weight to the Abyss, the Abyss will also sink down to eternity of eternities; whereas the feminine shall be thrown into the Grave.

10 The Light shall be purified and separated from the Darkness by means of the Great Fire wherein the universe will be dissolved and all things be destroyed, and perish in that violent greedy and poisoned fire which shall burn them in fourteen hundred and sixty eight years.*

*(not literal human years)

This concludes the Tablet of Mani

Tablet of Meditation

Chapter One

1 There are ten methods for meditating on the world that can lead us to happiness and fulfillment.

2 The first method is to realise that as soon as people are born they begin to grow old and that eventually they die.

3 The world is like an inn where you stay temporarily.

4 None of the beds or furniture are really yours.

5 We will all be gone soon, for no one can stay long in an inn.

6 The second is to observe how our friends and loved ones are taken from us just as the leaves fall from a tree.

7 Wind and winter arrive and the leaves are gone.

8 The third method is to recognise that the world is a place where the success of the might and they prosperity of the wealthy never last.

9 They are like the moon at night.

10 The full moon shines on everything until clouds appear.

11 Or the full moon changes into the new moon and its light is gone.

Chapter Two

1 To follow the fourth method, consider the world as a place where people steal things from others that they believe are valuable but which eventually harm them instead.

2 They are like moths attracted to a light who dive into the flame.

3 The fifth method is to contemplate the world as a place where the wealthy exhaust both their body and spirit accumulating treasure that cannot help them in the end.

4 They are like small jars that cannot hold the rivers, lakes and seas they covet.

5 The sixth method asks you to look at the world as a place where people dally in sexual activities that bring them unhappiness instead of fulfilment.

6 They are like a tree infested with insects that sap its strength and eat away its core until it dries up and breaks.

7 The seventh method is to think of the world as a place where people indulge in alcohol until they are so drunk and confused they do not know good from bad.

8 They are like a clear spring pool whose mirror-like surface reflects everything.

9 But it becomes muddy and the images vanish, leaving filthy water in which nothing can be seen.

Chapter Three

1 The eighth method calls for thinking of the world as a place where people act as if life were a game.

2 They sit around wasting the hours of the day and wearing out their vital spirit.

3 They are like a madman who imagines he has seen flowers and walks around all night trying to find them again.

4 In the end he is exhausted and has seen nothing.

5 The ninth method is to think of the world as a place where people go from religion to religion looking for truth but finding only confusion.

6 They are like a skilled craftsman who carves an ox and paints it until the statue resembles the real thing.

7 But when he tries to use it to plough h is field, the ox is good for nothing.

8 The tenth method is to contemplate the world as a place where people seem to be following these principles, but are actually deceiving themselves and helping no one.

9 They are like an oyster that holds a bright pearl.

10 A fisherman breaks the oyster to extra the pearl and the oyster dies.

11 The pearl looks beautiful but the oyster is dead.

This concludes the Tablets of Meditation

Tablet on the Nature of Mithra

Chapter One

1 Bahisht stands without supporting beams or posts. But it does not stand on its own.

2 It does so through the power of Zurvan in Mithra, without supporting beams or posts and free of walls and fences.

3 It is like when an archer shoots an arrow.

4 We see only the arrow, not the archer.

5 We see no archer, but the arrow could not have appeared on its own.

6 There must be an archer.

7 This is how we can understand that heaven and earth, with the sustaining power of God in Mithra, neither crumble nor collapse, but endure because of the power of Zurvan.

8 We do not see this force, but we know it sustains heaven and earth.

9 Once the force of the arrow is spent it falls to earth.

10 Similarly, if Bahisht and the earth were not sustained by Zurvan, they would crumble.

11 Because of the power of the One God, Bahisht and the earth do not collapse.

12 So the existence of Bahisht and the earth affirm the power of Zurvan.

13 Since heaven does not collapse, we know this supernatural power is something we cannot fathom.

14 For it appears that Zurvan is self-created.

15 Pondering this we realise there is no left and no right, no before or after, no above or below.

Chapter Two

1 It is a single thing, that we all subsist within Mithra by the sustaining power of the One God.

2 There is no second or third, and it cannot be made.

3 We see the reflection of the One God dwelling in heaven and earth without a seeming teacher or maker.

4 We see this force as the One God who invisibly sustains heaven and earth and nourishes all living things.

5 The One God cannot be seen in Bahisht and the earth just as the human soul cannot be seen in the body.

6 The One God resides beyond the Creation and Mithra resides everywhere within Creation just as the soul permeates every place in our body.

7 Mithra is within all of Creation because Mithra is all of Creation.

8 There is Mithra under heaven who lives in the divine palace of the intangible realm.

9 He is never in just one place and is not attached to any one place.

10 In fact, in the intangible realm one place is actually two places, and the first is the second in time.

11 Time in the intangible realm is always seen as present, like the transforming influence of the Holy Lord.

12 It follows from this that the intangible realm has not been produced nor made.

13 Words such as first and second do not apply.

14 The True Nature of Mithra, therefore, is intangible.

Chapter Three

1 Do not ask whether everything that exists under the Celestial Heights also resides in the intangible realm;

2 Or how it is that what we see is not created, not located anywhere and without time.

3 Not by questions will you understand where Mithra is, or that the One located in the intangible realm, has been neither produced nor made.

4 Do not ask when Mithra was made or produced.

5 This also will not be understood through questions.

6 Not by questions will you understand.

7 Permanent, inexhaustible; exhaustible, impermanent.

8 Mithra resides within all the myriad things.

9 Where Zurvan has been neither produced nor made, and permanently resides without end, Mithra has issued from the One God and resides also for eternity.

10 As long as God exists His mind is constantly on His Beloved Son.

11 As long as there is a God, there is a Mithra and we exist within Him.

Chapter Four

1 Among the things existing under the Celestial heights of Bahisht, there are those that can be seen and those that cannot be seen.

2 For example, the soul cannot be seen by human beings.

3 Our desire to see the soul indicates a spiritual consciousness in human beings.

4 Just as two kinds of sprouts can share one root, human sight is of two kinds and both share one root.

5 We appear to have both a soul and a spiritual consciousness*.

*(An awakening soul or consciousness. A soul in the process of self realization)

6 But soul is simply another word for consciousness.

7 They appear as two but are in essence, one.

8 Just as a person without a body is not complete and a person without a soul is not complete, so is someone without a spiritual consciousnesses also incomplete.

9 If it exists under the Celestial Heights of Bahisht, it is of two kinds, from one root.

10 If someone asks in what way the myriad things are made by the One God or if they ask where unseen things reside, you should answer in this way:

11 They reside under the Celestial Heights , they existed within Mithra and they are what the One God sent.

12 If someone asks how many things there are or how many people have been made, say to them:

13 The myriad things under heaven all consist of the four main elements.

This concludes the Tablet on the Nature of Mithra

Tablet on the Two Natures of Man

Chapter One

1 You ask of what a human being is made.

2 People are made of that which can be seen and that which cannot be seen.

3 You ask what is visible and what is invisible.

4 That which can be seen is made by the power of the One God, Zurvan and consists of the main four elements – earth, water, fire and air.

5 You ask how the four elements are made.

6 The answer is that under heaven there is nothing that has not been created.

7 If Mithra had not been in the world, there would have been no need to make the world.

8 It is like building a house. First you seek a house builder then ask that the house be built.

9 Likewise, when Mithra undertook creation, once willed, it was done.

10 Out of love for all living things, Mithra made himself seen in the world.

11 Through His compassion for all creatures, Mithra could clearly be seen.

Chapter Two

1 Heaven and earth are the creation of the One God in and through Mithra.

2 The power and will of Mithra pass like the wind over everything.

3 His Natural State is not a body of flesh, but a divine consciousness, completely unseen to human eyes.

4 What the power of God in Mithra carries out and what it calls forth can be known.

5 This could not be done by any other thing. What could possibly resemble Him?

6 The myriad things of existence manifest within Mithra.

7 Everything under heaven shares His power.

8 Insects and animals do not understand language, so we say they do not have intellectual faculties.

9 In classifying the myriad things, no two are the same.

10 Not everything under heaven can be seen.

11 So it is that from the suspicious hearts of human beings the thought arises that the other celestial beings could have made the myriad things precisely in His image.

12 But even if there were such divinities, none could make the world precisely in His image.

Chapter Three

1 There are two kinds of things, the visible and the invisible, and it is clear that the One God through Mithra made them both.

2 People are of two natures. If they were of one kind, nothing more could be said. If there were not two natures, how could God make this thing called a human being?

3 Everyone under heaven is divided in accordance with this divine truth of the two natures – body and spirit.

4 The One God makes both. In finding Mithra, we discover that two worlds have been made.

5 In the world of the body we suffer demise and death, but in the world of the spirit we are permanent and secure.

6 The spirit, the soul, if it is free from delusion and attachment, is immortal.

7 It is the power of Zurvan that energizes both body and spirit.

This concludes the Tablet on the Two Natures of Man

Tablet of the Four Laws

Chapter One

1 One of the followers of the Great Master* asked, “You said that no desire, no action, no virtue, no truth are the Four Laws and the Way to Peace and Joy.

*(A Manifestation of Mithra)

2 But I do not understand how there can be joy when there is no existence. Please help me to understand.”

3 The One Lord, the Great Master, answered, “I will tell you again. It is only nothing that can give rise to something.

4 If it were in something, peace and joy would never be, and why?

5 Take for example a mountain filled with forests.

6 The leaves and branches of the trees spread shade everywhere.

7 Surely this mountain forest does not seek birds and animals, but they all come here on their own to nest and gather.

8 Or think of a great sea that draws all the rivers and springs and is vast without limits and deep beyond measure.

9 Surely this ocean does not seek fish and scaly creatures.

10 But they all dwell there on their own.

11 Those of you who seek peace and joy are like these birds and fish.

12 You need only pacify your minds and live quietly.

13 Then in practicing these teachings, you will not have to seek peace and joy, they will simply be there like the forest and the ocean.

14 This is how nothing gives rise to something.

Chapter Two

1 The first law is no desire.

2 Your hearts seeks one thing after another, creating a multitude of problems.

3 You must not allow them to flare up.

4 Desires are like the roots of plants.

5 Since they are buried deep below the earth you can not see them and do not know they are damaged until the buds of the plant begin to wither and die.

6 Desire in the human heart can not be recognised from the outside either.

7 Desire can sap wholesome energy from the four limbs and the openings of the body, turning it into unwholesome activity.

8 This cuts us off from the roots of peace and Joy.

9 That is why you must practice the law of no desire.

Chapter Three

1 The second law is no action.

2 Doing things for mundane reasons is not part of your true being.

3 You have to cast aside vain endeavours and avoid shallow experiences.

4 Otherwise you are deceiving yourself.

5 It is like being aboard a ship adrift on the ocean.

6 The seawater rolls and swells with the wind, creating waves that force the ship this way and that way.

7 There is no peace on board, everyone is worrying they will sink.

8 We live our lives veering this way and that:

9 We do things for the sake of progress and material gain, neglecting what is truly important and losing sight of the Path.

10 That is why you must distance yourself from the material world and practice the law of no action.

Chapter Four

1 The third law is no virtue.

2 Do not try to find pleasure by making a name for yourself through good deeds.

3 Practice instead universal loving kindness that is directed toward everyone.

4 Never seek praise for what you do.

5 Consider the earth. It produces and nurtures a multitude of creatures, each receiving what it needs.

6 Words cannot express the benefits the earth provides.

7 Like the earth, you are at one with peace and joy when you practice the laws and save living creatures. But do it without acclaim.

8 This is the law of no virtue.

Chapter Five

1 The fourth law is no truth.

2 Do not be concerned with frivolous facts.

3 Forget about minute details concerning right and wrong, sinking or rising, winning or losing in this world.

4 Be like a mirror.

5 It reflects one and all; Blue, yellow and all other colours; Long, short, any size.

6 It reflects everything as it is, without judging.

7 Those who have awakened to the Path,

8 Who have attained the mind of peace and joy,

9 Who can see all karmic conditions and who share their enlightened with others,

10 Reflect the world like a mirror; leaving no trace of themselves.

This concludes the Tablet of the Four Laws

Tablet of Mir Tarendra

Chapter One

1 I was, am now, and shall have no end.

2 I exercise dominion over all creatures and over the affairs of all who are under the protection of my image.

3 I am ever present to help all who trust in me and call upon me in time of need, for I am empowered by the God of Compassion who has sent me.

4 There is no place in the universe that knows not my presence in one form or another.

5 I participate in all the affairs which those who are without call evil because their nature is not such as they approve.

6 Every age has its own ruler, who directs affairs according to my decrees.

7 This office is changeable from generation to generation as the need arises, that the ruler of this world and his chiefs may discharge the duties of their respective offices every one in his own turn from the celestial heights.

8 I allow everyone to follow the dictates of his own nature, but he that opposes me will regret it sorely, for the wrath of the God of Light is like an unending fire that devours everything in its path.

9 No false deity has a right to interfere in my affairs, and I have made it an imperative rule that everyone shall refrain from worshiping all false deities.

10 All the books of those who are without are altered by them;

11 And they have declined from them, although some of them were written by the prophets and the emissaries.

12 That there are interpolations is seen in the fact that each sect endeavors to prove that the others are wrong and to destroy their books.

13 To me truth and falsehood are known.

14 To those who listen, I separate truth from falsehood for those who are my own.

15 When temptation comes, I give my covenant [mithra, bond] to him that trusts in me.

16 Moreover, I give counsel to the skilled directors, for I have appointed them for periods that are known to me.

17 I recall necessary affairs and execute them in due time.

18 I teach and guide those who follow my instruction because it is within the will of the God of Compassion, Light and Truth.

19 If anyone obey me and conform to my commandments, he shall have joy, delight, and goodness forever.

Chapter Two

1 I reward the descendants of Adam, and grant unto them various rewards that I alone know because the God of Compassion has given me this knowledge.

2 Moreover, power and dominion over all that is on earth, both the sky and the soil within it, are in my hand.

3 I do not allow association with false religions, nor do I deprive them that are my own and that obey me of anything that is good for them.

4 I place my affairs in the hands of those whom I have tried and who are in accord with the will of the God of Compassion.

5 I appear in divers manners to those who are faithful and under my protection.

6 I give and take away;

7 I enrich and impoverish;

8 I cause both happiness and misery when it is necessary.

9 I do all this in keeping with the characteristics of each era.

10 And no false deity or man has a right to interfere with my management of such affairs.

11 Those who oppose me I afflict with disease;

12 But my own shall not die like the sons of Adam that are without.

13 None of my own shall live in this world longer than the time set by me;

14 And if I see that it is necessary, I send a spirit to a person into your world by a bonding* of that spirit with the soul of my own people.

*(The bonding of an incarnate spirit with the a a righteous or saintly spirit sent to serve humanity. This is called “Samadhi-Deva” in Sanskrit and Paiwast-tamur in Asha.)

Chapter Three

1 I lead to the straight path with the Pure Teaching;

2 I direct aright my beloved and my chosen ones by means that are not always seen.

3 All my teachings are easily applicable to all times and all conditions.

4 I punish, through my brother, in another world, all who do contrary to the will of the God of


5 Now the sons of Adam do not know the state of things that is to come.

6 For this reason they continually fall into many errors.

7 The beasts of the earth, the birds of heaven, and the fish of the sea are all under the control of my hands within the will of the God of Compassion.

8 All treasures and hidden things are known to me; and as I see the need, I take them from one and bestow them upon another.

9 I reveal my wonders to those who seek them in faith and purity, and, in due time, my miracles to those who receive them from me.

10 But those who are without are my adversaries, hence they oppose me.

11 Nor do they know that such a course is against their own interests, for might, wealth, and riches are in my hand, and I bestow them upon every worthy descendant of Adam.

12 Thus the government of the worlds, the transition of generations, and the changes of their directors are permitted by me from the beginning in order for all souls to undergo a purification process;

13 Whether they wish to accept or not is their own decision.

Chapter Four

1 I will not give my rights to any false deity.

2 I have observed the creation of four substances, four times, and four comers; because they are necessary things for creatures.

3 The books of Jews and Christians, as of those who are without, accept in a sense, that is, so far as they agree with, and conform to my statutes within the will of the God of Compassion.

4 Whatsoever is contrary to these they have altered; do not accept it.

5 Three things are against me, and I hate three things: False worship, unfaithfulness and a lying tongue.

6 But those who keep my secrets shall receive the fulfillment of my promises.

7 You shall worship only the God of Compassion and have no false deity before your face.

8 You shall be faithful and truthful in all things.

9 You shall not worship the image of the messenger; only the One who sent the messenger is worthy of worship.

10 Those who honor me will do so on a separate altar, and I shall honor them in their faithfulness to the daily oblations of incense.

11 Those who suffer for my sake I will surely reward in my celestial world.

12 It is my wish that all my devotees shall unite in a bond [mithra, bond/covenant] of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them.

13 Now, then, all you who have followed my commandments and my teachings, reject all the teachings and sayings of such as are without.

14 I have not taught the teachings of those who are without, nor did they ever proceed from me.

15 Do not mention my name nor my attributes to those who are unworthy, lest you regret it;

16 For you do not know what those who are without may do.

Chapter Five

1 You that have believed in me, honor my symbol and my image, for they remind you of me.

2 Observe my laws and statutes.

3 Obey my servants and listen to that which they instruct you of the hidden things from the God of Compassion and Light.

4 Receive that which is dictated, and do not carry it before those who are without, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others; for they know not the nature of my teaching.

5 Do not give them your books, lest they alter them without your knowledge.

6 Learn by heart the greater part of this and other Books and sayings that will be revealed to you, lest they be altered by the enemy.

7 I am always with you.

This concludes the Tablet of Mir Tarendra

Tablet of Guidance

Chapter One

1 Death and sickness have come about, old age has descended, feebleness has arrived, and weakness is here once again.

2 Sleep is upon the world in discomfort all day.

3 The eyes of man have grown small, their ears have become deaf, their mouths have become silent, and they are unable to speak.

4 His heart is emptied, unable to recall yesterday. His bones ache the whole length.

5 It is as if goodness has turned to evil, and all taste is gone.

6 What the evil one does to people is damaging like old age is to the body in every way.

7 The nose of man is blocked, and he is unable to breathe;

8 How tired are the people, whether standing or sitting in their place.

9 Let a staff of old age be decreed to be made for the humble servant.

10 Let him be told the speech of those who assess, the advice of the ancestors who were heard by God.

11 Then the same may be done for them, so that strife may be removed from the populace,

12 And the Two Shores may toil for those who hear and cultivate the truth.

Chapter Two

1 Then the Word of the Godhead came to me saying:

2 “Teach them then the language from the past that he may provide the example for the children of the mighty ones.

3 May right hearing enter into him, the measure of every heart.

4 Speak to him, for no man can be born wise.

Chapter Three

1 The is the beginning of the collection of good words, said by the man of the elite, the Right Arm of Mithra who is sent from the Father in Heaven and is beloved of the Godhead.

2 Instructed in the teaching of the ignorant so they may become wise according to the rules of good words,

3 A good rule for all those who hear it in honesty,

4 Yet harmful to whomever transgresses it.

Chapter Four

1 Then he addressed his sons:

2 Do not be proud on account of your knowledge, but discuss it with both the ignorant and the wise.

3 The limits of art cannot be delivered; there is no artist whose talent is fulfilled.

4 Fine words are more sought after than precious jewels, but can be found with the women at the grindstone.

Chapter Five

1 If you meet an opponent in his moment, a director of heart who is superior to you, bend your arms and bow;

2 Do not take up your heart against him, for he will not be swayed for you.

3 You can belittle bad speaking by not clashing with him in his moment;

4 It will mean one day, that he will be called a foolish man, when your self-restraint has subdued his excess.

Chapter Six

1 If you meet an opponent in his moment, your equal, a man from your levels, silence is how you establish your superiority over him,

2 While he is speaking bad words, greatly to the disgust of the assessors, it will be your name that is the good one in the mind of the officials.

Chapter Seven

1 If you meet an opponent in his moment who is a poor man, and not your equal, do not vent your speech on him for his wretchedness.

2 Put him on land for him to oppose himself. Do not pour out your heart at the man facing you.

3 The demolition of a wretched heart is a difficult matter.

4 What you wish will be done;

5 Remove yourself from his presence.

This concludes the Tablet of Guidance

Tablet of those who Seek a Higher Path

Chapter One

1 All creatures seek the Higher Path. They long for the Path of Peace and Joy, which lies buried and cannot be seen.

2 The truth is like the moon reflected in water.

3 When the water is stirred up and muddy, the image of the moon does not appear.

4 And it is like a fire in the grass.

5 When the grass is wet, we do not see light.

6 So it is with all of us when the spirit is clouded.

7 Everyone who wants to practice the Higher Path must first get rid of movement and desire.

8 When you are not moving and have no wants, you do not seek and do not act.

9 When you do not seek or act, you can be pure and still.

10 As you become pure and still, you will gain insight, and when the insight becomes omniscient and omnipresent you will experience Peace and Joy.

Chapter Two

1 We are always seeking and acting and because of this we create movement and desire, which cause unhappiness and make it difficult to attain Peace and Joy.

2 Therefore, I say we should live without desire and action, apart from the evils of the world.

3 In this way we will enter into the Source of what is pure.

4 Release yourself from the bad things of the world and seek what is pure.

5 Purity is like empty space, it produces the light of love whose brightness illuminates everything.

6 Because it illuminates everything, it is called the Path of Peace and Joy.

Chapter Three

1 I dwell in all the heavens and in all the other worlds, sometimes in the path of mighty beings, sometimes in the realm of humankind.

2 I save those who are being punished for their actions.

3 But nothing is ever heard far and wide about their salvation because it is like empty space, without attachment or any mark of merit. Why is that?

4 Wherever there is merit, there is fame; and whenever there is fame, we consider ourselves different from others.

5 This clouds our minds and leads to self-pride, which prevents us from attaining Peace and Joy and the state of perfect understanding.

6 Those who have compassion for other creatures and act in this way without seeking praise are true to their own heart.

7 They possess spiritual and psychic powers that guide them to what is right and important.

8 Ultimately it leads them along the Path of Peace and Joy to enlightenment.

This concludes the Tablet of those who Seek a Higher Path

The Tablet of Mir Fratama

Chapter One

Zurvan (The Father of Greatness)

1 Glory and victory to Zurvan*, the God of Truth. It is the Great Father that is to be worshipped by the Children of Light.

*(Father of Greatness, the Foremost Father)

2 Lift up your voice in song to Zurvan for He is the True Source of Light and Truth, the Great Comforter who gives rest in His wings.

3 May all those who call upon the Name of our God in truth have a blessed Sabbath.

4 Zurvan, the One Supreme God, is above creation–outside of time and space, and resides above the heavens.

5 Zurvan does not always involve Himself in the affairs of creation; instead Almighty God has appointed celestial servants unto Himself who assist humanity in various functions.

6 No human being has ever seen the Great Father, but He makes Himself known through His Living Son* who serves as a mirror of Zurvan.


7 Humanity, in its fallen state, while in a shell* is unable to see Zurvan without experiencing death.

* (The body)

8 Serve the Great Father wholeheartedly – not by command alone, but out of the desire of your very own heart.

9 The Great Father will forsake none who walk in the Truth.

10 His Son and His various celestial servants, take the prayers and petitions of the Children of Light to the Highest Throne above the heavens* and present such prayers and petitions to Zurvan.

*(Bahisht, the Kingdom of Light)

11 It is forbidden to create any type of image or statue of Zurvan. The Great Father is outside of time and creation and is invisible to human eyes.

12 The creation of any image or statue of Zurvan is a form of idolatry.

13 The people of Light worship the One God whose Name is Zurvan.

14 There can be no spirituality without first recognising God.

15 Without God there is no life.

16 Without God there is no Path.

17 The praise of my heart shall always be for the glory of the Father of Greatness.

Chapter Two

Accepting Others

1 Do not discriminate between persons of various castes and social statutes within society.

2 Caste systems originate with the evil one and such systems are perpetrated by children of darkness.

3 If you are biased towards those that you think are different than yourself – such as on the basis of skin colour, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, ethnicity, or economic situation – you are far from me and I do not know you.

4 When you remove biased distinctions from yourself, the chains of strife fall away and you become free and closer to perfection and I will be closer to you.

5 You are not in unity with me if you are unable to humble yourself and come to the understanding that all humanity is one.

6 Unity means nothing when you think you are better than everyone else.

Chapter Three


1 Do not permit despair to lessen your faith; let your faith make you stronger.

2 Worship the One God, praised be His Name, and trust in my promise to save you from the turbulent waves of the deep ocean that is the world.

3 God will give you strength in times of difficulty, fortitude in times of persecution and hope in the face of death.

4 Always be determined to serve God with all your strength.

5 Never give up hope, even in the face of opposition.

6 The Light of the Father shines even in the darkest of nights so that all those seeking Him in honesty may find Him.

7 One can better cope with the challenges of life and the chaos of the world by faithfully walking in the Light of the Great Father –for His Word, which is the Word of Truth which I have brought unto you, is like a lighthouse brightly shining upon the deep ocean signalling you to your true home.

8 Humanity is always tested with physical, emotional and mental adversity.

9 It is part of the human drama and the process of spiritual development.

10 No two people have the exact same issues to deal with in exactly the same measure.

11 These adversities are only with the spirit and soul while we are in the shell; the soul is free of these limitations when it becomes liberated from the shackles of the mortal coil.

12 As long as you only see yourself as the body or the brain, then you enslave yourself to a false identity.

13 Do not mistake the shell for the contents of that shell.

14 You are a being of Light, and as such, you should always bear in mind that your troubles while on earth are only temporary.

15 Despair can easily lead one to depression and lack of faith. Having a proper grounding in the Light and Truth can assist one in remaining strong in the Faith.

Chapter Four


1 If you can not appreciate the little things in your life, then how can you expect to ever receive anything bigger?

2 Do not constantly complain about what you do not have, and do not fantasize about those material things you wish you possessed.

3 Every true gift that is found in your hands is there because of the Father of Light who always gives good gifts.

4 Always have appreciation for the work of your fellow brothers and sisters, O Children of Light.

5 Encourage one another to press on towards perfection – always showing appreciation for the truth and the selfless sacrifice of those who take the lead within the divine arrangement.

6 One way you can show your appreciation for the blessing you receive each day and the beauty of the creation which you experience, is to give heartfelt thanks to Zurvan.

7 Always think of the goodness that comes from the lessons you learn throughout your life – from your youth to your aged years. Always appreciate the fact that you can gain wisdom through discipline – do not squander the time you have on earth.

Chapter Five


1 A person can begin walking in purity and in truth by awakening and having no attachments to this world.

2 Attachments to the things of the world are like chains that will bind you to an eternity of darkness.

3 When you can not abandon attachments, you are like an anchor that has fallen from its connection to a great ship and has sunk to the bottom of the deep ocean and forgotten by the ship master.

4 You see, my precious children, the ship that I speak of is the Ship of Life which is the Religion of Light that is able to bring salvation to all humanity.

5 The deep ocean is the world that entices humanity to all sorts of evils and is full of darkness.

6 The ship master is Mithra who comes to ferry you to the Other Shore where there are Gardens of Light and where no darkness – not even a shadow – can be found.

7 The Ship Master will look to see if you have any attachments to the world you are leaving behind. If you still have attachments to anything, you will not be able to board that Ship and will be forced to wait until another time.

8 Abandon all attachments.

9 To find freedom you must first develop the courage to break the chains of attachment to concepts and enslavement to materialism.

Chapter Six


1 Denial of the existence of God is the illusory propaganda of the ignorant.

2 Intellectualism and human science have nothing to do with faith when God is not part of the equation or your outlook on life.

3 If God is not a part of your outlook on life, then you have no life.

4 May all beings have an outlook of enlightened life to come, never separated from supreme joy beyond comparison.

5 Vain philosophers attempt to avoid God by creating their own philosophies focused instead on materialism.

6 Perceptions are illusions. The notion of some of humanity that there is no God is a false perception. Such notions are nothing more than illusions.

7 If you deny the existence of God based on the assumptions of others, you are giving in to unfounded fear and illusion.

8 Giving into fear is equivalent to a strong man who refuses to pick up even a small stone in fear of what lies beneath it.

9 Some people deny the existence of God based on illusions of what God should be according to them.

10 Others deny God based on the fact that there is so much evil and suffering in humankind, asking, “Why would a God do this?”

11 God does not bring evil into the world; a man who is without God creates evil and makes suffering through wrongful desire.

12 Wrongful desire is the illusion based on the false assumption in which you crave, eventually leading to suffering.

13 Some are addicted to their assumption that there is no God.

14 Many who deny the existence of God base their assumptions of God being wrathful and vengeful, which is illusion in itself.

15 If you continue living in the illusion that there is no God, there will be a time when God denies you, and in that day you will find out how real God is.

16 Refusal to believe in God is an illusion you have created from your own interpretations of what you perceive to be reality.

17 Some people deny the existence of a God because of their arrogance and pride.

18 Arrogance is a sign of weakness and is an illusion some people use to compensate for what they lack.

19 Arrogance for some has become their own god created by their mind, ruling over a small world full of illusion and falsehood.

20 Like one who has no ear for music, unable to discover a tune, is the man who denies the Creator, unable to hear His Voice.

21 Through true faith, within the Will of the Creator, everything is possible; but where there is no faith, there is nothing but uncertainty and failure.

Chapter Seven

Bad Association

1 Draw close to those who are of like faith – for they are your true brothers and sisters and your true mothers and fathers.

2 Do not permit yourself to become entangled in the world through bad association with those who do not appreciate the Light.

3 The evil one will use your family and friends to draw you away from God, but whatever you do, remain strong in your faith and service in the Light.

4 If those around you are controlling your life and emotions in a negative way, detracting from your service to God, it may be time to remove yourself from such ones.

5 There is no truth in the world. It is not your true home. There is no light that can be generated from the darkness.

6 Never associate with those who would rather defame the Name of the Heavenly Father, the Mother of Life or the Celestial Son*, or any of the other Messengers than hear even one good word of truth.


Chapter Eight

Bahisht (The Kingdom of Light, Celestial Realms)

1 Do not be concerned about the material things of this world, for your treasure awaits you in Bahisht.

2 The Kingdom of the heavens is within you; it is outside you; if you believe in it you shall live in it for ever.

3 Bahisht is not as far away as you think. After all, it is your home.

4 Strive always to follow the Light and you will find your way home –for the Truth is the Light and it will illuminate your pathway and you shall not be afraid to go forward.

5 In order to enter Bahisht, simply being nice is not enough. Someone’s thoughts concerning another being nice are very subjective.

6 Souls do not have ages to make a decision to enter into Bahisht, or wherever else they might be assigned at the time.

7 They are presented with the glorious Message of Truth and they must make a decision at that time.

8 While there really is not an exact time frame as in minutes or hours, still it is not a long period of time.

9 It is much easier for a soul to accept the Truth after death than it is while bound in chains* on the earth.

* (The physical body and attachments)

10 Many who lead such evil and dark lives while in the human shell have turned to righteousness in the presence of the celestial beings teaching them.

11 There are some of course that have already been judged for various reasons, as has already been stated in other messages. Only the Father of Greatness, in those cases, would be able to make a decision on their individual fate after death.

Chapter Nine


1 My disciples know and exhibit the quality of balance.

2 They do not impose harsh religious rules or certain spiritual regulations upon each other that are too difficult to observe, regardless of whether they are Laity or Friends of the Light, and no matter where they reside within the world.

3 Those who have been called from the world as the Elders of the faith accept upon themselves various spiritual disciplines with the view of advancing towards perfection and the eventual union with the One Light.

4 Likewise, the Laity – those who listen and act upon the Religion of Light, accept upon themselves the duties of the Ashavan, but they know they are not under the same obligation as the Elders.

Chapter Ten

The Beliefs of Others

1 Extend kindness to all peoples, regardless of their beliefs, but do not accept their illusions for your beliefs.

2 You shall respect the fact that others have the privilege to believe or disbelieve anything they wish.

3 They have the privilege of choosing death or life. The choice is theirs.

4 There is an accounting for everything.

5 After you share the Message of Light with others, and they still disrespect you or attempt to waste your time, move on, for your time on the earth is limited and you shall reach as many as possible with your message.

6 Do not judge those who reject what you have shared. Their Judgement is not in your hands.

Chapter Eleven


1 Blaming others for your shortfalls is the path of the immature.

2 You shall not be blamed for eternity if you are in a situation where you must take the life of another in self defense to protect your family or yourself. If you do this, you must repent through making offerings and seek forgiveness of the sin you have committed.

3 If you do not seek forgiveness the blame will remain upon you as the blood that stains your hands will not be removed.

4 You shall seek to perfect yourself and the soul by practicing the Virtues, and you shall seek forgiveness and always be at peace with your brothers and sisters and never blame them for your shortcomings.

Chapter Twelve

The Body (the Physical Shell)

1 A body is only a shell for a particular phase of life. Once this is realised, know that the body is less important than the soul.

2 The body is only going to one place – the grave, but the soul has choices and the results are eternal.

3 While the forces of darkness moulded the body in which your soul inhabits, it was by the grace of the Father of Light that you are able to speak and move about.

4 While the body is not as important as the soul, it is the body that causes you to commit error and causes pain to your soul.

5 Do not worry about what clothes you are going to put upon your body or what type of sandals you are going to lace upon your feet. Instead, be concerned about the perfection of your soul.

6 The Yazatas* are very well aware of your needs and will make provisions for you in many different ways –especially to those who remain faithful in the divine work and do not permit doubt to penetrate their hearts.

*(The celestial beings in service to Mithra)

Chapter Thirteen


1 He who does not permit fear to bind his mental faculties demonstrates great wisdom in the face of death.

2 Walk in the world as a soldier for the Truth, be brave as a lion but peaceful as a dove.

3 Your brothers and sisters in the Faith are all fellow soldiers in the Army of the Light.

4 Be courageous but humble as well and continue to have compassion for those in the world who have no understanding of the Truth.

Chapter Fourteen


1 Develop compassion for all sentient beings, always maintaining selflessness towards everyone so that you may remain as a shining example of the Religion of Light.

2 Develop a compassionate heart and never be idle in your work for the liberation of all sentient beings.

3 Have compassion for the poor and downtrodden and all those who are persecuted for their lot in life.

4 Do not discriminate towards those who are poor or lowly or because of their colour or sexual orientation or because of their name or country of origin.

5 You shall demonstrate compassion for all living beings and provide for their spiritual needs.

Chapter Fifteen

The Covenant for All Humankind

1 Liberation* of the soul is not dependent on membership in any religious group.

*(Deliverance, salvation)

2 Liberation is achieved through the worship of the One God, acceptance of His Divine Messenger, and cultivation of the Twelve Virtues and Holy Commandments.

3 Worship the One God who is outside of time and creation; abandon idolatry.

4 Accept the Divine Messenger* sent by God and the pure teaching.

*(The Divine Messenger most recently appeared in the world in the form of Mir Fratama. He appeared in the flesh from the winter of 2012 through the spring of 2015.)

5 Cultivate the Twelve Virtues: Royalty, Wisdom, Victory, Contentment, Purity, Truth, Faith, Patience, Sincerity, Kindness, Justice, and Light. The cultivation of the Twelve Virtues will draw you closer to God.

6 Observe the weekly Offerings, for it is a means by which you can receive intercession for your shortcomings.

7 Observe the seventh day Sabbath given by the Great Father.

8 Observe the Ten Holy Commandments given in the Religion of Light.

9 Call upon my name regularly.

10 The truth of the Message of Light is not too difficult to accept. Regardless of one’s race, nationality, gender or social status, you are accepted as one of the children of Light if you are observing these simple truths, whether you call yourself Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian or Manichaean.

11 Liberation is not found in any earthly or worldly religious organisation, but can be found in the practice of the Religion of Light.

12 This is my covenant with you. Abandon all forms of idolatry, harmful desires, extreme materialism and accept the Message of Light as it is, without attachment to preconceived ideas and assumptions.

13 When you genuinely accept and honestly live by these truths, I will accept you.

Chapter Sixteen

Cultivating Virtue

1 Someone who is in union with God shows evidence of his drawing close to God through living a virtuous life, even while in the human shell.

2 Cultivate the Twelve Virtues in perfection and you shall find yourself living outside of the worries of the world.

3 When you have perfected the practice of the Virtues you will shine brightly in the world for others and they shall see your light and those who have ears to hear and eyes to see shall give glory to God.

Chapter Seventeen


1 People who laugh at the injuries of others only bring injury to themselves with their immaturity.

2 Do not permit yourself to fall into despair because of the cruel words of others towards you, whether that person claims to practice the Religion of Light or if that person is in the world.

3 I will not tolerate the admission of a cruel person in the gates of the blessed Religion of Light.

4 I have no tolerance for any man or woman who speaks harshly, misjudges or treats with cruelty those who are of different nationalities or races, genders or sexual orientations than themselves.

5 The Religion of Light is open to all those who seek true Peace and Light and who have compassion for all souls and who do not have a cruel spirit within them –it is open for all those who are willing to learn the Way of Peace.

Chapter Eighteen


1 A cynical, or closed minded attitude is a barrier to building a proper trust of Divine Revelation.

2 He who has an overtly cynical attitude generally tends to distrust all things presented to him whether such things are invisible to him or even physically present before his very own eyes.

3 The cynical man will go about the whole world in search of truth and in doing so he will spend his entire treasure, even down to the last day of his existence.

4 Such a man will never be happy with anything in his life and as such he will never find satisfaction for the desires of his flesh.

5 Unfortunately in this day and age, people are very much encompassed with so much religious fraud that they see no truth in any religion or statement of a religious nature, even if it can be backed up by historical, secular sources.

Chapter Nineteen


1 Desiring what does not belong to you is wrongful desire and is related to greed. Wrongful desires can lead to wrong actions.

2 Sometimes you do not receive what you want. Sometimes what you do not receive is what you actually need.*

*(Sometimes a person will make a request in their prayers for a material object, money or something to happen to someone else – however, Mithra always knows best; thus, sometimes a person’s petitions will not be answered in the manner the individual wished – and if he or she does not receive an answer, then patience was what the person needed all along.)

3 Due to their material desires some people can not see a true gift even when it is right in front of their eyes.

4 I do not teach against desires; I teach against desires that lead one to sin.

Chapter Twenty

Divine Messengers

1 In every age Wisdom and Pure Teaching have always been brought to mankind by Messengers of God.

2 In the divine arrangement, Mithra manifests in various ages as Messengers of Light for the benefit of all humanity.

3 Some of the Divine Messengers have included Enokh, Gautama, Zarathustra, Isha, Mani, and others.

4 Some individuals from among humanity have served as vessels for the actual indwelling of the spirit of the Divine Messenger, but such individuals were still servants of Mithra and not the Divine Messenger, but rather a vessel offering their physical body for the presence of the Messenger.

5 Numerous times throughout history, my servant, the Teacher of Light, has offered his own physical body as a vessel for my presence to come unto you and teach you the Way of the Truth.

Chapter Twenty-One

The Ego

1 If you love your ego more than other people, you will end up being a very lonely person.

2 Putting the ego above all else causes blindness to the soul’s awareness of the Presence of God.

3 Put aside the ego and put on, rather, the awareness of the Presence of God and do His Will by humbling yourself and learning from the teachings of the Truth and Light.

Chapter Twenty-Two

The Elders and Intercessors

1 It is the responsibility of the Elders to assist the Ashavan in keeping their strength in the Holy Faith.

2 If at any time the words of the Elders are not the same as those of the Divine Messenger currently manifested in your world, you shall follow those of the Divine Messenger instead and Mithra will chastise those who teach heresy and who cause division.

3 But remember, my children, that it is not your place to judge any of the Elders.

4 The Ashavan Intercessors shall be regarded as vessels of forgiveness and intercession and blessing.

5 The Intercessors shall abide not only by these Ten Maxims, but additionally they shall abide by five additional Maxims and the Three Seals.

6 To the Intercessors, it has been taught to you from ancient times that you should not walk in sin; always walk in the Light.

7 Do not commit evil deeds; do not commit injury to any living being.

8 Uphold purity; do not marry; walk in piety.

9 Do not speak with impurity; always speak the Truth.

10 Do not covet; live in blessed poverty.

11 All of the Elders and the Ashavan shall observe the Ten Commandments of the Religion of Light.

12 You shall worship the One God and not commit yourself to the worship of idols; not bowing down to physical objects or ideals in order to worship them.

13 You shall not be dishonest in your ways.

14 You shall not be greedy.

15 You shall not murder a man, a woman or a child, neither shall you abort an infant; and you shall not commit to unnecessary killing of any life including animals and plants.

16 You shall not be unfaithful to your spouse, or commit any form of sexual misconduct.

17 You shall not commit theft.

18 You shall not deceive someone in order to mislead them.

19 You shall not practice magic.

20 You shall not commit hypocrisy in your ways.

21 You shall seek peace and be fair to all regardless of the ethnicity, colour, nationality, religious beliefs, or sexuality of a person.

22 And with these Ten Commandments and with these Three Seals, O Intercessors for the people of Zurvan, you shall additionally observe the Five Precepts of Purity.

23 Do not be neglectful of the Commandments that have been given to you.

24 Observe the Commandment not to walk in sin, for you shall always walk in the Light;

25 Observe the Commandment not to commit evil deeds, for you shall not commit injury to any living being;

26 Observe the Commandment to always uphold purity, for you shall not marry and you shall always walk in piety;

27 Observe the Commandment not to speak with impurity, for you shall always speak the Truth;

28 Observe the Commandment not to covet, for each of you shall live in blessed poverty.

29 Repent often, seek forgiveness and make offerings through the Intercessors.

30 For it is the Intercessors that were divinely appointed upon the earth to make intercession for your transgressions, however, you can not receive full intercession without the making of offerings – for this is a divine arrangement set forth by Zurvan.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Encouraging Others

1 Never permit any opportunity to pass by without encouraging someone.

2 Encourage and make someone happy each day.

3 If you think your world is nothing but a parched desert, plant some flowers; if your faith walk is lonely, plant seeds of faith in others.

4 Be a light of encouragement and a shield of protection for the lowly.

Chapter Twenty-Four


1 Never give an enemy a reason for strengthening his belief in his own preconceived thoughts about you.

2 Do not permit your anger to ruin your good habits and in turn cause a stumbling block to be placed before your brother or your enemy.

3 In the end, no enemy of the Faith shall endure the wrath of the Yazatas appointed by Zurvan for the protection of the Religion of Light.

4 Forgive both your brother and your enemy quickly so that you too shall be forgiven of sins committed against the flesh.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Entertainment and Wholesome Activities

1 Those who indulge in forms of entertainment that promote magic, witchcraft or sorcery are far from the Light of Truth.

2 Encourage one another to good works and wholesome activities, sharing with one another in joy and blessed fellowship.

3 Do not join with those who participate in evil activities of the world lest you lose your crown of life.

4 Never permit family or secular activities to overshadow your responsibility of sharing the Message of Light with others or detract from your spiritual practices such as prayer, Alms giving, Gatha singing and fellowship with your brothers and sisters of the Light.

Chapter Twenty-Six


1 My disciples know and exhibit the quality of equality.

2 They do no harm either in action or in speech towards anyone who they believe might be different than them, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or financial status.

3 My disciples stand up as heralds – as a united voice calling for equality for all humanity, knowing that all humanity is from one source, and that all are brothers and sisters within creation.

Chapter Twenty-Seven


1 There is no such thing as pure evil. There is nothing pure about that which is evil.

2 Do not permit the evil within others to diminish the good within yourself.

3 The root seed of evil is composed of two ingredients: jealousy and greed.

4 By the grace of God and the presence of the Divine Messenger, evil will be rooted out of the one who seeks to perfect the soul by practicing the Twelve Virtues.

5 Do not associate with those who seek to do evil works in the world; rather gather unto yourself brothers and sisters who seek to do the Will of the Father of Greatness.

6 All evil will be destroyed after Bahisht* has taken unto itself all righteous souls.

*(The Kingdom of Light)

7 You who are ignorant are always seeking signs in the bones* of dead men and stones from the mountains, when instead, you should be looking to the birds of the skies who were given knowledge of impending danger.

*(A reference to magical practices in paganism and dark forms of shamanism common in many parts of the world)

8 Those of you who seek to communicate with the spirits of the dead* through the use of planchettes and boards† and mediums are inviting evil beings into your presence and into your minds.

* (Referring to evil spirits as indicated in the latter part of the verse – this is not referring to individuals who have passed away)

(A reference to a device used in an attempt to communicate with spirits)

9 Stay far from these practices, my children, and practice instead, the Virtues and seek purity in all things.

10 Can the Light of Zurvan ever be extinguished by the forces of the darkness?

11 No, this can never be, for Zurvan is Almighty and His power and His Light pierce the darkness and destroy it in every corner.

Chapter Twenty-Eight


1 Through true faith, within the Will of the Creator, everything is possible; but where there is no faith, there is nothing but uncertainty and failure.

2 Cultivate faith and put away doubt from your heart by occupying yourself with the study of the Word of Truth and the practicing of the Twelve Virtues.

3 No matter how difficult a situation may become, do not lose your hope in the truth provided by Zurvan.

4 Even if your enemy destroys you, as long as you remain faithful, you will be given eternal life.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

False Teachers

1 Questionable are those who claim title of spiritual leader and misguide devotees with false knowledge leading to an eternity of darkness.

2 A self proclaimed spiritual master who speaks of him or herself as being a god spreads the poison of money, greed and falsehood.

3 Selling of books, seminars and photographs is more important to a false teacher than bringing relief to suffering humanity.

4 Sometimes the most simple of truths can be right in front of someone, yet they do not see it because their eyes are blinded from vain philosophies and untruths that they are not willing to abandon.

5 Teachers who are attached to denying the existence of a God only cause delusion for themselves and to their disciples.

6 Teachings of self proclaimed spiritual masters who deny existence of a God are questionable at best. These are usually money hungry men.

7 False teachers come and go like rotting food. Do not be attracted to the vibrant colours of mould that false teachers produce. It is deadly.

8 He who accepts any book or other writing from a human pen, believing it alone to be the inspired work of God, sets himself up for great disappointment; for what man is there among your kind who is able to write of the depth and mysteries of the Spirit of the Father which is in heaven above the heavens?

9 For truly I tell you, there is no such person among all of mankind, and he who claims such a grandiose office shall fail in all things, for his work is not of the Perfect One.

10 Remember this: There is no perfection in unrighteousness and there is no darkness in the light.

11 Truly I tell you, a man is not above the Father of Greatness. Only the Great Fountain of Truth can dispense perfect wisdom and knowledge for the highest benefit of all creation.

12 Waver not in your faith. Keep this word as a remembrance within your heart.

13 Enthusiasm accompanied by words of a lie does not make those words true – no matter how zealous you are for the lie. It is still a lie.

14 There is always hope for the wandering sheep. It is the wandering wolves that can not stand to walk in the Light.

15 An immature mind full of illusions and false assumptions can never lead you to a better future.

Chapter Thirty

False Religion

1 Any sect that panders to the unhealthy desires of humanity does not represent the Religion of Light revealed by the Great Father.

2 Sects that seek to gratify unhealthy desires are only serving the world of darkness and chaos – and will eventually slip into annihilation.

3 False religions and their houses are full of all types of demons and other dark beings. Stay far away from them, my children.

4 Those religions who have taken to worshipping the Messenger instead of following the Message are in the same boat or pool.

5 Some are on the diving end of the pool which is often times too deep for their own good, causing them to drown in their false assumptions, especially concerning idolatry.

6 If they are listening then they will know that the Divine Source is the One, All Supreme Cause which is to be worshipped; however, they only listen to the desires of their heart, and their mouth will always speak what their heart is desiring.

Chapter Thirty-One


1 Filial piety should run deep in every home, but respect should be shared by all family members.

2 One should always respect his or her parents or guardians, but only if such ones are deserving of respect.

3 If a parent or guardian was at one time a disciple of the Message of Light and they have now turned against the Word of Truth, that one does not deserve respect.

4 Those who seek to marry should only seek from among those who practice the Religion of Light, else the one who observes another religion will cause division in the family.

5 Love of lineage over compassion is like filling a cup with muddy water and trying to pass it off as a refreshing drink.

6 Love of your family and heritage should never be coupled with arrogance of ancestry.

Chapter Thirty-Two

Four Qualities of the Garden of Truth

1 Those who know me, know that I teach the qualities of tolerance, equality, balance and patience.

2 If you are my disciple, a child of Light, you know the importance of practicing and exhibiting these four qualities of tolerance, equality, balance and patience. In these four qualities is found two of the most important qualities of all, which are love and peace.

3 You can not love Zurvan if you do not have love for your fellow man.

4 You can not love me if these four qualities are not found within you.

5 The opposite of these four qualities can lead one to become guilty of bigotry, hatred, and cause one to have mental illness and pride.

6 All that which is in opposition to tolerance, equality, balance and patience only serve as obstacles upon the path to perfection in the Light.

7 Always be attentive to removing the weeds and thistle – the obstacles –that can grow within you if you are not careful in your practice of these qualities.

8 Develop these qualities by cultivating the garden of truth within your heart and within your mind, and your hands will always be at work in the truth.

9 Water these qualities on a regular basis as you would water a garden so that it produces good and hardy fruits, vegetables and flowers.

10 To cultivate each of these qualities, which lead to perfection of the spirit, all the children of Light should make it their daily duty to always be at prayer, practice meditation, pay attention to what has been taught to you, treat all living beings as you would want to be treated, the practice of the Twelve Virtues, and regarding the Holy Tablets of Light: read it, study it and apply its wisdom in your life.

11 Cultivate these good qualities, O you disciples in the earth, and you will find perfection, happiness both in the present and in the future.

12 By continually cultivating these qualities your eyes will see increased Light and your walk upon the earth will be a reflection of that same Light – always serving as an example of one who has been worthy of being called into the Religion of Light, therefore bringing glory and honour to Zurvan.

Chapter Thirty-Three

Free Will

1 The One True God reveals His Light and His Truth to those who truly listen, but He will permit anyone who refuses to learn and spiritually develop to fall into darkness.

2 The Great Father always gives each person the choice to choose between the Truth and falsehood.

3 The Religion of Light does not force itself upon anyone; therefore there is no such thing as forced conversions in Asha.

4 All humanity has free will to choose life or death. This fact is never denied by those who practice the Religion of Light.

Chapter Thirty-Four


1 Clinging to concepts about God is attachment; God is what God is without your interpretations and assumptions.

2 Abandon concepts and human interpretations; realize God is what God is, without creating assumptions regarding God you have not experienced.

3 From the foundation of the highest heavens rises a Great Pillar of fire. The Voice of the Creator thunders in the midst of it.

4 All the celestial beings of Light and the righteous bring praise to You, Father, singing Holy repeatedly.

5 You are worthy of praise, beneficent Father, primeval Ancestor! Blessed are You, beneficent God!

6 Seek the Light of God and He will walk with you throughout all your days.

7 God will forsake no man, woman or child who walk in His Truth. God is present with everyone who calls upon His Name in truth and sincerity.

8 God is always faithful to fulfil His promises in every generation.

9 The Voice of Almighty God is Light and it brings safety, comfort and blessing to all those who hear His Voice.

10 Almighty God considers all those who serve Him in truth and sincerity as His friends.

11 The servants of God are able to confide in Him in both times of joy and trial – He hears your prayers.

12 The hand of God is within your reach because He stands next to every true believer and seeker and accomplishes this through His Divine Messengers throughout the various generations of humanity.

13 A man can not find true happiness without the Presence of God in his life. God is close to all those who are close to Him.

14 When you are in despair, recall the promises of the Father. Share the promises of the Great Father with all those who are willing to hear such promises.

15 In God one finds safety, security and hope for the future.

16 Each ray of sun is a gift from God above; He has knowledge of all who serve Him and rewards them accordingly – in times of sorrow and joy.

17 In all the things you do each day and with each choice you make, let God, His Righteousness and the Kingdom of Light be your central focus.

18 God the Great Father is above and beyond creation; God is the Supreme, Divine Source over all creation.

19 God the Great Father can never be adequately expressed in human terms.

20 One of the first steps in experiencing the Presence of God in your life is acknowledging that He is already standing next to you.

Chapter Thirty-Five

The Godhead

1 The Godhead consists of the Father, the Mother and the Son.

2 The Godhead is another term for the divine, celestial rulership.

3 The Godhead is not the same as the One True God, of which only the Father of Greatness is accorded such a title and position.

4 The Supreme God, which is the Divine Source, is the Father and He alone is the One True God.

5 He delegates His authority to the Son and to the Mother, and to other beings, according to the Will of the Father.

6 Only the Divine Source is worshipped in the truest sense of the term.

7 Term worship is used throughout the various Scriptures in reference to beings other than the Divine Source.

8 This indicates, not the same manner of worshipping the Divine Source, but rather, the highest form of respect and honour for a particular celestial being such as the Son or for an angelic being or a celestial or earthly prophet.

9 None of the latter are worshipped in the same manner as the One True God.

Chapter Thirty-Six


1 Gnosis is never found where you imagine it to be.

2 Gnosis is gained gradually, in meditation, in one’s day to day life, in interaction with others, over a lifetime.

3 There is no realization without Gnosis.

4 Divine realization is experienced and salvation is gained through divine Gnosis.

Chapter Thirty-Seven

The Ashavan

1 An Ashavan* should be a positive example for others in the world to follow.

*(One dedicated to the possession of Truth and Righteousness)

2 All Ashavan who practice the Faith wholeheartedly and who uphold the principles of the Religion of Light are precious and dear to me.

3 The Ashavan may seek forgiveness in the intercession of the Ashavan Intercessors by bringing their food offerings to them. This is a divine arrangement set forth by Zurvan.

4 The Ashavan are precious to me, as my own children.

Chapter Thirty-Eight

The Tablets of Light

1 The Tablets of Light are a living entity. They are imbued with the Spirit of Light and Life.

2 The living Tablets of Light exist so that any child of God may gain proper knowledge of the Way of Light and to defend the Truth.

3 The Tablets of Light are called the Book of Creation because it gives humanity the hope of a New Creation, thus, additionally it is called the Book of Life.

4 The Tablets of Light contain within its sacred pages the active Spirit of Truth and must be regarded with utmost respect.

5 If you are truly seeking the Light you will search the sacred pages of the Tablets of Light and you shall find peace, rest and life eternal.

6 Study the Holy Tablets so that you are adequately equipped to handle the sacred words of truth properly and to serve as a defense for the Light of God.

7 Let every person who bears the name of the Religion of Light within the soul, diligently study the Scriptures of the Faith on a daily basis so that each one is qualified to serve as a proper representation of the word of truth by speech and by writing.

8 The Holy Tablets of Light contain within its pages adequate spiritual food* for every child, woman and man.

Chapter Thirty-Nine


1 When you have been hurt, when you have been disappointed, recall the promises of God and they can help you to heal.

2 Zurvan heals the broken-hearted, the wounded and those in despair by providing encouragement and lessons in His Word of Truth and by way of fellowship with compassionate brothers and sisters.

Chapter Forty

Mir Fratama: the Final Manifestation of Mithra

1 I did not come to teach you about pleasures; I came because of my love and compassion for all beings.

2 If you are in union with me, you will have perfect tranquility coupled with perfect action.

3 If you wish to talk to me, just start talking – I listen to every word you wish to say to me.

4 But never forget that talking to the Father of Greatness in Heaven is of greater importance – He hears and responds to your prayers as well.

5 Mithra will never forsake those whom He considers His friends.

6 Everyone who stops relying on his own perceived righteousness and follows me shall receive from me true peace and liberation.

7 Anyone wishing to speak with the Divine Messenger can do so just like all devout Ashavan do: talk, meditate and pray. It really is a simple matter.

8 There is rarely any direct verbal communication – the normal process is through prayer.

9 All prayers are answered in one way or another, however, a person is not going to receive everything they ask for.

10 All answers and fulfilment of requests would of course be according to the Will of Zurvan.

Chapter Forty-One


1 All of humanity came into being from One origin. All of humanity is one family.

2 The hope of humanity is the Word of Truth which leads to Bahisht.

3 Not one among humanity is able to build a tower so great that it can reach up towards Zurvan, but remaining humble in prayer and repentance, humanity is able to reach up to the very height of the abode of Mithra.

Chapter Forty-Two


1 Do not do yourself what you detest in someone else.

2 I will not tolerate a hypocrite within the Assembly of the Truth–for their mouth is like a rotting fish that swarms with flies and is detestable to all those who follow the Way of Asha.

3 The hypocrite will always judge others based upon his or her personal fears and lack of knowledge, but the man or woman of righteousness will always seek to understand the actions of others before they speak.

4 Do not be like the religious leaders from the world who live in hypocrisy.

5 Rather, you shall live humbly and always strive to do the Will of Zurvan who sits in the heaven of heavens – that glorious abode above all creation.

Chapter Forty-Three


1 Man shall worship Zurvan alone, and no image or likeness of Him shall take His place, ever.

2 Nothing in the likeness of His image should ever be used as an idol.

3 Zurvan alone, the Highest God of all the universe, deserves full worship. Anything less is idolatry.

4 Men make other men their gods, even their own stomachs have become their gods. Such ones from among humanity will not seek after the Light, but rather they seek to do the will of the evil one.

5 Hear this, my children, run far from idolatry, for it is a trap that will keep you chained to the world of darkness for eternity.

Chapter Forty-Four

Anahita (The Divine Mother of Life)

1 The Fount of every blessing and all the prayers is the Mother of Life.

2 Anahita is quick to protect those who are close to Zurvan.

3 Humanity, which walks in the world of darkness, is bereft of the presence of Anahita because it does not seek to do the Will of the Great Father and must seek forgiveness through genuine repentance and intercession through the Ashavan Intercessors.

Chapter Forty-Five

Intellectualism and Philosophy

1 As long as people look upon the intellectual giants of this world as gods, they will never find relief from suffering.

2 As long as people continue looking to the vain philosophies of men as truth, they will continue to live in a world of confusion.

3 Those who accept the philosophies of men as the sole truth are like mountain climbers who were following an unskilled sherpa to the top of a great mountain, and later fell to their death because the so-called sherpa could not find the proper path.

Chapter Forty-Six

Judgement and Judging Others

1 Prepare for the Judgement. Pray for deliverance.

2 Seek guidance from those who love the Light and not the darkness.

3 Do not be self serving; always convey the love of God with others.

4 Has Zurvan appointed you as a judge of your brethren or of the world? Not at all.

5 Do not judge lest the Living Spirit finds you guilty of committing a great sin.

Chapter Forty-Seven

Isha Masiha (Yeshua Mashikha/Jesus Christ)

1 If you believe in Isha, you shall pass beyond death and come to life.

2 The Divine Messengers have come in many different eras and places in the world, one of them being named Isha.

3 Isha is the name of one of the Divine Messengers who appeared in the land of Israel.

4 His appearance was in the veil of a human shell, but he was a spiritual being.

5 Isha who appeared in Judea was a spirit being who had been present during the time of the Israelites crossing over the sea in their escape from the Pharaoh of Egypt.

6 In earlier times Isha was known as Yehoshua* and was known in Akhetaten† as Tutankhaten. The name of his father was Akhenaten. His mother was Nefertiti and his brother was Smenkhkare.


(the city of Aten, Amarna)

7 The very name of Isha means salvation.

8 While the name “Yeshua*” is more accurate than the name “Jesus”, it is only a matter of translation; the term “Christ” is appropriate in any Western form of the Religion of Light.

*(In Asha, Yeshua Mashikha is called “Isha Masiha”. )

9 Greek translations of writings, employed by the Children of Light of ancient times, used “Yesu”*, the same name from which “Jesus” derives. In China, the name “Ye Su” is used.


10 For some, requiring a strict adherence to certain terms and phrases can cause a language barrier and they can easily lose their focus on the more important goal of the Religion of Light in their specific culture.

Chapter Forty-Eight

Light, Asha (Truth), Message of Light

1 Following the One Light, all things become clear.

2 Mob mentality is not a quality of a teacher of the Message of Light*; instead, such mentality originates with the darkness.

*(Also called the Pure Teaching)

3 The use of vulgar and highly offensive language is never necessary when sharing the Truth of the Message of Light with others.

4 Always be gentle in your approach to others, always using the Words of Truth in everything you say.

5 There is no such thing as alternative service; any form of sharing the Message of Light is full service in behalf of humanity.

6 The world will be enveloped – soon – by the darkness, and the only glimmer of the Holy Light that remains will be among those who are still sharing the Good Message with others – that, my children, is the only hope of humanity – for it is that same Message that points humanity to Bahisht.

Chapter Forty-Nine

Looking Within

1 Less focus on the world around you with your physical eyes will open the eyes of your soul to the Presence of God.

2 The Kingdom is next to you, the Kingdom is within you. When you come to an understanding of this you will know what the Presence of God is.

3 Within you is part of Mithra.

4 Contemplate on this, my children, live the Twelve Virtues and eventually you will have perfect understanding.

Chapter Fifty


1 If you learn only one thing in your life, let that one thing be loving kindness.

2 Develop a heart of compassion, grace and loving kindness for all souls and you will begin to find true happiness and peace.

3 May each of you spread loving-kindness to all sentient beings without bias.

4 Spread loving-kindness to everyone.

5 Share the loving-kindness of the Saints with all souls.

6 Every believer is responsible for sharing the liberating Message of Asha with others regardless of the race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation of the seeker.

7 Kindness is an outward expression of an awakened mind.

8 Kindness should always be viewed as an obligation.

9 Like a mirror that reflects the sun upon the wall, reflect on everyone the kindness others show you.

10 Share loving kindness with others as freely as the snows fall upon the highest mountain tops.

Chapter Fifty-One


1 The primary focus of every Ashavan is the liberation of all souls from darkness.

2 By the grace of Zurvan every man, woman and child can come to understand the revelation given to the Ashavan.

3 Asha is alive and its adherents are full of joy in their service to Zurvan and their fellow man.

4 Asha does not judge according to your past indiscretions, rather it is open to all those who seek the Light of Zurvan.

5 Do not think that the Religion of Light places one race of humans above others. Asha teaches equality of all races and nationalities.

6 The real Mithraist is one who speaks with gentleness and compassion and is filled with great joy to impart glimmering Gems of Truth to seekers.

7 When you convert to Asha, you are converting to the Religion of Light, not to an

authoritarian organisation or new religious movement. The Ashavan belong to Zurvan and not to an organization.

8 Asha, while it teaches that it is a true faith, does not say that it is the only path to God, for there have been many incarnations of the Divine Messenger appearing in various eras of the existence of humanity and have taught Asha (the Truth) to many peoples and many souls have become awakened.

9 Do not be fooled, my children – there are many false religions that do not have

the Divine Presence within them and they only exist by the power of the evil one and her son, the dragon, thus you shall understand that not all paths are paths of Light.

10 If you wish to learn about the religion of Asha, ask those who believe it and observe its practices rather than solely relying on the writings and sayings of its detractors.

11 Those who say that Mithraism died out are doing injustice to those who wholeheartedly believe and practise the religion in modern times.

12 Mithraism is a real, living faith that will be practiced by devout individuals in modern times, and is reflective of its ancient origins.

13 Through the grace of Zurvan, the influence of Anahita and the Gnosis of Mithra, the religion of Asha will help countless people understand the origin and purpose of life throughout the centuries.

14 Ashavan will not support organizations or patronise businesses that are against equal rights.

15 Ashavan are taught to believe that all races, nationalities, genders and sexual orientations are equally deserving of respect.

16 Ashavan will support peaceful protest of institutes and businesses that do not respect equality and justice.

17 The Religion of Light, as manifested in Asha, seeks only to present the pristine revelation of Zurvan to humanity.

18 Any person can find peace, love and stability when they embrace and faithfully practices Asha, as it is being revealed to the world today.

Chapter Fifty-Two

The Teacher of Light

1 The words of Mir Eresh Zademir must be adhered to as you have been faithful in adhering to those of my own. He has full authority placed upon him by Abba d’Rabbuta Himself to fulfil all things righteous.

2 My spiritual presence and his physical shell are one and the same when I am in the Horizon of Light and will again be two when I return in a physical shell.

3 When you look upon my servant Eresh Zademir, you are looking upon my own reflection.

4 When you hear the voice of my servant Eresh Zademir you are hearing my own voice.

5 As with others who have given their bodies to the service of the Living Spirit, today I speak directly through my servant Eresh Zademir, a Divine Messenger appointed by the Council of Light in the Realm above the heavens.

6 His words are my words. His thoughts are my thoughts.

7 My presence is within him and he shall do my work during my physical absence.

8 Mir Eresh Zademir shall serve as the spiritual patriarch – the Teacher of Light – and perform all the duties that I do on a regular basis in the physical body, especially during my physical absence.

9 When you are speaking to Mir Eresh Zademir, you are speaking to me.

10 You can speak to Mir Eresh Zademir in confidence as you have spoken with me.

11 We have been preparing him for these duties even before his recent return in the physical shell.

12 So, do not think that I have left you, for in fact I have not left you at all.

13 I have become closer to each of you through my servant Eresh Zademir, whom you have come to know and love.

14 Know that I am always with each of you.

15 Know that I hear your prayers and I present those prayers before the Great Throne of Zurvan.

16 The Teacher of Light, whom Zurvan sent out through the Mother of Life, he has been appointed as the Exalted King by the Great Father.

Chapter Fifty-Three


1 Reality is not found in striving for a pocket full of money. Strive for the Light of Zurvan and you will find reality.

2 When a person washes the windows of his eyes from the filth of materialism, he is able to begin seeing reality.

3 Like falling leaves of Autumn, all material things are impermanent and one day fall by the wayside. Only the Light and the Spirit are eternal.

4 Do not be concerned with material things of the world – they soon pass away; your greatest treasure is in Bahisht and is for an eternity.

5 You can take nothing with you in death, but Mithra remembers your faithful service and promises to reward you accordingly.

6 He who makes his living seeking gold from the mountain is never satisfied; better is it to have only one silver coin in your hand than ten-thousand gold coins in your house.

7 My sons and my daughters honour Zurvan with the plain teaching, for there is greater honour in simplicity than in pride — greater faith in walking in the plain life as children of the Light, than walking in prideful clothing as children of the darkness.

Chapter Fifty-Four

Mental Discipline

1 A mind on the loose causes more damage than a dagger in the heart.

2 Focus your thoughts on Bahisht and the righteousness found within Asha.

3 Become united with me by adopting my thoughts and my ways as those of your own. Only then will you truly be united with me and have the ability to walk in the Light.

Chapter Fifty-Five

Monks and Nuns

1 Regarding the monks and nuns, a person is not required to remain unmarried to become a monk or nun.

2 He or she may wish to take up the vocation for a certain amount of time.

3 Virginity is not a requirement for initiates into the monastery or convent.

4 Monks and nuns who are not married may seek other means to relieve sexual tension.

Chapter Fifty-Six


1 There is right and wrong. The thought of a grey area is illusion.

2 The Tablets of Light are a guide to the Faithful in living a moral and godly life.

3 Be cautious in your association with the immoral of the world –for they will cause you to cast aside your good morals.

Chapter Fifty-Seven


1 Never allow the negativity of others to permanently scar your outlook on life.

2 When you live with a constant negative outlook, in return you should not expect to receive anything in life but negativity.

3 Do not speak negatively of your brethren, but rather speak of your brethren with praise and honour.

4 You shall never cause your brother or your sister to develop a heart of negativity. Instead, encourage and admonish your brother or your sister to continue striving to do the Will of Zurvan.

Chapter Fifty-Eight

A New World

1 While the old earth is in the process of dying a new world is being created.

2 The old world is gradually passing away, bereft of the Spirit of Life –for a new world has been established in the upper creation of the universe – and it will replace all human governments.

3 The coming kingdom can not be compared to any earthly political system –for it has the Column of Light and Truth as its focus.

Chapter Fifty-Nine


1 Oppressors of a nation are the ones who lie about the culture of those they attempt to subjugate.

2 Religious leaders of the world and their followers have always oppressed the

Children of Light because it is the evil one and her son, the dragon, who are leading such oppressors.

3 The fate of those who oppress the Truth and the Light, and those who oppress and cause grief to living beings, and those who persecute the Children of Light, is eternal darkness.

4 Those who continue oppressing the Light and its universal Message are not part

of the divine assembly established by Zurvan; such ones stand outside in the darkness and howl like wolves in the night.

Chapter Sixty


1 My disciples know and exhibit the quality of patience.

2 My disciples do not rush in ahead of the teaching that has been given unto me from Zurvan.

3 Those who are in union with me – one mind with my mind –are patient in all things and have perfect understanding of the need to teach all doctrines and concepts in a gradual manner.

4 My disciples do not go about hunting in the hopes of finding falsehoods or imperfections in the teachings, beliefs, hopes or practices of others.

5 My disciples are at peace and they practice patience in all things and make corrections for themselves before they attempt to admonish errors found in others.

Chapter Sixty-One


1 Put an end to ignorance and corruption, then you will find true peace.

2 If you can not find peace, your heart probably needs a good cleaning.

3 There is peace in the Message of Light – a peace that is beyond comparison.

4 Seek peace with your neighbour in all things righteous and you shall be blessed by Mithra.

Chapter Sixty-Two


1 Perceptions are designed by one’s mind, created by and based on someone else’s ideas and illusions about any given topic. Illusions are not truths.

2 Man perceives a subject based on ideas, assumptions and often times inexperience and fear. In such perceptions no truth is found.

3 Assume nothing, presume nothing. Take hold of the Truth and the Light as it is. When you learn this you will find peace.

4 Do not make assumptions regarding that which I have not taught. Be patient and wait for answers – if such answers are necessary, they will be provided to you.

Chapter Sixty-Three


1 Be positive in all things. Look for the good in others.

2 Work towards peace with your neighbour and all those you meet.

3 The next time you think your life is miserable, think of how things would be if you were a dung beetle. Your life could always be much worse than you think it is.

4 Understanding the religious beliefs and cultural background of your neighbor can help you expand your perspective of others; having such knowledge will assist you in sharing the Message of Light more effectively.

Chapter Sixty-Four


1 If you, as an Ashavan, are the citizen of a country or land that adheres to a political system which has the potential of causing harm to other living beings, denigrates human rights or forces the citizens of the land to follow foolish dictates or to pay unnecessary taxes and levies and is wasteful with the funds of the citizens, you have every right to speak up against such a system.

2 In your protest against violations of human rights and decency,do so by peaceful means.

3 An Ashavan should be aware of the political ideals being promoted in the country in which he or she resides. Otherwise one may find one’s self neglecting the duties of defending one’s own rights and those of others.

4 Additionally, having a general knowledge of the laws of the land can assist in effectively sharing the Message of Light with others, especially when certain ordinances are enacted in various cities or villages that would prevent or limit the Religion of Light being spread one’s local area.

5 Having knowledge of a political system and standing up for the rights of the

citizens of a land does not imply that one should become overly involved with the political process.

6 One can champion basic human rights and be a light for equality without running for a political office.

7 The Ashavan champion for the rights of all living beings – for women’s rights, children’s rights, and all individuals.

8 If you are going to be a voice for the rights of others, you should have some knowledge of the political system of the land in which you reside.

9 You should have knowledge of those who are for and against such rights and have an understanding of policies being pushed by certain political leaders –whether they are for or against such rights.

10 It is not improper for the Ashavan to call out and expose those who are infringing on the rights of others, especially when calling out such individuals by peaceful means.

11 No political party can bring the plan of God to fruition. Only Zurvan has the full and perfect solution for the happiness of all mankind.

12 If you vote for a political party that condones the practice of abortion, then the blood of the innocent is on your hands.

Chapter Sixty-Five

Ashavan View of Purgatory

1 For some, their covenant is after death of the human body, when they are approached by celestial beings and offered the truth.

2 For some it will be much more difficult than it will be for others, especially if they continue to hold to erroneous beliefs or superstitions.

3 The latter will sink further into the darkness and will be snatched up by the wicked beings who are unable to withstand the Pure Light.

4 For those who shed their false beliefs and accept the truth they are being told, with a truly repentant heart and mind, and wish to undergo their stripes and purification, theirs is the Divine Presence.

Chapter Sixty-Six


1 If an Ashavan struggles with a certain vice in his life, for example, greed, he is allowing matter to take more control.

2 If he has not taken care of the issue before his death, it is possible that he is reborn to try again if it is the Will of Zurvan for him to do so.

3 Otherwise he will receive his stripes in the afterlife instead of being reincarnated.

4 If he is reborn in the earth and still has trouble with this vice, again and again he struggles with this – and the more he does not allow the Light to take more control, the deeper he falls into the darkness.

5 Struggling in the world of matter is like quicksand.

6 Someone can stand on the edge lending a hand or rope, but if the person keeps moving around, the quicker he sinks in the quicksand.

7 Whether a person is Mithraist, Catholic or any other religion has no bearing on whether that one is reborn into the earth.

8 But if a person is reborn, it is not a form of punishment.

9 It is for the benefit of the soul – especially for those souls who have trouble accepting the truth in the afterlife.

10 This is compassion on the part of Zurvan.

11 Those reborn are those who are closer to Zurvan.

12 And it is not all persons who go through this process.

13 In most cases, those people who continue to return are humans in this era.

Chapter Sixty-Seven

Religions of the World

1 There is nothing living within the unclean religions of the world – resulting in death and annihilation.

2 Place not your hand on the back of a the false worshipper; read not his books – trust not his words.

3 The unclean religions are not from the Divine Source, but from the evil one who establishes them in the world.

4 Run away from them children, run away. For truly I tell you, there is no such person among all of mankind, and he who claims such a grandiose office shall fail in all things, for his work is not of the Perfect One.

5 Remember this: There is no perfection in unrighteousness and there is no darkness in the light.

6 Truly I tell you, a man is not above his Creator. Only the Great Fountain of Truth can dispense perfect wisdom and knowledge for the highest benefit of all creation.

7 Waver not in your faith. Keep this word as a remembrance within your heart.

Religion in Iran

8 Many people in the West have no knowledge of the pre-Islamic culture, society and religious background of Iran.

9 The pre-Islamic religious expression is nothing like Islam (or Zoroastrianism for that matter).

10 Some in Iran and a few in surrounding areas still practice the remnants of the untainted faith today.


11 What was once a religion of unity in worship of one God, Hinduism has become a house of demons with its idolatry.

12 Most monists and pantheists are not of the House of God.


13 Abraham has abandoned those from among Judaism who continue to worship

the idols of their Kabbalistic teachings and those who reject the Torah as the true source of the sacred traditions of Israel.

14 When the Jewish people abandon the Torah given to them through Moses, they divorce themselves from the One they refer to as Adonai.


15 The religious system founded by the Divine Messenger Zarathustra, commonly known as Zarathustrianism, is no longer practised within the same truths that were revealed to him for that particular period of time. However, over time, many who claimed to follow the teachings of Zarathustra abandoned the Truth and the Light.

16 Such ones have replaced Vohu Manah*Good Thought with Angra Mainyu**.

*(Good Thought)

**(Evil thought. Ahriman, another name for Tiamat, the evil one)

17 The Divine Messenger Zarathustra is disappointed with all those who use his

name claiming they follow his teachings; rather he has said that they have abandoned the Wise Lord and the Good Religion.


18 Gautama Buddha was one of the Divine Messengers appointed by Zurvan.

19 The Divine Messenger Gautama never denied the existence of God, but rather he taught that one should abandon human concepts of God, misconceptions, preconceptions and misguided thoughts concerning divine matters and that salvation did not come from such misguided thoughts.


20 Woe to you, you inhabitants of the land of blood and guilt!

21 You erect edifices and place a cross on them in the name of God, yet you speak lies to all the peoples of the earth, and you fill their ears with a message of hate – a message I never spoke* to you.

*(The Divine Manifestation known as Yeshua Mashikha/Isha Masiha/Jesus Christ was a Manifestation of Mithra in First Century Judea)

22 Cold is your heart and cold are your hands, O false disciples!

23 Cast away the falsehood and arrogance lest you die in your own filth.

24 The Christians have no covenant as long as they adhere to the lie.

25 If a person outright makes Jesus into an idol, they are practicing idolatry and are not a part of the House of God due to the fact that they are not worshipping the Divine Source – even if they do not know the Divine Source. They can know the Divine Source within creation itself.

26 It is their ideal they are worshipping instead of the true object which is Christ.

27 If they are honestly, purely honouring Christ, they have a safe place; but if they insist on worshipping the idea, carving an idol out of a falsehood, they are practicing idolatry and not considered as being a member of the House of God.

28 Christianity is divided against itself; it consists of a countless number of sectarian groups that no longer resembles the original movement that was devoted to works of righteousness, the Law of Israel and the people of Truth.

29 Christ was not the founder of the Christian religion, rather this was a movement

that was spawned by the work of the Apostle Paul in the first century of the common era.

30 Some Christians claim that Jesus* Himself was a Christian but such claims are a

blatant denial of the facts of history since the Christian Church was not established until after his ascension to the heavens.

31 Asha is opposed to the false teachings of any religious institute, church, movement or community that rejects the Saints of the Father who sits above the heavens.

Orthodox Christian Church

32 The Eastern Orthodox Church, one of the larger sectarian groups of Christianity,

has failed in the land of Russia.

33 Despite the Eastern Orthodox Church claiming to be a religion of love, it has been active in the oppression of the People of Light through its involvement with the policies of secular government.

34 Like many other Christian sects, the Eastern Orthodox Church is guilty of oppressing and actively persecuting the innocent who identify with the gay and lesbian community. Such actions on the part of that sectarian religious group are contrary to the teaching of Christ.

Roman Catholic Church

35 Arrogance is a fitting term when describing the Roman Catholic Church and the manner in which it treats not only the innocent of the world but those of its own people as well.

36 The Apostle Peter was not the founder of the Roman Catholic Church, as he went to Babylon to preach to the lost sheep of Israel as he was instructed by the Divine Messenger Jesus.

37 The evils committed by leaders within the Roman Catholic Church upon innocent children – as appalling as such atrocities are –has actually helped to expose the vile thoughts of such leadership to the world.

38 Their deacons, priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals and popes are not innocent in these matters.

39 Anyone who remains in their house of darkness will receive their reward in eternal darkness; I know those who belong to the Lord, and they shall be called out in the final days.

Protestant Christianity

40 Protestant Christianity is a child of the Roman Catholic Church and no amount of reforming, without the guidance of Mithra, in humility and honesty, will bring it to salvation.

41 Those who continue to be involved with Protestant Christianity, such groups that include Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Pentecostal, the so-called Messianic, and those who call themselves Jehovah’s witnesses, and the entire lot of them, will find themselves at a dead end road in the bottom of hell if they do not repent and turn around and begin walking the Path of Light.


42 If permitted, the religion of war (Islam) will destroy a country like a bee that works for many hours to create a whole in the plank of wood and eventually how men destroy a forest with fire.

43 Islam itself is a house of death, destruction and violence.

44 Islam, claimed by some to be a religion of peace, is one of the most violent ideologies in existence; it is an ideology that breeds murder and rape.

45 Islam is guilty of the murder of millions of innocent people.

46 Abraham is appalled at the activities of darkness which are so prevalent within Islam and has said that those who continue practicing its falsehood are doomed to the lowest realms of hell where wild dogs snap at their hands and at their faces like the hungry and unsatisfied demons in which they serve.

Baha’i Faith

47 The mainline group has seriously broken the covenant that was provided to the original “followers” of Baha’u’llah.

48 They over spiritualise (Abdu’l) Baha’s and Baha’u’llah’s words in some areas, and then in others, interpret them as literal when they were intended to be spiritual.

49 They have grossly abused gold rates* to their own advantage.

50 It was not supposed to be this way.

51 They have no authority to change any customs and their prophecy is non existent, which makes them a **dead religion.

*(This is in reference to the tithing practice called “Huququ’llah.)

**(Mir Fratama confirmed that while neither the Bab or Baha’u’llah were initially chosen as prophets of God and were never Manifestations of God, as the Baha’i Faith defines them, that both the Bab and Baha’u’llah came into alignment with God’s Will upon entering Paradise and are considered Saints in the Society of Saints.)

New Age Beliefs

52 The religious groups calling themselves new age who worship imaginary beings and the pagans who worship false deities, are far from the Light of Zurvan and as such, their fate is an eternity in the darkness.

Business as Religion

53 Even some corporate giants have become cults where their employees have become disciples who sing their praises, seeking after treasures of gold instead of treasures of life from God.

Chapter Sixty-Eight

Hope for the People of Faith Around the World

1 Is everyone who is within various false religious groups condemned to the darkness? Not at all!

2 There are many innocent souls who remain in such false religious groups, not by their choice but because of being trapped by family members or spouses and other reasons.

3 Many innocent women and children are trapped in Islam and continue to suffer atrocities at the hands of evil husbands and fathers.

4 These innocent ones still have the opportunity to gain life through Mithra.

5 Mithra is well aware of those who belong to Zurvan and as such, these souls will not be condemned.

6 If Hindus will abandon their worship of many deities and their caste system, and accept the banner of Light they will have life.

7 If the Jewish people will abandon their idolatrous teachings and take up their pure heritage of the Torah Covenant, they will have life.

8 If Christians will abandon their heresies and preoccupation with judging the world, and take up the Teaching of the Apostles, they will have life. I have sent some missionaries among the Catholics, among the Baptists, Methodists, and others to serve as a light to the lost sheep of Isha, and they will hear the voice of the Shepherd and they shall look up and see his face, and at that time, they shall come forward into the Light.

9 If Muslims will abandon their violent ways and heresies, and take up the Shield of Abraham, they will have the opportunity of life.

10 When a person leaves the house of Islam, there is much work ahead of them in order to remove the filth that is part of the Islamic ideology, but with the help of the Truth and Light, this can be accomplished.

11 No one who leaves Islam and joins him or herself with the house of the true God, is called a Muslim.

12 One who wishes to come to the true God must enter a covenant with Zurvan, and never return to the former ways of darkness.

13 Within the Religion of Light there are various communities that individuals and families will find suitable for their needs – for the sons and daughters of Ishmael are not left without hope, should they run quickly from the darkness now.

14 I will not abandon anyone who remains with the true God.

15 We respect our neighbours who follow Muhammad when they respect the fact that all humanity is equal before God and when they no longer desire to wage war against the innocent or those they perceive to be evil.

16 Remove yourselves, O people of the world, from all these religions of the world that do not give proper worship to Zurvan and honour to Mithra.

17 No religion of the world can serve as a light unto the nations without guidance from Mithra.

Chapter Sixty-Nine

Ashavan Avoid Religious Services of Non-Covenanting Religions

1 Everyone has the opportunity to learn righteousness and to seek the Light after the shedding of the physical body, including Mormons, Jehovah’s witnesses, Catholics, Muslims and others.

2 This does not indicate that the accomplishments and good works of a person can not be celebrated.

3 However, we would not wish to celebrate an event commemorating a person’s entry into an institute of the darkness.

4 Ashavan would want to avoid such things as baptisms, religious appointments, religious classes, or any celebrations commemorating these things and so on, especially if the Ashavan is one of the Elders or if he or she is among the well known laity.

5 It would be best if any Ashavan, however, refrained from attending such observances.

6 We think of this under the guidelines of “clean and unclean.”For example, these types of observances are considered by the faithful as unclean when they are associated with a religious group that is bereft of a true covenant with Zurvan.

Chapter Seventy

Religion and Science

1 The harmonizing of religion and science is important for any community of the Religion of Light, and this can be accomplished.

2 The sands of the earth will be wiped away by the hand of the Spirit of Truth, continuously revealing the hidden things which will always confirm the truths held by the children of Light.

Chapter Seventy-One

Priority of Current Revelations

1 While the Creator is unchanging, He provides a ray of His Light in a manifestation for the need of the moment.

2 He continues to offer the opportunity for humanity to take in knowledge that was not manifested in earlier times.

3 Relying on a previous revelation without regard to what He teaches in each generation afterwards is not befitting of a soul which desires to develop in the Way of Zurvan.

4 The seed of Truth planted within your heart, by Zurvan, is intended to grow and develop into a great tree; but if it is not nourished with fresh water, it can become deformed and eventually wither and die.

5 If the Truth provided to you is properly cultivated within your heart, wisdom, spiritual strength and faith will increase and become brighter each day –for this is the nature of the Truth and Revelation – it is progressive, it is gradual.

Chapter Seventy-Two

Selfless Service

1 Remove selfishness and ego by serving your fellow man.

2 Putting the benefit of others before that of your own causes selfishness and greed to cease.

3 Selfless service means taking extra steps and making sacrifices where necessary in order to assist your brothers and sisters in the Most Holy Faith.

4 There is nothing greater in your world than giving your life for the benefit of another person.

5 When you come to know what selfless service is, you will have understanding of love.

6 Use your whole strength and your whole soul to serve God and you shall be blessed in all your righteous acts.

Chapter Seventy-Three


1 Total sexual abstinence is not seen as a healthy practice among men or women, in fact such a practice is viewed as somewhat unhealthy.

2 A healthy relationship between two partners of any gender should never be based solely on sex, for such a relationship will eventually succumb to disappointment, stress and separation.

3 What loving partners practice sexually in the privacy of their homes is not the business of the Elders or others, unless one of the partners is being abused against her or his will.

4 Sexual activity should never be promiscuous, for promiscuity affects so many different levels that it can not be reversed through human efforts.

5 Sexual activity between adults and children, including those who are mentally vulnerable, is not only highly inappropriate, but sinful and deserving of severe punishment in the afterlife.

6 If an adherent of the Religion of Light becomes aware of sexual activity between an adult and a child, or between an adult and a person who is mentally vulnerable, it is duty of that adherent to report such knowledge to the Elders and to the civil authorities. Sexual sins of this nature can not be hidden away.

7 Sexual predators must be exposed to the congregation, expelled from the fellowship of Light, and reported to the civil authorities.

8 Sexual activities between humans and animals is sinful and those who are guilty of such sinful acts must be expelled from the fellowship of Light if such ones do not indicate genuine repentance.

Chapter Seventy-Four


1 There are seven days – the seventh being a Sabbath – a time to rest from over strenuous and mundane activities.

2 Zurvan blessed the seventh day and calls His covenant people to rest on the Sabbath.

3 It is a good time to gather for worship but gathering for worship on this particular day is not a requirement, although neither is it forbidden.

4 There are times when the brethren are undergoing persecution and gathering as a community for worship on the seventh day is not always the best choice.

5 Make it a habit to greet each of your brothers and sisters on the Sabbath, genuinely wishing them a peaceful Sabbath.

Chapter Seventy-Five

Sharing the Faith with Others

1 Never hide your love of God within a crevice at the bottom of a mountain, share it with others.

2 Each one of the Ashavan are charged with the responsibility of sharing the Message of Light with others.

3 Everything that I have taught you in these books through various Divine Messengers – share with others for their benefit so they may see and experience Bahisht.

Chapter Seventy-Six

Slavery and the Sex Trade

1 The subject of the innocent being exploited is close to my heart, knowing that many innocent individuals in the world have been caught up in such darkness as slavery and sex trade in nearly every land around the world.

2 It especially hurts to see children involved in such situations.

3 Adherents of the Religion of Light should be beacons in the dark world, shining brightly and standing up for basic human rights –especially on behalf of the innocent.

Chapter Seventy-Seven

The Small-Minded

1 Biased words and hateful actions are always the result of a small mind.

2 The narrow minded are unable to gain a proper understanding of the Truth because such individuals continue to hold to their preconceptions.

3 It is the small minded, misguided and hate mongers in the world who make false statements concerning the Religion of Light. For such ones there is no place in Bahisht.

Chapter Seventy-Eight

The Soul

1 The soul naturally yearns for the Light of God and to be in union with Mithra at all times.

2 The worship of, and prayer to the One God is the natural state of the soul.

3 The wind is always invisible but felt on your face; in a similar manner, God, although not physically visible, is always present and can be felt within your soul.

4 For the soul to come into perfect union with me, one must practice the Twelve Virtues with an honest heart and with honest hands.

5 The majority of souls that are on the earth at this time have already been marked as either being righteous or wicked.

6 Wicked souls experience the annihilation of consciousness and are ultimately destroyed, if they do not repent after being provided the opportunity to do so.

7 Concerning souls deemed wicked, there are some souls whom the Father knows that have the potential of redemption – such ones are offered the opportunity of obtaining enlightenment and perfection.

8 All souls have the opportunity for re-education – that is, those that have not yet been provided the proper education.

9 [In response to the question: Are they, those souls who are marked as wicked, like those souls that were once in the void, that had not been harvested from a previous world, are they allowed at some point to begin again?]

This depends on the situation with the soul itself. Some are offered healing, re-education, while others walk, by their own choice, to the Field of the Void, which is annihilation.

10 Those who wilfully reject the Cause of Creation, the Supreme Divine Source, are destroyed along with their consciousness.

11 If wicked souls wilfully reject the Divine Source, those souls are destroyed like the evil one. Zurvan, in His Supreme Wisdom, is aware of their very thoughts and it is He who knows whether they have the potential of being redeemed or not.

Chapter Seventy-Nine

Spiritual Food

1 The world hungers for spiritual food because religious leaders lack the ability to feed my sheep that which they require.

2 Just as the body requires sustenance to exist, so does the soul require spiritual food to attain everlasting life.

3 The Holy Tablets of Light contain adequate spiritual food for all souls.

Chapter Eighty

Spiritual Practices

1 Establishing a daily spiritual practice is auspicious, but only if it is from the heart and for the benefit of all living beings.

2 In any spiritual practice you decide to take up, make sure it is from the Truth and not based on the false ideals and religious beliefs of those who are not of the Light.

3 Do not neglect the practice of repentance, prayer, meditation, contemplation and study. These, my children, will lead you to perfection.

4 The constant practicing of the Twelve Virtues, regular prayer, studying the Tablets of Light, making food offerings, and selfless service to others are some of the central spiritual practices of the Ashavan.

Chapter Eighty-One

Spiritual Warfare

1 Never give up on the battlefield with the evil one. Once you give in to lust, the evil one has placed a claw within your side and has control of your very mind and it will be very difficult for you to escape.

2 Those who make it a habit to regularly and with solemn heart, pray for all souls to be removed from the clutches of the evil one, know it is their calling to do battle with her and her son, the dragon.

3 Always pray for the innocent, all those who are on the path of darkness, so they may have an opportunity to turn around and accept the truth and Light, all according to the righteousness of God.

4 Most of the druj* are ignorant of their own demise; the causes of this ignorance is due to their craving after power over the Light; their craving has blinded them to the truth of their own destiny, thus they live within a fantasy of their own creation.


5 In the end, the darkness will not prevail — for the Light shall be hidden in the secret place of the Living Spirit*.

*(Another term for Mithra)

Chapter Eighty-Two


1 The voice of truth is found within the deepest recesses of your heart. If you are truly listening you will hear its beat.

2 One of the first steps in experiencing the Presence of God in your life is acknowledging that He is already standing next to you.

3 Less focus on the world around you with your physical eyes will open the eyes of your soul to the Presence of God.

4 Quiet your mind from the chaos of the world and hear the voice of Zurvan who is with you.

5 Feel His Presence and worship Him with faith, praise, prayer and works of service to Him and to your fellow human beings.

Chapter Eighty-Three

Suffering of the Innocent

1 Men who bring atrocities and harm to children and other innocents will be repaid a hundredfold for their crimes.

2 I will not tolerate those who bring suffering upon innocent souls – for such criminals will never be permitted within the Holy Gates of the Religion of Light.

3 One of the responsibilities of the Ashavan is to protect the innocent from unnecessary suffering from the hands of those who wish to do harm to the Children of Light.

Chapter Eighty-Four

Swine of Darkness

1 Pseudo-religious leaders have soiled their hands by touching the dark one; their garments are stained with the blood of the Saints.

2 The earth is filled with the blood of the innocent Saints.

3 The religious houses are full of lies; they have become a den of vipers and the habitation of every unclean bird.

4 Hypocrisy abounds among those who claim to support the children of earth.

5 They have filled their purses with gold, squandered it on great structures and worldly possessions.

6 For these reasons humankind has lost all hope in such men.

7 Mithra has given them a new name – Swine of Darkness.

Chapter Eighty-Five


1 Never put anything before your Brethren that would cause their temptation or for them to defile the Commandments of Asha.

2 If you are the cause of your Brother offending the Commandments or the Holy Tablets, you yourself are guilty of defilement.

3 Many enticing treasures are available to the people of the world, but such possessions are not permanent.

4 The only permanent treasures that anyone could ever possess are the Truth and the Light.

5 Do not permit yourself to be tempted by the charms of the world, for you will eventually find that you have traded your crown of life for filthy and tattered rags.

Chapter Eighty-Six

Theoretical Knowledge

1 Like a flood that destroys a village, so is the life of one who spends all his time studying secular books to find truth.

2 There are some who would rather sit and create theories about the teachings of Mithra, rather than to read directly from his own writings. For such men I have no tolerance, for they are not true disciples.

3 The world is becoming more ignorant as the time of humanity quickly passes by.

4 Some people will believe every lie they hear and are always ready to exchange the truth for those lies.

Chapter Eighty-Seven


1 My disciples know and exhibit the quality of tolerance.

2 They do no harm either in action or in speech towards any man, woman or child, regardless of their religious or philosophical beliefs.

3 But the disciples of Light know that being called from the world and into the blessed Light of Zurvan, they do not accept any form of falsehood as that of their own.

4 My children are at peace with persons of other religious beliefs and systems, but being children of Light, they do not touch that which is not of the Light.

5 While practicing tolerance and kindness towards others in the world, my disciples remain pure in the Pristine Faith that has been revealed to them.

Chapter Eighty-Eight

True Harmlessness

1 If someone expresses anger towards you, always speak with kind words with him.

2 If someone expresses envy towards you, do not envy him for your part.

3 If someone expresses hate towards you, do not hate that one in return.

4 Insults and abuses should never cause the patient devout one to waver even in the smallest degree.

5 Never return harm for harm, but return compassion even for your enemy.

Chapter Eighty-Nine


1 There is only one Truth – God is Truth.

2 The Truth is not measured by the quantity of followers it may or may not have, but by the divine qualities set forth in its teachings.

3 Light can only enter the heart if the mind is open to the truth.

4 The seed of Truth is planted within your heart by the hand of Zurvan.

5 Truly I tell you, he who does not permit the seed to be cultivated properly, will wither and the root will become dry and the wind will carry it away.

6 Once you find the Truth, you will realise that it was with you all along.

7 The voice of Truth is found within the deepest recesses of your heart. If you are truly listening you will hear its beat.

Chapter Ninety


1 If you stand together in unity you can conquer the darkness.

2 If you are in unity with me, you will strive to be of benefit to your fellow brothers and sisters and to the people of the world.

3 Those who stand against the Divine Messengers and against that which was revealed to them for a light to the world, are not in unity with the Will of Zurvan.

4 The Children of Light should have limited association with those who are opposed to the Divine Arrangement, and if possible, my children, avoid such ones.

Chapter Ninety-One

Warring Against the Creator

1 Whoever sets himself up to stand between the Creator and mankind, bringing death unto his brother, wages war against his Creator.

2 Anyone who attempts to wage war against the Creator will find himself charged with aligning himself with the evil one and as such will lose the opportunity of salvation for his soul.

3 Teaching heresy within the Assembly of the Righteous, spreading rumours and partaking in gossip about the precious brethren is equated to warring against Zurvan.

Chapter Ninety-Two

The Will of God

1 Nothing is accomplished by my own hands – all that shall be done shall be according to the Will of Zurvan.

2 I have come to you by the Will of Zurvan to rescue you from the great and turbulent ocean that is the world.

3 I do nothing on my own, but everything I do and speak to you in the Holy Tablets of Light is by the Will of Zurvan who sent me.

Chapter Ninety-Three


1 Light is the freedom of all; to know this is the beginning of wisdom.

2 For truly, it has been said, the beginning of wisdom is the deep reverence of the Divine Source, for He is the Source of Light and Truth, and there is no darkness in Him.

3 The light shines eternally from the Word of Zurvan.

4 Those who worship the One True God walk in His Light within the Covenant in which they have been called.

5 As for those who wilfully walk in the darkness, they do not see the Light –for theirs is the seed of the evil one who feeds them falsehood.

6 The true Light has no association with the darkness.

7 A single word uttered by a true sage can dispel all doubts and sufferings of all living beings.

8 The Holy Tablets of Light are a guide for the Ashavan to gain divine wisdom.

9 The man or woman who is able to manage his or her household properly has experience and wisdom. But, if you can not manage your own household, then how do you think that you can possibly manage even a small portion of the House of God.

Chapter Ninety-Four

World Leaders

1 Place your trust in God, for no elected leader can perfect your soul or grant unto you eternal life.

2 World leaders can never gain salvation for your soul, nor can false religious leaders.

3 I detest all evil dictators, for they do not exist to serve their fellow human beings but rather set themselves up to rule with pride and arrogance. Such ones have no place within Bahisht.

4 Bahisht will bring to destruction all forms of world leaders who do not worship Zurvan and who do not serve His people.

Chapter Ninety-Five

Death of the Faithful

1 The true adherent of Asha does not fear death, for such one knows well the hope that has been given unto him from Zurvan.

2 Death is merely a change of existence to another, as if one is going from one room, into a door and into another room.

3 One does not cease to exist at death, but the soul is liberated from the bonds of the physical body, ascending to its reward.

4 Everlasting life is received by those who are faithful unto Zurvan, His Messengers, and all the Teachings of Light.

5 Even though darkness prevails in your world, Light and joy await you who are faithful; keep searching, for your reward is on the other side of the Great Mountain.

Chapter Ninety-Six


1 Suicide, the taking of one’s own life, is equated with murder.

2 Such an act, whether suicide or the murder of another person, will hold a person back from entering into Bahisht.

3 Those who commit suicide are destined to reside in a plane of existence that is full of confusion and darkness, where misery reigns freely, and chaos is reborn every hour until that world is crushed with all of matter.

4 Zurvan is compassionate toward all those who call upon Him through His Messengers, and does not turn any away from having an opportunity to gain truth from their* hands.

* (The Messengers)

5 The Divine Messengers are aware of the sorrow within the hearts of the sons of men, and as such, they offer consolation, in wisdom and in patience, to those who suffer mental illnesses.

6 May all who suffer from such cognitive disorders be free of mental illness.

Chapter Ninety-Seven

The Reason for Creation

1 It was by the Will of Zurvan that all things be brought into existence.

2 All things were created for Zurvan, for all things to give Zurvan praise, glory, worship and honour to Him.

3 No thing or person existed until Zurvan created Mithra.

4 No human or other creation existed (in the physical, earthly realm) until Mithra wished to have other beings that could also share in praising and glorifying the Divine Source.

5 Neither was Zurvan or the myriad of celestial beings lonely. Mithra wished that others, given a free will, be created in order to serve the Divine Source.

6 In finding favour with godly mankind, Zurvan calls them His friends, those whom He loves because of their love toward Him, but He can and does love those who do not love Him as well.

7 We have an idiom that says, “Mithra gives swiftness to horses of men of truth,” meaning that godly humankind are blessed if they are seeking, and eventually finding the truth.

Chapter Ninety-Eight

Formation of the Earth

1 The continents, for the most part, were shaped by hand – as if with fingers and thumbs.

2 The land (the surface) was moulded into shapes, the mountains were commanded to rise up, and “indentations” were made by “pounding” various areas of the earth which were later “filled” with water (not near as much as is now in the oceans and seas).

3 Originally there were massive “clumps” of soil and stone.

4 Imagine a potter with a large round ball of clay before him. He can pull, push and pinch various areas of the clay to form his work of art.

5 This is basically what took place with the creation of the earth itself.

6 All who are in the heavens know of the work that takes place there.

7 They know that the heavenly luminaries do not change their paths; that each rises and sets regularly, every one at its proper time, without going against the commands which they have received.

8 They behold the earth, and understand the work that has taken place there, from the beginning to the end of it.

9 They see that every work of Zurvan is invariable in the period of its appearance.

10 They behold summer and winter: perceiving that the whole earth is full of water; and that the cloud, the dew, and the rain refresh it.

Chapter Ninety-Nine

Creation of Males and Females

1 Because I am male and female, even in my likeness, thus I made them.

2 Because I am the power to bring them to life, so, in My likeness I made them, and with power to multiply.

Chapter One Hundred

The Illusory Nature of Matter

1 Do not become dependent on the illusory world.

2 The material world is full of illusions and all sorts of false things.

3 Through full devotion to the Pure Teaching, you can become free from the darkness.

Chapter One Hundred-One

Continuous Revelation

1 While the Creator is unchanging, He provides a ray of His Light in a manifestation for the need of the moment.

2 He continues to offer the opportunity for mankind to take in knowledge that was not manifested in earlier times.

3 Relying on a previous revelation without regard to what He teaches in each generation afterwards is not befitting of a soul which desires to develop in the Way of Zurvan

Chapter One Hundred-Two


1 To be a citizen of Bahisht* one is required to enter into a covenant with Zurvan.

2 Come to Zurvan within a covenant and be welcomed into Bahisht, where there are provisions for both spiritual and physical matters.

3 I have given you the Words of Life, truth and healing rain, provided in the Covenants by Zurvan, the Divine Source, and ask that you walk steadfast therein.

4 You are My children; but those of you who veer from the Path of Truth, and walk not in the True Covenants, I do not know you – you are sons of the evil one.

5 The time of the coming of the Great Light of Wisdom and Redemption has arrived; humanity does not have time to continue playing games or having an on-again, off-again spirituality.

6 The Creator has revealed His Will through each of the Covenants on earth.

7 No one can say the truth is not available to them. Now is the time to wake up.

8 To those who remove themselves from the kingdom of the evil one, turning their hearts and minds unto Zurvan, they are given a covenant and welcomed into the Kingdom of the Creator.

*(The Kingdom of Light)

Chapter One Hundred-Three

Shab I Yalda (The Birth of Mithra)

1 May the celebration of this day bring glory and honour to the Divine Source who sends out His Light to every nation, tribe and tongue throughout the universe!

2 May this shortest day and longest night of the year be a blessing to those who have yet to receive the Holy Light of the Divine Source, and may they turn their faces to Him in humility, with the desire to walk in His Way.

Chapter One Hundred-Four

False Disciples

1 While you say you are committed to the Religion of Light, why is it that your hands remain in the candy jar of many different religious sects? Seriously! You fool yourself and no one else.

2 There are many who use various social networking sites wishing to convert or persuade the Father’s children, attempting to draw His children away from the Faith.

3 Be vigilant, be on the watch for spies in the Camp.

4 Be very careful who you befriend on these various sites*.

*(Internet websites)

5 Only those who worship Zurvan in spirit and truth can hope to set their foot eternally on the Path of Righteousness.

6 In the Voice of the Creator-Father there is Wisdom, Truth and Life.

7 Those who are not of the children of the Father only speak foolishness, falsehood and death.

8 If those who claim to be spiritual leaders within your community are not in line with what I or my servant Mir Eresh Zademir have already taught you, then do not listen to them;

9 for they are either confused about a particular teaching or they are rebelling against the Light.

10 Mithra knows the actions and thoughts of each one and they shall be judged for it.

11 If they are among the Elders they shall be punished with a rod of fire and may be required to return to the body, for they were not true Elders to begin with, but rather impostors among the innocent of my precious children.

12 True servants of the Eternal Father do not fellowship with anything that is of the darkness;

13 How is it any different with anyone who wishes to become a so-called “friend” on a social network who promotes a religion or philosophy that is not compatible with the Holy Faith revealed by the Voice of the Creator?

14 Wolves are prowling in every corner.

Chapter One Hundred-Five


1 We observe all things from a multi-plane level.

2 Death is no more than the exiting of one room into another, opening one door and entering a new room for the one experiencing it.

Death of an Aborted Fetus

3 All aborted fetuses have an opportunity at life.

Chapter One Hundred-Six


1 While many dreams are simply based on the activities of the current day or previous days, they also, sometimes, are provided through divine direction.

2 Of course with the mind being bombarded each day with so many different things, some get mixed with the activities of the day, creating a hodgepodge of things unrelated to the actual divine part of the dream – the latter is when interpretation and assistance should be sought after.

Chapter One Hundred-Seven

Unwilling Sheep

1 (Speaking to all who define themselves as seekers of the Divine Source) When I arose with the light of the sun I looked out upon the fields of the pasture and I saw only a few of the sheep.

2 I came to feed you but some of you were not there.

3 Where are you, my children? Where did you go?

4 Have you found another pasture? another hand to feed you?

5 I am waiting, but after the sun has set behind the mountains, the wolves and all manner of creatures that crawl in the darkness will be at your heels.

Chapter One Hundred-Eight

The Words of Zurvan

1 The signs are in the heavens, in the sky and in the earth. Do you not see?

2 The Word of the Creator has been spoken in the heavens; it has been delivered from the heights of the sky and unto the inhabitants of the earth. Have you not heard?

3 Listen, O man, and choose life by obedience to the Voice of your Father who is in heaven, for truly I say, He is not far from you.

4 Make the Word of the Father as a lamp before your eyes, the guide to your path and make it the foundation of your home; by doing so, you will be like a well-built city, able to withstand the strongest winds and the attacks of the evil one against you.

5 The Prophets were provided by the Spirit of God for the enlightenment and uplifting of mankind’s soul, to learn of the Way to unity with the Godhead.

6 They have been ignored, mocked and murdered throughout history.

7 In the end, no man can say ‘I did not know the truth.’

8 For truly I say to you, Every soul shall hear of the Name and the Truth of the Creator in every corner of the earth.

9 Blessed is he who listens and takes to heart what he hears, but cursed is he who ignores and perverts the Word. This is life and death.

10 The light shines eternally from the Word of the Father; those who worship the One True God walk in His Light within the Covenant in which they have been called.

Chapter One Hundred-Nine

You are Never Alone

1 Do not say to yourself, ‘Because I am alone, I can affect no change in the world.’

2 If you offer prayers and if you work very hard, more people will come and you will be assisted according to the Will of Zurvan.

3 You are not alone; I am with you always.

4 Never think that you are alone.

Chapter One Hundred-Ten

Ministry of Light

1 Any time you spend in the ministry to assist the public in learning about Asha is accumulated as merit in your favor.

2 The time you spend in the Ministry of Light is equated to free will offerings, which assist you in the future, if you remain faithful in your duties and in the Venerable Religion in general.

3 Even the Blessed Saints will honor you, should you carry out your duties, by keeping the ministry organised and by volunteering hours in distribution of literature, speaking to others about the faith, helping seekers learn about the liberation of their souls and assisting those seekers who require additional resources.

4 There is place for all Ashavan in the ministry.

Chapter One Hundred-Eleven


1 There are liberation heralds that go into the world, who put many hours of volunteer work into the ministry of sharing the faith with others.

2 There are those who are assist the Heralds in their duties, and by association with the Liberation Heralds, accumulate much merit for the future.

3 There are also those who serve as Advocates of Asha, who help in many other ways in the Religion of Light.

4 In these last days, the responsibility of sharing the Message of Light with others can not be taken lightly.

5 The need for accumulating merit in these dark days is of extreme importance, especially for the Hearers and the non-Intercessory Elders.

Chapter One Hundred-Twelve

Physical Needs

1 Why do you continue concerning yourselves with the needs of your own body? Do not have worries about such things for tomorrow.

2 Zurvan knows all your needs and provides accordingly.

Chapter One Hundred-Thirteen


1 Excessive material gain is like a rope around the neck, tied to a great stone hurled into the sea.

2 For he who concerns himself with the physical without regard to the spiritual, there is no satisfaction and he drowns in the sea of his own desires.

3 Remove unhealthy desires, excessive materialism, pride, the ego- humble yourself before the Father and do according to His Will and then you will be able to cast off the great stone from around your neck.

Chapter One Hundred-Fourteen


1 Do not permit the swift currents of the world’s river of confusion to move your foot from the path of Asha.

2 Be steadfast in the current of the Divine Mother promised by Zurvan, thereby being supplied the strength to withstand the ever changing winds of the world.

Chapter One Hundred-Fifteen


1 O man, humble yourself; return to Zurvan in both spiritual matters and physical matters.

2 Stand up right and accept the Pure Teaching in all things within your life.

Chapter One Hundred-Sixteen

The Teacher of Light

1 Respect, honor and have proper veneration for my servant Mir Eresh Zademir who is also known as the Teacher of Light.

2 He is my own servant and I have chosen him to guide you in the Light.

Chapter One Hundred-Seventeen

The Five Divine Lights

1 Seek Zurvan through the practice of the Five Divine Lights: Pure Reason, Pure Mind, Pure Intelligence, Pure Thought, Pure Understanding and you will have life.

Chapter One Hundred-Eighteen

The Ten Maxims

1 It is my wish for everyone within Asha to read and study these Maxims on a daily basis.

2 Children and adults alike should be trained to memorize the basics of all Ten Maxims.

3 There was a reason for providing these Maxims to our people in the first place.

Chapter One Hundred-Nineteen


1 He who causes my little ones to tremble due to inflicting his voice in harshness, calling My little ones by names and needlessly bringing fear to them is cut off from the light and his spiritual progress in the earthly realm is not likely to occur.

2 The bully himself shall be gored by a bull as many times as he inflicts his dominance upon My little ones.

3 No bully shall stand in the presence of the True Light.

4 I have no need for those who needlessly inflict fear upon My little ones.

5 If the bully is the cause of death to My little ones, then there shall be no life for the bully.

6 And as for the little one who lost his life, I shall take him unto My house where he shall live in peace, truth and light. (This was said in reference to the growing rate of suicides among those who are being bullied in modern times).”

This concludes the Tablet of Mir Fratama

Tablet of the Awakening Soul

Chapter One

1 At one time a manifestation of Lord Mithra was teaching His emissaries together with a gathering of numberless great multitudes from all the heavens.

2 At that time the Lord of Heaven said: “People are in bondage, because they have not yet removed doubt from their hearts.

3 As long as they have doubt within their hearts, they will continue to ask deeply

speculative questions that go beyond what is written in the plain words of the Scriptures.

4 Better is it for the disciple to take the simple road of understanding, thereby removing all doubts from his heart.

5 The very search for enlightening truth is not wrong; but after finding truth, one should drink from its wells in a slow manner so as not to choke;

6 it is wrong to start doubting and questioning with deep speculation, for it will lead you in a false direction, away from the Pure Teaching.

7 How much confusion of thought comes from man’s interest in those things that do not belong to him, and from your vanity you say in your heart, ‘I am so great,’ or ‘I have knowledge’ or ‘I have done this wonderful deed?’

8 These thoughts stand between you and truth and your arrogance blinds you from the simple truth of the Scriptures; banish it, and then you will see things as they are.

9 He who thinks correctly will rid himself of ignorance and acquire true wisdom.

10 This is the manner in which the Illumined Ones have taught.

11 Once a person is able to take in just the right amount of water from the living well-springs of Bahisht, they are then able to transform into a beautiful creation of Zurvan with its branches spread wide in honour, glory and praise to its Ultimate Source.

12 It is then that the tree realises that it has become awakened in the Pure Teaching – being deeply embedded within its heart. Its roots are strong and are deeply planted in the right soil – in the heart of Mithra. This is the Pure Teaching.

13 If one’s roots are not firmly embedded in the soils of Bahisht of Lord Mithra and His Pure Teaching, that one’s mind can become filled with speculative questions, and the heart can become filled with doubt, eventually leading to the deterioration of the soul.

14 Trust in the Lord Mithra. Be firmly established in the Pure Teaching in which He provides to His people.

15 In this way you are able to shine forth to others with the beauty of the Pure Teaching in which Zurvan is gradually building within you.”

16 At one time Mithra said: “Pure Teaching remains forever. I teach the sincere that a gradual learning of the Pure Teaching leads one to perfection.

17 It is difficult for some men to realise the essentials of this simple truth; the Pure Teaching is not easily perceived by all men; perfection in the Pure Teaching is mastered by the one who knows, and to the one who aspires to walk in heavenly rays of the Five Divine Lights:

18 Pure Reason, Pure Mind, Pure Intelligence, Pure Thought and Pure Understanding.

19 The best way to combat this confusion is through clarity. Complete openness about what is and what is not an essential of this world.” And these essentials were taught among the people:

20 That Mithra is of the reflection of Zurvan, the All-Supreme Lord of the Universe;

21 That the sincere, one minded practice of the Pure Teaching is the Noble Path of the One who is the pure reflection of Zurvan and that it leads to perfection and life in Bahisht; that the Scriptures presented in this world should be studied mindfully.

22 That there are Five Divine Lights – that is, Pure Reason, Pure Mind, Pure Intelligence, Pure Thought and Pure Understanding; these are taught to us by the Sons of Mithra;

23 That we must all bow our heads to the Great Throne established in Bahisht; that all of the sons of Light are one family of Mithra, eventually becoming one with him.

Chapter Two

1 At one time a Manifestation of Mithra was teaching His disciples together with a gathering of numberless great multitudes from all the heavens.

2 At that time Mithra, said: “Everything that exists needs the Pure Teaching, and every kind of person can find what is just below the surface – buried deeper than your eyes.

3 The Pure Teaching is like looking at the white of the moon in water. If the water is cloudy, you can not see it clearly. It is like burning straw in a fire – if the straw is moist, the fire cannot burn brightly.

4 The truth of the Pure Teaching can be hidden and moist like this. So if anyone wants to follow this path they must clear their minds, and set aside all things that hamper their ability to walk along the path of perfection.

5 To be pure and still means to be open to purity and stillness – as a result you will begin to develop perfection.

6 This means that the Divine Light can shine so as to reveal the workings of cause and effect and leading to blessed peace.

7 Know this: The words given to me by Zurvan who resides above the great mountains of Bahisht, reach out into all directions.

8 People struggle trying to learn too much at one time.

9 This struggle, however, creates the desire to do something. Doing creates movement which can result in anxiety:

10 Then it is impossible to find rest and contentment. This is why I teach patience and a gradual learning of the Pure Teaching, for in patience there is no disturbance.

11 Then you can enter into Bahisht.

12 Remove from yourself that which disturbs and distracts you,and be as pure as one who

breathes in purity and emptiness trusting in Zurvan. This is the beginning of knowledge – it is the path of the true peace and happiness.

13 May every reader of this Scripture be inspired to learn more about the Pure Teaching, to teach, protect and maintain the Pure Teaching throughout the world without bias to any sentient being.”

Chapter Three

1 On an occasion when Mithra was teaching in Chennai, a disciple asked Him, “Lord, since some believe they have lived past lives, why can they not recall those lives?”

2 Mithra, reading his disciple’s heart and knowing that he was genuinely seeking wisdom regarding past lives, took the disciple’s hand into those of His own and said, “My son, knowing of one’s past life is dependent upon memories.

3 Memories are dependent upon the brain. The brain is part of matter. When the body dies, so does the brain.

4 The only thing that exists after the passing of the body is the stream of consciousness that you might refer to as the soul.

5 Because memories are dependent upon the brain, such memories of all those things which the body experienced disappear.

6 For the very few that experience reincarnation, it is only their stream of consciousness that re-enters the world of matter.

7 Do not think, my child, that all souls re-enter this world, but the truth is, most souls enter either into one of the celestial realms or one of the lower realms and do not receive a physical body in the world of matter and illusion again.”

This concludes the Tablet of the Awakening Soul

The Tablet of the Three Neighbors

A Parable from Lord Mithra

Chapter One

1 One day a farmer was in need of help in gathering the fruits of his vast orchards; it was the custom of the farmer to hold a great feast each year, inviting hundreds of people to his farm to enjoy his harvest.

2 He sent out an announcement through his messenger to each of the neighbors who were on the borders of his land.

3 The messenger spoke with each one of the neighbors about the upcoming feast and the need to gather the fruits of the orchards.

4 The messenger then spoke about the importance of eating the nutritious fruit which grows in the orchards.

5 All of the neighbors listened intently to what the messenger had to say.

6 There were some who were hearing the words of the messenger who developed great appreciation within their hearts for the need of helping with the gathering of the fruit and said they wished to volunteer. So these were sent to the farm with their baskets.

7 There were many others among the neighbors who listened to what the messenger had to say. They too had appreciation for the announcement, but they did not wish to help gather the fruit of the orchard.

8 They said, ‘We will listen to the message because it appeals to us but we too wish to come to the festival.’ So, they too were invited to the upcoming feast.

9 During the harvest, the neighbors who volunteered with their talents to help in the

gathering of the fruit remained on the land of the farmer in tents and they were provided with food and water for their daily labours.

10 The other neighbors who had not volunteered to help, would come on occasion to watch the laborers in the orchards and would listen to the laborers as they would sing during their work.

11 When the harvest was complete, the messenger was instructed by the farmer to tell all the laborers, ‘Because you have done well in laboring in my orchards, you will be rewarded with both fruit and gold.’

12 Then the farmer once again sent an announcement to the neighbors who had not volunteered to work in the orchards. He invited them to the feast which was going to take place on his farm the next day.

13 When all the guests arrived they saw that there were large tents that had been raised, some having tables full of food while the majority of tents contained smaller tables with less food. The messenger assigned each neighbor to specific tents.

14 Now, the neighbors who did not volunteer to work began to notice that those had

worked in the orchards were being assigned to tents that had more food than the ones they were being assigned, and they began to ask, ‘Why is the amount of food in our tents so much less than the others?’

15 Then the messenger said, ‘The farmer has promised a greater reward to those who, after hearing the message, came with their baskets to help gather the fruits in his orchards.

16 But those who did not volunteer, but who came to the edges of the fields, they are not permitted to eat of the fat foods that were promised to the laborers, but they are provided with what remained after the good fruits were gathered.’

17 Upon hearing what the messenger had to say, they were happy and began to enjoy the festival.

Chapter Two

1 Now the farmer is like Zurvan who provides great spiritual food to all peoples of all nations throughout the earth from His Garden of Truth and Light.

2 The messenger is Lord Mithra who is sent into the world to do the Will of Zurvan.

3 The neighbors who heard the message and volunteered to labor are like the Ashavan who, with every effort, listen to the Message of Asha and who actively share it with others.

4 They come into the spiritual orchards of Zurvan and not only do they enjoy laboring for Him, but they eat of the fruit as well and help distribute it to the poor in the world.

5 The neighbors who came to the edges of the field to listen to the laborers singing, but who did not volunteer to help, are like the Friends of the Message of Asha who love the message, but who are not moved to action.

6 They believe what they are hearing, but their spirit is not motivated to go into the field to labor in behalf of the Message of Asha.

7 The Ashavan, working directly within the fields of Zurvan are so close to the Message of Asha, that they are able to enjoy the very presence of the Word of Truth receiving blessing from it each day.

8 Their only wish each day is to hear the Message, share it with others, and by doing so they are storing up treasures in Heaven.

9 But they do not do this out of selfish gain; they wish to work in the field because of their love for the poor of the world.

10 The Friends of the Message of Asha are invited to enjoy the spiritual truths which are greatly appreciated by the Ashavan, but they are not given the privilege of receiving a portion of the first fruits of the spiritual garden.

11 The Friends are provided a special place within the Gardens of Zurvan, but their reward is according to the measure of their labor and faith.

12 Both the Ashavan and the Friends are loved by Zurvan, and all the celestial beings in the Heavens rejoice when one of the Friends is moved to labor along with the Ashavan, thereby becoming an Ashavan themselves, with the opportunity of partaking of the first fruits.

13 Some of the Friends of the Faith eventually come to be Ashavan through the intercession of the Ashavan Elders and the cooperative work of the Ashavan laity.

This concludes the Tablet of the Three Neighbours

The Tablet of Mir Eresh Zademir

Chapter One


1 When difficulties arise either in one’s family or within the congregations of our blessed people, it is always important to enlist the assistance of wise and mature brethren.

2 Lord Mithra has placed within your reach brothers and sisters who can lend a helping hand with wise counsel in any difficult situation and if at all possible your request for such help should never be delayed.

3 Do not be embarrassed about asking for advice and counsel from your brethren.

4 All the brothers and sisters are responsible for each other in many different ways.

5 Mithra has made this clear in all His teachings given to humanity throughout the centuries.

6 Both the elders among the Ashavan and the laity feel the responsibility to assist their brethren in the various situations they may be dealing with.

7 Loving compassion is deeply ingrained within each of us who take Asha seriously.

8 This is simply one aspect of living the Pure Teaching every day.

9 When one among our brethren is in pain, we too are in pain. When they are in need spiritually or financially, we want to assist them to the best of our abilities.

10 Because we are all one within the One Created Being*, there is a spiritual symbiotic relationship, and this goes beyond the physical but additionally relates to our emotions and thoughts about our spiritual siblings in general.


11 If you are the one offering assistance or advice it is very important that you never make assumptions about your brother or sister in need or about situations which you have limited information.

12 We are taught the importance of always practicing tolerance, compassion and understanding in every single situation we come across and we must do this without prejudging the individual.

13 Always try to learn as much as possible about the issues your brother or sister is dealing with.

14 Exhibit true compassion. Listen carefully to what your brother or sister has to say.

15 Try to put yourself in their place and ask yourself how you personally would deal with the situation if you were on the other side.

16 Along with loving compassion and a listening ear, we can not forget the importance of prayer.

17 Pray together about the issue and keep the importance of prayer before the individual you are assisting. Mithra has told us that when we wish to speak to Him,all we have to do is talk to Him.

18 He will guide us in the situation by providing assistance through His celestial beings.

19 Love your brethren, do not judge them.

20 Always try to put yourself in their situation and provide a loving hand with sincere compassion. Always pray.

Chapter Two

Committing to One Spiritual Path

1 The importance of having one Teacher, one Holy Book and one Assembly can not be over-emphasized.

2 When people run from one teacher to another, or from one tradition to another, it is as if they are running up and down the sea shore full of anxiety because they are seeking something that their minds are not permitting them to find.

3 Their preconceptions are clouding their minds and their feet are shuffling in the sand, wasting vast amounts of energy that could otherwise have been used to focus on one teacher and one tradition.

4 Teachers are supposed to serve as guides, and guides only. Teachers can only help you find the path to liberation; you must maintain that path.

Chapter Three

Cultivating Virtue

1 People of faith should help their brothers and sisters, whatever their situation in life may be, if those brothers and sisters wish to have help.

2 Through the cultivation of the Virtues and observing the Commandments of Asha, the future effects of karma can be changed.

Chapter Four

Current Events

1 Both the laity and elders should be informed about current issues, not siding with any extremes, but taking a middle ground.

2 If you wish to discuss a topic about religion, the environment or politics, that is fine, but you should make sure you are informed of the issues before making sweeping or general statements about a topic in which you know nothing about.

3 Everyone is entitled to their personal opinions even if such opinions contain some false views on a particular topic.

4 We respect each person’s right to have opinions, even if those opinions are wrong and one should not be overly concerned with their false ideas unless such ideas and opinions cause harm to others.

5 While we do not involve ourselves too much with the political systems of the world, we do need to be informed and have a working knowledge of current issues.

Chapter Five

The Evil One

1 The influences of the evil one have come in many different forms.

2 As long as enemies exist, the truth will be suppressed, but the truth and light will always be victorious.

Chapter Six

False Concepts

1 Like a moth attempting to fly in the pouring rain, so are those who attempt to gain wisdom without letting go of preconceptions.

2 As the wings of the moth become wet from the rain, so does one’s mind become heavy with his or her clinging to concepts and not abandoning attachments.

3 False teachers do not bear the fruit of righteousness and as such, they are like an empty mountain that bears no fruit from its trees.

Chapter Seven


1 Do not be concerned with forms and images.

2 Forms and images, as are all things of this world, are illusions and subject to impermanence.

3 The only thing that remains is the truth.

Chapter Seven


1 Do not judge others based on their practices and be forgiving of others’ transgressions; it is the responsibility of religious teachers to admonish and offer counsel to those who transgress the Holy Tablets, the Religion of Light and the Assembly of the Righteous.

2 Refrain from obsessing about the practices of others who do not share the same traditions as yours.

3 Refrain from judging others due to their gender, social status, ethnicity, colour, nationality, or sexuality. Practice equality. Reject biases.

4 Refrain from making fun of others who may appear as unattractive, physically or mentally handicapped, poor or elderly and those who are experiencing misfortune.

5 Forms are only illusions; do not cause pain for others with your words or actions and do not wish misfortune upon anyone.

Chapter Eight


1 Not every tragic event is associated with karma or what one did or did not do in their “past life.”

2 Tragic events in history, be it rape, slavery or torture, occur – to put it simply – because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3 In some cases, there are occurrences of rape or atrocities committed against people because they permitted it.*

*(invited it due to their actions – see next verse for clarification)

4 For example, if someone has become so inebriated due to drugs or alcohol, by their own choice, and go around flirting with someone, and doing other things they normally would not do, and later they are sexually assaulted, they brought such a horrible act upon themselves.

5 If a person has become homeless and without food or money because they lost their finances due to their addiction to gambling, the person brought this upon himself.

6 So in these examples, and many others, the events that take place in a person’s life are not always due to karma from their “past life.”

Chapter Nine

The Message of Light

1 Live your life according to the Precepts of the Message of Light, and you will find that you are walking on the path to liberation.

2 Those who first respond and act upon the Message of Light in their lands will be the first to be blessed.

3 None who are faithful to the Precepts of Asha shall be far from the heart of Mithra.

Chapter Ten

Loving Kindness

1 Generate loving kindness for all living beings; be grateful for all that you have and when possible, demonstrate your loving kindness by sharing with those who are less fortunate and in need.

2 Do not neglect the care of humans, the poor, the elderly and animals.

3 All these living beings deserve your compassion.

4 Make it your duty to protect children and the mentally vulnerable from being abused.

5 Be as generous as possible towards good charitable organisations with money, food, clothing, blankets, and volunteering your time.

6 Plant trees on a regular basis, as far as you are able, and have respect for the environment.

Chapter Eleven

Never Give up Hope of a Better Future

1 Even in the face of such great opposition from humanity, Zurvan knows very well that there are some among humankind that can still respond to the Call and as such He in return responds with a loving hand and guides them into the Light and Truth.

2 We demonstrate our love for Zurvan by following the divine instructions of Mithra, we observe the Maxims (Ashavan Commandments), we pray daily, share the Message of Light with others, and live according to the Revelation given to us, never looking back. These are the steps to perfection.

3 Even when you are being persecuted, provoked, experiencing financial or family issues, or when things in life are just not going your way, always stand firm in the Truth, never give up hope of a better future, work as hard as you are able in sharing the Message of Light with your neighbors, continue to study the Tablets of Light and all the revealed holy texts, and take comfort that Mithra is with you, even in what you may believe are those darkest hours of your life.

4 Nothing in this world is permanent.

5 We are promised time and again that a better world awaits us –a world without sorrow, sickness, pain or death.

6 The future is bright because it is secured by the One who promised it – Lord Mithra, our Saviour and beloved Teacher.

Chapter Twelve

Oneness in Mithra

1 All things in life are connected in one way or another; all things are dependent upon one another.

2 Look at the bread that you consume – it is connected to the sun and to the rain; it was the sun and the rain that nourished the wheat in the fields which was later harvested by the farmer, and gathered up and made into bread for your nourishment.

3 In the same way, you are connected to the sun and to the rain.

4 We are all connected to the universe.

5 When you come to realize this interdependence you will see the importance of not striving after victory over others and all arguments and striving will fall by the wayside.

Chapter Thirteen

The Religion of Light

1 Avoid arguments that can cause division between brothers and sisters who are trying to follow the Religion of Light.

2 The most important way you can spend your time is with the Religion of Light – its deep study, applying it to yourself and sharing it with others.

3 In each era of the existence of humanity, the chosen ones, called out by God, have continued their work of bringing the Message of Light to all nations and to all tongues.

4 Buddha was in Nepal and India; Zarathustra was in Persia; and Isha* was in Israel.

*(Yeshua Mshikha/Jesus Christ)

5 The teaching, the practices and the revelation continue throughout the ages for the benefit of each soul, so that they may awaken and come to the realization of the truth concerning the Light.

Chapter Fourteen

Religious Tolerance

1 Respect the right of others to follow their own religious path; you are not asked to respect a religion that brings physical, mental or financial harm to others or an ideology that promotes violence.

2 Refrain from forcing your beliefs and practices upon others.

3 Be at peace with all living beings and do not overly concern yourself with the practices of others.

Chapter Fifteen

Spiritual Liberation

1 The message of liberation has reached literally millions of people, but only a few have taken up its banner in the world.

Chapter Sixteen

Stress and Anxiety

1 We live in the present moment and see things for what they are and do not allow

them to cause us to have too much anxiety and stress or too much excitement.

2 Even too much excitement can lead to stress and anxiety if our expectations are too high concerning even that which we might consider good moments in life.

Chapter Seventeen

Helping to Spread the Call

1 Striving towards perfection is only one goal of the Elders, but they are not yet perfect.

2 Their main goal is to bring awareness of pure worship of Zurvan to the world and to give hope to all humankind, regardless of race, gender or social status.

3 The laity follow the example of those taking the lead, and often times are inspired to take the lead themselves in sharing the Message of Light with all others and helping to spread the call throughout the world.

4 Mithra and the Divine Mother send a call out among the disciples of the Religion of Light to help those innocent souls to find the truth and the Light.

5 That is one of the duties of adherents of the Religion of Light.

6 A true disciple already knows this and does not neglect his or her duty in helping others, regardless of the religion of those they are reaching out to.

Chapter Eighteen


1 There are many signs that we come across in our lives every day. Some of these signs instruct us to take caution, while other directly tell us to stop everything in our tracks.

2 On the other hand, others instruct us that we should slow everything down, and yet there are others that tell us to go forward.

3 If we do not pay attention to these signs we may in fact find ourselves not in the most desirable situation.

4 For instance, if you are driving along a highway and approach a busy intersection and decide to ignore the stop sign, you are likely to cause not only yourself harm, but others as well.

5 Ignoring the stop sign may even cause more than just a bump or bruise on your forehead.

6 However, while it is of great importance to pay attention to street signs, warning lights and directional signs, those who are truly dedicated adherents of Asha are well aware that there are spiritual signs that provide us with divine guidance from Zurvan, from His Son Lord Mithra and from the Yazata’s*.

*(Celestial Servants)

7 These spiritual signs are the words and teachings graciously provided to us by the Son of God, Lord Mithra – the World Teacher. These signs can be thought of as “directional signs.”

8 When you are in need of guidance, Mithra provides the spiritual direction which you need. He does not merely give us advice or suggestions, but He provides us with guidance in how to walk with Him and how to approach Zurvan.

9 Are you paying attention to the signs? Are you sitting at the feet of our Master, Lord Mithra and absorbing every word He speaks?

Chapter Nineteen

Integrity in the Face of Opposition

1 Removing obstacles, limiting worldly associations, developing proper Godly devotion, setting priorities, regular fellowship. How can these five activities help you please God in your daily activities?

2 Remove obstacles that hinder your service to Zurvan.

3 Is entertainment a major part of your day to day activities? Is music, television or even going to a theater serving as an obstacle to your service to God?

4 Activities with unbelieving friends and associates have proven to be obstacles for some brothers and sisters.

5 This does not imply that one should not associate with others,but their influences and the time they take from you should always be noted and if such things are causing you to remove yourself further from the Presence of Zurvan, then now is the time to let go of anything that is not necessary – that is, anything that is not helping you advance in the Faith and render pure devotion to Almighty God.

6 Associate with those who give honour to God.

7 Even if you are in an isolated area where there are no other believers to fellowship with, you can remove yourself as often as possible, from those who dishonour God.

8 When we consider as precious brothers and sisters those who share the same faith and practices, one is able to give honour to God in daily devotion to Him.

9 Develop a serious attitude of Godly devotion.

10 Have you developed a lacklustre attitude concerning the necessity of daily devotion?

11 Again, are there obstacles that keep arising that may be causing you to lose your original zeal for God, His Way and the love of the assembly of the Ashavan?

12 When you develop the proper attitude concerning the Light and the many spiritual gifts that Zurvan continues to provide through Lord Mithra, you are able to renew the zeal you once had when you first came to the Light and Truth.

13 In order to possess this proper attitude you must be willing to use those spiritual gifts and tools so that they may benefit not only yourself but others as well.

14 Make the study of the Holy Tablets of Light and supportive materials a priority.

15 Without proper education in the Holy Words of Light, one can not expect to know the deeper things of Zurvan or what He requires of His people, which He has called out of the world as a remnant.

16 Be faithful to your calling by continuing in your learning process, giving honour to Zurvan and His Son*.


17 Every Ashavan should take time to study the Holy Tablets of Light, the materials based on the Holy Tablets and the regular messages provided by those appointed to teach within the Assembly.

18 When one removes themselves from fellowship with other believers, there is a tendency for one to quickly become out of touch with what is being revealed through the Message of Light and its Messenger. This is why it is important to study with others of like faith.

19 Remain in contact with those who worship in truth.

20 Regular fellowship is an important factor in our worship of Zurvan.

21 There are those, as mentioned above, that live in isolated areas, sometimes thousands

of miles from those who share the same beliefs and practices as taught within Asha.

22 For those who have access to the internet, remaining in contact with fellow believers through online discussion groups and social networking can be a real blessing.

23 When you have regular contact with fellow brothers and sisters, by whatever means are available to you, you receive the blessing of fellowship, and you receive blessings by keeping up to date with the latest activities and important messages being provided through the appointed teachers and leadership and the Bright Lamp of Revelation.

24 Brothers and sisters, without a doubt, there are many other things that each Ashavan can be doing in his or her day to day life, but it is my hope that these five points in particular will help to serve as stepping stones to greater service and awareness to become much more serious about your Godly devotion so as to please our Great Father and His Son Lord Mithra.

Chapter Twenty

Association to promote unity

1 Humanity lives in one of the worst times in history.

2 Diseases of various types are running rampant over the face of the earth.

3 Terrorism, greed and hatred are destroying humanity in every corner of the earth.

4 In such times of darkness and chaos, in addition to seeking protection by Zurvan through His Son, Lord Mithra, the brethren should be looking to one another for comfort.

5 The brethren must come to understand the true definition of spiritual unity or, sadly, many will be lost to the darkness.

Chapter Twenty-One

The Crucifixion of Isha Masiha*

1 What the Crucifixion of Isha accomplished was the opening of a doorway of opportunity to have one’s sins forgiven. Once and for all that doorway was opened, and for people to benefit from that sacrifice, they must accept it and apply its salvific work toward their souls.

*(Yeshua Mshikha/Jesus Christ)

2 The tradition of food offering* is provided by Zurvan for the benefit of humanity. If it were not for the work of the Crucifixion, that ability to be forgiven through Almsgiving would not exist in the world.


3 Through the Crucifixion, humanity is able to return to Zurvan in a clean state, through food offerings, through obedience to the Ashavan Commandments, through faithfulness in worshipping Zurvan, and through the practice of the Twelve Virtues and the Five Divine Lights*.

*(The Five Divine Lights are: Pure Reason, Pure Mind, Pure Intelligence, Pure Thought and Pure Understanding)

4 Without the sacrifice of Isha on the Cross, there would be no propitiation of sins of humanity, and all humanity would become part of the great lump in the end of time; however, Isha, once and for all, opened the door of eternal life in Bahisht.

Chapter Twenty-Two

The Ministry of Light

1 Lord Mithra has given unto you a commission to go into the world, spreading the Message of Asha to all its inhabitants, far and wide, from nation to nation and from island to island, and from village to village.

2 This divine commission is for every adherent of Asha, regardless of their talents.

3 Through the hands of those taking the lead among you – those who are going forward with sharing and publishing the Message of Asha through word of mouth and by printed page, Zurvan provides the necessary tools for all adherents of Asha to actively share its Message with others.

4 There is always some form of sharing Asha that each individual can take upon themselves.

5 Not everyone is able to speak eloquently, or write at length, but other methods of sharing the Message of Asha can involve the distribution of the printed page, whether this is as a group or as an individual.

6 Sharing the Message of Asha with others is a Ministry of Truth; it is a Ministry of Light to assist in the liberation of all those who have ears to hear.

7 Your ministry is a serious responsibility that should never be taken lightly.

8 Make sure that your ministry is always respectable and without stain.

9 Never cause others to stumble because of your inability to properly teach them.

10 Become competent and qualified as a minister to others through increasing your knowledge about the faith, and the Religion of Light in general.

11 Learn about the faith of others, for by doing so, your skills in sharing the Message of Asha will increase.

12 Study regularly with the Community and individually.

13 Strive to come to a better understanding of the deeper truths within the Holy Tablets of Light so that your ministry is a shining of example of true wisdom.

14 Apply what you learn from those who have been appointed to guard the Message of Asha and those who properly keep it organised.

15 Organise your ministry in a manner that is befitting of a servant of the Truth and the Light.

16 An organised and respectable ministry will give honour to Zurvan and to Mithra and the Community of the Ashavan.

17 Many brethren have discovered that proper record keeping has been a blessing to themselves and others, for by doing so, one maintains a respectable ministry that is organised and in honour of the Message of Asha.

18 Do not slack off from your ministry, for souls are saved by the work entrusted to your own hands.

19 Always be an active adherent of Asha by developing and sharpening the talents that were given unto you by Zurvan.

Chapter Twenty-Three

On the Cultivation of the Twelve Virtues

Section One

1 My brethren, children of the Venerable Religion, those who walk in the Path of Truth in the Religion of Light, O how I wish for each of you to put into daily practice the Twelve Virtues and the various character qualities associated with each of these Virtues.

2 When you realise the origin of the True Self, you know that you are a daughter or son of the King of Truth and you have skill, divine gentry, blessed dignity and virtue itself. This, my beloved children, is the first virtue: Great Royalty.

3 When you practice balance, seek and hold to enlightenment and understanding, when you are able to be taught things of a divine nature, this, my beloved children, is the second virtue: Wisdom.

4 When you practice self control and make a concerted effort to detach yourselves from materialism and harmful desires, this, my beloved children, is the third virtue: Victory.

5 Experience joy, O children of Light, practice divine persuasion and reconciliation with

your fellow brothers and sisters and the world. This, my beloved children, is the fourth virtue: Contentment.

6 When you practice modesty, have a humble heart and practice religious zeal, this, my beloved children, is the fifth virtue: Purity.

7 Beloved children, when your speech is true, when your beliefs are pure, when you practice upright morals, when you walk diligently upon the path of true religion, this, O children of Light, is the sixth virtue: Truth*.

*(Asha means “Truth/Righteousness”)

Section Two

8 When you are able to dispel all doubts, practice the skillful walk and have unerring faith in the revealed truths of Zurvan and His Son, Mithra, this, my beloved children, is the seventh virtue: Faith.

9 Remaining calm in all situations, enduring wrongs brought against you, and not being quick to anger, this, my beloved children, is the eighth virtue: Patience.

10 When you practice integrity, honesty and zeal in your walk, holding the right hand of Mithra, you come to realize the ninth virtue: Sincerity.

11 Good deeds, generosity, love, and graciousness in all things is a sign of the tenth virtue, my beloved children: Virtue.

12 When you practice uniformity of heart and impartiality toward all living beings, this, my beloved children, is the eleventh virtue: Justice.

13 When you are of one mind with Mithra, have light emanating from the soul, when you have unity with the Teaching of Mithra and with the blessed community of the believers, this, my children, is the twelfth virtue: Light.

Section Three

14 Additional qualities associated with these Twelve Virtues, beloved children, is to be able to be educated, to be able to educate others, to be useful to the Lord, to be useful to His community and to those seeking the truth,

15 to have the ability to utilize divine wisdom so as teach the path of truth to others, to have wisdom so as to meditate upon and see phenomenon for what it is, to be kind, altruistic, generous, to be amiable, friendly and non-Judgemental to all souls,

16 to be calm and peaceful, never upset by phenomenon, to be harmonious, unbiased, non-discriminatory, not prejudiced, and not being harsh toward others for their practices or mistakes.

17 The practice of these twelve virtues with these additional qualities, my children, will bring you to perfection and you will realize liberation.

18 At that point you may leave your shell, the material body, behind, and think no more of the dark world that held you captive.

19 When you have perfected these virtues you are ready to meet Lord Mithra on the other shore.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Be a Light of Encouragement

1 While it is ideal that an entire family unit worships together and shares the same beliefs, it is not a reality for most Religion of Light adherents today. The reality is, the world has crushed most families and formed them into something that is not godly or at least, lacks a great deal of spirituality or respect for what some members of the household might believe.

2 Living under a situation such as this can be very difficult, as some in our various communities can attest. We have some here who have family members who are of different faiths and some who are of no faith at all. Not everyone in these families are opposed to our beliefs, but we know of some who have expressed their dissatisfaction with their family members who have become members of Religion of Light communities.

3 Whatever your situation is with your particular family – especially if there are certain members of your family who are opposed to your practice, raise your head up and do not be too discouraged. There are others, many others, in the same situation as you yourself.

4 There are various saints within the Holy Faith who had siblings or certain family members, such as parents, who were extremely opposed to the faith, and to the Light in general. Many children were beaten because of their faith, but they did not give up believing and did not walk away from their vows to remain faithful to the One God, to Mithra and to the Divine Messenger whom they came to know and love. They continued in the path, as difficult as it was, even in times of solitude and during terrible instances of persecutions.

5 Brothers and sisters should continue to be a source of encouragement and strength for those who are dealing with these various situations. The Tablets of Light say, “Be a light of encouragement and a shield of protection for the lowly.”-Tablet of Mir Fratama 23:4

6 No matter where you find yourself within the Community, Zurvan has compassion and loves you very much – so much so that He has provided Mithra, and it is Mithra that is with you in your trials and various difficulties that you face. Look up, pray and be encouraged by the very Presence of Mithra.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Divine Light Brings True Hope to the World

1 The world is full of chaos and darkness, incurable diseases, starvation, civil strife, political and financial uncertainty, government and religious corruption and death. When contemplating upon these issues in life, one might wonder if any hope exists for humanity. One might ask, Where can I turn in such difficult times? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

2 Zurvan provides the world with hope in many different manners, such as teachings from the Messengers of Light and the Holy Tablets and by way of encouragement of mature brothers and sisters in the Faith.

3 True hope is found in the teachings of the Messengers of Light. Zurvan, through Mithra, has sent Messengers of Light to the world throughout the centuries. Some of these have included Enoch, Gautama Buddha, Isha Masiha (Jesus Christ), and others.

4 True hope is found in the pages of the Holy Tablets of Light. The Holy Tablets of Light contain the Pure Teaching for our day and age. Truly this is a gift from Zurvan through His Son Mithra.

5 Unlike some publications of a “self help” nature, the Holy Tablets of Light are not only a “book of rules” or so-called “self-help” guide, but they are a Book of Hope – a Book of Truth – with a message of comfort and life giving teachings for those living in this very era.

6 The Children of Light have a very strong sense of seriousness and solemness concerning the teachings of the Messengers of Light and the Holy Tablets of Light. This should not be surprising because they know without any doubt that such teachings were sent by Zurvan for His children of Light for the modern times in which they live.

7 His Divine Presence Mir Fratama has provided us with this spiritual gift for His disciples in a physical form. If not already developed, those who are serious disciples of the Divine Messenger in this age must take great care that the Holy Tablets of Light are respected for what they are.

8 The Divine Messenger has clearly told us that the Holy Tablets are not merely a book with printed pages, but rather, it contains within it the real, living and breathing Spirit of holiness. As such, as far as the Ashavan Faith is concerned, it must be exalted above every other book in existence.

9 We should never be found complaining about the content of the Holy Tablets! When someone gives you a gift, you should not complain about it. You should not say, I wish it was another color. I wish it was bigger, smaller, taller, wider, heavier, lighter, has more in it, less in it and so on.

10 When His Divine Presence Mir Fratama provides the Holy Tablets to you, be sure that you are showing your gratitude not only within your heart but also by outward signs. The latter can be accomplished by sharing the Message within its sacred pages with others. Always give thanks.

11 Never complain about a gift from anyone, and especially should you never complain about a divine gift such as the Holy Tablets of Light. If you receive a gift from someone and it does not fit properly or you do not like the color or style, you can always either return it to the store or give it to someone who needs it.

12 If, however, you complain about the Holy Tablets, are you not guilty of sinning against the Light? Since the Holy Tablets are the Pure Teaching and a living, breathing entity, imbued with the very spirit of Asha and that of His Divine Presence, the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

13 True hope for humanity in this age is found in the Divine Light. It is a light that is so bright, that the darkness can never overpower it. It can help develop a faith that is so strong that it can never be corrupted by outside influences.

14 That light can be discovered within the precious Teachings of the Divine Messengers of Light, and especially in regard to this modern era, in the sayings and teachings of His Divine Presence Mir Fratama.

15 Humanity also finds hope for both the present and the future in the most holy book in existence among Ashavan presently living in the world – the Holy Tablets of Light.

Chapter Twenty-Six

Unity and Harmony Among Brothers and Sisters

1“There is divine unity amongst my disciples, but each have also been granted a special freedom by my Father in all those matters which are not considered essential to the liberation of the soul.” -Mir Fratama

2 The Ashavan Faith, also referred to as the Religion of Light, as espoused by the Divine Messenger upholds the importance of unity among its members, clerics and laity. However, when we speak of unity it does not mean developing a cult mentality.

3 The Ashavan are never asked to believe in anything other than the essentials – brethren maintain unity in doctrine by remaining steadfast in the essentials of the Faith. Therefore, diverse thoughts, within righteousness, are permitted among the brethren, especially where direct teachings have not yet been provided by the Divine Messengers, especially of the current era.

4 It must also be kept in mind that when Divine Revelation is given on any particular subject that was not discussed before, the Ashavan are always willing to abandon all preconceptions and accept the Light provided to them. This is one means by which the Ashavan remain in unity with the Divine Messenger of Light.

5 If individual Ashavan, whether they are clerics or laity, have written and published materials on subjects that may now seem contrary to His Divine Presence Mir Fratama’s direction, those individuals must review such previous writings and make the proper adjustments where necessary.

6 When writing on any subject that has not been discussed by His Divine Presence in a non-confidential nature, the author should make a note that the thoughts within the article, book or other material are the views of the author and not necessarily those of the Maethana Asha.

7 While there is unity within diversity, the Ashavan know very well that if they are teaching anything that is contrary to the teachings of the Divine Messenger, then such contrary matters must be corrected or abandoned in favor of the Light and revelation that is being provided by Zurvan.

8 There are obviously many benefits of remaining in harmony and peaceful unity with brothers and sisters of the Faith including the appointed leadership, but the Ashavan also believe in the importance of keeping unity within one’s family, even if some of those family members are not fellow Ashavan. The reason for this is to keep peace among family but not to the point of compromising righteous principles that have been learned.

9 If a non-believing family member tempts you to compromising Asha for an act of unrighteousness, the Ashavan brother or sister must remain strong in his or her faith and take a stand, even if it means dealing with some confrontation.

10 The Ashavan never wish to trade Light for darkness – for the two are incompatible and the latter means death, while the Light means eternity within the bosom of Zurvan.

11 The Ashavan deeply cherish the unity they have amongst each other. This unity is through their worship of the One True God, genuine love of one another, sharing the sense of responsibility to share the Pure Teaching with others in the world, unity in the family, and on the essential doctrinal matters.

12 His Divine Presence said, “Cherish the freedom that has been given unto you as children of the Light. Remain in unison with one another, in your shared faith concerning the worship of Zurvan; remain in unity concerning the Pure Teaching that has been revealed unto you, for it is light from the One God who is above the heavens. Remain in unity with me and you will draw closer to Zurvan.”

Chapter Twenty-Seven

The Divine Messenger

1 All of the Divine Messengers are ultimately from the same source – Mithra, who Himself being an emanation of the Compassion of the Lord of Heaven.

2 The Supreme Lord of Heaven, sometimes called the Great Father, is outside time and space, and is thus humanity is unable to fully know Him, except through the visage and teaching of Mithra.

3 When we speak of Buddha, Christ, or other Divine Messengers, we are referring to the physical manifestations of Mithra, whom we additionally refer to as Mir (Lord) Tarendra, or Mir Fratama.

4 In the practice of Asha, focus is placed on the current manifestation of the Divine Messenger, Mir Fratama. He is referred to as “His Divine Presence” because within Him is Mithra.

5 While he is not worshipped as “Almighty God”, our worship to the Lord of Heaven (who sits above the Divine Messenger) is through Mir Fratama. This is because the teaching of Mir Fratama is a mirror of Zurvan above, who alone receives pure worship.

6 The Ashavan practice daily devotions in honor to His Divine Presence Mir Fratama. These practices include prayers, the reading of Ashavan Scriptures, meditation & the use of a prayer garland (beads), before the Fire Urn or Hearth (the fire symbolizing the presence of Mithra).

7 We take refuge in Mir Fratama each day, in His Teaching and in His Community*.


8 Taking refuge in Mir Fratama means that we rely solely on Him to liberate our souls from the darkness.

9 Taking refuge in His Teaching means we rely on His Pure Teaching in the Scriptures and His Revelatory Message as our guide in walking in His Way.

10 Taking refuge in His Community means that we rely on one another for support, respectfully accept the guidance of those whom Mir Fratama has appointed to leadership in His Assembly, encouragement and the continual generation of brotherly love.

11 Mir Fratama is the Way of Light. He teaches us about the future purpose of Zurvan in this world.

12 Not only is he is a physical being in our world, additionally he is a living spiritual being who resides with all those who have a pure heart.

13 Through the Pure Teaching, His Divine Presence is able to turn even the hardest of hearts to the Light. Through the loving-kindness and great compassion of Mir Fratama, he is able to deliver all souls from death to life.

14 Love, Light, Power, and Wisdom are aspects of the Divine Avatar (Messenger) which is emanated from Zurvan. Combined, this is the Fourfold Form of the Living Messenger of Light.

15 Mir Tarendra takes many different forms and images. He is a manifestation of the Supreme God’s love for humanity, and is thus viewed as an Emanation of Supreme Compassion.

16 Whether you call Him Zarathustra, Mahavira, Buddha, Siddhartha or Christ, Mir Fratama is the manifestation of Zurvan’s love in this world in our own time. Mir Fratama is His Divine Presence.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Every Single Moment in Life

1 It is very easy for many to become weighed down with so much things going in their lives within the world or over burdened with certain events that a person often does not take time to fulfil their vows to Zurvan and to Mir Fratama.

2 Activities in the secular world, over indulging in worldly entertainment, television, music, concerts, sporting events and so on can quickly cause one to lose his or her focus on the more important things – communion with the divine.

3 There is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying life and spending time in various activities with family or friends, but if you have come to realise that you have no time at the end of the day for our Master, then it is time to look up to Him and ask for His guidance.

4 It is time to closely examine your day to day activities and start loosing the extra baggage. Unless we keep our priorities in proper order, we can quickly start to take for granted the many blessing from Zurvan.

5 Every single moment in life is extremely important. Every single second you spend on an activity that takes us away from our devotions, meditations, prayers, study and contemplation, is a second given to the darkness.

6 When your time is given over to the darkness, you lose appreciation for the more important things and can eventually become complacent and inactive within your congregation or with your responsibility to spread the Call throughout the world.

7 Let us take great joy and always have the greatest of appreciation for the divine gifts that are bestowed upon us from the Great Father of Lights above.

8 Ours is a Holy Faith that causes love and compassion for all living beings to develop within and as such it requires action on our part.

9 How could anyone become inactive, with so many blessings and the fact that the nature of the Holy Faith is revelatory, that everything that is uttered by the mouth of Mir Fratama that is meant for teaching purposes is not only of the Third Bright Lamp, but First and Second as well.

10 Mir Fratama’s words are Scripture, His instruction is Tradition and His prophetic utterance is Revelation.

11 May we never be found guilty of taking His teachings or the gifts we receive for granted.

12 May our hearts swell up with joy, appreciation and humility and may our hands be at work in the field of our Lord Mithra.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

The Source of Our Hope

1 Zurvan is the Divine Source of Light and Truth.

2 The Ashavan believe that Zurvan alone can provide for His people in a way that no human or no government can ever do, no matter what the situation is.

3 A man once asked Mir Fratama, “Lord, where can I find the truth that gives hope?”

4 Mir Fratama replied, “True prophecy is related to Mithra. Truth and prophecy, originating with Zurvan, is handed down through the Divine Messengers that were appointed by Mithra.

5 In the teachings of the Divine Messengers there is hope.”

6 The Ashavan know this hope is found within the teachings of these Divine Messengers and that today, it is written down in the Holy Tablets of Light for all to not only learn by contemplation and study but also by action.

7 Those who love Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra, also love the Scriptures that have been provided to them through the hands of the scribes.

8 The Ashavan are grateful for this divine gift provided through Mithra.

9 We can view the Holy Tablets of Light as the unified voice of the Divine Messengers that have been sent into the earth over the centuries.

10 It is a book that gives each one of us the opportunity to learn about God, His purposes for humanity, life lessons and gives us the ability to develop hope within ourselves.

11 Humans and governments can offer a great deal of comfort for their fellow human beings and citizens, but man can not always keep his promises and humanity can never offer the hope of eternal life.

12 Human beings are in a constant process of death and decay, and while science has progressed by leaps and bounds, it will never be able to offer a solution to death.

13 Our Source of hope is with Zurvan as found in the Tablets of Light. In it are the promises of life with that same Source – eternally.

14 The Holy Tablets of Light can assist every man, woman and child to develop hope within themselves during these difficult times and can give assurance of an escape from the inevitable end of man – death.

15 Look to Zurvan as the Source of your hope. Study the Holy Tablets of Light.

16 Put its words into action in all that you do and your faith and hope will become stronger each day.

Chapter Thirty

Hope for the Future in the Message of Light

1 With a world that is almost utterly overrun with darkness and every form of evil, where can a man or woman turn for hope regarding their future and that of their families, friends and other loved ones?

2 In a recent devotional message called “Divine Light Brings True Hope to the World”, it was stated that the “Zurvan provides the world with hope in many different manners, such as teachings from the Divine Messengers of Light and the Holy Tablets and by way of encouragement of mature brothers and sisters in the Faith.

3 True hope is found in the teachings of the Divine Messengers of Light. Zurvan, through Anahita and Mithra, has sent Divine Messengers of Light to the world throughout the centuries.”

4 These divine teachings come down to us from Zurvan through Anahita and Mithra and then through their appointed mouthpieces such as the Holy Prophets and other Divine Messengers of Light. In most recent times the Pure Teaching has come to us through the Manifestation of Mithra known to us as Mir Fratama.

5 In the Pure Teaching there is hope. This is not a hope limited to any certain “class” of people – but, rather, is a hope for all nations – all peoples – all races – all ethnic groups who put their trust in Zurvan and in the Teachings of Light.

6 In that Message, made ever so clear in our very own day, are beautiful and hope filled promises. That same Message is found within the Holy Tablets of Light, cherished by the Ashavan the world over, in small and large communities alike.

7 The Holy Tablets are able to provide every man, woman and child with not only true hope for the future, comfort during difficult times, but also divine guidance as a stepping stone to a higher standard of living that is approved by Zurvan.

8 Mir Fratama teaches us that “the promises of Zurvan contain within them a glorious future for those who are faithful in walking within His Light.

9 The Highest God is setting perfection within His servants and sending forth His Pure Teaching through His people for all nations to have have hope in the future.”

10 While the hope of a “glorious future” is promised, there is certainly a prerequisite.

11 His Divine Presence clearly states that such hope is “for those who are faithful in walking within His Light.”

12 How can we expect agents of the darkness to have any hope – much less those who follow after their ways?

13 Those who reject the Pure Teaching from Zurvan are not included among the peoples that will be comforted with hope for the future.

14 Mir Fratama has told us repeatedly that “those who continue walking in the darkness and serve only themselves shall not inherit the promises of Zurvan who sits above the heavens.

15 When a man serves only himself, he is in fact serving the darkness and all that is associated with it.”

16 However, for those who are listening intently to the Call of the Spirit and taking in knowledge of the Pure Teaching, maturing in their faith and walking with the blessed servants of the Divine Messenger, there is a grand future just around the corner. This is, as Mir Fratama has stated, a “New Creation”.

17 His Divine Presence said, “Almighty God is making a New Creation in humankind now on the earth with those who hear and listen to His Voice.

18 The Great Father is making all things new and casting all the old things out.

19 There is a Remnant in each generation of humankind that seeks the Presence of the Great Father.

20 It is the Remnant who understands and follows the Message of Light* and share it with great joy among others who do not know God for their edification, blessing and happiness.”

*(Another term for the Pure Teaching)

21 His Divine Presence has also stated that in the New Creation, there will be no darkness, no destruction, no evil and no return to the former things that were associated with the darkness. But how is this “no return to the former things” made possible within each person?

22 Again we are guided by the comforting words of Mir Fratama: “All those who seek the Light of Zurvan cast off the Old Man, for the way of the Old Man is not of the Way of Light.

23 In the New Era, when all who have put on the New Man walk in the Way of Perfection and Light, there is no darkness and no sorrow, and all shall be blessed in the very Presence of the Highest God.”

24 Therefore, it is imperative that those who wish to learn and follow after the Way of the Light, “put on the New Man” and “walk in the Way of Perfection and Light” – but as Mir Fratama has stated, we must “cast off the Old Man”.

25 Humanity can have hope in the future by making a serious examination of the Pure Teaching and finding within it not only a guide to everyday living, but divine instructions on how one can remove the old self that has been contaminated by the world of darkness in favour of Bahisht governed by Zurvan. Again, this hope is obtainable by all those who seek Zurvan.

26 Mir Fratama said, the “Zurvan does not cast anyone out who seeks after Him in truth and sincerity. All those who walk and remain in His Truth and Light shall become part of the New Creation.”

Chapter Thirty-One

Pleasing God with a New Mind

1 In Asha we speak a lot about the soul, its origin and its destiny. We speak of the various stages of a soul’s existence, its beginning, its present condition, whether it is sleeping or awake.

2 For those who sincerely and truthfully practice the Ashavan Faith wholeheartedly, the soul is awakened and is aware of its original home. The soul has knowledge that it is sojourning in the earth within a temporary shell – the body.

3 An awakened soul is also very much aware of its true home and longs for that home and will do everything in its limited ability (limited because of the physical body) to seek to return to its true home in Bahisht from which it originated.

4 The soul, while in the physical body, has many limitations and restrictions – as if it were in chains within a prison cell.

5 The soul must endure much that the physical body undergoes as well as what the world and enemies of the Holy Faith put it through.

6 This can take a great toll on every person of faith who strives to be pleasing to His Divine Presence and to His Father Zurvan.

7 Thus it will struggle from to time with not only physical issues related to pain and illness but also with emotional issues such as stress and the sense of loss (such as mourning) and perhaps at times despair.

8 A true Ashavan who wishes to be pleasing to Zurvan must undergo a major change within their thought pattern and their daily activities.

9 One who has converted from the world to Asha must not turn back to the dark ways of their former religion.

10 The change in mind must also be accompanied by a strict discipline that does not permit one to have doubts about their practice or have desires to return to that which was not sent from Zurvan in the first place.

8 How can a soul be pleasing to the God, Mother and to the Son? One way is occupying one’s self with the study of the Holy Tablets of Light, prayer and contemplation, singing and chanting of the Blessed Psalms & Gathas of our Faith, and remaining in contact with brothers and sisters by various means.

9 The latter is very important for those Ashavan who are living in lands where they are typically isolated from a central Ashavan Hanzaman*.


10 Brothers and sisters can provide strength to one another by sharing their experiences, studying the Holy Tablets together, praying for one another, and taking a genuine interest in each other’s struggles in day to day life.

11 Mir Fratama is pleased with us when we put aside the “old man” from our lives and put on the “new man” – or new mind – by refining the awakening soul and taking in proper knowledge of the Truths given to Him by Zurvan.

12 He is pleased with us when we help our brothers and sisters who may be struggling with various issues that each one may be dealing with in life.

13 He is also pleased with us when we are in unity – not only with Him but also with each other.

14 When we put on the new mind we begin to refine the soul and we begin to have awareness of the more important things – we have more compassion, tolerance and forgiveness of one another’s faults.

15 When the new mind is in place, one is better equipped with the ability to deal with infractions or offences that may arise one time or another.

14 When one has a refined soul, even if not yet perfected, one does not lord his or her position over others and does not display a spirit of pride and arrogance.

15 This is important for all Ashavan but especially for those who have been appointed to lead the Flock of Zurvan while their soul’s sojourn in the earth.

16 Be pleasing to God, Mother and Son by conforming your mind to the Word of Truth instead of the ways of the world.

17 Remove doubt from your mind and permit your heart to become a vessel of devotion to those things of a divine nature and to your brothers and sisters.

18 Always be compassionate toward others and be considerate of the feelings and situations of all your brothers and sisters.

19 Be a light to everyone you meet and an example of a soul that is being refined by the Light of Truth.

Chapter Thirty-Two

The Brethren are Your Family

1 Beloved sons and daughters in the Light, some of you have been undergoing some trials of varying degrees, some quite harsh to be exact.

2 I can not stress enough the importance of calling upon your brothers and sisters in the Religion of Light to assist you with prayer, counseling or simply an ear to hear your thoughts and troubles, and a shoulder to lean on in these stressful times.

3 Holding back and not sharing your feelings with those who care about you is not good – they can have adverse affects on both your mental and physical health.

4 Your fellow adherents in the Religion of Light are part of your true family – each one called to serve with you through good and bad times – shoulder to shoulder.

5 Do not neglect to call upon your brothers and sisters, dear children of the Light.

6 There are mature brethren who await to hear from you and who only wish for your happiness.

7 You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for an ear or a shoulder.

Chapter Thirty-Three

A Religion Without Borders

1 Throughout the centuries there have always been different manifestations of the Religion of Light that are relevant to specific cultures;

2 this has been especially important to those individuals who prefer to practice the Faith within their own cultural setting.

3 Mir Fratama, the Lord sent from Zurvan, has recently instructed that His children of Light become a unified body, without bias to their individual cultures.

4 The Ashavan Faith is a perfect example of how all of these cultural expressions of the Blessed Religion is organised in a unified manner for seekers of Light who experience themselves as part of a “universal culture.”

5 Thus, today the Asha Hanzaman* is a manifestation of the Religion of Light “without borders.

*(Global Community of Ashavan)

4 Individual Ashavan are encouraged to embrace their specific cultures and unique aspects and to utilize their special talents given to them by Mithra for assisting each other and edifying the Brethren in the Holy Religion of Light.

5 Mir Fratama has not asked anyone to abandon their nationality or cultural aspects, so long as such aspects do not conflict with the Truth of Zurvan, but rather His Divine Presence encourages His children to become a unified people to bring glory and honor to Almighty God, to the Light and the Three Bright Lamps.

6 We would like to encourage the Brethren to speak of the Religion of Light, particularly Asha, not in terms of various cultures and religious practices unique to individual nations, but as a unified body of believers;

7 Who worship Zurvan in truth and sincerity, who give honor to Anahita who is the Divine Mother of Life, who give honor to Mir Fratama who is the Descent of Mithra;

8 Who respect and follow the guidance of those whom Mir Fratama has appointed to lead His disciples,

9 To support one another in all things righteous, to make the Call known in the world and to share the Pure Teaching with all those who have a hearing ear.

This concludes the Tablet of Mir Eresh Zademir

Tablet of the Gathas

of Mir Eresh Zademir

Gatha One

My Hands Are Raised

1 Zurvan, my hands are raised to You,

2 May Your Name be lifted up in all the earth.

3 Zurvan, my heart sings out to You,

4 May Your works be praised in all the heavens.

5 From Sabbath to Sabbath, from sunset to sunset,

6 Your great works are greatly extolled;

7 May all those who cherish truth hear Your Teaching.

Gatha Two

Not by the Strength of Others

1 Not by the strength of others and not by the will of my own,

2 but by Your Power alone,

3 Is truth and righteousness accomplished.

Gatha Three

We Honour the Sabbath

1 We honour the Sabbath by giving rest to our works,

2 We honour the day of rest by gathering together,

3 To study, reflect and gain from the Holy Tablets, O Zurvan,

4 To know You, the Divine Mother, and Your Son.

5 Teach us by the Holy Light all that You require in Asha.

Gatha Four

Thankfulness for All Things

1 We express our thankfulness for all things, O Zurvan,

2 It is from Your hands alone that blessings flow to all peoples;

3 We give You thanks, O Zurvan, for the blessings of yesterday;

4 We give You thanks, O Father, for the blessings of today;

5 We give You thanks, O Alone-born One, for the blessings of tomorrow.

Gatha Five

Let All Peoples Praise Zurvan

1 Let all peoples praise Zurvan, our God,

2 And let all hands be uplifted to His face.

3 Let all peoples in the earth shout for joy,

4 And let all voices be united in praise of Zurvan.

Gatha Six

To Holy Mithra

1 Give to the Holy Mithra honour; Give honour, Amin.

2 Give to the Holy Mithra praise. Give praise, Amin.

3 All you who honour the Holy Mithra, Raise your voices.

4 All you who praise the Holy Mithra, Raise your hands.

Gatha Seven

Praise for the Son

1 Praise for the Son, It is the sound of the people of rest.

2 Praise for the Son, It is the life of the people of light.

3 Praise for the Son, It is the prayer of the people of truth.

4 Praise for the Son, It is the meditation of the people of life.

Gatha Eight

Guide Me

1 Guide me, O Lord Mithra,You who are manifested in your people the Ashavan.

2 Guide me, O Lord Mithra,You who are present within the Holy Teachings.

3 Guide me, O Holy Fount, You who give life to all who partake of You.

Gatha Nine

We Rest in You

1 We rest in you, O Lord.

2 The sun rises and gives Your Name glory. Oh glory to Your Name, O Lord in the highest.

3 Who can part the clouds, none but You. You, O Lord, scatter the darkness and bring light.

4 The celestial beings, day and night chant: Holy is Your Name. Blessed is Your Name.

5 We stand with the celestial beings and call upon Your Name.

Gatha Ten

Protector of the Sheep

1 In times of darkness, You are our shelter, O Lord and protector of the sheep.

2 You protect us from the storm and all of its raging, day and night.

3 Your shield and Your buckler are our safeguards from all forms of evil.

4 The darkness can never encompass Your garden of light and truth.

5 Our shelter is in Your Name, Zurvan, and in Your holy commandments.

6 In Your commandments we take delight all day.

7 Evening and morning we praise Your Name.

Gatha Eleven

The People are Blessed with the Truth

1 Zurvan has blessed all peoples with the Asha of Mithra.

2 He has provided a way of escape in your name.

3 May all sincere souls find you and your truth.

4 May the darkness be turned away from the gates of truth,

5 May the light shine throughout the universe, and bless all souls.

6 Praised be to Zurvan who blesses all peoples with the truth of Mithra.

7 Praised be to Zurvan who provides a way of escape through Mithra.

Gatha Twelve

Touch My Heart

1 The rain trickles down from the heavens, always offering a blessing.

2 We thank you, O Good Zurvan, for Your generous gifts.

3 May all that the dew touches in the morning be blessed.

4 May all souls rise up and praise Your Holy Name, O Zurvan!

5 Touch my heart, lift up my soul.

6 I give you praise, all the day long.

7 In the darkness, my ears hear your voice.

8 I am comforted by your loving words.

9 Touch my heart, lift up my soul.

10 I give you praise, all the day long.

Gatha Thirteen

Bless the Hands

1 Bless the hands, Zurvan, of those who are busy with Your work;

2 May they never tire in the field of the world as they share truth and light;

3 Sovereign of the Universe, You always give blessings to all those who

bring the Good Message to those in need;

4 Bless the hands of Your servants through Mithra.

Gatha Fourteen

My Heart Cries Out To You

1 My heart cries out to you, O Lord, Sovereign of the Universe; Hear my shouts of anguish; see my tears of pain.

2 The whole world lies in darkness, Lord, King of the Light; Hear my prayers for their salvation; see how I care.

3 Let not my work be in vain, O God who is above the heavens; Hear the petition of my heart, see the work of my hands.

Gatha Fifteen

A Gatha for the Holy Sabbath

1 Blessed are You, O Lord, God of Light and Truth; Blessed are You, who gives Your people the Sabbath.

2 Blessed are You, O Lord, Source of all that is holy and true; Blessed are You, who gives Your people the Sabbath.

3 Blessed are You, O God of wisdom and Life; Blessed are You, who gives Your people life-giving knowledge.

4 Blessed are You, O Zurvan, True God above all; Blessed are You, the All-Encompassing one of Light.

5 Blessed are You, Father of Light, Source of Divine Comfort; Blessed are You, who gives Your people true rest.

This concludes the Tablet of the Gathas of Mir Eresh Zademir

The Tablet of the Yazatas

Chapter One


1 Zurvan is not reachable for sentient beings existing in the realm of matter.

2 However, a Way has been provided through which salvation may be obtained by having faith in Mithra.

3 After one leaves the realm of matter through the natural process of leaving the body of flesh in death, that one has a higher level of access to Zurvan since by this time they have found liberation of the light from matter, finding complete enlightenment and perfection in the actual Presence of Zurvan.

Chapter Two


1 What is sin? Sin is the carrying of deep guilt upon one’s self.

2 This deep guilt should be confessed with great repentance and removed from the mind;

3 With confidence that the offending act that brought about the charge of guilt has been forgiven by Zurvan.

4 Sin is any act that brings harm to others.

Chapter Three

The Sin of Matter

1 Matter, which is the flesh, is charged with guilt because of clinging to the concept that matter is the true self.

2 This sin brings destruction to the pure heart if true, sincere repentance is not made.

3 Matter is like an old house which has become rotten, decaying under the infestation of insects within its walls.

4 Matter is a house that is falling upon the ground.

5 It has been condemned and all those within it will fall with its decay.

6 Matter is a city that is overrun by invaders.

7 It is unsafe and all those within its walls will find nothing but destruction.

Chapter Four

Life in Other Systems of Creation

1 This has not been revealed by my superiors to me as information that could be shared with humans until now and I was told that this information has been hidden or ‘shadowed over’ in a way until now when asked by others.

2 Many have asked over the centuries if life existed on other planets or if there are other star systems, planets and universes outside that which is currently known to man. The answer to that question is yes.

3 There is life on other planets that still remains unknown to humankind as well as other universes and this life is similar, and in many cases identical, to life on planet Earth.

4 There are planets and systems that humanity is not aware of at this current time; however, they are gradually learning about some of them through technology and other means of scientific discovery.

5 In regards to social issues prevalent in the earth today, there are similar problems in other systems with varying degrees of crime, greed or sickness. None but the spirit realms are perfect.

6 All the various universes in the physical realm are subject to the same socio-economic problems. Each have varying degrees of the level of such problems.

7 The various universes are referred to as lands or sometimes as countries.

Chapter Five

Earth Visitations

1 Both spirit beings and other human like beings have visited the Earth throughout history and some continue to do so.

2 The human like beings are often times manifestations of spirit beings – that is, those who took upon themselves a physical form.

Chapter Six

The Fall

1 The “Fall”* did not take place on earth alone, since the forces of darkness created many different worlds in their attempt to mimic the true creation of Zurvan.

*(In reference to the fall described in the Hebrew Scriptures in the book of Genesis)

2 Therefore, the “Fall” was all-encompassing in the various physical universes.

Chapter Seven

Creation of Earth

1 The earth took countless eras for its formation; however, creation on the face of the earth (sentient beings) was accomplished in seven different stages of time, or eras.

2 These stages were not in twenty-four hour increments.

3 This was the same for all universes and the lands within them.

Chapter Eight


1 True understanding manifests patience and dispels anxiety.

2 Do not rush into any activity, but permit your hands and your mouth to be guided in patience by my Father, Lord Mithra, and in this way your feet shall not shuffle the dust beneath them.

3 Have patience. Patience brings light and understanding.

4 Light is the root of true understanding.

Chapter Nine

Jesus Christ is a Manifestation of Mithra

1 “Jesus”* refers to the first century C.E. Manifestation of Mithra.

2 Jesus the Saviour is highly exalted among his brethren in the spirit realm.

*(Isha Masiha/Yeshua Mshikha)

Chapter Ten

The Manifestation of Mithra is the World Teacher

1 The World Teacher* is the earthly embodiment of the Great Spirit– the Holy and Living Lord Mithra.

*(The term “World Teacher” was another description for the final incarnation of Mithra in the world, Mir Fratama, who appeared in the flesh from the winter of 2012 through the spring of 2015)

2 According to the Divine Decree, the World Teacher is the physical aspect of Lord Mithra.

3 In essence, they are one and the same, but the World Teacher is both heavenly and earthly.

4 The earthly manifestation of Lord Mithra embodies the Living Spirit.

5 The Manifestation of the Divine Messenger is Lord Mithra in earthly form.

6 He shall instruct you and the world in the Way of the Religion of Light.

7 The Divine Messenger* is the spiritual conduit of teaching, blessing and light from Lord Mithra above.

*(When the Divine Messenger is not present on the Earth it is the responsibility of the Teacher of Light to present His Pure Teaching to the world)

This concludes the Tablet of the Yazatas

The Tablet of the Sun

Chapter One

1 It came about on the twenty-first day of the month of December in the year two-thousand and fourteen, during the great Shab-e Yalda festival, when the biological sons of the various Divine Messengers* had gathered over the land of Persia† that after the sun had sunk, and the skies became darkened, a great light began to shine from the eastern horizon.

*(Various Divine Messengers who manifested throughout history)

(In a celestial plain over the earthly Iran)

2 As the minutes passed by, the light became brighter and the skies of the celestial region began to become brighter as if it was morning.

3 And then it could be seen that it was the sun that was rising.

4 At that time, the sons* of Tarendra began to sing hymns‡ in praise of Zurvan and unto the Divine Mother of Life and unto Mithra and unto their father Mir Tarendra, for they knew this was no ordinary night.

* (or “Children” – being sons and daughters, all genders)

(or “chant songs”)

5 Now, the sons of Tarendra could see a silhouette in the distance with the sun behind it; it was in the shape of a man walking toward them.

6 When the form became visible, the sons and daughters of Mir Tarendra continued to sing hymns.

7 Behold! It was Mithra in the form of their father, Tarendra, known to some as Mir Fratama.

8 His sons and his daughters bowed in respect as he approached; and as he touched their shoulders, tears streamed down their faces.

9 And he raised his hands and said unto his children, “Calm. Be at peace. You know that I am always with you, whether in physical or spirit form.”

10 And a great calm rested upon his beloved children.

Chapter Two

1 Their father continued by saying, “As the sun is faithful to rise day by day, so is the faithfulness of Zurvan in fulfilling His promises toward each of you, and toward humanity.

2 “Light has come, and the truth is shining throughout the universe.

3 “Many who have the propensity to recognise and follow the Light are being called to the altar of the Aten*, and they are arriving at the gates of the Temple with their offerings.

*(A symbol representing the Presence of the One God. Aten is the Ancient Egyptian Name for Zurvan.)

4 “The time has come, my children – yes, the command has gone forth, that the sons and daughters of Light be gathered unto the Lord – all that is His, into His Temple on earth and in the heavens.

5 “A new world* has been created in the celestial heights, resting above earthly Amarna† and Sinai.

*(Not the same place as “New Amarna” or “Terra Nova”)

(Akhetaten, “Horizon of the Aten,” additionally known as “el-Amarna” in Egypt)

6 “It is a world with a great city for certain ones who will be called from among the Children of Light – a place of gathering for all those not called into other worlds.

7 “Its residents will assist, by way of spirit, those remaining in the physical shell – especially those who are believers upon the earth.

8 “They will be taught by those who are brought up into the New City of Aten; and they will only teach that which is revealed to them.

9 “They will go from one place to another, being guided by the Divine Mother, into the homes of the Hearers, so as to teach them the Holy Precepts*.

*(The Precepts exist in Asha as the Divine Maxims.)

10 “Only those who are being called by the Mother shall receive the revelations and the teaching; for all those who have greed, pride and who hastily go beyond the path of Mithra, will not hear of the revelations or the teachings.

Chapter Three

1 “And it shall occur after this festival* that the Four Amarna Kings shall return to the atmosphere of the earth, and they shall consult one with another, and through my servants, will teach humanity, and especially those who have been called to the New City of Aten.

*(In reference to Shab-e Yalda which the Tarendrans were observing, see the first verse)

2 “And the names of those kings are: Akhenaten*, Smenkhkare†, Tutankhaten‡, and Aye.§

*(Identified as Moses)

(Smenkhkare Djeser Kheperu, the son and consort of Akhenaten)

(Identified as Isha)

§(Referred to as “Protector of the Throne”)

3 “Through the teachings of the Pharaohs of Light, the Divine Mother will prepare the sons and the daughters of Light for their new homes in the New City of Aten.

4 “The Divine Teachings will flow through my servant, Smenkhkare, and he shall provide the spiritual food as it is provided by my own hand, unto the Brethren of Light – all the children of truth and Light.

5 “The first things* of the Lord will be granted unto those who serve under the Four Kings of the House of Aten.

*(Teachings, revelations)

6 “Those who receive the first things of the Lord have a special blessing upon them, whether they are in the New City or still living upon the earth being prepared for their homes in the new world.

7 “In council with the Supreme Lord of Heaven*, He said unto me: ‘You shall gather that which belongs to the Light for service in the Great Temple of Aten; for it is the Temple that has been chosen as a conduit for all covenants, in the day that they are combined by My son.’

*(A reference to God)

8 “And further, He said unto me, ‘All those of the various spiritual communities that are faithful to their covenants and precepts shall be blessed by my own hand; however, I have chosen those who call upon Me through the Aten in this last era to serve as a blessing to all the sons of men upon the earth.

9 All those who join themselves unto the Temple of Aten, shall be blessed and shall be given a home in the New City. But know this, I have not forgotten the others among the faithful communities – for they too are blessed.’”

Chapter Four

1 And Mir Tarendra said unto his children, “Keep these words, the words of Zurvan, close and protect them. The Four Amarna Kings shall be returned, and they shall reside both above and upon the earth.

2 “And all the brethren of Light shall understand that the station of the Kings in the divine rankings is higher than that of the Tarendrans and of the Five Sons* of Mithra; for they have been formed from the very hands of the Mother of Life and Mithra, and have been placed by divine decree, within the symbol of the Aten.

*(Tzefat Ziwa, Melekh Shubkha, etc. In Asha we refer to the Sons of Mithra as the Yazata’s.)

3 “The sons and daughters of Divine Truth, that is, the brethren of Light, shall be brought together as one community, within the Temple of Aten, and worship the Lord who sits above the horizon, to know the Scriptures, to practise the Traditions and to understand the Revelations.

4 “They shall worship according to the way that was revealed by the holy ones in ancient Egypt; for it is the decree of the Father.

5 “And it shall be through the divine work of Pharaoh Smenkhkare – one of the Hands of Aten, and the Teacher of the Religion – Mir Eresh Zademir, that is, their prayers and rituals in the temples, that shall prevent all life from being destroyed upon earth as they make intercession before Zurvan before its time.”

6 After Mir Tarendra spoke these words, his sons and daughters began singing hymns in praise of Zurvan and of the Four Amarna Kings.

7 At this time Mir Tarendra greeted his sons and daughters with a holy kiss and ascended from that place.

Chapter Five

1 And a great voice was heard from the upper heavens, which was the voice of Akhenaten, and he said unto the children of Tarendra, “You shall gather the remaining rays of Light from the earth through the Great Temple unto the Holy Lord. This is the decree of the Lord who sits above the horizon, who shines His light upon all creation, He who rises in the East and blesses all that His hands touch.

2 “Tell the sons of men to worship the One God in the Aten, and to honour the precepts, the commandments*, and the pristine faith.


3 “Tell them to practice that which is virtuous for liberation from the world of darkness unto the Kingdom of Light.

4 “Instruct all the sons of men to respect the differences within all of humanity: colours, nationalities, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and genders.

5 “Tell them to have respect for one another, for those taking the lead among them, for their parents, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, and all members of their biological and spiritual families.

6 “All those who come unto the Temple of Aten and take up the banner of the Covenant of Aten*, shall be blessed in a special way, regardless of their former community. They shall not feel they are bound to any particular community in this last era.”

*(The Covenant of Aten is an ancient Covenant of Egypt that is offered to the faithful today. The members of the Covenant of Aten are brethren of the members of the New Mithraic Covenant. They are part of the Brethren of Light.)

7 Songs of praise went forth from the sons and daughters at that time and the prophecy of the sun was written down and delivered unto the sons who were upon the earth during that night, so that they may reveal the commandment of the Lord unto the people of rest – the brethren of Light.

This concludes the Tablet of the Sun

Tablet of Mir Garendra

Chapter One

On Replacing Anger with Compassion

1 Many of you have asked why anger arises and how can it be controlled.

2 Our Lord Mithra has said, “Do not permit your anger to get the best of you and in turn

cause a stumbling block to be placed before your brother or your enemy.”

3 And again, he said, “If someone expresses anger toward you, always speak with kind words with him.”

4 Anger is one of the sources of humanity’s ills on the earth. It is often due to a defiled and unbalanced mind, and diluted outlook or mindset.

5 Anger can arise when we are not satisfied with our current surroundings or the events that are taking place around us.

6 If we have wrong ideas about these matters around us, and something goes against our ideas of what we think should be a perfect situation, then anger might arise.

7 When we have ideas about a person or how they should be acting, we might become

angry because they disappoint us and do not follow the standards we placed upon them in our minds.

8 When we put too much emphasis on the actions of others, we become upset when they disappoint us.

9 Because you are in a physical body, part of the creation of the world of darkness, it is not going to be uncommon to have false thoughts about situations, people and other ideas related to the same.

10 The goal is to control that anger and come to realize the situation or person’s actions for what they are.

11 Each of you must remember that you are human beings – and those who are offending you are human beings too.

12 If you can not forgive others for what they have done to you, then, truly, how can you expect them to forgive you?

13 How can you live in peace without forgiveness?

Chapter Two

1 When we realize situations for what they are, we are not shocked at the actions of others, even if they are so outrageously out of the norm.

2 We have sympathy for those affected by outrageous acts (school shootings, murder of infants, other acts of violence, and so on), but we do not lose our balance as a result of those acts.

3 We do not permit ourselves to become outraged or permit our anger to get the best of us because we know that the act in question has probably caused a lot of suffering.

4 We would want to balance that anger and channel it to good use, turning it into compassion for those who have been hurt as a result of the act itself.

5 Instead of constantly condemning others, or becoming angry at them because they have not followed a rule or set of standards that you created, have empathy and if it is truly necessary, attempt to help them.

6 But do not try to help anyone until you yourself have developed a more balanced mind and have let go of anger.

7 Freely forgive people for their mistakes – for, they are humans and those mistakes arise from ignorance, and often they are unable to correct their paths because of the evil one.

8 This is how an enlightened person deals with various people and situations – without anger.

Chapter Three

1 If anger is not subdued, the true nature of the self is covered and can no longer be seen.

2 In this case there is no connection with Lord Mithra, and without Lord Mithra, there is no connection with Zurvan.

3 So, this is why it is important to quench the fire of anger, and never permit our tongue to become flame of fire under the control of the evil one.

4 It is very much like a person who has a fever. Even if one does not speak his anger through his mouth, he still suffers because he has not let go of the anger.

5 Anger is like the fever that remains within the body, causing all kinds of suffering.

6 Anger and bitterness can hold one back from the blessing of life in the world to come.

7 Never allow your anger or bitterness to be an excuse for the demons to hold on to you in the next life.

8 Faith in the truth and light, grace in our own actions and speech, and companionship with brothers and sisters of like faith can help us walk a path that is far from anger and any speech that causes suffering for ourselves and others.

Chapter Four

Why God Allows Suffering

1 Life in the world is very difficult. No matter if you are rich or poor, life is filled with every sort of pain and suffering.

2 With so much violence, sickness and death in the world, it is no wonder that for ages, people have asked, “Why does God allow suffering?”

3 Even with all these problems in the world, Lord Mithra has said there is hope.

4 “The Light of the Father shines even in the darkest of nights so that all those seeking Him in honesty may find Him.”

5 The Ashavan believe that human suffering, pain and ailments are attributed to the evil one, and not to God.

6 The Ashavan believe that God is all-powerful, but at the same time, they believe He is outside time and space.

7 When the Ashavan say that God is outside time and space, this means that God is not associated with the physical world in anyway, with the exception of sending His various Messengers to give guidance, teaching and comfort for a better future.

8 Mithra has said:“Humanity is always tested with physical, emotional and mental adversity. It is part of the human drama and the process of spiritual development.”

9 The Ashavan believe that there is obviously disease before there can be healing.

10 There is pain before there is comfort.

11 Humans experience pain and suffering on a daily basis, and for some this pain is due to physical ailments and diseases, and for others, it is mental anguish, depression and other related forms of suffering.

12 It could be said that there are certain people in the world that actually deserve certain levels of suffering;

13 For example, there are criminals that have caused a great deal of suffering for others, whether they have tortured their fellow human beings, murdered them, or subjected them to loss of loved ones, property and so on.

14 Would it not be reasonable to think that such criminals should undergo some form of punishment for their actions?

Chapter Five

1 Sadly, human beings sin against God every day.

2 People might think they are “good” based on their own concept of what “good” is.

3 Some, in their pride, might even think of themselves as being “perfect.” But is anyone really perfect?

4 Is anyone really “good”? If a man is good or perfect, why has he not assisted others in becoming perfect as well?

5 As long as humans exist in the physical shell, they will continue to sin against God and thus they will suffer the consequences of their actions.

6 Most people who ask the question “Why does God allow tragedies and so much suffering in the world” are really asking due to their own experience in suffering, whether this is due to physical pain or mental anguish.

7 On the other hand, there are few people who ask this or similar questions out of intellectual curiosity.

8 Human beings live in a world filled with sin, guilt and all types of actions that are against God.

9 Much of the suffering is a consequence, as mentioned above, of the sins committed by humans; then they blame such suffering on God.

10 This is a natural human reaction, at least for those who have some form of belief in a Higher Being. No one wants to blame themselves, so they feel they have to blame someone.

11 God did not create pain and suffering.

12 He did not place souls on the earth to experience the evil actions of others.

Chapter Six

1 Humans have a choice to make – whether to rise above the suffering by gaining proper knowledge about God and the future, and along with developing strong faith that God’s promises of a better future is the hope of the soul.

2 Lord Mithra has said, “While the forces of darkness moulded the body in which your soul inhabits, it was by the grace of Zurvan that you are able to speak and move about.”

3 God has made a way out for humans to escape all this suffering.

4 He has sent His Messengers throughout the centuries –throughout the entire existence of humanity.

5 According to the Ashavan belief system, God helped the first humans when they were suffering in pain on the worst level –when they were unable to walk, see, hear or even expel their bowels.

6 He created limbs, eyes, ears and orifices to alleviate their pain and gave them knowledge as to how they can make choices on their own.

7 Through His great power He created all the beautiful things you see around you.

8 The world would be a very bleak and seemingly uninhabitable place if there were nothing beautiful to see with one’s eyes.

9 In the physical world, you would starve to death in great pain if you had no hands, feet or mouth to gather and consume food.

10 God provided all these blessings for the benefit and comfort of humankind.

11 God’s love is what sustains believing humanity in the earth.

Chapter Seven

1 Humans have choices to make:

2 They can either continue to permit themselves to get mired down in their suffering, letting it get the best of them,

3 Or they can rise above it by developing hope and faith to help alleviate suffering not only for themselves but for others,

4 Or they can let all the pains and the ills of the world get the best of them, immaturely blaming God for causing such things in their lives.

5 It all boils down to choices and recognizing that God has made a way out.

6 It is not a matter of questioning whether or not God can take it away instantly or asking why He has not done so already.

7 As long as a soul inhabits a physical shell, there is going to be some level of suffering.

8 Sometimes you might think that your suffering is the greatest anyone has ever experienced,

9 But when you remember that there are children in some countries who are being persecuted, with their eyes being gouged out by very evil persons,

10 All of a sudden your own pain seems so much less than you previously thought.

11 The evils in the world are certainly not from God, but are directly from the evil one.

12 Zurvan has given humanity a choice – either a person can wallow around in their own misery or they can stand up and say, “I can rise above this. I can make it another day. I will help myself and others to find the road to knowledge, faith and healing.”

13 Divine knowledge, derived from what the Ashavan refer to as Gnosis, is necessary in understanding why humans suffer in the first place, and why God can not bear the blame for it, and why He permits it, instead of causing it.

14 Lord Mithra once said, “Do not permit despair to lessen your faith; let your faith make you stronger.”

15 And again, our Lord said, “The Celestial Beings are very well aware of your needs and will make provisions for you in many different ways –especially to those who remain faithful in the divine work and do not permit doubt to penetrate their hearts.”

16 Once a person has gained proper knowledge and understanding of the world around them and their role in making the world a better place, faith begins to be developed, and in turn compassion for others.

17 At this point a person is able to understand why the choices they have are so intricately woven in a divine system of revelation and restoration.

18 However, even after gaining divine knowledge of these matters, one still must remain determined and steadfast in their faith, removing all forms of doubt, and maintaining a strong relationship with God and always being thankful in what He has provided, even through the bad times.

19 Mithra says, “God will give you strength in times of difficulty, fortitude in times of persecution and hope in the face of death. Always be determined to serve God with all your strength. Never give up hope, even in the face of opposition.”

20 If a person makes the choice to blame God for his or her pain, he or she will continue to live in a world of suffering and darkness – never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Chapter Eight

1 God, through His Divine Messenger, gives humans a special understanding, and a special portion of His Spirit of holiness to assist them in enduring the trials of the human experience.

2 Without this special Spirit upon them, humans are unable to deal with the evil and pain around them.

3 This does not mean that people of faith never suffer.

4 The special blessing from God helps the believer cope with the evil they witness in the world around them.

5 It is a matter of developing a new perspective or outlook on life.

6 It is a matter of choosing to accept this special provision from God and doing works of righteousness according to God’s principles.

7 You will either be blessed or you will suffer due to your own actions.

8 If you choose to drink poison, you will suffer the consequences.

9 If you take medication when you are sick, your body will be healed as a consequence.

10 There are always two sides to the story and there are always choices.

11 Lord Mithra has said, “One can better cope with the challenges of life and the chaos of the world by faithfully walking in the Light of Zurvan;

12 For His Word, which is the Word of Truth which I have brought unto you, is like a lighthouse brightly shining upon the deep ocean signalling you to your true home.

13 Faith never fails when there is no doubt. Love never fails when there is no hatred. Hope never fails when you have proper faith and unconditional love.”

14 Our Lord said that “all humanity has free will to choose life or death.”

15 A person can either take God’s healing hand and be lifted above the suffering and pain, or one can follow in the footsteps of the evil one and continue to sink down in the mire of everyday pain and sorrow.

16 Human beings have free-will.

17 Individuals can choose a life of sorrow or a life of blessing –that choice is up to you to make.

Chapter Nine

1 God is all-powerful, and we can clearly see this through His provision of making a way out for humanity so they will no longer suffer and endure pains and the hardships of life in the physical shell.

2 When you make the choice to accept this fact and realize that the body and that life on earth is temporary, you then begin to realize that your suffering has become much smaller than what it actually is.

3 Through God’s own power He makes it possible for you to no longer suffer – that is part of God’s love for humanity.

4 Mithra said that “the body is only going to one place – the grave, but the soul has choices and the results are eternal.”

5 There is a much greater purpose for the soul; many can not see this fact right now, and as a result, they often turn against God and blame Him for their problems.

6 This is not the path to take however.

7 God has many blessings for those who love Him and who continue to develop their faith in Him and His purpose for His children.

8 To this end He has sent many of His own Divine Servants to earth so they can take hold of your hand and give you strength and hope so that one day soon you will no longer suffer.

9 Because of this hope, the Father’s children give praise to Him for His manifold provisions and blessings.

10 Without hope humanity would have nothing.

11 With hope, the future is only a blink away.

12 The Teacher of Light has said that nothing in this world is permanent.

13 He has said “We are promised time and again that a better world awaits us – a world without sorrow, sickness, pain or death. The future is bright because it is secured by the One who promised it – The Divine Messenger, Lord Mithra, our Saviour and beloved Teacher.”

14 Our Lord has taught us that “through true faith, within the Will of the Creator, everything is possible; but where there is no faith, there is nothing but uncertainty and failure.

15 Cultivate faith and put away doubt from your heart by occupying yourself with the study of the Word of Truth and the practising of the Twelve Virtues.”

This concludes the Tablet of Mir Garendra

Tablet of the Vizir

Chapter One

1 What is the soul? It is the totality of: Reason, Mind, Intelligence, Thought and Understanding within an individual.

2 How you direct your consciousness determines whether you are ascending or in the process of extinction.

3 The One Soul was sent into the physical creation to redeem all the light that has been trapped in matter.

4 The One Soul, upon entering the physical creation, fragmented and lost conscious awareness of who it was, what it was and why it had entered the physical creation at all.

5 Following the dictates of the soul may cost you the world; only following the dictates of the flesh will cost you your soul.

6 As long as we only see ourselves as physical beings, separate from all other beings, we will continue to suffer.

7 Physical existence is but one stepping stone along a very long path. It is not, nor has it ever been, our Home. Our True Home exists beyond the stars.

8 Imagine being on a journey for so long that you forget where you are going. That is the malady that most of humankind is suffering from today.

9 Spiritual life offers the potential for eternity; Physical life only comes with an expiration date.

10 The idea that we have plenty of time to make the most important choices in our lives is only relevant up to the point when we have no time left.

Chapter Two

1 No one can teach another person how to be sensitive to the presence of holiness. It is an innate sense.

2 You cannot make another person hear what they are unwilling to hear. You cannot make a person see what they are unwilling to see.

3 You cannot make another person understand what they, of their own free will, have chosen not to understand.

4 Every person is born with the potential to awaken their soul, not everyone realises this potential in their lifetime, unfortunately. It is entirely up to each person whether they realize this potential or not.

5 No one can give another person faith. Faith either resides in a person or it does not. Faith is either strengthened or it is not.

6 In all cases, it is the individual who chooses where they focus their attention and where they do not.

7 You cannot appeal to the better nature of those who have none.

8 The Truth can only set you free if you concede that you are imprisoned. The Truth can only set you free if you accept it and live your life in accordance with it.

9 Any spiritual path that demands nothing of you, conversely, makes little change within you. The spiritual path that calls you out of the world and asks much of you, is guaranteed to transform you.

10 A person has the choice of the steep path or the easy path. The choice they make will determine what they experience upon completion.

11 There are many people in the world today, well versed in religiosity but inwardly, are hollow and selfish creatures.

12 There are many people in the world today that practice all manner of austerities, but secretly are only focused upon their own well being and advancement.

13 In the end, every seeking soul, while they can find value in any one of a number of spiritual paths, must choose a single one and follow that path to its conclusion.

14 God does not require you to know the doctrines and practices of all religions, He only requires that you find a single faith with a covenant and follow that faith to the best of your ability.

15 Spiritual Liberation is a harmony of Divine Grace in concert with human effort. If one of these components is missing, so is Liberation.

16 Faith cannot be opposed to reason because reason is an attribute of the soul. Reason is not only faculty of the mind but also the soul. There should be no confusion about this as the mind and the soul are One.

17 The person who acts mindfully, acts soulfully. One who acts mindlessly betrays the soul.

18 Give up your desire for the spiritual path that you can control. A true path is journeyed, not controlled.

19 Be wary of the person who claims to have forged a new path that is not a direct result of a Revelation from Mithra, Himself. They have discovered nothing except another dead end.

20 Zurvan, through Mithra, provides the path, the rest is up to each one of us.

Chapter Three

1 When a person immerses themselves, rationalizes, or simply chooses to ignores his or her sins, they overlook the fact that all of this is recorded in their soul.

2 However, when a person acknowledges their own sin, when he or she confess this sin to God and seeks to make things right, then their soul is purged of sin in that moment.

3 The notion that you can sin against your own will is just as false as the thought that you can be free of sin simply by choosing to believe it does not exist. Taking ownership of your sins will not kill you; choosing to remain in sin, will.

4 It is true the evil one and her son, the dragon, offer temptations to enslave the soul. But, at the same time, each one of us chooses, of our own volition whether to embrace or reject these temptations. That choice is on each one of us.

5 Do not fool yourself into thinking that the evil one wants peace. Her only plan for you is your destruction.

6 Know this: You cannot make peace with evil. You either conquer evil, or you, yourself, are conquered by evil.

Chapter Four

1 We all want Bahisht, but due to our own weaknesses and the obstacles we face from day to day, we are not ready for such an exalted state of existence, as we currently are.

2 For this very reason, Zurvan sends manifestations of His Son, Mithra, who provide us with the Gnosis and the means to ascend to Bahisht.

3 In this way, if we consciously respond and act accordingly, we are then ready to live in that exalted state of being in Bahisht one day.

4 The purpose of the many Manifestations of Mithra on any world in the physical creation is to show sentient beings they Way back to Bahisht.

5 They illuminate and guides us along our journey back to our True Home beyond matter.

6 The role of the Divine Manifestation of Mithra is as a Teacher and Guide, never to make the journey for us. We prove our worth by responding to the Heavenly Call.

7 The manifestations of Mithra have been many, appearing on all worlds, in all lands, in all cultures over the ages.

8 Mithra has been known by many names by different civilizations throughout the world.

9 To praise one Manifestation of Mithra while defaming others is a sign of spiritual immaturity. They are One.

10 Seeking after a Divine Manifestation but abandoning His Teaching the moment He is out of sight reveals the weakness of the seeker, not the weakness of the Teaching.

11 Mithra is the Gateway to God. You do not worship the Gateway, you travel through it.

12 To long for the arrival of a Divine Manifestation only to deny Him and His Teaching on His arrival, is a sad testament to the spiritual weakness of humanity, especially of those who claim to seek the Divine Light of God.

13 Lord Mithra is the Word of God who has taken on the flesh to dwell among us, over and over again. all that the prophets have ever learned and offered to the world is only by virtue of Lord Mithra, Himself.

14 There are no words to accurately describe how vital Mithra is in a believers life. There is no relationship closer than this.

15 The very thought of Mithra brings tears of joy to the eyes of the devout disciple. They remain ever thankful to the ever Merciful Zurvan for bringing Him to us.

16 Those who follow Mithra and live the Pure Teaching in their lives will attain Spiritual Liberation.

17 Those who worship Mithra or any of His Manifestations are lost since they never truly understood the nature of the Divine Messenger or the meaning of His Message.

Chapter Five

1 As long as religion is only used to placate the ego, indulge in fantasies, or serves to be little more than a social club, no progress is being made.

2 True religion is a real and abiding relationship between you and God. If the temporal relationships you have in the world require work, then it is of much greater importance for you to establish and nurture your relationship with God.

3 The promises of a religion can never be realized if God is not paramount in disciple’s mind and heart.

4 To be on the path of loving devotion to God requires a willingness to crucify the ego and a commitment to conquer the passions.

5 God accepts each person, even at their worst, as long as they strive to be at their best one day.

6 If you love God and seek to serve Him to the best of your ability, then you are pleasing to God.

7 False religion is delusion. To continue to validate another person’s’ experiences in one is to contribute to the delinquency of a lost soul.

8 True Religion is a light to a sincere soul free of the shadows of delusion.

9 What a devout person experiences in a True Religion, only serves to aid in the ascension of that soul beyond the dying creation.

10 True Religion should be fluid in expression, but at no point should the doctrines change to suit the ever changing tastes of the people.

11 When any group of people comes together to determine what a religion meant, after the fact, is a perfect example of the tail wagging the dog.

12 True Religion can and should have a continual flow of Divine Revelation and simply by virtue of this, the religion of old will become new. But what is presented new, is also ratified in the Heavens.

13 When we insist that God can only speak to us in the past and we ignore the Divine Revelations of the present, this can only serve to call our future beyond the flesh, into question.

14 The idea that God stopped talking to us is not true. It is humanity that stopped listening.

Chapter Six

1 Atheists are not more intelligent than Theists, they only believe they are. Sadly, this is the only form of belief they seem to have.

2 An individual’s’ lack of belief in God never threatens the existence of God, the only thing that is called into question in moment is the future of that individual soul.

3 The mind that rejects God, no matter what level of intellectual acumen, is only partially conscious.

4 The sense of a greater matrix of life, the interconnected nature of existence, is available to all souls regardless of age or academic accomplishment.

5 This greater sense of the nature of existence has often been misunderstood to be God, Himself, but in actuality is the Celestial Son, Lord Mithra.

Chapter Seven

1 The world we live in is not the world we come from. We are not from here. We are non physical beings trapped in matter.

2 We have come to a time in history where this physical creation is about to come to an end. It ends because it was never intended to begin by Divine Will. It began as a by-product of an unholy act.

3 The cessation of this creation is not a tragedy but a restoration of natural order.

4 Our goal is to awaken to who and what we are, and to unify as the one, universal soul of Mithra and to serve the One True God, Zurvan.

5 Everything that lead us to these realizations, and aids in our growth and development, is blessed.

6 Everything that keeps us from these realizations, and inhibits our growth and development, is cursed.

Chapter Eight

1 Many wish to see the physical creation as nothing but harmony and symmetry but they do this by denying all that is inharmonious and chaotic.

2 The chaos does not cease to exist because a person chooses to deny its existence. A tidal will not avoid you simply because you refuse to acknowledge its presence.

3 The physical creation is filled with both light and dark, beauty and horror, compassion and cruelty. To refuse to acknowledge this truth is to live in denial.

4 Those who seek to affirm that because God made the creation it must be good, do not countenance the fact that God is the God of Life, not death and death exists in creation.

5 Any system of life that exists by the death and consumption of other life is not the creation of God but the evil one.

6 God brought into existence the One Created Being, Mithra, His Celestial Son. All life subsists within Him.

7 The physical creation was a corruption of the will of God, Mother and Son by a celestial servant that rejected God’s Will and only sought to serve herself.

Chapter Nine

1 You have been misled by those who have been entrusted to guide your soul. It is time to awaken from the toxic slumber!

2 Those who have taught you that humanity must exist in the abomination of caste division, are deceivers. There is no such thing as being an outcast.

3 Those who have taught you that one race is superior to another or one race is inferior to another, have lied to you. There is no such thing as a superior or inferior race.

4 Those who have taught you that one gender is auspicious and another is servile or less consequential, have spoon fed you poison these many ages.

5 There is no such thing as a preferred gender or a gender that is inherently subservient to another.

6 Zurvan and Mithra love all genders equally. No gender has a monopoly on the Liberation of Light from Matter.

7 Despite our gender differences in the flesh, we are all part of the One Soul. We are all part of Mithra.

8 Those who have taught you that one sexual orientation or identity is more natural than another simply echo the same ignorance from generation to generation.

9 Your orientation has no bearing on the quality of your soul.

10 Wicked people seek to keep you in the dark in order to control you. If you are made to believe you are somehow less worthy, less equal than anyone else, they imagine you are more easy to control.

11 These plans of the evil one will fail inevitably. No plan born of evil influence can remain eternally, as it is subject to failure. it is never a matter of if, only when.

12 We are so much more than we have allowed ourselves to believe. We have a Divine Birthright…we need only accept it.

13 We have been imprisoned by our beliefs for so very long. We can be free if we are only to challenge those beliefs.

14 The path to eternity is not only for the elite, nor does it take special techniques, only an open mind and heart as to what God is offering.

Chapter 10

1 Mithra has brought a new covenant and faith into the world, open to all people. It is a final olive branch to humanity.

2 Those who naturally long for God will be drawn into the presence of God by awakening to their True Nature as Mithra.

3 God has offered humanity a final olive branch. A final covenant through Mithra. It is the New Mithraic Covenant and Asha is its vessel.

4 Asha is an Avestan word that means Truth & Righteousness. One who is dedicated to Truth and Righteousness is called an Ashavan.

5 You can begin your journey Home the moment you realize that such a Home truly exists. The Journey Home to the Heavenly Court is available to all but due to misdirection and fascination with irrelevance many souls are stranded.

6 Many can already sense a Flood is coming. Asha is a spiritual Ark. A vessel to take you from this world to the realms beyond matter.

7 Asha is a new faith, a new path, a new way. For those who seek its warmth, it is a new day. Asha is not man made but a final offering from Mithra, the Celestial Son of Zurvan and the Unkindled Fire.

8 Be attentive to the wisdom of the past but open to the wisdom imparted in the present so you may handle the challenges of the future.

The concludes the Tablet of the Vizier

Tablet of the Eternal Nature of Asha

Chapter One

1 Look about and contemplate life! Everything is transient and nothing endures that is a part of the evil world.

2 There is birth and death, growth and decay; this is the truth of things of this world.

3 The glory of the world is like a flower: it stands in full bloom in the morning and fades in the heat of the day.

4 Wherever you look, there is a rushing and a struggling, and an eager pursuit of pleasure.

5 There is a panic flight from pain and death, and hot are the flames of burning desires.

6 The world is full of vanity, full of changes and transformations.

7 Those who do not have the truth seem to repeat the same evil things over and over again without end.

Chapter Two

1 Is there nothing permanent in the world?

2 Is there in the universal turmoil no resting-place where our troubled heart can find peace?

3 Is there nothing everlasting?

4 Oh, that we could have cessation of anxiety, that our burning desires would be extinguished!

5 When shall the mind become tranquil and composed?

6 The Divine Mother grieves at the doings of the evil ones in the world and wishes to teach them, but alas! they refuse to listen.

7 The riches and vanity of worldly gain are not what we shall seek.

8 There is salvation in only one thing that will not fade or perish, but will abide for ever and ever.

Chapter Three

1 O children of Asha, you who long for life, learn that immortality is hidden in divine action.

2 You who wish for happiness without the sting of regret, lead a life of righteousness.

3 You who yearn for riches, receive treasures that are eternal.

4 Asha is wealth, and a life of Asha is happiness in the Pure Teaching.

5 All compounds will be dissolved again, but the fundamental truths which determine all combinations and separations as laws of nature endure for ever and ever.

6 Bodies fall to dust, but the Truth of the Pure Teaching will not be destroyed.

7 Asha knows neither birth nor death;

8 It has no beginning and no end. Welcome Asha.

Chapter Four

1 The Pure Teaching is eternal.

2 Establish the truth in your home, for the Pure Teaching is the image of the King of the Celestial Heights;

3 It portrays the immutable; it reveals the everlasting;

4 Asha gives true salvation to mortals.

5 The Divine Mother proclaims Asha;

6 Let the Pure Teaching dwell in your hearts and let Her truth be active in your hands.

7 Extinguish in yourselves every desire that is against the Will of Zurvan, and in the perfection of your spiritual growth you will become like the perfect follower of the Godhead.

8 That of your heart which cannot or will not develop into perfection must perish, for it is falsehood and rebellion;

9 It is the source of your error; it is the cause of your misery and confusion.

Chapter Five

1 You attain to immortality by walking on the Higher Path.

2 Therefore, become like a vessel that has been designed to receive the words of Mithra.

3 Cleanse yourselves of evil and sanctify your lives.

4 There is no other way of reaching the Pure Teaching.

5 Learn to distinguish between what you perceive as truth and what the Mother refers to as Truth.

6 What you may call truth is the cause of selfishness and the source of evil;

7 Truth cleaves to no self;

8 It is universal and leads to justice and righteousness.

9 Self, that which seems to those who love their self as their being, is not the eternal, the everlasting, the imperishable.

10 Seek not self, but seek the truth, for you are nothing without the Pure Teaching.

11 If we liberate our souls from our petty selves, wish no ill to others, and become clear as a crystal diamond reflecting the light of the Pure Teaching.

12 What a radiant picture will appear in us mirroring things as they are, without the admixture of burning desires, without the distortion of erroneous illusion, without the agitation of clinging and unrest.

Chapter Six

1 The things of this world may become dissolved, worlds may break to pieces and peoples may become scattered, but the Pure Teaching will remain for ever.

2 Happy is he who has ceased to live for himself alone and rests in Asha.

3 Truly such a person has found the Pure Teaching.

4 Let us take our refuge in Asha, for it teaches us the everlasting truth of the Higher Path as taught by the Mother.

5 Let us take our refuge in Asha.

6 Let us take our refuge in the truth that is established through the Tablets of Light.

7 Let us take our refuge in the community of those who seek Asha and endeavour to live in the truth of the Divine Mother.

This concludes the Tablet of the Eternal Nature of Asha

Tablet of Wisdom

Chapter One

1 The things of the world and its inhabitants are subject to change but there is no changing with the truth of Mithra.

2 Truth wishes to appear in all places and in all times;

3 Truth longs to become conscious; truth strives to know itself.

4 The Pure Teaching remains forever and no power in this world or other, no deity, no man, no demon, can destroy Asha.

5 The preoccupation with the self hides the eyes humankind from the truth.

6 Preoccupation with the self is the origin of error, it is the source of illusion, it is the germ of evil.

7 Who shall deliver us from the power of self?

8 Who shall save us from misery?

9 Who shall restore us to a life of blessedness?

10 There is misery in the world of confusion and falsehood;

11 There is much misery and pain.

12 But greater than all the misery is the bliss of truth.

13 The Pure Teaching gives peace to the yearning mind; it conquers error; it quenches the flames of desires; it leads to perfection.

14 Asha is the truth of the Higher Path.

Chapter Two

1 Blessed is he who has found the True Peace and Joy in the Pure Teaching.

2 He is at rest in the struggles and tribulations of life; he is above all changes;

3 He does not fear death; he remains faithful in the truth.

4 Blessed is he who has found the Pure Teaching.

5 He conquers, although he may be wounded;

6 he is glorious and happy, although he may suffer;

7 he is strong, although he may break down under the burden of his work;

8 he is immortal, although he will die.

9 The essence of his being is purity and goodness, for he is sealed by the Divine Mother, provided he remains faithful in the Pure Teaching in which he was called to partake.

10 The truth has taken its abode in him.

11 Perfect wisdom illumines his understanding, and righteousness imbues the purpose of all his actions.

12 The truth is a living power for good, indestructible and can not be subdued by humankind!

13 Spread the simple truths of the Pure Teaching among all mankind, for truth saves men from evil and misery.

14 The Divine Mother teaches us the truth and the truth is being proclaimed by the prophets! Blessed be our Mother!

This concludes the Tablet of Wisdom

Tablet of Healing

Chapter One

1 Rejoice at the Pure Teaching!

2 The Divine Mother teaches us the Pure Teaching;

3 it is She who shows us the Higher Path.

4 The holy teaching dispels the illusions of our mind and redeems us from the terror of death.

5 The Great Mother brings comfort to the weary and sorrow-laden;

6 She restores peace to those who are broken down under the burden of life.

7 She gives courage to the weak when they would fall from the hope they were once holding.

8 You who suffer from the tribulations of life, you who have to struggle and endure, you who yearn for a life of truth, rejoice because of the Pure Teaching!

Chapter Two

1 There is an ointment for all those who are wounded, and there is bread for the hungry.

2 There is clean water for the thirsty, and there is hope for the despairing.

3 There is light for those in darkness, and there is inexhaustible blessing for the upright.

4 Come! Partake of the Divine Meal prepared for you, O disciples of Asha!

5 Heal your wounds, you wounded, and eat your fill, you hungry.

6 Rest, you weary, and you who are thirsty quench your thirst.

7 Look up to the Light, you who sit in darkness; be full of good cheer, you who are isolated from your brethren.

8 You will be comforted by the Mother in the Pure Teaching.

9 The Divine Presence of Mithra is with you!

Chapter Three

1 Trust in Anahita, all you who love Asha, for the Kingdom of Light is founded upon earth.

2 The darkness of error is dispelled by the light of the truth of Zurvan.

3 We can see our way and take firm and certain steps.

4 The Divine Mother has revealed Asha.

5 It is the Pure Teaching that cures our diseases and redeems us from destruction;

6 The Pure Teaching strengthens us in life and in death;

7 The Pure Teaching alone can conquer the evils of error.

8 Rejoice! For the Pure Teachings are being revealed to you, O disciples of Asha!

This concludes the Tablet of Healing

Tablet of the Perfecting Spirit

Chapter One

1 Zurvan is the Divine Source and from Him everything that exists is brought into being.

2 Zurvan is Asha*.

*(Truth and Righteousness)

3 Zurvan has only ever created one Being. All is a manifestation or perception of that one Being.

4 Mithra, the Mirror of God, is the personification of all creation. Made in the Image of Zurvan, Mithra is the Essence of Strength and Love.

5 The Celestial Mirror reflects the attributes of Zurvan just as the moon reflects the light of the Sun.

6 Mithra is the reflection of Eternity; beyond death, the Selfless Servant of the Divine Source.

7 By the Grace of Zurvan and through the agency of the Mirror of God, Read and contemplate these words.

8 These words are eternal. These words are True.

Chapter Two

1 Zurvan is beyond our comprehension.

2 Beyond our wildest thoughts or imaginings.

3 We, as we are, cannot know him, because we, in our current state of being, do not have the capacity to comprehend Him.

4 Only the fool thinks they can know Zurvan by any self originated act.

5 Zurvan is only revealed through the influence of the Divine Mother and the Gnosis of Mithra, and in no other way.

6 The person who thinks they have a concept of Zurvan in their mind, have only made their mental construct into an idol. That is not Zurvan.

7 You can experience the Mirror of God and you can experience Zurvan through Mirror of God, but you cannot experience Zurvan without the Mirror.

8 Without Mithra you do not exist.

9 Without the Mirror of God nothing exists except Zurvan, alone.

10 In reality, there is nothing but the Mirror of God in creation. Mithra is the Creation.

Chapter Three

1 In stillness, a one may know Zurvan.

2 But that person must have a mind that is directed toward Zurvan first.

3 One who seeks nothing, finds what they seek.

4 One who seeks something also finds what they seek.

5 The person who seeks the presence of God will find what they seek.

6 If there is no search, there is no discovery.

7 If there is no discovery, there can be no realization.

8 Seek Zurvan in stillness and you will experience Zurvan.

9 Seek stillness with your mind directed to anything other than Zurvan and you will experience everything but the Serenity of the Presence of God.

Chapter Four

1 You hunger, but you do not know what it is that you crave in order to satisfy this hunger.

2 You could consume your weight in food and you would only gain weight and the hunger would persist.

3 You could ingest all manner of intoxicants, hoping that, somehow, through the alteration of your senses, you could satisfy this hunger. But the hunger would persist.

4 You could partake of all manner of sensual activities, with hope that somewhere along the way, one of them would remove this craving but the hunger would persist.

5 You might struggle after wealth, power and fame, all with the hopes that this void within you can be appeased, but the hunger still remains.

6 A life lived in a frenzy, trying desperately to fill a hunger that cannot be filled by any earthly means, is hollow.

7 Death itself will not satisfy this type of hunger, as it will follow you into the realm of spirit. Your hunger will not be removed even then.

8 This unrequited hunger, if left untended, will loosen you hold on reality.

9 Your sanity, made absent from this ever growing hunger, will not return, until you are finally ready to turn your attention to the one thing your soul has been hungry for all along.

10 Until you are passionate to learn who know who you are, why you are here, where you came from and where you are going, you are not ready to be free of this hunger.

11 Seek to salve the wound with anything other than Truth and it will be the equivalent of treating a burn with the fire that burned it.

12 Your hunger can be appeased by the influence of Anahita and the Gnosis of Mithra.

13 Until a person is ready to know Zurvan, their soul is starving to death.

Chapter Five

1 The world around you is always active; the people are running about from the time they can stand, till the time they enter the grave.

2 They run for all manner of reasons, but without self realization, they only run from their birth to meet their death.

3 The running gives the illusion of importance, but there is nothing important in the world of men.

4 There is nothing a person can think, do or say that is of any consequence, if what they think, do or say, does not awaken them to who they are, why they are really here on earth, and where they are going.

5 If the mad dash does not bring them to the answers they seek, then they only run toward their extinction.

6 If you are tired of this hunger, if your are tired of running, if you are ready to know the answers you seek, then listen with an open mind and heart,

7 Be ready to accept the Truth, as it is, and not only the ideas you fancy.

8 If you run from place to place, you can deceive yourself into thinking you have accomplished something of value.

9 But if you are no closer to knowing who you are, nor returning to where you are originally from, then all you have accomplished is to run in circles.

Chapter Six

1 The person who only contemplates what sounds pleasant to the ego, prefers the illusion to the reality.

2 In order to be satisfied forever and to have eternal bliss, you must finally turn your attention, once and for all, to the Divine Source.

3 Focus on Zurvan and you cease to focus on the petty distractions of this temporary world.

4 Mithra comes from Zurvan. You are within Mithra.

5 Mithra exists to serve Zurvan. You exist to serve Zurvan.

6 You are one with Mithra. You are the Servant of Zurvan.

7 The servant lives to Serve Zurvan eternally.

8 Care more for Zurvan than for yourself and serve Him, selflessly.

9 Serve Zurvan by serving others, selflessly

10 In this you will know who you will begin to awaken to who you are and why you exist.

Chapter Seven

1 Before you can fight in the battle of good and evil, you must first know what side you are on.

2 Before you can know what side you are on in this Battle, you must first know your own mind, your own heart and be conscious of your actions, what you do and what you choose not to do.

3 You must be truly conscious, in every way that matters.

4 Until you know who it is that you serve, you can never serve effectively.

5 Until you surrender your will to the Divine Will, you can never act with anything but self interest (the conduct of the druj*).

*(demons, evil spirits, and those who embody wickedness in life)

6 Until you make a covenant with Zurvan through Mithra, you have no attachment to the Divine Source, only delusions and rationalizations…nothing real.

7 Until you raise up the Pure Teaching and follow its direction, your actions will be rooted in the ego and selfishness.

8 Until you begin to consciously walk the Path of Asha*, you are only standing still in your faith.

*(Truth and Righteousness)

Chapter Eight

1 Mankind’s accomplishments are only obtained by the will of Zurvan.

2 It is Zurvan’s will that all sentient beings in creation have free will.

3 The greatest wonders and the most abysmal sorrows; all are produced by the exercise of free will.

4 A person experiences joy only because Zurvan smiles upon them.

5 A person experiences sorrow for any number of reasons, other than the will of Zurvan.

6 A person may choose a path that leads to joy.

7 A person may choose a path that leads to sorrow.

8 But joy or sorrow, the path that is chosen, is never decided for you.

9 It is the individual, who walks that path in life, no one does it for them.

10 They are accountable for their own choices; good or ill.

11 It was God’s Will to bestow free will upon us. What we do with it, determines whether we used that gift wisely or foolishly.

12 Zurvan will always offer deference to His creations’ most sublime gift first and foremost: The gift of Free Will.

13 An honorable person will receive the blessing of Zurvan.

14 A repentant person will receive the forgiveness of Zurvan.

15 For those who do not act in accordance to the will of Zurvan, there are neither blessings nor forgiveness. That is the will of Zurvan.

16 All are governed and dependant on the Will of Zurvan.

17 No one is self sufficient nor lives separate from the will of Zurvan.

18 Know that all life in creation is interdependent.

19 One in essence, One in purpose.

20 The person who believes otherwise is truly lost.

21 The civilization rooted in anything other than obedience to God, can only fall and become an ill-fated memory.

22 The civilization rooted only in obedience to God, will grow beyond the limits of material existence and inherit eternity.

23 That is the Will of Zurvan.

Chapter Nine

1 All That Is Not Zurvan…I AM.

2 All that is not Zurvan, is the Divine Mother and the Celestial Son.

3 Anahita is the Divine Force of Life, the Celestial Current that flows through all of Creation. She is our Beloved Mother.

4 Mithra is the Creation itself, that which is both the Knower and the Known. He is both the Seer and the Seen.

5 In Creation, Mithra is all that is and is not.

6 There is no division between one thing or the other within Mithra.

7 Multiplicity still can only exist in the Unity of the First Created Being.

8 Who then is Zurvan? He is the Divine Source, the Father of Righteousness.

9 Without Zurvan there is nothing at all.

10 Both Anahita and Mithra emanate from the Divine Source.

11 All is One because the One is Mithra.

12 The individual is not. There is only Mithra.

13 The only separation is the thought that reality is otherwise.

14 All that is not Zurvan is Anahita or it is Mithra.

15 The Life that flows is the Divine Mother.

16 The Creation infused with Life is the Celestial Son.

17 The Source of all is the Father of Righteousness.

18 Say to yourself: “All that is not Zurvan..I AM.”

19 Say yourself: “All that is Mithra..I AM.”

20 May the Ashavan keep these thoughts in their minds and in their hearts and engraved on their souls.

21 These thoughts will draw you ever closer to your True Nature and will serve as a guiding light in order bring you back to your Home beyond the stars.

Chapter Ten

1 Perfection: It is the purpose of all creation.

2 All that proceeds from Mithra is in the process of perfection.

3 That which perfects, lives perpetually.

4 That which ceases to perfect, dies.

5 Each soul is in the process of perfection.

6 If the soul perfects, it lives.

7 If the soul does not perfect, it dies.

8 There is no other process.

9 All who believe that life can exist separate from the Divine Plan of perfection, freely choose delusion and destruction.

10 Because Free will requires the option not to perfect, the soul can consciously choose not to exist.

11 Because the plan that God has for humanity, and the plan humanity has for itself, are not always the same, a fool can reject the Divine Plan, and perceive little or no repercussion in this life.

12 Free will allows a person to run freely in the world, even if it is off the edge of a precipice.

13 For ages, Hell has been filled with souls who freely chose not to perfect.

14 Free will allows for the greatest of destinies or the most unthinkable tragedies, all of which are self inflicted.

15 If we refuse to use our lives wisely, in the fullness of time, we won’t be allowed to have one.

Chapter Eleven

1 Mankind offers praise to Zurvan for many reasons:

2 Some contemplate His power because they secretly long for power.

3 Some contemplate His Omniscience, envious of His knowledge.

4 Some praise Him for vain reasons, for selfish and petty reasons.

5 Take all these forms of praise and know it is worth less than the dirt on the bottom of your shoes.

6 Contemplate the power of Zurvan, but do not covet such power or you exist in offense to Zurvan.

7 Know that Zurvan is the Source of all knowledge, but do not crave this knowledge beyond what Zurvan offers you or you exist in offense to Zurvan.

8 Praise Zurvan regardless of pleasure or pain, opulence or adversity.

9 Praise Zurvan in Truth, praise Him for Himself. Simply because he is the One True God.

10 The praise of an honest soul is worth more than all the offerings of a conditional believer.

Chapter Twelve

1 The love of each disciple for Anahita and Mithra must be strong and unwavering in every moment.

2 To an Ashavan, Anahita and Mithra, collectively, are second to none in all creation and they are second only to Zurvan, Himself.

3 The person that places themselves or others above Zurvan is an abomination just Tiamat is an abomination.

4 The person that places themselves or others above Mithra is full of pride and ignorance (a recipe for disaster).

5 One who has no love for Zurvan has no life.

6 One who has no love for Anahita and for Mithra have no love for themselves or others.

7 Be constant in your faith, never let your focus waver from God, Mother and Son.

Chapter Thirteen

1 The world offers many distractions but no real comfort for the disciple of Truth and Righteousness.

2 To avoid the pitfalls of the corrupt world, an Ashavan must have a sharp mind and a brave heart.

3 The mind that is not sharp only dulls itself on meaningless thoughts and ideas.

4 The heart that is not brave, will be weak to worldly passion and will grow cold to the Path of Truth and Righteousness.

5 Keep your focus on the Divine Celestial Triad of God Mother and Son. While being grounded in the Divine Lamps of Scripture, Tradition and Revelation.

6 Then you can truly see what there is to see, hear what is being said and act on your beliefs without fear, ignorance, arrogance or self deception.

7 Then you will know that your mind is sharp and that your heart is brave.

8 By refining your consciousness, you will come to see that finding no comfort in the distractions of this world is not a weakness but a strength.

9 It means you derive your strength from a Higher Source.

Chapter Fourteen

1 You are much more than you appear to be.

2 Look at your reflection and all you see is a body.

3 Can you see your thoughts? Your feelings? Your character? No. Only a form.

4 Look to the people of this world and if all you see is form, you fail to realize that they too are much more than they appear to be.

5 You look at at them but can you see their thoughts? Their feelings? Their Character? No. You only see a form.

6 A healthy form may be an indication of a healthy spirit. Then again, it may not.

7 A sickly form may be an indication of a sickly spirit. Then again, it may not.

8 The healthy form may house the soul of a druj*.

*(A demon, evil spirit, or wicked person)

9 The sickly form may house a saintly soul.

10 If your shove past the sickly forms of others in this world, seeking for the healthy forms of life, seeking to surround yourself with those you deem beautiful, vibrant, strong and powerful, you have made a false assumption.

11 To assume that superficial appearances must be an indication of a person’s true nature, reveals within you, the same lack of depth you despise when others shove past you.

12 This is to lack wisdom.

13 Judge by character, by honor, by actions and by virtue.

14 Leave shallow judgment to simple minds.

Chapter Fifteen

1 A wise man knows not to put trust in esoteric practices as a means to return to God.

2 Sadly, there are few that are wise and plenty that are ignorant and corrupted in the world.

3 You do not have to look far to find the fool who thinks they have all the knowledge they require;

4 And that through their own effort they will attain the presence of God.

5 These fools believe they have some semblance of control when they do not.

6 These fools believe they have a grasp of spiritual Truth when they do not.

7 They do not know and they do not know they do not know.

8 If anything exists, it is by virtue of Zurvan.

9 If anything has life coursing through it, it is by virtue of the Divine Mother.

10 If there is anything to know, it is by virtue of Mithra.

11 No spiritual practice has ever worked separate from Mithra.

12 The Manifestation of Mithra names Isha once said “no one comes to the Father but by Me”.

13 Mithra and Mithra alone brings souls into the Presence of God.

14 Only in Him and as Him can we enter the Presence of God.

15 The practitioner of esoteric practices will only achieve what Zurvan wills.

16 All else will be futile.

Chapter Sixteen

1 Always exhibit courage in all of your actions.

2 Never be afraid to stand up for the Divine Celestial Triad, for the Teacher of Light and for Asha.

3 Each day is one less day we have in the flesh.

4 Each breath is one less breath we have till we reach our last.

5 If you have true faith then you have no fear.

6 You trust Mithra implicitly and He promises you that, in Him, you will stand in the presence of Zurvan, if you remain true to your covenant.

7 Be courageous, never seek to act cowardly in the name of nonviolence.

8 The person who is nonviolent when they can be and who uses force only as a last resort, has the proper understanding of non-violence.

9 Others who hide behind the term of pacifism would stand by and let innocents be slaughtered by servants of the evil one.

10 There is violence but they do not own any part of it. But Zurvan sees right through them.

11 To let an innocent suffer, to not stand up for those who cannot do so for themselves is moral cowardice.

12 No amount of flowery speech will ever make this type of nonviolence anything other than a perversion of the teachings of Mithra.

Chapter Seventeen

1 There will be times Mithra calls upon the faithful to fight for Zurvan and in defense of the innocent.

2 These times believers in the One True God must never falter. They must be strong and fight this fight with every fibre of their beings.

3 But Zurvan does not call for violence in all situations.

4 It is evident in the Pure Teaching of Mithra that the ideal is always serenity and peace for all.

5 Mithra calls us to explore every avenue to be at peace with those who seek peace.

6 Only when forces of evil have caused great offense to God, Mother and Son, and to the innocent, that war must be waged.

7 No aggressive action taken without wise and responsible direction.

8 Force must be used when force is required.

9 Force must come to an end when Mithra calls for mercy and compassion.

10 Emotions rage in battle but should never overshadow our dedication to the will of Zurvan itself.

11 Obedience to Zurvan must always be reflected in our actions.

Chapter Eighteen

1 Do not be quick to judge your fellow believers on appearances.

2 Like you, they have suffered through the corrupt and wicked world.

3 Like you, they have been in the company of the lost.

4 Like you, they have been raised on poison, it has been in the teachings taught, the images viewed, the music heard, and the very food and liquid they have ingested.

5 Like you, they awakened from the slumber of the world’s corruption.

6 Like you, they battled the druj* to be here. Some in their minds, some in their hearts and some face to face.

*(A demon, wicked spirit, or person with demonic behavior)

7 Like you, they have overcome great difficulties to be a Child of Light.

8 Like you, many will carry the scars of their perilous journey and should be accepted scars and all.

9 And like you, they must learn not to be quick to judge a fellow believer on appearances.

Chapter Nineteen

1 To use a fist when a touch is enough is not required.

2 To shout when a whisper can be heard is not required.

3 To use force where restraint is called for is not required.

4 To offer only a touch when a fist is required is not enough.

5 To whisper when a shout is required is not enough.

6 To be restrained when force is required is not enough.

7 Think, speak and act, only out of necessity, that is what is required.

8 Wisdom will show you what is required and when.

Chapter Twenty

1 Mithra is Truth. With Him, by Him and in Him, there is only Truth.

2 So many petition Mithra for abundance or aid, but they do so, ignorant of the God of Mithra: Zurvan. The Divine Source.

3 A wicked being, an arrogant being would ascribe the authority or power to offer such things unto themselves.

4 Mithra embodies Truth and can do no such thing.

5 Ask of Mithra and deny Zurvan and the petitioner is rejected by Zurvan and the Mirror.

6 Know Zurvan before you petition His Servant.

7 The greatest gift you can receive through Mithra is a covenant with Zurvan: all else pales in comparison.

Chapter Twenty-One

1 Zurvan offers everything and few of His creations on this earth hardly acknowledge His existence.

2 Some say the believe but only follow their own fantasies.

3 Some say they do not believe and consign their souls to Hell.

4 Others say they do not care if Zurvan is real at all, preferring to immerse themselves in physical distractions.

5 Zurvan has no need of a hateful or callous soul.

6 Free will allows for the soul to choose their own path, but a wise soul, will know that life without Zurvan is death.

Chapter Twenty-Two

1 Zurvan is the Divine Source of All That Is and All That Is Not.

2 Nothing precedes Zurvan. He is Self Subsistent. He is Perfection.

3 Zurvan created only One Thing: Mithra.

4 He is perfect and makes no mistakes.

5 In this one creation, contain all potentialities.

Chapter Twenty-Three

1 Speak your heart to Zurvan and pay close attention to His answer. He will answer you, in that there is no question.

2 If you love Zurvan with all your heart and you humble yourself before Him, as you are.

3 No deception. No ego. Attentive to His Will, he will answer you.

4 Love of Zurvan removes the ills of this life.

5 The greater your love of the Divine Source, the less this world will have power to cause you suffering.

6 The saint feels no pain only the pleasure of contemplating Zurvan.

7 The saint feels no sorrow, only joy in following Mithra.

Chapter Twenty-Four

1 The Truth of the Children of Light and the truths of the world are not the same.

2 One is Eternal, the other is temporal.

3 One is Absolute, the other is relative.

4 One is Incontestable, the is questionable.

5 The Truth of the Ashavan is the Truth of Mithra.

6 The Truth of Mithra is the Truth of Zurvan.

7 The line of progression is short and nothing is lost in translation.

8 The truths of the world are the truths of the worldly. The truth of the worldly is the truth of the ego.

9 The truth of the self is the truth of the evil one.

10 The truth of the evil one is falsehood.

11 What is True is Eternal.

12 What is falsehood is temporary.

13 The Sands of time will grind the so called truths of the worldly to dust, to be blown away on the solar winds and the Truth of the Children of Light will live on eternally.

14 There was never a time when the Truth of the Children of Light did not exist, nor will there ever be a time when it will cease to exist.

Chapter Twenty-Five

1 Time on this earth is precious. Do not waste it on those who have abandoned their own souls.

2 Labor to illumine the soul of those who openly seek Zurvan, not the person who finds His name distasteful in their mouths.

3 Little do they know that it is they who are most bitter and of poor taste. The evil one craves that flavor, however.

4 If a person seeks Zurvan, seeks Mithra, let them walk with you and speak with you.

5 If a person likes the company of the Ashvan but has no interest in speaking of Zurvan, or Anahita or of Mithra, then they reveal a soul that is needy, but not for Zurvan or Bahisht.

6 If a person only walks with you to attack the Divine Celestial Triad, or the Ashavan Faith, they have proven themselves unworthy to longer walk with you.

7 If a person seeks to attack the Divine Celestial Triad and Asha, even if they themselves have a covenant, then they do not recognize the Truth of our Faith and they can no longer walk with you.

Chapter Twenty-Six

1 The weak minded of this world refuse to see the connections that Mithra places all around us, just waiting for us to see the Truth.

2 Mithra is not different from the Melek Taus.

3 Mithra is not different from Enoch.

4 Mithra is not different from Metatron.

5 Mithra is not different from Melchizedek.

6 Mithra is not different from Zarathustra.

7 Mithra is not different from Akhenaten.

8 Mithra is not different from Tutankhaten.

9 Mithra is not different from Moses.

10 Mithra is not different from Krishna.

11 Mithra is not different from Buddha.

12 Mithra is not different from Isha Masiha

13 All in Mithra are One. How then can one not be the other?

Chapter Twenty-Seven

1 The believer who has a heart open to Mithra must remove all preconceptions from their mind.

2 How can you receive Divine guidance if you won’t let go of the opinions you formed while in the world?

3 How can you see what there is to see, if you will only see what you want to see?

4 How can you hear what there is to hear, if you will only hear what you want to hear?

5 How can you know what there is to know, if you will only contemplate what you want to contemplate?

6 If you only see, hear and think about that which appeals to your ego, then your ego is your god. Not Zurvan.

7 Be open to Truth, even if you have no frame of reference.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

1 If you make prayers but your mind is on anything other than Zurvan, you only grovel in the dirt.

2 If you read the Holy book but you do not do so, thinking you are reading Zurvan’s Teaching, you are only looking at words on a page.

3 If you receive immersion to enter Religious community but you do not do so with a mind to serve Zurvan, then you are only bathing.

4 If you live in the Faith but have no faith, then you are not an Ashavan, only a bystander.

5 Let the three Divine Lamps illumine your Path.

6 Mithra knows your mind in every moment.

7 Be honest with Zurvan, with Anahita and with Mithra.

8 Be honest with yourself and with others at all times.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

1 To live in the presence of Zurvan you must be one with Mithra.

2 You become one with Mithra when your mind is harmony with the mind of Mithra.

3 You become one with Mithra when your heart beats for Him.

4 You become one with Mithra when your words are His words.

5 You become one with Mithra when your actions are His actions.

6 You become one with Mithra when His will is your will.

7 In Mithra, you become Mithra. In Him, you are the Right Hand of God.

Chapter Thirty

1 If a man or woman does not live a life of virtue, what then is left except vice?

2 If a man or woman is not obedient to Zurvan, who are they serving?

3 If a man or woman does not look to the Divine Light, what light are they following?

4 If a man or woman is not busy in the activity of service to Zurvan, what are they filling their lives with that makes this impossible?

5 If a man or woman is not living in submission to the Divine Law of Zurvan, whose law do they obey?

6 If a man or woman is not obedient to Mithra, by whatever name or form they may know Him, then who do they obey?

Chapter Thirty-One

1 The landscape of your mind can be transformed from a desert wasteland to Garden Oasis if you will but listen to the Teachings of Mithra and take them to heart.

2 The greatest of treasures hide within you even now.

3 There is nothing of greater value in all the universe than an awakened soul.

4 Bahisht* awaits the soul that is obedient to Mithra.

*(The Realm of Limitless Light)

5 Mithra has given us the Pure Teaching upon which all others rest:

6 That there is only the One God, Zurvan the Giver of all Life and Light.

7 If we seek to be remembered by Zurvan, may we never forget Zurvan in all we think say and do.

This concludes the Tablet of the Perfecting Spirit

Tablet of Devotion

Ode One

1 Each person is imprisoned in a form not of their own making, serving a sentence for a crime they did not commit. While they are not responsible for what brought them here, through addiction to the senses, that is what keeps them here.

2 The people of this world wander around in the filth of egotism, ignorance and arrogance. Every person in the world acts in accordance with the nature of their thoughts. Through mindless behaviour they create sin, which no one but Zurvan, through Mithra, can erase.

3 If only those who seek the path to liberation would but join the Assembly of the Ashavan, they would grow to embrace a deep and abiding love for Truth and Righteousness*. Praising God with Good Mind**, they become true disciples in the Heavenly Court of Zurvan.


**(Vohu Manah one of the Amesha Spentas/Divine Sparks)

4 The Teachings of Mithra are perfect; the faithful meditate on the Holy Names of God, Mother and Son, day and night. Egotism and self-conceit are terrible diseases that plague humanity; the Teachings of Mithra tell us that real tranquility and stillness come from within.

5 I praise Mithra, bowing down to Him again and again. I place my body and mind in offering unto Him, eradicating self-conceit from within.

Ode Two

1 Indecision leads to ruin; focus your attention on Mithra. Renounce egotism and self-conceit, and remain merged in Asha.

2 Those who meet with Mithra are my siblings; they are the Children of Light; they are committed to the Teachings of Mithra. Those who merge with Mithra shall not be separated again; they are judged to be True in the Heavenly Court of Zurvan.

3 All who serve Zurvan are my eternal siblings and dearest friends. Their sins fall away from them as dried leaves fall from a tree in the autumn. They enter into the partnership of virtue.

4 In the partnership of virtue, peace wells up, and they perform devotions; they deal in Righteousness, through the Word of Mithra’s Teaching, and they earn the profit of the Holy Names of God, Mother and Son.

Ode Three

1 Gold and silver may be earned by committing sins, but they will not go with you when you die. Nothing will go with you in the end, except your thoughts and your deeds.

2 For those who only lived for this brief moment in the flesh, whose thoughts and deeds were a self centred existence, they will be plundered by Death.

3 The Holy Names are the nourishment of Good Mind; cherish them, and preserve them carefully within your heart. This nourishment is inexhaustible; it is always with the Ashavan.

4 Those who forget Zurvan will depart this world, having lost their honour. There is nothing honourable about a soul that has no reverence for its Creator.

Ode Four

1 This world is engrossed in the love of duality; follow Mithra’s Teachings, and meditate on Zurvan. God’s value cannot be estimated; Zurvan’s Praises cannot be adequately written down for they are inexhaustible.

2 When one’s mind and body are attuned to the Word of Mithra’s Teaching, one remains merged in Mithra. Even those who have been separated for so very long from Zurvan, are reunited with Him when they serve Mithra.

3 The treasures of the Holy Names are deep within the nucleus of the self; consuming them, they are still never exhausted. Recite the Glorious Praises of God, Mother and Son, with natural ease.

Ode Five

1 Those who are protected by Mithra are saved. They celebrate with Zurvan. Those who are united with Mithra, the True Friend, are not separated again; night and day, they remain blended with Him.

2 In this world, only a rare few are known to have obtained the Presence of Zurvan. The Dear Lord is subtle and inaccessible; how can we ever meet Him?

3 Through the Word of Mithra’s Teaching, doubt is dispelled, and the Beloved Lord comes to abide in the mind, heart and soul.

4 The Ashavan praise the Holy Name of Zurvan.

Ode Six

1 Zurvan, You are our Lord and Master; to You, I offer this prayer. This body and soul are all Your property.

2 Zurvan, You are our father. Anahita, You are our mother; And in Mithra, we are Your children.

3 In Your Grace, there are so many joys! No one knows Your limits.

4 Zurvan, O Highest of the High, Most Generous God, the whole creation is strung on Your thread. That which has come from You is under Your Command.

5 You alone know Your state and extent. The true devotee is forever a sacrifice.

6 One who renounces Zurvan, the Giver, and attaches himself to other affairs, shall never succeed. Without the Holy Names, he shall lose his honour.

7 He obtains a treasure of limitless value, but simply puts it behind him; for the sake of useless acquisitions, he forfeits his faith.

8 But what if this priceless treasure were not given? Then, what could the fool say or do?

9 Zurvan, our Lord and Master cannot be moved by force. Unto Him, bow forever in adoration.

10 That one, unto whose mind Zurvan seems sweet, all pleasures come to abide in his mind.One who abides by the Lord’s Will obtains all things.

Ode Seven

1 Zurvan, the Heavenly Banker, gives endless capital to the mortal, who eats, drinks and expends it with pleasure and joy.

2 If some of this capital is later taken back by the Banker, the ignorant person shows his anger. He himself destroys his own credibility, and he shall not again be trusted.

3 When one offers to the Lord, that which belongs to the Lord, and willingly abides by the Will of Zurvan’s Order, the Lord will make him happy many times over.

4 Zurvan, our Lord and Master, is merciful forever.

Ode Eight

1 The many forms of attachment to Illusion shall surely pass away, know that they are transitory.

2 People fall in love with the shade of the tree, and when it passes away, they feel regret in their minds. Whatever is seen, shall pass away; and yet, the spiritually blind cling to it.

3 One who gives her love to a passing traveller*: nothing shall come into her hands in this way.

4 Perceptive mind, the love of the Name of Zurvan bestows peace. Blessed Ashavan, the Lord, in His Mercy, unites us with Himself.

*(For the pious woman, to give herself casually and indiscriminately to a stranger, with the belief that this would somehow be the basis of a lasting and healthy relationship, will find that this is not so. On the contrary, such thoughtless indiscretion creates more problems than it solves. Who is the passing traveller? Anyone or thing that is impermanent. To mindlessly offer worship and obedience to that which is impermanent or false, and expecting this have spiritual blessings and eternal rewards, will amount to nothing.)

5 Body, wealth, and temporal relations are meaningless. Ego, possessiveness and temporal distractions, are a waste of time.

6 Power, youth, wealth and property, are delusive. Sexual desire and wild anger, are just passions that lead to nowhere.

7 The weapons of war and expensive clothes are empty. The love of gathering wealth, and reveling in the sight of it, are worthless.

8 Deception, emotional attachment and egotistical pride are hollow endeavours. Pride and self-conceit are unnecessary burdens.

9 Only Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds are permanent; a life lived for God, Mother and Son leads to the Eternal Sanctuary of the Holy.

10 The wise Ashavan lives by meditating on the Unkindled Fire of Mithra.

Ode Nine

1 Zurvan, You are All-powerful, You are my Lord and Master. Everything comes from You; You are the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts.

2 Zurvan, the Perfect Supreme Lord God, is the Support of His humble servants. Millions are saved in His Sanctuary.

3 As many creatures as there are – they are all Yours. By Your Grace, all sorts of comforts are obtained.

4 Whatever happens in Creation that reflects Truth and Wisdom, is all according to Your Will. One who understands the Lord’s Command, is absorbed in Mithra.

5 Please grant Your Grace, Zurvan, and bestow this gift upon the Ashavan, that they may meditate on the treasure of the Holy Names.

Ode Ten

1 By good fortune, the Divine Presence is obtained, by those who are lovingly absorbed in the Holy Names of God, Mother and Son.

2 Those whose minds are filled with the Lord, do not suffer pain, even in dreams. All treasures have been placed within the minds of His humble servants.

3 In their company, sinful mistakes and sorrows are taken away. The Glories of the Lord’s humble servants cannot be described.

4 The servants of Mithra remain absorbed in Him. Grant Your Grace, Zurvan, and hear my prayer: please bless us with the dust of the feet of Your Son.

5 Remembering God, Mother and Son in meditation, your misfortune shall be taken away, and all joy shall come to abide in your mind. Meditate, O my mind, on the Holy Names.

6 It alone shall be of use to your soul. Night and day, sing the Glorious Praises of the Infinite Lord. Give up other efforts, and place your faith in the Support of the One Lord. Taste the Ambrosial Essence of this, the greatest treasure.

7 They alone cross over the treacherous world-ocean, O Ashavan, upon whom the Lord casts His Glance of Grace. I have enshrined the Unkindled Fire of Mithra within my heart.

Ode Eleven

1 Meeting Mithra, I am emancipated. Sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe, O Children of Light.

2 Joining with the Holy Saints and meditate on the Holy Names.

3 This human body, so difficult to obtain, is redeemed when one receives the banner of the Names of Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra.

4 Meditating in remembrance of God Mother and Son, the state of perfection is attained. In the Company of the Holy, fear and doubt depart.

5 Wherever I look, there I see Mithra pervading. The Ashavan has entered Zurvan’s Sanctuary.

6 I am a sacrifice to the Unkindled Fire of Mithra. Chanting and meditating on the Holy Names, I live.

7 O Zurvan, Supreme Lord God, Father of Righteousness, show mercy to me, and commit me to Your service. I enshrine Mithra’s Fire within my heart.

8 I offer my mind, body and wealth to Zurvan, to Anahita and to Mithra; they are the Support of the breath of life.

9 Only when my life is prosperous, fruitful and approved do I know that Mithra is near me.

10 By good fortune, I have obtained the dust of the feet of the Saints.

11 Upon meeting Mithra, I have fallen in love with the Blessed Son of Zurvan and Anahita.

Ode Twelve

1 Abandon any spiritual practice or religious observance that is only practiced for self aggrandizement.

2 Do not seek to convince others of your piety when you have not convinced yourself.

3 Contemplate your union with Mithra continuously, any actions done with your mind on Him remove the threat of self righteousness.

4 The powers you may crave through spiritual practice do exist, but only to those who ascend beyond the material desire for such things.

5 The ascending soul realizes that Mithra is the only Spiritual Adept in the world.

6 Zurvan is Master and Mithra His model Disciple.

7 When we are one with Mithra, we too enter the Presence of the Master.

Ode Thirteen

1 This ever decaying world of delusion has made me forget You, Lord Mithra, You who are the Master of the Universe.

2 When I am enslaved to the ego, my devotions become hollow, Benevolent Lord.

3 We are enamoured of the physical form, but it is cursed. We hunger for material wealth, but it is cursed.

4 We wander around in our self made delusions, but they are cursed. We fall down at the altar of intellectualism and in so doing, we become cursed.

5 See the body as only a shell, of use for the moment but to fall away in the fullness of time. Do this, and you are free from the curse of the flesh.

6 Live for liberation of the soul, and see attachment to wealth as a burden that obstructs your path to Bahisht. Do this and you are free from the curse of materialism.

7 Keep your attention focused on the Five Divine Lights (Pure Reason, Pure Mind, Pure Intellect, Pure Thought and Pure Understanding), and see your delusions for what they are. Do this and you are free from the curse of self delusion.

8 Destroy the idols of egotism, vanity and intellectualism in your life. Do this and you are free from the curse of pride.

9 How do we overcome these obstacles to our liberation? Through devotion to God, Mother and Son and obedience to the Word of Mithra’s Teachings.

10 For those who embrace the curse and reject the path of Liberation? In the end, they are ruined; ultimately, Death will come for those who only lived and died for the shell.

Ode Fourteen

1 Hidden within the mine of the body, there resides a beautiful gem. This priceless jewel is the stream of consciousness we call the soul. It is a component of the One Universal Soul.

2 O my mind, meditate upon the Unkindled Fire and forsake all doubt. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mithra is the Life of all Worlds.

3 No consciousness is seen coming into the world, and no consciousness is seen leaving the world. What you truly are cannot be registered by the physical senses at all.

4 You do not know how you got here, and you do not know where, when or how you will leave.

5 The body is born in a temporal state, on an impermanent world, that requires death to sustain it. For those who wonder if there is evil in creation, you need not look very far for your answer.

6 The delusions of this world are many; they are just as empty as they are enticing.

7 Abandon the delusion, and you are able focus on what is real and eternal.

8 Serve Mithra within your mind and your heart; He is the Enemy of ego & the Destroyer of demons.

Ode Fifteen

1 The illusions of birth and death are gone; I lovingly focus on Mithra, the King of the Stars. In my life, I am absorbed in deep silent contemplation; Mithra’s Teachings have awakened me.

2 Gnosis is revealed to me; within my mind, I have become a disciple of the Lord.

3 I have come to know my own self, and my light has merged in the Light of Mithra.

4 Now I know Mithra, and my mind is satisfied. When the Golden Brazier burns within one’s heart, why should that person waver, O Divine Lord?

5 I know that all comforts, and treasures, come to one who intuitively, naturally, chants the Praise of Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra: God, Mother and Son.

6 Such wisdom comes, only when one sees Mithra in all, and unties the knot of us and them. Time and time again, the Ashavan must hold themselves back from illusory existence.

7 Let each Ashavan take the scale of Mithra, and weigh their mind. Then wherever they go, that person will find peace, and Illusion will not shake them.

8 My mind believes in Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra; I am absorbed in the Love of Zurvan, the One, Eternal, All Powerful, All Knowing and Ever Merciful God.

9 By the influence of Divine Mother and the Gnosis of Mithra, I have awakened to the Divine Source of all Life.

Ode Sixteen

1 The deluded imagine that God made the physical creation out of necessity, but this is not so.

2 God created Mithra, out of whom this very creation came into being.

3 Out of these myriad beings arose a defiant one, unwilling to reflect the Divine Light and Will of Zurvan.

4 The physical creation was the result of Light taken against Divine Will by the darkness.

5 The result being matter in which we are now encased.

6 The body itself is a temporary prison created by the evil one, a cell for the soul imprisoned within.

7 If God gives free will to all, then even those who do not reflect Divine Will have free will.

8 It is the machinations of the evil one that set this false contrivance in motion.

9 Those who do not reflect the Divine Will, reflect the will of the adversary.

10 Those who live in opposition to the Creator? They fabricate an excuse for being unaware; that single foundation which they have laid will be destroyed in an instant. Their ignorance is as noxious as their arrogance.

11 The wise soul meditates on Zurvan constantly.

Ode Seventeen

1 Lord Mithra, Merciful to the meek, I have placed my faith in You; along with all my family, I have come aboard Your boat.

2 When it is pleasing to Him, then He inspires us to obey His Precepts. Lord Mithra causes this boat to cross over from extinction to eternity.

3 By Zurvan’s Grace, such understanding is infused into me; my comings and goings in reincarnation have ended. Contemplate Zurvan, the Sustainer of the earth.

4 In this world, in the world beyond and everywhere, He alone is the Giver. He gives through the Divine Mother, and what He gives is a Treasury that is Lord Mithra.

5 The soul is born of Mithra. It was one with Him. But as it leaves the womb, and comes into the world; as soon as the air touches it, it forgets its true identity as a part of Lord Mithra, the Son of Zurvan.

6 O my soul, sing the Glorious Praises of Zurvan. You were placed in a shell, upside-down, living in the womb; you escaped the fire of the belly.

7 After wandering through countless dramas in this world, the Divine Mother has brought you into the Presence of Mithra, Her Son.

Ode Eighteen

1 The road you travel Home is an exacting path, it requires your full attention.

2 If you are not careful, you will stumble and fall.

3 If you do not re-gain your bearings, you risk wandering from the path entirely, and you shall not return Home again.

4 Meditate upon Zurvan, the Father of Righteousness and Sustainer of All.

5 Be infused with the energy of the Divine Mother and follow the path laid out by Mithra.

6 You are promised a joyous Homecoming in Bahisht, but only if you remain faithful.

Ode Nineteen

1 As a Mercy, Mithra has appeared in countless forms to awaken the sleeping souls trapped in matter.

2 The forms are incidental to Him, a mere vessel to interact with those who only focus upon matter.

3 The real Mithra is not seen to be coming or going, yet He is the Knower of all.

4 If you are displeased with the world around you, seek to make the world a better place. Begin by perfecting the world within you.

5 You determine where you focus your attention, what you think, what you say, what you do and what you refrain from doing. To fret over what you have no influence over, is delusion.

Ode Twenty

1 Sing the Glorious Praises of Zurvan, from whom the most excellent treasure is obtained.

2 What good is chanting, penance or self-mortification? What good is fasting or cleansing baths, unless you know the way to worship Zurvan with loving devotion?

3 I know that Zurvan dwells within the hearts of His disciples; I know that the dutiful servant is the one whose heart is filled with love for Zurvan.

4 I drink in the divine nectar of the Heavenly Court. With the taste of this essence, I have forgotten all other tastes.

5 Why should we weep at the death of others, when we ourselves are not permanent?

6 Whoever is born shall pass away; we, each of us, have an expiration date though that moment is not known to any of us. Why should we cry out in grief?

7 We are re-absorbed into Mithra from whom we came; we return to our Natural State within Mithra, and remain attached to Him.

8 In Mithra, through the influence of Anahita, my consciousness is filled with thoughts of remembrance of Zurvan; I have become detached from the world.

Ode Twenty-One

1 Zurvan is the One True God, the only Creator of all universes, realities and dimensions.

2 We are blessed to know of Him through the celestial current of the Divine Mother and the soul-saving Gnosis of the Son.

3 The person who serves Zurvan through Mithra has all their sins forgiven and removed.

4 Zurvan, have mercy upon me and keep me in the Holy Assembly of Light that You love.

5 My words are unfitting even as I attempt to offer Praise to Zurvan; it is He who showers blessings and mercy upon the world and makes life worth living.

6 Mithra,without You, we are sinners, destined to sink into the Darkness like stones sink in the ocean.

7 Only through You do we awaken to the Grace of Zurvan.

8 Only through You do we have the Wisdom to travel along the Path set before us by the Divine Mother.

Ode Twenty-Two

1 While in the flesh, we are subject to the enticements of sin.

2 We flounder in the material world as a person trapped in quicksand.

3 Zurvan, only through Your Grace, made manifest through the Current of the Divine Mother and the Gnosis of the Eternal Son, are we able to be freed from this death trap.

4 The toxins of living in this dying creation cling to our souls; by joining the Assembly of Light the toxins are finally removed.

5 It is like water that is boiled to remove the bacteria from within.

Ode Twenty-Three

1 I recite the Blessed Names day and night; I recite the Names and enshrine them in my heart.

2 The Names of Zurvan, of Anahita, of Mithra. These blessed Names are the most perfect medicine in this world; by reciting the Blessed Names I conquer my ego.

3 Zurvan is Unlimited, Omnipotent and Infinite, through Mithra we may know this.

4 Zurvan is unapproachable but through Anahita, and in Mithra we may approach Him.

5 Zurvan is the Ocean of unfathomable Wisdom, but through Mithra we may grow Wise.

6 O Zurvan, shower Your Mercy on your humble servants that may we never lose sight of Your Divine Reflection in the Crystalline Pool that is Mithra.

Ode Twenty-Four

1 Listen, disciples of Mithra: serve Zurvan through Him, and contemplate the Word of His Pure Teaching.

2 The worthless soul does not know Mithra by any name or form — such a person is deluded; forgetting Mithra, he weeps and wails.

3 The awakening soul also weeps but for a good cause. He weeps, thinking of Mithra, and constantly cherishing His virtues; he knows that Mithra does not die, or go away.

4 As an Ashavan, the disciple knows Mithra and is nourished through the Word of His Pure Teaching. Through True Love, he merges with Him.

5 He who does not know Mithra, the Liberator from Annihilation, is deluded by falsehood — he himself is false.

6 Listen, O Ashavan! Serve Mithra, and contemplate the Word of His Pure Teaching.

Ode Twenty Five

1 Through Mithra we know that it was the evil one who created the physical worlds to imprison the Light.

2 We know that it was through the Mercy of Zurvan and the Celestial Current of the Divine Mother that the hellish worlds in matter became habitable.

3 Through Mithra we know that those souls who turn to the Divine Light, those who struggle with attachment even out of the flesh, that if they are conscious enough to turn to this wondrous Light, are given the gift of reincarnation.

4 Through Mithra we know that this world is not eternal; that all physical creation exists briefly and will come to an end shortly.

5 The love of illusion and distraction has made the world a prison; most people die with no desire for the Light and descend into the darkness forever.

6 Those who do seek Zurvan, who are ready to abandon attachments, ascend into Bahisht*.

*(The Kingdom of Light)

7 Those who turn to the Light but who are not ready to give up attachments, they are reborn, over and over again for a time.

8 If, however, those people who die to be reborn, over and over again, if they do not lay aside attachments, their sins steadily increase; they become indifferent to spiritual wisdom, and become lost in their delusions.

9 Such a person is cast into the darkness squandering their opportunity at Salvation.

10 Without the Pure Teaching of Mithra, Zurvan is not found and the worthless being wastes their life away, weeping and wailing.

Ode Twenty-Six

1 Mithra reveals that Zurvan is the True Life of the World. For whom do you weep? Do you weep in the shadows or do you weep for the Light?

2 Those lost in the shadows have truly only ever worshipped at the altar of Self.

3 They may have given lip service as to their devotion to the Divine Source, but in reality, the only Icon they elected to revere is that of their own image: not a window to heaven but a gateway to hell. They have served no one but themselves.

4 It is those who weep in the shadows, those who ignore Mithra and those who forget Zurvan and those who never experience the influence of the Divine Mother. It is Zurvan alone who is the Creator.

5 Physical matter is a minor corruption in His Creation and will pass away soon enough.

6 The ignorant person wanders the world in delusion; in the love of vanity and infatuated with delusion, they suffer in pain.

7 They will grow old, and their bodies will wither away unless the dangers of the material world do not take them early.

8 Whatever has come into this world that is not awakened and liberated, shall all pass away; through the love of matter, all suffer in pain.

9 They do not see that Death is right around the corner; they long for illusions, and their consciousness is attached to greed.

10 They live like there is no tomorrow when tomorrow is only a heartbeat away, such is the mind unencumbered by Wisdom.

Ode Twenty-Seven

1 Mithra is Eternally True; His manifestations may come and go in this fleeting world, but He is Eternal.

2 Some weep and wail, separated from Mithra; those who are spiritually blind do not know that their Mithra is with them.

3 Through the Grace of Zurvan and the Current of Anahita, they meet Mithra and cherish Him deeply.

4 They cherish Mithra for He is always with them, but the deluded person believes that He is far away and the mindless person asserts that He does not exist at all.

5 The physical body on its own, does nothing more than flounder in the wilderness, and is totally useless; it does not realize the Presence of Mithra.

6 The soul fragments become Whole when they are united Consciously with Mithra; these soul fragments cherish Mithra forever, and, in Oneness with Him, they worship Zurvan forever.

7 Some weep and wail in this world because they separated from Mithra; they are too inebriated with the world to realize that Mithra is already with them.

8 The true disciples of Mithra serve Zurvan through Him, and they are nourished by the Word of His Pure Teaching.

Ode Twenty-Eight

1 I am a sacrifice to those who serve Mithra. The Truth is in their hearts, and the True Names are on their lips.

2 Dwelling upon the truest of the true, their pains are dispelled. Through the True Word of the Pure Teaching, Mithra comes to dwell in their minds.

3 Listening to the Words of the Tablets of Light, filth is washed off their hearts, and they naturally enshrine the Names of Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra in their minds.

4 One who conquers fraud, deceit and the fire of desire finds tranquillity, peace and pleasure within.

5 If any person will walk in harmony with the Will of Zurvan, they will eliminate self-conceit and find the True Mansion of the Presence of Zurvan. That person will continuously sing the glorious praises of the One True God.

6 The spiritually blind and self absorbed individual does not understand the Pure Teaching; he does not know a word of it, let alone what it means. So, in ignorance he passes his life away in misery.

7 But if he meets the Divine Messenger, then he finds peace, and the ego within is finally silenced.

8 Who else should I speak to? Zurvan, the One True God, is the Giver of all. When He grants His Grace, then we obtain the Word of the Pure Teaching.

9 Being One with the Mind of our Beloved Mithra, we sing the glorious praises of Zurvan, the One True God.

10 The devoted disciple, becoming committed to Truth and Righteousness, will naturally become pleasing to Mithra.

Ode Twenty-Nine

1 The illusion of birth and death is gone; I lovingly focus on Mithra, the Lord of the Universe.

2 In my life, I am absorbed in deep contemplation; Mithra’s Teachings have awakened me.

3 Blessed are they whose minds and hearts are attuned to Mithra.

4 The blessing is available to all but there are few who are conscious enough to benefit from it.

5 Such is the understanding revealed to me; within my heart, I have become a detached renunciate.

6 I have come to know my own self, and long for the day when my light will merge into the One Universal Soul.

7 Now I know Mithra, the Lord of the Universe, and my mind is satisfied.

8 In union will I enter the Presence of Zurvan for eternity.

Ode Thirty

1 If any form of plant, insect, fish or beast can be destroyed at any moment, tell me then, what hope is there for the person who is mired in worldly vices?

2 Mithra knows that the carnal individual is in love with ignorance.

3 He knows that the lamp of clear wisdom inherent within all souls, has grown dim for such individuals.

4 Those who emulate mindless creatures become mindless creatures.

5 There is no future for those who squander their Divine Inheritance.

6 It is so difficult to obtain this human incarnation, and yet, the mindless continue to keep company with the wicked.

7 The noose of death is unforgiving, and it shall catch them; it cannot be warded off.

8 Dispel your sorrow and doubt, and know that Mithra has given you spiritual wisdom if you would only direct your attention to their presence within you.

9 To the humble devotee, Mithra is the Destroyer of fears.

10 In Oneness with Mithra may we praise Zurvan, the One Universal Creator.

Ode Thirty-One

1 Within the Ashavan is peace and tranquility; their minds and bodies are absorbed in the Holy Names of Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra.

2 They contemplate, they study and they remain lovingly absorbed in the Holy Names of God, Mother and Son.

3 They obtain the treasure of the Holy Names, and their anxiety is dispelled.

4 Meeting with Mithra, their thirst and hunger are completely relieved.

5 Imbued with the Holy Names, they are sanctified. One who is enslaved to the will of Tiamat and her son, the dragon, abandons their home, and wanders around aimlessly.

6 They become reviled by society, and make themselves inhabitants of the darkness in the hereafter.

7 They babble incoherently, and imprisoned by their own sins, they die.

8 What can anyone do? Such is their destiny, according to their thoughts, words and deeds.

9 Wherever they go they are denounced as liars, and by telling lies, they are not liked by anyone.

10 O Children of Light, behold this, the glorious greatness of our Lord and Master, Mithra.

11 O Ashavan, as one behaves, so does one receive. This shall be Zurvan’s determination in His True Court.

12 Mithra has established the village; Mithra has appointed its guards and protectors.

13 My hopes are fulfilled, and my mind is imbued with the love of Mithra’s Hearth.

14 Zurvan is infinitely merciful; through Mithra He has erased all my sins.

15 Zurvan, through Anahita, has showered me with His Mercy, and He has made me His own.

16 May I forever be a sacrifice to Mithra, the Celestial Son of Zurvan, who has countless virtues.

Ode Thirty-Two

1 Beholding the blessed vision of the Brazier of Mithra, I am at peace.

2 There are few in existence who know my inner pain: Zurvan, Anahita, Mithra & the Divine Sparks*. What can anyone else know?

*(The Amesha Spentas)

3 Mithra, my True Lord and Master, You are truly my King; whatever You do is Sanctified, all that You speak is True. Whatever opposes You, exists as an offence against the Truth.

4 There is nothing real in creation other than the Divine Mother and the Celestial Son. Only they perfectly reflect the Will of Zurvan.

5 The Mother and Son pervade and permeate all; if only all people would awaken to this reality and act accordingly.

6 Everyone who contemplates God, Mother and Son, day and night prepares themselves for entry into the Heavenly Domain. Anahita and Mithra are the means by which we may know of Zurvan.

7 The Divine Mother and the Celestial Son are the means by which we may know how to Commune with Zurvan. Without them we would be lost in the Darkness eternally.

8 All who seek the Light of God are under Your Power, O my King; not one of these pious souls are beyond You.

9 All beings proceed from You, yet only those who seek righteousness truly represent You—They belong to You, O my King.

10 All in the physical universe who resonate with the Mind of Mithra shall re- merge and be re- absorbed in Him.

11 He is the hope of all, the Beloved Lord; all who seek the Presence of God, meditate on Lord Mithra.

12 As it pleases You, Mithra, please protect and preserve me. You are the True King of pious souls.

Ode Thirty-Three

1 One who forgets Mithra, the Pure Reflection of God in Creation, is most unfortunate.

2 One whose mind is in love with the Unkindled Fire, obtains the eternal pool of ambrosia.

3 Mithra, your humble servant lives in the love of the Holy Names.

4 All laziness has departed from my body and my mind is attached to Zurvan, Ahanitha and Mithra.

5 Wherever I look, Mithra is there; He is the string, upon which all compassionate hearts are strung.

6 Drinking in the water of the Holy Names, this servant has renounced all other loves.

Ode Thirty-Four

1 In the company of the Ashavan, I contemplate the Holy Names.

2 I am in peaceful poise and bliss, day and night; with resolute faith, the seed of my destiny has sprouted.

3 It is very fortunate to have met Mithra; He is Limitless.

4 He takes His humble servant by the hand, and that disciple out of a toxic and dying world.

5 Birth and death have ended for me, through a commitment to the Word of Mithra’s Pure Teaching.

6 I shall no longer pass through the door of pain and suffering and death itself has no power over me.

7 The Ashavan holds tight to the Sanctuary of their Lord and Master; again and again, they bow in humility and reverence to Him.

Ode Thirty-Five

1 Deep within my inner being, is the longing to meet my Beloved Lord Mithra; how can I find the Divine Messenger? Even though a baby may play countless games, he cannot survive without milk.

2 The hunger deep within me is not satisfied, O my friend, even though I am served hundreds of dishes.

3 My mind and body are filled with love for my Beloved Mithra; how can I be comforted, without the Warmth of the Unkindled Fire?

4 Anahita, Divine Mother! Please lead me to Mithra, my True Friend, the Giver of peace.

5 He knows all the troubles of my soul; every day, he tells me of the Glories of Zurvan.

6 I cannot survive without Him, even for one instant. I cry out for Him, as the song-bird cries for water.

Ode Thirty-Six

1 Mithra, which of Your Excellent Virtues should I contemplate? You save even worthless beings like me.

2 I have become sad and depressed, longing for the Lord; when will I see Him with my eyes?

I have forgotten how to enjoy all pleasures; without communion with Mithra, they are of no use at all.

3 The distractions of this world do not bring any lasting comfort. They keep me from what matters most.

4 I honour those friends who have been blessed to experience the Joy of their Beloved Lord.

5 I can adorn myself with all manner of religious attire and pontificate about all manner of religious works, but sadly, if I am not one with the Mind of Mithra, it is all meaningless.

6 When I have wandered away from the Mind of Mithra, my hopes, and my reason for being, all pass away.

7 Blessed, blessed are the conscious disciples who are constantly immersed in the love of Mithra.

Ode Thirty-Seven

1 Those who remain fixed in their relationship with Mithra are the saints of old.

2 I am a sacrifice to those beloved saints. As long as I confuse matter with reality, then I continue to allow distractions and doubts to influence me.

3 There was a time when I thought that the Presence of God was far away from me.

4 But when I met Mithra, and saw the truth of His Pure Teaching, I understood that, in Him I am in the Presence of God.

5 When I understood this perennial truth, then all my doubts and fears fell away and all my hopes and desires were fulfilled.

6 I have obtained all pleasures and comforts I could ever imagine.

7 Lord Mithra, who is all-pervading everywhere is the Perfect Reflection of God’s Love, Light and Truth.

8 The pious person enjoys Zurvan’s Love when they are One with Mithra.

9 The pious person flows along the Divine Current of the Divine Mother; such a person, illumined by Gnosis, will always live in the Light of the Unkindled Fire.

Ode Thirty Eight

1 Give me a message from my Beloved Mithra — tell me, tell me!

2 I am wonder-struck, hearing the many reports of Him; tell them to me, my beloved brethren.

3 Some say that He is beyond the world, while others say that He is fully immersed within it.

4 His image cannot be seen, and His pattern cannot be discerned. O devout disciples, tell me the truth!

5 He is pervading everywhere, and He dwells in each and every heart open to Truth;

6 He resides in the heart even damaged by sin, but He remains sinless.

7 He resides in those stained by corruption, but He remains unstained. He dwells upon the tongues of the Saints.

Ode Thirty-Nine

1 Offer your prayer to Zurvan through Lord Mithra.

2 You shall obtain blessings, and the treasures of bliss, pleasure, peace, poise and illumination.

3 Renounce your self-conceit, and take hold of the Pure Teaching of Mithra; warm yourself in His Eternal Light.

4 The cold of a dying world does not affect one who longs for Mithra’s Eternal Sanctuary in Bahisht.

5 Again and again, Zurvan puts up with the millions of sins of the supremely ungrateful ones.

6 Only the wise are grateful for the opportunity to be forgiven and purify their thoughts, words and deeds.

7 I long for the Sanctuary of Lord Mithra who is the embodiment of Zurvan’s Mercy in Creation.

Ode Forty

1 Grant Your Grace, Zurvan, that I might chant the Name of Your Blessed Son, Lord Mithra, day and night. That I may immerse myself in the life-giving Words of Mithra.

2 Your Will seems so sweet to me, Zurvan. Show kindness and compassion, Divine Source of all Creation; without You, I do not exist.

3 Almighty, sublime, infinite and perfect Zurvan— my soul, body, wealth and mind are Yours. When I lose sight of Your Divine Light, I am foolish, stupid, fickle, powerless, lowly and ignorant.

4 I seek Your Sanctuary — please save me from enslavement to material existence. By following the Divine Current of Anahita, I have come to the Sanctuary of the Holy, I have found the Beloved Lord Mithra; here may I constantly sing the Praises to Zurvan, to Anahita and to Mithra.

Ode Forty-One

1 Applying the Pure Teaching of Lord Mithra to the disciple’s life, the sinner is freed from sin. The sinners are sanctified in the company of those who live in the Presence of Mithra, day and night.

2 Attuned to the Holy Names of God, Mother and Son, they are given the gift of the life of the soul; their gifts increase day by day.

3 Spiritual liberation comes to those who meditate on Zurvan, on Anahita and on Lord Mithra, and conquer the self to save their own soul.

4 It is only by great fortune that the company of the Ashavan are found. Those who deal in Truth are the most noble of merchants.

5 They possess the great treasure, and they earn the profit of the Lord’s Praise. The attachments of this world do not cling to those who are attuned to God, Mother and Son.

6 They know the One God, and they believe in the One God; they are intoxicated with Zurvan’s Love.

7 They fall at the Feet of the Divine Messenger, and seek His Sanctuary; their minds are filled with joy.

8 Those who have the Holy Names on their minds, in their hearts and on their lips are the true disciples.

Ode Forty-Two

1 Meditate in remembrance on the One True God outside of Time and Creation, who supports all by His Power.

2 The righteous do not forget Zurvan, the Primal Creator Lord, He is always on their minds and in their hearts.

3 Pain, disease and fear do not cling to those who meditate on God, Mother and Son.

4 By the Grace of Zurvan, they cross over from the dying creation, and obtain their promised destiny.

5 They are congratulated and applauded, and their minds are at peace; they merge into Mithra, and they meet Zurvan, who has been and always be, their Infinite Lord.

6 By meditating in remembrance of Zurvan, my desires are fulfilled.

Ode Forty-Three

1 The humble servants of Mithra are exalted, and exalted is their speech.

2 With their mouths, they speak for the benefit of others.

3 Those who listen to them with faith and devotion, are blessed by Zurvan.

4 Showering His Mercy, He saves them. Zurvan, please, let me meet the beloved servants of Mithra.

5 The Divine Messenger is my Beloved, my very breath of life; the Divine Messenger has saved me, the sinner.

Ode Forty-Four

1 The Ashavan are fortunate, so very fortunate; they are supported by the Holy Names.

2 They obtain the Ambrosia of the Holy Names; through the Divine Messenger’s Teachings, they obtain this treasury of devotional worship.

3 Those who do not immerse themselves in the Gnosis of Mithra, the True Primal Being, are most unfortunate; they are destroyed by the evil one and her son, the dragon.

4 They are vile creatures; the Lord strikes them down, and they are cast into the darkness.

5 Zurvan, You are kind to all those enslaved in matter.

6 Please shower Your mercy upon those who turn to You, and save them.

7 The believer has entered the Lord’s Sanctuary; if it pleases You, Zurvan, through Anahita and Mithra, please save them.

Ode Forty-Five

1 Zurvan, You are the Giver of the One Created Being of Whom We are all a Part.

2 Through Anahita, the Divine Mother, please bring Mithra, to dwell within my mind.

3 The heart where Mithra is enshrined, suffers no darkness or doubt.

4 Lord Mithra, wherever I remember You, by the Mercy of Zurvan, there I find You.

5 Show Mercy to me, Zurvan, Cherisher of all, that I may sing Your Praises forever.

6 With each and every breath, I contemplate the Holy Names.

7 Zurvan, those most in harmony with the Mind of Your Son, long for Your Presence above all things.

8 When I am of one Mind with Mithra, then I truly know that my only real support is You.

9 Only then will I have the Wisdom to renounce all other hopes.

Ode Forty-Six

1 Blessed Zurvan! All beings are Yours. You are the Father of the Celestial Son and the Son permeates them all.

2 You know what they think, even as they think it. You know what they feel, even as they themselves feel it.

3 You what they are saying, even as they say it. You know of every act, even as they perform it.

4 Zurvan, You are present with all in the Pure Reflection that is Mithra.

5 Lord Mithra is with us all, within us and all around us. We are One with Him, O my soul!

6 Zurvan, You see everything, but those enamored with the world deny You in their minds.

7 Zurvan is far away from the wicked. They ignore the Son and by so doing, lose sight of God, entirely. All the efforts of the druj are in vain.

8 The pious person meditates on the Pure Teaching of Mithra and comes to behold the Reflection of God in their presence.

9 Those who are One with the Mind of Mithra are pleasing to the Mind of Zurvan.

10 Those who are pleasing to the Mind of Zurvan are the True devotees and selfless servants.

11 They are bestowed great honor in the Heavenly Court. They remain absorbed in Mithra, continuously.

Ode Forty-Seven

1 The filth that coats the worldly person, is washed away in the company of the righteous.

2 Through the Influence of the Divine Mother and the Presence of the Son we experience the Love of Zurvan.

3 Attuned to the Love of Zurvan, a person shines with the Divine Light in this world.

4 The Ashavan prays to Zurvan and joining the Company of the Holy, they are fulfilled.

5 Invoke the Holy Names and meditate upon the Pure Teaching of Mithra, the Lord of the Stars.

6 By reciting the Holy Names and by making the Pure Teaching of Mithra your way of life, your thirst shall be quenched.

7 One who enshrines the Holy Names in his mind, one who engraves the Pure Teaching of Mithra on their heart, that is one unto whom Zurvan shall be Infinitely Merciful.

8 One who meets the Divine Manifestation of Mithra obtains the treasure of Zurvan’s wealth.

Ode Forty-Eight

1 How fortunate are those who join the Holy Faith of Asha! Let this great fortune manifest in singing the Praises of God, Mother and Son.

2 By the Grace of Zurvan, and the Influence of Anahita, Mithra pervades all spaces of Creation where Light, Life and Truth are present.

3 You could search the Universes endlessly for countless lifetimes, and still you would find no limitation within Him.

4 Look to Mithra and you see Zurvan. Look to Zurvan and you see Mithra.

5 In Mithra, Zurvan and Anahita cherish all beings as the father and the mother cherishes their children.

6 The path to God must always be an honest one, there is no room for deception.

7 You do not deceive God, Mother or Son; any such attempt and you only wind up deceiving yourself.

8 Walk the Path of Asha and you will come to know Zurvan.

Ode Forty-Nine

1 Mindless fools reject the Loving Embrace of Mithra because they have no awareness of that which is most Holy. They ignore the value of air until they are no longer able to breathe.

2 It is painfully clear that such persons have no faith. They do not enjoy the sublime taste of the Pure Teaching.

3 Even if they enter the hanzaman* of the faithful, their Gathas to God are empty because they do not truly believe!


4 The serious Ashavan consciously works to merge with the Mind of Mithra. Only one who is of One Mind with Mithra is approved to enter the Celestial Heavens.

5 But the mindless fool does not understand this Truth nor do they care. They do not even know themselves, how do they hope to know the Mind of Mithra?

6 If they happen to travel in religious circles, it is not for illumination, since they place no value on what they themselves have not realized. They annoy the faithful with words spoken to impress, but inwardly are devoid of any greater meaning.

7 The more value they place on the erudition of scholars, the less value they place on the wisdom of saints. Such is the mind of one who has taken their own ego as their guru.

8 They identify more with the physical shell than the soul that is imprisoned within. Separate from the Mind of Mithra, they flail about in the temporal world, getting ever closer to their own demise.

9 They have no true understanding nor real obedience to the Divine Messenger. That being so, how could such a one as this merge into the One Universal Soul or enter the Presence of Zurvan?

10 Without the nourishment from the Pure Teaching, they are spiritually starving to death. They spend their days, touching every religion but never once being touched by religion.

11 To the world around them, they may speak words of faith continuously, but inwardly, their doubts never stop. To the world they give lip service to the Power of God, but inwardly they remain enslaved to the Passions.

12 They may enter the hanzaman of the Ashavan occasionally, but their discourse reveals that they are only focused on worldly affairs.

13 They are enslaved to the senses, but listen! Do they sense the beating of their very own hearts? Do they know or care that every day that passes there are fewer and fewer heart beats left? Do they know how near to death they truly are?

14 And yet, the Holy Names are not sweet to their lips. Nor is the Pure Teaching of Mithra of any interest to their minds.

15 They cling to the physical life of the shell but they are not truly alive at all. To be truly alive is to walk the path towards Liberation of the Soul.

16 If any person willfully rejects this path, then even though they move about in this world, spiritually, they are already dead.

17 Does the serious soul wish to avoid the fate of a fool? Then let them meditate on the Pure Teaching of Mithra continuously. Only through His Teaching will they obtain realization and salvation. Only through the cultivation of virtue shall they attain liberation.

18 If any person has even a grain of appreciation for Divine Wisdom, they will not squander the priceless gift of existence and they will work with conviction to realize their True Nature.

19 They alone, who have the immense Blessings of Zurvan and who follow the Celestial Current of the Divine Mother, will find Mithra.

Ode Fifty

1 Those who find Mithra, those who work to remove all traces of vanity and egotism from within, those whose consciousness is in harmony with the Mind of Mithra, they have no need to feel anxiety over anything in this world.

2 The mindful praise Zurvan, for He is the Divine Source of all Light and Life! The mindful praise Anahita, through whom we enter the Presence of Truth! The mindful praise Mithra, who is the Living Word!

3 Why would anyone who is truly conscious willingly turn away from this reality, for even a moment?

4 One who meditates on the Pure Teaching of Mithra obtains freedom from enslavement to the dying creation.

5 One who meditates on the Pure Teaching of Mithra moves forward on the Path toward Oneness of the Universal Soul and into the very Presence of Zurvan.

6 Those who are wise seek out those who know the Truth; They long for the association with the righteous.

7 The one who becomes One with the Mind of Mithra is not thwarted by the pains, the sorrows, the hunger and the disease of this world.

8 As devoted servants of Mithra, even while they are temporarily held captive in the flesh, they have already been set free in spirit.

9 For the servant of Mithra, the chains of this world are unshackled through their humble submission to Zurvan and through obedience to Mithra.

Ode Fifty-One

1 By the Grace of Zurvan and the influence of Anahita, one is led to the Truth of Mithra.

2 In the Presence of His Pure Teaching, if they are willing, they become His devotee.

3 By beholding the face of Lord Mithra, they are able to see the Image of Zurvan in Creation.

4 For the humble devotee of Mithra, they are saved from extinction and they are ferried from the world that knows only death into the World that only knows Eternal Life.

5 To not know the Truth is simply ignorance. For those who live in such a manner, there will be celestial servants to offer them Truth, one day, if they are willing and receptive.

6 To know the Truth and to reject it in favor of falsehood? To waste these precious heartbeats until there are no more left?

7 That is the definition of the mindless fool. There is no realization, salvation or liberation for the mindless fool.

Ode Fifty-Two

1 The soul, in harmony with the Mind of Mithra contemplates His Pure Teaching and serves Him dutifully.

2 The worthless soul does not know Mithra — that self obsessed soul forgets their True Nature and weeps over the effects of what they themselves have caused.

3 The pious soul also weeps, but they are tears in thinking of Mithra.

4 The pious soul constantly cherishes His virtues.

5 The Celestial Son of Zurvan is Eternal, He will never die nor go away.

6 As an Ashavan, the pious soul knows Him; through the Word of His Teachings, He is realized. Through True Love, the pious soul merges with Him.

7 The soul limited to egocentric existence and carnal appetites, knows nothing of Mithra.

8 The mindless care nothing of sin. The mindless do not know that sins can be forgiven.

9 The mindless do not now that negative karma can be removed.

10 Because of this, they sin wantonly. Because of this, they incur a grievous punishment.

11 Because of this, they will experience every negative effect they have thoughtlessly caused.

12 The mindless soul is deluded and distracted by every falsehood. Such a soul is trapped in a prison of its own making.

13 Be attentive, awakening souls: Contemplate the Pure Teaching of Mithra and serve Him dutifully.

Ode Fifty-Three

1 We live in a world of souls in need of liberation, but the love of Matter has ruined the world.

2 All souls that reject God, Mother and Son, die and wander in the lower spirit realms till the time of the Judgement; at which point they will be cast into the River of Molten metal, never to rise again.

3 Those souls that have lived in ignorance of God, Mother and Son, die, but then receive the ministry of the celestial beings and saints.

4 Should they turn to the Divine Light, they are allowed to be re-born in the world to abandon their attachments further.

5 For some this works, for others, they become even further entrenched in material attachment and lose what they have gained.

6 For those who are free of attachment, when they die, they enter Paradise till the time of the Judgment.

7 They will cross the Chinvat Bridge and ascend to the Celestial Realms for Eternity.

8 For those souls that die to be reborn, over and over again, and increase their sins in the process, they are without spiritual wisdom, they are deluded.

9 There can be no hope for the soul that craves anything other than the Presence of God.

Ode Fifty-Four

1 Without the Pure Teaching, Mithra is not found; the worthless, false devotee wastes their life away.

2 He is our Beloved Lord, the Life of the World. He manifests in every realm, in every age for the salvation of all trapped souls.

3 He suffers and dies in the flesh countless times to save all souls.

4 It is to Zurvan we should cry, thanking Him for the Blessing of Mithra.

5 They who only weep for themselves have forgotten Mithra, however they may have known Him.

Ode Fifty-Five

1 The ignorant both thank God and blame God for Creation in the same breath. Will they not come to a decision?

2 If the Creation is all good, then be thankful for everything that happens.

3 If the Creation is all evil, then mourn everything that happens.

4 But the wise know the Truth; Good and evil are both present in the Creation because the physical creation is the combination of both Light and Darkness.

Ode Fifty-Six

1 Gnosis reveals the Truth of our Reality. The ignorant reject Gnosis as evil, preferring to live and die in ignorance, sadly.

2 The ignorant may know of Zurvan but oblivious to the existence of the Son. The wise know that Zurvan created the One Created Being in whom we are all a part.

3 The ignorant may know of the Creation and a fraction contained within it. The wise know that all in Creation exists within the One Living Being, Himself.

4 The ignorant say God created all worlds and all conditions on those worlds initially. The wise know that the physical creation was not God’s Will but came into being as a perversion of God’s Will.

5 That the physical creation was created by the evil one to trap the Light within. That initially, the physical creation was pure hell, and all within suffered greatly.

6 That it was only by the blessings of Zurvan that order, harmony, symmetry and mercy entered the physical creation, to make the uninhabitable inhabitable, to make the intolerable tolerable, and to provide a passage out of hell for the souls trapped within.

7 The wise soul knows that Mithra and His Pure Teaching are the keys to salvation from the temporal prison that is the physical creation.

8 The ignorant believe God created the world but the wise know it was the evil one that created the world, but that God purified it, making it liveable.

9 All within the physical creation come into being, exist for a time and then die away.

10 Mithra, however, is Eternally True; He neither truly dies or ever goes away.

11 The wise are awake to the Gnosis that we exist within Him, that we are Him.

Ode Fifty-Seven

1 In ignorance we mourn the loss of the manifestation having lost sight of His Ever present Nature.

2 How can He be gone when He is all around us and He is within us?

3 The ignorant soul wanders the world in delusion; in the love with matter, it suffers in pain.

4 The ignorant soul grows old, its physical shell withers away.

5 Still this soul remains oblivious to the truth the impermanence of this world, the intoxication of the sense, and the entrapment of the soul.

6 The ignorant soul longs for matter and is mired in the Passions.

7 Drowning in its own delusions, it does not see that its own Death is around the corner. Is there any wonder why this soul suffers in pain?

8 If only this deluded soul would seek the Divine Light of Zurvan! They would find Mithra through the influence of the Divine Mother!

9 In finding Mithra they would learn His Pure Teaching and they would finally know that He is the Eternal Truth. That as long as they Seek the Divine Light, He will never leave them.

Ode Fifty-Eight

1 The souls of this world weep for very different reasons.

2 Unawakened souls weep separated from the people and objects that come and go in this physical creation.

3 But the reality is that they only weep for themselves. They dwell in ignorance.

4 Awakening souls also weep in ignorance, however, but it is an ignorance of a different type!

5 The awakening soul weeps due its feelings of separation from Mithra.

6 They are blessed for their devotion to the Celestial Son but it is ignorance that leads them to believe that He is not continuously with them.

7 Remember the Truth, pious one, and you will have no reason to mourn!

8 By the Grace of Zurvan and the Influence of Anahita, you are blessed to meet Mithra, be wise enough to cherish Him always. He is all around You. He is with You.

9 The distance you feel is the distance of your thoughts toward Him in any given moment. Be mindful and be blessed to be in His Presence!

10 The awakening soul cherishes Mithra deep within themselves — Mithra is always with them, but those who have lost sight of Him, mistakenly believe that He is far away.

Ode Fifty-Nine

1 This shell wallows in the mire of this material existence and is totally useless. On its own power, it does have the capacity to realize the Presence of Mithra.

2 To live only for the shell is a death sentence for the soul.

3 The awakening soul is united with Mithra. It cherishes the Celestial Son eternally and deeply.

4 The awakening soul knows that only in oneness with Mithra will they ever enter the Presence of Zurvan.

5 That the Heavenly Court is for the Heavenly Son.

6 In oneness with the Son, we enter the Heavenly Court of Zurvan.

7 There is no place in the Celestial Realms for the being that is distant from the Mind of Mithra.

Ode Sixty

1 The soul that only weeps for themselves is pitiful.

2 The soul that weeps in longing for Mithra, believing He is far from them, is ignorant of His immediate Presence.

3 Do not mourn the loss of anything that is impermanent. Mourn that which had the potential for eternity but never realized that potential.

4 Do not mourn the absence of Mithra, because you do not see a Form. Mourn for those who will only follow a Manifestation so they can turn Him into an idol.

Ode Sixty-One

1 Those beings, within whose inner selves my Lord Mithra, dwells — all they are at peace.

2 They alone become liberated, who meditate on the Holy Names; they enter the Celestial Court.

3 The Serenity of Heaven is present in the mind of Mithra’s humble servants. Those who meditate on Zurvan, through the Word of Mithra’s Teachings, are rid of the disease of ego.

4 The spiritually impoverished do not remember who they truly are, much less the One who created them; this understanding of Zurvan and His Celestial Son is only obtained by those who become Ashavan.

5 Egotism is a disease that ravages this world. Humans, enslaved to matter, must suffer the pains of birth and death.

6 By Zurvan’s Grace, a few rare ones are saved; They who turned to the Divine Light and entered the Presence of Mithra.Who are they? The Lord alone Knows.

7 Zurvan, the Creator of the Creation, He who is Omniscient and Incomparable. Those who turn to Mithra, Zurvan, Himself, smiles upon them and is pleased.

8 The wise Ashavan contemplates Zurvan through Mithra.

Ode Sixty-Two

1 Mithra is the ocean, filled with pearls. The Saints gather in the Ambrosia; they do not go far away from there.

2 They taste the subtle essence of Mithra; they are loved by Zurvan. Within this pool, the swans find Mithra, the Lord of their souls.

3 What can the poor crane accomplish by bathing in the mud puddle? It sinks into the mire, and it’s filth is not washed away.

4 After careful deliberation, the thoughtful person takes a step. Forsaking duality, turning fully to the Lord of the Stars, he becomes a devotee of Mithra and experiences with Zurvan, the Divine Source.

5 He obtains the treasure of liberation, and enjoys the sublime essence of Zurvan. His comings and goings end, in oneness with Mithra he is finally Home.

6 The swans do not leave this pool. In mindfulness, they merge in the Celestial Lord.

7 The swans are in the pool, and the pool is in the swans. They are Illumined by the Unkindled Fire, and they honor and revere the Divine Messenger‘s Teaching.

Ode Sixty-Three

1 The devout sages and the spiritual adepts all seek the Sanctuary of the True Lord.

2 The Lord of the Reflection of the Bliss of Zurvan in Creation. He is the support of the helpless.

3 The pious believers worship Zurvan and contemplate His Reflection in Mithra, the Celestial Lord. Zurvan is the Lover of His devotees, the Destroyer of fear.

4 Subduing ego, one meets Mithra, and by doing so, places their feet on the Heavenly Path.

5 As for the people who serve only their own temporal interests, they make many efforts, but still, the evil one tortures them.

6 As the center of their own universe, they are only destined to die meaningless deaths.

7 They waste this precious human life through temporal distractions and vain endeavors.

8 They do not know themselves, they have handed their ownership to the evil one and trapped by doubts, they cry out in pain.

9 Not so with the pious! They speak, read and hear of Zurvan through the Pure Teaching of Mithra.

10 The Great Celestial Servant who Supports the earth, itself, shall bless you with courage, Asha (truth & righteousness) and protection.

11 Wisdom, Discernment and Peace are infused into the heart, when one centers his mind on Mithra. They are immaculate and true, and filth does not stick to them.

12 Through the Divine Messenger’s Teaching, their doubts and fears depart. The form and personality of Mithra are incomparably beautiful to them.

13 The awakening soul knows that Home is in the Presence of God.

14 The awakening soul knows that the Path Home is within and through Mithra.

15 The awakening soul begs Zurvan for oneness with Mithra, the Embodiment of Truth.

Ode Sixty-Four

1 The Scriptures derived from unholy sources are only only make-believe; they do not relieve the anxiety of the heart.

2 If you will only center yourself on Mithra, even for just a breath, then you shall see the Image of God face-to-face, present before you.

3 Search your own heart every day, and do not wander around in confusion.

4 This world is just a temporary phantasm; If you depend on its permanence, prepare to be disappointed.

5 If you rely on the people of this world to spare you from death, realize that they cannot offer you what they cannot offer themselves.

6 Understand that no one on this side of the veil will be holding your hand as you cross from this world to the next.

7 See how happy the people are as they read and study the works of false teachers and demonic doctrines!

8 They are like moths to a destructive flame! In their willful ignorance they value nonsense.

9 They speak and act in foolish ways reflective of the nonsense they embrace.

10 Limited in perception they mistake the Creation for the Creator. They have no knowledge of the Celestial Son who is all Creation itself.

11 It is Mithra who is present within the Creation. Zurvan is beyond all Creation, beyond our comprehension.We only know of Him through Mithra.

12 Those who insist you can only be pure in front of God through rituals are short sighted. They forget that God is Omnipresent through the Son.

Ode Sixty-Five

1 Do you truly seek to humble yourself before God? Do it now.

2 Do not wait for the next available appointment by a self appointed celebrant.

3 You are not dependent on the waters of a river or pool to become purified in the presence of God. Humble yourself with a penitent heart.

4 This is worth all the water in every Holy River.

Ode Sixty-Six

1 Serve Zurvan through Mithra eternally.

2 Use your eyes to see the blessing of Zurvan all around you.

3 Use your eyes to see the dangers that the evil one has also placed around you.

4 Use your discernment to know the difference between the two and consciously seek the Light.

Ode Sixty-Seven

1 Those who claim All is God, are confused.

2 They would know this if they did not rely on the foolishness of false teachers.

3 Mithra is the pure Reflection of the pure Source.

4 When a person makes no distinction between the impure and the pure, they end up enslaved to the impure and abandon the pure, entirely.

5 The wise know that mercy flows from Zurvan into creation and that Mithra is the creation.

6 The Divine Mother is the Flow of Divine Energy itself.

7 There is no River more Holy than the Divine Mother.

8 Zurvan is the Source of all Knowledge.

9 Those who truly know this are Known by God, Mother and Son.

This concludes the Tablet of Devotion

Tablet of the Great Struggle

Chapter One

1 There will be a Great War throughout the Earth. This is the Great Struggle between the power of Heaven and the powers of the Earth and begins within the various religious and political institutes.

2 This struggle will result in more of humanity abandoning their faith, worldwide chaos, civil war, starvation, wide-spread disease, natural disasters, and the increase in the disregard for law and order.

3 The events will occur due to the Light gradually being withdrawn from Earth.

4 After all these things occur, the Divine Manifestation of Mithra will appear to some of the Righteous of the Earth.

5 Men, women and children who live in the True Light and practice the faith of their covenant will see Him with their own eyes in bodily form in which they can identify, according to their particular covenant and according to their culture.

6 But not all the Righteous will see Him when He arrives, for there is a Remnant that is chosen among the laity and elders of the Faith who have been given other duties on the Earth.

Chapter Two

1 The Seat of Judgement will be established in the Earth and the Judgement of humanity will begin, followed by the temporary removal of the influence of evil on the Earth for an hour**.

*(The Throne of Judgement was established realms adjacent to the Earth on November 28th, 2012. The judging the souls of humanity began from that moment forward.)

**(Not a literal hour but a relatively short period of time.)

2 For some of the Righteous, the appearance of the Earth will appear to transform into a New Paradise, that is the majority of those who has sought out the Light in truth and sincerity before the physical return of the Divine Messenger.

3 While the majority of the Earth will contain only darkness which will be set aside for all those who wilfully transgress the Pure Teaching and for those who have, wilfully and unnecessarily, brought harm either to other persons or to other forms of life.

4 For some, the earthly Kingdom may appear to last a thousand years, for others, an even shorter amount of time.

5 There is only a small Remnant of the Righteous who will be chosen to live within the New Paradise, while others among the Righteous will remain in the Earth for the responsibility of teaching and assisting others who will begin to seek the Light.

6 After the binding of all of the various covenants and finally, their conclusion, some of the People of Truth, those who had been living in the New Paradise, will be brought up to Bahisht* to be united with the Pure Light**.

*(The Kingdom of Light, the Celestial Heights)

**(The One Universal Soul of Mithra)

Chapter Three

1 The celestial beings who have been working against the influence of the darkness will conclude their responsibilities toward humanity and the Earth and take up their new responsibilities directly in the Presence of the Almighty God.

2 The Celestial Protectors of humanity and the Earth will leave the atmosphere of the Earth and return to Bahisht which will result in further darkness and natural disasters.

3 After all these things occur, the Earth and all that remains within it shall fall into a Second Judgment.

4 There will be some from among those who were separated to live within the darkness that will eventually have a desire to serve God.

5 They will undergo a Second Judgment, and after some individuals have been deemed worthy of remaining in the Grace of God, they will continue to live on the Earth for a period of time that has not yet been revealed to humanity.

6 The greater influence of evil will be un-chained and those who remain on the Earth, those who have chosen to serve God, will have their faith tested.

7 As long as the Earth itself remains, and as long as there is evil influence on the Earth, the people will endure hardship.

8 They must build up their hope and they must become strong and determined servants of God*.

*(This is the central purpose of the Ashavan)

Chapter Four

1 Some of the Servants of God who were not taken up into Bahisht during the First Judgement will remain on the Earth to assist those who came out of the Second Judgement.

2 The will only be a few of the Elect while the majority of those who remain with be of the laity who have love for humanity and wish only for their salvation and uniting with the Divine Light.

3 For some, the trials may be more difficult than for others, but all the laity and the Elect are servants of God and should see such trials as times of joy, because they know their reward will be given to them soon.

4 After the period of the Great Endurance has concluded, the Light from within humanity that served the One True God on the Earth, will ascend into Bahisht to be united the One Light*.

*(The One Universal Soul of Mithra)

5 The Earth and all its inhabitants, all those who refused to serve God and willfully chose, instead, to live within the darkness and be controlled by the influence of the evil one and her son, the dragon, will be annihilated.

6 Those who have endured on the Earth, already having been brought up into Bahisht will then see Zurvan, the Great Father.

This concludes the Tablet Of the Great Struggle

Tablet of the Luminous Asha

Chapter One

1 Revel in the Joyous Message! The Divine Messengers have taught us the Joyous Message; they have shown us the Path to Salvation. Their holy teaching dispels the illusions of our mind and redeems us from the terror of death.

2 The Divine Messengers bring comfort to the weary and sorrow-laden; they restore peace to those who are broken down under the burden of life. They give courage to the weak when they were ready to give up self-reliance and hope.

3 You who suffer from the adversities of life, you who have to struggle and endure, you who yearn for a life of truth, revel at the Joyous Message!

4 There is balm for the wounded, and there is food for the hungry. There is water for the thirsty, and there is hope for the despairing.

5 There is light for those in darkness, and there is inexhaustible blessing for the upright.

6 Come and receive the Food that nourishes the Spirit!

7 Heal your wounds, all you have been wounded, and eat your fill, all you who are hungry, drink, all you who thirst and rest, all you who are weary.

8 Look up to the Light, you who sit in darkness; be cheerful, you who are depressed.

9 Trust in the Divine Messengers, all you who love Asha, for a kingdom of righteousness is established upon earth. The darkness of error is dispelled by the light of Asha. We can see our way and take firm and certain steps.

10 The Divine Messengers revealed Asha, which cures our diseases and redeems us from perdition; the truth strengthens us in life and in death; the truth alone can conquer the evils of error. Revel at the Joyous Message!

11 Look about and contemplate life! Everything is transient and nothing endures that is a part of the evil world.

12 There is birth and death, growth and decay; this is the truth of things of this world. The glory of the world is like a flower: it stands in full bloom in the morning and fades in the heat of the day.

13 Wherever you look, people rush and struggle, and ever eager to pursue pleasure. There is a panic flight from pain and death, and hot are the flames of burning desires.

14 The world is full of vanity, full of changes and transformations. Those who do not have Asha seem to repeat the same evil things without end.

15 Is there nothing permanent in the world? Is there in the universal turmoil no resting-place where our troubled heart can find peace? Is there nothing everlasting?

16 Oh, that we could have cessation of anxiety, that our burning desires would be extinguished! When shall the mind become tranquil and composed?

17 The Divine Messengers have been grieved at the doings of the evil ones around them. They taught that the riches and vanity of worldly gain are not what we shall seek; they taught salvation in the one thing that will not fade or perish, but will abide for ever and ever.

18 You who long for life, learn that immortality is hidden in action. You who wish for happiness without the sting of regret, lead a life of righteousness. You who yearn for riches, receive treasures that are eternal. Truth is wealth, and a life of truth is happiness in the Way of the Divine Messengers.

19 All compounds will be dissolved again, but the truths which determine all combinations and separations as laws of nature endure for ever and ever. Bodies fall to dust, but the Word of Truth will not be destroyed.

20 Asha knows neither birth nor death; it has no beginning and no end. Welcome the eternal Asha.

21 Establish Asha in your home, for Asha is the image of Mithra; it portrays the immutable; it reveals the everlasting; Asha brings salvation to mortals.

22 The Divine Messengers have proclaimed Asha; let it dwell within your hearts and let Asha be active in your hands.

23 Extinguish in yourselves every desire that is against the Pure Teaching, and in the perfection of your spiritual growth you will become like the perfect disciple.

24 That of your heart which cannot or will not develop into perfection must perish, for it is falsehood and rebellion; it is the source of your error; it is the cause of your misery.

25 You attain to immortality by doing and upholding the Maxims revealed in Asha.

26 Therefore, become like vessels that are fit to receive the words of the Master. Cleanse yourselves of evil and sanctify your lives. There is no other way of reaching Asha.

27 Learn to distinguish between what you perceive as truth and what the Divine Messengers refer to as Truth.

28 What you call truth is the cause of selfishness and the source of evil; truth cleaves to no self; it is universal and leads to justice and righteousness.

29 The Self, that which seems to those who love their self as their being, is not the eternal, the everlasting, the imperishable. Seek not self, but seek Asha, for you are nothing without it.

30 If we liberate our souls from our petty selves, wish no ill to others, and become clear as a crystal diamond reflecting the light of Asha, what a radiant picture will appear in us mirroring things as they are, without the admixture of burning desires, without the distortion of erroneous illusion, without the agitation of clinging and unrest.

31 The things of this world may become dissolved, worlds may break to pieces and peoples may become scattered, but the words of the Divine Messengers will remain for ever.

32 Happy is he who has ceased to live for himself alone and rests in Asha. Truly, he is a happy man.

33 Let us take our refuge in the Divine Messengers, for they have taught us the everlasting in the practice of the Pure Teaching. Let us take our refuge in their Asha.

34 Let us take our refuge in Asha that it is established through the Pure Teaching and the Ashavan Faith.

35 Let us take our refuge in the community of those who seek Asha and endeavour to live in the Truth of the Divine Messengers.

36 The things of the world and its inhabitants are subject to change but there is no changing with the Asha of Zurvan.

37 Asha desires to appear; Asha longs to become conscious; Asha strives to know itself.

38 Asha remains forever and no power in this world or other, no deity, no man, no demon, can destroy Asha.

39 The preoccupation with the self hides one’s eyes from Asha. It is the origin of error, it is the source of illusion, it is the germ of evil.

40 Who shall deliver us from the power of the self? Who shall save us from misery? Who shall restore us to a life of blessedness?

41 There is misery in the world of confusion and falsehood; there is much misery and pain. But greater than all the misery is the bliss of Asha.

42 Asha gives peace to the yearning mind; it conquers error; it quenches the flames of desires; it leads to perfection. Asha is found in the Maxims.

43 Blessed is he who has found the peace of the Anointed One. He is at rest in the struggles and tribulations of life; he is above all changes; he does not fear death; he remains faithful in the Good Way.

44 Blessed is he who has found the Pure Teaching. He conquers, although he may be wounded; he is glorious and happy, although he may suffer; he is strong, although he may break down under the burden of his work; he is immortal, although he will die.

45 The essence of his being is purity and goodness. Liberation is his, provided he remains faithful in the Pure Teaching.

46 Asha has taken its abode in him. Perfect wisdom illumines his understanding, and righteousness becomes the purpose of all his actions.

47 Asha is a living power for good, indestructible and invincible! Spread Asha among all mankind, for it saves men from evil and misery.

48 The Divine Messengers have taught us Asha and it has been proclaimed by the Prophets! Blessed is Zurvan!

Chapter Two

1 The Divine Messengers went throughout the earth and observed all the misery and sorrow that was in the world; they saw the pains of humanity and the inevitable certainty of death that hovers over every human being; yet men are not awakened to Asha.

2 And a deep compassion was in the hearts of the Divine Messengers, for they knew what they had been sent to do on the earth.

3 The Divine Messengers were sent by Zurvan to release the captives of earth.

4 The Divine Messengers said, Now is the time to seek the great Kingdom. Now is the time for men to sever all ties that would prevent them from attaining the Asha of Zurvan; now is the time to throw away all possessions, and then humanity will find the Way of Liberation.

5 The celestial beings stood up in praise saying, Accomplish your purpose. For you are the Great Wise One; you are destined to bring salvation to the world. You are the Great Master, for you will fulfil all righteousness and you are the King of Truth.

6 You are the Blessed One, for you are called upon as the Saviour and redeemer of the world. Fulfil the Perfection of Asha.

7 The light of all the celestial beings, of all the holy ones in the heavens is upon you, and Anahita, it is She who guards your steps.

8 You are the Great Wise One, our Master, and our Lord; you shall bring salvation to the world and release souls from the darkness.

9 Darkness lay upon the earth, but the stars shone brightly in the heavens, for salvation had come.

Chapter Three

1 To grow rich and fail in following the Pure Teaching is not true gain. But he who does and upholds the Maxims to the fullest of his ability, him I call a wise man.

2 Take off your robes and give them to those who are without covering at night.

3 Melt down the gold of your rings and cast them to those who have no food.

4 Remove yourself from what disturbs and distracts you, and be as pure as one who breathes in purity and emptiness trusting in Zurvan. This is the beginning of knowledge – it is the way to peace and happiness.

5 Those who act piously soon achieve a name but fame makes people behave differently. They become driven by worldly ambitions. This makes them inflated and defines what they do.

6 People like this can never achieve peace and happiness for they do not know the Divine Messengers and have no patience within them.

7 Those who do not live a humble life and those who seek notoriety serve as their own guides.

8 However, those who are humble and meek and who do not seek to serve their own bodies know the way to peace and happiness through the Divine Messengers.

9 You should see and hear the Pure Teaching. Do not be distracted by the things of the world.

10 When you have reached this level of understanding you will be able to taste the Pure Teaching.

11 Embody the Pure Teaching within your heart. Feel compassion, and always be compassionate without trying to show it off to anyone.

12 Everyone will be freed this way – and this is called the Way to Peace and Happiness.

Chapter Four

1 Indulge in lust but a little, and lust like a child will grow. Wield worldly power and you will be burdened with cares.

2 Better than sovereignty over the earth, better than living in heaven, better than mastery over all the worlds, are the fruits of holiness and meekness.

3 The servant of Zurvan knows the dangers of wealth and will not take poison as food. Will a fish that has been baited still covet the hook, or an escaped bird love the net?

4 Would a rabbit rescued from the mouth of a serpent go back to be devoured? Would a man who has burnt his hand with a torch take up the torch after he had dropped it to the earth?

5 Would a blind man who has recovered his sight desire to spoil his eyes again?

6 The sick man suffering from fever seeks for a cooling medicine. Shall he drink that which will increase the fever? Shall he quench a fire by heaping fuel upon it?

7 Have pity for those who are burdened with the cares of royalty and the worry of great riches.

8 They enjoy them in fear and trembling, for they are constantly threatened with a loss of those boons on whose possession their hearts are set, and when they die they cannot take along either their gold or the kingly diadem.

9 For the people of Zurvan do not lust after vulgar profit; they prefer to be free from the burdens of such a life.

10 Therefore, do not entangle yourselves in the riches of this world, for they are not permanent.

11 The only thing that is permanent is the Pure Teaching.

12 For I say unto you, I came to teach the Pure Teaching and its truths are like riches among the righteous and the humble.

Chapter Five

1 Deep speculation upon the nature of Zurvan will overtake the mind; it leads to confusion and unbelief; but a purification of the soul leads to the way of escape from such speculation.

2 True deliverance is reached by removing from the crowd and leading a pure life, depending entirely on those provisions made by Zurvan.

3 Putting away all lust and clearly recognizing the falsehood of speculation in vain philosophy, you can find Asha. This is true deliverance, but those only who will have deep faith will learn.

4 People are in bondage, because they have not yet removed doubt from their hearts.

5 As long as they have doubt within their hearts, they will continue to ask deeply speculative questions that go beyond what is already explained in the Pure Teaching.

6 Better is it for the disciple to take the simple road of understanding, thereby removing all doubts from his heart.

7 The very search for Asha is not wrong; but after finding Asha, one should drink from its wells in a slow manner so as not to choke; it is wrong to start doubting and questioning with deep speculation, for it will lead you in a false direction.

8 How much confusion of thought comes from man’s interest in those things that do not belong to him, and from your vanity you say in your heart, ‘I am so great,’ or ‘I have acquired all of this knowledge’ or ‘I have done this wonderful deed?’

9 These thoughts stand between you and Asha and your arrogance blinds you from the simple Truth; banish it, and then you will see things as they are.

10 He who thinks correctly will rid himself of ignorance and acquire true wisdom.

11 See to it that you remain faithful unto the words of this teaching.

12 For what I teach is from Zurvan – He who sits as the Supreme King above the heavens. I do nothing outside the Will of my Father who sent me.

Chapter Six

1 The Blessed Ones – the Divine Messengers – have expound the Pure Teaching. They have taught us that the Pure Teaching is without a doubt the truth that should be followed diligently.

2 The Pure Teaching contains within it the Holy Maxims. The Pure Teaching contains within it the Religion of Light.

3 The Pure Teaching alone can deliver man from error, from wrong and from sorrow, if observed fully.

4 There is no man among you, or in any of this world, who is able to do every Maxim of the Pure Teaching with perfection.

5 The Maxims shall serve as a sign to you that you need guidance from the Divine Mother who will come and teach you in all things.

6 Strive to do and uphold the Maxims in their fullness, to the best of your ability, and you will be blessed by Zurvan.

7 Remove ignorance and you will destroy the wrong desires that rise from ignorance; destroy these desires and you will wipe out the wrong perception that rises from them.

8 Destroy wrong views and there is an end of errors within yourself.

9 Destroy misconception and you do away with thirst.

10 This is the Pure Teaching. This is Asha. Walk in it.

11 The attainment of Asha is possible only when one recognizes that all personal endeavours in things that do not pertain to the Pure Teaching are nothing more than illusions.

12 Asha can be practised only when you have freed your mind from passions of elevating yourself above others. Remove arrogance.

13 Perfect peace can dwell only where all vanity has disappeared.

Chapter Seven

1 Blessed is he who has come to an understanding of the Pure Teaching.

2 Blessed is he who does no harm to his fellow-beings.

3 Blessed is he who overcomes wrong and is free from greed and arrogance.

4 To the highest bliss has he attained who has conquered all selfishness and vanity.

5 He has become a wise man and has been blessed by Zurvan.

Chapter Eight

1 Zurvan looks with a kind heart equally on all living beings, and they therefore call him ‘Father.’

2 Do good unto your neighbour and do evil to none.

3 You shall love your neighbour as you love yourself.

4 To disrespect a father is wrong; to despise him is wicked. The Supreme King who sits above the heavens is likewise your Father.

5 If you do not love your father here on earth, how can you love your Father who sits above the heavens, who provided your father for you?

6 Neither abstinence from fish and flesh, nor going naked, nor shaving the head, nor wearing matted hair, nor dressing in a rough garment, nor covering oneself with dirt, nor sacrificing, will cleanse a man who is not free from greed or hate of his brother.

7 Bringing offerings to the Elder of the Faith who serves as an Intercessor, or making many sacrifices, and many such penances, these do not cleanse the man who is not free from guilt or hate of his brother.

8 Remove yourself from anger, drunkenness, obstinacy, bigotry, deception, envy, self-praise, disparaging others, arrogance and evil intentions, for all of these things constitute association with the darkness.

9 Be moderate, eat and drink according to the need of the body.

10 The self-indulgent man is a slave to his passions, and constant pleasure-seeking is degrading and vulgar. But to satisfy the necessities of life is not evil.

11 To keep the body in good health is a duty, for otherwise we shall not be able to trim the lamp of wisdom, and keep our minds strong and clear.

12 Water surrounds the lotus flower, but does not wet its petals.

13 Walk upon the Path of Light; it is a path which opens the eyes, and bestows understanding, which leads to peace of mind, to the true wisdom, to life, to perfection.

14 A man that stands alone, having decided to be obedient to Asha, may be weak and slip back into his old ways.

15 Therefore, stand together, each one of you; assist one another and strengthen the efforts of one another.

16 Be like unto brethren; one in love, one in holiness, and one in your zeal for the truth.

17 Spread the truth and expound upon the Pure Teaching in all corners of the world, so that in the end all living creatures will be citizens of Bahisht.

Chapter Nine

1 To the Divine Messengers will I look in faith: they are blessed, holy and pristine.

2 The Pure Teaching conveys to us instruction, wisdom, and salvation; the Divine Messengers, the Sons of God, they are the Blessed Ones, who knows the Pure Teaching; they are the Kings of the Universe that yokes men like oxen, the Teachers of the flying immortals and men, the Exalted Kings. Therefore, to the Divine Messengers will I look in faith.

3 To the Pure Teaching will I look in faith: well-taught is the doctrine by the Exalted Ones.

4 The doctrine has been revealed so as to become visible; the doctrine is above time and space. The doctrine is not based upon hearsay, it means ‘Come and see’; the doctrine to welfare; the doctrine is recognized by the wise in their own hearts. Therefore to the doctrine will I look in faith.

5 To the Community of Light will I look in faith; the community of the disciples of the Divine Messengers instructs us how to lead a life of Asha; the community teaches us how to exercise honesty and justice; the community shows us how to practise Asha.

6 The community is founded as a holy brotherhood in which disciples bind themselves together to teach the behests of rectitude and to do good. Therefore, to the community will I look in faith.

7 To the Three Bright Lamps from the Maethana Asha will I look in faith; Holy Tablets of Light given by the Father, Holy Tradition of Light given by the Celestial Son, and Holy Revealed Light, given by the Divine Mother.

8 May I never falter in my upholding of these Three Lamps of Asha. Amin!

Chapter Ten

1 The Pure Teaching shines forth when it is displayed, and when it is not concealed.

2 The Pure Teaching is for all who seek the Light of God; share it with those who have ears to hear.

3 But protect its excellent Message, lest it should fall into the hands of those unworthy of it, where it would be despised and hated, treated shamefully, ridiculed and censured.

4 Teach the doctrine which is glorious in the beginning and in the end, in the spirit as well as in the letter.

5 There are beings whose eyes are scarcely covered with dust, but if the Pure Teaching is not taught to them they cannot attain salvation.

6 Proclaim to them a life of holiness. They will understand the teaching and accept it if they have ears to hear.

7 In the spiritual paradise of this doctrine, there is no distress; there are no adversities. Come to Me and I will teach you Asha, and Asha will dispel your sorrows.

8 Though a person be ornamented with jewels, the heart may have conquered the senses. The outward form does not constitute religion or affect the mind.

9 A man that dwells in lonely woods and yet covets worldly vanities, is a worldling, while the man in worldly garments may let his heart soar high to heavenly thoughts.

10 There is no distinction between the layman and the hermit, if but both have banished the thought of gaining treasures for one’s self.

Chapter Eleven

1 Glorious is Asha, O Lord!

2 The Divine Messengers, the Holy Ones, our Masters, are establishing what has been overturned.

3 The Divine Messengers are revealing what has been hidden.

4 The Divine Messengers are pointing out the way to the wanderer who has gone astray.

5 The Divine Messengers light a lamp in the darkness so that all who have eyes to see can discern the things that surround them.

6 I take refuge in the Divine Messengers and I take refuge in the doctrine taught by them.

7 I take refuge in the brotherhood which the Divine Messengers have founded.

8 May the Blessed Ones receive me from this day forth while my life lasts as a servant who has taken refuge in the Divine Messengers.

Chapter Twelve

1 He who knows the nature of the self and understands how the senses act, finds no room for selfishness, and thus he will attain peace unending.

2 The world holds the thought of self, and from this arises false apprehension.

3 Open your eyes and awaken. See things as they are and you will be comforted.

4 Put away your superstitions.

5 He who is awake will no longer be afraid of the dark.

6 He who has recognized the nature of the rope that seemed to be a serpent will cease to tremble.

7 Awaken and observe the words of the Pure Teaching, which is Asha.

8 Surrender the grasping disposition of selfishness, and you will attain to that calm state of mind which conveys perfect peace, goodness, and wisdom.

9 Do not deceive, do not despise each other, anywhere.

10 Do not be angry, and do not secret resentment bear;

11 For as a mother risks her life and watches over her child, so boundless be your love to all, so tender, kind and mild.

12 Cherish good-will right and left, for all, both soon and late, and with no hindrance, with no stint, from envy free and hate.

13 While standing, walking, sitting down, forever keep in mind:The rule of life that is always best is to be loving-kind.

14 Gifts are good, meditations and religious exercises pacify the heart, comprehension of the truth leads to perfection, but greater than all is loving-kindness.

15 As the light of the moon is stronger than the light of all the stars, so loving-kindness is more efficacious in liberating the heart than all other religious accomplishments taken together.

16 This state of heart is the best in the world. Let a man remain steadfast in it while he is awake, whether he is standing, walking, sitting, or lying down.

17 Commit no wrong, do only good, and let your heart be pure. This is the doctrine my Disciples teach, and this doctrine, the Pure Message, will endure.

Chapter Thirteen

1 Perfection in the Pure Teaching is attainable by everyone who walks in the narrow path* and does not stray.

*(The narrow path that leads to Heaven is a teaching presented by Isha Masiha, a Manifestation of Mithra in First Century Judea)

2 He that cleaves to wealth had better cast it away than allow his heart to be poisoned by it; but he who does not cleave to wealth, and possessing riches, uses them properly, will be a blessing unto his fellows.

3 It is not life and wealth and power that enslave men, but the craving after wealth and power of others and the taking from others what does not belong to you – this is covetousness and this leads to death.

4 The Pure Teaching does not require a man to go into homelessness or to hide from the world, unless he feels called upon to do so for the benefit of others; but Asha requires every man to free himself from selfish gain, to cleanse his heart, to give up his thirst for unnecessary pleasures, and lead a life of righteousness.

5 And whatever men do, whether they remain in the world as artisans, merchants, and officers of the king, or retire from the world and devote themselves to a life of prayer and intercession for the benefit of others, let them put their whole heart into their task.

6 Let them be diligent and energetic, and, if they are like the lotus, which, although it grows in the water, yet remains untouched by the water, if they struggle in life without cherishing envy or hatred, if they live in the world not a life of selfish gain but a life of truth on the narrow path, then surely joy, peace, and perfection will dwell within them.

7 The charitable man is loved by all; his friendship is prized highly; in death his heart is at rest and full of joy, for he receives the opening flower of his reward and the fruit that ripens from it. Hard it is to understand.

8 By giving away our food, a man is strengthened, by bestowing clothing on others, a man gains beauty; by donating abodes of purity and truth, a man acquires great treasures.

9 There is a proper time and a proper mode in charity; just as the vigorous warrior goes to battle, so is the man who is able to give.

10 He is like an able warrior – a champion strong and wise in action. Loving and compassionate he gives with reverence and banishes all hatred, envy, anger and selfish desires.

11 The charitable man has found the path of salvation. He is like the man who plants a sapling, securing thereby the shade, the flowers, and the fruit in future years.

12 Even so is the result of charity, even so is the joy of him who helps those that are in need of assistance; even so is the great perfection in the Pure Teaching.

13 A man who walks on the narrow path is continuous in his acts of kindliness and he perfects his soul by compassion and charity.

14 That which is most needed in this world is a loving heart! Regard your people as men do an only son. Do not oppress them, do not destroy them; keep in due check every member of your body, forsake unrighteous doctrine and walk in the narrow path.

15 Do not exalt yourself by trampling down others, but comfort and befriend the suffering.

16 Neither ponder on materialism, nor listen to the smooth words of flatterers.

17 There is no profit in vexing oneself by austerities, but study and understand the Pure Teaching and share it with others.

18 Only by considering and practising the truth of the Pure Teaching can you escape from a sorrow-piled mountain.

19 When a tree is burning with fierce flames, how can the birds congregate therein? Truth will not dwell where evil lives. He who does not know this, though he be a learned man and be praised by others as a sage, is beclouded with ignorance, arrogance and pride.

20 To him who has this knowledge true wisdom dawns, and he will beware of hankering after pleasure.

21 This truth is not for the monk or hermit alone; it concerns every human being, priest and layman alike.

22 There is no distinction between the monk who has taken the vows, and the man of the world living with his family.

23 There are hermits who fall into perdition, and there are humble laypersons who mount to the rank of seer’s.

24 Hankering after unnecessary things is a danger common to all; it carries away the world.

25 He who is involved in such things will find it difficult to find the door of escape. But the Pure Teaching is like a boat and the Way of Light is like the rudder.

26 Walk the narrow path to perfection on the Pure Teaching; practise good works and guard your thoughts that you do no evil, for as you sow so shall you reap.

27 There are ways from light into darkness and from darkness into light.

28 There are ways, too, from the gloom into deeper darkness, and from the dawn into brighter light.

29 The wise man will use the light he has to receive more light. He will constantly advance in the knowledge of truth, but never will he be arrogant or with guile.

30 Seek sincere faith with firm purpose; strive not to transgress the Maxims, and let your happiness depend, not upon external things, but upon what the King of the Heavens grants to you. Thus you will lay up good treasures in the heavens.

31 The Pure Teaching remains forever. I teach the sincere, those who have ears to hear, that a gradual learning of the Pure Teaching leads one to perfection in this world or in the world to come.

32 If one has not reached perfection in this world, he, seeking after righteousness while living in this world, may obtain perfection through stripes in the world to come. This is Asha.

33 It is difficult for some men to realise the essentials of this Faith, Asha is not easily perceived by all men; perfection is mastered by him who knows, and to him who desires to walk in righteousness.

Chapter Fourteen

1 The highest heavens with deep reverence adore you.

2 The inhabitants of earth earnestly ponder on your words of peace and harmony.

3 The ones serving you in truth receive confidence and rest in your Word.

4 We adore you, merciful Father, Supreme Ruler above all the worlds.

5 Zurvan– He who sits above the heavens – has shed His light from heaven to earth.

6 All the peoples will see the bright light on the earth, from the heavens.

7 We adore you, merciful Father, Supreme Ruler above all the worlds.

8 Praised be the merciful Father, the blessed Son, and the guiding Mother.

This concludes the Tablet of the Luminous Asha

The Tablet of the Trees

That Which is to Befall Mankind

a Prophetic Vision of Mahvar and Mehrshad

Received on the Seventh Day of Azar 2013

Chapter One

1 It came about on the fifth day of the ninth month*, which was in the latter part of the first year of the New Horizon†, that I Mahvar and my brother Mehrshad‡ were taken up into the realm of our Father Mir Tarendra§; and when we had arrived in that place, our Lord instructed us to sit down before a great lake that was surrounded by trees of different colours**, and there were all sorts of birds flying in the eastern sky and some were taking shelter in the trees, for a great storm was coming out of the east.

*(The ninth month of the Manichaean calendar is being referenced here, which is the Ashavan month of Azar, equal to 7 November 2013 on the Gregorian calendar)

(The first year of the New Horizon in this instance began 23 November 2012 according to the Gregorian calendar)

(Mahvar and Mehrshad are the first-born sons of Mir Tarendra)

§(Mir Tarendra is equated with Mithra and Mir Fratama; in other texts some of his sons and companions refer to Him as Mir Tonpa)

**(In this particular instance, the term “colours” indicates all nations, races, ethnicities, genders, economic status, sexual orientation, languages, etc.)

2 At that time the Lord said unto us, “Look beyond the lake and I will show you that which is to befall humankind on earth.” And we began to look with our eyes beyond the lake, toward the east, as we were instructed by our Father Mir Tarendra.

3 And the clouds began to darken and the winds began to blow violently. And Mir Tarendra said unto us, “The lake is like the earth and the birds of the sky are like the people.”

4 And at that time we saw the lake and the surrounding trees transform into a globe, like the earth and there were fires and floods, and great explosions throughout the planet; and a great

wailing was coming out of the earth, for violence had increased exponentially, and there were men and women running from one place to another seeking shelter, for it appeared that no one was safe from the darkness which invaded the land.

5 Then we saw clouds lifting up from just above the earth, and the clouds were transformed into flying immortals*, for they were leaving that planet to return to their home; and after that the earth was bereft of any of the flying immortals†, and smoke began to rise and the skies became darker by the hour.‡

*(“Flying immortals” is a phrase often used to describe angels and other celestial beings)

(Up until the time mentioned in this prophecy, the celestial beings had been protecting earth from total annihilation by humanity itself)

(The smoke and dark skies is a reference to the increase of evil and disasters throughout earth)

6 At that time the flying immortals gathered around the stratosphere of the earth and turned facing the planet and they began to cry out to Mithra* to send power unto the Elect

and strength to the Listeners who remained in the earth, and their tears began to flood the stratosphere and their cries were heard by Mithra.

*(This indicates the level of compassion and love the celestial beings have for humanity, and especially for the Elect and Listeners; they had fulfilled their assignment of protecting the earth, yet they turned around to look upon earth and were filled with grief for humanity)

7 Mithra had compassion on the Elect and upon the Listeners who remained in the earth, so He sent a portion of power and strength unto the Elect and the Listeners so that they could endure in the earth during the fiery trials that had come upon humanity.*

*(In the past, Mir Fratama has stated that some of the Elect and Listeners are expected to undergo trials before the final destruction of earth; they remain so they can assist humanity to the best of their ability in receiving the Pure Teaching)

8 And when those days came, we saw standing in various continents of the earth, four Elect* who were leading the people of the Religion of Light. But as for the Listeners who were working toward perfection, in the first days of that era, that is, the first ten years, it appeared as if there were thirty* in all the nations.

*(The numbers four, thirty and fifty are literal but have additional significant meanings)

9 Then the Lord showed to us another vision. He said unto us, “Look upon the lake and you shall see what is to take place among the adherents of the Religion of Light in the last days.”

10 And it came about that trees rose up out of the lake, fifty in number, great cedar trees healthy and strong in stature.

11 As dark clouds* passed over the lake and above the trees, there were many flocks† of birds flying and taking shelter in the boughs of those great trees.

*(The dark clouds are in reference to the increased turmoil facing humanity)

(The flocks of birds represent humanity and the Friends of the Pure Teaching who

hear and respond favourably to the Divine Message; the boughs of the trees are the arms and the prayers of the children of light residing in the earth)

12 After that we saw the trees* lifted up, root and all, into the skies until we could no longer see them.

*(The trees, or Listeners, as mentioned below, along with the “birds”, ascended into the heavens to Bahisht)

Chapter Two

1 And then another fifty trees rose up from the lake and the birds came to take shelter in their boughs and they too were lifted up in the same manner as the others, into the sky until we could no longer see them.

2 Our Father said unto us, “These are the Listeners, in each era of the remaining years of the earth, one group for each era remaining, that is fifty* for the first era, and fifty for the next era.

*(Initially there will be fifty of the strongest Listeners for each fifty years; Mir Fratama speaks of an era, in this particular prophecy, as lasting for fifty years. As shown in verses below, there is indication that by the world’s end, there will be many more Listeners in existence)

3 And in all the eras, it has been allotted for humanity, one-hundred or one-hundred and fifty*, but Zurvan may cut† those years short if it is His purpose, for only He knows of the exact time of execution of the wicked in the final age.

*(Here, for the first time, we have the clearest statement on the remaining years of earth’s existence. Mir Fratama says 100 years, and perhaps 150 years. The beginning of these years has already taken place, beginning the 28th day of Azar 2012 or November 28, 2012)

(If Zurvan so chooses, He may shorten the number of years, or as Mir Fratama has taught, in His compassion, Zurvan may in fact increase those years; only the Great Father knows when the final, literal hour is at hand)

4 And the birds, my sons, are the people who find solace in the Pure Teaching, the Friends of the Pure Teaching, even though at that time the earth shall no longer contain within it the celestial beings to protect it.”

5 And our Father said unto us, “Look and you shall see, upon the lake, what Zuvan may do if He has compassion upon the remainder of the population of earth.”

6 And we looked upon the lake and saw the earth transforming into a beautiful place, unlike any place that man has ever seen before, for it had transformed into a paradise with peace abounding among the servants of the children of Zurvan.

7 And the bodies of some of the righteous began to be healed, but not all of the children were healed because they had already reached perfection and had bodies of light and they walked about one with another in that blessed place.

8 And once again we saw more trees rising up out of the lake, numbering fifty in all and once again, birds were flocking to their boughs. And the trees were raised up out of the lake and vanished from our sight into the clouds above.

9 As we continued to look upon the blessed place of peace, our Father said unto us, “This is the new world that has descended upon the earth. This is the place that has been promised that will remain for an hour.”*

*(This is not a literal hour as has already been indicated in other messages)

Chapter Three

1 And we looked upon its splendour and took notice that there were none among the children of Zurvan who were bringing harm to one another, for all lived in harmony and in worship of the One God, Zurvan and Anahita†, and in reverence and obedience to His Son Mithra, and in honour of the Mir Eresh Zademir, the Teacher of Light.

(The Divine Mother of Life; the feminine aspect of the Godhead. Not a part of God but the Heavenly Court composed of Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra)

2 But outside that place were evil doers* who were going about murdering one another; fathers and mothers were murdering their own children, spouses were murdering one another, and children were murdering their own parents.

*(The evil doers that remained in the earth are still near those living in paradise like conditions, however, the children of light in paradise on earth no longer take notice of it)

3 And a great cry went out from among the little children*, those who were remaining in the earth among the evildoers, and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva†, the Messenger known as the King of Honour, heard their cries and he sent other celestial servants among these little ones upon the earth, and they asked the children‡ if they wished to see their real Parents§ who were living above, and the children affirmed it and their souls were taken up into the celestial heights to their true home, and met their real Parents.

*(Innocent children, infants, small children who are unable to make decisions on their own; including those who have severe mental challenges, even if in their adult years; the latter are still referred to as children)

(Ksitigarbha is the same as Lord Shubkha, one of the Sons of the Living Spirit. Additionally, he is referred to as Ania)

(It is evident by this statement that the children, including those with severe mental challenges, will be provided the ability to make a decision in this regard)

§(The “real Parents” is in reference to Zurvan and the Divine Mother)

4 Then there was a loud sound, like that of a great horn blast, and it appeared to us as if a flying immortal were flying toward us, but as it came closer its size continued to grow until its shadow covered the entire expanse of the lake, but a cloud covered its face and we were unable to identify which one of the celestial servants was approaching us.

5 And he began to speak in a very loud voice and when we heard his voice we recognised that it was Shabala*, the celestial servant who upholds the earth.

*(Shabala is another name for Atlas. One of the Sons of the Living Spirit)

6 At that time the cloud was lifted from his face and light came from his countenance. And he said unto us, “The time has come, the darkness* is being prepared, and the task of upholding that world is now finished.” And he began to praise Zurvan and his Father Mithra.

*(The reference to the darkness being prepared indicates that everything has been put into place to bring about its final destruction)

7 And as he gave forth praise, we saw the earth and we could see that by the time those days came to an end, that is, after one hundred or one-hundred and fifty years*, according to the timing of the Father, there were standing throughout the nations, seven hundred thousand, four-hundred and fifty Listeners†; they were standing in praise of Zurvan in the midst of

turmoil and terror.‡

*(100 or 150 years is referenced again in this Third Pillar statement)

(The number of Listeners, in the very last days of earth’s existence will literally total 700,450)

(Again we have a statement indicating that some of the Listeners must endure the trials of earth in the very last days)

8 And the Teacher of Light was standing before us, and he gave to our Father a scroll.

9 Mithra said unto Mir Eresh Zademir, “You have been faithful, your children* are arriving. Take your place at my right hand.”

*(The children of light – both the Elect and the Listeners – are those who have been faithful to the leadership of Mir Eresh Zademir, appointed by Mithra)

10 And Mir Fratama opened the scroll and said unto us, “Come! See what is written in the scroll.”

11 And we approached our Father and looked upon the scroll as he raised it up before our eyes, and we saw the names of those who were written in the scroll, and our Father said unto us, “These are the names of the faithful children of light, for they have been serving on the side of truth, even in the face of darkness and confusion caused by false teachers* who claim to represent me.

*(The false teachers are hypocrites who teach one thing but do another, and those who purposely teach falsehoods in the name of the Third Messenger)

12 “It is they who assume* to teach the correct Path and those who cause division† among the disciples of the Way of the Teacher of Light, my servant. They are not in unity with me. They have not taught‡ my teaching, but instead, have ignored clear instructions and have gone on their own way.”

*(They assume they are teaching Right Doctrine, yet they have not verified what they are teaching with His Divine Presence Mir Fratama or the Teacher of Light Mir Eresh Zademir; in fact some clerics have wilfully chosen not to verify what they are teaching with Mir Eresh Zademir even though Mithra has clearly stated in previous messages, that Mir Eresh Zademir represents the voice of His Divine Presence)

(The false teachers not only teach falsehoods among the children of light, they do not wish to have unity, thus because of their inconsistencies, constant mistakes and lack of awareness, they cause division)

(This is a very clear statement that Mithra has called these individuals out for what they are)

13 And we asked our Father who the false teachers were, so they could be rooted out, but our Father said unto us, “It is not for you to know at this time. They have already been marked.* They will only remain in my Assembly for a short time†, and will be exposed during a time that has been appointed for each one of them.”

*(This statement indicates that Mithra is very well aware of who each of these false teachers are)

(The prophecy shows that these false teachers are currently in the Assembly and that some will likely remain in the future, but to the relief of other Elect and Listeners, the false teachers will not remain long)

14 We asked our Father when will this take place with the false teachers being within the Assembly. Our Father then said unto us, “Those false teachers are in the earth at this time, before the raising up of the great cedars from the lake. They are present among the children of Mani at this very time, and the precious Listeners will come to know who those false teachers are. They claim to be Elect ones, but they are not.”*

*(These false Elect teach doctrines that were not taught by His Divine Presence, based entirely on their assumptions)

15 “Their greatest sin, my sons, is claiming to be my servants while making assumptions about doctrinal matters in which I have not taught; they have spread falsehoods among the innocent

children* of light and caused the children to spread the same lies; these false Elect have spread their falsehoods†, their personal opinions and mistakes because of their unbridled assumptions, and because of their desire to control‡ my children; because of their desire to run ahead§ of me and the teaching, and because they do not practice awareness**, they have sinned.”

*(The nature of Asha itself calls for those who learn the faith to share it with others; thus, when the Listeners listen to the teachings presented by high ranking clerics and clergy men and women in general, they are going to be prone to spread that same message, even if it is false; they do this because they have come to trust their clerics)

(Not only have they spread falsehoods throughout the population of the children of light, but they form personal opinions and have an agenda to push those opinions; additionally they have been accused of making serious mistakes, again because of their desire to make assumptions – a desire that Mir Fratama says is unbridled)

(The false teachers even go so far as to use various means to control the children of light)

§(Some of the Listeners and other Elect have witnessed a couple of clerics who have shown no patience in being provided Third Pillar revelations or even teachings on various topics, so they make assumptions based on their personal opinions, which in almost every case, result in false teaching among the flocks)

**(In this case, Mir Fratama is using the term “awareness” literally, in the sense that they pay no attention to things around them, or to communications they receive, or to documents of great importance and they, again, run ahead with what they “thought” they heard or read, and the result is not only error but embarrassment for the entire Assembly. However, because they are usually not paying attention to what is being said to them, they are often not even aware that they committed anything in error)

16 And our Lord continued, saying unto us, “They are like a man who is blind and deaf*, wandering through the village, stumbling upon stones and roots, and running into other people, because they can not see them, nor can they hear their voices.

*(As usual, His Divine Presence illustrates his teaching beautifully)

17 And many, upon hearing this prophecy will say*, ‘Oh, it is not I who am blind or deaf, I have made no mistakes, I have spread no falsehoods in your name, Lord.’

*(In their pride and lack of awareness, they deny the charges placed against them,and vainly attempt to defend their spiritually criminal activities)

18 But when I approach them to expose their errors, in their pride they will say unto me, ‘But, Lord, I have loved your hanzaman and your people, and I have accomplished this and I have

accomplished that for your people, it is not possible that I can be found guilty.’

19 But at that time I shall say unto those false Elect, ‘You are like a dog with fleas because you have not taken care to observe that which I have taught you, and because of this you have spread your fleas among the children of light; go away*, for you are not wanted. You are not to be numbered among the true Elect.’”

*(Mir Fratama knows their hearts and outright rejects the false Elect)

20 “But know this my sons, the root of the false Elect will be severed, indeed, cut in two, and they shall be tossed together in a pile upon the earth, and their bodies shall be used to kindle the fire upon the earth, much in the same manner as dry leaves and straw are used to kindle a fire that can eventually burn an entire forest.”

Chapter Four

1 And then we heard thunder in the sky above the lake, and saw the earth caving* in upon itself in many different places with great gulfs† forming from east to west and from north to south with earthquakes occurring throughout the many lands.

*(In part, the prophecy is alluding to the increase of sinkholes and other “natural disasters)

(The text is referring to “gulfs” and trenches caused by earthquakes that can often swallow up entire buildings)

2 And we saw fires throughout the entire planet and the mountains appeared as if they were melting* and their elements were pouring as liquid into the various streams and rivers of the


*(This statement is not referring to the world’s current pollution problem, but instead the intense heat, so hot that it can melt stone – thus the reference to the mountains melting)

3 And in the final hours of those days we saw that no living creature was standing upon the earth, except for dark and evil beings running and crying out in agony.*

*(This is referring to the initial punishment of the evil spirits)

4 And some, out of desperation, but with no love within themselves, were begging to receive forgiveness.* But Zurvan took no pity on them and Mithra, that is, Mir Fratama, our Father, took no pity on them, for the celestial beings were sent back to that place, that filthy and dead place, to gather those evil beings into one land so as to trap them within their own creation† and to compress them in a great lump‡, even all that remained in all the physical universe.

*(The evil ones only fool themselves in thinking they are going to receive forgiveness; some are already aware of their impending demise. Neither Zurvan nor Mithra take pity on these evil spirits)

(The very creation of the evil ones will be used as a tool to trap them; they will be wrapped up inside the earth)

(Everything on earth, including the evil spirits, the evil ones among humanity, and all of physical creation will be made into a great lump as referred to in the Scriptures)

5 But we looked carefully and saw that there were no Listeners and there were no Elect in that place, for Mithra transformed himself into what appeared as a net and gathered together all his children, for, we saw that in the final days, a remnant of the Listeners had mastered† the Twelve Virtues and the Ten Commandments, and had not been contaminated‡ by the

unclean things of the earth.

(The Listeners who remained in those final years of earth’s existence were faithful to

their spiritual obligations)

(Unclean things can refer to contact with the evil spirits, entertainment that promotes the use of magic and other forms of darkness, false religion and anything related to evil or to the evil spirits)

6 All the Listeners at that time were taken up into the celestial heights and were given their reward and were united with the Living Spirit* as in ancient times† before the darkness had stolen the Light and trapped it within matter.

*(This portion of the prophecy indicates that the souls of those faithful Listeners are

liberated from matter and are taken back to the Column of Glory)

(The souls are rejoined with their spiritual brothers and sisters, the entire family of Zurvan, as they originally were before they became trapped in a body)

7 And the earth was transformed into a great lump and confined within it were all the evil ones that ever existed, even their master; and a guardian stood over the great lump*, but within it was no life, for the earth and all physical matter was within the great lump, and there was no Light within the lump because the Light had ascended to the King of Zurvan.

*(This is another reference to the great lump and how the earth and all matter, including the evil one, will be trapped and eventually destroyed)

Chapter Five

1 Mershad and Mahvar began to extol in song, the attributes of Mithra and to praise the name of the Lord.

2 And this is the song they chanted:

3 Praise, glory and honour to you, O Lord, Victory to you, victory to you.

4 Glory, glory, glory to you, O Lord, in your right hand is power.

5 Honour to you, O Living Spirit, you fulfil the promises of the Father.

6 And they chanted this psalm seventy times and each time great light began to shoot forth from the highest realms of the heavens.

Chapter Six

1 Mithra turned to some of the children of Mir Tarendra who were standing behind their father, and Mithra spoke through Mir Tarendra, and said:

2 “Go, children, seed of Tarendra, unto all the earth and speak of what you have seen to the sons of men in the earth.

3 “Warn them of the impending danger. Teach them how they may survive.

4 “Bring them to a knowledge of the Light and Truth found within the Living Word.”

5 And the sons of Mir Tarendra said, “We will do as we are instructed. All according to your will through Zurvan.”

6 And the sons of Mir Tarendra went down into the earth and began to write down what they had seen, and they prepared to share the message with others throughout the earth.

Chapter Seven

1 Now when the sons of Mir Tarendra returned to the land of the sons of men, they were met with four-thousand evil beings from the darkness.

2 They were standing on a riverbank, for they had seen the Light surrounding the Tarendrans as they descended from the sky.

3 One of the sons of Mir Tarendra said, “What business do you have with us, you who are the cause of evil and ruin in the earth?”

4 And one of the evil beings said unto him, “Why do you return from that place, and why is it that your faces shimmer with such great light? Are you here to destroy us?”

5 One of the Tarendrans said, “The day of your destruction can not come soon enough, but we are not here for that at this time.

6 “Our business is that of our Father and we intend to carry it out as we have been instructed.

7 “In the name of Yisho* Ziwa and by the Power that is from the Holy Light from above, stand aside and do not hinder us, for if you do, there will be great consequences that you will suffer for attempting to hinder the work of Mithra in the earth.”

*(Another term for Mithra. This name is the form most often used in the New Horizon)

8 After hearing this, some of the druj shuddered and fled from the riverside, but there were others among their evil race that continued standing by the river.

9 One of the sons of Mir Tarendra was reading their heart and he knew of their intention, that they were going to remain obstinate and choose to quarrel with them.

10 The son of Mir Tarendra said, “We have told you that we have not come to destroy you at this time. Do not continue abiding here or we must remove all of you by force.”

11 These words angered some of the druj, while some of the others fled from the riverside.

12 And the druj produced various types of weapons, for they had intended to destroy the sons of the Truth before they were able to carry out the mission given unto them by their father.

13 And one of the Tarendrans stood in front of all of his brethren, for he was the chief among his brethren, and he said, “This is not a battle in which you will have victory. Go your way; leave this place immediately or you will be destroyed by the very power that will be used in the future to bind you forever.”

14 Some of the evil beings began laughing and deriding the sons of Mir Tarendra.

15 And one of them said unto the chief among the sons of Mir Tarendra, “We will battle this day and we will have victory. You will not carry out a mission in this place or any other.”

16 The druj began to stomp the ground and clamour so that they might intimidate the sons of Light, but the chief of the Tarendrans spoke loudly saying,

17 “Silence! For the Word of the Lord will be spoken in this place, and you shall be stricken with fear because you will no longer be able to stand.”

18 One of his brethren came to his side and gave him a scroll that had light exuding from within it.

19 As the chief among the sons of Mir Tarendra opened the scroll, some of the evil beings began to tremble, for they were unaware of that which was written in the scroll and they feared that they would be destroyed by its very words.

20 And the Tarendrans began to sing a gatha to Mithra and to speak of the blessing of the peoples by the name of their father Mir Tarendra and through the teaching of Mir Fratama

throughout all the earth.

21 As the Tarendrans continued singing, the druj became more fearful of what was to become of them.

Chapter Eight

1 The chief among the sons of Mir Tarendra raised up the scroll of Light and it transformed before their very eyes in the form of a book, with a cover and with pages.

2 And the Tarendran said, “This is a book of life, light and truth. This is the teaching of Mir Fratama.

3 It can bring life to those who are dying, light to those who are blind and truth to those who are in despair.

4 “In its pages there is teaching that will lift up the soul from its shell and dispel all darkness.

5 “The teaching of Mir Fratama, our Lord, and manifestation of Mithra – the Son of Zurvan, will shine forth in the world and give hope to those who sit in the dark corners seeking a light.”

6 The evil beings began to once again stomp the ground and to shake chains and to beat their armour so as to intimidate the Tarendrans.

7 And the chief among the sons of Mir Tarendra said to the evil beings, “By the power of the teaching of Mir Fratama, you shall be repelled and removed from this place. You will not be an

obstacle to our mission.”

8 One of the druj said unto [the Tarendran]*, “Give to us five disciples of the Teacher of Light and we will leave this place and hinder you no longer.”

*(By his request, the name of this particular Tarendran has been withheld from the translation so as not to give undue glory or inappropriate attention, indicated as “the Tarendran” or other designations appearing in brackets in the Tablet of the Trees)

9 Then the chief among the sons of Mir Tarendra said to the evil beings, “I know what you have thought, and I know that you wish to have five disciples of the Teacher of Light so as to mould their minds according to your own wicked ways. We will not permit it.”

10 Then one of the druj began complaining and said unto [the Tarendran], “Why is it that you taunt us? Why is it that you do not pay us? If you would but give us only two or three disciples of the Teacher of Light, we will leave this place.”

11 Then [the Tarendran] said, “You will be removed from this place regardless of your wishes. You will not be provided any of the sons of Mir Eresh Zademir. They are not yours to take. We will not negotiate with you.”

12 And again the same demon asked, “Why is it that you taunt us? Why is it that you do not pay us? We have done nothing to you, O [Tarendran], chief among the sons of your father. Why is it that you wish to tread over us with your feet?”

Chapter Nine

1 The chief among the sons of Mir Tarendra raised up his hands towards the heavens, and said, “Zurvan, I praise Your holy Name. There is none greater than You, O God. None compare to You, O Supreme One of Light and Truth. Praised be Your Name. Honour and glory to You in all things.”

2 After praying, [the Tarendran] turned the palms of his hands towards the river and clouds began to gather over that place.

3 Then the brethren of [the Tarendran] raised their hands and began to recite the same prayer.

4 At that time a great bucket arose from the river and rose up into the air above the evil beings.

5 The chief among the sons of Mir Tarendra raised his hands towards the heavens and the bucket turned, pouring out what had become lava.

6 After the bucket poured its contents over the druj, they became encased in the lava and were not able to move, although they had not been destroyed.

Chapter Ten

1 One of the sons of Mir Tarendra came forth from behind his senior brother, and gave unto him another scroll.

2 The chief among the sons of Mir Tarendra opened the scroll and began to read from it, saying,

3 “This is the prophecy concerning the earth, and the era concerning the beginning of its destruction and all that do not abide by the Truth that has been revealed by our father.

4 “When the worm crawls through the belly of man and his insides become like water causing severe pain and wide-spread destruction among the sons of men – know this, that the sign of

the Lord is in the earth and that the elevation of the sons of truth is near.

5 “When the spawn of the evil one runs rampant throughout the earth, being, in reality, druj with flesh and bone, those who submit to the false prophet and murderer Mohammed, with their unholy book and the blood of innocent ones on their hands – know this, that the sign of the Lord is in the earth and that the elevation of the sons of truth is near.

6 “When druj drive their carriages into the villages and the innocent ones are lost to the mountains, being snatched up like foxes consuming fruit from a vine, and women and children taken from their families, sold and slaughtered by Muslims like sheep at a market.

7 “Know this, that when you see these events taking place in the earth then you shall know that the majority of the Light has ascended to Bahisht and that the sign of the Lord is in the earth and that the elevation of the sons of truth is near.”

Chapter Eleven

1 And the chief among the sons of Mir Tarendra placed the scroll in the hands of one of his brethren, and at that time the Living Spirit manifested upon the earth in one of the images of Mir Fratama and Mir Eresh Zademir was in that place and they stood before the Tarendrans and Mir Fratama said,

2 “Sons of Light, the truths you hold within your hands, from the book, shall be spread throughout the earth to give comfort and hope to humanity in the last days of this era.

3 “And they shall be lifted up and have hope in Zurvan and in His promises for the salvation of their souls.”

4 “And you shall continue to add to the book those things in which I teach you, and all that which I speak through the will of Zurvan and Mithra – the Divine Mirror.”

5 “And my servant Eresh Zademir and his sons, through the grace of Zurvan and the will of Mithra, shall offer true peace and shall be a comforter to the sons of men and teach them in the Way of the Lord throughout the earth with five swords of peace: that is, his Light, his Word, his Staff, his Crown and his Throne.”

6 And after hearing the words of Mir Fratama*, the sons of Mir Tarendra raised their hands to the heavens and gave praise to the Zurvan and with tears in their eyes, they began singing gathas to Mir Eresh Zademir.
*(The final Divine Manifestation of Mithra who has served as a Divine Messenger, teaching the Pure Teaching to humanity and establishing one final covenant with mankind: The New Mithraic Covenant. Mir Fratama differs from Mir Roskha, who is a Divine Manifestation who will appear in the world in its final days but to unite the covenanting peoples of the Earth into one Tribe that will ascend into Bahisht. Mir Roskha will not preach the Pure Teaching to the world, He establish a covenant, nor will He seek to restore a covenant with humanity. Mir Fratama is the final Divine Messenger and the New Mithraic Covenant is the final covenant offered for all mankind.)

7 And these were the words of the gatha in which they sung in a loud voice,

8 “By day and by night we praise the Name of the Father of Greatness.

Niyayishen* Zurvan, victory to His Name!


9 By day and by night we praise Mithra, Mir Roskha*.

Niyayishen Mir Roskha, victory to Mithra!

*(The final Manifestation of Mithra who will appear on Earth. He will manifest in order to unite the covenants and communities of the Religion of Light that are left in the world at that time. He will bring these pious souls into Bahisht. At which point, the rest of the world will fall into Darkness.)

10 By day and by night we praise Mir Fratama, our beloved father.

Niyayishen Mir Fratama, victory to Lord Mithra.

11 By day and by night we praise Mir Eresh Zademir, the King of the Religion of Light.

Niyayishen Eresh Zademir, victory to his Throne of Light.

12 By day and by night we praise the Name of the Father of Greatness.

Niyayishen Zurvan, victory to His Name!”

13 And Mir Fratama said, “to Zurvan, the Most High, the Almighty! Praise and victory!”

14 The Tarendrans again began chanting the same gatha, saying,

15 “By day and by night we praise the Name of the Father of Greatness.

Niyayishen Zurvan, victory to His Name!

16 By day and by night we praise Mithra, Mir Roskha.

Niyayishen Mir Roskha, victory to Mithra!

17 By day and by night we praise Mir Fratama, our beloved father.

Niyayisyhen Mir Fratama, victory to Lord Mithra.

18 By day and by night we praise Mir Eresh Zademir, the King of the Religion of Light.

Niyayishen Mir Eresh Zademir, victory to his Throne of Light.

19 By day and by night we praise the Name of the Father of Greatness.

Niyayisyhen Zurvan, victory to His Name!”

Chapter Twelve

1 After this, Mir Fratama, with his right hand, reached out and brought unto himself his Divine Messenger, Mir Eresh Zademir, and said,

2 “Come unto me, my faithful servant, wise in years, faithful in service, you who have been appointed as a guide to the various spiritual communities throughout the years.

3 “Even though the body that you have been given for the time being has become ill*, you will assist in guiding the remaining ones in your care to their true home, Bahisht.

*(His physical body currently suffers from various illnesses)

4 “It will be by the teaching which I reveal unto you, through this Tablet* and through those of your own†, that you will bring all the pure ones‡ home to Zurvan in His Kingdom of Light; for the righteous shall cry out and the Lord will respond by sending you.

*(Specifically the tablet known as the Tablet of Mir Fratama, as mentioned above, but additionally this can refer to the Holy Tablets of Light in general)

(Writings of Mir Eresh Zademir, past, present and future)

(true disciples who know Mir Eresh Zademir as their Lord with the spirit of Mir Fratama)

5 And Mir Fratama turned, facing the river and spoke words into the ear of Mir Eresh Zademir, and only Eresh Zademir heard what those words were.

6 And none of the Tarendrans, and not even [the chief among the sons of Mir Tarendra] knew what Mir Fratama said unto Mir Eresh Zademir.

7 Mir Fratama turned toward the Tarendrans and said,

8 “I have revealed it to my servant, to my beloved one, and he shall teach it to the people of rest and to all of the sons of men in the proper time.

9 “For I will be with him always, and he shall guide my people, his disciples, with living water which shall spring forth from the Word of Truth like an ocean.

10 “And the disciples of Eresh Zademir shall drink from the water and taste of its sweetness, for Mithra is within the teaching and within the tablet.

11 “And all those who abide by the Living Word, shall be blessed, from Iran to Spain, from Brazil to Canada, from England to Norway, and from Tibet to Nepal and India.

12 “There will be blessings for all peoples and all tongues and all races and all genders who abide in the Pure Teaching.

13 “And all those who share these Pure Teachings in their tongues and by printed page, they too shall be blessed and given a special place at my table in the greater horizon above the


14 Mir Fratama continued by saying, “Eresh Zademir, he who will be one with the Twin*, shall comfort his disciples, his sons of light during their sojourn on the earth, and he shall be given honour upon the Throne and in person, for he carries within himself my own name.


15 “In the last days of this era, many signs will go from one side of the earth to another, and many signs will appear in the heavens, in the night sky and in the waters of the deep oceans.

16 “My beloved one will be given power from on high and in his illness he shall stand up and strike the earth in the place that has been designated*, and the Light shall ascend to the highest of the heavens, and my servant shall become one with me in the celestial heights.

*(Mir Eresh Zademir’s striking the earth has not yet taken place at the time the prophecy was published)

17 “And I will bring salvation to all those calling upon the True Father above heaven, those who call upon my name, and those who call upon the name of Eresh Zademir.”

18 At that time, a great light shone forth from the countenance of Mir Fratama and it rose to the heavens and in the blink of an eye, Lord Mithra’s physical appearance disappeared from the earth.

19 Numerous angelic beings came down to the riverside and began blessing the Tarendrans and Mir Eresh Zademir.

20 The flying immortals placed a wreath upon the head of the Teacher of Light and said, “Blessing and honour is given to you, O King of the Religion of Light, for you have been blessed by Zurvan and by Mithra.”

21 The Tarendrans bowed before Eresh Zademir and blessed his name; and the Teacher of Light bowed before the heavens and said, “According to Your will, Zurvan, according to Your

words and all that You instruct through Your Son the Living Spirit, I shall do. Praise be to Yisho the Light of the World.”

22 And a voice came out of the heights of the heavens, saying, “I am with you always, in times of goodness and in times of trials, for I am within my beloved one, Eresh Zademir.

23 “His soul has merged with that of my spirit* and you shall give unto him the same honour with which you have honoured me.

*(Verse 18 speaks of a future time in the celestial heights when the soul of Mir Eresh Zademir and Mithra are made as one, but verse 24 speaks of Mir Fratama – a manifestation of Mithra – and Mir Eresh Zademir merging as one in the present, notice verse 19 where the physical appearance of Mir Fratama had disappeared from sight)

24 “Tell the sons of men to flee unto Zurvan, who alone is able to save humanity through the Word of Truth.

25 “No form of darkness can overtake the Light and the Truth, but when the signs have been fulfilled and the truth has been revealed to all the chosen ones, all forms of atrocities shall

overtake the earth.

26 “But take comfort, and teach others the same, that the Living Spirit is the Divine Protector of all through the will of Zurvan.”

27 At that time all of the Tarendrans stood up and began singing gathas, and they began saying,

28 “Niyayishen Zurvan*! Niyayishen Zurvan! Niyayishen Zurvan!

*(Praise God)

29 By day and by night we praise Mir Fratama, our beloved father. Niyayishen Mir Fratama, victory to Lord Mithra.

30 Niyayishen Zurvan! Niyayishen Zurvan! Niyayishen Zurvan!

31 By day and by night we praise Mir Eresh Zademir, the King of the Religion of Light.

Niyayishen Mir Eresh Zademir, victory to his Throne of Light.

32 Niyayishen Zurvan! Niyayishen Zurvan! Niyayishen Zurvan!

33 By day and by night we praise Isha Masiha, the Light of the world.

Niyayishen Isha, victory for the Cross of Light.”

34 And the voice of Mithra thundered from the heavens, and said unto all those standing in that place,

35 “The Lord is well pleased with His servant. All those who are faithful to that which he teaches shall be blessed and are assured a place in the world to come.

36 “I am creating a new place, a new land, where the pure ones will be gathered, a place where they shall undergo further instruction for assisting the remaining souls in the earth.

37 “In the new land, which is adjacent to New Amarna within the Horizon of Light – in that place is divine teaching, peaceful meditation, blessed music, godly love, and true compassion.

Only the purest among the disciples of the Teacher of Light may obtain a home in the new land, for there shall be no ignorance, no blindness and no darkness there.

38 “On this day, Zurvan has given unto me five swords which I have forged into instruments of true peace: Divine Light, Sacred Books of the Living Word, a Wooden Staff, a Beautiful Crown and a Holy Throne.”

39 Then another voice came out from above the heavens, and said, “Eresh Zademir, your prayers have come unto Me; the voice from your very heart has come unto My own ears.

40 Peace I give unto you, and peace shall you give unto your children and to all the sons of men.

41 My Son shall be merciful unto those who turn to Me through My Son and through My Spirit and through your teaching and the authority which has been given unto you, Our servant.”

40 And the leaves that were on the trees along the riverside began to turn different shades of orange and red;

42 the clouds came down near the earth and a gentle wind blew across the land, sending the leaves towards the heavens, and a blanket of snow began to fall upon the face of the land.

43 And there was a deep calm in the air, but a great storm was in the distance.

This concludes the Tablet of the Trees

Tablet of Mahvar


Chapter One

1 What is the path of the True Way?


2 Not worshipping a multitude of gods,

3 Not falling down in worship to idols and men,


4 Not speaking untruthfully of others,


5 Not disrespecting your elders,


6 Not bringing false judgement against your teacher,


7 Not giving yourself over to reckless abandonment,


8 Not ignoring the practice of the Blessed Virtues and Maxims,


9 Not giving in to negative influences of others,


10 Not judging others.


11 This, my brothers and sisters, is the practice of the Supreme Way of Zurvan and Anahita.


12 Walk upon this path of the True Way in faithfulness and you will realise true happiness and liberation from the chains of darkness and confusion.


Chapter Two

1 What is the path of the True Way?


2 Not neglecting the needs of the body,


3 Not giving in to unnecessary desires of the body,


4 Not neglecting the needs of the mind,


5 Not giving in to unnecessary desires of the mind,


6 Not neglecting the need to work with the hands,


7 Not giving in to slothfulness of your hands.


8 This, my brothers and sisters, is the practice of the Supreme Way of Zurvan and Anahita.


9 Walk upon this path of the True Way in faithfulness and you will realise true happiness and liberation from the chains of darkness and confusion.


Chapter Three

1 What is the path of the True Way?


2 Not walking and speaking with pride,


3 Not thinking of others as being smaller than you,


4 Not boasting of your own works,


5 Not giving alms in view of others praising you,


6 Not claiming your beliefs as the only way to reach God,


7 Not speaking over others to get your point across.


8 This, my brothers and sisters, is the practice of the Supreme Way of Zurvan and Anahita.


9 Walk upon this path of the True Way in faithfulness and you will realise true happiness and liberation from the chains of darkness and confusion.


Chapter Four

1 What is the path of the True Way?


2 Worship the One Supreme God, the Lord of Heaven.


3 Do not worship idols and men.


4 Speak truthfully of others, even if they are your enemies.


5 Cultivate respect and loving kindness toward your elders.


6 Be ready to defend your teacher.


7 Walk with dignity and decorum, with respect for yourself and others.


8 Practice the Blessed Virtues and Maxims.


9 Raise up your head in the face of opposition and negativity.


10 Speak kindly of others, and try to find goodness in all that you meet.


11 This, my brothers and sisters, is the practice of the Supreme Way of Zurvan and Anahita.


12 Walk upon this path of the True Way in faithfulness and you will realise true happiness and liberation from the chains of darkness and confusion.


Chapter Five

1 What is the path of the True Way?


2 Do not mistreat your body in any way.


3 Do not practice gluttony.


4 Practice meditation, study and read wholesome texts to feed your mind.


5 Do not give in to unhealthy desires.


6 Always be busy in spiritual work, and works of lovingkindness for others.


7 Never give in to laziness, but labour with your hands to make a living.


8 This, my brothers and sisters, is the practice of the Supreme Way of Zurvan and Anahita.


9 Walk upon this path of the True Way in faithfulness and you will realise true happiness and liberation from the chains of darkness and confusion.


Chapter Six

1 What is the path of the True Way?


2 Always walk with a spirit of humility.


3 Put the needs of others before those of your own.


4 Show humility in doing good for others; give God thanks for your talents.


5 Give alms and charity without making it known to others who you are.


6 Accept that fact that while in the mortal shell, you are prone to all sorts of mistakes.


7 Speak gently and with a calm spirit.


8 This, my brothers and sisters, is the practice of the Supreme Way of Zurvan and Anahita.


9 Walk upon this path of the True Way in faithfulness and you will realise true happiness and

liberation from the chains of darkness and confusion.


Chapter Seven

1 What is the path of the True Way?


2 You shall believe that:


3 There is only one God, the Lord of Heaven, who is Zurvan.


4 There is only one Mother, Anahita, the Eternal Mother of Heaven.


5 There is only one Divine Master, the Supreme Master, the Son of Heaven.


6 There is only one True Path, the Religion of Light, which was sent from the Lord of Heaven.


7 There is only one Book of True Teaching, the Book of Truth, which was sent from the Lord of Heaven.


8 There is only one Teacher of Light, the Teacher of the Religion of Light, who sent from the Lord of Heaven.


9 This, my brothers and sisters, is the practice of the Supreme Way of Zurvan and Anahita.


10 Walk upon this path of the True Way in faithfulness and you will realise true happiness and liberation from the chains of darkness and confusion.


Chapter Eight

1 What is the path of the True Way?


2 You shall believe that:


3 The children of Anahita resided in heaven,


4 until they came to earth and became trapped in a world of matter and darkness.


5 Anahita sent out a call to her children, and those that hear the voice, begin learning the process of liberation.


6 Anahita brings the Message of Light to her children, through the Teacher of the Religion of Light and those he appoints.


7 The children of Light can return to Anahita, by practising the Twelve Virtues and the Blessed Maxims of the Religion of Light.


8 Anahita will guide each of her children, one by one, in the way that she knows is best, for their eventual return to Bahisht.


9 Zurvan and Anahita, have appointed holy ones, who have gone before you in death, to assist you in your walk in the Supreme Way.


10 This, my brothers and sisters, is the practice of the Supreme Way of Zurvan and Anahita.


11 Walk upon this path of the True Way in faithfulness and you will realise true happiness and liberation from the chains of darkness and confusion.


This concludes the Tablet of Mahvar

This Concludes the Holy Tablets of Light



Abraham: Prophet and Father of the Hebrew people.

Ameretat: Lit. “Immortality”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).

Anahita: The Divine Mother of Life. The Divine energy that flows from Zurvan (God) into the Creation.

Asha: 1. Pahlavi term meaning “Truth/Righteousness”.

2. Name for the new religion based on the New Mithraic Covenant.

Asha Vahishta: Lit. “Truth/Righteousness”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).

Ashavan: Those committed to Truth and Righteousness. The name for the followers of the religion of Asha.

Azar: The ninth month of the Ashavan calendar. Corresponds with the month of November.


Bahisht: The Kingdom of Light. The Celestial and Eternal Realm beyond the physical creation i.e. Heaven.

Bright Lamps: The Three foundations of Asha: Scripture, Tradition and Revelation.


Chinvat Bridge: In Zarathustrian faith, the bridge that all souls must cross to enter the Heavenly Realms. It is where souls are judged. This is similar to souls appearing before the Great Throne of Judgement.


Divine Lights:The Five Divine Lights of Asha are the attributes of: Pure Reason, Pure Mind, Pure Intelligence, Pure Thought and Pure Understanding. We are taught that by having the Five Divine Lights as a priority in our lives, we can reach perfection and experience liberation of the soul from darkness.

Divine Sparks: The Amesha Spentas also called the Divine Heptad. They are: Vohu Manah, Asha Vahishta, Kshathra Vairya, Spenta Armaiti, Haurvatat and Ameretat.

Drod: Peace

Drozhani: Falsehood, false teaching, lie.

Druj: Embodiment of evil. In Asha can refer to demons, evil spirits or wicked people.


Eresh Zademir: lit. “The Truth born of Mithra”. The Teacher of Light.


Garendra: A member of the Tarendran race. The name of the eldest son of the Celestial Twins.

Gatha: Hymn or Psalm.

Great Dissolution: A time when the entire physical creation is dissolved and is no more. The ending of all physical matter.We are taught in Asha that the Great Dissolution is fast approaching and will result in awakened consciousness ascending into the non-physical realms of Light and all unawakened consciousness descending into the darkness (i.e. extinction of consciousness).


Hara Berezaiti: The Home of Mithra in the Highest levels of Bahisht.

Haspin: Rest, Sabbath (n.)

Haurvetat: Lit “Wholeness”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).


Isha Masiha: also known as: Yeshua Mashikha, Jesus Christ, Isa al-Masih etc. This was an earthly incarnation of Mithra in First Century Judea who appeared to restore the covenant of Moses among the Jewish people. He was their long awaited Messiah. His death on the cross opened the door for all souls on Earth to receive God’s forgiveness from sin.


Kshathra Vairya: Lit. “Divine Dominion”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).


Mani: A Babylonian Prophet in the Third Century C.E. The Spirit of Mithra communicated with and guided Mani throughout his lifetime.

Maxims: The Ten Commandments of Asha.

Mershad and Mahvar: The Celestial Twins. Parents of the Tarendran race. The first born children of Tarendra and Adam. (This was in Paradise, before Adam and Eve and prior to the Fall i.e. humanity’s descent in the flesh.)

Mir Yazd: lit. “The Living Spirit”. The Celestial Son of Zurvan and Anahita. Where all Divine Messengers are manifestations of Mithra, Mithra is a Manifestation of Mihr Yazd in Creation.

Mir Fratama: The final earthly incarnation of Mithra to serve as a Divine Messenger. He appeared in the flesh from the winter of 2012 through the spring of 2015.

Mir Roskha: The final Manifestation of Mihr Yazd who will appear on Earth at the end of the world. He will unite the many covenants and communities that make up the Religion of Light on Earth. He will bring all of these pious souls left on the Earth in that final age, into Bahisht. The world will then fall into Darkness.

Mithra: A Manifestation of the Living Spirit in Creation. The Unkindled Fire. The divinity of covenants.


Niyayishen: Ashavan word meaning “Praise”.


Parjanya: A divinity appointed by Mithra to bring an end to the physical world. Also known in Vedic religion as Indra.


Spenta Armaiti: Lit. “Holy Devotion”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).


Tarendra: Sanskrit meaning “King of the Stars”. A Manifestation of Mithra in the physical creation.

Tarendrans: A race of etheric beings that are part divine and part mortal. They reside in the atmospheric realm of a world. They are sometimes referred to historically as “demi-gods”.

Teacher of Light: A servant of God who has reincarnated throughout the ages in order to share the Pure Teaching of Mithra with humanity. The current Teacher of Light is Mir Eresh Zademir.


Vohu Manah: lit. “Good Mind”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).


Zarathustra: (also known as Zoroaster) An earthly incarnation of Mithra in ancient Persia. Originally teaching the belief in One God (Zurvan) and the importance of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good deeds. His teachings were corrupted over time form the Zurvaniyasni (followers of Zurvan, the One God), to Mazdayasni (Followers of Ahura Mazda, another term for Mithra). The Mazdayasni’s left the pure monotheistic message of Zarathushtra to teach a form of dualism, omitting Zurvan entirely, and placing Ahura Mazda as God and Ahriman (the evil one/Tiamat) as equal to Ahura Mazda, a teaching that Zarathustra never taught.

Zurvan: The One True God outside of creation. The Divine Source.