The Ashavan Prayer Garland: A Gift from Lord Mithra

We are instructed by Lord Mithra:

“Anyone who prays this garland diligently and with perfect faith and knowledge, with a clean heart and with clean hands, may walk with me in the Light. I will stand beside the man, woman or child who prays this under these guidelines.”

What is the Ashavan Prayer Garland?
The Ashavan Prayer Garland is a set of prayer beads comprised of 40 beads (or if a rope is used, 40 knots….either is perfectly fine).

An Ashavan Prayer Garland is a chaplet or rosary or prayer rope dedicated to prayer and contemplation on God, Mother and Son and the Ashavan Faith.

The number 40 does not include any separators or special additions.

The Garland is as follows:

3 beads = For Zurvan, Anahita and Mihr Yazd (The Living Spirit)
3 beads = For Parjanya, The Celestial Twins and Eresh Zademir
5 beads = for the Five Divine Lights
12 beads = For the Twelve Virtues
10 beads = For the Ten Maxims
1 bead = For the Tablets of Light
3 beads = For Zurvan, Anahita, & Mithra
3 beads = For Zurvan, Anahita & Mir Fratama

How to use an Ashavan Prayer Garland
The Ashavan Prayer Garland can be used at all times, but its most important use is with the Ashavan Chaplet; this is a special series of prayers recited at one sitting.

We are instructed to pray this special set of prayers using the Garland while giving praise to God, Mother and Son, The Divine Messenger, the Teacher of Light, meditating on the Five Divine Lights, the Twelve Virtues, and the Ten Maxims. In addition, the Prayer Garland should be used in tandem with readings from the Holy Tablets of Light.

How to Pray with the Prayer Garland

Before beginning our prayers, we make this affirmation:

“We are taught by Mir Eresh Zademir, the Teacher of Light, that due to the Crucifixion of Isha Masiha, the earthly Manifestation of Mithra in First Century Judea, that humanity is able to return to Zurvan in a clean state, through the making of food offerings, obedience to the Maxims, faithfulness in worshipping the One God and through the practice of the Twelve Virtues and the Five Divine Lights.”

To begin:

On the first bead, recite: “Niyayishen* Zurvan.”

*(Ashavan word for “Praise”)

On the second bead, recite: “Niyayishen Anahita.”

On the third bead, recite: “Niyayishen Mihr Yazd.”

On the fourth bead, recite: “Niyayishen Parjanya.”

On the fifth bead, recite: “Niyayishen Mershad and Mahvar.”

On the sixth bead, recite: “Niyayishen Eresh Zademir.”

On each of the next five beads, recite one of the Five Divine Lights. Before beginning, say “There are Five Divine Lights – they are:

1) Pure Reason,
2) Pure Mind,
3) Pure Intelligence,
4) Pure Thought and
5) Pure Understanding. “

Then say, “These are taught to us by the Sons of Mithra.”

On the next twelve beads, we recite the Twelve Virtues (one Virtue per bead). Say: “We are committed to the cultivation of the virtues of:

1) Royalty,
2) Wisdom,
3) Victory,
4) Contentment,
5) Purity,
6) Truth,
7) Faith,
8) Patience,
9) Sincerity,
10) Kindness,
11) Justice, and
12) Light

Before beginning the next 10 beads, say, “Everyone who hears and believes these words and keeps them in his mind and serves through pious deeds shall find salvation from this cycle of rebirths, and shall be saved from the sins which he has committed and eventually, his soul shall be liberated from matter.”

1) I will only worship Zurvan, the One True God, and I shall not worship any type of idol, be it physical or mental.
2) I will always be truthful, avoiding all forms of dishonesty.
3) I will not be greedy.
4) I will do no harm to any living being, and I will not unnecessarily destroy any life including animals and plants.
5) I will not be unfaithful to a spouse, or commit any form of sexual misconduct.
6) I will not steal.
7) I will not deceive anyone.
8) I will not practice any form of magic* nor be involved with the occult.
*(This does not refer to theatrical performances, illusionists and sleight of hand but actual involvement in the dark arts).
9) I will be not be a hypocrite.
10) I will be fair to everyone regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, religious beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.

On the next single bead or knot, read a selected verse from the Tablets of Light and meditate upon it for at least two or three minutes before brazier/hearth/candle et al.

On the next three beads, recite:,

“Niyayishen Zurvan,

Niyayishen Anahita,

Niyayishen Mithra.”

On the last three beads, we recite:

“Niyayishen Zurvan,

Niyayishen Anahita,

Niyayishen Mir Fratama.”

Take a few minutes to contemplate these prayers. Repeat if you wish.

A larger bead may be used to separate the beginning and end of the chain. You can use a pendant instead of this bead if you like.

Additionally, devout Ashavan may wish to use the separator beads for additional prayers (for example, reciting Mihr Yazd Namaz or the  Seven Petitions/Calls of Mithra).

Note: There are no specific instructions concerning particular colours or size of beads;however, you might wish to use a unique colour for the first bead to easily know where to begin the prayers.