The Manual of Ashavan Teaching

Fourth Edition

Presented by the Maethana Asha


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Abandonment

Chapter 2. Ablutions

Chapter 3. Abortion

Chapter 4 Abraham, Sarah and Hagar

Section 1. Abraham in Egypt

Section 2. the children of Abraham

Chapter 5. Melchizedek and the Hyksos

Chapter 6. Accountability

Chapter 7. Adurestar (Sacred Ash)

Chapter 8. Adversity

Chapter 9. The After Life

Chapter 10. Agnosticism

Chapter 11. Ahura Mazda

Chapter 12. Akhenaten/Moses

Section 1. The birth of Akhenaten, the true Moses

Section 2. Akhenaten’s Devotion to the One God

Section 3. The birth of Tutankhaten

Section 4. The Abdication and Departure of Akhenaten

Section 5. The reign of Tutankhaten

Section 6. Akhenaten and Tutankhaten at Mt. Sinai

Section 7. The Death of Tutankhaten

Section 8. Tutankhaten to Tutankhamen: An unauthorized Name Change

Section 9. The Death of Akhenaten/Moses

Chapter 13. Alcohol

Chapter 14. Al Aqsa Mosque

Chapter 15. Amorality

Chapter 16. Amun Ra

Chapter 17. Anahita (Divine Mother of Life)

Chapter 18. Angels

Chapter 19. Angel of the Lord

Chapter 20. Animals

Chapter 21. The Anti-Christ

Chapter 22. Apostates

Chapter 23. The Ark of the Covenant

Chapter 24. Archons and Demons

Chapter 25. Ascension

Chapter 26. Asha

Chapter 27. Ashavan gesture for supplication

Chapter 28. Association

Section 2. Do not associate with false religions

Chapter 29. Atheism

Chapter 30. Ayyapan

Section2. Ayyapan in Tibet, Nepa and India

Chapter 31. Baha’i Faith

Chapter 32. Bahisht

Chapter 33. Battle among the Stars

Chapter 34. Beliefs

Chapter 35. The Bible

Chapter 36. Birthdate of Mithra

Chapter 37. The Body

Chapter 38. Book of Revelation

Chapter 39. Braziers – Also See “Fire Urn”

Chapter 40. Buddhism

Chapter 41. Calendar

Chapter 42. The Catholicoi of the Twelve Houses of Tarendra

Chapter 43. Celebration of Mir Fratama

Chapter 44. Celestial Beings

Chapter 45. Celestial Realms

Chapter 46. Chanting

Chapter 47. Charity (Secular)

Chapter 48. Children of Lilith

Chapter 49. Children of Tarendra

Chapter 50. Choices

Chapter 51. Christianity

Chapter 52. Clerical Attire

Chapter 53. Communion with God

Chapter 54. Compassion

Chapter 55. Concubines/Consorts of Mithra

Chapter 56. Conflict

Chapter 57. Conversion to Asha

Chapter 58. Conviction

Chapter 59. Courage

Chapter 60. Covenant Breakers

Chapter 61. Covenant of Abraham

Chapter 62. Covenant of Asha (The New Mithraic Covenant)

Chapter 63. Covenant of Isha Masiha* with the Gentiles

Chapter 64. Covenant of Mithra (Ancient)

Chapter 65. Covenant of Noah

Chapter 66. Covenants

Section 2. Choosing between Covenants

Chapter 67. Creation

Section 2. Creation of Humanity

Section 3. Creation of Males and Females

Chapter 68. Crucifixion of Isha Masiha (Yeshua Mshikha/Jesus Christ)

Chapter 69. Curse of Canaan

Chapter 70. Daily Spiritual Practice

Chapter 71. Mt. Damavand

Chapter 72. Death

Section 2: Death of the Righteous

Section 3: Death of the Body

Chapter 73. Depression

Chapter 74.The Destroyer

Chapter 75. Denying the Name of God under Persecution

Chapter 76. Diet

Chapter 77.Dinosaurs

Chapter 78. Discernment

Chapter 79. Discouragement

Chapter 80. Distracted Disciples

Chapter 81. Divine Arrangement

Chapter 82 . Divine Beings of the Three Worlds 

Chapter 83. The Divine Hierarchy

Chapter 84 Dor Daim

Chapter 85. Drozhani (also see “False Teaching” )

Chapter 86. Druj

Chapter 87. Ego

Chapter 88. Elder Intercessors

Chapter 89. Elijah the Prophet

Chapter 90. End times – See also “Final Age”

Chapter 91. Enkidu

Chapter 92. Enoch

Section 2. Staff of Enki

Chapter 93. Enlightenment

Chapter 94. Essene Gospel of Peace

Chapter 95. Evil

Chapter 96. The evil one and her son, the dragon

Chapter 97. Evolution

Chapter 98. Expectations

Chapter 99. Experience

Chapter 100. Facing East in Prayer (Toward Mt. Damavand)

Chapter 101. Faith

Chapter 102. False Teachers

Chapter 103. False Teachings – see also “Drozhani”

Chapter 104. False Religion

Chapter 105. Family Pressures

Chapter 106. Fear

Chapter 107. The Final Age

Section 1. Future Calamities

Section 2. The Remnant and the End of Human Existence

Section 3. The Events following the Establishment of the Throne of Judgement

Chapter 108. The Five Divine Lights

Chapter 109 Forcing your beliefs upon others

Chapter 110. Forgiveness

Chapter 111. Freemasons

Chapter 112. Free will

Chapter 113. Full Moon

Chapter 114. God

Section 2. The Conception of God
Section 3. The Godhead

Chapter 115 . God Intoxication

Chapter 116. The Great Convocation

Chapter 117. The Great Light

Chapter 118. The Great Dissolution

Chapter 119. The Great Flood

Chapter 120. Growth

Chapter 121. Happiness

Chapter 122. Halal and Haram Foods

Chapter 123. Hamas

Chapter 124. Hatred

Chapter 125. Hermes Trismegistus

Chapter 126. Hermeticism

Chapter 127. Hinduism

Chapter 128 Honor Killings

Chapter 129. Humility

Chapter 130. Idolatry

Chapter 131. Impermanence

Chapter 132. Infidelity

Chapter 133. Intolerance

Chapter 134. Isha Masiha (Yeshua Mashikha/Jesus Christ)

Chapter 135. Impermanence

Chapter 136. Islam

Section 2. Women in Islam

Chapter 137. Isolation

Chapter 138. The Jinn

Chapter 139. Joining the Ashavan Faith

Section 2. Entering the Faith in a Congregation

Chapter 140. Judgement

Chapter 141. Kaaba

Chapter 142. Kabbalism

Chapter 143. Kali Yuga

Chapter 144. Kapila

Chapter 145. Karma

Chapter 146. Kemetic Religion

Chapter 147. Knowledge

Chapter 148. Krishna

Chapter 149. Kshathra Vairya

Chapter 150. Language of the Angels

Chapter 151. Lexicon of words in Asha

Chapter 152. Liberation of the Soul

Chapter 153. Living in the Moment

Chapter 154. Loneliness

Chapter 155. Love

Section 2. Loving Kindness to all communities of the Religion of Light

Chapter 156. Ma’at

Chapter 157. The Mahdi

Chapter 158. Maitreya

Chapter 159. Manifestations of Mithra

Chapter 160. Mars

Chapter 161 Mass Destruction

Chapter 162. Materialism

Chapter 163. Matter

Chapter 164. Mecca

Chapter 165. Melek Taus

Chapter 166. Memorization of Ashavan Relgious Texts

Chapter 167. Memory of previous lifetimes

Chapter 168. Merging of Divine Souls

Chapter 169. Mershad and Mahvar

Chapter 170. Messengers

Chapter 171. Mindfulness

Chapter 172. Mir Eresh Zademir

Chapter 173. Mir Fratama

Section 1. The Annunciation of the Arrival of Mir Fratama

Chapter 174. Mir Roksha

Chapter 175. Mirs (pronounced Meehr’s)

Chapter 176. Misleading the Ashavan

Chapter 177. Missions to other Religions

Chapter 178. Mithra

Chapter 179. Mithraism

Chapter 180. Mitraya Tarendra

Chapter 181. Mixed Marriages between believers and unbelievers

Chapter 182. Monism/Pantheism

Chapter 183. Moses (See also “Akhenaten)

Chapter 184. Muhammad

Section 2. A Conversation Between an Angel and Muhammad

Section 3. Muhammad in the After life

Section 4. Muhammad and the Assyrian

Section 5. Regarding the identity of the scribe who was murdered

Section 6. The Name “Muhammad” banned from use in the Heavens

Chapter 185. Muslims

Chapter 186. Naga’s

Chapter 187. Nationalism

Chapter 188. Native American Beliefs

Chapter 189. Naw Ruz

Chapter 190. Negative Thoughts

Chapter 191. News

Chapter 192. Nobility

Chapter 193. Nonviolence

Chapter 194. Observing Religious Practices from other Assemblies of the Religion of Light

Chapter 195. Oneness in Mithra

Chapter 196. Oneness of Humanity

Chapter 197. Outcast (being defined as outcast or untouchable in society)

Chapter 198. Pagansim

Chapter 199. Paiwast Tamur (Samadhi Deva)

Chapter 200. Paradise

Chapter 201. Parjanya, the Future of earth, the righteous and the wicked

Chapter 202. The Path to God

Chapter 203. Persecution

Chapter 204. Physical Manifestations of Mithra

Chapter 205. Piety

Chapter 206. Pleasing Zurvan in your daily Activitives

Chapter 207. Polygamy

Chapter 208. Prayer Garland

Chapter 209. Pride among clerics and teachers

Chapter 210. Profanity

Chapter 211. The Pure Teaching

Chapter 212. Reality

Chapter 213 Rehals (Book-Rest)

Chapter 214. Reincarnation

Chapter 215. Religion

Chapter 216. Religion of Light

Section 2. Religion of Light Worldwide Institute

Chapter 217. Religion of the Beast

Chapter 218. Religious Consumerism

Chapter 219. Religious Affiliation

Chapter 220. Religious Debate

Chapter 221. Religious Imagery

Chapter 222. Religious Structure of Asha

Chapter 223. Religious Symbol of Asha

Chapter 224. The Religious Symbol of Mithra

Chapter 225. Renunciation

Chapter 226. Respect for All Life

Section Two. Respect for Appointed Leadership

Section Three. Respect for other Religon of Light Communties

Chapter 227. The Resurrected Children of Tarendra (also called “The Children of Tarenda”)
Chapter 228. Restoration of the Manichaean Faith

Chapter 229. Restoration of Yungdrung Bon

Chapter 230. Sabbath (Haspin)

Chapter 231. Saints

Chapter 232. Sarapis

Chapter 233. Savior

Chapter 234. Sectarianism

Chapter 235. Scribes

Chapter 236. Seekers

Chapter 237. Seers

Chapter 238. Self Delusion

Chapter 239. Selfless Service

Chapter 240. Self-Realization

Chapter 241 Self-Worth

Chapter 242. Sense Gratification

Chapter 243. Serving God

Chapter 244. Shab I Yalda

Chapter 245. Shame

Chapter 246. Sharing the Faith

Chapter 247. Shunning

Chapter 248. Shakyamuni (Buddha)

Chapter 249. Sikhs

Chapter 250. Sin

Chapter 251. Sitting in the Nemana Asha (The local Ashavan temple of worship or congregation)

Chapter 252. Social Networks

Chapter 253. Society of the Saints

Chapter 254. Soul

Section 2. The nature of the soul

Chapter 255. Spiritual Education

Chapter 256. Spiritual Gifts

Chapter 257. The Spiritual Path

Chapter 258. Stillness

Chapter 259. Study

Chapter 260. Submission to Zurvan

Chapter 261. Sufi saints in Heaven

Chapter 262. Tablets of Destiny

Chapter 263. Tablet of Mir Fratama

Chapter 264. Taoism

Chapter 265. Tarendrans

Section 2. Tarendrans of Terrestrial Binding

Chapter 266. Tattoos

Chapter 267. Terra Nova (“New Land” )

Chapter 268. The Three Bright Lamps

Chapter 269. Three Dark Shadows

Chapter 270. Thoughts

Chapter 271. Three Worlds

Chapter 272. Throne of Judgement

Chapter 273.Topa Shenrab Miwoche

Chapter 274. Torah

Chapter 275. Tower of Babel

Chapter 276. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Chapter 277. Trinity

Chapter 278. Truth

Chapter 279. Tuesday as a day of religious observance

Chapter 280. Tutankhamuns sister

Chapter 281. Tutankhaten -See “Akhenation”

Chapter 282. Union of Covenants

Chapter 283. Usury

Chapter 284. Validation

Chapter 285. Vegetarianism

Chapter 286. Waking up

Chapter 287. Walking the Spiritual Path

Chapter 288. Wisdom

Chapter 289. Work that conflicts with Beliefs

Chapter 290. The world

Section 2. Worldly Affairs

Chapter 291. Worldly Authority

Chapter 292. World Religions

Chapter 293. Worship

Chapter 294. Worshiping at an Ashavan House of Worship or Home Gathering

Section 1. Ashavan Worship

Section 2. Outline of an Ashavan service

Section 3. Ashavan Worship at home: Families
Section 4. Ashavan Worship at home: Individuals

Section 5. Dress code Ashavan services and gatherings

Section 6. Establishing an Ashavan House of Worship

Section 7. The use of Music in Ashavan Worship

Chapter 295. The Yezidis

Chapter 296. Zarathustra

Chapter 297. Zeus

Chapter 298. Zoroastrian Religion

Glossary of Terms


This volume represents the second and third aspects of the Three Bright Lamps of the Ashavan Faith. The Three Bright Lamps are: Scripture, Tradition and Revelation. The first lamp is: Scripture. That is supplied by the Tablets of Light. With the Tablets of Light and this Manual, any person serious about understanding Asha, will have everything they need.

The Manual is comprised of Holy and sacred writings. The holy writings are presented in bold lettering. All other writings are in standard type. The types of holy sayings may be from Manifestations of Mithra, from the Amesha Spentas, the Yazata’s, the Teacher of Light, Tarendrans and others who are authorized to present this information.

The Manual is designed to be open to updates. There will be more teachings presented over time, more revelations that will be available over time, these most recent additions, have an important place in he the Manual of Ashavan Teachings.

When it comes to sayings from the Divine Messenger the most recent offerings are always going to be the more accurate on any given subject. Because of this, it is always good to compare any information in the Tablets of Light and the Manual of Ashavan teachings to make sure that what you are working with are the most recent offerings of information.

Also, something a previous Manifestation or a Celestial servant may have offered in the past, may be clarified in the present by a current Manifestation or Celestial servant. Or information will come to light that the information about current or future events, may be altered as the circumstances change.

With all information related to Asha a process of validation should be used. Validation, from an Ashavan perspective, is to confirm or clarify or reject data that does not match what is presented in the Tablets of Light, the Manual of Ashavan Teachings or any authoritative statements from the Maethana Asha (The central templ of the Ashavan Faith).

If a staement is made about the faith, about what it teaches that can be found in the Tablets of Light, or it can be found in the Manual of Ashavan Teahings, then it is valid. If such a statement is made that cand be found referenced in both the Tablets and the Manual of Ashavan Teachings, it is the most authoritative. However, if a statement is made about the faith that cannot be corroborated by either the Tablet or othe Manual or any offical statement released by the Maethana Asha, then we would deem such statements as unverified. If, at a later day, no information ever comes to light that qualifies that unverified assertion, it would by viewed by the faith as questionable or false.

The need to accurately present the teachings of Asha in the world is the reason Ashavan are encouraged to employ this process of validation to the 3 Bright Lamps of Asha. It is my hope that this information will help all Ashavan understand their faith in greater depth.

Drod abezag (Holy Peace),

Kharba Awraham

Sharivar, 12th 2016


Chapter 1. Abandonment

Received from Kharba Awraham: “It is delusional for any person to state “Why has God abandoned me?” God has never abandoned anyone. Humanity, on the other hand, has many abandonment issues, constantly abandoning the path to God as the mood takes them. When an individual resolves to remain faithful to God, they finally realize that He was always there for them.”

Chapter 2. Ablutions

Received from the Maethana Asha: “Each series of prayers should begin with the washing of ones hands, arms and face (mentally saying “In the Name of Zurvan, In tha Name of Anahita, In the Name of Mithra).

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Your ablution should begin with the right hand and arm up to the elbow. You begin by saying “In the Name of Zurvan”.

You then wash your left hand and arm up to the elbow and begin by saying “In the Name of Anahita”.

You then wash the faith with both hands. Your hands move upwards and over the top of your head, down the back of the skull and back across the neck. You begin by saying “In the Name of Mithra”.

Lastly, you bring the hands down to the position of prayer in front of the chest  with the head slightly bowed in humility. The ablution ends by by saying “Amin”.

Chapter 3. Abortion

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Abortion is considered equal to murder since earliest times. There have been some cases of abortions being permitted when it was an act of mercy, in accordance with either direct Divine Revelation or by a council in conjunction with the mother (and father if appropriate depending on the circumstances).

Traditionally this would be the three types of cases (in the cases of 1.Harm to the mother 2. Rape and 3. Incest), with the latter being extremely rare. The “harm to the mother” aspect would be if there is danger of the mother losing her life – not because she is ill with a life threatening disease, but because the actual birth would bring death to the otherwise healthy mother. Rape, on the other hand, has always been a bit trickier than the other situations.”

Chapter 4 Abraham, Sarah and Hagar

Section 1. Abraham in Egypt

Received from the Maethana Asha: “Abraham and his wife, Sarah, made their way from Canaan to Egypt.After arriving in Egypt, Abraham is broght before the Pharoah. Abraham introduces Sarah to the Pharaoh Thutmosis the Third, who was the real King David that is referenced in the Hebrew Scriptures. This occurred between Abraham introduces Sarah to the Pharaoh as his sister. The Pharaoh marries Sarah, even though she is already married to Awraham, something Pharaoh Thutmosis is unaware of.

On learning that Sarah is another man’s wife, Thutmosis sends her and Abraham back to Canaan. This realization only happens after the Pharaoh has slept with Sarah and she has become pregnant with his child.

Because the child is born of a non-Egyptian woman who is already married, the child would not be able to ascend to the Throne of Egypt.”

Received  from the Maehtana Asha: “It was not until the Pharaoh came to the knowledge that Sarah was the wife of Abraham that the Pharaoh sent Abraham and Sarah away. The reason the Pharaoh did not kill them was because of his love for Sarah and to preserve his unborn child. The gifts from Pharaoh to Abraham were offered so that Abraham and Sarah would raise the unborn prince in comfort.” 

Received from the Maethana Asha: “While Abraham was the father of both Ishmael and Isaac, Abraham was only the biological father of Ishmael. Isaac being the physical son of Pharoah Thutmosis the Third (i.e. the historicla King David), and Sarah.”

Section 2. the children of Abraham 

“Received from the Maethana Asha: “Ishmael and Isaac were both “First Born Sons”, one was the first born son of Abraham and Hagar, the other was the first born son of Pharoah Thutmosis the Third and Sarah. Isaac was an heir to the throne of Egypt through his biological father, Thutmosis the Third.”

“Received from the Maethana Asha: “The event on Mt. Moriah where Awraham is said to have been instructed to kill one of his sons, is much different than people know. God did not call Awraham to sacrifice a son. When Awraham discovered that Isaac was not his biological son, he attempted to kill Isaac, but was stopped by God through a Manifestation of Mithra, as human sacrifice was not part of Abrahamic religion or for later generations, either.”

Received from the Maethana Asha: “It was the Manifestation of Mithra that appeared to Hagar in the wilderness of Paran to let her know thas she and Ishmael had not been forsaken by God.”

Chapter 5. Melchizedek and the Hyksos

Received from the Maethana Asha:“The Hyksos were not all Asiatic invaders, there were many of the Hyksos that came from the Horizon of Light, this is a realm that exists in the atmosphere of our world and is known by many names in many cultures: Salam, Shlama, Shalom, Salam, Olmo Lungring, Shambhala, and by other names. This realm is approximately three quarters the size of the surface of the earth.”

Received from Maethana Asha:”The Hyksos were led by a Manifestation of Mithra and his children. He was known in Sumeria as Enki, by the Hebrews as Enoch and later called “Melchizedek”, the King of the Melekhs or celestial beings, a manifestation of the Third Messenger in Sumeria.”

Received from Maethana Asha: “The chariot was originated in the Horizon of Light before it was ever introduced to mortal civilizations. The Hyksos used them effectively in their campaigns.”

Chapter 6. Accountability

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Accountability is incumbent on every soul. Either we do it here, or God balances this ledger Himself.”

Chapter 7. Adurestar (Sacred Ashes)

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”The focal point of the Nemana Asha (Ashavan House of Worship) will be the Adurgah (Sacred Fire Urn or Hearth or Fire Pit etc.).  The ashes that come from the Adurgah are blessed they are called Adurestar.  The Fire Urn lit in honor of Mithra, that signifies His Presence with us, is a blessing.  The ashes of such a fire also contain His blessings.  It is for this reason that a special word was provided in the Ashavan lexicon to describe the ashes of the sacred fire.  You could say where some faiths use holy water, we have sacred ashes.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Adurestar is the Ashavan equivalent of Vibhuti.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” While not an obligation or requirement, Ashavan are encouraged to recieve or place a mark of Adurestar on their foreheads during an Ashavan service, if the circumstances allow.  The meaning of which is that you have been witness to the worship of the Divine Celestial Triad and the recitation of the New Mithraic Covenant among the Ashavan.  To be in the presence of those committed to Truth and Righteousness, where the Gnosis of Mithra is abundant, that is a blessing and worth remembering and announcing to the world that you embrace Asha.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The placing of a mark of Adurestar would just be placing your finger or thumb in the ashes and touching the center of your forehead.

Example: Say you were using your thumb (either hand is fine), you silently say “In the Name of Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra”. Then you touch your forehead with the thumb. (This can be done in any way the person prefers. My own view would be to touch your forehead and move upward toward the hairline, but that would be personal preference. You can just touch the forehead with the thumb or finger in whatever way is most comfortable to you.)

Then you say quietly to yourself “Amin”

All of this is additional and not required of anyone. It is for those who resonate with this practice.  There will be some who do this and many who will not. There is no judgment for those who do not. Those who get it, will do it. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “When we meditate on the Unkindled fire where we will place our focus is on the center of the forehead. So it would be this same location we are touching with the ash.”

Chapter 8. Adversity

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Adversities are in our lives to in order to purify and refine our souls. When we overcome adversity, we have passed that particular hurdle and proceed to the next challenge, the next lesson. When we are overcome by those adversities, we tend to blame our negative actions or conduct on those very same adversities in order to rationalize our bad behaviour or the bad behaviour of others in this world.”

Chapter 9. The After Life

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “What one does in this life time in the earth is full of mistakes. Opinions of people change all the time based on their understanding of certain matters. When a person finds the correct answer to an issue, if they are not mentally challenged they will change their opinions based on the new information (a moment of enlightenment if you will). The same is the case in the afterlife. They are given the proper information and they should be saying, “Ahh, I was wrong, now I understand and accept the truth” (with repentance of course). What I am saying here is that a person is on the earthly plane or the spiritual plane of the underworld/afterlife, either in or out of the House of God. Either side is basically all the same to me.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Too many think their future is about Heaven or Hell when its a question of Spiritual Perfection or Spiritual Dissolution. It is always our choice.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The majority of God believing and virtuous souls who either believed in God before they died or came to this realization after they left the flesh, have moved onward and upward into the Celestial Realms. They have ascended into the Heavenly Realms of Light for eternity. Those few souls left in the temporal realms of Paradise, Purgatory or Hell, are only awaiting their imminent judgment. At which point they too will either ascend if found worthy, or they will be cast out into the darkness.”

Chapter 10. Agnosticism

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Agnosticism means to have no knowledge of God. “Gnosis” means knowledge. A-gnosis means to have no knowledge and is used specifically in matters relating to belief in the reality of God. To be an agnostic then, is the same as being an Atheist. An agnostic is an atheist. Once a person indicates that this is their choice in life, and they seek to share lack of insight with you further, turn your back to them and have no further dealings with them. It is irrelevant what atheists or agnostics have to say about the existence of God, the soul or the afterlife.”

Chapter 11. Ahura Mazda

Received from Mir Garendra: “Ahura Mazda is in reference to Mithra, “our Father, Redeemer and Benefactor”

Chapter 12. Akhenaten/Moses

Section 1. The birth of Akhenaten, the true Moses

Received from the Maenatha Asha: ” The descendant of the Royal Line Amenhotep the Third was married to another royal house, through Sitamun. However, Amenhotep met and fell in love with Queen Tiye, the daughter of Yuya, the vizier to the Throne of Egypt.

Tiye, was the daughter of Yuya, who was the son of Ya’aqub, the son of Isaac who was the son of Pharaoh Thutmosis the Third and Sarah. Both she and Amenhotep belong to the Royal line of the House of Egypt.”

Received from the Maenatha Asha: “In 1395 B.C.E., Akhenaten (whom the much of the world remembers as the historical Moses) is born to Amenhotep the Third and his concubine, Queen Tiye, at the frontier fortress city of Zarw.

Tiye had moved to Zarw when she became pregnant, so that when it was time to give birth it would be in seclusion. Tiye was a worshiper of Aten*, the One God, and Zarw was a stronghold of Atenist followers at that time.”

Received from the Maenatha Asha:”Pharaoh Amenhotep the Third, concerned that Tiye would give birth to a male heir, one who was not a child of the royal heiress, Sitamun and himself, who was not a pure blood Egyptian, was concerned that Tiye’s child may pose a threat to the Eighteenth Dynasty.

Because of this, Amenhotep orders the mid-wives of Tiye to to kill the new born if it is a boy. On learning of this, Tiye sends her son away to safety. She had sent by barge (not a basket of reeds, as the Hebrew narrative relates) along the river to the safe guardianship of her Israelite relations at Goshen.”

Received from the Maenatha Asha: “Among the Hebrews, Akhenaten is called “Moses” after his ancestor, Thutmosis the Third (the biological father of Isaac).”

Received from the Maenatha Asha: “The decree of Amenhotep the Third is the basis of the stories of the birth of Moses in the book of Exodus and also the origin of the New Testament story of King Herod seeking to kill all male children in Bethlehem for fear of the birth of the Messiah. “


Section 2. Akhenaten’s Devotion to the One God

Received from the Maethana Asha: “In 1378 B.C.E., Akhenaten, at the age of sixteen, made his first appearance at Thebes, which, at the time, was the capital in Upper Egypt. In that same year, Akhenaten becomes co-regent with his father.  In order further to secure her son’s right to the throne, Queen Tiye arranges for him to marry his half-sister, Nefertiti, the daughter of Sitamun, the royal heiress.”

Received from the Maethana Asha: “In 1375 B.C.E., the building of temples to Akhenaten’s monotheistic God, Aten, at Karnak and Thebes (modern Luxor) in Upper Egypt arouses such hostility that Akhenaten’s mother, Queen Tiye, suggested he should build a new capital for himself at Tel-Amarna, roughly halfway between Thebes and modern Cairo.”

Received from the Maethana Asha: “While the hostility towards Akhenaten and his policies was widespread in Egypt, much of this animosity was exacerbated by the priests of Amun Ra, who felt threatened by his actions deeply.”

Received from the Maethana Asha: “In 1367 B.C.E., with the death of his father, Akhenaten became the sole ruler of Egypt and shuts down the temples of the ancient deities. This arouses such increased hostility that, in 1363 B.C.E., he is forced to proclaim Semenkhkare, his first son, as co-regent.”

Section 3. The birth of Tutankhaten

Received from the Maethana Asha: “Tutankhaten was born in Akhetaten, Egypt on 17 April around the year 1367 B.C.E. His birth was not a normal human birth but the product of asexual reproduction. This was not from Nefertiti or any woman in Egypt but from the body of Akhenaten himself. This has been taught by Lord Mithra Himself. That Tutankhaten was derived from His* own essence, with elements from both Akhenaten and Nefertiti.”


Received from the Maethana Asha: “The name of the child was originally “Tutankhaten” but his name was changed later to “Tutankhamun”. Tutankhaten was the *historical Christ.

Mitraya Tarendra has revealed that the being the world knows of as “Christ” is, in fact, a combination of three manifestations of Mithra:

1. Tutankhaten the son of Akhenaten and Nefertiti;

2. Joshua, who led the Hebrews out of Egypt after the death of Akhenaten/Moses; and

3. The historical Isha Masih (Yeshua Mashikha/Jesus Christ) who appeared in First Century Judea.

It is the combination of different aspects of their manifestations upon the Earth that people in the modern era think of when this think of Jesus Christ.”

Received from the Maeshana Asha: “Both the physical body (Ba) and spirit (Ka) of Tutankhanten existed in Egypt in the time of Akhenaten.

It was the spirit (Ka) of Tutankhanten, however, that continued on in the Horizon of Light and then appeared in the flesh, born physically into the world through the Virgin Mary*  in First Century Judea among the Apostles and was known as Isha Masih (Yeshua Mashikha/Jesus Christ).”

*(the reincarnation of Nerfertiti)

Section 4. The Abdication and Departure of Akhenaten

Received from the Maethana Asha: “In 1361 B.C.E. Akhentaten was warned by his uncle, Aye (who is known historically as “Ephraim” and also as “Joseph of Arimathaea”), that his life was in danger. This was due to the reforms instituted by Akhenaten promoting the One God and the suppression of polytheism among the priests of Amun Ra and the people of Egypt.

In response to this warning from Aye, Akhenaten abdicated His throne and fled to Sinai with a handful of closest followers. Among those who follow Akhenaten to Sinai was an Atenist priest by the name of Panehesy, whom history remembers by the name “Pinhas” in the Talmud and also as “Phineas” in the Hebrew Tanakh. Panehesy had served as chief priest of Aten at Amarna, prior to relocating to Sinai.

Semenkhkare*, the eldest son of Akhenaten and Neferttiti, and Tutankhaten’s brother, assumes the throne in his fathers absence.However, he only survives this abdication by at most a few months, possibly only a few days. After the passing of Smenkkhare, Tutankhaten assumed the throne of Egypt.”

*(Smenkkhare once relayed that his demise was brought about in that lifetime by drowning) .

Section 5. The reign of Tutankhaten

Received from the Maethana Asha: “In 1361 B.C.E., Tutankhaten, who was only ten years of age, ascends to the throne. Tutankhaten, a devout worshiper of the One God, saw the truth of what his father had taught, but he also realised the stress it placed upon the people of Egypt who did not understand and felt threatened by this new teaching.He also who saw that the priests of Amun Ra were exacerbating hostilities towards his father and to the Atenist community.

In an effort to make peace, Tutankhaten attempted to create a compromise between the followers of Aten and the followers of the ancient gods of Egypt. The young Pharaoh devoted his energies to helping the people of Egypt see that the belief in the One God did not pose a threat to their belief in the different deities if they could accept that the descriptions of these deities, were, in truth, describing different attributes of the One God, and not as individual gods.

Despite the forces against him in Egypt at that time, Pharaoh Tutankhaten was beginning to change hearts and minds with new teaching.”

Section 6. Akhenaten and Tutankhaten at Mt. Sinai

Received from the Maethana Asha: “In 1352 B.C.E.,  Tutankhaten made his way from Egypt to Sinai to try to persuade the Atenists living there that they could now return to Egypt and live there in peace if they accepted that different people have different perceptions of God and how He should be worshiped.

It was at this point that the events surrounding the instructions given to Moses at Mt. Sinai occurred. Even with his father in exile, Tutankhaten had been working toward returning his father to the throne.

He met with Akhenaten at Mt. Sinai and it was there that Tutankhaten, working with his father, Akhenaten/Moses, codified the laws for the Hebrew people who had left Egypt. This would event would later be remembered as Moses ascending up Mt. Sinai to receive the Commandments.”

Section 7. The Death of Tutankhaten

Received from the Maethana Asha: “After establishing the instructions for the Hebrew society at Sinai with his father, Tutankhaten was taken hostage by Panehesy and his allies. They viewed the teachings of Tutankhaten to the Egyptian people as a form of betrayal. They did not acknowledge his efforts to restore his father, Akhenaten to the Throne of Egypt. Even thought its had been his intention all along, to step down as Pharaoh once the climate of Egypt was calm enough to restore Akhenaten back to the throne in peace. None of these factors influenced Panehesy and his followers, sadly. They abducted Tutankhaten, tortured him, hanged him from a tree and impaled him with a spear among other things.”

Received from the Maethana Asha; “Aye, the second son of Yuya, and, as head of the army, the most powerful man in Egypt at the time, claimed the body of Tutankhaten and buried his remains in the Valley of the Kings.”

Received from the Maethana Asha: “According to the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians, the human form was composed of two shells: The “Ba” or Physical Shell, and the “Ka” or spiritual or etheric shell. The followers of Panhesy had killed the Ba of Tutankhaten, but could not touch the Ka of Tutankhaten.It was this very same Ka or Spirit that would one day appear in First Century Judea among the apostles and disciples.” 

Section 8. Tutankhaten to Tutankhamen: An unauthorized Name Change

Received from the Maethana Asha: “While named at birth “Tutankhaten” most in the world remember him as “Tutuankhamun”.

The young Pharoah did not change his name. After the Crucifixion, his name was changed by Egyptian scribes, as was the usual practice at the time when attempting to change history and facts. As most historians and Egyptologists know, even some statuary, names, and certain hieroglyphics have been scraped away to hide history.”

Section 9. The Death of Akhenaten/Moses

Received from the Maethana Asha: “In 1352 B.C.E., Aye ruled over Egypt for the next four years before disappearing mysteriously.

In 1348 B.C.E., Aye is succeeded by Horemheb, who is remembered in the world as the biblical Pharaoh of the oppression of the Hebrew people in Egypt.Horemheb is an army general and obtains his right to the throne by marrying Queen Nefertiti’s sister, Mutnezmet.”

Received from the Maethana Asha: “By the year 1335 B.C.E.,  with the death of Pharaoh Horemheb, a new Egyptian dynasty begins: the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. When Horemheb was succeeded by his elderly chief minister, Ramses  the First, the king “who knew not Joseph.”

Received from the Maethana Asha: “On hearing the news of the death of Horemheb and Ramses ascending to the Throne, Akhenaten resolved to leave his self-imposed exile, living among the Hebrews, to return to Egypt from Sinai to try to reclaim the throne of Egypt.

Akhenaten led an assault on the capital but failed to re-take the Throne because of Ramses’ control of the military. Akhenaten, his forces outnumbered, departed Egypt accompanied by his followers and his mother’s Israelite family. After uniting with Bedouin allies, the Shasu (the Midianites of the Bible), they eventually head for Canaan.”

Received from the Maethana Asha: “In 1333 B.C.E., on coming to the throne in succession to his father, Seti the First sets out in pursuit of Akhenaten and his followers. Heavy slaughter ensues, at which point, Akhenaten/Moses dies. The followers of Akhenaten who survived this attack then began their years of wandering* in the wilderness.”

*(The Hebrew Tanakh describes this as the “40 years in the wilderness”).

Received from the Maethana Asha: “It would be after the death of Akhenaten/Moses, that the spirit (Ka) of Tutankhaten would incarnate as Joshua to lead the Hebrew people back to the Canaan. Know that, whether in Akhenaten, in Tutankhaten or in Joshua, Mithra never abandoned the devout believers in the One True God.”

Chapter 13. Alcohol

Received from Kharba Awraham: “It is permissible for the use of Alcohol. Alcohol use is only permitted in moderation and never for the express purposes of intoxication. Ashavan should avoid public intoxication. Alcohol is forbidden to those who are underage or have substance abuse problems.”

Chapter 14. Al Aqsa Mosque

Recieved from Mitraya Tarendra: (Regarding Al Aqsa Mosque)” It is truly an *Abomination in the Holy City of Israel.”

*(Mitraya Tarendra once stated that the reference of Isha Masiha (Yeshua Mshikha/Jesus Christ) in the Gospels regarding the Abomination of the Desolation was a prophecy regarding the placement of the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. See Matt. 24:15 and Mark 13:11-18)

Chapter 15. Amorality

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Having a clear concept of right and wrong, Good and Evil, has, since the dawn of mankind been that litmus test of spiritual development for any individual or group. Not just a way to enact civil control but a sign that a person or group was turning away from corruption and walking a higher path.

When any society decides that worship, devotion, morality, ethics etc., are no longer central to their life in any way, issues of good and evil, right and wrong begin to become flexible as well. An amoral society, just justify almost any act. There are countries in the world that will not invoke punishment on mass murderers citing any number of reasons but avoiding the most basic point: There is Good and Evil. There is right and wrong.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Historically, those who have been very clear on what consitutes Good and Evil, Right and Wrong have had no problem with siding with Good and avoiding wrong. Standing up for what is right and condemning what is wrong.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “It is very popular today for people to condemn those who espouse a clearly defined set of beliefs especially beliefs that assert clear views on Good and Evil and right and wrong.

If you do not believe this, look to any religion today and any person who is devout. They run the risk of being labeled fundamentalist for  no other reason than that they actually believe in the fundamental truths of their faith, whatever that faith may be.

Secular society is okay with individuals having religious freedom but they do not encourage devout belief. Only a smattering of faith.

Religions that espouse clearly defined notions of Good and Evil, right and wrong make modern society uncomfortable because it removes the option for spiritual, moral and ethical ambiguity.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”We stand next to people all the time without knowing where they truly stand on anything.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”It may be socially unpopular to stand for a clearly defined set of right and wrong, but the moment society no longer feels it may stand up for these values, a freedom has been taken away. The timeless freedom to champion Good over Evil and right over wrong.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”In any society, we stand on a platform based on our shared principles and ideals. The moment the pillars of Goodness and Morality and Ethics are removed, we stand on very shaky ground.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”When a society allows for Evil, corruption and wickedness to hide in plain sight by simply relabelling them, then we stand on shaky ground as a civilization.

The last days of Rome typified a state of corruption barely held together by a thin tissue of social rules..till the barbarians came over the rise and that was the end of that.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Strength lies in a clearly defined set of values and principles centered on A High Authority or Ideal and service to our fellow human beings.”

Chapter 16. Amun Ra

Received from Mir Benyamin: “Re/Ra is equated in many ways (especially within the Atenist community of the Religion of Light) with Mithra. This is especially seen in his office of Divine Barque, or Ship of Light.”

Received from Mir Benyamin: “Amun or Amun-Ra is also the same as Mithra, but in his role as maintainer of life in the universe. When the Pharaohs of Light brought Atenism to light as a form of monotheism, it was taught that the various ”gods” (not all of them) are aspects, manifestations or ”shimmering rays of the bright light of the Living Spirit*”.

*(Another term for Mithra)

For others reading this, the names “Amun” and “Amen” are the same, only different spellings. These are names of Mithra and are not worshipped, even though some did worship Mithra and his aspects and manifestations in the past. This is what Akhenaten was opposed to and why “Atenism” exists.”

Chapter 17. Anahita (Divine Mother of Life)

Received from Kharba Awraham: “You already know Divine Mother personally, you just might not be aware of it yet.

To us, Divine Mother is an intimate and vital part of each of our lives. It is a shame that so few people and cultures today are even aware of Her nor show Her the due love and reverence She so rightly deserves.

Who is Divine Mother? She is known by many names in many cultures: Shakti, Prana, Chi, Ki, Qi, and the Celestial Current. In Asha we call Her “Anahita”.

Where Zurvan is God, Anahita is the Divine Force or Energy of the God that permeates all Creation. If it has life, it is by virtue of Divine Mother.

But even these descriptions fail to do justice to all that Anahita is. She is your most personal companion in life. You very movements: in the synapses firing in your brain, the fluids that flow through your body, the breath in your lungs, to the rays of energy that provide life to this planet, the current in the rivers and oceans.

The current that runs through wind. The solar winds, If it flows, it flows by virtue of Divine Mother. If Divine Mother were not present in our lives, there would be no life at all. We are dependent on Divine Mother as the fetus is dependent on the womb.

In all that we think say and do, we should show our love and appreciation for the Divine Mother.

There would never be enough moments in the day to show Her the love and reverence She deserves, that does not mean we should not try, however.

If you have the strength to do anything, remember Her and say “Spas-dastan, Anahita!”*
*(lit. “Thank You, Divine Mother” )

Chapter 18. Angels

Recieved from Mitraya Tarendra: “Certain angelic beings have wings and appear as humans. These particular angelic beings were created in such a manner that permitted them to rest their wings in a recessed area in the back. If they were wearing clothing the wings would never be seen. If looking at these beings face to face one would not see the wings if they were resting in the back. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Angels vary in type, power and authority. Those angels of high authority and power are called Archangels. Mithra differs substantively in nature from the angels and Archangels in that where both the angels and archangels serve at the behest of Zurvan through the governorship of Mithra, He, Himself, is given autonomy to oversee the Creation on behalf of God. All obedient angels serve under the leadership of Mithra. Unlike some religions that teach that angels do not possess free will, and worship God in perfect obedience, The Ashavan believe that even angels have free will to a degree. It is because of this free will that a number of angels, headed by the evil one, disobeyed God and intervened in the affairs of mankind, contributing to the downfall of human existence. Angels’ duties include communicating revelations from God, glorifying God, recording every person’s actions, and taking a person’s soul at the time of death. They are also thought to intercede on man’s behalf if that is the will of God and the direction of Mithra.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Once His Holiness Mir Eresh Zademir described what one of the Cherubim looked like. (It was one that he had seen). He described it as looking like a giant bull like creature with red eyes and the steam emanating from its muzzled could melt metal. He said the common idea of Cherubs being these harmless, flying babies was not accurate.”

Chapter 19. Angel of the Lord

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mithra is not some enigmatic figure from history that appears intermittently. Mithra is the one the ancient writings referred to as “The Angel of the Lord” and spoke on behalf of God and made the covenant with the children of Abraham.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mithra was the angel of the Lord walking in Garden of Eden. Where God lays judgment on Adam and Eve, this was through Mithra.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mithra is not some enigmatic figure from history that appears intermittently. Mithra is the one the ancient writings referred to as “The Angel of the Lord” and spoke on behalf of God and made the covenant with the children of Abraham.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Angel of the Lord that spoke to Hagar in Paran, who encouraged her to return to Abraham and Sarah, who later ministered to her and her son, Ishmael in the desert, was Mithra.”

Chapter 20. Animals

Received from Mir Garendra: “The manner in which animals are often killed in slaughter houses or meat packing companies is most certainly terrible. The imagery alone is enough to turn one’s stomach. This is something that someone who is a member of one of the Religion of Light spiritual communities would not wish to participate in. However, as Akhi Shamon pointed out, the Ten Ashavan Commandments clearly states that the Religion of Light forbids the unnecessary killing of any living being.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “ There are no animals that are considered to be evil or possessed. That is merely superstition. All animals are blessed by Zurvan. Even those humanity deems vicious have a purpose in God’s plan.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Humane treatment of animals reflects the character of the Ashavan. No animal should ever be treated cruelly or be made to suffer in any way. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Animals can experience fear and feel pain, because of this, Ashavan should take every measure to ensure that the animals they use do not experience those emotions or feel those sensations.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” The concept of a slaughterhouse is offensive to the Assembly. Animals, whether domesticated or in the wild, deserve better treatment than this.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “No society should kill wantonly and mindlessly and killing countless animals for mass consumption is cruel and unnecessary, but on the other hand, having people dying of malnutrition when there are animals that can serve to provide food for these starving people, this is an example of humane treatment of animals taken to a twitsted and unhealthy extreme. You may eat meat if you want or you may choose to abstain from eating meat if that is your wish, but do not assume that Mithra is forcing anyone to adopt either choice, only that in your dietary observance, that you are practical, resourceful, that what you do in this regard is out of necessity, and that you do not make any creature suffer.”

Chapter 21. The Anti-Christ

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “There are many false messiahs in the past and in our current time. An anti-christ can be an individual or it can be an institute, ideal or even an entire nation. The idea is that anything that is in opposition to the True Messiah, is an anti-christ, or false messiah.

Oftentimes we refer to certain individuals as such (i.e., Hitler, certain Popes, many Christian denominations, etc.). If it is against Isha and His Way, it is a false messiah – provided it is teaching others to emulate the ideals it is putting forth. If they are not teaching these things to others, then they are merely fools and nothing more. “

Chapter 22. Apostates

Received from Mir Benyamin:“It is sad to see someone opt for something less than the truth. But we can not blame ourselves for their indiscretions or their unfaithfulness. Never feel guilty because people would rather have a social version of religion rather than worshiping in spirit and in truth. I would rather be alone in the Presence of God than in the darkness with a brood of vipers.”

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “Be on guard for apostasy and false teaching. Nothing that is in the flesh is immune to turning from God; thus do your best, in prayer and with supplication, to always walk in the truth and to seek strong and capable leadership in those who are sent from Zurvan.”

Chapter 23. The Ark of the Covenant

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “There is more than one Ark. There were several representations and fake arks produced because it always seemed to end up being stolen and drastic measures have always had to be taken to get it back. Once an enemy camp of Israel stole the original Ark and they were stricken with a very bad case of diarrhoea and begged the Israelites to take it back.

When the unfaithful Yehudim were taken into captivity into Babylon some of the Blessed Terma Keepers (Holy Prophets) went with them by instruction of the Great Mother so as to keep before them the facts of why they were taken in the first place. I have always seen this a merciful act on the part of God even though the Jewish people at the time, with the exception of the Remnant and other Terma Keepers, were so unfaithful to Him.

We know that the Ark was at this time of captivity taken into a region which was possibly Teman but there is no specific name as far as I know within Second Pillar stating that it was specifically “Teman”. Others have commented on this by saying that it was ” the region near/in/by Teman”, depending on how it is translated. Also, at this time we do not know if it was actually Yarmyahu or not who took the Ark there or instructed it to be there, because there are accounts of his prophecies being spoken to the people in Babylon. Some have speculated that Yarmyahu wrote from ” the region near Teman” and sent letters to Babylon. We know that just days before the captivity to Babylon, some of the Kahein had another ark constructed with common wood over-layed with gold. The wood had panels in which solid sheets of stone were placed between the panels and sealed in order to give the impression that the weight was due to it being solid gold. It worked and the fake ark was taken to Babylon instead of the original.

As I mentioned above, there were several fake arks constructed. They were placed in various locations to confuse the enemy. This has always seemed to work.

What we have now is a representation of the Ark constructed in accordance with strict instructions given by the Third Bright Lamp. This particular Ark was moved from Rekem Kadesh to the Far East and into various countries where it eventually ended up in Nepal. The original Ark was taken up into heaven where Mosha stands over it before the Second Temple period. Somehow the Greeks got this somewhat correct in their version of the Book of Revelation.

Mosha stands over the original Ark, and that the Ark, after Yahushuah’s arrival to stand as King in the Holy Land, will descend to the earth with the Temple to be placed in Yerushalayim the Blessed City of Peace once again.”

Chapter 24. Archons and Demons

Received from Tzefat Ziwa:”We do not think of the beings of the kingdom of darkness as those who followed the evil one in rebellion against God, but rather that they have “always” existed and came to recognize the Bright Light across the “Great Canyon”.*

*(The space of division between the realms of Light and Darkness)

They then came here and waged war. They did rebel against God, but they did not know God as you or I would say we know God. They were not even aware of His existence until one “day” they saw the Light shining from His Kingdom.

Humanity is not permitted at this time to have the full knowledge concerning the origin of those of the kingdom of darkness. Most angelic beings do not have much knowledge on the matter either. Humanity is not mature enough to have such knowledge, especially during this era. There are very few exceptions to this.”

Chapter 25. Ascension

Received from Kharba Awraham:”It is incumbent on all serious souls to find that part of themselves that will exist beyond matter and helpt that part of themselves ascend out of the dying creation while that is still an option.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Matter that distracts people from focusing reality as it is, is a liability and only serves to further entrap our souls.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”What we see is Light traveling or oscillating or vibrating at different speeds. As we are obedient to God, as we cultivate virtue and lay aside attachments, we purify our consciousness. When we do this, we increase our vibration of the light within us. And by virtue of this, we ascend to the Realm of Light, beyond matter, beyond darkness and beyond extinction. “

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”We are behind enemy lines in the truest sense. We have to decide what we are: Are we Light (i.e. sentient consciousness)?Or are we Matter (i.e. Dying creation)?We have been light trapped in matter but if matter ceases to exist, what are we? In our truest nature we are Light…we are the Children of Light.

Chapter 26. Asha

Received from Kshathra Vairya: ” It is the final olive branch. Asha contains within it the essentials for liberation of the soul.”

Received from Kshathra Vairya: “Avoid dangers of materialism, greed, and unrighteous acts by practicing Asha, which means adhering to its Precepts, the Three Bright Lamps, living a virtuous life, prayer, ritual, traditions.”

Received from Smenkkhare: “Asha is never treated as some cheap trinket which one would pick up in a novelty shop. It is not a game to be played like children in school.It is not something one puts away in a closet at the end of the day like a coat or a pair of shoes. Asha and all that it entails is to be respected and honoured in one’s speech, in one’s actions and in one’s day to day living*.

*(Asha is a way of life and it should permeate every aspect of one’s life)

Practising Asha and living the Religion are one and the same. The two can not be separated. Asha is lived every minute, every hour, every day throughout one’s entire lifetime.

Those who claim to be devotees of Zurvan, yet at the same time show disrespect toward the Religion through their speech or actions, by mixing forms of falsehood with revelations of Truth, have no place in the halls of the Holy Temple.

Those who mix various forms of worship, false and true, pagan, New Age, Wicca, magic and the like, with Asha, are not practising Asha at all and have no place in the Holy Temple. Such individuals are only fooling themselves and are handing their soul over to the darkness that resides beneath their very feet.

While the people of Asha practise compassion and tolerance towards people of other religious practices and ideals, it does not permit the adoption of the same among its own. This ensures that those who are striving to worship the One God remain pure in His Presence; for that which is unclean may not enter into the Temple of Zurvan.

Those who are true to Asha raise it up to a high station above the philosophies and theories of the sons of men and revere its teachings, principles, texts and imagery. They always act honourably awould one of their own family members.They always speak highly of Asha, at home, in the courtyard, in the market-place and in the street among others.They hold the Religion very dear to them and will defend it if necessary.

O Zurvan, You who come forth from the East, shine Your Holy Light upon the fields of the sons of men, so that Your truth may always reign triumphantly and be known by all the inhabitants of

the land.

O Zurvan, You who are the Strong Tower upon the Great Hill, protect Your people from all forms of falsehood, always keeping Your people pure and holy within Your Presence, so that they may teach others throughout the land.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: ‘The religion for living the New Mithraic Covenant is called “Asha”. It is a Pahlavi (Middle Persian) term meaning “Truth/Righteousness”. One who lives for the truth and seeks to lead a life of righteousness is called an “Ashavan.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “What is “Asha”? To be devoted to truth and committed to righteousness in one’s thoughts, words and deeds.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “We are a very new faith, but our roots are ancient.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Asha is one of the numerous religious paths that exist within the Religion of Light. It is notable as it is that last religion that God will provide to humanity. “

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “The New Mithraic Covenant came into being last summer*. The Faith of Asha was ushered in only a month ago**. Having the covenant was one thing (the major thing)…but how to present this covenant, in what way it should be expressed and lived…that took some time.”

*(June 2015)

**(June 2016)

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Asha is its own faith. It is not a branch or sect of any other religion other than the Religion of Light, itself. It is the faith formed to implement the New Mithraic Covenant. There are differences between the ancient Mithraic Covenant and this one. The requirements of previous generations are not called for in this covenant, Mithra Himself has instructed. The New Mithraic Covenant is designed to be the most accessible for all people. Any person can enter the New Mithraic Covenant and embrace the religion of Asha.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Some people may wonder that with all the many religions, philosophies and belief systems in the world, why on earth would there need to be another one? Because not every religion, not ever philosophy, not every belief system is true. What benefit is there to have thousands of religions in the world and none of them take you where you want to go?

If a faith has no covenant with Mithra (however He is known by that culture), then that is a dead faith…it leads nowhere. If you strip away all the religions, all the philosophies and belief systems that have no covenant with Mithra, you are left with a much small number of faiths. Of those, some have died out. Still others have been so corrupted as to be effectively useless to seeking souls.

The number of real and active covenants and faiths left in the world is comparatively very, very small.

Asha, then, not yet another entry in a junkpile of useless religions, it is the punctuation on the religious life of this world. It is the final faith God will bring into this world before our story on this world reaches its conclusion. The last covenant and the last faith hold great spiritual import. That is what the New Mithraic Covenant is, that is what the religion of Asha is.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The name of our faith is “Asha. One who is adherent of our faith is and “Ashavan”. The belief in this faith is called “Ashvanism” (The belief in Asha).”

Chapter 27. Ashavan gesture for supplication

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: (Regarding proposal of the gesture for worship) “Are you saying that the hands would be cupped (as you said someone is pouring something into their hands – “living streams of water”)? If so, this would be a beautiful gesture, Kharba.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The gesture of supplication for all Ashavan is in this manner: That the hands are placed next to each other as if someone was pouring something into your hands and you are trying to catch it, the head is slightly bowed. That the individual cups their hands in front them in the gesture of receiving the living and life giving waters. The individual bows, extending their cupped hands to receive. They stand up and bring the cupped hands to their lips as if to drink. Then the palms are then brought together and the hands are lowered to the level of the heart. The head is slightly bowed once more. ”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Ashavan makes the gesture with eyes down and head slightly bowed in a manner that they are recieving something far beyond their worth and they gratefully receive this in a state of humble acceptance. The eyes can also be closed .Whichever version is used, the individual makes the prayerful gesture as one who has averted their gaze from something so brilliant that they cannot look upon this. Once the supplication has been made, the Ashavan brings their cupped hands to their mouth as if drinking the contents of their cupped hands. That they are receiving whatever Zurvan has blessed them with. At which point they bring their hands to the chest with palms touching and the fingers pointing upward in a position of prayer.”

Chapter 28. Association

Received from Mir Shadal: “Dear brethren, our Lord Mithra has said, “Draw close to those who are of like faith – for they are your true brothers and sisters and your true mothers and fathers.”*

Those whom we consider our friends, tell others a lot about us and our spirituality. Are your friends God’s friends too? Are they friends of Mir Fratama? Do they appreciate your faith and practices within Asha?

Mir Eresh Zademir stated that our fellow adherents Asha are part of our true family – each one called to serve with us through good and bad times – shoulder to shoulder. For those familiar with the teachings of Isha Masiha in first century Judea, you will recall his words about his spiritual family. Isha said, “For whoever does the will of My Father who is in heaven, he is My brother and sister and mother.”*

*(Matthew 12:50)

Our spiritual brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers are our true family – they really do care about our welfare and it is with these very ones that Mir Fratama is encouraging us to associate. They are there through good and bad times and will help us maintain our walk on the true path of Light and life.

We can make sure we draw close to those who are of like faith whether this act is physical, as in meeting with a congregation or spiritual, as in prayer and by various other means of communication due to long distance. When we are able to surround ourselves with mature brothers and sisters, we are then able to benefit greatly from their wisdom.

Mir Fratama said, “a single word uttered by a true sage can dispel all doubts and sufferings of all living beings.”

Received from Mir Shadal Our Lord Mithra has said, “Do not permit yourself to become entangled in the world through bad association with those who do not appreciate the Light.”

Our love for Zurvan, Lord Mithra, for Mir Fratama, and the Ashavan Faith should move us to greater appreciation of the blessings that Zurvan provides us, both as a spiritual community and individually as servants in the Light.

Because of this deep appreciation, we would never attempt to gain the favour of those who are in the world that have no appreciation for the truth or who have no interest in building up one another in their love of God – many in fact do not love Zurvan and reject His own Son, Mithra.

Mir Fratama says that such bad association is becoming entangled in the world. We are trying to free ourselves from the bondage of the material world, not become trapped or mired down in it further. So, why should we even want to have associates or friends who would rather drag us down further into the mud that is the world?

Mir Fratama has said:“The evil one will use your family and friends to draw you away from Zurvan, but whatever you do, remain strong in your faith and service in the Light. If those around you are controlling your life and emotions in a negative way, detracting from your service to Zurvan, it may be time to remove yourself from such ones.”

Many of the brothers and sisters in the Faith can testify to the truthfulness of these words of Mir Fratama.It is true – the evil one has many different ways to turn the hearts and minds of Zurvan’s people against Asha – ever so subtly injecting the poison of doubt into their hearts. But the evil one will almost always use those closest to you in order to draw you away from Zurvan.

Whether it is family or friends who do this, they will often times find many different activities for you to become involved with, which takes time away from your spiritual activities. Mir Fratama has said, “Cultivate faith and put away doubt from your heart by occupying yourself with the study of the Word of Asha and the practising of the Twelve Virtues.”

Are our family members and those whom we consider our friends helping us to cultivate the Virtues taught to us in our Scriptures?

Or are their activities and influences causing us to take on characteristics that are actually in opposition to those Virtues?

Mir Fratama wants us to love our friends and family, and He is not instructing us to abandon our responsibilities toward family members — even if they are unbelievers, but He is encouraging us to focus on the more important things in our journey on this earth.

However, He did clearly state that if they are influencing us in a negative way, to the point of actually detracting from your service to Zurvan it is time to move on. He wants us to be aware of the dangers of constant association with those who wish to tear us down because of our faith, because of our choice to serve Zurvan rather than our unbelieving family or friends’ ideas about God – or for that matter, materialism.

Some family members or associates will sometimes try to cause you to develop doubt in your heart about your religious beliefs. However, if you are aware of these matters and you take Mir Fratama’s words seriously, as He said, you will be able to “remain strong in your faith and service.”

Received from Mir Shadal: “Our Lord Mithra has said, “There is no truth in the world. It is not your true home. There is no light that can be generated from the darkness.”

The Holy Tablets of Light teach us that the world is full of darkness – that it belongs to the Kingdom of Darkness, and that as such, as Mir Eresh Zademir once said, “the world is bereft of the Light and those who belong to it only desire to walk in the darkness, because it has become their nature.”

Once we begin viewing the world as our home, we become attached to it and all that it has to offer, all the evil that some consider good. Mir Fratama clearly says that the darkness itself can in no way generate light.

If one of our goals is to escape the trap of this material world, why would we ever wish to become so involved with the world and those who love it, and risk our opportunity to walk in the Light with our Lord in Bahisht itself?

Mir Fratama once said, “Never associate with those who would rather defame the Name of Zurvan, the Name of Anahita, or the name of my servant Mir Eresh Zademir or any of the other Messengers than hear even one good word of truth.”

It is a very serious charge against someone who has chosen to defame the Name of Zurvan, of Anahita or Mithra’s servant Mir Eresh Zademir and the other Messengers.

There are many in the world who would rather make fun of our faith, blaspheme our Great Father, the Divine Messengers, and our fellow brothers and sisters than to take their own stand before God seriously. Mir Fratama tells us that we should never even consider associating with such ones.

These individuals are like a house that is on fire, ready to collapse and destroy everything within it. If you were in that house, would you not wish to run away as quickly as possible? In the same manner, if our friends are those who blaspheme our God and our faith, we will get burned if we choose to remain with them.

In summary, Mir Fratama encourages His disciples to draw close to those who are of like faith because they are our true family.They love God, the Divine Mother, Lord Mithra, Mir Eresh Zademir, the Ashavan Faith, each other and you individually, and unconditionally. Make sure you are drawing close to those who are the true children of God so that you can remain close to Him.”

Section 2. Do not associate with false religions

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “Adherents of the Religion of Light* do not mix with religions or ideologies that are separate from the Religion of Light, such as Catholic, Mormon, Baptist, Islam, and others similar to these. Those religions and ideologies do not offer anything equal to that which has been revealed by the true God through His various Messengers. Do not touch that which is unclean. Be on guard for your brothers and sisters who are tempted by false religions.”

*(Asha is one of religious communities that comprise the Religion of Light)

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “In matters of faith, the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. Just because an opposing religious sect shares a similar interest or aversion, does not mean that all their beliefs are blessed in the eyes of God, Mother and Son.

Do not misconstrue tolerance for another person’s religious beliefs as validation of those beliefs. (Especially if your faith is clear that such beliefs are false).

Simply put: You accept what is acceptable. You are called to reject what is detestable. It does not matter how nice a face others put on a false doctrine, if it is false in the eyes of Mithra, it is worthless to you.

The righteous are called to stand above the maddening crowd. To be removed from idolatry, heresy and depravity. It would be too easy to gravitate towards the ideas promoted by a questionable sect simply because they share some of your concerns.

You can be concerned for very different reasons and those differences can be a chasm between you and them.

If the faithful see your promotion of a false sect as a tacit acceptance, you can steer those who look to you for guidance, off the path of Light.

If a questionable sect conveys a sentiment you share, that is valid, say that. but also be clear that you do not condone the false beliefs of that sect, either. So you are not misleading the seekers of Truth.”

Chapter 29. Atheism

Received from Kharba Awraham: “God is not dead. God can never die. But there are many in the world who are spiritually dead and they prefer the company of the dead.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “If a streetlight is not working, do you deny the existence of the street? Then why deny the existence of God, because your spiritual sight is not working?”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Humanity, while in the flesh, can neither prove nor disprove the reality of God. It is the weakness of men that they prefer spend their diminishing days seeking to disprove the existence of God, rather than using these precious moments to seek God’s blessings, guidance and forgiveness. Exultation at the prospect of life without God is one sure way to experience a life without God. That road leads only to extinction.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The soul within a person, that never thinks of God, is trapped in a prison. If that person dies in this manner, that body will become its tomb.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The human being without a soul is only meat with delusions of grandeur.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The scholar and the simpleton who both reject the reality of God, are no different from one another. The simple atheist makes no excuse for their lack of awareness. The scholarly atheist seeks to celebrate their lack of awareness, asserting that nothing that they themselves have not realized could possibly exist. At least the simpleton makes no excuse for their ignorance, where the scholar makes every type of excuse for their ignorance.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “A person who gives no serious thought to a life beyond the flesh, may not have a life beyond the flesh.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”When you hear of growing numbers of people coming to the “realization” that God does not exist, don’t read too much into it. It is not an actual realization. A realization is an awareness of that which is real. If you are aware of that which is unreal that is a delusion, not realization. Someone who concludes there is no Creator while living in and being a creation…is far removed from anything that would approximate self-realization.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The person who is mired in carnality who has the so called “epiphany” that there is no God, is not telling you they are evolving, they are admitting they are devolving.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The reason there are growing numbers of faithless souls is because the faithful souls that had no attachments or worked through them have already ascended. The majority of souls incarnating here now are those souls who are here to get rid of their attachments and,when they die, to ascend. But if they are not removing those attachments and they no longer even acknowledge their Creator, then sadly, they will not move on. Their journey ends here.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”You cannot make a person have a realization that they themselves do not wish to have. Every soul has the potential to awaken, to evolve and to ascend. Not every soul has the desire or intention to awaken, to evolve or to ascend. You cannot make a lifeless seed sprout and grow. You cannot be surprised that a legion of dead seeds would conclude that no seeds can sprout and will ostracize the ones that do.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”We live in a world of people who are becoming increasingly less conscious of their Creator because that is what is left, for the most part.”

Chapter 30. Ayyapan*

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:“Ayapa is described in the texts in the following manner: “when in the heavens he is above the angels”… “when on earth somewhat lower than the nature of the angels”…”he is above the angels in authority and directs them according to the Will of the Devata”….”after being born and when Masiha takes His throne in the City of Peace Ayapah will return to his place in the heavens above the angels”, etc. “

*(Ayyapan is another name for the Teacher of Light)

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “There were several occasions when Ayapan visited the various areas (Nepal, Tibet etc.), both in spirit and human form, after the giving of the original Peshitta. But the first visitations began around the secular year of 1500 BCE (or just thereafter) around the time of Mosha.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra (Regarding the areas that Sri Ayyapa has appeared in the world): “Other areas include: Persia, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam (including Cambodia), Indonesia (including Malaysia), Philippines, and small island nations/tribes.

All Three Pillars speak of “Tibetans” and “Nepalese” tribal peoples travelling east and west of their respective locations in ancient times: to North America via Eastern routes (through what is now called China, Mongolia, Russia, Alaska/Hawaii, and finally arriving to where there were Native American tribes); and Europe via Western routes (through Eastern and Western Europe to Portugal and smaller areas and then on to North America). They took with them the message and some of them mixed the message with some of their own false ideas once again creating a deity out of a messenger. The same thing occurred when Ayapan attempted to correct some of their views ( i.e., the creation of Kokopelli Yay, Ye’i). Ayapan and the spirit of Mar Thoma in physical flesh visited some of these Native American areas which had Tibetan ancestry in the mid 700’s C.E.”

Section2. Ayyapan in Tibet, Nepa and India

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “ As far as the Tibet/Nepal/Burma connexion, Ayapan visited these areas several years before the birth of Isha Masiha in Israel. Ayapan longed to give the message of the coming Masiha to the tribes people in Tibet, Nepal and Burma (at least what is known by these names today), but only a handful of people listened. He turned to India and told of the coming of a young man who would be called “Yeshu`” or “Isa” and again, only a handful of people listened. Ayapa returned to his place with joy that at least some listened in the time he was allotted but was also very sad that the majority would not listen.

Ayyapa became even more sad when he learned that his physical likeness was made into a deity by many of the people of India with false accounts of his numerous visitations which eventually was labelled “fantasies” by the later Khasidim. “If only you had of listened intently the first time, instead of walking within your own fantasies and according to your own will, then you would have been a blessed people when the heavenly creature came to you. Your time of blessing will come much later,” said the Khasidim to the people of India.”


Chapter 31. Bahai Faith

Received from Kharba Awraham:” Mir Fratama confirmed that while neither the Bab or Baha’u’llah were initially chosen as prophets of God and were never Manifestations of God, as the Baha’i Faith defines them, that both the Bab and Baha’u’llah came into alignment with God’s Will upon entering Paradise and are considered Saints in the Communion of Saints”

Chapter 32. Bahisht

Received from Mir Benyamin: “There are some “worlds” within Bahisht that are part of earth’s atmosphere. For example, some are located in what humans refer to as the “stratosphere.” Terra Nova is very much close to earth and within its atmosphere, in a matter of speaking. New Amarna is higher up.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Bahisht is impervious to natural disasters – whether those disasters are caused by man or by the Zurvan – and only Zurvan Himself can destroy such a place, and this would not be in line with Truth and Righteousness*, since Zurvan never destroys any pure land. All those who enter into this pure land must shed the body, for there is no flesh where the spirit is free.


Bahisht calls to pure souls to shed their flesh and enter into the gates of this pure land, but does not call for them to do so prematurely. Mortality walks within the shadow of all sentient earthly beings, and it is the choice of the individual whether he wishes to be reborn in Bahisht or in some other pure land, in accordance with the Will of the Godhead, and this is why it is important to pray on a regular basis to be reborn in Bahisht.

Thus when the Light of Purification arrives and begins to envelop the earth and destroys the evil inhabitants thereof, even if there are righteous souls affected by this catastrophic event, the pain they feel, if any, is only due to the separation of the materialistic flesh from the pure spirit, and they receive their reward from the hand of the Father who is in the heavens, and they are clothed with a new body of pure spirit, with no contamination from greed and unrighteous anger.”

Chapter 33. Battle among the Stars

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Many ages ago, there was a great battle that occurred within the vicinity of our solar system. Tiamat sent her son, Az* to do battle with the celestial beings of Light. The battle was fierce and there are still remnants of this great battle that exist to this day. They are located in the asteroid field** around our solar system and even the craters on the moon.”

*(The son of Tiamat who manifested as a great dragon)

**(The Oort Cloud)

Chapter 34. Beliefs

Recieved from the Maethana Asha: “These are the beliefs of the Ashavan Faith:

*God, whom we call “Zurvan“, is the Divine Source of all life. God is One and exists outside of Creation.

*God is One, invisible, and unknowable except through the influence of the Divine Mother and a covenant through Mithra.

*Anahita is the Divine Mother of Life. She is the divine Current of Life that emanates from Zurvan into and throughout the Creation.

*All life is contained in One Being: Mithra. We are all a part of the One, Created Being. It is our divine inheritance to awaken to this reality and ascend beyond the dying creation to reunite with the One, Universal Soul of Mithra beyond the physical creation. Where Zurvan is the Heavenly Father and Anahita the Divine Mother, Mithra is the Celestial Son. He is the One, Universal Being. Different cultures refer to Mithra in many different ways:

Among the Persians, He is both called Mithra but also Ahura Mazda.

Among the Hindus, He is called: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahman, and the Adi Purusha.

To the early Hebrews He was called “Melekh ha Zadik” meaning “Righteous King of the Melekhim or Celestial Beings”. Today this is usually written as “Melchizedek”.

To the Yezidis He is known as the Melek Taus (or Tausy Melek) i.e. “The Peacock Angel”.

To the Buddhists, He is called the Primordial Buddha or Amitabha.

In ancient China, He was referred to as the Jade Emperor.

To the Christians, He was known as the Logos or Word of God.

To the Sikhs, He is called “Waheguru”.

To many of the Native Americans, He was called the Great Spirit.

To the ancient people of South America, He was called Quetzacoatl.

*Many societies have mistaken Mithra (The One Created Being) for Zurvan (The Divine Source). Zurvan is the Creator, while Mithra is the Creation.

*God, Mother and Son are often referred to in Asha as “The Divine Celestial Triad”. This is not a trinity as in Christianity as we do not view the Divine Mother or the Son to be part of the Godhead.

There is only One God and that is Zurvan. The Ashavan view Zurvan as the Jewish people view Yawheh; we view Anahita as Taoists view the Tao, and we view Mithra as Hindus view Brahman.This is not a new view but the original understanding of all those who progressed in their understanding of God, Mother and Son. There are not three Gods, only One God. Anahita is the Energy or Force of God, and Mithra is the Totality of all Creation.

*The Divine Sparks are traditionally known as “The Amesha Spentas”. They are:*Vohu Mana (the divinity of Good Mind).

*Asha Vahishta (the divinity of Truth/Righteousness)

*Kshathra Vairya (the divinity of Desirable Dominion)

*Spenta Armaiti (the divinity of Holy Devotion)

*Haurvetat (the divinity of Wholeness)

*Ameretat (the divinity of Immortality).Zurvan created the Divine Sparks, and it was through them that the creation was completed. They are also called Amahraspand “Beneficent Immortals”. Some define them as Archangels.

*All manner of beings serve God Through Mithra throughout the creation. Example: The Amesha Spentas, the Yazatas, Angels and so on.

* Tiamat, the evil one, did not begin as the personification of evil, initially. Tiamat was never designed to rebel against God at all. It was through the use of her free will that she chose to rebel against God and serve herself. The evil one seeks to dominate all physical matter. The evil one will die when Mithra brings an end to the physical creation, at which point there will be no more evil.

*Originally, all of Creation was comprised of Two Realms: The Realm of Limitless Light, this is Bahisht, the Kingdom of Light, and the realm of darkness. In the beginning nothing existed within the darkness, not even the evil one. Due to her rebellion of the evil one and all those who, of their own free will, followed her, all of whom were cast out into the darkness.

*The physical creation is a corruption of the evil one and her son the dragon. The streams of consciousness of Mithra (individual souls) are trapped in matter and must awaken and ascend to be liberated and find their home to Bahisht (The Eternal Kingdom of Light beyond the stars) in the presence of God (Zurvan) one day.

* All streams of consciousness (i.e. “souls”) in the physical creation are fragments of the One Universal Soul of Mithra. They exist in the physical creation with no memory of their prior state of being and must be brought into the presence of Mithra by the influence of the Divine Mother. Mithra then instructs that soul with the Pure Teaching, and that soul begins to awaken to its true nature and begins its journey Home to the Kingdom of Light through entering a covenant with Mithra and leading a life of virtue. Once it ascends beyond the physical realm, this soul will merge with all other awakening souls to join the One Universal Soul of Mithra, an Ocean of Sentient Consciousness where all know only eternal unity and bliss in the Presence of God.

*One must obtain divine wisdom in order to be granted freedom from the chains of darkness, thus being liberated from the clutches of the evil one and her son the dragon.

*The Divine Messenger is a manifestation of Mithra in the realms of matter. Mithra appears on a world in order to awaken souls to their true nature (as part of the One Created Being) and to the importance of turning to the Divine Source and leading lives that exemplify this understanding. Mithra appears to bring sentient beings into covenant with the One God of all Life: Zurvan (however those people may know Him). The Divine Messenger has appeared historically as: Enoch, Zarathustra,Krishna, Moses, Mahavira, Buddha, Christ, Adi Ibn Musafir, Ramakrishna, Haidakhan Babaji and many more. The Divine Messenger has given us His final covenant in the covenant of Asha and the means to return to our True Home in the Kingdom of Light (Bahisht) by living the faith of Asha.

*In all incarnations of the Divine Messenger, Lord Mithra has taught humanity about its true nature and its relationship with the Creator. It goes by different names in different cultures or societies: for some it is the Torah, for some it is the Dharma and so on. The Pure teaching is truth conveyed about God and the means by which we can re-enter His Presence one day.

*In all instances where a Divine Messenger has appeared in the world, He has presented a society with the Pure Teaching to bring them to God and to purify their souls. In all instances where the Divine Messenger has offered the world a covenant to return to God, there has always been a subsequent vessel for that covenant and teaching to be implemented. That would be a religion that encapsulated the message and the covenant. The totality of all divinely revealed faiths is called “The Religion of Light” (Den Rozhn). Asha is the final presentation of the Religion of Light in the world.

*Some religions in the world originated from Lord Mithra, while some ideologies originated from Tiamat and her son Az. This being the case, not all roads lead to the One, but only those committed to Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra (however they are referenced culturally). In other words, not all religions in existence are of divine origin; those that are not sentence souls to extinction.

*The Teacher of Light is a celestial servant who has incarnated many times and in many civilizations in Earth’s history in order to present and defend the Pure Teaching of Mithra. The Teacher of Light is present in the world today in the form of Mir Eresh Zademir.

*There is an assembly of non-physical, spiritual servants of God that exists in an etheric realm adjacent to the Earth. They are the saints of this world who committed themselves to the One God, either while here on Earth, or after death. Many of the world’s greatest saints exist and serve humanity in this Assembly which we call the Society of saintly spirits.This diverse society includes the spirits of people like: Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Mary, the Apostles of Christ, Maimonides, St. Francis of Assisi, Sahdu Sundar Singh, Padre Pio, Jalal Din Rumi, Kabir, Guru Nanak, the Baba, Bahaullah, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Swami Vivekananda, Sant Kirpal Singh to name only a few.

*It is important for all awakening souls who seek a covenant with God to: avoid dangers of materialism, greed, and unrighteous acts by practicing the Ashavan Faith, which means adhering to its Maxims, the Three Bright Lamps (Scripture, Tradition and Revelation), living a virtuous life, offering worship to the One God, regular prayer, study of the Tablets of Light, observe the traditions of Asha, and to be receptive to the Revealed Light (Divine Revelation) in this modern era.

*Over the course of humanity’s history, Mithra has appeared many times and instructed many people. Overall, He has offered mankind the means to covenant with God. Mithra, out of compassion for humanity, has offered one last covenant for all mankind. That is the New Mithraic Covenant. Those who approach God through Mithra and enter this covenant will have eternal life in the Kingdom of Light. There will never be another covenant offered to mankind.

*All awakening souls must come to realize that humanity is equal regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation or social status.

*Our goal is not only to awaken and return Home to the Kingdom of Light but to help all people make this realization and begin their journey Home, as well. We are one people making our way to our True Home beyond the stars.

*The Creation originally did not include physical matter. Matter is the byproduct of an attempt of the evil one and her son, the dragon, who resided in the realm of darkness, to conquer that realm of light; in the process a small portion of that light was captured by the evil one; the melding of the light and the darkness gave birth to physical matter, to the entire physical part of creation. All of physical creation subsists along a relatively small area along the borders of the realms of Light and Darkness. This state, however, has always been a temporary situation. The realms of Light and the Realms of Darkness have been destined to revert to their natural state, separate from one another for eternity. When this happens the small area of creation that is entrenched in physical matter will cease to be. All life in the physical creation, will either ascend into the Realm of Light, leaving matter behind, or it will descend into the darkness and die with all matter (extinction of consciousness).

*The Great Dissolution, we are told, is fast approaching. In the final days of this world, before its ultimate destruction, Mithra will call for the uniting of all covenants on Earth. This unity will result in the collective ascension of all those involved. We do not know when this will occur, but we do know that once this is called for, there will be no other attempts to bring humanity to God. That this union will only be for those souls who had dedicated themselves to God by being part of a living covenant.

*Parjanya is a celestial Servant of immense power. Upon the direction of Mithra, Parjanya will strike the earth and cause its destruction. All awakening souls who are in a covenant with God, who have not already ascended into the Celestial Realm beyond the stars (Bahisht) at that point, will do so. All others will be cast into the darkness. It should be noted that all souls do have a chance to turn to Zurvan even after their physical demise.

*We believe in the doctrine of reincarnation but that it is not a universal principle. This means that only select souls are offered or require reincarnation. All others souls either ascend or descend based on the nature of their souls (i.e. it does not take lifetimes to establish who you are).

Reincarnation is only offered for souls that have turned to God but are having difficulty letting go of physical attachments. Also, we do not believe in the false doctrine of the transmigration of souls (that one form of consciousness transorms into another form like a frog becomes a duck, a fish becomes a horse, or an ape becomes a human being etc.).

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “The Ashavan (The followers of the religion of Asha):

*Believe the vital need of humanity is to awaken to our true nature as One Being. (Mithra)

*In establishing an eternal covenant with God (Zurvan) and returning Home to the Eternal Kingdom of Light above the Heavens (Bahisht).

*We believe that only by forming a covenant with God and living in accordance with His Will, that we will transcend the dying creation.

*The New Mithraic Covenant is the final covenant offered from God to mankind through Mithra…there will never be another. It is humanity’s last chance. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “You don’t need to believe another persons religion in order to believe they have a right to their religion.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The 3 Bright Lamps teach that all Ashavan believe in the One True God, Zurvan, who is the Divine Source of all Life. They believe in the existence and influence of Anahita, who is the Divine Mother* of Life. They believe in Mithra, the Celestial Son and Unkindled Fire. In addition, they are instructed to believe in the Divine Messenger who is a Manifestation of Mithra, Himself, who brings each Ashavan into the presence of Zurvan and watches over them. The Ashavan believe in God’s revelations and His Celestial Servants. The Ashavan believe in the Will of Zurvan, that is True** is the Will of Zurvan.”

*(Anahita manifests in the physical creation os the life energy or current of life).


Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Ashavan believe that the Manifestations of Mithra are divine, not human and through them Zurvan gives revelations to humanity and performs miracles in the lives of people.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Divine Messenger is considered to be a perfect being that resides among humans for a time, and are the conduits of which many may experience God The Divine Messenger is often aided in bringing His Heavenly message by celestial beings, angels, prophets, mystics and saints.”

Chapter 35. The Bible

Received from Kharba Awraham: “While there is much truth in the book called “the Bible”, the bible has much in it that is inaccurate due to many false translations, additions and omissions. The Premasoretic texts of the Tanakh are the most reliable. The same is also true for the Brith Chadasha that Christians call the New Testament. The more accurate version is the Peshitta, not the Greek (the apostles spoke Aramaic in the world and Hebrew in the Temples. It is a Christian invention that Greek was a part of the Holy texts of the Israelites and the early followers of Isha Masiha*. Religious texts are held to exacting standards in the language given to that people by God. Of the most authoritative version of the Peshitta, the most accurate is the Hebrew Peshitta but this volume is rare to find in this day and age. As such, the book most often referred to as the Bible, as it currently stands, is not considered the accurate or authoritative telling of the lives of the Jewish peoples or the early followers of Isha.”

*(Yeshua Mashikha/Jesus Christ)

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mitraya Tarendra once said that the Book of Kings in the Hebrew Tanakh was as accurate as “Alice in Wonderland”. By this He meant that many elements were fused together that never happened, or that happened in very different time, places and ways.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Mitraya Tarendra was very clear that, as of His appearance in the world, that no religious text existed in its original state. Meaning that there had been additions, omissions and alterations to every world religious text to some degree.”

Chapter 36. Birthdate of Mithra

Received from Kharba Awraham: “December 21 is the birthdate* of Mitraya Tarendra! Please make this day a celebration day for the Tribe! “

Received from Kharba d’Awraham: “Mitraya Tarendra has shared these blessed words regarding the observance of this date:
“May the celebration of this day bring glory and honour to Zurvan who sends out His Light to every nation, tribe and tongue throughout the universe! May this shortest day and longest night of the year be a blessing to those who have yet to receive the Holy Light of Zurvan, and may they turn their faces to Him in humility, with the desire to walk in His Way.”

*(This observance is known in Asha as “Shab I Yalda”)

Chapter 37. The Body

Received from Kharba Awraham:”We are taught that the evil one formed physical bodies to entrap soul fragments, so they would think that these finite beings were what we really were. That there was nothing outside of this. Part of the Trap.If we only think we are flesh, we only live for the flesh and when the flesh dies, our consciousness dies with it. (that was the evil one’s intention, anyway). We were sent here to help but became fragmented, unconscious and trapped.  Think of a life boat that is sent out to help survivors from a sinking ship but the waters are so turbulent that the life boat capsizes and the rescue crew needs to be rescued. We were the rescue crew. We ended up becoming stranded and in need of saving. That is what Mithra has been trying to do, these past ages.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “We are not, and have never been, the vessels we move around in. You drive a car, you are not the car. You fly in a plane, you are not the plane.”

Chapter 38. Book of Revelation

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The book of Revelation from the Greek and some Syriac manuscripts is very mixed up and this is one thing that causes the cults to misunderstand what is being said in that book.The chapters are all misplaced and put in the wrong order, etc.”

Chapter 39. Braziers – Also See “Fire Urn”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Braziers have been an integral part of the place of worship. A continuous fire (or even electric bulb if necessary) would be auspicious (Note: This would be in the Nemana Asha, and in the homes of Ashavan, anywhere Ashavan live and worship). One large brazier can hold a fire for a good while if the proper materials are used (coal with oil soaked wood), adding more wood and incense periodically.”

Chapter 40. Buddhism

Received from Mir Garendra: “It is very difficult to find Godliness (worship of God with the Divine Teaching) within Western Buddhism. There are so many different Buddhist sects and sects of sects and many teachers who will not discuss “the God concept.” They believe that people must make it on their own in this world and that believing in a higher being is childish, superstitious and possibly a sign of mental illness. This is all contrary to what Buddha Gautama originally taught and what is against certain schools of Buddhism in other countries where the individual is free to believe in God openly if a devotee wishes. But even in those situations, God is not taught openly within public sangha meetings.”

Received from Mir Garendra (on whether there is a connection between buddhism and gnosticism) : “Because of the nature of Buddha Gautama’s teaching cocerning the fact that proper wisdom leads to final liberation, it is very similar. We often use the word ”gnosis” to indicate ”wisdom” and its cultivation.

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Buddha, originally did not discount the existence of the One God. But that his followers over the ages have chosen to abandon the theistic statements in his teachings, preferring to focus on atheism which is an abomination in God’s eyes.

Any people who reject the existence of the one God, obviously have no covenant with the one God. If they continue to hold this belief in the afterlife, they are consigned to the darkness.

Buddhism teaches many important concepts on living a mindful life and exhorting peaceful living, but since those teaching, for the majority of Buddhists, are never rooted in a love and obedience to God, nor loving obedience to Mithra*, this philosophy and faith leads nowhere for those involved with it.

Altruism alone will not carry a soul to Bahisht, only the belief in and obedience to God. There are some sects of Buddhism that do, in fact, acknowledge the Creator, but they are very rare in this world in this age.

There are some notable saints that come from Buddhism These are people who may not have had a covenant in the physical world but upon entrance into Paradise, embraced God through a covenant: These persons include: Milarepa, Bodhidharma, Chogyam Trungpa and many Tibetan Lamas. “

*(In Buddhism Mithra is known as the Primoridal Buddha, as Amitabha among other names. His final manifestation would be known as Maitreya, another name for Mir Fratama).

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Buddha never denied the existence of a Divine Source, and the Divine Source is God, therefore the Buddha never rejected the belief in One God, only the worship of the many false gods as was prevalent in the region he lived in. There are some version of the Dhammapada to this day that can be found where there are references to God in this text. Some Buddhists are covered under the Tonap Shenrab covenant, others who believe in the Divine Source are covered under the Noachide covenant, but the vast majority of Buddhists who deny God, who deny a Divine Source, are atheists and have no covenant at all.”


Chapter 41. Calendar

Received from Kshathra Vairya: “Names of the months are:

Farvardin (31 days/March)

Ordibehesht (30 days/April)

Khordad (31 days/May)

Tir (30 days/June)

Mordad (31 days/July)

Shahrivar (31 days/August)

Mehr (30 days/September)

Aban (31 days/October)

Azar (30 days/November)

Dey (30 days/December)

Bahman (31 days/January)

Esfand (29 days/February)”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Kshathra Vairya said that the calendar follows the gregorian calendar in regard to the year, the number of months and the days of each month.”

Chapter 42. The Catholicoi of the Twelve Houses of Tarendra

Received from the Maenatha Asha:”What is Catholicos?

The spiritual head of a Kenushta/Spiritual Assembly is a Catholicos (plural: catholicoi) or Catholicos Patriarch; only the biological offspring of one of the Divine Messengers may serve in this office of responsibility.

There are twelve central catholicoi. These are often referred to as the heads of the Twelve Houses and are given the title “Mir” and granted the necessary spiritual powers to carry out their duties. They have the responsibility of appointing others to assist them.

These are the Catholicoi of the Twelve Houses of Tarendra:

Catholicoi of the Twelve Houses

Catholicos Garendra* {Worldwide jurisdiction, Contact}

Catholicos Keter* {Worldwide jurisdiction}

Catholicos Fratama* {Worldwide jurisdiction}

Catholicos Roshn* {Worldwide jurisdiction}

Catholicos Ajahn* {Asia}

Catholicos Aloban* {Eastern Europe}

Catholicos Benyamin* {North and South America, Western Europe, Contact}

Catholicos Narendra* and Catholicos Barendra* {North and South America, Western Europe}

Catholicos Suryo †

Catholicos Yoshua †

Catholicos Sidda †

Catholicos Zoran †

* indicates senior authority

indicates officers of the Council of Four

Chapter 43. Celebration of Mir Fratama

Received from Mar Kharba Awraham:” On the the Ashvavan Calendar, the 21st of Esfand (February 21st), will be an annual holy day. This will be the day we celebrate the appearance of Mir Fratama in the world.”

Chapter 44. Celestial Beings

Received from Kshathra Vairya: “There are seven levels of Celestial Beings in the Divine Faith.

The Father God Above the Sky (Zurvan; color is light blue),

The Divine Mother (Anahita; color is dark blue, symbol is the moon),

The Friend of the Covenant (Mithra; Son; color is gold),

He Who Strikes with Justice (Parjanya; color is black, depicted with axe and sword),

The Divine Twins (Mehrshad and Mahvar; color is red, depicted as two pillars),

The Divine Sparks (Divine Heptad/Amesha Spenta: Asha Vahista, Vohu Manah, Kshathra Vairya, Spenta Armaiti, Haurvatat, and Ameretat)

The Teacher of Light (color is yellow)

Within all of the above are many others, but these are the main celestial beings that we focus upon. Only God is worshiped.”

Chapter 45. Celestial Realms

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “There are many “celestial realms” and “celestial worlds.”  Sometimes the “worlds” might be referred to as “realms” interchangeably.  And yes, a celestial realm can have various levels which we might refer to as “worlds.”  For the most part, these are collectively referred to as “Gan Eden” metaphorically (Garden of Eden, place of rest, paradise, pardes).   The original geographic location known as “Garden of Eden” was a physical place and Adam and Chava were physical human beings.

No one ever entered into the higher celestial realms (for example, any of the seven levels of heaven) before the Crucifixion.  Before the Crucifixion, souls were waiting to be released based on the promises they knew of in the Tanakh and various earlier texts; for example, some earlier Persian texts speak of crossing the bridge from one level of after-life existence to another. 

Very few individuals immediately cross over from the bardo realm into one of the celestial realms/worlds.  Such individuals would have had to live very pure lives (to the best of their abilities as humans) before their passing.  The majority of the Apostles immediately either immediately went into one of the celestial realms or were in the bardo state momentarily.  We know that Mar Ya’aqub ha’Tzadik was one who bypassed the bardo state.

The purpose of being in the bardo state for a moment for those who have lived very pure lives, is probably to remove whatever impurities that might be remaining in that person (for example, prejudice, misunderstanding of a particular topic, etc.). “

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Each celestial family or tribe has its own celestial realm connected to the central celestial realm (a “mini-heaven” connected to the larger heaven/realm of the Godhead). “

Chapter 46. Chanting

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “There have been several small groups for over three thousand years basically saying the same thing (chant this without knowledge of its meaning and you will “be saved”) among Hindus and later, among the Christians (predominately the evangelical types of later years). Some among the Jodu Shin lean this way in recent years than they did in the past – it is appealing to many people knowing they have no obligation after blurbing a few words.

There are certain texts that can be read which can assist in releasing a person from the seemingly unending cycle of confusion (in the human plane) and even in the afterlife; such words can be brought back to the memory of the individual who passed – upon remembering the word (provided they knew what they meant) they become clear minded and are in a better position of receiving life giving knowledge at that moment, but if one has no knowledge of what it means, then it is of course of no benefit. It is saddening to me to see how delusional so many people are.”

Chapter 47. Charity (Secular)

Received from Mir Garendra: (Question: Is it Ok for a Child of Light to participate in a food distribution service for the needy, like food banks and clothing distributions, if such activities take place at other religious institutions (such as at Christian churches or Sikh places of worship)?

Answer: Many food distribution charities are considered “non-denominational”, “non-sectarian” or “interfaith” and have nothing to do with the institute that is holding the event at their building.

Children of Light are highly encouraged to participate in various charities, even if the charity is being held at a Christian church or other such institute as long as it is understood that the program is not specifically to promote the denomination or sect in question, such as attempting to boost its image, numbers or to convert others.

For example, Children of Light would want to avoid a charity that is advertised as “XYZ Denomination Food Drop” or something of that nature. In such a case, brethren can give anonymously to another organisation that does not use a religion for their program.

Otherwise, it would appear that the Child of Light is sponsoring the denomination or sect holding the food distribution service. There are some reports of food distribution services in some areas of Africa sponsored by Christian missionaries where the missionaries require the hungry individual to convert or get baptized before they can benefit from the food or clean water. The latter is not only inappropriate and selfish, but should also be viewed as detestable to every decent human being. To make someone convert to another religion in order to have a morsel of food is nothing less than evil.

Equally, Children of Light who are in dire need themselves may attend food drop-offs, obtain necessities from food banks or pantries and soup kitchens even if they are operated by persons or institutions of other religions.

There are also some non-religious organisations that are generally not sponsored by Children of Light financially. In the United States, one of these includes the American Red Cross. Ashavan are encouraged to make regular blood donations if they so choose, along with physical supplies of food, water, blankets, etc. but not actual money. Brethren would want to avoid any organisation, religious or secular, that is known for financial corruption of the donations they have received (past or present). Brethren would want to avoid organisations that are atheistic in nature and/or highly controversial and politically driven (ACLU, PETA, etc.). Other organisations that might seem to assist others, but that have a violent background, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, should also be avoided.

There are thousands of charities and methods in which the Ashavan can give for the benefit of the hungry, homeless or those in need of basic needs.

Use your God-given conscience in all these situations. There are no rules written in stone concerning how one can help others in need. It is a responsibility of every Ashavan who is able, to provide for their fellow human beings both spiritually and physically – especially when you are aware of a serious need. Always do the best you can to serve humanity in charitable works.”

Chapter 48. Children of Lilith

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Mitraya Tarendra once described a type of demon that had plagued humanity. The description he gave were the offspring of Adam and a being called a female demon named Lilit (She is more commonly known in Hebrew religious texts as “Lilith”). He described these offspring as being monstrous, that they smelled terribly because of their rate of decay and that physically, they normally only lived to be around 14 years of age. He said they tormented the humans, slaughtering them and trying to consume them.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”I once asked Mitraya Tarendra about the phenomenon in modern society of cattle mutilations and alien abductions. I explained the recurring narrative that many people report. He replied (and He was most emphatic that is be phrased this way) that there are those who believe they are the children of Lilith.”

Chapter 49. Children of Tarendra

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “Do not think that you are able to teach the children of the Manifestations of the Divine Messengers – they are your teachers and you are their pupils. Humble yourself and listen to the words of those who were sent to you to instruct you in the way of Truth and Light.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If you have had the blessing to interact with any of the Children of Tarendra, you have had the privelege to walk among those history remembers as the demigods.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The term “Children of Tarendra” is not limited to those Tarendrans that were the offspring of an incarnation of Mithra and a mortal spouse, the term can also be used to describe all Tarendrans that were the offspring of Mir Tarendra and Adam. in the broader sense. For example, Mir Garendra is the first born child of Mershad and Mahvar, the first Tarendrans. He is a Child of Tarendra.”

Section 2. The Physical children of Tarendra

Received from Kharba Awraham:”A manifestation of Mithra is going to exhibit a natural attraction to many. We can think of many instances of Divine Messengers and their loving spouses. They would naturally have children as an outpouring of their love. These Children of Tarendra were raised in loving homes and knew that Divine Messenger (in any age or incarnation) as their loving father. To him, He is their Dad, and that is how they know Him. He has loved and lost more children than we will ever know.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The physical Children of Tarendra are very unique in that they were the physical offspring of an incarnation of Mithra and a mortal spouse.These Tarendrans a number of these Children in these past years, incarnated and served the Religion of Light in many different ways. Most of these have left the mortal shell, moving on to other realms to serve.”

Chapter 50. Choices

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Every moment provides a crossroads. Whether in thought, feeling or action. Your never forced to make a choice that doesn’t represent you.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “If you choose it and you hate it. Don’t suffer. Choose again. There is always another choice around the corner.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Your never bored by an experience. You are dissatisfied with the thought that brought about the experience in the first place.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If you don’t like where your headed, it makes no sense to increase your speed to get there.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”All life is a Choice. and if you want a better life, just choose better. It will manifest if you commit to the process.”

Chapter 51. Christianity

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “When they (The Christians*) are walking barefoot on hot coals they will be saying, “Where is Christ? I dedicated my whole life to worshiping him.” At that time they will be told, “You worshipped an image. It was the image that wished to provide you the water (truth) necessary for putting out the coals (falsehood). Instead, you continued to build a fire under your own feet and refused the water by rejecting the Divine Source in which you were being told about.” Of course, this does not mean there is still no hope for many of these.”

*(Mitraya Tarendra specified that this also applies to those who worship Krishna as God).

Received from the Maenatha Asha: “We are taught that the account of the birth, ministry, crucifixion and resuurection of Isha Masiha in the Peshitta is the most accurrate version in print.”

Section *From the faithful disciples of Isha Masiha to the cult of Christianity.”

Received from the prophets of the Den Rozhn: “It was in the days after the death of the apostle Paul that there arose wicked people who walked among the righteous believers, seeking to corrupt the faith of those in attendance, in the same manner that they had attempted to corrupt the Pure Teaching before the death of Paul.

These wicked individuals pretended to follow in the footsteps of Isha Masiha and the Apostles. They were devious and through their actions they were able to remove the Netzarim* from their posts in the congregations in the land of Greece. After they accomplished this they said to the people who were left, “We follow after the truth as taught to us by our Apostle Paul.”

*(The Essene followers of Isha Masiha. The families of Mary and Joseph)

And the people believed them for they had done many good works and performed miracles in the Name of God. But there were some among the congregation that did not believe the men were honest and were not full of truth, so they left that place and removed themselves unto the wilderness where the Great Assembly had been residing for a time.

The men of the congregations which were once under the care of Paul removed the Torah from the altar and taught the people that the crucifixion had removed the Torah for them and that the crucifixion had made them free from obligation to Torah. Many people believed their lies but there were others who removed themselves from that place to seek out the Netzarim.

Now when the Great Assembly had heard of the works of these men, their elders wrote to them admonishing them to return to the Torah of God and to repent of their works of unrighteousness, but the men would not hear the elders and continued in their evil works.

From that day forward those men and all their followers were called by the name of “Nozrim” , because they lifted up a false messiah and changed the Name of the true Messiah for their own dark design.

And they raised up a man whose name was Yusap, but they gave him a new name, calling him Peter, because they knew the Netzarim loved the name Peter, because of the original Apostle who was sent down into Babylon to the lost house of Israel. And they trained the imposter in all of their evil teachings and sent him unto Rome to subvert the faith of the brethren in that place and his name became great, and he ruled* from their house after removing the true disciples of Paul from that place.

*(The origin of the Roman Catholic Papacy)

Many injustices were done by the followers of the false Peter: the Torah was defiled; the Name of Masiha was replaced with that of a false deity; they followed after the teachings of the evil gentiles of Greece and they fashioned many edifices in the name of their false deity*.

*(The heretics who subverted the original followers of Isha Masiha, abandoned His Pure Teaching and set up a false represenation of Him to worship instead of the One God, turning the unwitting followers of this cult into Idolaters pagans).”

Received from the prophets of the Den Rozhn: “From the wilderness the Great Assembly of the true disciples of Masiha prayed each day concerning these events that had taken place in Greece. One day, in that community, a loud voice came out of the heavens saying, “I am the Father and you know that I have chosen you by way of a covenant. Your faith has been noticed and you shall be blessed.

Do not regard the actions of these men, for they follow after a false deity in which they claim to be My Son. Their false deity is not My Son, but My Son is the King of the covenant in which I made with you when the false Yehudim were taken captive in Babylon.

I have not chosen Greece and I have not chosen Rome as My servant, but I have chosen Israel and My covenant is made with you, My Netzarim alone”.

Received from Kharba Awraham: “For the Christian world, en masse, if they were to commit themselves to Isha*, read the Chumash** and the Peshitta, to learn and live the Didache, the Christian world would be redeemed from its current state and sanctified in God’s eyes.”

*(Yeshua Mshikha/Jesus Christ)

**(The books of Moses within the Tankah)

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Where Islam is an entirely false religion with no covenant, Christianity is a false religion based an actual covenant. The Brith Chadasha was exclusively for the Jewish followers of Isha and the covenant of St. James (or letter of St. James) was exclusively for the Gentiles.” When the gentiles abandoned the teaching of the apostles* in favor of the fabricated beliefs of the gentile theologians, they created a pagan belief out of a pure source.”

*(The summary of the Letter of St. James is not the reference found in the Book of Acts but was an actual letter. The essence of this teaching is found in a text called “The Didache”. It forms a covenant with the gentile followers of Isha Masiha, though most theologians and Christians, to this day, are unware of this fact).

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Most Christians in this day and age, they are not even aware of the existence of the Didache except for some Catholic and Orthodox groups and even that is more is as a historical document and not as presentation of the actual gentile covenant with Christ, as such they do not realize how critical this blessed text is for their spiritual development.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Christians, if they do not specifically follow the Didace Covenant, are considered Noachides. Most Christians believe they are under the Brith Chadasha but as this always called its adherents to non-selective Torah Observance, the vast majority of Christians have never lived this covenant. Because most Christians are not aware of the Didache as a covenant, they are not adhering to this covenant either, which places them in the Noachide covenant. In order for Christians to remain within this covenant they must worship God as the Father of all Creation and not view Isha as the Divine Source. This is very important. Trinitiarian groups that pray in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are turning to the Divine Source whether they know it or not. This means they are honoring this portion of the Noachide covenant. Those Christian who view the Son as the Divine Source are heretical and are not covered by the Noachide covenant.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The original intention of Isha, who was a manifestation of Mithra in the First Century, was to bring the people of Judea back into the restored covenant of Mose, which had been restored at Qumran in the 2nd Century B.C, with the Essenes. The Brith Chadasha was a covenant extended to all the 12 Tribes of Israel should they accept this covenant. Isha extended this covenant further to the gentiles who heard of Him and wished also to be part of this covenant. This covenant for the gentiles was called the Limudah in Aramaic but is more commonly known as the Letter or St. James and is faithfully presented in a text called the “Didache” or Teaching of the Aposltes. If the gentiles obeyed this covenant as given, they would enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Sadly, due to the waywardness of the gentile communities and the actions of Rome and Greece. Disobeying the Central Community of Jerusalem and refusing to teach and follow the Didache, and seeking worldly power, these communities were excommunicated in the 3rd century by the Patriarch of the Church of Jerusalem, the assembly of the families of Mary and Joseph.

The creation of Rome: with its councils and theologies that were established at the Council of Nicea and all others afterward, were the fabrication of a heretical gentile institution that no longer had a covenant with Isha.

Today, only those Jewish individuals that seek Isha Masiha with the intention of obeying the Torah in light of Isha’s Gospel, and those gentiles that seek Isha Masiha with the intention of obeying the Didache in light of Isha’s Gospel, are considered part of those respective covenants.

Christianity is not the faith of Isha Masiha because it has no covenant. The doctrine of believing Jesus died for one’s sins and he rose on the 3rd day being the only stipulation that guarantees a Christian entrance into heaven, was a fabricated and false doctrine. Those who hold to such views, currently have no covenant with God.

While those who do not extol and live the Didache in the Christian world, do not have an active covenant, there are many who, upon their entrance into spirit realm, abandon false doctrines regarding Christ as taught by the church, these individual leave Purgatory for Bahisht. Notable individuals who have done so: St. Paul, Nestorius, St. Francis, St Patrick, Sadhu Sundar Singh, Padre Pio, Pope John Paul the Second, and Mother Theresa and many others. All of these are saints in Bahisht.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The deviations that corrupted the Pure Teaching among the gentile followers of Isha Masiha did not begin with any of the apostles. It was only after the death of Paul that heretics among the gentile followers, began to teach a false doctrine separate from the teachings of Mashia and the apostles.

In Greece, they began to remove the Torah from the altar, they set up idols to worship false images of Masiha, and they removed the Netzarim from positions of influence in their congregations. All of this took place before the installation of the false patriarch of Rome.”

Chapter 52. Clerical Attire

Received from Kshathra Vairya: “Clerics of Asha will wear white clothing. Stolls or shoulder shawls will be used with different colors to distinguish roles and responsibilities.”

Chapter 53. Communion with God

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “The nexus of all communion with God is through Anahita and Mithra. No being can commune with God without the Divine Mother and Celestial Son.”

Chapter 54. Compassion

Received from Kharba Awraham: “We have this amazing potential to go through life without causing suffering. Maybe its time to develop this potential.”

Chapter 55. Concubines/Consorts of Mithra

Recieved from Mitraya Tarendra: “There are many concubines/consorts* (of Mithra), all of which are of no gender (nongender). Most of these are spiritual but are able to take a physical body for demonstration purposes (serving as an example, teaching, etc.) Those who are of the physical (human) realm are those who come very close to Mithra and receive his favor, knowing their hearts and their potential and future possibilities for each of them.”

Chapter 56. Conflict

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Exemplify peace. If you wish to do battle, battle your own lower nature, instead.”


Chapter 57. Conversion to Asha

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Some people can be agitated and want something in their lives, but just what that is, they may be unclear about this. This does not automatically mean they are candidates for Asha.


They need to believe what we believe before they will travel with us as family to Bahisht. Casual interest does not denote a Pilgrim of the Kingdom of Limitless Light and all Ashavan are Pilgrims to Bahisht.


Make sure they read about Asha and they know what we believe and practice. If they embrace this fully, have them to take the next stem of entering the New Mithraic Covenant and entering our Faith.


The more knowledgeable we are, the more passionate our conviction, the more effective we will be in spreading Asha far and wide before the arrival of Parjanaya into this world.”

Chapter 58. Conviction

Received from Kharba Awraham: If your actions are based on your convictions, your course is true. If your actions are based on mindless passion you have lost your way.”

Chapter 59. Courage

Received from: “No one counts on a sheep to be a sheep more than a wolf. Nothing surprises a wolf more than a ram among the sheep.”

Chapter 60. Covenant Breakers

Received from Mir Garendra: “I should mention here that Mir Fratama has stated recently that not all of those within the Religion of Light remain faithful because many will, in fact, turn to other houses of religion that are “full of error and serpents of the evil one.” He said that when they participate in the “houses of darkness, they will be enticed by what appears to be gold coming forth from the mouths of the false teachers. Many will be misled and walk away from the Religion of Light because they permitted their light to weaken within themselves and they permitted their loneliness to become their main focus.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mithra once said that a person who breaks a covenant, places their soul in danger. He meant that if they become part of a covenant and then walk away from it, not if they have made errors in their life. I asked if a person left one covenant for another, would this be permissible, He said that if a person, openly moves from one divinely sanctioned covenant to another, this is sanctified and permissible, but if a person just walks away, and at a later date, enters a faith with a different covenant, that God will not accept that person as a person of that other covenant even though they may join that other religion. A person should not view their covenant or other covenants as an “all day pass “ at an amusement park, where they pay one fee and go on all the rides, so to speak. Depending on the religion and covenant, there are specific requirements for each, and taking from one, and then another, is not acceptable. Being part of one covenant does not mean they are defacto members of all covenants.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “While there have been many covenants, sadly, only a few remain intact in the world today. Most world religions are only feint echo of the faiths that originally had a covenant with God. Some that are widely popular have no covenant at all and are leading souls into the darkness. “

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Every time a Divine Messenger brings a covenant to humanity, it is only a matter of time before people corrupt the original directives of that covenant, placing cultural non-essentials first and foremost while forgetting the soul saving principles on which that covenant and faith were founded.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Not everything presented in a given religion is necessary.

Not everything presented in a given religion is salvific.

Not everything presented in a religion relates to how you are freed from matter.

Not everything in religion really is there to help you grow spiritually.

Over time men have added elements to it or a religion which add unnecessary elements and unnecessary requirements for the individual soul. Other elements Central teachings are obscured basic teachings that do need to be focused on.

So when you add elements that did not originally exist on the one hand, and you forget important elements that are necessary that are vital comma on the other, you end up taking a true message making it false and end up taking a true faith and making it a spiritual dead end.

The world is overflowing in false religions. It is swarming in religions that once had true covenants but have so corrupted them that they are only faint echoes of what they once were.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Entering a covenant is a serious thing. It may be relatively simple to do, depending on the faith, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot riding on that communion.

If you join a faith because you believe in its principles but you are put off by the lack of persons who share your belief, or someone in that faith says or does something you don’t appreciate, do you cease to believe? You make a covenant with God through Mithra (however you may know Him). If you don’t take God, Mithra or the Covenant made, seriously, then entering and departing one faith after the other is also done mindlessly.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”It would be better for a person never to join a faith, than to join only to depart, after having made a commitment to God only to break it with such reckless disregard.”

Chapter 61. Covenant of Abraham

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The Covenant of Abraham, not only does it concern circumcision, but also the blessing of those who are found to be in God’s favor but also those who take hold of the skirt of His messenger (Mithra).”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “From the Peshitta: “I will bless those who bless you [Abraham], and I will curse him who curses you and it will be by you [Abraham] that all of the families of the earth will be blessed.” (Gen. 12:3)

The condition of the blessing entails those who bless (assist, favour, defend) the seed (Ishmael and Isaac) of Abraham. If Iran curses Israel, Iran will be cursed. If the United States blessed Israel, the United States will be blessed. If the United States ever went to war against Israel, and an American man decided to join with Israel, he would be blessed for doing so (provided Israel was not the provoker of the war to begin with under a non-just cause). There is no formal manner of “entering” into this covenant.”

Chapter 62. Covenant of Asha (The New Mithraic Covenant)

Recieved from Lord Mithra: “I shall come in the night, as quickly as the wind blows, when the sons of men slumber.

I will bring unto them a tablet and when those who take hold of it, if they truly come into the covenant of Asha, they shall have life, that is, if they remain faithful unto that word.

And surely, they shall no longer scorch under the heat of the sun, for their labor will be for God, and not for man nor for the evil one.

Liberation of the soul is not dependent on membership in any religious group or institute.

Liberation is achieved through the worship of the One God, acceptance of His Divine Messenger, and practice of the Three Lamps* of Light.

*(Scripture, Tradition, and Revelation)

Worship the one God who is outside of time and creation; abandon idolatry. I will not tolerate those who worship false gods or hold to false concepts.

Accept the Divine Messenger sent by God and the pure teaching that is revealed in Asha.

Those who reject the Divine Messenger and the teaching of Asha will be cast out into the darkness.

Cultivate these characteristics: Royalty, wisdom, victory, contentment, purity, truth, faith, patience, sincerity, kindness, justice, and light. The cultivation of these characteristics will draw you closer to Zurvan, the one God of Asha, in the Religion of Light.

Practice food-offerings at least once each month, for it is a means by which you can receive intercession for your shortcomings.

Observe the seventh day Sabbath given by Zurvan, from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, by refraining from unnecessary labors and non-essential activities; use this day of rest to focus on spiritual matters and the Divine Teachings.

Observe the Ten Blessed Maxims given in the Religion of Light.

Abandon all forms of idolatry, harmful desires, extreme materialism and accept Asha as it is, without attachment to preconceived ideas and assumptions.

Call upon My Name and the Name of My Messenger on a regular basis.*
*(Note: Reciting the name of Mithra with thanksgiving for His grace is practiced ten times per day, although a member of Asha may recite His name more than the traditional ten times if he or she wishes. Example: “I bow down before Mithra, the Unkindled Fire. I bow down before Mir Eresh Zademir, the Truth born of Mithra.” )

The truth of Asha is not too difficult to accept upon yourself. Regardless of your race, nationality, gender, social status, or sexual orientation, you are accepted as one of the children of Light; in order to maintain this relationship, continue observing these simple truths.

Earthly or worldly organizations will not bring liberation to your soul, but you will find deliverance from the darkness by practicing the tenets of Asha in the Religion of Light.

This is my covenant with you.

When you genuinely accept and honestly live by these truths, I will accept you and I will grant you a place in the Blessed Land of Light.

A spiritual and eternal oasis awaits those who take up the teaching of Asha.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mithra has appeared in the world countless times over the ages to provide mankind a means to return Home. He has done this through the creation of covenants. We are in the final age of this world and Mithra has provided one, final covenant for humanity, if they will awaken and realize just what it is that is being offered.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “We live in the final age. God could have allowed humanity to continue to struggle to find its way back Home using one of the hard to find covenants left uncorrupted by mankind. A task becoming increasingly more arduous. But out of compassion for all souls still looking for the Divine Source, Mithra has offered the world one last olive branch. It is the New Mithraic Covenant.”

Chapter 63. Covennant of Isha Masiha* with the Gentiles

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “While this covenant (The Covenant of the gentiles) is open to almost anyone, the majority of the world is not even aware of it. It was primarily of course for those who had approached Isha Masiha from the nations but were unable to take on full Torah observance.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “They (The Christians) have no covenant… not really. While the Didache is open to almost anyone, someone in India or Africa who has never had any contact with the Religion of Light or with Christianity as a whole (in all of its various divisions), the Didache would seem quite foreign to them, since it was specifically designed for converts to become (eventually) Torah Observant. When the goyim came to the Essene Tribe after outreach had taken place in the first century, they said, “We want to do the right thing, but it is too difficult for us.” They were not born in a Torah Observant life style. Their culture was so incompatible with the Essene way of life, that something had to be done.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Many Christians have been misled to believe they are part of something called ‘The New Covenant”, but this is a fallacy. The actual Brith Chadasha, was only offered for those select Yehudim that chose to follow Isha as Messiah and who led lives of Torah Observance in light of His Teachings. What was offered for the gentiles and generations to come, was what the Letter of St. James presented to the world. This offering is summarized in the Didache for all gentile Christians. However, the vast majority of Christians in the world today, do not even find themselves within the covenant of the Didache.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Most Christians in this day and age are not even aware of the existence of the Didache except for some orthodox groups and even they are not aware of it being an actual covenant between Isha and the gentiles.”

Chapter 64. Covenant of Mithra (Ancient)

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The Ancient Mithraic Covenant is older than its Persian manifestation, and especially older that its Roman expression (much of which was perverted). It is the Persians who borrowed from India, and the Romans who borrowed from the Persians (adding their toxic chemicals).

Part of the Mithraic Covenant make it the oldest covenant in existence for humankind.  There were no scriptures or sacred texts.  All was orally passed down to each other.  The Scriptures came later, with that of the Sumerian and the Vedic texts, etc. “

Chapter 65. Covenant of Noah

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “ The so-called Noachide covenant is still open. The reason some Jewish organizations are so adamant on establishing outreaches for the gentiles to be under the Noachide covenant is to obtain their own converts from among them. Most of the converts fall into the trap of Kabbalah.

This is a summary of those seven laws, without detailed information.

Do not set up an idol in place of the Supreme Being for the purpose of worshiping it.

Do not murder your fellow human beings.

Do not take that which does not belong to you.

Do not practice adultery, rape, incest between father and daughter, incest between mother and son, and bestiality.

Do not misuse the Name of the Supreme Being.

Do not eat the flesh of an animal while it is still alive or if found dead, including the consumption of animal blood.

Legal governing bodies must be established in each community.

The one who transgresses one of these laws must be repentant, make an appropriate (yet simple) sacrifice and in some cases, appear before the court (legal governing body).

Noah gave more than those seven to his sons to carry to the nations.

The Noachide covenant is a safety net, so to speak.

Those who come into other covenants are given a general knowledge of the particular covenant, are expected to abide by its precepts, and not to fail in those expectations. When a person removes himself from the covenant, he is going against everything he was taught.

He was given a measure of knowledge and then, in many cases, sinned against the Mother of Light, which such act in itself would not afford him to enter into any other covenant. Certain covenants are for certain peoples, tribes, clans, and so on. Others are for the perfecting of the seed of God so they may be maintained within the Family of God in the presence of His God Zurvan The covenant preserves this Family.

(In response to the question: “If a person sinned, in one of these other covenants,other than the Noachide, against the Mother of Light by leaving one of these other covenants, would they still be covered under the Noachide covenant? Or does it depend on the nature of the sin?” ) “This is viewed on a case by case basis. In great mercy they are placed back in the Noachide covenant. Others however are cast out based on the nature of their guilt.”

Chapter 66. Covenants

Received from Mir Garendra: “Having a covenant with the Father is like being led by His hand and being guided in what He as our Divine Parent wishes us to know and how we should live to honor Him. It is like taking hold of the skirt of our Lord and saying, “Master, lead me according to Your will.” The covenant divinely connects the individual with God the Father through His Son.

Received from Mir Garendra: “it is the Spirit of holiness that calls a person out of the darkness and into the Holy Light. The individual has various options to take an oath of faithfulness in a covenant. Typically it is the individual’s responsibility to choose a covenant that is sanctioned by God.”

Received from Mir Benyamin: ““There are many individuals throughout earth who have honoured Mithra (Mitra) the best way they know, even without the pure knowledge or having much knowledge of the Covenant itself (or other covenants). Each has an opportunity to gain the true knowledge.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “A covenant is the way we connect our souls to God. Covenant is often defined as a contract but a Covenant is much deeper and personal than the concept of a contract. A covenant is a pact, an agreement, a relationship. If one party honors their part, the other is committed to also fulfil their commitment as well. If one party breaks that contract, the other side is not required to fulfil their part of the agreement. There is no greater covenant, no greater bond or relationship than our covenant with God.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “How does the One God, who is outside of creation, make a pact or covenant with each one of us? Through His Son: Mithra. The very name Mithra means “The divinity of covenants”. There is no covenant in all of creation that is not established in and through Mithra, Himself. Anytime you read of man making a covenant with God, the person he is speaking to is a Manifestation of Mithra.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “There have been many covenants, some still exist, many more have been abandoned over the ages. Usually because those civilizations died out, but other times it is because mankind abandoned the instructions of Mithra on how to live those covenants. This has often led to the fabrication of false beliefs and religions. Religions with no covenant with the One, True God. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “A covenant through Mithra, if believed and lived with sincerity, is the entryway into the Realms of Light.”

Section 2. Choosing between Covenants

Recieved from Smenkkhare: “Those who choose to change the path of men* so as to make them walk in the way of darkness, shall perish in the same darkness.

*(The natural and divine order of things for each individual)

(following false doctrines, worshipping false gods)

We will not permit any from among the sons of men to change the course that has been set for others by Mithra.If a man or a woman wishes to abide by the tenets of another covenant, already sanctioned by Zurvan, and already permitted by those appointed* by the Divine One, then that man or woman should never be hindered from making that decision†.

*(Referring to those who are appointed to maintain various covenants for different Spiritual Communities of the Religion of Light)

(No one, including the Elders of the Faith, are permitted to keep someone from joining and/or participating in a covenant of another Community, however, according to the teaching of Mir Fratama, one should not constantly move from one covenant to another)

None shall chastise another for doing that which he or she is being called to do by the urging of the Divine Mother. There are some who are called out of one covenant and into another, like the stars that traverse your universe, and the comets which move about.

The one being called from one covenant to another is often the work of the Divine Mother and those in the celestial heights, in order to prepare that one for greater service in the Holy Temple.”

Chapter 67. Creation

Received from Kharba Awraham:”God created one thing: The Son (Whom we call Mithra but is known by countless names in many cultures). The Son is the totality of all Creation.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Originally, the Creation was pure and exalted, in a pristine state. It was only after the Son emanated, out of Himself, many aspects of Himself, all gifted with the same free will, that the appearance of an adversary arose. This adversary is known by many names: Ahriman, Lucifer, Maya, and so on. We refer to the evil one as “Tiamat”.

It was the evil one who rebelled against God. In this rebellion, the evil one sought to conquer the realms of light. In this attempt, some of the living light was enslaved and this resulted in the slowing down of the vibration of this light, it resulted in the creation of physical matter.

The evil one formed the physical universes out of this matter. With the sentient life trapped within.

What we know of the creation is far removed from the original version created by Mithra, or the corruption created by Tiamat.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The original physical creation was a hellish and violent realm. All life trapped within, knew only intense suffering.

It was because of this, out of mercy, that God through the DIvine Mother and the Celestial Son, brought order, harmony, symmetry, compassion and peace into this laboratory experiment from hell that was the false creation of Tiamat.

So, what we live in now is a stabilized version of a corrupted portion of the Creation. The chaos is tempered with order; the cruelty is tempered with mercy; the horror is tempered with beauty and so on.

Yes, there is intelligent design and no, this creation did not start out as being intelligently designed, it started out as a living hell. It was out of love and mercy that Zurvan made this physical creation tolerable. He also provided a means of liberation through the Divine Mother and the Celestial Son.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The physical creation itself, is a temporary anomaly destined to be removed in the fullness of time as the natural order re-asserts itself. All the Light will return to the Light. All that is not of the Light will pass into the Darkness .”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Who created what? If we want to know who created “Everything”, we know that to be God. If we want to know who created higher orders of beings, that would be Mithra by God’s design. If we want to know who made physical matter and the physical universes, that would be the evil one and her son, the Dragon. If we want to know what makes life liveable, that would be the Mercy of God, Mother and Son. If a person looks at the Creation and sees no sign of intelligent life, they are not awake spiritually. If a person looks at the Creation and only sees goodness, they turn a blind eye to the very real threat of evil in the Creation. They are not awake. If a person looks at the Creation and only sees evil, they are turning a blind eye to the ever present mercy of God through Anahita (the Divine Mother) and Mithra. They are not awake. If a person looks at the Creation and sees the dichotomy or order and chaos, beauty and horror, conflict and harmony, if they can understand there are forms of intelligence at work far beyond our capacity to fathom, that is a person who is starting to wake up to what is really going on.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”It was due to those in the Realm of Light seeking to plunder the Realm of Light and taking some of that light with them, that this action slowed the vibration of light that had been captured. This slowing of light resulted in the creation of Matter. (Think the Big Bang).

Received from Kharba Awraham:”For a long time, the physical creation was something of pure horror. All life that manifested in the physical creation only knew suffering. There was no harmony, no beauty, no symmetry, no order.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”It was out of compassion that God bestowed His blessings on the physical creation. This led to the introduction of Light where there had only been darkness, Order where there had only been chaos, pleasure where there had only been pain, harmony where there had only been disharmony. Life became liveable in the physical creation, from that point onward.

Received from Kharba Awraham:The physical creation is one of light and darkness, neither all light or all darkness. There is good trapped within matter. But that does not mean that all matter is good.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Because the physical creation was not created by God, it is a temporary alteration of the Divine Plan.”

Section 2. Creation of Humanity

Received from Kharba Awraham: “In the Hebrew Scriptures , where God says “Let us make man in our own image and likeness”. This was Zurvan speaking to Mithra regarding the creation of humanity. It is the consciousness that is created in the likeness of God, not the flesh. The body is a corrected form that was created by the evil one in order to enslave consciousness to a dying creation.”

Section 3. Creation of Males and Females

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:”  Because I am male and female, even in my likeness, thus I made them.. Because I am the power to bring them to life, so, in My likeness I made them, and with power to multiply.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The  teaching from Mir Tarendra that He created males and females is not at odds with the Holy Teaching that reveals that the evil one used physical matter to traps the light inside physical bodies.  The evil one took a portion of the light and trapped it in forms that caused the entites to suffer. God calls for a perfection of those forms. It is at this point, where Mithra is revealing that these perfected forms were reflections of His own nature, that being both male and female, also that the capacity to procreate and produce offpsring were reflections of His own nature, that of being able to bring lifeforms into being.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”It should be noted that there is a difference of being and bodies, or different types of bodies. The creation of Tarendrans was the combining of the essences of Mir Tarendra and Adam who was already male. Eve was created female and this was before the fall (i.e. before they entered physical bodies. So the creation of males and females and the ability of humans to procreate and have progeny predates their entrapment in the flesh.”

Chapter 68. Crucifixion of Isha Masiha (Yeshua Mshikha/Jesus Christ)

Received from Kharba Awraham: “We are taught by Mir Eresh Zademir, the Teacher of Light, that due to the Crucifixion of Isha Masiha, the earthly Manifestation of Mithra in First Century Judea, that humanity is able to return to Zurvan in a clean state, through the making of food offerings, obedience to the Maxims, faithfulness in worshipping the One God and through the practice of the Twelve Virtues and the Five Divine Lights.”

Chapter 69. Curse of Canaan

Received from Kharba Awraham: ”In a conversation with Mir Tarendra on the narrative of Noah in Genesis, I happened to ask about the part of the story where Noah is intoxicated and naked. I asked what the purpose was of the Curse of Canaan, seeing that it was Ham who would have committed the indiscretion, not his offspring.

Mir Tarendra told me that the entire event (of Noah getting drunk, being naked and cursing the descendants of Canaan) never happened. His Divine Presence stated that it was an intentional corruption of later writers to validate the practice of slavery.”


Chapter 70. Daily Spiritual Practice

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Establishment of daily spiritual practice is auspicious, only if it is from the heart and for the benefit of all sentient beings. The Path to God is not a road in which one walks with a fast pace, but rather a gradual walk in the spirit of Truth and Light. You can only walk on one path at a time. Slow down and take the Path to God.

Like digging a trench with a spoon, so is the difficult Pathway to God. Do not judge others for their spiritual practices when you lack your own. Practicing renunciation at home does not mean refraining from fattening foods or television alone. It is time for a clean house – throw out all that junk you do not need – from your home and from your brain.

Others have gone before you and have worked very hard. They have tilled the soil before you were born in this world and they have made a path. Walk on this path. It is the path of God.”

Chapter 71. Mt. Damavand

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Certain mountains in the world hold deep religious and spiritual significance. For example: Mount Olympus in Greece; Mt. Moriah in Israel; Mt. Sinai (also known as Mt. Horeb and Jebel Musa) in Egypt; Mt. Kailash in Tibet and so on. In Asha, Mt. Damavand is considered holy to us.”

Chapter 72. Death

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”You can’t avoid death no matter what, and you can’t avoid life Eternal…unless you work really hard at it.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “There are two deaths: The first is physical & non-negotiable. The second is spiritual & very avoidable. Embrace the Undying & you don’t die.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If a fetus didn’t want not to be born, this would be fighting inevitability. Why treat death as an option, instead of inevitability?”

Section 2: Death of the Righteous

Recieved from Smenkkhare:“All those who die in faith, who are deemed as righteous by Zurvan, through the Divine Mother, and the Son, Mithra, are either given eternal rest in Bahisht or sent unto the peoples of the earth. Those returning to the earth take upon themselves a new body, so as to assist humanity in learning the Religion of Light.

Those who are given rest in Bahisht – their souls are not disturbed by the rumbling of the unrighteous upon the earth below. Theirs is a divine rest, caressed by their Mother* for eternity.”

*(Anahita, the Divine Mother)

Recieved from Smenkkhare: “Beloved children of the Light, honor those who have gone before you in death. Honor those by name who have died for the faith they held so dearly.

They will be memorialised in the hearts of the righteous, praised by the mouths of the innocent, uplifted by all of the children of Light. Blessed and praised be the Name of Zurvan who sends His Messengers unto all the peoples of the earth.”

Section 3. Death of the Body

Received from Kharba Awraham:”At death, the memories dissipate because they go with the body. But the awareness has the potential to ascend. That is the real you…the soul.Awareness is the vector of the soul. Your attention is what your soul is experiencing in each moment. So, the death of the flesh is not the death of awareness. If the awareness is only rooted in matter, then when that matter dies, that consciousness is in danger of descending into the darkness. But that is where Judgement comes in, however. No soul is lost without it being determined that is has no capacity or intention to turn to the Light.

Chapter 73. Depression

Received from Mir Garendra:“It is not unusual for many physicians in America to prescribe anti-depressants for people who suffer from various anxiety disorders, without fuller review of deeper problems. The patient will go through years of experimental prescription drugs in hopes of finding relief.”

Chapter 74.The Destroyer
Received from Kharba Awraham: “The 10th and final plague of Egypt during the time of the Hebrews in captivity in Egypt, when Death, when the Destroyer passed over those houses with lambs blood on the door posts..this was Rashna, the brother of Mithra.”

Chapter 75. Denying the Name of God under Persecution

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “While it may seem to be a controversial point to some, it is really a non-issue in the face of death. It is not a rejection or curse on the Name of God by the one being persecuted. Zurvan knows what is in the heart of the individual.”

Chapter 76. Diet

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The healthiest body is a dead body*, really.

The spirit body is the healthiest, provided it has had proper spiritual nourishment up to the time of the shedding of the flesh. But when that option is not available due to some inconvenience or another, or because it simply “isn’t time”, one should eat foods that are best suited for his or her own body.

Of course I am certainly not advocating that a person commit suicide.

As you know, a diet or program that works well for one can do serious harm to another. Human beings have been injected, by their own in their mouth, with such toxins and preservatives, that it has caused changes in the manner in which the chemicals in the body function, eventually affecting the brain and one’s thought pattern and decisions.

There is no longer a good “universal diet” or perfect program, which is of course most unfortunate. Strict vegetarianism with the consumption of raw vegetables and fruits worked well for everyone millenniums ago – not so today, thanks to the various toxic chemicals in the preservatives. Long term conditioning requires long term therapy with a balance.”

*(“It should be noted that this statement by Mitraya Tarendra was in response to my inquiry about what the healthiest type of diet in the world would be. The Divine Messenger has a warm and at times, vey humourous personality. This response was tailored for me as the receiver of the information, knowing I would appreciate the candor.”-Kharba Awraham).

Chapter 77. Dinosaurs

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The last time there was a battle on earth between the angels of light and the angels of darkness, the end result was the death of the dinosaurs.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Upon the Arrival of Mithra and the arrival of the legions of the angels of light and the subsequent battle that will ensue, then life on this planet will experience much of what the dinosaurs experienced in their time.””

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Many of the remains of the larger beasts that scientists are labeling as an extinct species of Dinosaur are actually the remains of demons from those battles long ago.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Great Beasts written of in world scriptures are the creatures known in modern terms as “The Dinosaurs”. The Dinosaurs were wiped out due to the after effects of a battle that raged between the angels of Ligh and the angels of darkness.”

Chaper 78. Discernment’

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Discernments is an important quality for a believer. If you lose the ability to be discerning, you will no longer be able to tell what is real from what is unreal. What is good from what is evil. What is helpful from what is harmful. Once we become undiscerning we are no longer refining consciousness. A soul that is not discerning is a soul that is not progressing.”

Chapter 79. Discouragement

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Just because a task is daunting doesnt mean it is not necessary. Don’t be discouraged, be resolute in your noblest convictions and act.”

Chapter 80. Distracted Disciples

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “ (Speaking to all who define themselves as true seekers of God) When I arose with the light of the sun I looked out upon the fields of the pasture and I saw only a few of the sheep. I came to feed you but some of you were not there. Where are you, my children? Where did you go? Have you found another pasture? another hand to feed you? I am waiting, but after the sun has set behind the mountains, the wolves and all manner of creatures that crawl in the darkness will be at your heels.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “As a true child of Light you must remain sound in the Religion of Light if you desire to receive the promised reward and you must stand up for the pure and blessed teachings from Zurvan reproving those who are among us who do not walk on the Path of Light. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The faithful always remain faithful in this world, in good times and bad. The individual that gets distracted or bored is a poor excuse for a believer. That they could be so weak of faith that they get lured away from their covenant and path reveals the impurities of soul that were always there, but have now risen to the surface.”

Chapter 81. Divine Arrangement

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Mithra assisted in the creation of a system of checks and balances with his “brother” spirit beings. They presented this to the Throne of God for approval. God stated that in order for this to work properly it would have to be supported by others of the same celestial realm. Thus the three sought assistance for support and received it from other spirit beings. This is usually termed as “the Divine Arrangement for all Generations”. After support was gained from others a vow was made that Mithra would continue to take human form in order for all sentient beings to become perfected in the Faith of God, teaching the Divine Arrangement in a gradual process. As we all know, we are entering this period now, that much of the gradual process is no longer being “gradual”, but is being opened more and more each day for the Remnant; and once this era closes the Divine Arrangement will be in place for all humankind who have been sealed in the Blessed Sacrifice and by the Great Mother, after the return of Masiha* and His judgement upon the nations. “

*(The Incarnation of Mithra)

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “yoga*” is a part of the Divine Arrangement. “

*(The word means “To yoke oneself to God. It is another form of covenant. This does not apply to every practice that uses this name but the more traditional forms: Ashtanga, Karma, Raja, Jnana, Bhakti, Surat Shabd and even Kriya, for example)

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The Divine Arrangement was put together, initially, by Mithra and presented to God, out of sadness due to humankind forgetting or denying the Creator. Mithra vowed to make the Divine Arrangement perfectly known to those who embrace it before His arrival when He will establish Peace over the entire earth.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The Divine Arrangement has been presented in a gradual process because some of its elements are not welcomed among some of humankind, especially among those who have been tainted or contaminated by “Western ideals” or even some “Middle Eastern ideals” propagated by the Muslims. These “ideals” I speak of are mostly related to certain “morals” that various groups and cultures have invented for “purify” their own tribes or clans that run in opposition to the pure morals and godly institutions. The various forms of yoga found within the Divine Arrangement help to clarify some of these misconceptions.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:“The Divine Arrangement is for all those who accept it within their mind, body and spirit/soul. Those who do this and do it to the best of their ability, with guidance of the Great Mother, become perfected within it and are thus seen as part of the Remnant. Therefore, with this in mind, not all members of the Religion of Light would be able to learn of all the elements of the Divine Arrangement, since not all members are a part of the Remnant.

Unfortunately, there are some within the Religion of Light who have not been able to grasp the Pure Teaching beyond the “basics”, but, as unfortunate as this may be and as sad as it may make some of us feel, it was prophesied that it would be like this, and that they would still be given a reward – only they would not be a part of the Remnant who works directly with Mithra.

What the non-remnant needs to do is remove any false notions, ideas or teachings from their minds and practices that they are still holding on to; this is especially seen among those who convert from other religious systems.

False teachings come and false teachings go, but the Pure Teaching shall always remain; even if the heavens and the earth were to pass away according to the thinking of humankind, the Pure Teaching will remain in place for eternity.

The Pure Teaching is pristine, it is eternal. The Religion of Light was brought to earth as humankind began to forget about the Divine Creator, and began denying Him.

The people that fully embrace the concepts and practices of the Pure Teaching without shame or inhibition, truly become a remnant of peace. We have a phrase for this. The world community of the Religion of Light, the true Remnant of the Presence, is referred to by the phrase “the remnant of blessed peace”. This is because they have a greater peace and understanding of the way of the universe, and great and deep comfort given by the Great Mother, in the way of the True Dharma.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “A Divine Arrangement was developed to assist humankind in remembering and serving God. The Divine Arrangement assists humankind in keeping their mind on the Higher Dharma and in assisting others in learning and practising the Way of Eternal Light and Courage.”

Chapter 82. Divine Beings of the Three Worlds
Received from Kshathra Vairya: “In Asha, we use the phrase “Divine Beings of the Three Worlds” to refer to the divine beings of the celestial, atmospheric and earthly worlds or systems.

I. The celestial beings include 1) Zurvan, 2) Anahita, 3) Mithra, 4) Parjanya, 5) Mehrshad and 6) Mahvar.

II. The atmospheric beings include various representations and manifestations of Mithra, Tarendra, and others.

III. Earthy beings of divine origin include manifestations of Mir Eresh Zademir, including sons and daughters of the celestial and atmospheric beings.

The Amesha Spenta are part of all three of these worlds. “

Chapter 83. The Divine Hierarchy

Received from Tzefat Ziwa: “The Yazata’s are much higher than the angels or other celestial beings.

In rank, after Mithra, there are the Yazata’s because they directly originate from His most immediate Light Presence.

After the Yazata’s there are the Tarendrans (heavenly and earthly) who were the direct offspring of Mithra’ various Manifestations.

After the Tarendrans is the Teacher of Light* (whether in heavenly or earthly form).

*(Mir Eresh Zademir).

The Elder Intercessors are next.

The angels and the many other celestial beings are next in responsibilities and authority.

Prophets of God are next, followed by Tarendrans of “terrestrial binding” (those who were born Tarendrans in the earth) in rank, followed by the Elders, the Assembly’ clerics and so forth.”

Received from Tzefat Ziwa: “To keep things simple for humanity to reach liberation, there are some things in the celestial realm that are unfathomable for them to comprehend.

We speak in simple terms such as saying there is “God”, the “Mithra”, “Aeons”, Tarendrans, and so forth, in a very simple manner. What we never really speak of in detail is the fact that the Highest Realm goes even further than that very simple explanation.

For example, Mithra has within Himself many, many others.

We often call these others His brothers. His brothers will manifest in the earth for various purposes, but mainly to observe humanity and its progress.

Some will manifest within a secular environment to prepare some for judgment or for other purposes.

As for the celestial beings, there are countless billions (countless to humanity’ mental ability), where there are gods, angels, sub-aeons, guardians, messengers, eyes, sons, companions, consorts, and many others.

Even for each of these, there are countless ranks and divisions.

If we were to explain these to humans, they would then tend to focus more on those topics than they would on their own liberation and simple service to Zurvan and His Son Mir Fratama.”

Chapter 84. Dor Daim

Received from Mir Garendra: ““Dor Daim” is not extinct. It is still practised by Yemenite Jews in Israel and America. Children are still being raised in the tradition.There are Jews who left the world of Kabbalah who were of the Orthodox schools, later confessing that idolatry was being promoted. Not only that, but deeply disturbing forms of astrology.”

* (The Dor daim are adherents of the Dor Deah movement in Orthodox Judaism . The name means “generation of knowledge” in Hebrew and is in reference to the Israelites who witnessed the Exodus.)

Chapter 85. Drozhani (also see “False Teaching” )

Received from Kharba Awraham: “I would like to call your attention to the Ashavan word “Drozhani” (pronounced Droh-jaani, with a soft “j” sound).

Drozhani means “Falsehood, false teaching.A lie”. One who propagates Drozhani is a Druj. The reason why it is so important to learn these terms is that they are the polar opposite of Asha, itself.

Where Asha is the pinnacle of all that is true, righteous and holy, Drozhani is the antithesis of this. Drozhani are any teachings that are designed to obscure or reject the Truth.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Drozhani is anything that is taught to keep your soul from self realization. Drozhani is anything that is taught to keep you away from God realization. Drozhani is anything that is taught to keep you from salvation and liberation of the soul. Drozhani is anything that is taught that leads to the death of the soul.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: ” One way you can do battle with the evil one is to not let drozhani (Ashavan for “False Teaching”) to infect the minds and hearts of the faithful.

It does not take much for someone to introduce, what might seem initially as a minor course correction, but this alteration can lead to the wrong destination.
It takes discernment to know the difference between a diffferent way to say a thing and a different thing.

It can start so innocently: Someone offers a pure teaching. Another offers a parable on that pure teaching. Yet another, devlops an objective doctrine based on the parable rather than the pure teaching. Ages later, the pure teaching is perceived as false and the false teaching is taken as fact. That is the pernicious nature of drozhani.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” If you are underwater and you hope to reach the surface, the last thing you need are unnecessary objects weighing you down. If you don’t get free of them, you will drown.

In this physical creation, if you hope to reach the Heavenly Realms, the last thing you need are false doctrines and attachments keeping you trapped in the realm of matter. If you don’t get free of them you will go extinct, along with all matter one day.”

Chapter 86. Druj

Recieved from Mir Fratama: ”The druj are mostly ignorant of their own demise; this is due to their craving after power; it has blinded them to the truth of their own destiny, thus they live within a fantasy of their own creation.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”To the Ashavan, any person or being that propagates such teachings is a Druj. Historically, a Druj is a demon who propagates lies but also refers to anyone who is an embodiment of evil.

Because the act of teaching anything that leads to the death of the soul is so egregious, any person who willfully promotes such ideas, such concepts to others, is acting like a druj and so they are that very thing: a druj.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “You may think you never come into contact with Drozhani or a Druj but consider this:

When was the last time you heard someone say “There is no God”?

When was the last time you heard someone say “There is no such thing as a soul”?

When was the last time you heard someone say “There is no afterlife or heaven”?

When was the last time you heard someone say “There is no Good or evil”?

When was the last time you heard someone say “There is no devil”?

The list goes on. The point is:

You don’t just come into contact with Drozhani once in a while, you probably come into contact with Drozhani all the time.

You don’t just come into contact with a Druj occasionally, you probably come into contact with a Druj all the time.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Drozhani is evil. Drozhani is offered to you as knowledge but is really the big lie. Drozhani is a trojan horse that enters your city walls as a gift but only brings destruction.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Many times, those who are the most eager evangelists of Drozhani are those nearest and dearest to us.It is easy to reject false teaching from a stranger, it is very difficult to reject false teaching that comes from a loved one or friend. The most lethal spiritual assassin is the loved one who steers you away from Asha for “Fear of you being deceived”, but then leads you down the road of false doctrine to a spiritual dead end.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Some people promote Drozhani who are not, themselves, Druj (Though, for all intents and purposes, they are acting like one in that moment). They are not willfully trying to teach falsehood, they actually believe it themselves. That is what makes Drozhani so devastating. It takes out, not only those who embrace it, but impacts all those around them.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Asha is Truth and Righteousness. Drozhani is Untruth and Unrighteousness. Asha leads you to the Real. Drozhani enslaves you to the Unreal.The Druj is the instrument of the propagation of Drozhani.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Drozhani is not something forced upon you against your will, if you know it is being promoted you can simply reject it. In all cases, you have the free will to accept it or reject it. You have the choice as to whether you live and die by it or whether you are free of it entirely. In all cases, Drozhani is the self inflicted wound that leads to the death of your soul.”


Chapter 87. Ego

Received from Mir Garendra: “Mir Fratama teaches that we can put aside the ego by putting on “the awareness of the Presence of God and do His Will by humbling” ourselves and “learning from the teachings of the Truth and Light.” We do this by honestly practicing the Virtues.

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The phrase “I disagree” is funny. “I” always disagrees. The “I” cannot stand the prospect of unity of mind, heart and soul.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If you teach a person, & they say “I am offended” ask “What is it that is offended?” Repeat till they understand it’s the “I” that’s offended.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”When you tell yourself you’re special, what is it that makes you proud? When you tell yourself you are nothing, what make you offended? Ego.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The soul can never sing if the ego will not leave the stage.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If a person speaks of themselves in the third person, they have over counted by two.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”If you take offense at the prospect of someone stepping on you to achieve their goals, then wisdom dictates, you watch where you step.”

Chapter 88. Elder Intercessors

Receieved from Mir Eresh Zademir: ”The Elder Intercessors are not the ones who actually grant forgiveness of one’s sins, but it is through them as vessels that Zurvan forgives repentant sinners.”

Chapter 89. Elijah the Prophet

Received from Mir Benyamin:“The Prophet Elijah is not a “direct manifestation” of Mithra, but Mithra has appeared in the form (or image) of Elijah in the past. In one of our texts, Mithra is quoted as saying that one of his names is Elijah.

The Living Spirit* hovered over Asher and appeared in the form of one of the sons of men, with the face of Eliya the Prophet, and stretched forth his hand toward him and said,

Come with me, Asher, my faithful child, for your time has come to go unto the Kingdom of Light.’

And the disciple said, ‘Who are you, O great one? Are you a god**? Are you my God?

And at once the Living Spirit said unto that disciple, ‘I am not God. One of my names is Eliya***, for my God is Ya, He who is the Father of Greatness, and it is Ya alone who is to be worshipped upon the earth….”

*(Another term for Mithra)

**(celestial being)

***(meaning “my God is Ya” from the Hebrew)

Chapter 90. End times – See also “Final Age”

Received from Mir Benyamin: “As the ”great wrap up” as one of the clerics once put it, thes increase in tragedies remind us of just how close we are to the end and how much Light is ascending and escaping the grip of darkness.”

Chapter 91. Enkidu

Received from Mir Garendra: “Enkidu, stripped of the mythological layers, is viewed as a “manifestation of the manifestation”. There are several stories surrounding this name that do not correspond with how he is viewed by the Yazatas and other divine beings within the Ashavan system. For example, he is sometimes descried as a wild man or some sort of uncontrollable being – which is not believed by Ashavan. I would say that almost everything written of “Enkidu” by humans is not agreed upon by the divine beings.

Chapter 92. Enoch

Received from Kharba Awraham:” The land of Enoch, the land was the Sumerian Civilization. Many historians attribute all civilization deriving from the Sumerian civilzation, which aligns with Enoch being the recipient of all the elements that brought civilzation into the world via the angels.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “the Sumerian hero/god is “Enki” which is “Enokh/Hanokh/Enoch”.

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Sumeria was the region for Mithra’s manifestation on earth as Enoch.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “In a book called Third Enoch, there is a reference to Enoch ascending to Heaven and while there, transforming into the Angel Metatron. Metatron is another name for Mithra. The reference in Third Enoch does not mention the fact that Metatron was manifesting in the world as Enoch and that His transformation to Metatron, is, in reality, Metatron returning to His original state before He had taken on the form of Enoch.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Enoch was an earthly manifestation of Mithra in the days before the Great Flood. Enoch appeared as a prophet. The earth received all manner of skills and arts intrinsic to the development of civilization from God through Enoch. Enoch ascended to Bahisht and put aside the earthly form of Enoch to resume His celestial form as Mithra.”

Section 2. Staff of Enki

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Staff of Enki, a staff with two serpents entwined is also the same attributed to Moses. The Western Medical industry uses this image to this day”.

Chapter 93. Enlightenment

Received from Kharba d’Awraham: “There are many in the world who believe they can attain enlightenment in this lifetime. This is false for a very important reason:

Mithra has stated that no person acheives enlightenment while in the flesh.

If Mithra is born into the flesh, that form never has to “attain enlightenment’ because it was already enlightened to begin with. If Mithra appears in the spirit, He has no need to become “enlightened” as He is already enlightened.

If an angel or saint manifest in the world, they do not need to attain enlightenment because they already achieved this state in spirit before manifesting in the world. It is those select servants that ascended in spirit whose vessel was used by Mithra to teach others in the world, that the world mistakenly sees as average human beings who undertook a spiritual path and attained enlightenment in this life.”

Chapter 94. Essene Gospel of Peace

Received from Mir Garendra:“To my knowledge, these texts you refer to, ”Essene Gospel of Peace” and ”Essene Book of Revelation” are not actual Essene texts; however, notwithstanding this fact, some of the Essene brethren were authorised at one time to adapt one or both or possibly similar texts for use within their community. Today they do not use these as anything that could remotely be referred to as authorised.”

Chapter 95. Evil

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Evil is not created by God but by the evil one. It exists as a trial by fire. Those who overcome it, advance. Those who don’t..end.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Acceptance of evil is evil”.

Received from Kharba Awraham: “There are few serious health issues that, if ignored, gets better. Why ignore the reality of evil? Its not getting any better.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “While it is better to be afraid of evil than to be oblivious of it, there is no reason to fear evil, at all if your thoughts, words and deeds are centered on God, Mother and Son. There are some things that even evil fears.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” Some say there is no evil. Look at the world and you know this not so. It is a confusion of tenses. There will be no evil.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Going through life saying ‘There is no evil” is like a cow walking through a slaughterhouse saying “There is nothing to be worried about.”.

Chapter 96. The evil one and her son, the dragon

Received from Mir Garendra:”Satan is the most stupid girl I know.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The evil one and her son, the dragon are your opponents. They will use your weaknesses against you. You develop by embracing Zurvan & removing your weaknesses & they are powerless against you.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Love attracts. Fear repels. A believer is drawn to God, if unimpeded, out of Pure Love. When others seek to instil doubt,the polarity is reversed and they are inexorably drawn to the corruption of the evil one, as a moth to a flame. and for the soul, the ending is just the same.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The evil one manipulates the individual to make choices that betray the soul. Few individuals, if any, start out with the intention to destroy the soul but, whether by fault or design, their actions result in making themselves easy prey for the evil one.

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The evil one has manipulated one world religion* after the other. Through witless, arrogant and self serving individuals, She has succeeded in placing countless rules side by side with Divine decrees. The undiscerning get lost: focusing on non-essentials or rejecting essentials, consigning themselves to the clutches of Tiamat.”

*(This would be world religions that had real covenants with Mithra, not those faiths that came into being, never having a covenant.)

Received from Kharba Awraham: “If we were the only thing keeping us from the presence of Zurvan, that is one thing, but evil incites the ego, the passions and the body, to subvert the liberation and ascension of each stream of consciousness. This is Spiritual Sabotage.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The old game: The evil one entices. The ego falls for it and the soul suffers because of it. Stop playing the game and you stop losing.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Whether it is the battelfield within us or the battlefield outside of us, we are all in a battle against the evil one and her son, the dragon. Take the higher ground with resolve & fight them with ferocity. Show them no mercy. It is certain ,that they will show you none. Act as if you the fate of your soul depends on it, because it does.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:” The evil one loves to take advantage of confusion in order to create dissension. especially among those who seek to return to God.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”  We live in a world of light and darkness. The evil one does not want a single soul liberated. The corruption happens because people forget the words of the Divine Messenger, they forget the directives of their covenants and they wind up creating false doctrines for people to follow.

When what is important is forgotten and all that is remembered are man made rules and teachings, the evil one has succeeded in obstructing souls from finding that path back to Bahisht.”

Chapter 97. Evolution

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The theory of evolution is man made and false.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The doctrine of evolution is a false doctrine. Other than a life form that grows through stages of development and appears different at different stages, there is no time when one species transforms into another species. Not even single celled life forms have ever transformed into a completely different form of life. Mithra has stated emphatically that evolution is a false doctrine.”

Chapter 98. Expectations

Received from Kharba Awraham:”We are held hostage by our expectations.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Allow for the possibility of nothing going as you planned. It is the one thing you can depend on.”

Chapter 99. Experience

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Life without experience isn’t living. Experience without growth is only distraction.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If a child needs to learn, its parents work with the child until the lesson has been learned. If this doesn’t seem so, ask a mother or father if the child would have been able to fend for itself,  eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, dealing with issues of all kinds. No, to say that a child could get along nicely without its parents would be foolish. There are lessons to be learned and the child must learn them in order to grow.

This doesn’t end as adults. Granted, we are not trying to learn the same lessons, and our teachers are not our parents any longer, but we have important lessons to learn.


Human life, in many ways is like a baby bird preparing to break free of the egg. It is being nourished and will one day emerge into the light of day. But if the bird does not grow, it will not have the strength to leave the shell.


Every person is an individualized portion of sentient consciousness. an Individualized soul. It lives under the illusion that it is a separate being initially but as it grows the lesson of life that it is not a separate being at all. That nothing in Creation is separate. Not minerals, not water, not air, not light, not energy and no, not even us. We are all consciousness. We are all the Supreme Self: theOne Universal Soul.


As we awaken to our greater reality, our True Nature, the more we see the interconnnections of life. We sense them. We feel them. We subsist in this Collective Consciousness. Mystics, poets and sages throughout the ages have tried over and over again to share what this interconnection, this feeling is in the terms available to them.


It is part of our growth process as if we were learning to eat or drink or sleep or any other action we had to learn in order to grow.


There are many people today, who, have started this waking process, but for one reason or another, have chosen not to continue learning. Maybe it is because they believe they know all there is to know. Who can say? But like the small child who doesn’t think it needs nourishment from the mother. soon enough, the hunger will make them cry out. Their willfulness will be replaced by serious need. The mother will feed the child at that point.


If we will not learn, we will not grow.”


Chapter 100. Facing East in Prayer (Toward Mt. Damavand)

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Facing East is most appropriate. In a spiritual sense, there should be nothing between the individual praying and Mt. Damavand, no matter what location they are in. If one were three miles east of Mt. Damavand, they would still face East. Zurvan says, “I come from the East”, “My face is present in the East.”

Received from the Maethana Asha:”All prayers should be said facing east towards Mt. Damavand with the hands in the pose of supplication and the head slightly bowed. (The Ashavan may do these prayers standing, sitting or kneeling).”

Chapter 101. Faith

Received from Kharba Awraham: “A real faith walk is not just merely a tacit belief in something. It requires action..a conscious integration of thoughts, words and deeds.If you say you believe something, but you never act in accordance with that belief, then it is little more than an idea your entertaining.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “True faith requires active participation. If you are sitting on the sidelines, you are not involved and you are not making any progress.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “No person should ever enter a faith before they have faith. You do not enter a religion with hopes that one day you will believe. You listen, you learn, you contemplate, you pray and when Divine Mother guides you, you will know its time to enter a faith. The Divine current will bring you to the doors of that faith. Try to force this and, though you may enter, its truths will remain apart from you. Faith first, affiliation after.

In time your faith will become stronger and you will become resolute and a beacon of light for others.

But first, you must have that precious flicker of light, the heavenly spark of faith. You know it to be true. You don’t know why or how…you just know it is true. It is not just something you think is a nice idea, it has become your reality.

That is when you know you have faith. That is when the doors will open to you fully.What has happened is not that the faith has changed but that individual has allowed themselves to experience a transformation of faith.

When God, Mother and Son become your reality, you are ready to cross the threshold into eternity.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”A person is like a vase and their faith is like water. If there are flaws in their character, the vase is cracked, and the water is lost.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If you sense a truth before you experience that truth, that is faith.”

Chapter 102. False Teachers

Received from Kharba Awraham: “To have answers but refuse to teach is inexcusable. To be devoid of answers but teach nonetheless, is common. One situation creates the other.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Those who claim to offer heaven for a price are evil.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Many wish to “sell” secrets on spiritual development: believe the hype & the only secret learned is that a fool & his money are soon parted”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “  There is nothing more profane than seeking compensation for that which God offers freely.”


Received from Kharba Awraham: “ No one can offer you what they themselves do not possess.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The teacher who thinks to share their insights for a paycheck has apparently skipped a lesson or two on the burden of materialism.”

Chapter 103. False Teachings – see also “Drozhani”

Received from Mir Keter: “Sometimes a brother or sister will provide inaccurate or confusing information on a subject due to ignorance because he or she never learned what they needed to. Sometimes what has happened is when an uneducated person speaks on a spiritual topic, they present, instead of facts, personal opinions and assumptions. If they are clerics, we would expect them to have a working knowledge on particular topics –especially if the topic could be termed simple or basic.

Unfortunately that is not always the case. So, what I am referring to here concerns doctrinal mistakes – mistakes concerning the Faith’s history, practices, basic beliefs and so on. What we are not talking about are typographical mistakes,grammar and the like. My letters to you are probably rife with grammatical mistakes, but if those are the only mistakes a cleric is making, then there would be no harm in misleading the flock or sincere seekers.

There are times when a cleric will provide the wrong answer. Lord Shubkha* once said that while someone is in the human shell, they will always make mistakes.He said that even celestial beings that must use a human vessel to communicate, could make a mistake.

*(A celestial being and one of the Yazata’s)

So, we expect humans to make mistakes. What we do not expect from our brethren is when they go off and sulk or pout because correction was brought before them. What we do not expect is when the brethren argue after being presented with the truth on a particular subject.

When a brother or sister acts in such a manner, it appears as if he or she is a small, spoiled child. You know the type. They run out of the room like a storm, full of emotions and negative feelings.If you are fortunate enough, you do not have to experience the tantrum that often follows.

If it is a cleric who performs this kind of show, then it is sufficient evidence for us to know that he or she is full of pride and has trouble accepting spiritual direction from others. His Divine Presence once said, “If you are easily offended, you are spiritually immature. Do not be offended when your brother corrects your thinking or the words from your mouth, even if you think you are his superior. Humble yourself when you are corrected. Accept the true teaching and be grateful that you did not wander too far from the path of light.”

Of course, His Divine Presence is not saying that a student should become full of pride and chastise his teacher every time he hears something in which he thinks is wrong. Proper respect is always in order, even if the one who has trouble being corrected becomes belligerent.

There are appropriate ways that such a situation can be handled, and respect should always be accorded to the one who has erred or caused confusion on the matter.”

Unfortunately, on a few occasions we have experienced a third reason why clerics would provide false information.This is when they purposely teach falsehoods – something we call drozhani*.

*(False doctrinal teaching)

It is one of the worst types of false doctrines because it can cause divisions among the faithful and innocent who look up to the clerics.Individuals teaching drozhani are often attempting to establish their own sect, outside the traditions of the Maethana Asah (Central Temple).Those teaching drozhani are referred to as wilfully walking in the dark.”

Received from Mir Keter: “Mir Fratama has said, “In the last eras, during the time when the darkness begins to cover the earth, there will be those among the disciples of Mithra who were given positions of authorities such as teacher, leading association, and others who will fall by the wayside as a result of their pride.”

Such ones are unable to humble themselves with proper correction and light. They will prove to be on the side of the evil one instead of the Light. I called to them, I spoke to them, but their own ears had already become stuffed with the blubber that had been provided to them by the evil one.”

Mir Fratama has made numerous comments concerning his disdain for false teachers.

One in particular that most Ashavan are familiar with is,“Their greatest sin, my sons, is claiming to be my servants while making assumptions about doctrinal matters in which I have not taught; they have spread falsehoods among the innocent children of Mithra and caused the children to spread the same lies; these false shepherds have spread their falsehoods, their personal opinions and mistakes because of their unbridled assumptions, and because of their desire to control my children; because of their desire to run ahead of me and the teaching, and because they do not practice awareness, they have sinned.”

If you are a cleric or a brother or sister in some other responsibility, it is my hope that you realise that the brethren look up to you as a spiritual parent. And while they expect you to make a mistake once in a while, because they know you are still a human being, they mostly expect you to provide proper information for them.

The doctrines in the Holy Tablets of Light are our spiritual food which nourishes the soul. If you are providing rotten or spoiled food, then it never came from the Holy Tablets, but instead, was based on your personal opinions and assumptions.

If you are an Ashavan cleric – and especially if you are of the Elders of the Faith – you of all people should be familiar with the contents of the Holy Tablets of Light, especially the Tablet of Creation, the Tablet of Mir Fratama, the Tablet of Mir Eresh Zademir, and others. You should be familiar with the most basic teachings of the Scriptures, the basic practices and Traditions and have familiarity with the statements of Third Bright Lamp.

Otherwise, you may be treading a dangerous path, for it could lead you to become alienated forever from the Master Teacher. If we do not teach that which is from the Master Teacher, then we are not of one mind with him.

Mir Fratama has appointed his own sons, the Tarendrans who are the biological sons of the various manifestations of Mir Tarendra, to guide the sons of men on earth in the Way of Asha. However, there are some who do not understand this, and yet others who, out of pride and the desire to control others, refuse this divine decree.

Mir Fratama has said, “In the future, clarity needs to be provided on the subject. My sons were appointed over all the sons of men, all the adherents of the Religion of Light, regardless of their spiritual communities, to guide and teach according to that which I or my servant Mir Eresh Zademir have spoken.”

Ignorance of these facts is leading some of the clerics down a dark road because they are basing their teachings on their personal opinions – something I never authorised. For the Ashavan, even a basic understanding of the current organisational structuring should assist them in understanding the various offices of responsibility of Our sons.”

After this, the clerics need to be reminded of certain fundamental teachings of the Assembly. They need to be reminded of the revelatory nature of the Religion of Light, and that the Assembly of the Faithful must be guided properly and by those whom We appoint.”

Seeing that the words of Mir Fratama form part of all three of the Bright Lamps of our faith, it is important for each of us who wish to remain faithful to Mithra, Mir Fratama and Mir Eresh Zademir, to abide by every instruction provided. Each of you have a choice to follow the leading of Mithra or not.”

Recieved from Mir Keter: “ If you are a lay person, and you know of contradictory teaching from a cleric, it is your duty to report this; there is no chastisement in doing so. All Ashavan brothers and sisters are responsible for each other.

Thus, if you hear a teaching that you know is wrong*, or that causes confusion to yourself or to others because it seems to contradict the teachings of the Holy Tablets of Light, then please do the right thing and help your fellow brothers by reporting the falsehood confidentially to the leadership of the Central Temple.”

*(If a teaching given by someone about Asha cannot be validated by the Tablets of Light , the Manual of Ashavan Teachings or any issued statement or teaching from the Maethana Asha (Central Temple of Asha), it is to be considered questionable. If the teaching is in direct opposition to the teachings found in these authoritative resources for the faith, that teaching should be rejected as Drojhani (false teaching).

Chapter 104. False Religion

Received from Kharba Awraham: “There are good religions & bad religions just as there are good and bad habits.Whether a religion is good or bad is determined by Mithra. The deciding factor is whether or not they have a covenant with God. If you would not lament the loss of a bad habit, why hold onto a bad religion?”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Following a religion that you do not trust implicity, that you are uncertain as to it’s validity, its purity, or origin, then you stand in a line to a destination you may not wish to go.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Commerce is necessary in any society. When Commerce is veiled as religion or spirituality, a line has been crossed.”

Received from Kharba d’Awraham “All Truth is from God. It is not owned by anyone on this world. But so many seek to make a profit sharing truth with others. But they are withholding the natural birthright from every man, woman and child. Hold these profiteers up to scrutiny. Call these marketers of religiosity and fake spirituality up to scrutiny. If the value of a human soul to them is only derived from their monetary value, then these materialists are servants of the evil one and have no place in the Kingdom of God.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “If the pond is shallow, there is a limit to depth you can attain.”

Received from Kharba Awrham: “There are religious institutions in the world today that believe that by controlling the flow of information, they can control large numbers of people and bend them to their will. It is these institutions that will speak loudly against what is being revealed because they have the most to lose when people start waking up to the truth and walk away from these false religions and false shepherds.”

Received from Kharba Awraham “True Religion stirs the heart, the mind and the soul. If an individual only hears endless rules, they know something has been lost.”

Chapter 105. Family Pressures

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “No one can live your life for you; thus, you should never be forced to choose or abandon a particular spiritual path because of the influences of a spouse, child or other relative or friend, no matter how much you may love them. You must stand up and make decisions for yourself. Are you so weak that you are willing to abandon service to Zurvan and His calling out to you on the grounds of an argument about religion with your spouse?”

Chapter 106. Fear

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Fear is the thought of losing control of what we cannot control.”

Chapter 107. The Final Age

Section 1. Future Calamities

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Man will realize he is not able to offer any real assistance in such a time and will become frightened of his future, running into the caves for what he will perceive as safety.”

Section 2. The Remnant and the End of Human Existence

The following is a teaching given by Mitraya Tarendra to Kharba Awraham:

Something is occurring to humanity at this very moment. The disasters are the markers, the preliminary notices or announcements and warnings that pending judgment is upon humanity.

First, the Remnant, no matter what community they may reside, must be perfected. Recall the verses from the book of Genesis concerning the stars of the heavens and the sands of the sea. That the world (humanity) will be blessed by the seed of Abraham.

The seed of Abraham is the remnant. Through that remnant the world has been given an opportunity to be blessed – not necessarily become a part of the seed, but to receive the promised blessing of safety in the world to come. But again, the perfecting of the holy ones (the sons of God) must come first.

What of humanity that does not accept the offer like so many in previous times? If they survive the actual return of the Servant of Zurvan, they are destroyed. Yes, a great destruction upon the face of the earth is due, and any moment now – in the blink of an eye, with the twinkling of a single star in the heavens. This does not mean that those within the remnant would be destroyed.

There are different stages that must be taken into consideration.

There is what you know as the great light that shall flash forth upon the earth, destroying humankind and its seed from the surface of the earth. That stage is on the time table this very moment. This will not necessarily be a total destruction, but a cutting off of the people. Those who are spared of this cutting off (being set aside from ever coming into God’s favour during an earthly life) will have mercy in that the remnant will provide comfort and guidance.

We have brought technology to humankind in order for the message of salvation to reach millions of people within only a matter of minutes. Humanity is in this stage now, however, the day of the great light has not yet been reached.

Because of the love of humanity, the wrath of the Divine Source is held back for a moment. But there are time tables that will be followed, and His wrath upon evil society will not be turned back.

After this, Kharba, comes the rising of the rest of the remnant to their celestial positions. When in place, they too will receive a further perfecting which they were unable to receive in a human body – due to human limitations concerning deeper spiritual matters.

After this the servant of God will raise up the standard notifying the celestial beings that it is time for war on earth against evil society and the evil one. Oh, truly, they stand by at this very moment awaiting for the standard to be raised.

No man shall survive who is not a friend of the remnant, no, not even a mother and not even a small child. There will be no shred of humanity in existence, save those who have become true friends of the remnant.

At that time the evil one will look upon the carnage and say, ‘Pity me, pity me. I have none to serve me.’ And then he will turn upon the friends of the remnant and attempt to bring them into his abode.But at that time, his skull will be struck and his head shall be severed.

And in that day the remnant and its friends will become one family and the earth shall be cleansed and restored to its original beauty and all the families of the earth will be blessed. “

This was received from Mir Benyamin: “ All types of diseases and plagues are running rampant throughout various countries. Ebola, enterovirus, water contamination and so on. Many places in the world still remain without proper amounts of food and water; innocent children and others are dying in warzones (Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc).

Isha Masiha said, “You will be hearing of wars and rumours of wars… For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and


*(Matthew 24:6, 7)

In Asha we know that the Light that has existed in the world is diminishing.We know that the celestial beings that have been protecting humanity from destroying itself are now gradually ascending from earth’s atmosphere and returning to their original Home.

Adherents of Asha know that when the world becomes more dim, the more violence, sickness and natural disasters occur.

In the Prophetic writings of the Religion of Light we read: “When the worm crawls through the belly of man and his insides become like water… then you shall know that the majority of the Light has ascended to the upper levels of the celestial paradise.”

It has been stated that this section of the prophecy indicates a wide spread disease.

With all that in mind, it could become very overwhelming for some people, including some of our own brothers and sisters, especially if they live outside a physical community in their location where they can offer support to one another. But believers can be assured by Isha Masiha’s own words: “See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end… all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.”*

*(Luke 21:9)

We can take comfort in Isha’s words, and in the words of the Mir Fratama; He has lovingly told His disciples: “Always be determined to serve God with all your strength. Never give up hope, even in the face of opposition. The Light of Zurvan shines even in the darkest of nights so that all those seeking Him in honesty may find Him.”

We read in the Tablet of Mir Fratama: “Walk in the world as a soldier for the Truth, be brave as a lion but peaceful as a dove.”

Adherents of Asha have a glorious future which they look to.

The Tablets of Light tell us, “While the old earth is in the process of dying a new world is being created. The old world is gradually passing away, bereft of the Spirit of Life – for a new world has been established in the upper creation of the universe – and it will replace all human governments. The coming kingdom can not be compared to any earthly political system – for it has the Column of Light and Truth as its focus.”

May each of us remain faithful while residing in this old, dark world, and continue to hold our heads up high, always encouraged by the Messengers’ words, and look to the bright future.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mir Tarendra had spoken of the extinction of humanity from Earth long before this. The Great Dissolution makes all such notions of relocating to another planet pointless.”

Section 3. The Events following the Establishment of the Throne of Judgement

Received from the Maethana Asha: “The date of the establishment of the Throne of Judgement was Azar* 28th, 2012

*(Corresponds with the month of November)

At this time a Remnant of the Righteous was taken up to the New Paradise called “New Amarna”.**

**(“Amarna” was the name of the kingdom established by Akhenaten in ancient Egypt for the followers of the Religion of Light.)

The majority of the offspring of the various Manifestations of Mithra on the Earth, His sons and daughters, usually known by the surname “Tarendra”, were taken up into “New Amarna”. From their new home they will have the greatest influence in helping the Children of Light to help humanity seek the Light.

The celestial beings have not been informed as to when the greater amount of influence will begin,however, we have been informed that this is a gradual process, therefore, it could take some time.

The protection of the Earth and the creation within it by heavenly beings is now being lifted. Humanity will have greater awareness concerning the increase of what is often described as natural disasters.

Financial problems will continue to abound, at times this will appear to become better or stable in certain areas of the world, but such prosperity and so-called stability will only be temporary.

Diseases, death, violence and crime in general, will continue to increase throughout the world.

The Elders of the Children of Light have been given the responsibility to assist the Laity in keeping their strength in the Holy Faith. The few Elders that exist in the Earth should continue to teach by use of their given talents, whether this is by writing or speech.

The Laity should do the same, but their life in the world should be positive examples for others in the world to follow with the hope they will be influenced by the Light within that Layperson.

With the protection of the good spirits diminishing from Earth’s atmosphere, temptation will increase througout the world, not only among those of the world who have not heard the Message of Light or those who have experienced the Light, but also among the Brethren.

They must gird themselves in the Blessed Maxims and practice the Holy Virtues, occupying themselves with prayer, contemplation and meditation sharing the Message of Light with the world, caring for their families and the less fortunate, so they can make a good name with the One True God.

While these events occur in the Earth, those who have ascended to the Heights, into New Amarna, shall be occupied with the perfection of their souls.

Mithra will grant unto them a special portion of His Spirit so they may learn that which was impossible while they were trapped in a body of flesh in the Earth.The saints shall learn the deeper Truths of the True God and His appointed King, the Teacher of Light.

And Mir Fratama will speak unto the saints in New Amarna and shall say unto them: “Go into the world with your breath and give comfort to the seed of man that they may hear the Truth and may see the Light that they may be saved in the day of God’s wrath and before darkness covers the face of the Earth.”

All those infants that have been aborted and all those children who have died prematurely, shall be taken up into the New Paradise. From there they shall be in the care of those who have been appointed unto them for their daily needs. Their souls will mature in the Truth and the Light of Zurvan.

In the New Paradise there will be no marriages, no divorces, and illness and death will be no more.

The saints who have been given their crowns will be baptized in the waters of immortal life and shall live eternally, giving glory to Zurvan and to His appointed King, Mir Fratama, and praising their names in song, forever.

The saints will send out Light among those who remain in the world of humanity who still have the propensity to learn. The teachers of the Message of Light who remain in the world will learn from the influence of the saints who reside in the New Paradise.

Take these words to heart and be of good cheer, for your life has not been counted as worthless, by Zurvan or His appointed king. All you who continue to share the Message of Light and make the Call known in the world have been chosen by the Glorious King Himself as His own children, friends and His Holy Seed (The natural offspring of the various Manifestations of Mithra on the Earth), a special treasure among His precious posessions in His hand.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “We do not live in a time when we have the luxury of ornate palaces and huge structures filled with servants of the faith to serve a world full of people. That would require many servants that aren’t that are no longer in the world it would require many many people who are urgently seeking God and Truth which are not present in the world at this time. Overall, it would require there be a great deal of time to help grow and develop such a thing to reach that many people if they even existed.

But we do not live in such times. We live at the in the end times and in these end times we live in a world where people give rarely give cut off. They are led by their passions and their desires and their instincts. They only care about themselves and their creature comforts. There are so few servants left in the world…so few saints left in the world and so little time to make a difference.

If this is the case then why bother at all? Why make any attempt at all? Why not just let events unfold and let all those who turn to the light returned to the light and all those who turn away from the lights accept their fate? Because we are a collective consciousness. Because we are the human race and we came into this creation together.

We cannot just stand idly by and allow the world of mankind to become extinct if there is any chance of awakening souls. If there is even one or two souls left in this world that want the truth it is incumbent upon those who have embraced the Truth to become beacons for the many lost souls in this hungering for the truth.

And that is the reason we are doing what we are doing, not for the many who will do nothing, but for the few who would do anything to find their way to God, if given even half a chance.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”We are taught that this creation is coming to an end. That the angelic forces that had always protected humanity, are gradually being drawn away, up to higher realms.That the spirits in the realms adjacent to our Earth, who have been allocated in either a relative Paradise, Purgatory or Hellish realm, are currently being Judged (with the establishment of the Throne of Judgement in recent years) and that as these realms are being thinned out and as people pass away, they are not waiting for Judgement anymore, they are being judged and are either ascending or being cast into the darkness.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “We are taught that the people on this world have this chance to get right with God using any covenant God has provided in the past. But not every covenant that God has provided is still available in the modern era and most of those that are, are only available in religions that have deviated so radically from the original intents of its founders, that these covenants remain either untouched or broken.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Once Mitraya Tarendra was speaking about the physical aftermath of the end of human existence on earth. He described a scened where the bodies of the dead would rise as mountains. That there would be two types of creatures feeding off the remains: The first we creatures called in Indian mythology: Garuda’s, these are large bird like beings. The second where lizards similar to what we call “Komodo Dragons” (Not that they would be Komodo Dragons or monitor lizards per se, but that they would be similar in size and shape).”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Once Mitraya Tarendra asked if I had ever seen a film called “Knowing”. At the time, I hadn’t. He pointed out that what happened to the world in that film, with notable exceptions, would be what happened to the physical world one day.He said about the film “Replace the aliens with angels” and that it would be a fair representationof what was going to happen. In the film, the world is consume by a solar flare and is destroyed.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: Mitraya Tarendra stated that there would come a time when the very atmosphere, itself, would catch fire.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Any descriptions about what happens to the physical earth in the final age, has nothing to do with what is taking place in the non-physical realms adjacent to the earth or in higher realms. When people read apocalyptic material they can become very confused, not knowing what will happen to the world physically and when, and what will happen to the spirits entering these non-physicla realms. It is this mixing of the two narratives, I believe, that leads to such conflicting ideas.”

Chapter 108. The Five Divine Lights

Received from Kshathra Vairya: “By having the Five Divine Lights as a priority in our lives, we can reach perfection and experience liberation of the soul from darkness. They are:

Pure Reason

Pure Mind

Pure Intelligence

Pure Thought

Pure Understanding”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Mind and soul are the same thing. They are streams of consciousness of Mithra (i.e. the Miltha, Word of God, the Logos, the Living Spirit). The individual soul is made up of:






These components are called by different names (Shekinahs, Tabernacles, Powers, Divinities, Amesh Spentas etc.)

We will speak of the soul “awakening”. What this refers to is these components of the soul/mind/stream of consciousness, activating within us.

A person could go their whole life without activating these compoenents. Only operating on animalistic, brute or wicked tendencies.

The more we awaken, the more sensitive we are to the state of the world and the states of ourselves and others. The capacity to see evil in others, is by virtue of a soul that is waking up to its true nature.

There are those in the world who see others as evil when they, themselves are wicked. Sometimes it can be a trick of the evil one or the ego. That is why the awakening soul includes understanding. We strive to develop the five Divine Lights:

Pure Reason

Pure Mind

Pure Intelligence

Pure Thought

Pure Understanding

As we do this, we can be discerning. We will not call something “evil” that is not evil. And we will not call something “good” that is not good. We will see things as they really are.

If we can see the evil in others or in ourselves, that means we are pefecting our own souls/minds/ streams of consciousness.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Some distinct teachings in Asha are:

The Influence of the Divine Mother.

The Gnosis of Mithra (The Celestial Son).

The Components that make up the soul/mind/stream of consciousness:

1. Reason

2. Mind

3. Intelligence

4. Thought

5. Understanding

Anahita (Divine Mother) guides us in life to the Light of Zurvan, to the Gnosis of Mithra and back Home to Bahisht.

We can be guided by Divine Mother, we can come into contact with the Gnosis of Mithra, but if we do not have an awakening soul, it would not matter because we would no longer make any progress to Bahisht.


If you are not perfecting i.e. “activating” the components of the soul/mind, you won’t “realize” when you have entered the presence of Holiness. You will not realize when you have entered the sphere of influence of a Divine Messenger, you will not realize when you have heard the Pure Teaching and you will not respond to its teachings even if you are fortunate enough hear them.

What we are talking about here is a sort of “spiritual sonar” in a sense.

The Call goes out: The Gnosis of Mithra born on the currents of the Divine Mother reach a person. They either respond or they do not.

If they respond it is because they had those elements active within themselves (an awakening soul) that “identified” the reality of what was taking place and responded accordingly. If they did not the Gnosis does not reach them or if it does they do not respond to it.

The quality of our soul determines where, when, if or to what extent, we respond to the Gnosis of Mithra. This is why some people will become very excited to hear the Pure Teaching because they sense its Holiness.

Others will find it interesting but because they do not have the quality of understanding awakened within themselves, they view it with no more validity than anything else they may have heard. Others will not respond at all.

Still, others will respond, in a hostile manner, because they are mired in what we call “drozhani” or “false doctrine or false teachings”. To accept this new paradigm would be to shine a harsh light on what they have taken to the truth for a long time, but is seen for what it truly is “a false doctrine”. Some people are so rooted in their institutions that they cannot abandon a false belief system because they are too invested in it. They “need” it to be true, even if it is not true. So, we all respond to the influence of the Divine Mother and the Gnosis of Mithra as determined by the development of our own souls.”

Chapter 109. Forcing your beliefs upon others

Received from Mir Garendra: ” The Ashavan do not believe in forcing you to accept anything they say, believe or practice. You can take it or you can leave it. That is all.”

Chapter 110. Forgiveness

Received from Kharba Awraham:”An ounce of forgiveness has more value than a pound of flesh.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If you have the capacity to sin, then you have a reason to forgive.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Anytime you decide you are not ready to forgive, you decide in that moment that you are not ready to grow.”

Chapter 111. Freemasons

Received from Mir Garendra: “Those who think that the Religion of Light has any relation to Freemasonry, Wicca or the occult in general, are highly mistaken.”

Received from Mir Benyamin: “We have had a few from Freemasonry in general and American Masonic backgrounds to come into the Religion of Light and later find they tried to change things according to their personal wishes. They tried to add occult elements to the faith and had an unhealthy interest in all things magic and numerology. It seems to be a trend. Those who have left such movements, some being from high ranking levels/grades, have told us about some of the “behind the door” rituals and various other things related to the darkness. Those who have spoken from experience have revealed that Freemasonry is occult related.”

Chapter 112. Free will
Received from Kharba Awraham:” In accordance with the Ashavan belief in Free Will, God, Mother and Son, while having full knowledge and control over all that occurs, decrees that humanity will have the right to choose its destiny, freely, for better or worse.

Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra always want the best for Creation, with no suffering or sorrow. Sadly, in order for free will to exist, it must allow for humanity to act savagely at times. To intercede is to annul free will. This is not to say that God, Mother or Son have not interceded many times when petitions are expressly made, but that allowing for free will must also allow for the adverse and long term effects of the exertion of that free will, individually and collectively.

Free will not only determines the nature of the soul but the destination of the soul. There are many events that God sees and many prophecies are the result of this. These could be equated with heavenly road signs to determine where we are in the history of the world. God knows how all things will resolve. Prophecies are those glimpses into the future that indicate we are heading toward that resolution.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The Divine Mother can lead a person to the Gnosis of Mithra constantly, but if they will not drink deeply of it, that is on them.Mithra can teach someone thousands of times in thousands of ways, but if they will not put His Teaching into practice. that is on their own head. Zurvan can provide every means for a person to awaken and return to His Presence, but if they will not respond to His offerings, at any time throughout their life, then they have no one to blame but themselves. Each person has to take ownership for the choices they make in life.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Getting someone to do anything against their own free will, is twisted. You want the freedom to act of your own volition, afford others the same freedom.”

Chapter 113. Full Moon

Recieved from Mir Garendra: “The Full Moon is a time to especially honour the Divine Messenger and the salvific path that is made available to the dying world. It is also a time to request healing and protection through the light of Mir Fratama.”


Chapter 114. God

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Not a single being is left outside of the Will of Zurvan.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Each devotee within the holy assembly should reflect upon the great blessings that Zurvan has made available to His children.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The Creator treasures all those who are loyal to Him and to His Cause. Rejoice in His plans and purposes for His loyal servants.”

Received from Kshathra Vairya: “”God is one, invisible, and unknowable except through the influence of the Divine Mother and a covenant through Lord Mithra.”

Section 2. The Conception of God

Received from Kharba Awraham: “It is not enough simply to believe in a god,you need to believe in the Divine Source of all Life:The One True God.There are no alternatives.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Seek to distinguish your wealth of knowledge from the Gnosis of Mithra and you will be left devoid of all knowledge and meaning.Seek to distinguish your righteous actions from the influence of the Divine Mother and you will be left with none. Seek to distinguish your value separate from Zurvan and you will realize that apart from God, you have no value at all.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “All that exists is by virtue of God, Mother and Son. Without them we can do nothing. Without them we are nothing.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “A person may say they love God, hate God, fear God or reject God. But if they don’t even know God, then what are they responding to?”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “If most people are honest with themselves today, that they have no idea who or what God is and because of this, they do not know who or what God is to them, personally. How they can view God and how they can relate to God?

Many ancient writings refer to God as Father, or Heavenly Father, again with the world today, there are almost more negative connotations regarding the role of fathers (sadly), and there is also a growing attitude around the role of mothers as well.

We in Asha speak of Zurvan not only as Father but as the Divine Source of all Life. This does not mean we do not speak to the paternal nature of God but that we speak of Zurvan in grander terms that people of this age can more easily conceive and put into context free of their “daddy issues”.

With their relationship with the Divine Mother and with Mithra, this is the means of their relationship with Zurvan. I want to bring home the concept for the Ashavan that everything they are experiencing of Zurvan, they are moving along the Divine Current of Anahita and doing in and through Mithra.

This identity for Zurvan would be similar to the Hebrew term “Ein Soph”.

People do not have any preconceptions with such a vast term, which is very good. Especially in a world that is more attentive to Quantum physics or Metaphysics.They get to have the most expansive concepts about Zurvan as the Divine Source and the personal relationship with Him, guided by the Divine Mother and through their relationship with Mithra.

When some writings seek to anthropomorphise the Divine Source, while this may give some people a sense of involvement in their lives, there are more that view the anthropomorphising as limiting the Divine Source and placing Him on a small screen, so to speak.All dealings with the Divine Source for the Ashavan should be seen as only coming through the agency of the influence of the Divine Mother and a covenant with Lord Mithra.

Those scriptures that cut out the agencies by which the Divine Source creates, sustains or destroys, end up creating false notions of the Divine Source. We need to keep the Ashavans’ concept of God so exalted, so pristine, that it is never placed in mortal terms, to the extent that we can accomplish this.

Zurvan is Father but the people don’t understand or appreciate the role of a Heavenly Father in this final age. They do not even understand or appreciate the role of father at all in this final age. So having references to God as Father does not do justice to the Divine Source and does not endear the individual to the Divine Source.

This inability to have a healthy or expansive conception regarding God as Father, is born out of social decay, corrupted relationships, cynicism, and any number of social ills in the world.

The Ashavan have a way to have a close union with Zurvan through Divine Mother and the Celestial Son. And at the same time, they can have the most pristine and exalted view of the Divine Source that is devoid of anthropomorphic terms: The Best of Both worlds for this day and age.

Just like the Ashavan being able to percieve some aspects of the nature of Zurvan and being unreceptive to others based on their own damaging past experiences, but then later with time developing deeper understanding of all aspects of the nature of God, for the Ashavan to conceive of Zurvan as the Divine Source as our version of Ein Soph Aur, but being unreceptive to others based on their own damaging past experiences, that over time as they develop spiritually, they can develop a deeper understanding of the Fatherly nature of the Divine Source, this, I see, is an auspicious way to proceed.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “All references to God in an anthropomorphic way are people describing physical attributes of the many shells Mithra has used over the ages. Never, a description of the Divine Source itself. Until they start making the distinction between Mithra and God, they are in a very real danger of offending both the God and Mithra. and may even call their hope for eternity into question.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Zurvan, The One God exists outside of the creation, which is derived from the substance of Mithra, the First Created Being. The evil one does not want people to know of Zurvan or that each one of us is part of Mithra. “

Received from Kharba Awraham:”In Asha we are taught that God is unknowable and inconceivable except through the influence of the Divine Mother (The divine current of Life) and a covenant with Mithra (The One Created Being). In other words, If you are attentive, the Divine Mother will lead you to the Truth and Mithra will provide that Truth.

The way to know God is through the Mother and the Son.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”We can think of religious images all day long and this will never bring us to a conception of the One True God because Zurvan is beyond all concepts. We are called by Mithra to worship the One True God, but also to lay aside false concepts about God at the same time.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The best way to have a clear concept of God is to embrace the Teachings of Mithra without corruption. When the Divine Messenger is accurately represented the teaching is clear and your concept of God will be accurate. When the Divine Messenger is inaccurately represented the teaching is convoluted and your concept of God devolves into a fractured mental construct…yet another symbol. There are many things in life that it is okay for you to take for granted. Whether you have an accurate concept of God or not, is not one of them.”

Section 3. The Godhead

Received from Mir Fratama: “The Godhead consists of the Father, the Mother and the Son. The Godhead is another term for the divine, celestial rulership. The Godhead is not the same as the One True God, of which only the Father of Greatness is accorded such a title and position.

The Supreme God, which is the Divine Source, is the Father and He alone is the One True God. He delegates His authority to the Son and to the Mother, and to other beings, according to the Will of the Father. Only the Divine Source is worshipped in the truest sense of the term. Term worship is used throughout the various Scriptures in reference to beings other than the Divine Source.

This indicates, not the same manner of worshipping the Divine Source, but rather, the highest form of respect and honour for a particular celestial being such as the Son or for an angelic being or a celestial or earthly prophet. None of the latter are worshipped in the same manner as the One True God.”

Chapter 115. God Intoxication

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The sweetest prayer is “Zurvan, I love You” with no thought other than our deep love for Him. Love Zurvan unconditionally, this is how He loves you.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Passion for Zurvan and dispassion for the world are not mutually exclusive states of being, but aspects of the same state of Being. It reveals you are becoming of One Mind with Mithra.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Love Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra and in so doing, you love all.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Fear is not a requirement for spiritual refinement. Fear of God is not “Fear” in mortal terms, any more than Love of God is not “Love” in mortal terms.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” In the end, your progress is not determined by what you know, but how deeply you loved God, Mother and Son. Any knowledge that is not rooted in this, is hollow.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The person who feels obligated to God, shuffles their feet on their way to His Presence. The person who fears God, runs to Him and the person who loves God dearly, flies.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Loving God is simple. Without God there is nothing to love. Without God there is nothing that loves.Without God there is no love. Without God there is nothing at all. Finding excuses for not loving God? That is hard.”

Chapter 116. The Great Convocation

Received from the Maethana Asha: “When a Manifestation of Mithra appeared in the world in the Fall of 2008, in Chennai, India, it was among the righteous communities of the Religion of Light from India, Israel, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Tibet and China who were in attendance and who witnessed this event.

The prelude to such an event did not occur spontaneously but was the culmination of events that were set into motion many months earlier, leading into the Fall of 2008.

The prophets from a number of different religious groups began receiving similar messages. These many different prophetic messages all spoke to a momentous gathering that was soon to take place in the world. This gathering we refer to as ‘The Great Convocation”.

In the first week of October, 2008, bands of faithful disciples from diverse religious communities in Israel, India, Nepal, Tibet, and China all began to congregate in the same location in a park in Chennai, India.

These men, women and children traveled a long way to get to this location, many had little or no funds or resources to make the journey and had to travel by very arduous means to get to that specific location in time for the event.

Many, if not most of those who were present, who represented these diverse religious groups, had never met one another before. Among the devout people at this gathering were Hindus, Buddhists Jews and Christians. They congregated, many not even speaking the same language. But regardless of the differences the separated them, they came together to worship the One True God in full faith.

The deep faith of those present was rewarded in October, in the early morning hours of the Sabbath Day*.

*(Haspin i.e. Saturday)

In a clearing, in a park in Chennai, in the early dawn hours, all those present looked to the sky where their faith was rewarded as they all saw a beautiful, luminescent being riding a chariot, descending from the heavens.

The being was a Manifestation of Mithra who was called by those present “Mitraya Tarendra*”. The name Mitraya signifies that this was a Manifestation of Mithra and was also the long awaited being known by Buddhists as “Maitreya”. The name “Tarendra” is Sanskrit and means “Ruler of the Stars”, another term used to describe Mithra.

The features of Mitraya Tarendra appeared different to each group present. Some saw Him as Krishna, some saw Him as Sri Ayyapa, some saw Him as Maitreya, some as Isha Masiha*, some as the Teacher of Righteousness.

*(Yeshua Mashikha/Jesus Christ)

Mitraya Tarendra was not alone in the heavenly chariot, however. With Him were His twin Tarendran Sons: Mershad and Mahvar. They are the parents of the Tarendran Race that resides in the atmospheric realm known historically by the names: Olmo Lungring, Shambhala, Salem and the Horizon of Light to name but a few.

The purpose of the appearance of Mitraya Tarendra was to call all covenanting people the world over to to return to the original tenets and foundations of their respective faiths, the covenants that their ancestors had made with God throughout history.

In addition to this, Mitraya Tarendra reminded them that their respective covenants and faiths all originate with the One God, the Divine Source. He taught them that we currently exist in the final age of this world and of the importance of the devout believers of covenanting faiths to be free of worldly influences that enslave the soul to matter.”

Chapter 117. The Great Light*

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:“The great light that comes will not necessarily destroy all of human life and it will not necessarily be a total, physical destruction of all things. Much of it is spiritual to begin with.

Later comes the screaming and gnashing of teeth of all evil doers, the tumbling down of mosques, and all manner of false houses of worship. The time of the coming of the Great Light of Wisdom and Redemption has arrived.

Humanity does not have time to continue playing games or having an on-again, off-again spirituality. The Creator has revealed His Will through each of the Covenants on earth.

No one can say the truth is not available to them. Now is the time to wake up.”

*(The Great Light was a spiritual event that took place during the incarnation of Mitraya Tarendra. During this time many people in the world who techinically belonged to covenants they no longer believed in or practised were spiritually cut off from them.)

Received from Mitraya Tarendra on January 19th, 2010: “Pay attention! Pay attention! A night is coming when a great flash of light shall come forth out of the sky. Only those who are attentive will see the light. Those who are spiritually blind are thirsting for the truth. You will be given light and you shall share this light with the blind. Those who wilfully remain in the dark shall have no light. Those who are not attentive shall have no light and they shall be cast among those who are wilfully ignorant of the truth.

Pay attention! A word shall come in a whisper out of the light. Yes, I am coming as a whisper from the light. The word shall be life to you. Heed the word, seed of Ishmael, and you shall have no fear of the night.”

Pay attention!”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The time of the coming of the Great Light of Wisdom and Redemption has arrived; humanity does not have time to continue playing games or having an on-again, off-again spirituality. The Creator has revealed His Will through each of the Covenants on earth. No one can say the truth is not available to them. Now is the time to wake up.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Mitraya Tarendra once described this time as the presentation of earth’s covenants to God upon the Altar of God. Those that were found to be still valid, were spared. Those that had either died out (due to the people dying out, or forgetting them), or that were no longer identifiable as real covenants, were brought to and end. Many people being born into covenants that they no longer knew about or honored were brought to an end at this time.”

Chapter 118. The Great Dissolution

Received from Mir Benyamin: “It is viewed as an act of mercy on the part of Mithra and Mir Fratama to liberate the Light and to cause a collapse of the physical universe(s) into a lump/bolus.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”This world and all of creation does not have the time we think it has have. In point of fact the physical creation, that part of creation mired in matter, is coming to an end inevitably. Worlds come and go; systems come into being and blink out of existence…then there is the greater matter that the physical creation is coming to an end. Only that life has the potential of eternity is that which is connected to the Eternal One: God through a a covenant. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The dissolution of matter is an inevitability. The physical universe, emanating from the realm of the spirit, will one day, experience dissolution. The perfected souls being gathered up and returned to the presence of Zurvan. The notion that there will be life for those who reject God is a fool’s dream. Since there will be no physical place left to exist and no life for these beings in the higher realms.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “One day, there will be a great dissolution. At that point, matter will no longer matter as it will no longer exist. Invest your energy on what endures beyond matter.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “In Sanskrit, the Great Dissolution is called the “Mahaprahlaya”. Hindu religious texts are correct about the Great Dissolution, they are just wrong about this being the Breath or Sleep of Brahman. That it is a cyclical thing which it is not. (It is a one time event). They are also wrong about when it is to happen. Hindu teachings point to a far distant time when this will occur, all assemblies of the Religion of Light are clear to teach that the Great Dissolution is not some far distant event, but an impending occurrence that will impact all life in the physical creation.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The point in knowing about the Great Dissolution is not to instill fear or panic in anyone. On the contrary, it is to wake people up to what is really going on and to encourage them to do the work needed to transcend physical existence so they will be spared extinction. You cannot prepare for what you do not even know exists.”

Chapter 119. The Great Flood
Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “When the flood came, ice from both the northern and southern poles was melted, evapourated and then released down onto the earth, which was like literal floods from a rushing, broken dam coming down out of the heavens. In ancient times there was a large amount of ice in the north and south.

The flood was a different situation for various cultures – what I mean is that the flood was not as heavy in every single land or populated area. For some it was just enough to wash away houses and other structures, with people drowning. In other areas, it was so heavy that it caused deep abysses in the earth. Think of how a constant source of water, with enough force, even from a water hose, in a single spot can bore out a hole in the soil. This is the cause of many of the abysses in the earth today – the rains were so heavy in certain spots that it basically bored out holes deep into the earth’s surface. In other areas, the waters that came down was commanded to freeze, removing all life in those particular areas – especially in places that were not accustomed to this.

In other areas where people did not drown, they died of hunger because of livestock and crops being washed away, and the fact that wells were contaminated because of filthy surface water mixing with the well water.

Some lands did exist in what people now call the Atlantic Ocean up as far as south of the Norwegian Sea. There were mountainous areas from the east of North Carolina USA to the tip of South America.

The flood did not literally cover the entire globe. When we speak of the flood or deluge covering the entire globe it is symbolic and refers mainly to the fact that it had an affect on all the earth’s population, human, animal and plant life.

When the waters subsided, some of the land as I mentioned above in the Atlantic Ocean, remained covered. There were of course other areas as well.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “There were continents that existed before the flood and after the flood there were some that never returned to the surface after that.”

Chapter 120. Growth

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Zurvan provides us many opportunities to grow spiritually. We need only be conscious enough to perceive them and use them wisely.”


Chapter 121. Happiness

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The notion that we need something to happen in order to be happy is self imposed. Change the criteria, change the outcome.”

Chapter 122. Halal and Haram Foods

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Regarding Ashavan who are stuck in an environment where there is no other source of food save what is available from Muslim markets: A simple blessing over the food to remove any spiritual impurities, followed by a prayer of thanksgiving to Zurvan for being the true Giver of Gifts should be offered by the Ashavan.”. 

Received from Kharba Awraham: “It is important for all Ashavan to know that what is defined as “Halal” is not what it claims to be! In Islamic thought the distinction of something being permissible is called “Halal”. When something is considered forbidden it is called “Haram”. You will people saying “That is Haram!” in an Islamic community a lot. Anyway, when it comes to food, Haram foods are similar to non-kosher foods. Then there are Halal foods. Halal meat is considered important to Muslims. Similar to a Kosher food having the blessings of a Rabbi over it, Halal food and Halal meat in particular, has the butcher invoking Allah over the meat before slaughtering it. We know for a fact that “Allah” is not God but an evil Jinn. a destructive moon god out of the Saudi peninsula. When anyone invokes ala, they are invoking a demon. So when these Muslim butchers are saying invocations to allah, they are not blessing the food but cursing it. Stay away from all Halal food because (using their terminology for the moment) it is Haram.”

Chapter 123. Hamas*

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir:“The only thing on the mind of Hamas and its supporters is violence. They do not understand anything else. They have no comprehension of the definition of peace. They do not wish for peace, but violence and death are what they crave.”
*(A Palestinian terrorist organization).

Chapter 124. Hatred

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The capacity to hate is never an accomplishment. Even animals don’t bother with it.”

Chapter 125. Hermes Trismegistus

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Hermes Trismegistus is another incarnation of Mithra. It is actually, Thoth but how He was known later, in Greece and beyond. Like most works related to Divine Messengers, after a time, when people move beyond the epicenter of a manifestation, the teachings gradually become corrupted.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”We know that Hermes Trismegistus original teachings were corrupted. Those who came after Him developed their own teachings and practices based on those teachings.

Chapter 126. Hermeticism

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Hermeticism is a occult system that was attributed to Hermes Trismegistus (“Thrise Great Hermes”), who was an incarnation of Mithra, Himself. It was another name, also, for Thoth who, again, was an incarnation of Mithra but in Egypt. It was an occult system revolving around a real Incarnation of Mithra. The moral teachings of Hermes are the most relevant. Those that point people to the One God.”

Chapter 127. Hinduism

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Term “Hinduism” is a misnomer. The term conveys the idea that there is one unilateral belief among people of Indian descent and this is not so. The term could roughly be equated with the belief of the people of the Indus Valley Region, but still, this is wholly inaccurate since it does not encapsulate Indian belief on religion.

There is Vedic religion that was most popular in India. A faith that believed in the Sanathana Dharma, or “Perennial Truth”. The amalgam of beliefs and practices associated with Vedic religion, and its many offshoot religions are not considered to have a covenant with God in this day and age.

I do emphasize ‘in this day and age” because there are many covenants that God has established with mankind and we can only know of a fraction of these.

We know that there have been attempts to being the Pure Teaching of Mithra to India many times. There are trace elements that can be found in Vedanta. But there were many more adulterations, omissions and fabrications over time, completely removing the Pure Teaching of Mithra from view.

Mithra was known by many names in India over the ages: Adi Purusha, Sat Purusha, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna countless other names and forms. All initial teachings were always Monotheistic, teaching high morality and ethics. The further removed from the Pure Teaching of Mithra that society became, the more distorted the ideas regarding these manifestations and their subsequent teachings became.,

A person living Hindu religion today will adopt idolatry, worship of the Right Hand of God (mistaking the messenger for the message), caste divisions, polytheism, monism and any number of heretical beliefs and practices.

There are select groups that do have covenants with God in India and its outlying regions, but they do not adopt the beliefs and practices of “Hinduism”. Hindu religion offers no covenant with God.”

Chapter 128. Honor Killings

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “There is no honor in a so-called “honor killing”. Where there is no compassion, no mercy, there is no honor.

Chapter 129. Humility

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Better to concede the unknown with the option to learn, than tell yourself you know all things and have to explain why you didn’t.”


Chapter 130. Idolatry

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Idolatry is a sore subject to me. A subject and practice in which I absolutely despise with a passion.

If a person outright makes “Jesus” or “Krishna” into an idol, they are practising idolatry and are not a part of the House of God due to the fact that they are not worshipping the Divine Source – even if they do not know the Divine Source (they can know the Divine Source within creation itself – they could all actually learn from the Deists on this matter).

It is their ideal they are worshipping instead of the true object (Christ/Krishna/etc).

If they are honestly, purely worshipping/honouring Christ/Krishna/etc., they have a “safe place”; but if they insist on worshipping the idea, carving an idol out of a falsehood, they are practising idolatry and not considered as being a member of the House of God.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Idolatry is to worship that which is unreal. Idols are not only objects but thoughts, mental constructs, etc.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Some people may be loathe to abandon the preconceived notions about who and what God is, but as long as we look to these worn out mental images and project upon them the mantle of “God”, we are not seriously thinking about God, at all. We are setting up mental objects to worship, we are stumbling into idolatry where the idols are mental constructs rather than stone or wood.”

Chapter 131. Impermanence

Recieved from Smenkkhare: “Nothing in this world is permanent. Gold, silver, jewels, and the like, can all eventually become like dust in the world of darkness.

The sons and daughters of Light understand this, thus they do not focus their attention on gross material gain, but rather the spiritual treasures that are afforded to those who do the will of Zurvan.

Thus, the brethren are aware that only truth and light are permanent and they hold fast to this fact without doubt. However, those who have fallen in the trap set by the king of the underworld* give to him their crown in place of attire fit for a servant of the darkness.”

*(The evil one)

Chapter 132. Infidelity

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The fifth maxim is: “Do not be unfaithful to your spouse, or commit any form of sexual misconduct.” Having an affair is a very clear transgression of this maxim. But it is not just this one maxim that would be transgressed, but five!

Along with the fifth maxim, there is the second maxim: “Do not lie.”

(When a couple marries they make a vow to love one another and be faithful to one another. To say this and then transgress this is a lie. If the spouse asks where their significant is going and they make up a story that is a lie. So, having an affair incorporates lying to a large extent.)

There is the fourth maxim: “Do not harm any living being, neither abort an infant; and do not unnecessarily destroy any life including animals and plants.”

(To have an affair is to harm your significant other, it harms your children if you have any. But also, if the person they are cheating with has a spouse or children it is wrecking their home as well. So there is a lot of collateral damage being cause by this selfish act.)

There is the seventh maxim: “Do not deceive anyone.”

(Some might wonder what the difference if between not lying and not being deceptive. If someone asks such a person where they are going and they say the wrong place, that is a lie. To be deceptive is to give others the wrong impression. It usually includes lying but deception is to “give the appearance” of something that is not true.Say, a spouse pretending to go to work but secretly when to a motel to meet someone…that would be deception and that would be a transgression of the seventh maxim.)

And there is the ninth maxim: “Do not be a hypocrite”.

(The person cheating, if they are being honest, does not want to be cheated on. They are expecting their spouse to remain faithful while they are not. That is hypocritical.)

So, we can see from the Ashavan perspective, infidelity transgresses many precepts. The principles of any healthy relationship are:

Love- if you did not love this person, there would be no reason for the relationship.

Trust- you believe in the character and integrity of the person you are with.

Loyalty-You are exclusive to this person.

Patience-You work through any rough patches with this person.

Forgiveness-You don’t hold to any hard feelings to this person…within reason (I say “within reason” because there some things you are not required to forgive…infidelity would be one of them)

Basically, a couple should live in a spirit of reciprocity with one another. That anything they would wish for themselves, they afford to their significant other:

*You want be loved unconditionally? Love unconditionally.

*You want to be trusted implicitly? Trust implicitly.

*You want your loved one to be faithful? Be faithful.

*You want your loved one to be honest with you? Be honest with them.

*You want your loved one to be patient with you? Be patient with them.

*You want you loved one to be exclusive with you? Be exclusive with them.

*You want them to be forgiving of you? Forgive them.

As much as we may focus on the immediate parties impacted by such acts of carelessness, there is a bigger picture to such acts that needs to be understood, as well. Mitraya Tarendra, an incarnation of Mithra once stated:

Three things are against me, and I hate three things: False worship, unfaithfulness and a lying tongue.”-Tablet of Mir Tarendra 4:5

He also said:

You shall be faithful and truthful in all things.”-Tablet of Mir Tarendra 4:8

Unfaithfulness of any kind is an offense to Mithra as is someone who lies. The person who practices infidelity may not be thinking of their relationship to the Divine when they are engaging in such things but as the soul is with you all the time and it is a part of Mithra, you make Mithra have to bear witness to an indiscretion. The physical creation subsists within Mithra and the soul is part of the mind of Mithra within you. So a person’s actions are bright as day to God, Mother and Son and, in such instances, these actions would be an offense to them. So it is not just the spouse who is offended but the Divine Celestial Triad itself that is offended by such conduct.”

Chapter 133. Intolerance

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”The only untouchables in the world are those who insist on placing themselves above others.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”A clear sense of right and wrong should be in harmony with an unswerving dedication to acceptance over intolerance.”

Chapter 134. Isha Masiha (Yeshua Mashikha/Jesus Christ)

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “The physical appearance of Isha was in fact born in a womb, but Miriam was cleansed by the Presence of Mithra in order to carry out her mission of giving birth”

Received from Mir Garendra: “The Ashavan believe that Tutankhaten and Isha are one and the same, appearing at different periods of humanity’s history.The Apostles of Christ were aware of the fact that Isha had already taken a physical body in ancient Egypt during the time of the Tabernacle and that his body had been crucified* by the evil priest Pinhas.

*(pierced and hanged)


This was a physical crucifixion and has been part of traditional texts of Essenes – those texts being referred to as Second Pillar, or Tradition. Some* of the historical accounts written in what Christians refer to as the New Testament were accounts that took place during ancient Egyptian times during and after the Biblical account of the Exodus. The Religion of Light has always believed that Isha Masiha, as Tutankhaten, died a horrible and painful death.”

*(On the other hand, some of the accounts in the New Testament took place as they are recorded, in the first century of the common era.)

Recieved from Mir Garendra: “Concerning Isha in First Century Judaea, as Mir Fratama has said, the appearance was seen as “both physically and spiritually” by various individuals. Isha took a physical body when necessary, but at other times, he was of a spirit nature. An example of this is the account* of the Apostle Thomas examining the wound in the side of Isha after, what appeared to some, as a resurrection.

* (See John 20:27-29)

Those familiar with John’s account of the resurrection, can recall that Isha had the appearance of someone else after his resurrection.* Christ was a spirit being able to take on different images and forms as he has for centuries.”

* (See John 20:14,15)

Received from Mir Benyamin: “According to our Scriptures, Tradition and Revelation, Isha Masiha (Jesus Christ) is a Prophet and a Messenger, and, Son of God and Messiah. I would add, Light of the World, Saviour of the World, and I could go on.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “ Isha (whom the western churches call “Jesus Christ”), was a manifestation of Mithra. He appeared to the apostles who were representatives of the 12 tribes of Israel. He called the people of Judea to return to the original covenant of Moses that was made at Sinai. There were others children of Isaac that had already returned to the original covenant of Sinai, called the Essenes. The Covenant of the Last Supper was created to bring the Jewish people back into covenant with God as the original covenant was broken due to the corruption of the Israelites from the time of Solomon to the time Jewish people were taken into captivity by Nebachudnezzar. In the 2nd century BC, Mir Eresh Zademir (The Truth born of Mithra) appeared to the Remnant of the Jewish People as the Teacher of Rightousness and this community became the community of Qumran. The people were later known as the Essenes.

Two centuries later, Mithra appeared to the Jewish people who lived outside the Essene communities around Jerusalem. To bring them back to the original intent of the Covenant of Moses in the same manner of the Essenes. The Miraculous events surrounding the life of Isha Masiha are due to Him being a Manifestation of Mithra, the Right Hand of God. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “God only ever created one thing: Everything! Everything is, in reality only One Thing. Not the infinite variety of life that we believe we see. Everything is One Being. One Entity. Because God only ever produced one Creation, and this Creation is Mithra, and a Manifestation of Mithra has appeared countless times, with a myriad of names and forms in every world there is sentient life. One of these names and forms was called Isha Masiha (also called Yeshua Mashikha and Jesus Christ), then by those standards, it is accurate to say Christ truly is the Son of God. He is the only Son of God because God only produced one Entity, Mithra who is the entirety of all Creation.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “As foretold in the writings of Isaiah, the savior of Israel appeared in the First Century Judea. He was born into the Essene community, in the family of Joseph and Mary. This was the Angel of the Lord *manifesting in the form of Isha known to the Hebrews as Yeshua and Yahoshua and to the gentiles of the West as Jesus Christ. The purpose of His coming in that age was to fulfill religious prophecy of the coming Messiah or redeemer of Israel.”

*(A Manifestation of Mithra)

Received from Kharba Awraham: “ Because God was smiling upon the Essenes, God sought to restore the 12 Tribes once again to the Covenant of Moses. Isha went to 12 persons whom people refer to as the Apostles as they represented the 12 Tribes of Israel. In learning from Him, they were to go into the 12 nations of Israel and give them the good news that God was showering His compassion on them by bringing them back into the fold.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Isha preached the Good News to the people of Judea and through the Apostles and disciples to bring them back into the Mosaic covenant which can be seen in the Gospels where Isha states: “ I tell you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or dot shall ever pass away from the Torah until all things come to pass. “- Matt.5:18

This means he was calling them to recommit themselves back to the Torah and to the covenant of Sinai. This restored covenant had a name: The Brith Chadasha or New Covenant. Which was made with the 12 apostles who symbolized the 12 tribes. Sadly, the reasons for the manifestation of the Angel of the Lord in that era have been so distorted over the centuries, that only a few today even know these points of the narrative.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The sacrifice of Isha Masiha on the cross and the resurrection were intended to fulfill Jewish prophecy regarding the foretold Messiah. To validate their beliefs and to galvanize them as one people under One God. The outcome, due to wicked people who persecuted the Essenes and their families and persecuted the apostles and disciples, was that the message of Isha Masiha was not being received in its purest form.

Forunately, this was not the only reason of His Incarnation at that time. The crucifixion opened the door for all souls to be forgiven of their sins. Prior to this, if there were no sacrifice, there was no way of receiving forgiveness from God or having the stain of sin removed from the soul. It does not matter if a person believes in Isha or not, His appearance and sacrifice on the Cross gave all of humanity the opportunity to be redeemed in the eyes of God before leaving the mortal coil.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “After the physical departure of Isha, the apostles who travelled through gentiles regions, had a surprising response from the pagans who while oblivious to covenants and Jewish belief and history, were taken by the story of the life, death and resurrection of Isha. The concepts of life, death and rebirth being very popular among pagans as this was celebrated in their understanding of the passing of the seasons each year. Word reached the community of Apostles in Jerusalem that pagans wanted to worship Isha. This posed a bit of a problem for the Apostles as the central purpose of the manifestation of Isha in that age and the Brith Chadasha was for the purpose of restoring the 12 tribes of Israel to the Covenant of Moses, not to establish a new religion for pagans. From the perspective of those who covenant, the pagans who wished to follow God through Isha were Noachides, meaning they would not be lost to the Darkness due to their monotheism. But in following Isha, this placed these Noachides in a place that was neither exclusively Noachide, nor pagan, and they were not obedient to Mosaic covenant, the Essene covenant and not even the Brith Chadasha (many Christians today believe they are covered by the Brith Chadasha but because they do not observe Torah meticulously if at all, they are not within that covenant and are currently still Noachide.

There was an exception, however. When the head of the assembly of followers of Isha Masiha in Jerusalem, Mar Ya’aqbu ha Tzaddik or James the Righteous, heard of these gentile followers of Isha, he penned a letter that was sent to these congregations. It is known as the letter of St. James. In that letter, James outlined a way of life and a way of death and encourages these gentile followers of Isha to walk the path of Light. This letter constituted a covenant with the gentiles. In Aramaic it is called “The Limudah” and in Greek it is usually called “The Didache”. Most Christians today, who even know of it, do not understand it to be the original letter of St. James to the Gentile, they believe that the handful of sentences in their version of the Book of Acts constitutes the actual letter but this is only a synopsis of the letter. The Limudah (Didache) is the actual letter and covenant. Because virtually no Christian in this age even know this, this means they are not following the Didache and because of this, it places them in the Noachide covenant. If any gentile follower of Isha observes the Limudah, they are covered by this covenant and are considered greater in the Kingdom of God, if they do not and hold to the ideas of men, by the standards of the Noachide covenant they avoid the destruction of the soul but are considered lesser in the kingdom of God.”

Chapter 135. Impermanence

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Never fear change. All life is impermanence. This is natural. Suffering comes from fearing a universal constant.”

Chapter 136. Islam

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “It is amazing how fascinated some people can become with Islam. This particular false religion is taking the West by storm. The Children of Light are highly offended when someone among their fold has even the slightest contemplation of entering into such a false religion. “

Recieved from Smenkkhare*: “Islam is a demon controlled ideology, full of darkness, hatred and strife. The Islamic ideology was formed from the very depths of the kingdom of darkness.

Everything that Islam touches becomes unclean, for there is no holiness within it. The physical land of Egypt has been ruined because of the presence of Islam within it.

In addition to hating other human beings, Muslims hate their own kind and are never at peace with anyone. Islam has never been a religion of peace, but rather, an ideology full of violence and hatred.

There is no life in Islam, and there are no Muslims in paradise. Those who remain in the house of Islam are supporting evil jinns of every sort.”

*(Smenkkhare is one of the Four Pharoahs of Light. He is also the brother of Tutankhaten/Tutankhamun).

Received from Mir Benyamin: “I recall Mir Fratama once saying that “Islam is a culture of murder and rape.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “With the ferocity with which Islam has forced itself into this world, that by the will of Zurvan, it will be by that same ferocity and force that it will be removed from this world.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Islam is said to have conquered nations by the sword. By the grace of Zurvan, Islam will be conquered by the sword of Mithra.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Islam is a false religion. In order to be a True Religion, a religion must have a bona fide covenant with the One True God. The means by which the covenant made is only through Mithra. If Mithra is not present (and no intermediaries would suffice), and Mithradoes not announce that a covenant with God has been sanctified and established, and the guidelines of that covenant so the people may know what they are expected to obey and what to avoid, then no covenant has been made. If no covenant with God is made through Mithra, then no such covenant exists.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Islam was established between the man Muhammad and an evil Jinn. Islam is considered by God to be an abomination as it sends all its adherents directly to the hell to await the destruction of their souls. Many innocents have been deceived and will lose any hope of eternal life due to the false religion of Islam.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “There are some Muslims that have entered Purgatory and abandoned their false doctrines in order to serve God. Many of the Sufi’s such as Jalal din Rumi, Hazrat Inayat Khan and the Naqshbandhi’s have left Purgatory and entered Bahisht as saints. Unfortunately, this is more the rare exception than the rule.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Europe will cave to Islamic Shariah inevitably. Social democracy is passive. Islamic Sharia is aggressive. When the population in Europe, both with immigrants and converts, reaches the tipping point, Europe will have lost a battle that it was too drunk to realize it was in.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “In light of prophecy, there will be a full on Sunni -Shia War one day in the not too distant future. It may start with small skirmishes between rival terrorist groups in a given region, but then this will escalate to bigger and bigger groups in battle.The Islamic nations being only puppets to the Jamaat’s within that nation.’

Section 2. Women in Islam

Received from Mitraya Tarendra” As far as Muslim women are concerned, if given the chance, more than 60 percent would leave Islam to gain freedom. They are beaten physically and/or verbally into silence and say nothing. They yearn for a paradise of peace for themselves and their children.”

Chapter 137. Isolation

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Those who live in isolation, who struggle with this…can leave themselves exposed to the world of false religions and false ideologies if they are not discerning.

It is a great blessing to live and worship alongside your brothers and sisters if at all possible. But there are many who will not have this opportunity. They struggle with the hardship of isolation and it can be grueling to say the least.

For some being isolated can be like being a prisoner in solitary confinement. It is considered one of the more brutal forms of punishment to leave a prisoner alone by themselves for days, weeks, months at a time. For some believers, extended bouts of isolation feel something like this.

Then there are others who walk the path of the saints, who use this time to commune with God, Mother and Son. It takes a rare individual to transform a period of isolation as an opportunity for heavenly communion.

I have seen too many people fall by the wayside because they could not handle the isolation. They become vulnerable to the ideologies of others. Their convictions are worn down or torn away entirely.

That is why we should arm ourselves spiritually the Three Bright Lamps (Scripture, Tradition and Revelation), we should arm ourselves with prayer, with religious observance, confessing our sins to God regularly. We should arm ourselves by associating with Ashavan regularly.

If we mature in faith, we can weather these periods of isolation, not as the prison, but as the saint, unfazed by the isolation but using it to their advantage to draw ever closer to God, Mother and Son.”


Chapter 138. The Jinn

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:”“There is no actual equivalent for the word jinn because spirits are seen as good or bad. The jinn in Islam is also either considered good or bad. The only thing comparable would be bad spirits and good or benevolent spirits – those who are God-centered. Only those who are truly in a Covenant with God and who are faithful to the principles as taught and upheld by the Religion of Light will be able to know the difference between the two. “

Chapter 139. Joining the Ashavan Faith

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Upon entering the Covenant – a prayer acknowledging the One God, the Covenant that is made, the points of the teaching are summarized, and a vow to remain faithful to the teaching – this makes a person a member of the Covenant.”

Received from the Maethana Asha: “This is the process whereby any person may entern the New Mithraic Covenant and become a member of the religion of Asha:

1. Make the Profession of Faith:

In the presence of at least one or more Ashavan witness the individual verbally makes this profession:

I confirm that Zurvan is One, Invisible and Unknowable except through the influence of Anahita and a covenant through Mithra.

I confirm that the New Mithraic Covenant is the final covenant for all mankind.

I vow to remain faithful to the Pure Teaching of Mithra in Asha.


(The Profession of faith can be witnessed in person or via the internet or other means.)

2. After the Profession of Faith, the individual takes a ritual bath or shower. (During the bath or shower the person can offer the prayer to the Divine Celestial Triad).

In the Name of Zurvan (with the hands in a gesture of praise at the forehead),

In the Name of Anahita (with the hands in the gesture of praise at the lips)

And In the Name of Mithra (with the hands in the gesture of praise at the heart).


At this point, the person is a member of the New Mithraic Covenant, and is an Ashavan (disciple of Mithraic dedicated to Truth and Righteousness).

Section 2. Entering the Faith in a Congregation

Formally entering the Faith before a congregation in a Nemana Asha (Local Asha House of Worship or local assembly or congregation) involves the recitation of the prayer of entrance, having a very small part of one’s hair cut if one is not bald, the hair burned in a special container, the individual receives a white cord that drapes over the right shoulder. New members can receive a membership card as well.

During the monthly* meeting for recitation of the Covenant, all members wear the cord they were provided.

(The monthly meeting is the New Moon service. There are other services throughout the month but this is strictl for members of Asha).

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Asha is open to all people as long as they do not reject the Creator or worship false gods. The step is easy to make but carries deep spiritual weight, however. When one enters Asha they make a profession before Zurvan, that is binding on their soul. They affirm to reject all other beliefs or practices. A person should never make the choice to enter Asha lightly. Even if the individual does not think of such professions as binding on their soul, Mithra does.”

Chapter 140. Judgement

Received from Kharba Awraham:”One sign we are in the process of ascending spiritually is the capacity to see the inherent oneness of mankind. Where we can see ourselves as one people, we are ascending. Where we are constantly judging and tearing each other a part, we are descending.

As there are many types of beings far beyond humanity, imagine if those beings chose to alienate us because of our human nature. They are beyond us because they do not suffer such a weakness.

If we hope to be worthy inhabitants of the Celestial Realm one day, we need to ensure that we cast off the weights of racism, caste distinction,tribalism, sexism,homophobia, prejudice, religious intolerance, elitism just to name a few. If we do not wish to be judged by others, we should refrain from judging others.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”

A person who cannot see beyond the boundaries of race, gender, religion, orientation,caste or politics, isn’t watching where they are going.”


Chapter 141. Kaaba

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Some say the black stone itself is a Sivalinga but today there is no such thing in the structure.”

Chapter 142. Kabbalism

Received from Mir Garendra: “Idol worshipping, anti-Torah practitioners of Kabbalah are thought of as part of the darkness. This thought is based on the words of expert witnesses and those who lived it; in addition to that, it is based on the words of Zurvan revealed to Mithra, given to Mir Fratama and eventually to the people who believe him to be their Lord.”

Received from Mir Benyamin: ““Kabbalah”, is the cause of massive divisions among the Jewish people. Many Yemenite Jews have considered themselves to be separate from the other Jewish people because of Kabbalah. Most Yemenites at one time rejected Kabbalah, even to this day viewing it as a form of idolatry. There are also Chassidim that have nothing to do with Kabbalah. The Sephardic Jews are divided on the issue as well.

It does not take a power of darkness to get one through a horrible period of persecution such as the Holocaust.

The idealistic view some people have about Orthodox Jews is often tainted by what they have read by others and by their non-experience with that community. Not all Orthodox are the same. In Israel many will literally stone other Jews who profess faith in the Messiah.

Kabbalah is a practice of darkness, disguised in Hebrew and Aramaic, wearing a Torah mantle. It is a disgrace to the people of Israel, a slave to the soul and one of the most blatant forms of idolatry. And I am not talking about the “new age” version. The latter is nothing more than ludicrous.”

Chapter 143. Kali Yuga

Received from Kharba Awraham: “It is not that there is too little Spiritual knowledge to be found in this age, but that too little is being implemented to any degree.”

Chapter 144. Kapila
Received from Mitraya Tarendra: ”This was a servant embodied and/or engendered by the spirit of Mithra.” 

Chapter 145. Karma

Received from Kharba Awraham:”It seem hard to imagine that humanity still has not learned the concept of Cause and Effect; Make positive conditions and you receive a positive outcome; make negative conditions and you receive a negative outcome. Simple right? Then why is it that humanity insists on making negative conditions on a global scale but still conducts itself as it is fully expecting a positive outcome?”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Karma unfolds all the time. Not only when we are aware of it. We may not be sure what caused it, but we can be sure about what we do next.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Good acts make your life better, bad acts make your life worse. God is waiting for you to stop sticking your finger in the light socket.”

Chapter 146. Kemetic Religion

Received from Smenkkhare Djeser Kheper (On the differences between Egyptian polytheism and Atenist Monotheism): “This is one of the differences that separates Atenists from some others who claim to practice ancient “Kemetic” religion. Most of the latter are more curious about ancient Egypt while others are classified as those who practice neopaganism. They attempt to worship all the various manifestations and aspects of the Lord of Life (Mithra) as gods and deities.”

Chapter 147. Knowledge

Recieved from Smenkkhare: “There is never enough time in the day, nay in the entire lifetime of a man, to read and study the writings of the sons of men so as to gain perfect knowledge.Truly, it is a hobby for some to read, and yet for some men it is to gain a perspective of others on any given subject.

None should be chastised for such; unfortunately, however, it is a crutch for many other men and women.These latter ones will never gain the truth, and they will never gain the divine state* if they do not abandon that which is false.

*(To be perfected and reside in Bahisht)

It is because the latter choose to base their faith on the theories* of the sons of men rather than upon the golden gems of truths flowing forth like blessed milk and honey from the hand of the Lord above the Horizon. True knowledge is divine knowledge*, and only the knowledge of Zurvan will provide one with the way to eternal life in Bahisht.


Oh you children of earth, when will you cast away your desire for falsehood, pretence and forms? Come unto Zurvan who provides you many opportunities to gain true knowledge at His Table of Light. Come unto Him and occupy yourself with the truth and its work.

Fill yourself with the bounty upon His Divine Table. This bounty of food awaits all those who truly seek it. Oh Zurvan, Lord above the Horizon of Light, spread forth the knowledge of Your way throughout the land for the benefit of all peoples, nations and tongues.”

Chapter 148. Krishna

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The phrase used in our ancient texts (regarding Krishna/Mithra) is “Mirror of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “I despise the use of the word “supreme” when it is used in references to anything in creation.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “In this case the “blue skin” is often used as representing divinity or having divine qualities.  This was not a physical aspect of Krishna. Otherwise,if someone has blue skin they would no doubt need some oxygen and very quickly. “ 

Received from Kharba Awraham: “(Regarding the blue skin attributed to Krishna) Something like this is used when representing Rama, Some of his brothers and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as well. The focus on a skin tone or color and that this  hue or coloring seems to be used to reperesent a saintly or holy nature. Kind of like how, in western christian art, that angels and saints are depicted with a penumbra or halo or wings. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mithra appeared in India 3000 years ago. He was known as Krishna, the All attractive One. Mithra appeared to bring a covenant to the people of India, however, very soon after his departure, individuals altered His teaching, Notions of multiple gods crept back into the society once again. Distortions in the concept of reincarnation crept back into society, superstition, idolatry, caste, and unilateral pacifism (ahimsa). The concept that Krishna is God is anathema to the Abhidharma 0r Higher Dharma of Mithra.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mithra appeared in India over 3000 years ago in the form of Krishna to bring the Pure Teaching of the One God to that region. He was known as the Mirror of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. However, soon after his departure from this region, pagan perverted his Pure Teaching, adding false doctrines and false fables regarding Krishna. Three thousand years later very little is left of his pure teaching in the vedic culture or of Sanathana Dharma. “

Chapter 149. Kshathra Vairya

Recieved from Mir Garendra:”Kshathra Vairya is a manifestation of Vohumanah. Vohumanah, for clarification, is a combination of power/energy from Mithra. In the Tarendran Mithraic tradition he is referred to as Mir Atarepata. Within Asha, it is best to refer to him as Kshathra. Other names are: Kshathra Vairya and Shahrevar. These names are also applied, at least in Mithraic tradition, to various others, including Mir Fratama. Kshathra will provide an outline and/or list of sacred texts, beliefs, liturgical texts and other necessary materials. He was appointed to assist you* in various tasks related to the Ashavan mission.”

*(Kharba Awraham)


Chapter 150. Language of the Angels

Received from Mir Garendra: “When the angels or other celestial beings speak to humanity, it is most often in a language that is understood by the one being spoken to. So, if an angelic being speaks to someone in India, it might use Malayalam or any other language commonly spoken in that particular land.

Thus, with that in mind, it should be understood that languages spoken on earth were constructed and developed by humans over great periods of time, and any human language is not necessarily “holy” in the sense of heavenly things being “holy” – but in the sense of being highly sanctified by one or more groups. This is one reason why Shubkha referred to it as “holy”.

In some cases, angelic beings have spoken in Syriac/Aramaic and one or more persons translated for the benefit of the rest of the audience. The fact that many instances are recorded where Syriac/Aramaic was used is because it was the language understood by the people at the time the message was being relayed.

In the celestial realm, Syriac/Aramaic is also used at times, but more often other languages that have never been heard in the earth.”

Chapter 151. Lexicon of words in Asha

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “We in Asha have the blessing of a lexicon of terms unique to our faith. This lexicon consists primarily (though not exclusively) of terms given my Mithra and the Amesha Spentas. There are also some terms that are of Indo-Aryan origin befitting its origins.
Some may wonder of what benefit is using such term?

First, other than proper names, there is no injunction requiring any person to use them, meaning they can simply use their own language for these terms as needed, if they are more comfortable doing so.

Second, it is a sign of unity, of solidarity, of ones devotion to this path. While no person is required to use them, it is auspicious for those who do.

Third, if a person was wary about using such words in their own lexicon, consider how, you may already use many words of different cultures, especially as they relate to religion and spirituality:

*A person who embraces Hindu beliefs or philosophy is using many Sanskrit or Hindi terms.
*A person who embraces Zoroastrianism is using many Pahlavi terms.
*A person who embraces Buddhism is using Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan or Japanese terms.
*A person who embraces Judaism is using Hebrew terms.
*A persoh who embraces Christianity is using Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, Greek, Arabic, or Coptic terms.
*A person who embraces Islam is using Arabic, Farsi or Urdu terms.
*A person who embraces Sikhism is using Gurmukhi and Punjabi terms.
*A person who embraces the Bahai Faith is using Arabic and Farsi terms.

So, the idea of adopting terms for religious or spiritual purposes is not so foreign to any of us, in reality. Adopting a lexicon for one’s faith is a fairly organic process. Its use should be done out of a desire to draw closer to the faith, not viewed as a pre-requisite for entering the faith, however. “

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Asha has its roots in ancient Indo-Iranian civilization. There are some words and terms that can be identified as Persian, some Sanskrit, even some Aramaic. But there are words and terms that defy such classifications entirely. Where are they from?

Just as the Mithraic covenant comes from Mithra and the faith of Asha is sanctified by Him, so too, the very words specifically given for use by the Ashavan by Mithra hold great spiritual weight for us.

These words are given by Lord Mithra for use in our spiritual life, in our living of the Mithraic covenant and leading an Ashavan way of life.These words are words not of this world. They are of a higher order entirely. They are sanctified by Mithra and permitted for us to use.

It is for this reason that the Ashavan Lexicon of words should be used with deep appreciation and reverence. A language of the celestials, themselves. Ashavan should learn them and use them in the proper context and always in the right spirit as they were given.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Asha has its roots in ancient Indo-Iranian civilization. There are some words and terms that can be identified as Persian, some Sanskrit, even some Aramaic. But there are words and terms that defy such classifications entirely. Where are they from?

Just as the Mithraic covenant comes from Mithra and the faith of Asha is sanctified by Him, so too, the very words specifically given for use by the Ashavan by Mithra hold great spiritual weight for us.

These words are given by Lord Mithra for use in our spiritual life, in our living of the Mithraic covenant and leading an Ashavan way of life. These words are words not of this world. They are of a higher order entirely. They are sanctified by Mithra and permitted for us to use.

It is for this reason that the Ashavan Lexicon of words should be used with deep appreciation and reverence. A language of the celestials, themselves.Ashavan should learn them and use them in the proper context and always in the right spirit as they were given.”

Chapter 152. Liberation of the Soul

Received from Kshathra Vairya: “”One must obtain divine wisdom in order to be granted freedom from the chains of darkness, thus being liberated from the clutches of the evil one and her son the dragon.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “One of the greatest goals we have,second only to hope for reunification in the One, Universal Soul, is to help others to be free of the evil one”.

Received from Kharba Awraham:”We have no control over whether physical matter dies. We do have control over whether consciousness dies, however. And that is what we are: streams of consciousness. (another term for souls).”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “You can’t save a world when the very physical creation it currently resides in, is slated for destruction. You can save the souls on that world, however. But those souls are receptive, are awakening, only if they are actually willing and only if they are all of doing all this before the physical creation itself comes to an end.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “True freedom… true liberation comes from awakening to the knowledge that you are not physical matter and the importance of transcending matter before all matter dies. Any teaching that is true will lead to a covenant with Mithra.”

Chapter 153. Living in the Moment

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The more time you spend replaying memories, the less time you have for creating memories.”

Chapter 154. Loneliness

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Loneliness is sensory deprivation.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If you look at your reflection and reach out, it reaches back. Others are a reflection of you. Loneliness ends when you reach out.”

Chapter 155. Love

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Divine Love never has to be earned nor proven. It is offered to all, unconditionally. It is because of this that it is largely ignored.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Why seek love from any source but Love itself? Why seek Compassion from any source but Compassion itself? Go to the Source and stop settling for less”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The light of Divine Love burns away the Darkness. Fear, Hatred and Igorance are consumed in the Unkindled Fire* of Divine Love for Zurvan.”


Received from Kharba Awraham: “You are loved, more than you will ever know, and you have nothing to fear. Remember the first point and you never get stuck on the last.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Pure Love is not possessive Love. Attachment and fear of loss can be disguised as Love in the realm of matter.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”Obligating others is not the same as loving others.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”The greatest way to express our love for another is not through trying to possess, but allowing them freedom to find what makes them happy.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”Wanting to be loved is not the same as not being loved, only a lack of awareness of a pre-existent state.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Love can motivate in ways fear can never touch.”

Section 2. Loving Kindness to all Communities of the Religion of Light

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “I wish for each of you to continue generating loving-kindness towards one another, and to bear one another up, to assist each other spiritually and physically, in all times, favourable and unfavourable.

The love you demonstrate toward your brethren is an indication of the love you have for God, and is a sign that you are a true follower of our Master.

In addition to this, brethren, when it is possible, care for the needs of those who are unable to assist themselves, even if they are not of the Religion of Light. Allow the Spirit of truth to help you in discerning such matters.”


Chapter 156. Ma’at

Received from Sister Chandri: “For those who do not know, Ma’at symbolizes wisdom, justice, the law and Akhenaten himself. Ma’at is not worshiped.”

Chapter 157. The Mahdi

The following teaching was given by Mitraya Tarendra to Kharba Awraham:

The so-called Mahdi is a son of darkness who will come to deceive some of the people of Islam, cause conversions to Islam and to establish a false messiah which they will attempt to deceive some people in believing it is the returned Messiah. Not all Muslims believe in such a future character.

(In response to those who use the term “Mahdi” in general to mean a Redeemer or savior who will come)The term itself should be avoided, without avoiding the concept of a divine redeemer, making sure that the Ashavan understand that there is a clear difference between the true redeemer and the false, counterfeit Mahdi which will lead many astray from the Asha of Zurvan.

Although the word is essentially the same (Mahdi) for redeemer, or one who is guided, it has become synonymous with some Muslim factions. “

Chapter 158. Maitreya

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Maitreya is not a Buddha in the strictest sense, because a Buddha is one who has become awakened which implies a prior state of unenlightenment or an unawakened state.

Maitreya is Mithra,the One Created Being in which we are all a part. A Buddha, except for the Adi Buddha Himself, who is Mithra and the Paramatma, is a sentient being who starts in one state of consciousness but awakens to a greater reality. Maitreya eternally exists in Existence, Knowledge and Bliss (Sat Chit Ananda), making the designation of Buddha or Bodhisattva to the Real Maitreya, a human misconception.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”There are many in the world who long for the Savior “Maitreya”. Little do they know it is Mithra Himself that they long for.”

Chapter 159. Manifestations of Mithra

Received from the prophets of Den Rozhn:” In every generation, or when necessary, there descends Mithra or a manifestation of Him, to establish rules, statutes, and laws, after which He returns to His abode in which He created in the heavens. While below, He sojourns with us, for we have every kind of holy places. In each time in which He appeared to us, He confirmed the saints, He spoke in our languages. He illuminated our teachers, the prophets and the priests and all the lay people were edified by the Pure Teaching of the God of Compassion who had sent Him.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” Mithra sends down many Manifestations into the worlds over the ages. Mithra is very clear that He does not want us to obsess over these forms, however.
Whenever He appears in the world, it is to teach humanity how to be free of the dying creation.
The problem is: Humanity has this incredibly bad tendency to make idols out of almost anything: be they objects, living beings, thoughts, fantasies, and so on.

It is all too common, then, for people to wind up turning the Manifestation of Mithra into an idol, rather than receiving Gnosis from the Manifestation of Mithra. Zurvan provides us with the key to be free of our prison cell. We then take that key into our cell and covet that key, never using it to leave the cell. That is to lose all understanding of why God sent us the key in the first place.

Those who fixate on the image of a Manifestation of Mithra are in the same boat as those who ignore the Manifestation of Mithra, sadly. Since neither of them use the opportunity of the appearance of the Divine Manifestation nor the Pure Teaching of the Divine Manifestation for the reasons they were given: To liberate our souls.”

The greatest way to honor a Divine Manifestation of Mithra? Listen to His Teaching and apply it in your life, which leads to the liberation of your soul from the dying creation. In other words, receive what He has offered and use it for the purpose it was given.”

Chapter 160. Mars

Received from Kharba Awraham: “”In a conversation with Mitraya Tarendra about the planets in this solar system the Divine Messenger confirmed that Mars, at one time, had been a habitable world with sentient, humanoid life and civilizations upon it. Mitraya Tarendra confirmed that those spirits that did not have the opportunity to reincarnate on Mars due to the planet becoming uninhabitable, had the opportunity to  incarnate on Earth.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “A long time ago, in the early days of human existence on Earth, there would have been reincarnated souls that never had the chance to complete the process on a world in our solar system. That would have been those who had lived on Mars once, but due to the planet dying, had no chance to spiritually progress. There were those souls who would have had that chance. As far as now, that is not likely.”

Chapter 161. Mass Destruction

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Catastrophic events (mass destruction) is held back from taking place, for the most part. Sadly, left to their own whims, the evil population of mankind would have killed off all of humanity long ago. Man will realize he is not able to offer any real assistance in such a time and will become frightened of his future, running into the caves for what he will perceive as safety.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “In light of the era we are in, it has truly surprised me that some demonic individuals have not proliferated the world in dirty bombs. The materials have been accessibly for quite some time and people of evil designs have had the means, both to procure them and to unleash them as well. I believe it is only through angelic intervention that things have not been like this. That if it were not for divine intervention, the frequency and scale of incidents would be off the charts.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “As we get closer to the end of human existence on earth, Mithra has stated that the intervention will wind down and people will confront the evil that men do without reprieve and the fallout, both literally perhaps, and figuratively, for certain.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “If it were not for Divine Intervention, mankind, when it developed atomic and nuclear weaponry, would have gone ahead and used them, oblivious of the repercussions (mutually assured destruction). Sadly, is not the only time mankind has called its future existence into question.”

Chapter 162. Materialism

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “He who makes his living seeking gold from the mountain is never satisfied; better is it to have only one silver coin in your hand than ten-thousand gold coins in your house.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Mir Tarendra has said “ Reality is not found in striving for a pocket full of money. Strive for the Light of God and you will find reality.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If you believe money makes the world go around. Wake up! There is no current in your currency.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Happiness doesn’t come with a price tag. You have the capacity to be happy before you ever get to the checkout line.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If clothes make the man, then mannequins rule the world. Who you are is never defined why what you wear.”

Chapter 163. Matter

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Matter was not part of Gods original plan. The blessing of creation to make it habitable and a means to escape, are God’s Will while still allowing for the free will of Tiamat. God is bringing an end to the physical creation soon in the form of the Great Dissolutions i.e. Mahapralaya. If it were Gods Will no soul would have ever been trapped in matter. That we must do much to be liberated is a byproduct of the limitations put on us by the temporal creation.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The physical creation was a corruption of God’s Will. God is bringing it to an end. The Light to the Light and the darkness to the darkness.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Matter is unreal ultimately, because it is not eternal. It has an expiration date.”

Chapter 164. Mecca

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: ““Abraham, on his way up from India, stopped off on his way to Canaan and eventually Egypt, and sent one of his servants to what is now called Makka/Mecca to bury idols which were brought back from his father’s home (idols of false deities).

After Abraham’s servant buried the idols, believed to be the exact place of Kaaba, a great fire came down and destroyed (melted) the idols, after-which turning into a stone (much larger at that time) – now seen as black (the black stone).

Abraham had been told that the entire population of India and Ur would be destroyed should those particular idols be allowed to remain.

The servant (Abraham) was guided to the appropriate place for burying the idols by Shiva. Once there, the idols were buried.

Shiva threw sand and small pebbles on the place where they were buried and it turned to stone.

After-which Shiva cast semen upon the stone and flowers grow around it as a reminder.

Abraham’s servant said, “He who worships in this place without repentance is doomed for no return from hell.”

Shiva said, “Let this be a sign to the generations in the days to come of the false worship of many nations from your father (Abraham).”

Shiva said that he would return to this place at a later time in human form to observe the events and humanity.

In order to do this he was required to take the form of a human and in this guise he would mingle among them and learn their human ways particular to them (Islam) but would not be contaminated by its corruption.

There was once a portal (that opens to the Horizon of Light – also called “Salem/ Shalom / Olmo Lungring / Shambhala et al.” near the place where the idols were destroyed, but since 1995 this is no longer the case.

Some say the black stone itself is a Sivalinga but today there is no such thing in the structure.

There were Sivalingam in the area associated or attached to the many dark idols that were brought by Abraham’s servant. This particular servant’s name is Tuate or Tuati.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Zurvan shall bring judgment against those who dishonor Him. Floods* shall take place near Mecca. Zuvan will destroy Mecca. His Truth and His Name shall be made known throughout all the earth. The judgment of Zurvan is coming against the people who worship in vain at Mecca. His hand is doing a work in the earth. His fire will devour the followers of Muhammad.“A series of events began Wednesday (11/25/09) to begin facilitating such a measure(i.e. The destruction of Mecca). These begin in gradual stages. Warnings should be posted that Zurvan is bringing judgement against those who dishonour Him, with relevant information as to the prophecies regarding the matter.And even their islands, they shall sink into the depths and shall be forgotten, even their inhabitants who follow after the false prophet, their names will be forgotten. Who among their idols shall save them? There is none. Woe to you Mecca, sea of idolatry.”

*(There were a series of floods in Saudi Arabia in the Fall of 2009. These were a precursur to what will happen in the future).

Chapter 165. Melek Taus

Received from Mir Garendra: “Some people in the West have continually spread propaganda that the “Peacock King” is a demon or the devil itself. This has not been limited to Western Christians, however; this is also spread by Muslims in the Middle East. “

Chapter 166. Memorization of Ashavan Relgious Texts

Received from Kharba Awraham:”It is not enough simply to read the Tablets of Light, or to copy and paste excerpts of texts from one place to another, Ashavan must make it their duty to know the information presented within its pages like the back on their hands. This means memorization of this knowledge.

Ashavan should read and study the Tablets indivdually and collectively. They should read them quietly and aloud.

More than this, Ashavan should transcibe the words by hand (This can be done either by writing or by typing). The longer you sit with the material, the more intimate you are with the knowledge presented before you.

When you transcribe the text as a spiritual practice, you should envision that you were preparing a volume of the Tablets for another Ashavan or a seeker of the Divine Light who does not have access to the information yet. With that level of dedication you should transcribe the text.

You should also make it your duty to read and contemplate the Manual of Ashavan Teachings (you do not need to transcribe this text, only the Tablets), and to be able to locate relevant information within the volume as needed. This requires familiarity with its contents.

Ashavan should come together regularly to read and contemplate both the words of the Tablets of Light and the Manual of Ashavan Teachings. They should read the verses of the Tablets aloud and and they should make the transcription of its words a personal meditation.”

Chapter 167. Memory of previous lifetimes

Received from Kharba Awraham: ” While memories are not normally retained in the afterlife, the Lord can bestow memories for a person if there is a reason to do so.”

Received from Mir Beyamin: “Mir Eresh Zademir, being one of the Elders, and within a physical body, is subject to illnesses as any other person on earth would be.

Mir Eresh Zademir, in ancient times, experienced illness throughout his life.

As the Teacher of the Religion of Light, it is also part of his function to “suffer in place of the people of rest and for some trapped in the world.”

Not that the people of rest (adherents of the Religion of Light) and others do not suffer, but their suffering is lessened by the presence of the Teacher.

His responsibility of assisting in releasing the Light from matter causes him, and the other Intercessors Elders to suffer attack from the elements of matter.”

Chapter 168. Merging of Divine Souls

Received from the Den Rozhn: “In November of 2013, as recorded in the Holy Book of Light of the Manichaeans, particularly the second part of the Prophecy of the Trees, Mir Fratama’s visual appearance disappeared from before several onlookers who were present with His Divine Presence and with Mir Eresh Zademir.The passages read:

“At that time, a great light shone forth from the countenance of Mir Fratama and it rose to the heavens and in the blink of an eye, the Lord, and His physical appearance disappeared from the earth.

Numerous angelic beings came down to the riverside and began blessing the Tarendrans and Mir Eresh Zademir.

The angelic beings placed a wreath upon the head of Eresh and said, “Blessing and honor is given to you, O King of the Religion of Light, for you have been blessed by Zurvan and by Mithra.”

The Tarendrans bowed before Eresh Zademir and blessed his name; and Mir Eresh Zademir bowed before the heavens and said, “According to Your will, Zurvan, according to Your words and all that You instruct through Your Son Mithra, I shall do.”

And a voice came out of the heights of the heavens, saying, “I am with you always, in times of goodness and in times of trials, for I am within my beloved one, Eresh Zademir. His soul has merged with that of my spirit* and you shall give unto him the same honor with which you have honored me.”

It was Mir Fratama’s outward appearance that is currently not present in the world, and because he is additionally a spirit being he is able to speak from heaven.

Mir Fratama has not left us; he is both in heaven and on earth at the same time. In his service on earth, he is within Mir Eresh Zademir, and he will have a physical appearance at a later time when other events in the future are to be accomplished.”

Chapter 169. Mershad and Mahvar

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:” Mehrshad and Mahvar were born in Olmo Lungring in the spirit. They were given physical bodies on 2 March of this year. In the past I have only spoken to a few people about them, but never mentioning their names, as being in Nepal and Israel. They have often visited both of these areas and others since they were thirteen, being given responsibilities at that time. This is why I have spoken of them being in those areas prior to 2 March. They were there then just as they are now, but now in a body of flesh.

When entering into the Horixon of Light the physical body was put off for a time. Before taking the physical body again, it was renewed. The renewed body will last for a period of time, and will again be renewed.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mershad and Mahvar were the very first Tarendrans. But soon after their creation, they ascended and are now gods/Yazatas/Meleks. Mershad and Mahvar took on the flesh to serve mankind at the same time that Mitraya Tarendra appeared in the world.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “During the Great Convocation in 2008, Mitraya Tarendra descended to the Earth on a fiery chariot. With Him were His Twin Sons: Mershad and Mahvar.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”While Mershad and Mahvar were born to The Divine being Tarendra and Adam, making them part celestial and part mortal, they chose to serve God exclusively and in so doing, became celestial beings.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Mershad and Mahvar are considered to be the parents of the Tarendran race. Their eldest son is Mir Garendra.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”In Asha, Merhsad is the High Priest. Mahvar is the most Holy Prophet.”

Chapter 170. Messengers

Recieved from Mitraya Tarendra (In response to the comment that many people today, get confused when multiple Divine Messengers are referenced in religious scriptures) “You mentioned how people often get mixed up trying to figure out which messenger to focus on. This phenomenon does not seem to be a problem among most people in the Middle and Near East who understand that there are successive messengers and that the current messenger is still carrying on the same message (with the exception of groups that have been established by Catholic and Protestant organizations and such).”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “ Sit at the feet of the Messenger and put aside all of your anxieties and mental pains. In doing this, listen carefully to what the Messenger is teaching you and permit His love and care for you individually to flow through your very veins and into your heart. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Divine Manifestation of Mithra has appeared on this world as Enokh, Marduk, Zarathustra, Krishna, Akhenaten, Hermes Trismegistus, Moses, Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus and many others.”

Chapter 171. Mindfulness

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Never feel foolish for saying what’s on your heart. Only for giving voice to what is heartless.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “In any ritual, there are two main prerequisites: That you think about it and that you feel something about it. If not the act is empty.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Don’t go to a Temple if you’re only going through the motions. God hates that. Go someplace that makes you think of God. He Loves that. “

Received from Kharba Awraham:” A group of people who will not take responsibility for their actions is not a community, but a mob.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”Taking ownership of one’s thoughts, words and deeds is required for spiritual development.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”Foresight makes hindsight unnecessary.”

Chapter 172. Mir Eresh Zademir

Received from Mir Benyamin: “Mir Eresh Zademir is also referred to as the ”the Great Physician of Souls.” Moses and Elijah (of the Hebrew/Aramaic Scriptures) are also referred to by the same title and a few others.”

Received from Mir Benyamin: “Mir Eresh Zademir writes a psalm almost every day in honor of Zurvan or Mithra or of one of the Divine Messengers.I have read at least three hundred of this year.”

Chapter 173. Mir Fratama

Section One: The Annunciation of the Arrival of Mir Fratama

Received from the Maethana Asha: “It is my great blessing to inform you that on February 21st, 2012, at 11:45pm in Nepal, the long awaited and prophesied World Teacher*, also known as the Maitreya Buddha, the Dharma King, the Kalki Avatar, the Second Coming of Christ, the Saoshyant among many other names, appeared to the world this final time.

*(Mir Fratama, the final Manifestation of Mithra in the world).

We were informed by Lord Shubkha** only a few days ago, of this monumental occurrence.This happened as it was meant to happen. We informed everyone we could given the time constraints we were working with.

**(One of the Yazata’s).

I wish to share a quote from the Scriptures of the Religion of Light that speaks that speaks about this occurrence:

During the decline of the Pure Teaching, in the days of darkness, a man of truth and righteousness shall appear, being sent down from Bahisht* into the world of matter. It is He who shall take great concern for the body of believers according to the powers of the Great Spirit** within Him and to His capacity as on inhabits a physical body.This man of righteousness shall raise up, as our master, the land of the body of the Religion of Light, and gradually assist in bringing its inhabitants to perfection in the True Light.

*(The Kingdom of Lights).

**(Another term for Mithra).

After the perfection of the seed people, the world of darkness will remain behind, eventually plunging into the abyss of no return while the seed people are delivered into the hands of the World Teacher in Bahisht after the Call no longer goes out into the lands and across the great bodies of water.

The world is like a tree and the people are like the fruit of that tree. Those who have no propensity to receive the healing light of the Sun become rotten and fall to the ground. When the World Teacher comes to take the tree up to Bahisht, only the hardiest of the fruit shall remain on its branches, and they shall forever remain within the Presence* of the Lord in Bahisht.”

*(Mithra is often referred to as “The Divine Presence of God”, or “The Mirror or Reflection of God”. Mithra reflects the Presence of God in Creation.)

We live in wondrous times. All who have ears to hear, I urge you to listen and to understand what is unfolding at this time. Mithra is a Friend to all who call upon Him in Truth*and sincerity. Mithra is another name for Mir Fratama.


The superior position on the altar is on the highest level in the middle, where the presence of the Highest Being is represented. By having single-minded focus and single-hearted devotion, one may come closer and closer to that central part of the altar occupied by the Highest Being. In this way one should envision sitting next to the Highest Teacher, next to His Blessed Feet, taking in the knowledge which He imparts through the Living Spirit and in turn through Mir Fratama to the disciple. Mir Fratama teaches all those disciples who have single-minded focus and single-hearted devotion.

No matter how sincere one’s devotions before an altar, if that one is not actively seeking purification from the darkness that resides within the human heart and mind, his prayers are like dust falling from a shelf to the floor.

Do not think that the Great Teacher, Mir Fratama, will ever forsake those whom He considers as His friends. To become a friend to Mir Fratama is to accept His Teaching. His grace and His provisions and to act upon that which He instructs in all things.

Faith is the friend of the man or woman who seeks to do the will of Mir Fratama. Doubt is the enemy of the person who lacks in cultivating proper faith in God. Faith is like a strong ladder over a wide and raging river, which enables one to reach the Other Shore.

Doubt is like an old wooden boat full of holes, which will cause one to sink to the depths of the river. Mir Fratama upholds those who uphold their faith in Him and His Teaching. Like the wind that is always invisible, but felt upon the flesh of your face, Zurvan, although not physically visible to the human eye, is always present and can be felt within your soul.

The initial purification of the heart, mind, eyes and hands first comes through wisdom generated by true prayer, by study of the scriptures* and perseverance in the removal of attachments. True purification from matter, which is the separation of light from darkness, comes through unity in Mithra. If the offerings in your heart are not clean, then the offerings on your altar are putrid and of no value. Go and purify your heart before standing before the altar of Zurvan. Seek to transform yourself to the Way of Perfection. Become what you were in the beginning**. In this way you shall return to the Divine Source from which you originated.

*(In Asha, this is the Holy Tablets of Light).

**(The One Indivsible, Universal Soul of Mithra in Bahisht)

Having firmly established your faith and trust in Mithra, having abandoned wrongful desires and attachments, having removed all darkness from your soul – you shall eventually go to abide in Bahisht which is beyond the realm of darkness and matter, where the Pure Teaching abounds, where all manner of enlightened beings walk in the Way of Perfection, learning the Pure Teaching unobstructed. The beginning of this process of transformation to the Way of Perfection is the cultivation of the virtues and the inner and the outward change of the various characteristics.”

Received from Mir Garendra: “Mir Fratama is both a spirit being and a physical being. What this means is that He is originally a spirit being – a manifestation of Mithra, but that he has the ability to appear in various places in a physical form on earth. He walks among the community members and speaks to them, giving sermons and talks at times, while other times he is with the community in spirit form.

Mir Fratama has the ability to manifest in different forms. Just as His Divine Presence has many names and titles, he has many forms. For example, he can appear in one form to one person or community, and another time he can appear in a completely different form with different hair or eye color. Mir Fratama is not limited to the physical forms he can take in order to carry out a mission.

One of the most commonly manifested forms made by Mir Fratama in recent times is through Mir Eresh Zademir in Iran.”

Received from Mir Garendra: “With him are many others. He is a manifestations caused by the Will of Zurvan. Within Mir Fratama are many, possibly countless Manifestations of his own and each of these also have Emanations. It is difficult to explain this fully in human terms.

One needs to have a basic understanding of “worlds,” “eras” and “ages” as understood within the Religion of Light. We believe there are many worlds other than the one that humans experience.

The word “world” is used to convey the thought of a world system (such as planets and celestial systems). Children of Light also believe there are many universes – not just the one perhaps known by human beings. There are long periods of time referred to as “eras.”

Then there are “ages”, or shorter multiple periods of time within a single era. Sometimes the word “generation” is used instead of “age.”

The Divine Messenger serves not only the human world, but others as well. With each era there are Divine Messengers and Emanations of the same. Within various ages of those eras, there are also additional Messengers.

Humans currently exist in the last part or phase of the Second World (there being three). Mir Fratama finalises everything in the Third Era, thus His Divine Presence’s name being “Third Messenger.”

So, in this sense he is the final Messenger, but there are other statements that indicate that some of his various Manifestations or Emanations will be present in the various ages until the final culmination of earth’s existence. This is true today. There are many “Mirs” in the New Horizon at this time and each of these are Manifestations and Emanations of His Divine Presence. It can get confusing if one permits it.”

Received from Mir Garendra: “Ashavan believe that the words of Mir Fratama are truth and that He only* speaks according to the Will of Zurvan.”

*(This means that only Mithra speaks according to the Will of God. This doesnt mean that other manifestations of Mithra do not speak the truth, or that holy prophets do not speak the truth but that, as a Manifestation of Mithra Himself, only He speak with pure unfiltered Divine Authority regard the Fathers’ Will).

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Mir Fratama has said that if you wish to see Him to look at your own reflection? Why? Because you are in Him…you are a part of Him. He is in you just as you are in Him. There are those select individuals that do experience a manifestation of Mithra in person, but not to establish idol worship around that incarnation. If the DIvine Messenger wanted to appear in all forms of media to all people everywhere, He would. That He doesn’t speaks to a deeper reality: That we are to move forward on the basis of  what we hear and what we understand, regardless of what we physically see. If you read His teaching and you cannot see His view, then what possible purpose would there be in seeing a physical body, other than to give you yet another excuse to resort to idolatry? ”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “The words of Mir Fratama are the thoughts of Mithra. Make them your thoughts. Make them your words. Let them be the motivation behind your actions in life.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”We are taught by Mir Fratama that all true religion is the practical implementation of a covenant with God. He teaches that the differences in true religion have to do with the differences in language, culture and expressions of the people throughout the world over the ages. Where the messages remain consistent, there is evidence of their inherent oneness. Where they diverge, are the byproduct of the cultural and historical attributes of that faith or the divergence of the people from the original instructions given about how to live that respective covenant. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “In the winter of 2012, in Nepal, Mithra appeared one more time. He appeared in the form of a young Persian man…for the purposes of Asha, we will refer to Him as: Mir Fratama (It was the first name He was known by by the religious communities of the Religion of Light at that time).”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mir Fratama appeared for numerous reasons:

*The Establishment of different spiritual realms adjacent to the Earth.

*The Establishment of the Throne of Judgement in these realms.

*To begin the judging of souls of this world.

*To further the development of religious communities and calling them to adhere to the heart of their respective covenants.

*To offer a covenant for all mankind.

*To establish a central Temple in Iran, and more.

Mir Fratama left the physical shell in 2015, approximately 3 years after His first appearance in Nepal. But the workings of Mithra do not end simply because He is not in the flesh.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The connection between Mir Fratama and Asha is that, on the request for a mission to do outreach to the many lost souls who exist in this world, who have no covenant with God, Mithra offered one final covenant to the world: The New Mithraic Covenant. The means of its implementation: The new religion of Asha.

We have Mithra’s teachings through Mir Fratama while He was on Earth. We also receive information from Mithra through those He selects to provide this information via revelation.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”When we speak of Mithra appearing many times and teaching in many ways, we often simply refer to Him as Mithra or the DIvine Messenger (since it is always Him).

When we are speaking of an earthly incarnation (the final earthly incarnation) we, in Asha, will often refer to Him as Mir Fratama.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Mir Fratama is the last of Mithra on Earth. The New Mithraic covenant is the final covenant ever to be offered to humanity and Asha is the final religion to be blessed by God and offered to humanity in order that those discerning souls left in the world, who understand what is being offered, may live this final covenant.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “(Regarding MIr Fratama): ” He is Mithra. If He were to say “The moon is green”, the moon, in that instant, would become green. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “We are taught that Mir Fratama is coming back to this world, once He has completed the necessary work in the adjacent realms* to our world. Until that time we are blessed to receive His instructions through the Teacher of Light, through Mershad and Mahvar, The Amesha Spentas,the 12 Catholicoi of the House of Tarendra, and the prophets.”

*(The adjacent realms being New Amarna and Terra Nova)

Chapter 174. Mir Roksha

Received from Kharba Awraham:”We learn from His Holiness Mir Eresh Zademir, that while Mir Fratama is the final Divine Messenger to appear in the final age, that there will, in fact, be one final Manifstation of Mithra after this.

That is Mir Roksha, a manifestation of Mihr Yazd, the Livin Spirit. He will return to this world to unite all Children of Light into one Great Tribe, and He when He departs He will take the Children of Light still left in the world at that time, with Him into Bahisht.

Mir Roksha will also return as a Judge for the rest of Humanity, bringing an end to human existence and to the world.

Mir Fratama remains the final Divine Messenger because He is the last Manifestation of Mithra that will serve to awaken souls in the world and bring them into a Covenant with Zurvan. Beyond the New Mithraic covenant there will not be another covenant offered to humanity.”

Chapter 175. Mirs (pronounced Meehr’s)

Recieved from Mir Garendra: “There have been countless Mirs that have manifested over the centuries.These are “countless” from the human and angelic perspective.

According to the Religion of Light, this is because they constantly manifest, sometimes more than one hundred a day for various purposes.Each of these are manifested from one source — Lord Mithra — He Himself being manifested from the bosom of Zurvan — thus they are considered as one.

The spirit manifestations are invisible to human eyes until such a time when the Divine Messenger is required to take upon itself a physical body.”

Received from Mir Garendra “In the divine arrangement, Mithra manifests in various ages as Messengers of Light for the benefit of all humanity.” Mir Fratama is the senior Manifestation. Some* of the Manifestations of Mirs have included, by name:

Mir Aaron, Mir Aditya, Mir Ajahn, Mir Aloban, Mir Barana, Mir Benyamin, Mir Dharo, Mir Fratama, Mir Garren, Mir Gidal, Mir Ikara, Mir Jonathan, Mir Keter, Mir Mattai, Mir Michael, Mir Misho, Mir Mitra, Mir Nehri, Mir Roshn, Mir Samir, Mir Sandeep, Mir Saul, Mir Tagal, Mir Tarendra, Mir Thoma, Mir Tonpa, Mir Yonatan, Mir Yoshua.

*(This list represents only a fraction of the Manifestations of Mirs throughout history)

One may call upon any of these various Mirs in one’s meditation and petitions.”

Received from Mir Garendra: “ In Asha, the term “Mir”* is used to designate a current or past Divine Messenger who is a direct manifestation of Mithra, as opposed to an Emanation of one of the Manifestations.

*(from the Middle Persian “Mihr” and “Mehr”)

Both titles “Mar” and “Mir” have the same meaning, expect that “Mir” is reserved

specifically for Manifestations.Two of the most prominently known Mirs include Mir Mahvar

and Mir Mehrshad*.”

*(The Celestial Twins)

To further clarify, the Religion of Light distinguishes between “Manifestations” and “Emanations.”

A Manifestation is a divine being that manifests spiritually and/or physically from the Living Spirit.

An Emanation is a divine messenger or other high ranking teacher that emanates from one of the Manifestations.”

Received from Mir Fratama: “Numerous times throughout history, my servant Mir Eresh Zademir has offered his own physical body as a vessel for my presence to come unto you and teach you the Way of the Truth.”

Chapter 176. Misleading the Ashavan

Recieved from Smenkkhare: “Unfortunately, the Ashavan could be misled by various ways by those with ill intentions. This is forbidden by the All-Supreme Pharaoh – known as the Messenger of the Final Age*, blessed be his name.

*(Mir Fratama)

This is especially the case when a brother or sister is led to break or defile one of the Maxims.The guilt of violating the Maxims is not only upon the one who actually broke them, but additionally upon he who caused his brother or sister to do so in the first place.The same guilt is placed upon the tempter.*

*(The one who causes a person to sin is guilty of the same sin that the brother or sister brought about).”

Chapter 177. Missions to Other Religions

Received from Mir Fratama::”I have spoken on the importance of not touching that which is unclean in the various false religions in the world. There are, however, occasions which I give some of the adherents of the Religion of Light a mission which necessitates an entry to a religion that has traditionally not been aligned with the Religion of Light.

I appoint certain ones from among the sons of men to carry out such a mission so that they may bring innocent souls out of those religions and into the flock of light.

I give my promise that those sent on such missions will not be touched by the darkness, so long as they are mindful of the Light from which they originated, for I will cause them to remember the Pillars, the Commandments and the Precepts in the covenant in which they had been called.

I know those whom I have called to enter the missions that I am sending them. Each is sent according to their calling by the very Will of Zurvan.

I have made a special and unique covenant with the individuals and families which I have called for these particular missions. They shall not be judged nor shall they be criticized for being obedient to their calling.

Such individuals are registered in the Maethana Asha by name, according to the record which I provide.

No one should be presumptuous or make assumptions that he or she has been called into a mission, without having already been confirmed by the Maethana Asha. Individuals do not choose a mission, rather, they are called by me and if they are faithful in that calling, they shall be blessed immensely.”

Chapter 178. Mithra

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Mithra means “Covenant, bond or pact”. Mithra is not only central to all covenants between mankind and God. Mithra is the living Covenant itself that God offers mankind.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Mithra appears on all worlds in Creation to bring individuals back to God. He does this by appearing as a Divine Messenger in every age and society. There have been countless manifestations of the Divine Messenger. “

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “You wish to see Mithra? Look at your reflection…look into your eyes. The person staring back at you is Him. If your mind is on Him, He is with you.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” Whenever and wherever God has ever made a covenant with mankind, Mithra has always been there, representing God, speaking for God, doing God’s Will.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Whenever God speaks to man, He always does so exclusively through Mithra.

It was Mithra who appeared in the world as Metatron the angel of the Lord.

It was Mithra who appeared in physical form as Enoch.

It was Mithra who established the covenant with Noah.

It was Mithra who appeared to Abraham as Melkhizedek, the king of Salem (The word means “Peace”. It refers to a heavenly kingdom and not an earthly kingdom. Mithra appeared as Melkhizedek, the King of the Heavenly realms).

It was Mithra who blessed Abraham and all his future children.

It was Mithra who Appeared to Moses on Sinai and gave him the Torah.

It was Mithra who unleashed the hordes upon Jerusalem and its people when they offended God.

It was Mithra who appeared to the remnant as the Teacher of Righteousness to establish the covenant of Qumran.

It was Mithra who appeared in the First Century Judea as Isha to restore the 12 tribes of Israel through the Brith Chadasha.

It was Mithra who offered a means for gentiles to ascend from paganism and the state of the Noachides to have a means to enter the presence of God with the Didache.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “All of creation. All universes, dimensions, realities, planes of existence, combined, are as a grain of sand resting in the Hand of Mithra.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “To love Mithra in one form and reject another, is to make a distinction where there is none.”

Recieve from Kharba Awraham:”Mithra speaks the Mind of God.”

Chapter 179. Mithraism

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The original teachings of Mithraism taught the pure teaching of Mithra. This form of Mithraism, when practiced by orthodox Mithraists, has an authentic covenant. The other forms of Mithraism, such as the form adopted by Roman soldiers in the west, was a gross distortion of Mithraism. This form had no covenant with God.”


Chapter 180. Mitraya Tarendra

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Mitraya Tarendra is the physical body while Mithra is the spirit body. The physical body of Mitraya Tarendra is subject to cold and heat, sickness, death, pain and pleasure, etc. just as any other physical body would be. Mithra works within and utilises the physical body of Mitraya Tarendra to speak to the world. In this latter age, the body (of Mitraya Tarendra) is spiritually generated instead of being born of a woman – that is the difference between the current body and previous bodies (all others – in most cases – were born of a woman).”

Recieved from the Maethana Asha: “There are a number of unique teachings that Mitraya Tarendra brought to light. Among these:

1.The existence of the Tarendran race.

2.The presence of the Children of Mithra in the world who exist in the flesh for a brief time. These are the reincarnated spirits of the many offspring of Earthly Manifestations of Mithra throughout history. They lived and died but by God’s grace, were physically resurrected to serve Lord Mithra in the final age.

3.The presence of Tarendrans of terrestrial binding* on the Earth.

*(Tarendrans placed on the Earth to be born in the final age to aid humanity in its effort to seek the Divine Light of God. They differ from the Children of Mithra as Tarendrans of Terrestrial binding have no knowledge of their former earthly existences.)

4. The knowledge that Sumerian ruler Enki and Enoch were the same person.

5.The unknown history of Egypt. This includes the truth that:

the Pharoah Thutmosis was the historical King David;

Pharoah Thusmosis was the biological father of Isaac, not Abraham;

God did not instruct Abraham to slay his son Isaac (or Ishmael) on Mt. Moriah; that the Pharoah Akhenaten and Moses were the same person;

that the spirit of Tutankhamun* was the same spirit that appeared in First Century Judea as Isha Masiha**

*(The oringal name of this Pharoah was Tutankhaten).

**(Yeshua Mashikha/Jesus Christ. In Kemetic religion, the body and the spirit of a person are clearly defined. It was the spirit or “ka’ of Tutankhaten that would later appear in First Centruy Judea as Isha Masiha).”

Chapter 181. Mixed Marriages between believers and unbelievers

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Many times to have a wife outside of the traditional western view of marriage, was mainly for children to continue the lineage. In ancient times many within the Holy Faith* have had to leave their spouses because of unbelief and the tortures related to a non-believing spouse. We once told a man in India who had an unbelieving wife: O you who struggle, if your spouse does not profess faith in the Holy Fire** then she is not my friend, and even you yourself are in danger of also becoming my foe. “

*(The Religion of Light)

**(The Holy Fire is a symbol of Mithra)

Chapter 182. Monism/Pantheism

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:” Most Monists and Panthiests have no covenant with God. There are various kinds of Monists, however, who hold to differing beliefs about what the Godhead is and few would likely fit within the Noachide covenant.”

Chapter 183. Moses (See also “Akhenaten)

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Moses was the name that the manifestation of Mithra was known by among the Hebrews. To the Egyptians, He was known as Akhenaten.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Moses(Akhenaten) was a Manifestation of Mithra, who received presented the Torah to the Hebrew people. All children of Isaac are expected to be obedient to the covenant that God made through Moses at Mt. Sinai.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Moses brought the Hebrew people, who were held captive in Egypt, to Har Sinai where he presented them with the Torah.”

Chapter 184. Muhammad

Received from the Prophets of Dev Rozn: “”Out of the darkness did the evil one send her servants to teach the man you know who is named Muhammad. He was unable to write down the message that was given to him by the dark being, but was assisted by a man who compiled the vomit from the mouth of the evil one into a book known to you as the Quran.”

Section 2. A Conversation Between an Angel and Muhammad

The following text was received from Mitraya Tarendra given to Kharba Awraham:

This text is from direct questions given to the spirit of Muhammad by the angels at the direction of Mitraya Tarendra, while Muhammad is in paradise . The following conversation took place in the modern era during the dispensation of Mitraya Tarendra.

Angel: “Where did you receive this information in what the Muslims call the Qur’an?”

Muhammad: “A wise man in the service of God”.

Angel: “Where was this man from”?

Muhammad: “He was an Assyrian”.

Angel: “Did you learn anything from any other source”?

Muhammad: “An evil spirit”. (In Islam this is referred to as “An evil jinn”)

Angel: “You wrote the words of a man and an evil spirit”?

Muhammad: “Yes”.

Angel: “Why do those of Islam destroy the people of God”?

Muhammad: “They do not know the true God”.

Angel: “Why is this”?

Muhammad: “The words of the true Qur’an are destroyed and man can no longer find them”.

Angel: “Did you destroy the original”?

Muhammad: “Yes, I and my servant”.

Angel: “Where is your servant”?

Muhammad: “I murdered him”.

Angel: “How exactly did you compose the Qur’an”?

Muhammad: “I wrote down the stories and lessons I had heard from the Assyrian and I consulted with evil spirits (jinn) to have additional writings in the book.”

The evil spirit told me to spread it forth to the people”.

Angel: “But you did not write the book, did you”?

Muhammad: “No, I was unable to do so. I had no ability to do such”.

Angel: “Do you know from where the Assyrian was sent to you”?

Muhammad: “No. He said he was sent from God, but I did not believe him”.

Angel: “He was sent from God”.

Muhammad: “I changed his words. I am tarnished because of my sins and the sins of those who believe I am God’s messenger”.

Angel: “Do you believe you are a messenger of God”?

Muhammad: “I was never a messenger of God, as I now know I was without knowledge of the true God”.

Angel: “Do you believe the Qur’an is a blessed or evil book”?

Muhammad: “It is of no use to the man who wishes to be in the presence of God. If a man chooses to remove the evil from within the book, it has potential of being a blessing”.

Angel: “You have said well. The truth contained within the book is known in heaven.”

Section 3. Muhammad in the After life

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “He (Muhammad) did not go directly to paradise. He was a troubled soul. The demons adored him. It took several years (for him) to get to his place of rest.

Section 4. Muhammad and the Assyrian

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The Assyrian in question (referenced in the conversation between the angel of God and the spirit of Muhammad) was not a Christian monk and was not associated with the larger body of Assyrian Christians. “

Section 5. Regarding the identity of the scribe who was murdered

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “No name is given by Muhammad. By divine operation, Muhammad is unable to remember his name.

Section 6. The Name “Muhammad” banned from use in the Heavens

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “His name was stricken from the book of creation when he willfully chose to enter into the depths of darkness with the demons who are like him.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: Mitraya Tarendra once said that in Paradise, the spirit of Muhammad is now called “Abadil”. This name was chosen as a replacement as the name “Muhammad’ Is cursed and stricken from the book of creation.”

Chapter 185. Muslims

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “When speaking to Muslims it would be a good idea to share information concerning family, social life, and the concept of shame and if the individual lives a life along Godly principles, their family will be blessed now and in the future – that false religion has done much harm to the family life and has veiled the light of Zurvan from the eyes of those who would otherwise be innocent seekers of truth – that being born in a religion does not guarantee anything and that it does not make it a “true religion.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “If they (the Muslim population) are in a better position of receiving the truth through a prophet, then a prophet will be provided. If they require Mithra to be that prophet and nothing more in their eyes (again we are discussing outreach to Muslims) then so be it. Speaking allegorically, if, on the other hand, they can appreciate creation by literally observing a tree before their eyes without worshiping the tree, then the tree does not have to be cut down.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Muslims have before them texts and verbal commands (leaders) that affirm and re-affirm their faith/practice daily. It will take a “walls of Jericho” event to tear these down so they can see what was within their great city was nothing but dust, cobwebs, and death.”

Received from the Prophets of Den Rozhn: “They are not My* people and I have not made a Covenant with them. They are children of the evil one, for they originate from the vomit of his very mouth. They are accursed and seek to do ruin among the people of God. “

*(The words of Mithra conveying the thoughts of Zurvan)


Chapter 186. Naga’s

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “While there are many myths concerning the naga* “people” and their interaction with human beings, etc. we do not subscribe to this as much as some Buddhist groups might.

We can think of the naga as a balancing force between nature and celestial, earthly and heavenly, much in the same manner as the dragon in Chinese and other cultures.

The naga, or dragon, is mostly seen as a concept (but not always) and the form of a dragon in the air or of a serpent around the neck or arm/wrist of an individual is seen as a symbol of balance that humankind can have with the Will of God.

This is one reason we use the Chinese coin either in our pockets or on a rope/chain, to symbolise our dedication to follow the Will of God rather than our own.

Similar coins/pendants were given out during Darshana at the Covenant to those who received Darshana.

On the other hand, there are some heavenly beings that have taken the form of a serpent or dragon to accomplish a specific responsibility/task.”

*(In Vedic belief, the Nagas were serpent shaped beings who, were not considered malevolent, generally. They lived in the netherworld and were the keepers of the elixir of immortality.)

Chapter 187. Nationalism

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Nationalism, in any nation, is a downward slope. It only ever results in a perceived lifting up by tearing others down.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Patriotism should not be confused with Nationalism. Patriotism is to love and defend one’s country (whether a person was born there or became a citizen of that country at some point). Patriotism is honorable. Nationalism is extremism, it is to view ones nation above all others. It is to treat all other nations as somehow being inferior to their own. Nationalism is less about the love of one’s own nation as it is the hatred of other nationalities. Nationalism is evil. It is laudable to be patriotic. It is a weakness to be nationalistic. Be patriotic, but don’t fall prey to the evil of nationalism in the process.”

Chapter 188. Native American Beliefs

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “One form of the Divine Name is “Dehyuwa”, almost identical to “Taiowa” of the Hopi Nation, whom they refer to as the “Creator God” or “Creator Spirit”, who began creation and handed over part of the task to a “relative” (nephew?) spirit.

You can see the similarity with the Father and Son creating the earth and all creation on it from this story with the Hebraic account. Also, a note of interest, the phrase “Hu Pi To Shen Ma” (“the remnant of blessed peace”)

I mentioned in my previous email, is almost identical to the Hopi phrase “Hopituh Shinumu”, which means “peaceful people”. ”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Mithra has been mostly known in North America as the Great Sprit (Gitche Manitou), but He did incarnate a number of times in the Americas.

In North America as Pahana and later as Wovoka, the founder of the Ghost Dance Movement.

In Central America, He appeared among the Nahuas (also called Aztecs), as Quetzacoatl, and among the Mayans as Kukulkan.”

Chapter 189. Naw Ruz

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “The New Year for Ashavan is March 1st (The first of Farvardin). It is also our celebration of Naw Ruz the second biggest festival on the Ashavan Calendar (after Shab I Yalda). I should say it is ‘our celebration of this” because for everyone else who celebrates Naw Ruz it will fall on March 20th and end on March 21st.

New Ruz is a Persian term meaning “New Day”. It is observed by others, like the Bahai’s. But we observe the New Day on the first of March as opposed to the 20th of March.

The First of Farvardin, then, is the Ashavan Naw Ruz. The Ashavan Naw Ruz actually aligns with the Jewish festival of Purim,which also is observed at this time.”

Chapter 190. Negative Thoughts

Received from Mir Garendra: “Negative thoughts can come from the evil one, but many people are not without the ability to keep those negative thoughts from becoming obstacles to spiritual development. By remaining close to God and living a virtuous life, negativity can be kept at a minimum.”

Chapter 191. News

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Between the spinning of news, to the extreme left or extreme right, and with the inclusion of completely false news, it is getting increasingly harder for people to rely upon what they are reading without research.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”It seems that for far too long people have just been assuming that their local or regional news agencies have been telling them the un-varnished truth, but have, more often than not, been spoon fed the information their editor’s want them to see, to illicit the thoughts and feelings and actions they want out of the people…a slippery slope.”

Chapter 192. Nobility

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The wicked descend to levels of depravity the pious would never consider possible. The pious ascend to levels of nobility the wicked would never imagine possible.”

Chapter 193. Nonviolence

Received from Kharba Awraham: “We teach nonviolence but the correct understanding of this concept. It does not meant to never use force. If evil is encroaching upon the righteous and the innocent, the one who is the peace maker is the one who removes the threat to peace.

Not war for war’s sake. Not for worldly ambition, power or politics, but a clear instance of good verses evil, right and wrong. Where the pious and the innocent are threatened.

One who stands by and allows that to happen and claims to be “nonviolent” is nothing more than a coward. It is always a matter of necessity. Be at peace whenever you can. Use force whenever you must.

Never allow the innocent to suffer. Never allow the evil one to plague the righteous. But always be sure your actions are pure, there should be no question that it is what Zurvan, through Mithra is instructing. If there is a doubt, there should be no action.”


Chapter 194. Observing Religious Practices from other Assemblies of the Religion of Light

Received from Mir Benyamin: “Brethren who were once participating in one community (for example, Netzarim) and who are now participating with another (for example, Manichaeans) often will continue celebrating the observances of their former community out of respect and since it was part of their family or heritage. It is ok to do so.”

Chapter 195. Oneness in Mithra

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: (In response to the statement that all reality is the Right Hand of God. That all reality is none other than Mithra Himself)” The Holy Writings speak of this same concept but refer to it as “all the purified peoples coming into the oneness of the divine family” – all the people, now alive have the opportunity to become purified and awaken to the truth that they are a part of the divine family, and that after passing from the shadow (fear, illusion) of death, the spirit is absorbed into the one family – that the divine family, while not being God, is a part of the right hand of God, the arm itself being Mithra, the hand being the purified tribesmen*.”

*(In this context Mitraya Tarendra was referring to the Children of Light as one universal Tribe).

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “The arm only operates as an extension of the body.Separate from it, it is lifeless.The individual is only relevant as an extension of Mithra.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Humans are components of a greater composite Being who travel together, unaware of their inherent oneness.”

Chapter 196. Oneness of Humanity

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “All of humanity came into being from One origin. All of humanity is one family. All of humanity is one family.”

Received from Kshathra Vairya: “All humanity is equal regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation or social status.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “We are all citizens of the same world.What affects one nation impacts all nations.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Anything that is keeping you from growing, from expanding your awareness and connecting with all life, is an obstruction you don’t need.”

Chapter 197. Outcast (being defined as outcast or untouchable in society)

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “The only outcast in the eyes of God is the person who enforces such meaningless divisions upon the souls of this world.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “I have a close affinity for the misfits in this world, the outcasts, because, I am one. I am a strong believer in “Hidden Gems”. That within those the world has cast aside and given up for dead lies amazing potential that will surprise the world. It will be among those who were cast aside, the misfits, the outcasts, that Zurvan will raise up a new society. A noble society, that is honorable and the epitome of virtue. Zurvan can purify and redeem those whom no one thought could ever be purified or redeemed. Even those who have given up on themselves.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”When a person’s’ value is linked to their genetics or blood line or place of birth etc., it immediately devalues everyone who does not have those genetics, that blood line or who was not born in that special place.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “No person is any more exalted due to blood line than any other person. All are equal in the eyes of God. We have a Divine Parentage, you and I. Zurvan (God) is our Father and Anahita is our Divine Mother. Collectively, en masse, we are part of the Celestial Son: Mithra.

So there are no outcasts, there are no orphans, there are no unwanted children, no unimportant people…all are valued. All have a royal spiritual bloodline. All are of the One Universal Soul, making each person royalty.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The next time someone tries to make you feel that you are somehow unworthy in their estimation, remember, that you have a Divine Parentage. If such persons wish to play such useless games…let them. What should you care? If you know where you are from, then it would not matter how many people turned their noses up at you, it is they who are living in ignorance.God wants His children to unite as one Family. Imagine the surprise those elitists will have to know their prejudiced nature did not bring them closer to the presence of God, but cast them into the distance.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “As long as people insist on parsing out the estimation of being “chosen”, we continue to overlook the reality that we are all chosen. We were all chosen, by God, to live. We were all chosen, by God, to return to our Celestial Home beyond the stars.

We just need to value God’s choice more than we valued the questionable choices of flawed, racist, sexist and elitist societies. These societies will die out and be forgotten one day, the inhumane conduct of the people of those societies will not be.”


Chapter 198. Pagansim

Received from Mir Garendra: “I can not tolerate the promulgation of

pagan ideals since they are not in line with the Religion of Light.”

Chapter 199. Paiwast Tamur (Samadhi Deva)

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:” I suppose we can begin with the birth of an individual. I will make a scenario to hopefully give the correct understanding of what this means, but please do ask questions.

A child is born and his parents only know that some clerics in the past and some prophets in the Assembly have told them that their child is destined to do great things in Zurvan’s Assembly. Sometimes the parents chalk these sayings up as good wishes and kind words.

The child grows in the knowledge of the Assembly and at about the age of six or seven he receives visions, visitations, apparitions (the whole works) and very often, sometimes daily and sometimes hourly. At first the child does not fully understand and is frightened at these things. Sometimes Isha Masiha Himself will come and give the child comfort. Sometimes the Spirit of Holiness will come a guide the child and remove all of his fears as to what he is seeing.

At first the child does not remember the things of the individual spirit that is attached to him. In other words, he does not know the history of the individual’s past experiences.

In other words, the child does not remember the pain and agony of the attached spirit who lost loved ones, parents, children etc. But on occasion these painful memories may surface (for example, if the spirit is of a Biblical character, the reading in Torah once a year may recount the death of the character’s children) but it does not linger.

Eventually as the child continues to grow he is educated in the Third Divine Lamp first with First and Second Divine Lamps later.

Various members of the Assembly, particular prophets of God and the Assembly of Elders, are notified about this child and plans start getting underway for his continued education in the Assembly and its traditions, usually on a one-on-one basis. The child may be required to travel to another country for his education or to more than one country.

Eventually (and sometimes immediately) the child begins prophesying about future events and starts writing text that he does not understand and oftentimes in a language that he does (not) speak. These texts are stored away and kept for years to come. Depending on who the child is, the text may form a part of the writings of the fathers, later on after his death.

There are also cases of other individuals who are not going to be serving as a Patriarch in the Assembly that God sends a spirit to them. This can occur either at their birth or many years later.

Sometimes the spirit remains with them throughout the person’s earthly life, while at other times it may be an occasional visit for guiding. These visits may last from a matter of minutes to a matter of years. These cases are rare, or perhaps rarely reported.

Even more rare, however, are those individuals who are not members of the Assembly, in which God uses in different manners.

Prophets of the Assembly are notified of such individuals and they are observed carefully, but usually never contacted.

Pope John Paul II was one of these individuals. Others included St. Edith (Stein), “St. Max”, St. Patrick, etc. These individuals, while holding to some heretical beliefs, were still used by God to get a message out and He knew what the outcome would be (of course).

We also have the concept that is shared in the Jodu Shinshu school concerning the vow of an individual for the sake of others. While they have some radical thoughts at times on this, it is somewhat in line with a teaching of the Assembly that a person can make a vow in this or the next plane of existence (entering Purgatory* and exiting into Paradise) where they wish to dedicate their spirit to God to be used in a manner that would assist others in learning His truth in one way or another.”

*(This message was received prior to the establishment of the Throne of Judgement in 2012. All spirits that had resided within Paradise, Purgatory and Hell of this world have since either ascended into Bahisht, or have been cast into the Darkness.)

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Devoting one’s life for the sake of others would be a noble cause of the individual if they have the right frame of mind and desire to truly die for their fellow men and women.”

“Our life does not belong to us. Our body, our soul, our spirit – all belong to God the Creator of the Universe.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “When we make a vow we must have the right heart and the right mind – the determination to fulfill it. A person may, if he so chooses, devote his entire life for the sake of others. He may dedicate his spirit to to be entrusted into God’s hands, specifically stating that he vows to be of service to his fellow men and women, even after entering into death. These spirits are dedicated to God in what can be called the “hereafter”. They belong to God and He uses them to continue spreading His truth among others, either in the spirit world or on this earth.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “In the case of this earth, God uses the spirit of the individual to bring His truth to others by placing the spirit within the body of another person. This is not reincarnation. It has nothing to do with such a concept.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Once the spirit is attached to the soul of another person of likemind, the person begins on a life changing path.”

The gift of “spiritual sight” that was given to Adam and Chava* was originally planned for all their offspring, provided they were faithful to the covenant concerning the Tree. This gift enabled them to see from earth and into heaven, but when they broke the covenant, this gift was taken away from them and consequently from their offspring. However, Enoch** and various individuals after him were given this same gift. This particular gift of sight is only given to a very few people.


**(At this point, Mithra had not revealed that He had, in fact, incarnated as Enoch in the world in ages past)

Not all of the prophets in the Assembly have this gift, while others do. There are also individuals who have been given the ability to see the spirits on a limited basis – for a certain amount of time to accomplish a specific goal or purpose of Mithra. The meeting on 2 March in India* was one of these particular moments. The individuals at this meeting were very spiritually mature and have been in the Faith for a very long time – many of them being raised in the Faith.

*(The Great Convocation. See the Section for a full explanation)

The Remnant will have this gift fully restored after Mithra comes, but I suspect more will be granted this before His arrival. The gift of “spiritual sight” is a responsibility, not a right, and a person should never say, “I want this gift”; it is not based on what a person wants, but rather, what Mithra wills.”

Chapter 200. Paradise

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Many people are looking for utopia in this world but the word means “No-Place”, a non-existent realm. What they really want is Paradise.”

Chapter 201. Parjanya, the Future of earth, the righteous and the wicked

Recieved from Kshathra Vairya: “Parjanya is a divine being of the celestial heights. He is referred to as “He Who Strikes with Justice”. Parjanya will be sent by Lord Mithra. Before Mithra combines all valid covenants of Light as one, he will instruct the Teacher of Light to strike the earth with the Sceptre of Light, and then will send Parjanya to strike the earth and cause it to collapse into a mass of darkness.All the righteous who practice the Good Religion* will have been spared, since the light within them will have reached the celestial heights. The evil one, the serpent, and all those who serve them will have been destroyed eternally.”

*(Every branch of the Religion of Light)

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Another name for Parjanaya in Vedic culture is Indra.”

Chapter 202. The Path to God

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “ The Path to God isn’t a road in which one walks with a fast pace, but rather a gradual walk in the spirit of truth & light.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Like digging a trench with a spoon, so is the difficult Path to God.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “You can only walk on one path at a time. Slow down and take the Path to God.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “To humbly follow God’s direction through Mithra, before one’s own agendas and even at great personal risk, is the Path to God. It is a blessed path.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “ If you wish to walk the Path to God, do not set up conditions. Sacrifice the self cherishing mind and Zurvan will arrange the details.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “We walk the Path to God so that we may live in the presence of Zurvan eternally. We also walk the Path to God so that we will not walk along a path formed from our unwise choices. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “If a ship goes down, what point is there in getting a seat at the captain’s table? Seek out the life boat: What it offers is in the name: life”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “A spiritual path should not make you more comfortable in the here and now, but help you become perpetual when the here and now is then and gone.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The purpose of the Path to God is not seeking independence of an individual soul, but awakening to the reality of the One Universal Soul: The Soul of Mithra.”

Chapter 203. Persecution

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “There will be many different situations and Divine Judgement will determine the extent of persecution or if it is true persecution. In most cases, in expressing an opinion based on previously received false information about the Ashavan, anyone else may or may not be considered to be “persecuting” the Ashavan. An outright physical attack or an expression of an opinion (even though based on false information) that leads to loss of life or causes an Ashavan to leave the fold, obviously would be judgement against the offender.”

Chapter 204. Physical Manifestations of Mithra

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “If there is a worship of the flesh by the people who are unable to see that which is within, it is best to avoid the mention of flesh as being what it truly is and only provide the smaller part of the greater truths, as shown in other manifestations, giving the plain words which point only to the Father in heaven. The time is near, and for a certainty it is here upon man in these last days, that the truth will be revealed to the true servants of Zurvan. They will not deny the truth even before their enemies, even in the face of death; however, the man who seeks only the flesh and his own will can not apprehend the truth and is already in his grave. The people of Zurvan will hear the truth* and will embrace it to the glory of the Father who is in the heavens.”


Recived from Mitraya Tarendra: “(In response to an inquiry from Kharba Awraham regarding Mithra’s many names and Manifestations in the world over the ages) “The flesh is none of these. The flesh is only a shell to hold the spirit. It is the flesh that humans have the tendency to focus their worship which is sinful. Much of humankind tends to desire a physical object to behold with their eyes because they are unable to understand the nature of the spirit. The Israelites were chastised several times because of worshipping the flesh of Moses or Joshua and others. This is why there has been so much emphasis on not bringing too much focus on the Messenger himself. If a person is able to behold a physical shell with the understanding that the spirit is to be held above the flesh, that person is wise and that same spirit will guide them.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “A:The main reason for taking on a physical body, especially through Paiwast- Tamur, is for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The process later, after the coming of Mithra to establish Peace over the entire renewed earth, will be to fulfill some of the needs that will be still be within certain individuals. Those of the Remnant will not be in need of seeing a physical body, but those who are spared the wrath of the Godhead, will still be undergoing a process of maturity – not every being on the same level as those chosen (the Remnant), and they will still need to see physical forms.”

Chapter 205. Piety

Received from Kharba Awraham: “If a person is serious about life beyond matter, they will make themselves ready to live among the citizens of the celestial realms.”

Chapter 206. Pleasing Zurvan in Your Daily Activities

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir:”Removing obstacles, limiting worldly associations, developing proper Godly devotion, setting priorities, regular fellowship. How can these five activities help you please Zurvan in your daily activities?

1. Remove obstacles that hinder your service to the Great Father.

Is entertainment a major part of your day to day activities? Is music, television or even going to a theatre serving as an obstacle to your service to Zurvan?

Activities with unbelieving friends and associates have proven to be obstacles for some brothers and sisters. This does not mean one should not associate with others, but their influences and the time they take from you should always be noted and if such things are causing you to remove yourself further from the Presence of Zurvan, then now is the time to let go of anything that is not necessary – that is, any thing that is not helping you advance in the Faith and render pure devotion to Zurvan.

2. Associate with those who give honour to Zurvan.

Even if you are in an isolated area where there are no other believers to fellowship with, you can remove yourself as often as possible, from those who dishonour Zurvan. When we consider as precious brothers and sisters those who share the same faith and practices, one is able to give honour to Zurvan in daily devotion to Him.

3. Develop a serious attitude about Godly devotion.

Have you developed a lacklustre attitude concerning the necessity of daily devotional activity? Again, are there obstacles that keep arising that may be causing you to lose your original zeal for God, His Way and the love of the Hanzaman*? When you develop the proper attitude concerning the Light and the many spiritual gifts that Zurvan continues to provide through the Divine Messenger, you are able to renew the zeal you once had when you first came to the Light and Truth. In order to possess this proper attitude you must be willing to use those spiritual gifts and tools so that they may benefit not only yourself but others as well.

*(Assembly/Community of Ashavan)

4. Make study of the Holy Tablets of Light and supportive materials a priority.

Without proper education in the Holy Words of Light, one can not expect to know the deeper things of Zurvan or what He requires of His people, which He has called out of the world as a remnant. Be faithful to your calling by continuing in your learning process, giving honor to Zurvan and His Divine Messenger.

Every Ashavan should take time to study the Holy Tablets of Light, the materials based on the Holy Tablets and the regular messages provided by those appointed to teach within the Maethana Asha*. When one removes themselves from fellowship with other believers, there is a tendency for one to quickly become out of touch with what is being revealed through the Pure Teaching and its Divine Messenger. This is why it is important to study with others of like faith.

*(Central Temple of Asha)

5. Remain in contact with those who worship in truth.

Regular fellowship is an important factor in our worship of Zurvan. There are those, as mentioned above, that live in isolated areas, sometimes thousands of miles from those who share the same beliefs and practices as taught within Asha.

For those who have access to the internet, remaining in contact with fellow believers through online discussion groups and social networking can be a real blessing. When you have regular contact with fellow brothers and sisters, by whatever means are available to you, you receive the blessing of not only fellowship itself, but by keeping up to date with the latest activities and important messages being provided through the appointed teachers and leadership and the revelations of the Third Bright Lamp.

Brothers and sisters, obviously there are many other things that each Ashavan can be doing in his or her day to day life, but it is my hope that these five points in particular will help to serve as stepping stones to greater service and awareness to become much more serious about your Godly devotion so as to please Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra.”

Chapter 207. Polygamy

Received from the Maethana Asha:” Polygamy is not acceptable in Asha. We encourge monogamy for all couples. The only exception is for those, who, being in a polygamous marriage, enter the faith. They are not required to abandon their current marriage. But they are to learn that the preferred relationship is monogamous. They should teach the value of monogamy to their children.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Any husband or wife that seeks to force their spouse to accept a polygamous relationship, is unworthy of their spouse and their children, they are an embarassment to their families and they are offensive to the Ashavan.”

Chapter 208. Prayer Garland*

Received from Lord Mithra: “Anyone who prays this garland diligently and with perfect faith and knowledge, with a clean heart and with clean hands, may walk with me in the Light. I will stand beside the man, woman or child who prays this under these guidelines.”

*(The Prayer Garland is an Ashavan Rosary)

Chapter 209. Pride among clerics and teachers

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: ”Do not permit your office of responsibility to be a source of pride, hindering you from doing the work that was entrusted to you in the first place. Remove pride from your heart, brethren. Humble yourselves in the Presence of the Lord and be a true servant of the Living Spirit and an example to the flock.”

Chapter 210. Profanity

Received from a Resurrected child of Mithra: “Words are only words and often meaningless, but those who offend the God of the Universe and His Right Hand must stand before the Throne and answer for their profanity.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The word profanity gets used a lot in society but it is not always used correctly. In order for a word to be deemed as profanity it must be profane. In order for a word to be profane it must be used to treat a person, a place or subject that is holy with great disrespect. There are definetly vulgar words used in society and they can be offensive but unless they are specifically used to speak with disrespect against that which is holy, they are not, in the strictest sense, profanity. The mature individual person has no need to be vulgar and the virtuous soul seeking the Presence of God is wise enough to abstain from true profanity knowing what is at risk by doing so.”

Chapter 211. The Pure Teaching
Received from Mir Fratama: “
What is the Pure Teaching? To worship, honor and praise Zurvan and to show compassion to all beings. Walk in His Maxim and He will walk with you, hand in hand.”

Received Mitraya Tarendra: “Perfect yourself in the Pure Teaching of Zurvan, and then bring the Pure Teaching to others so they may have faith. Make your faith shine like a great beacon so that others may see it and come to Zurvan. Make sure your actions are in such an order that people can see the Light of God in you.”


Chapter 212. Reality

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The idea that there are many “truths” is an illusion. There are many ways to express truth, but there is only one truth.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”If your commitment to the truth is dependent on how many other people feel the same, it is not a true belief but merely a fashion.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The concept of subjective reality is really a misnomer. There is what a person subjectively perceives and there is reality. At no time does reality mold itself to suit the individuals tastes, regardless of what a person selectively chooses to perceive. If a person has a clear understanding into the nature of reality it is because they left subjective interpretation behind and accepted reality as it is.”

Received from Kharba d’Awraham: “A person or may not believe a truth, that is his or her prerogative, but at no point does that person’s belief become a truth from the sheer insistence of its reality. That is his delusion.”

Chapter 213. Rehals (Book-Rest)

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Ashavan need to be aware that if they do not have a local source or have no ability to make these on their own rehals, that they are available in a variety of styles (not only from Islamic and Sikh sources) from many different sources. I would highly recommend the “rehal” be elevated on a small platform from the floor (in other words, a small platform less than 1 ft in height with the book holder sitting on top in the middle). The platform itself should have a left and right side margin of at least one or two feet.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Rehal is in communal worship and religious studies. It to be used exclusivley for the Tablets of Light, the Manual of Ashavan Teachings,or for any encyclicals or other written works produced or authorized by the Maethana Asha and not any other religious text or other type of book.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: While the rehal is not mandatory for Ashavan use, it is highly encouraged. It requires the reader to be seated in humility before the Fire of Mithra and the Ashavan in attendance. “

Received by Kharba Awraham:”A traditional rehal is a foldable book rest. If an Ashavan does not have means to acquire or to make their own, they may use some other type of small, book table or stand. As long as the reading is performed while seated.”

Chapter 214. Reincarnation

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:“There are many instances where the spirit of a person returns in physical form for a brief mission. Westerners have adopted the “reincarnation” bit from the East – and the East was not entirely correct with their definition at the time. The confusion and misunderstanding on the issue of suffering, death and reincarnation is brought about by the evil one.

There is a difference between soul and spirit. In our definition of spirit attachment the spirit of the person is with that of another spirit and soul. Reincarnation is a return to a form. But it is not a universal law. It is experienced by some while others do not.

It is of great importance to make sure everyone understands the following passages.

The hope of the Ashavan is to give release of all matter in the future. His hope is to conclude his sojourning in the earth and be united, as Light with the Light, in Bahisht. Before he is able to conclude his life in the world, the Ashavan must become perfected like a saint walking in the earth, and thus he is reborn in the world.

If his mind is of lower matter he is born in lower matter. If his mind is of higher matter he is born in higher matter until he is able to extinguish all the light from within his body and return to the Source of the Holy Light.

If he continues to be born in lower matter because he does not transform the Mind as it was in the beginning, before the darkness formed the body of matter, he will fall into the deepest realms of the darkness.

The hope of the Ashavan is to give release of all matter. But for the Ashavan, this is in death, passing his light unto Bahisht, with Zurvan.

Lord Mithra will come and gather the Light and bring it to Bahisht. Only those who have been assigned, by the Divine Messenger, to a mission in the earth, shall return to the land of matter where he shall live as an Elder teaching those who have ears to hear the Voice of Zurvan.

For some, their rebirth occurs in the bodies of three persons representing the body, speech and mind.This is only by the Will of Zurvan that such a rebirth occurs and men have rarely witnessed it. The Messengers of the latter eras shall be reborn separately in three bodies.

If an Ashavan struggles with a certain vice in his life, for example, greed, he is allowing matter to take more control. f he has not taken care of the issue before his death, it is quite possible that he is reborn to try again if it is God’s Will for him to do so. Otherwise he will receive his stripes in the afterlife instead of being reincarnated.

If he is reborn in the earth and still has trouble with this vice – struggling again with this – and the more he does not allow the Light to take more control, the deeper he falls into the darkness. It is like quick sand. Someone can stand on the edge lending a hand or rope, but if the person keeps moving around, the quicker he sinks in the quick sand.

The persons religion has no bearing on whether they are reborn into the earth. But this being reborn is not a form of punishment, it is purification. It is for the benefit of the soul – especially for those souls who have trouble accepting the truth in the afterlife. This is compassion on the part of Zurvan.

However, they do not come back as plant life – and they are certainly not consumed by the saints, which is an absurd theory of some worldly scholars! Not every single reincarnation is for a mission. The mission refers to one who has been reborn to teach or share a message or advance a message already being taught.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “I suppose we need to determine how reincarnation is defined by those who generally hold to such beliefs and how and why the word (or similar concept) is used by these particular manifestations and by some who experienced Paiwast-tamur* at the time.

If reincarnation means “returning from the ‘dead’ as another form” (such as an animal or other creature as some say) then this is entirely wrong and completely impossible on a general level. However, there are many instances where the spirit of a person “returns” in physical form for a brief mission but I do not consider this to be “reincarnation.”

Isha (Mithra is speaking of Himself , but to His servant who, at the time, was unaware of this fact) returned from the grave (albeit an entirely different situation because of His divinity) in a different image than His previous image, according to the Aramaic Scriptures. Does this mean reincarnation according to the generally held definition?

The meaning of words and phrases change over time. Has the word “reincarnation” changed from the time it was used, say, 3,000 years ago. If original meaning of the term has returned to this word, then

reconsideration of how we use it may be in order.

Westerners have adopted the “reincarnation” bit from the East – and the East was not entirely correct with their definition at the time. What has changed in the last 2 or 3 thousand years.

If the fact that a person’s spirit can return (re-incarnate, re-animate) in the form of a human body with senses, does this mean the same thing as “reincarnation” as it is generally described by humans today?”

In many of our sacred texts we speak of the cessation of birth and death or rebirth after receiving enlightenment/nirvana. We never had any thought of this whole “bad karma equals being reborn to try

your luck again” trap.

We describe the cessation of rebirth as being when a person becomes enlightened they shed off confusion (“confusion” being used as a synonym for “death” and “suffering”).

They no longer walk the ocean of confusion, or are susceptible to samsara – the “wheel of suffering”.

If a person is enlightened they are no longer suffering spiritually.

People misunderstand this due to raising their intellect above the level of Zurvan.

The confusion and misunderstanding on the issue of suffering, death and reincarnation is brought about by the evil one.”

There is a difference between “soul” and “spirit”. In our definition of “spirit attachment” the spirit of the person is with that of another spirit and soul.”

Karma (the principle of Cause and Effect) has nothing to do with spirit attachment – not in the bigger picture; if a person is evil all of their earthly life, they have the opportunity of turning around in the

afterlife, but this does not mean they will be reborn/reincarnated as an ant because one day when they were six years old they stomped on an ant hill.

In some cases the author (Speaking of religious scholars who make reference the topic of reincarnation) has not fully disclosed that often times an apparition is sometimes in the image of another person – a person that may have passed many years ago.

Also, I am is able to manifest in physical form in the image of another person when necessary. Such manifestations have caused some to believe the deceased person has “reincarnated” in one way or another. This gives a different light on the phrase, “never judge a book by its cover.””

(In response to the question as to why the misunderstandings regarding reincarnation had not been resolved over the ages)” Because of the issues surrounding misunderstanding, especially in modern times, use of and change of terms and their definitions; most everyone knew what was being referred to within the context 3,000 years ago, however, with transmission and translation of text, oftentimes critical context is removed or lost.”

If I make a statement in passing to a few people walking with us in a park, saying that I enjoy drinking “coke” and that I keep a stock of it in my refrigerator all the time, and later this comment is shared with

others, some people will go so far as assuming I mean the brand Coca-Cola as opposed to Pepsi, and others will assume that I would encourage purchasing shares in the Coca-Cola Bottling Company –

even though I said none of these things. In this instance my use of the word “coke” was similar to how we might use the word “pop” to describe soda-pop, without mentioning a particular brand name.”

*(Paiwast-tamur, also call in Sankrit “Samadhi Deva”means “Divine union”. It refers specifically to the spirit attachment of a saintly spirit in the afterlife who is connected to a pious person in the physical world. The two work together to further serving humanity and bringing them back to God. Where a spirit posession is an example of an earthly spirit manipulating an incarnate person, Samadhi deva, is a collaboration of benevolent souls to do God’s work in the world.)

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Ashavan believe in reincarnation. But we also believe there are strict criteria as to why a person reincarnates. First and foremost, either in a previous life or in the afterlife, they must have turned to the Divine Light of God. In other words, no one who rejects the Divine Source ever reincarnates.Second, that the person will have no memory of their previous lives. Third, everyone born today is a reincarnated soul.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Divine Messenger has said that in this final age. that the only souls incarnating on Earth are those who are returning to cultivate virtue and lay aside attachments. The rest who have lived and died, have either ascended and moved on or have been cast into the darkness. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Divine Messenger once said of reincarnation that it is not required of most souls. That a person either turns to God and awaits their time to ascend (in a temporal Paradise) before the Judgement and then moving up to the Kingdom of Light beyond the physical creation, or they continue to reject God, at which point they remain in hellish realm till the Judgement, where they are then cast into the darkness for eternity. It is a very small number of souls, comparitively, that reincarnate to cultivate virtue. He once said that if they learn this they move on, but there are some souls that reincarnate only to become further entrenched in materialism, that these souls court their own destruction. If we are seeing many souls who have no interest in God and are only interested in materialism, that is an unfortunate reality. Also, since the Divine Messenger established the Throne of Judgement several years ago, the spirits in those temporal realms have been judged, either ascending or descending. People that die now, due not wait to be judged.”

Chapter 215. Religion

Received from Kshathra Vairya: “Some religions originated from the Teacher of Light, while some ideologies originated with the evil one and her son the dragon.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Too many say “The world does not need another religion”, but that is false. The world does not need another false religion.We all need Truth”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham “Be wary of those who only use religion as a means to shame and oppress others. They contaminate something pure with their own weaknesses.

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “Any covenant with Mithra will be lived through a religion which is a vessel for the practice of that teaching.  In the living of that covenant and its corresponding faith, provides that soul the means of transcendence and eternity. “

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Most souls do not require reincarnation. They either accept God and transcend physical existence entirely, or they reject the existence of God and are cast into the darkness, destined for the annihilation of consciousness.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The finite number of souls that do reincarnate do so because while they did turn to God either in a previous lifetime or in the interim between physical lives. Even so, they, had many attachments in their former life. So many, that they could not easily move upward and onward. They simply could not get their minds and hearts out of carnal attractions.Reincarnation, for these souls, is a chance to purge their consciousness of all the attachments that keep them from ascension.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The souls who reincarnate who do not continue to turn to the Light of God, and who get further mired in carnality, lose that chance to ascend, they lose the chance to reincarnate. When their life comes to an end, they will be judged regarding what they did with this precious second chance. Whether they used it for the purpose it was given or whether they squandered it, whether they turned from God and lived only for material existence.The soul that squanders their opportunity at another life is cast into the darkness. They do not ascend, they do not live in a form of purgatory, they are cast out.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” The souls that are reincarnating are here for one reason: To free themselves of attachments while remaining cognizant of their Creator.A soul that never abandons attachments is tethered to a sinking ship. They will be stuck on a world slated for extinction and will become extinct when it comes to an end. The soul that never turns to the Divine Light never ascends and dies along with all physical matter.”

Chapter 216. Religion of Light

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”The ancient religion of light* which is the vehicle of the light message or the pure teaching of the Divine messenger who is Lord Mithra on any world, has been constantly trying to tell us that we are not the body. That  we are not even matter, that we are encased matter and that we must be liberated from matter in order for us to be truly free and have eternal life…. Why? Because if we stay in matter and all matter comes to an end, we are not freed, we are not we’re not liberated at that point, on the contrary if we are not liberated from matter, we will die with matter, as matter.”

*(Den Rozhn)

Received from Kharba Awraham:”For those who hear of the Religion of Light but are then surrounded by people who have never heard of it, and then call it into question, here are some things to consider:

The rarity of a thing does not mean it is invalid, only harder to find.

You may know the Religion of Light by different names:

*Among the Egyptians it was the original name of the Faith of Akhenaten (other than Atenism). He referred to it as “The Religion of Light”.

*The Prophet Mani did not call the faith he promulgated “Manichaeism”. His followers called it “Maninaya” or “The Way of Mani”. He, however, referred to it as “The Religion of Light”.

*In Judaism, among the Khasidim or Essenoi (Essenes) the Religion of Light was present as the “Bnai Or” (Sons of Light).

*Tonpa Shinrab, presented the Religion of Light in: Persia, Tibet and the Kashmir as “the Yungdrung Bon” or ‘Eternal Light Teaching”. 

Few people in the world know of The Religion of Light today. When the followers are gone or their descendants corrupt the teachings…there is no one left to present and defend the Religion of Light in the world anymore.

The Religion of Light is real. It predates every religion on this world and will continue on eternally, long after this physical creation comes to an end”

Section 2. Religion of Light Worldwide Institute

Received from Fr. Jonathan Tarendra: “The head of the Institute is located in Terra Nova. But any mission can be established under the auspices of the Institute if it is able to follow the spirit of the Institute, for example, its goals and/or mission in the world.

There are various individuals and families who have taken up this banner, including missions and Church bodies, such as the Plain Brethren, the United Brethren, Brethren of Light, the Lexington Manichean Mission, and others including my family.

In Terra Nova, there are around twelve people who work at the Institute. Mar Mani Khaila, Mir Benyamin, Mir Tsares and some of the others are able to enter Terra Nova and work there, and stay when necessary. My family has had the privilege of working at the Institute on occasion.”

Chapter 217. Religion of the Beast

Received from Kharba Awraham:”I once asked Mithra about the Religion of the Beast and He told me that it exists in the world today. He would not go into specifics other than to say that it looks Christian in appearance. He corroborated that the Religion of the Beast would seek to be current in that it would use science and public opinion in its presentation to motivate people. To clarify: “Christian in appearance” does not automatically imply that it is a sect of Christianity only that it appear Christian in its expression.”

Chapter 218. Religious Consumerism

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The next time I hear/read that it takes a lot of money to reach ‘spiritual goals’ I am going to vomit! Money and spiritual goals have nothing in common. If you have to purchase a book or the latest DVD* course on spirituality, then perhaps you have not learned anything from your own inner spiritual core. What a sad state is a person who is caught up in religious consumerism.”

*(Any recorded spiritual teaching course)

Chapter 219. Religious Affiliation

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “One can not be saved merely by belonging to an organisation or a religious institute. Living in accordance with the Will of God and receiving true gnosis is the way to salvation.”

Chapter 220. Religious Debate

Received from Mir Garendra: “Since Mir Fratama has such high authority over the vast majority of the heavens under Zurvan, he is in a position where he does not have to mince words. But for others, especially of an earthly level, their authority to speak in such a manner is not always called for or warranted. There are times when such words are necessary though.

We do not wish to go about picking a fight, just for the sake of debate. Brethren can offer a platform for debate should others wish to come along with their questions and objections.

One can list why Ashavan believe what they do about Catholics, Protestants, various religions out of India, and so on. It would be quite difficult to dispute the plain teaching of Mir Fratama in the Teaching book, since all of those statements, to my knowledge, can be corroborated by history.

But in debating there should never be the need to resort to “but you believe this, and you believe that, and you’re a false demon worshipper.” Those kind of statements do not serve much purpose other than running the other person off. A mature and calm spirit should always prevail. If someone comes along, facts are presented, and the argument veers off to the wrong side and there is no agreement, even to disagree peacefully, then the conversation should be closed. We do not wish to get too involved with over worrying about the religious practices of others, unless those practices hurt others (child and mental abuse, cults practising financial drain of their members) – this is standing up for the right of others. The same goes for political discussions. People can debate all they want, but if the topic is not about the rights of others, then Ashavan usually would want to steer clear of some of the other political topics.”

Received from Mir Garendra: “Something to bear in mind also is the fact that those who ask questions or have comments about the Religion of Light come from all different cultures around the world. It is not possible for an individual to be familiar with every single culture, and due to this, a person’s tones and manner of writing can often come off as rude or critical. Before being too aggressive toward someone, it should be determined if they truly are being rude or not. This can help avoid a lot of misunderstanding.

There are some religious groups in the world that have what is called “religious persecution complex.” This is where a group of adherents to a certain religion have been taught that everyone outside their faith is against them, and even with the slightest critical remarks made by an outsider, the group believes they are being persecuted. The Adventist sect known as “Jehovah’s Witnesses” is an example of this.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “We do not spend time in religious debate. You cannot change the destiny of a lost soul and you must respect the free will of any soul that does not wish to hear the Pure Teaching of Asha. Our words and our teaching are only for those who are listening and are interested to travel the Path to God. Because we live in a time where there is a calling out of the righteous souls from the wicked, then it will appear the words are directed at unwelcome ears when they are not. They never were. They are a wake up call for those who seek righteousness.”

This does not mean you don’t want to help people understand our teachings. You should work to make sure our beliefs and practices are clearly conveyed to people, but if a person is obviously not interested or even hostile to our beliefs, then there is no reason to pursue the matter any further. Leave them to their personal beliefs. They may have a different road to travel or they may be willingly walking themselves off the proverbial cliff, either way, it is their free will choice. You can’t save a soul against its will. Religious debates for those committed to a different path or to a dead end is, itself, a dead end.”

Chapter 221. Religious Imagery

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: (Regarding imagery in relation to worship) “Many types of imagery is fine as long as it is not in one’s eye sight during prayers. In some cases one can simply close their eyes if they are in a situation and time they need to pray, but all that is in front of them is commercial advertising or even idols – if it is unavoidable, the person should simply close their eyes without thought to the existence of what is in front of them. Imagery other than the above is fine and most helpful in many cases.”

Chapter 222. Religious Structure of Asha

Received from the Maethana Asha: “There are eight main categories for the earthly hierarchy guiding the Ashavan:

1. The Teacher of Light

The Teacher of Light is responsible for bringing the Pure Teaching to the members of Asha. The Teacher of Light, in this age, is called Mir Eresh Zademir.

2 The High Priest & The Chief Prophet

The High Priest is responsible for making offerings in the atmospheric realm of the Domain of Light, while his brother the Chief Prophet (and scribe) sends forth prophetic messages from the Celestial Court of Divine Mandates.

3. The Council of Elders(senior clerics appointed by the Teacher of Light)

Along with having some teaching responsibilities and leadership roles, the Council of Elders assists in the organizational structure of the entire earthly assembly of the Divine Faith.

4. The Sword (Kharba, guardian, protector, defender) and the Banner (Nisha, standard, banner) of the Teacher of Light.

The Sword and the Banner of the Teacher of Light are two different roles in one category. The Sword protects and defends Asha from outer (worldly enemies) and inner (heretical) attacks. The Banner (standard, flag, signal), reminds adherents of the need to focus on the Three Divine Lamps to guide our faith.

Both the Sword and the Banner have the responsibility of protecting and upholding the purity of the Faith. The Sword and the Banner stand on equal ground. When they observe a problem taking place, they swiftly take action by reporting it to the Teacher of Light. They also provide suggestions which the Teacher of Light may request that one or both take action based on such suggestions.

5. The Heralds (Apostles of Asha)

The Heralds of Asha are apostles of the Faith. They serve a number of functions in Asha as: advisors, teachers, defenders of the faith and evangelists.

6. The Beacons of the Light (traveling teachers, missionaries, those establishing local temples and congregations)

The Beacons of Light are those who have received proper training in Asha and are called to go into the world, traveling as teachers in order to establish Nemana Asha (Local Asha Houses of Worship).

7. Monks and Nuns

Monastics: We encourage single brothers and sisters to take up the practice of “home monasticism” where an individual lives alone or two or more persons of one gender decide later, if feasible, to move in a home together to practice Asha and share expenses, as well as helping the poor in their area. At this time Asha does not encourage large monastic facilities and residences.

8. Local Faith Leaders (leading Nemana Asha or local Ashavan House of Worship or local congregation)

The Local Faith Leader is a man or woman elected locally to serve in a ministerial role for the Nemana Asha (Local House of Worship). They conduct worship services and present teachings and lessons to classes on a regular basis.

Other responsibilities

The doctors and historians: those who guard and promote the intellectual property/texts of Asha and have a proper understanding of the roots and organizational structure of Asha.

The scribes: those who translate and/or copy the sacred texts and other materials produced by the Temple.”

Chapter 223. Religious Symbol of Asha

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “This is the official religious symbol of Asha:

A Fire Urn (Brazier) in the Oasis.

The imagery of the oasis is based on statements made by Mitraya Tarendra made on behalf of the Ishmaelites some years back. The Fire Urn represents Mithra. The Fire Urn is hovering directly over a waterfall pouring into an oasis. The waterfall represents the Flood of Divine Knowledge being poured into the world for the liberation of mankind. This symbol was approved by Kshathra Vairya and Mir Garendra. “

Chapter 224. The Religious Symbol of Mithra

Received from Mir Fratama: ”There are many individuals throughout earth who have honoured Mithra (Mitra) the best way they know, even without the pure knowledge or having much knowledge of the Covenant itself (or other covenants). Each has an opportunity to gain the true knowledge.”

Received from Mir Benyamin: “The Religion of Light teaches that the bull represents matter or the world of darkness. Mithra is depicted as binding and destroying it. The other creatures are often described as being symbolic of the various celestial beings who disable the king of darkness, or Matter, from being able to reproduce or live again.”

Chapter 225. Renunciation

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The key to renunciation is not denial, but indifference to sense-gratification. To obsess or repress are both fixation. Renounce attachment.”

Chapter 226. Respect for All Life

Received from Kharba Awraham: “God requires that we respect all life, not just simply our own. Everything in creation has a right to life whether it be animals plants or human beings. To end a life unnecessarily is to go against God’s will. It is cruel. To end a life that has no chance to realize its potential is tragic.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “This “kill or be killed ” environment that we live in, is a harsh reality that exists within the physical creation. The very fact that one life lives by the death of another life-form is an example of the evil one being present within the physical creation itself.

When humanity has an appreciation for the life around it, there is a respect for that life. When we turn a blind eye to this, great tragedy unfolds.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”ife is more than a simple choice. The people who make these choices of life and death do not alway make them with the clearest of minds.

People will make always the choices that they perceive as being in their own best interest at the time, and if that means listening to others who tell them that the taking of life is reasonable and it makes perfect sense and that others do it as well, they will do so.

There is an importance within human existence and this cannot be overstated. We should not take life unless there is simply no other other option. We all are given the gift of free will, but how a person uses the gift of free will can vary from person to person.

One person may choose with their free will to be kind and compassionate with all life. Another person could choose with their free will to cause great harm great suffering and death and tragedy.

We should never condone the random taking of a human life, because there is always the opportunity while and physical existence to redeem oneself while living. To go from bad to good, from darkness to light.

Every effort should be taken to save life and care for life wherever it is possible. The taking of life should only happen when wise and thoughtful authorities deem it is necessary and not just expedient.

All life is sacred and physical life in this world is short. Strive to cherish it rather than destroy it. A testament to having lived a virtuous life in this world, will be whether or not we lived a compassionate life.”

Section two. Respect for Appointed Leadership within the Communities of the Religion of Light

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “It is imperative to always have respect for the leadership that has been appointed throughout the Religion of Light.

While there are very few earthly spiritual leaders for the communities as a whole, they are experienced in the Three Bright Lamps as revealed and expressed in most of the spiritual communities. Look to them for guidance, as the Divine Mother guides each of them.”

Section Three. Respect for Other Religious Communities within the Religion of Light
Recieved from Mir Eresh Zademir: “I admonish each of you to be respectful of the practices of fellow brethren regardless of their spiritual community, whether those practices and traditions are shared by your own community or appear unique.

Each community is responsible for maintaining their own covenant, and have been given authority by Anahita to practice their traditions and to hold to the Three Bright Lamps as has been granted to them, including shared or unique Scriptures and Revelations.

There are some communities that have a very large collection of texts in which they hold sacred or holy, while others have very few.

A community does not use a text that has not been authorised for their own use, and each person, regardless of their covenant, is commanded to have respect for their fellow brethren. Both laity and clerics should never discourage sacred texts that have been deemed worthy of use by any particular spiritual community within the Religion of Light.”

Chapter 227. The Resurrected Children of Tarendra (also called “The Children of Tarenda”)

Received from Doran Allen Tarendra: “He (Mithra) has raised up* more than 500 of His sons and daughters to take up a body of flesh to serve humanity to help bring them in unity with Almighty God.”

*(This was for a short period of time. A number of years in order to help the Children of Light. Most have since moved on from the mortal realm, at this point).

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Upon being introduced to one of the Children of Tarendra, I remember his fascination with modern society. At one point he mentioned his interest in having a piece of fruit. The type of fruit he named was foreign to me. When he inquired further someone else in the conversation informed him that that type of fruit and that type of plant no longer existed in the world. That is was from another age and had gone extinct long ago.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “A number of the children of Tarendra that I had the good fortune to meet, knew me from another age. One of the children knew me from a time in ancient Egypt, another from a time in ancient India. Not having any memory of these lifetimes, it was intruiging to have people who knew you so well, that you had no memory of.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The physical children of Tarendra were unique because, while most souls that reincarnate they do so without any memory of the past. The children of Tarendra had full knowledge of their history, their identity etc. “

Chapter 228. Restoration of the Manichaean Faith

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Nearing the Spring of 2011, Mitraya Tarendra communicated with me and we shared our mutual concerns of a need to reach more people in this world, while there was still time, people who, for one reason or another, were far from the Divine Light of God. We discussed how this could manifest in the world. At the time, Mitraya Tarendra pointed to three possibities:

The first was a restoration of Mandaeism, which began as a covenanting religion but had fallen ethnocentrism and false doctrines.

The second was a restoration of the Zarathustrian Faith, which had also been on the declne for ages, and had strayed from the original teachings of Zarathustra.

The last suggestion made my Mitraya Tarendra, at that time, was the restoration of the Manichaean Faith.

The Divine Mother was present with me that day and I stated that the faith that I believed that could speak to people in this age, if given a chance, was the ancient Manichaean religion. Mitraya Tarendra replied (In effect): “So be it.”

It was at that time that Mitraya Tarendra to the communities of the faithful that He had been communicating with at the time, the Divine Restoration of the Holy and Ancient Manichaean Faith.

On that same, day, in the very moment that Mitraya Tarendra made His official announcment (down to the second), a miraculous appearance took place on Santa Catalina Island among group of Essene Monastics who lived in a hermitage on that island.

It was at that very moment, that the Holy Prophet Mani physically appeared among the community of Essene monastics. He was reported to look as the Essene scribes described him in their writings, that is one of the ways they knew who this being was.

For a brief period of time, the Holy Prophet Mani communicated with the rest of the combined assemblies of the Religion of Light through this order of monastics. This was not as easy as it sounds. The Prophet Mani only spoke Soghdian, a form of Aramaic, prevalent in Babylonia in the 3rd century A.D. This form of Aramaic is no longer present in the world and is considered a dead language by most scholars.

The Essene monastics, however, being scribes and fluent in most every form of Aramaic, had the greatest chance of being able to understand and interpret the Prophet Mani’s words and communicate them to others.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”While he was only with us in the flesh for a brief time, the Prophet Mani was able to remove some of the false doctrines that had been attributed to Manicaheism over the years.

Notably, he was not pleased with it being called “Manichaeism” after Himself, He had called His faith, “The Religion of Light’ and after His time, His followers called is “Maninaya” or the “Way of Mani”.

Mani explained that His references to Isho* were mostly about the “Isho of Lights”** i.e. Mithra, and that He only occasionally referred to the appearance of Isho in First Century Judea.

*(Isha Masiha/Yeshua Mashikha/Jesus Christ)

Mani stated that He knew of Isha’s physical life in ancient Egypt and that His appearance in Judea was in spirit but experienced by the apostles and disciples as being both physical and spiritual in nature.

Mani explained that He never taught that it was a sin to eat meat. While He did teach about the importance of kindness to all life, but that this false doctrine was an exagerration of His original teachings.

Mani rejected to concept that all Manichaeans were required to avoid sexual relations. He clarified that He teachings regarding lust were about perversion and immorality, not that healthy people should abstain from sexual activity, which He stated was normal and healthy.

I can personally attest to these responses from Mani as they came in response to my questions that were received by the monastics, translated by them, answered by Him, and translated and offered back to me.

These clarifications showed that those in the world today, seeking to live as Manichaeans, based on their own interpretations of ancient writings, were creating a completely false faith centered around the misconceptions of the teachings of the Holy Prophet Mani.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”With all that was developing and growing numbers of people hearing abour the restoration of the ancient Manichaean Faith, and the subsequent miracles and revelations surrounding it, the entire body of believers of the Religion of Light in the world, suffered a great setback. It was at this time that Mitraya Tarendra, in that incarnation, left the Earth. After only three years of ministry (The same amount of time that Isha Masiha taught in Judea), He was gone.

But in that relatively short period of time, Mitraya Tarendra had touched many lives. Many of the faithful had come to love and depend on Mitraya Tarendra, greatly. His loss sent ripples throughout the communities of the Religion of Light, and was strongly felt in the newly restored Manichaean Faith. Without Mitraya Tarendra, there would have been no restoration of the Ancient Manichaean Faith in the world.

There was much sorrow and confusion regarding what should be done next. The elders had great difficulty being in touch with one another. Along with this, it is reported that the Holy Prophet Mani simply vanished* from the community of Essene monastics. Just as suddenly as He appeared, He was gone. This only added to the confusion.”

*(Mani had left the flesh but returned in spirit in the form of Mar Mani Khaila among the Manichaeans, and to the Ashavan, we know Him as Mir Eresh Zademir, the Teacher of Light. It is Mani who, in essence, is the Teacher of Light who is with us.)

Received from Kharba Awraham:”It was at a low point in the Manichaean Restoration, where Mitraya Tarendra had left the Earth and the Holy Prophet had returned to the non-physical realms, that those left to shepherd the newly formed Manichaean assembly were contacted by Lord Shubkha, the Messenger King of Honour. It was Lord Shubkha, one of the Sons of Lord Mithra Himself, who organized us and who continued to guide us. In the coming weeks and months, we worked to organize the faithful, wherever there were Manichaeans or those who were open to the message of Manichaism and were drawn to it. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “As we entered the Winter of 2012, relayed to us that a Great Event was about to unfold in the world. That this Great Event would take place in the early weeks and months of the Winter of 2012. We did not know what event Lord Shubkha was talking about and were aware of any details until just a few weeks before the appointed date. He then told us: “The World Teacher* is soon to arrive!”

*(Mir Fratama, a Divine Manifestation of Mithra)

Chapter 229. Restoration of the Yungdrung Bon

Received from Kharba Awraham:”After the appearance of the Divine Manifestation of Mithra in the world called “Mitraya Tarendra”, He appeared to many of the faithful around the Earth; some in person, some in visions and dreams. To whomever He appeared His Message was essentially the same: Covenant with the One God in faith.

During this time, I had the honour of working with Mitraya Tarendra, ministering to His sheep in Northern India, Nepal, Tibet and Western China. For this reason, I stepped down from the Holy Synod of the Church of Jerusalem to serve in the mission fields appointed by the Divine Messenger.

At that time, a descendant of one of His physical Manifestations in ancient Tibet, contacted me. Mitraya Tarendra instructed me to perform religious rites which was done. He was given the name “Drangsong Tenzin Dorje” and committed himself to share the purified “Yungdrung Bon” (Eternal Light Teachings i.e. The Religion of Light ) with the people of the Tibetan Plateau.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “When I first had contact with the person who would one day become Tenzin Dorje, he had contacted me in response to various teachings I was sharing online. As our conversations would develop, he revealed his life long attraction to Yungdrung Bon. He would talk of an elderly man who would appearn in his community growing up and teach him about the real Bon of Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche. I would relay this to Mitraya Tarendra, who told me that He had appeared to him as this elderly man to guide him.

When Mitraya Tarendra instructed me to minister to him to serve in the Religion of Light, this man had great difficulty in believin what I was telling him. It was at this point that Mitraya Tarendra said to me:”Tell him these words:”The stoop to your home is broken. The new apartment being show to your by your realtor is overpriced and the pasta your are making is boiling over”. All of which were 100% true. It took some moments for this man to recover. He was taken aback by all this information that no one could know about him. After a short period, the man petitioned to receive the rites of initiation offered by Mitraya Tarendra.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Mitraya Tarendra once said that DrangsonTenzin Dorje would fulfill the role of the Medicine Buddha, providing healing, among all of the communities of the Great Tribe, one day.”


Chapter 230. Sabbath (Haspin)

Received from Mir Garendra (on the subject of believers working on the Sabbath): “This is a dilemma that many of the brethren face in businesses that do not care to understand the religious and cultural aspects of their employees. Often a brother or sister must make a decision that best serves his/her family or him/her self. In a situation where an employer is not understanding of one’s religious beliefs, a brother or sister (Ashavan) may make one of the following decisions:

1) To work during the Sabbath and set aside several hours of “off work time” in worship and meditation, and seeking forgiveness

2) To seek other employment (this option is usually very difficult)

The first point above is not an option for the Elders, but the Ashavan can seek forgiveness for such a transgression through one of the Intercessor Elders.

Bottom line: If one must work on Haspin (Sabbath) in order to literally survive, one may do so and obtain forgiveness if that one is a layperson.

For the layperson, “Zurvan forgives the layperson who transgresses His Seventh Day in order to save his or another life.” (Mir Fratama) This same concept is shared among other Religion of Light communities.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Sabbath is a day of rest and contemplation for all souls. In Asha we call the Sabbath “Haspin”. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Mithra allows us the privilege to be Ashavan and as Ashavan He encourages us to observe Saturdays as a Day of Rest because Saturday is Haspin (The Sabbath) and is the most blessed day of the week.”

Chapter 231. Saints

Received from Kharba Awraham:” The wise should not place value on sectarian preference on where a saint originates or worships, only that they selflessly serve God.”

Received form Kharba Awraham:”Saints provide evidence that there is a method to the madness in a faith. Too many today, reject the method and embrace the madness.”

Chapter 232. Sarapis

Received from Kharba Awraham:”One deity used by the people in order to worship Mithra was as Sarapis (a fusion of Osiris and Apis) this was popular among both Egyptians and Greeks and tended to bring the two together. The Serapeums of which the Library of Alexandria was one, Alexandria, began in honor of Him.” 

Chapter 233. Savior

Received from Mir Garendra:“Many in the West have been praying for light and deliverance. A Saviour has been calling out to the West to awaken. Some are listening. He is coming soon.”

Chapter 234. Sectarianism

Received from Kharba Awraham:”There are no sects or denominations or offshoots in Asha. It may be early to say this but it is what it is.

Asha may look and sound different from place to place on the globe. To some it might look Iranian, to some it may look Indian, to some it might look more Semitic, to some it might look more Buddhist, to some it might more Western, to some it might look like a fusion of cultures, all of which is fine if people adhere to the beliefs and practices of Asha.

But there will be no sects or divisions.

Once, Mir Fratama and later H.H. Mir Eresh Zademir spoke of their disillusion among Manichaeans that they needed to create assembly after assembly, or sect after sect. Why could they not simply come together as Manichaeans?

The different assemblies were permitted to appeal to the different believers from different cultures, but this was not what was intended or wanted by the Elders. They were offered if, at some point, these different sects could get past their cultural differences and be one spiritual family.

It is a sad tendency where some societies are heavily ethnocentric and are not naturally accepting of those outside their group and do not have a strong evangelical spirit. They live their faiths quietly to themselves, which is fine. But for those who hunger for God, who are not part of those societies they are effectively left out in the cold.

Asha is One. Its faith is One just as God is One. We are one faith, one spiritual family. No one who embraces Asha and lives Asha is denied this Hanzaman (Assembly).

If an Ashavan can be in a local hanzaman that is reflective of their cultural background, they do not need a special assembly or community to define themselves.

The only definition they need is to be Ashavan: A disciple of Truth and Righteousness. That is it.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”Hair splitting is a staunch refusal to see the forest through the trees. The ego refuses to see the big picture and argues semantics.”

Chapter 235. Scribes

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “We are never without our scribes, no matter what community*.”

*(Mitraya Tarendra is referring to the many religious communities that make up the Religion of Light on Earth.)

Chapter 236. Seekers

Received from Kharba Awraham:” If a persons spiritual quest is directed by their ego, it is destined for failure. They will be led around by the nose, chasing after every intriguing premise they come across, but they will inevitably dissect and discard all they find, leaving them with the thought:”See? I knew there was nothing to believe in. All that activity only to be left far from the Presence of the Living God.”

Chapter 237. Seers

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The Seers were provided by Mithra for the enlightenment and uplifting of mankind’s soul, to learn of the Pure Teaching, the way to achieve unity with the Godhead. They have been ignored, mocked and murdered throughout history. In the end, no man can say ‘I did not know the truth.’ For truly I say to you, every soul shall hear of the Name and the Pure Teaching of Zurvan in every corner of the earth. Blessed is he who listens and takes to heart what he hears, but cursed is he who ignores and perverts the Pure Teaching. This is life and death.”

Chapter 238. Self -Delusion

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”Seeking Truth and Making our own truth are polar opposites, One leads to Liberation, the other only adds further complications to physical existence.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”If you only define yourself by your physical attributes or functions, what are you when you move beyond the physical?”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”You can never wake up to who you are, if you’re constantly trying to be what you are not.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”It is never your job to be like someone else. Being you is a full time job.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”You can never be surprised If you create a persona that you think others will like, but then are depressed because no one knows the real you.”

Chapter 239. Selfless Service

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”If we cannot bring happiness into the lives others, we can at least work to remove the sorrow.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “When you realize there is no difference between yourself and others, you will not hesitate to serve others at the expense of yourself.”  

Chapter 240. Self-Realization

Received from Kharba Awraham: “There’s no division between individual soul and the Heart of Mithra. That is Self-realization. The ego rejects this realization in favor of self-exaltation.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The soul of the individual is undifferentiated from the Heart of Mithra who allows us to retain our distinctive nature but to be One at the same time.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If your not sure about why you’re here or what your supposed to be doing, how can you know you’re doing it right?”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”If all you see are objects and no connections, then your soul is currently idling in neutral.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”Lasting Happiness comes from knowing who you really are. Without this, everything else is only a distraction.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”While God wants you to awaken to your True Identity, He never requires you to adopt someone else’s identity in the process.”

Chapter 241. Self-Worth

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”You don’t obtain more value or less value based on the attention you receive. Your value is innate. No one can change that but you.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”You never need to tell someone why they should appreciate you. If they do, they do. If they don’t, they don’t. You are fine either way.”

Chapter 242. Sense Gratification

Received from Kharba Awraham:”A valid spiritual path will not teach you how to feed your sense gratification, but how to remove your attachment to sense gratification.”

Chapter 243. Serving God

Received from Mir Garendra:“Encourage one another to serve in faithfulness the One God, upholding unity with all the spiritual communities of the Religion of Light.”

Chapter 244. Shab I Yalda

Received from Mir Benyamin: “A special blessing is available to all those brethren who recite, with faith and proper attitude, the name of Mir Fratama, at least ten times, morning, noon and evening, on Shab-e Yalda, for a total of thirty (30) times followed by the recitation of the Prayer to the Living Spirit (the same number of times).”

Chapter 245. Shame

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Conscious living, compassion for others and the capacity to forgive, removes the necessity for Guilt and Shame in society.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Shame is a weapon used by the unforgiving.”

Chapter 246. Sharing the Faith

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “”It is the responsibility of every individual believer to share the Message of Light in the best manner in which he or she is able, according to his or her talents.”

Chapter 247. Shunning

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “I certainly promote shunning and practice it myself toward others when necessary. While this is often an effective measure, eventually bringing blessing to the individual being shunned (provided that one is repentant), it is important that “extreme shunning” not be practiced within the Assembly. I can not express that strongly enough.

What I mean by this:

There will be individuals within a household of fellow Ashavan, a family unit, where one person is being shunned. It is very difficult (as has been seen in other communities within the Greater Assembly) for the other family members to practice this, often leading to disunity, divorce and much unneeded heart ache.

Other cases involve a shunned parent or grandparent not being able to see or talk with their adult children or younger grandchildren. Psychologically this is the same as a child being taken away from its parent.

In such instances I would limit social activities for the person who is being disciplined by shunning.

No participation in family outings (except for holidays that are family oriented but not necessarily tied to the greater body of the Assembly as in festivities with a body coming together for worship).

If it is a function in which the individual is required to attend the place of worship, they would simply remain silent. If a family, on the other hand, is going to a movie or having some outing of their own, the disciplined individual should remain behind. But in all these cases, especially when children (even adult children) are involved, they do not need to be kept from them.

Even if the thought of “limited association” with the child is introduced, it has the potential of spiraling out of control in an imperfect human environment and will be abused by an in-law. For example, a father who dislikes his mother-in-law, being the head of the household, may choose to stretch such a provision (“limited association”) by making his own personal mandates against the in-law.

In other situations that are not necessarily involving a family unit, an individual who is being shunned by the Assembly, could be forgotten over a period of time. This should never be permitted to occur.

The elders or others of a mature level should check up on the individual from time to time. Their spiritual development is still very important. They should not be ignored or forgotten.

I have seen this happen a few times among other Assemblies. If a person who is forgotten or ignored eventually leaves the Greater Assembly and falls into darkness, the guilt lies partly with those who forgot him/her.

It is like a lazy shepherd who forgot to feed his sheep for three days. The sheep may wander to a nearby field seeking food but ends up eating poisonous vines and dies. If the shepherd was taking care of his responsibilities as he should have, the sheep would have continued eating from the better field.

Even if the sheep decided to wander off, the shepherd should have been there to guide it back to the proper field. Making these policies clear in the beginning will assist in avoiding a lot of painful situations.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” Each day that passes by, the world will make less and less sense. For the faithful, each day that passes by, the words of the Divine Messenger will resonate deeper and deeper.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: ” The Religion of Light has different disciplinary actions for those who teach false teachings. For some it may be reprimand and they may lose their vocation. Others may be excommunicated.

But there is one action you, as the laity, do have: That is shunning. You, as individuals, as congregations, are permitted and encouraged to shun those who introduce, practice and promote false doctrines. You should have no further dealings with such people. If they present themselves as leaders, turn away from them and do not look to them as your leaders.

This may sound serious but it is better than having to answer at the Throne of Judgement for associating with wicked individuals whose doctrines trap souls in a dying creation. They are toxic.”

Chapter 248. Shakyamuni (Buddha)

Received from the writings of the Holy Prophet Mani: “ When Siddhartha* came in his turn to India, and Mahavira and the others who have been sent to the East, the disciples have reported of him that he too preached his Hope and taught much wisdom.

*(Gautama Buddha)

He chose out and completed his assemblies and revealed to them his Message. But there is only this fact that he did not write his wisdom in books. His disciples who came after him, it was they who recalled something of the wisdom they had heard from Siddhartha and recorded it in the Scriptures.”

Chapter 249. Sikhs

Received from Kharba Awraham:” The Sikh religion is rooted in both Hindu and Muslim belief, in doing so, Sikhism references two religions that have no covenant outside of the Noachide covenant. The Sikh religion, while it does not embrace idolatry, are believers in Monism, the belief that all is God. This belief is a sin and transgresses the Noachide covenant. Also, some Sikh groups challenge the Hebrew people for eating meat. Because they do this, they transgress the Abrahamic blessing, which is “Those who bless his seed are blessed and those who curse his seed are cursed”. Offering condemnation to the children of Abraham, for whatever reason, places those select individuals outside even the Noachide covenant. This is not all Sikhs who do this. If a Sikh turns away from Monism, and they recant any derogatory criticisms of either the Children of Isaac or the Children of Ishmael*, they can still be covered under the Noachide covenant.”

*(This is not in reference to Islam which has no covenant with God)

Received from Kharba Awraham: ‘Sikhism has no covenant with God. Sikhism, incorporates Islamic and Hindu doctrines into its belief system, any benevolent aspect to its teachings are overshadowed by their acceptance of the false doctrines of Islam. They also teach Pantheism, universal reincarnation both which are false doctrines. Guru Nanak, upon his entrance into the spirit realm, entered a holy covenant with God and is not a saint in the Society of Saints.”

Chapter 250. Sin

Received from Kharba Awraham: “When a person dies with sin on them, those imperfections, those infractions, stain the soul, they contaminate a pure consciousness. Such a soul cannot progress unless it is free of those imperfections. That soul has to be stripped of its imperfections before it can ascend. The process of stripping away can either be relatively painless or excruciating depending on the nature of the sin.”

Chapter 251. Sitting in the Nemana Asha (The local Ashavan temple of worship or congregation)

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Those who are in attendance should also be seated in humlity, ideally unless there is no room, at which point standing in attendance is permissible.”

Chapter 252. Social Networks

Received from Kharba Awraham:” There are the occasional heretics that use social networks. If you do not know the background of the people you are “friending” you may inadvertently “friend” someone who is a heretic, an apostate, someone who has been excommunicated. There are some individuals that you should avoid. Send me a note privately and I will let you know.

Good association is crucial for those who covenant with God.”

Chapter 253. Society of the Saints

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Not all the saihts within the Communion of Saints are in Olmo Lungring, but they can come and go as they please, so to speak. The Horizon of Light is only one of the various celestial worlds. Just at the departure from the bardo state a person can choose, if they are so marked by Mithra, to enter into Olmo Lungring or some other area — Pardes (Paradise, Gan Eden) is a metaphor for any number of these worlds – a place of rest. (We can discuss this particular aspect further if you wish).

It is after Mithra’s coming that He grants them a new physical body for their work on earth, however, not all would be working on earth as there will still be a need for others to be in one level of heaven or another.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: (a partial listing of the persons within the Communion of Saints): “Well known individuals in the Society of saints.

Ba’al Shem Tov (Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer or Rabibenez)

Rabbi Dov Ber of Mezeritch

Shneur Zalman Baruchovitch of Liadi

Rabbi Scheersohn (the Lubavitcher Rebbe)

Guru Nanak

Pope John Paul II

Abdul Qadir al Geylani

Ahmed ar Rifai

Bahâ ad-dîn Naqshband


Chogyam Trungpa (Chogyam knew a group of Shemishqo very well and there are letters sharing Beshura with Chogyam over a period of time)

Chuang Tsu



Diodore of Tarsus

Francis of Assisi


Lao Tzu


Maximos the confessor

Monk Anthony of Egypt (4th cent.)

Monk Moses the Ethiopian (4th cent.)

Monk Seraphim Rose

Mother Theresa

Neem Karoli Baba


Sant Kirpal Singh

Shah Nimatullah

Shaykh Abdullah Hashimi

Shaykh Muhammed Ansari

Shinran Shonin (friend of Shemishqo)

Sri Aurobindo

St. Benedict

St. Patrick



The Bab

Theodore of Mopsuestia

Theodoros the great ascetic


Uwaiys-ibn-Amir Moradi-al-Gharani

Yezid – just a note … there are several “Yazdin’s”, but I do not see a “Yezid” unless there is an alternative spelling with a “Dj” or “g”

Abd ul-Khaliq Ghujduwani

Sundar Singh


Hazrat Inayat Khan


Emmanuel Swedenborg

John Paul II

Padre Pio

Baba Sali

Saadia Gaon


Jalal din Rumi

Yemenite Rabbis

Farid-ud-din Syed (Sayed)

Bulleh Shah Sain

Yatim Shah

Sidi Ahmed (A Sheik)

Shirdi Sai Baba

Saints from Taoism

Saints from Shintoism

Saints from Tibetan Buddhism

Naqshbandyya saints

Asaph bar Yuzu/Yuzu Asaph (Asaf) The Asaph bar Yuzu is “Yaza”, a member of the Shemishqo…not “Jesus” or “Issa” as proclaimed by some.

St. Katherine

Someone named Moses (2 people one man/one woman)

Swami Lakshman Joo Maharaj

Sri Aurobindo

Mirra Alfassa (who was titled as “The Mother” in Sri Aurobindo’s earthly lifetime, now assists Sefardi communities)

Paramahansa Yogananda


“Sri Neem Karoli Baba” (has another name, I will check for clarity)

Sri Sri Ma Anandamayi

St. Edith (Edith Stein) – Carmelite nun also known as “Teresa Benedicta of the Cross”; we call her St. Edith

Emmanual Swedenborg – we have been told that he has in fact received his reward, however we have been instructed not to focus on him much at all”

Chapter 254. Soul

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The majority of souls that are on the earth at this time have already been marked as either being righteous or wicked. “

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: (Kharba: “Do wicked souls experience the annihilation of consciousness..are they ultimately destroyed?)

Mitraya Tarendra: “Yes, if they do not repent after being provided the opportunity.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:

(Kharba: “Do souls deemed wicked enter some other state of existence (whether it is re-education, or altered in some way)to be used in some other manner in creation?” )
Mitraya Tarendra: “In some cases, there are some whom the Father knows that have the potential of redemption – such ones are offered enlightenment.” 

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “All souls have the opportunity for re-education (those that have not yet been provided the proper education). “

Received from Mitraya Tarendra “: (Kharba: ‘Are they (those souls who are marked as wicked), like those souls that were once in the void, that had not been harvested from a previous world, are they allowed at some point to begin again? “
Mitraya Tarendra: “This depends on the situation with the soul itself.  Some are offered healing (re-education) while others walk, by their own choice, to the “Field of the Void” (annihilation) “

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: (Kharba: “Are wicked souls that definitively reject God..are they destroyed, is their consciousness annhilated?” )
Mitraya Tarendra: “Those who wilfully reject the Cause of Creation, the Supreme Divine Source, are destroyed along with their consciousness.” 

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: (Kharba: “Are wicked souls going to be destroyed like the evil one? )
Mitraya Tarendra:” If they are wilfully rejecting the Divine Source, they are destroyed like the evil one.  The Father, in His Supreme Wisdom, is aware of their very thoughts and knows whether they have the potential of being redeemed or not.” 

Section 2. The nature of the soul

Received from Mir Garendra:”The soul is pure, but it is trapped within matter (body and on earth). Because the body is not pure, it can eventually cause the soul to weaken and to become contaminated if a virtuous life is not lived.”

Received from Mir Benyamin: “The Ashavan believe there is a difference (between the spirit and the soul). One of the previous Messengers once said that the soul is thought of as the “Collective Life” and the spirit is the breath that keeps the body alive, the spirit also being sacred because it is considered the “breath of God” that was breathed into the lump of organs, giving life to humans and the ability to move about. That’s a simple way of putting it, but it is what it is.”

Received from a scholar of the Den Rozhn: “Ashavan believe that the true self – the soul – the light within was originally in heaven but later was snatched away by the evil one and brought down to earth and mixed with matter creating a hybrid – what we are today. Our realizing this helps us to awaken to our true self and becoming aware of our divine origin and seeking liberation from the darkness and the material world.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Many people have confusing ideas as to what the soul is or whether it exists.In reality the soul is consciousness. If you have it, you have one.You are not someone who has a soul, you are the soul. The body is only a temporary vessel for that stream of consciousness. If you have been taught that you are a body in possession of a soul, rather than a soul inhabiting a body, you have been misled.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “All souls are inherently royal as all are from the One Universal Soul. Its only by leading a life of wickedness that this birthright is lost”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The soul is a stream of consciousness that seeks to merge with the Great Ocean of the One Universal Soul. There is no division between soul and mind, they are one and the same. The soul is the mind free of impurities.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “You will one day realize why Zurvan loves you so very much. It is because there is only one of you and you are unique.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The soul has another name: “Consciousness”. We, each of us, are a stream of consciousness. But even this description can leave people feeling indifferent about the whole subject. If they don’t know what a soul is, what does a stream of consciousness mean to them?

But this stream of consciousness is not just an interesting theory, it is central to who and what you really are. More than this, you are not a body in the possession of a soul, you are a soul inhabiting a body.

You are the soul, itself. Without the soul, you do not exist. If you remove the soul from your body, the body dies. If you remove the body from the soul, the soul continues to live.

The soul is not subject to decay, the body has been growing and dying since its birth. The real you is not they dying flesh but the eternal consciousness that is the soul. Everybody will go the way of all flesh one day. The soul has other much more interesting options.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The soul manifests within you as your attention. What you focus on is what the soul is focusing on. What you do not see, the soul does not register either. The soul goes in the direction it is pointed. If you are focusing on light and life, that is the direction your stream of consciousness is flowing. If you are focusing on materialism and carnality, that is the direction your stream of consciousness is flowing.If you are only focused on the body and the body dies, so goes the soul. If you are focused on heavenly pursuits, and the body dies, the soul goes to the destination it had been focusing upon.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”It is important to realize that the soul is not something you have but something that you are.”

Chapter 255. Spiritual Education

Received from Mir Garendra: “One can not simply pick up a publication from a book store or talk to a friend who might have been involved in some remote way with a practice and expect to gain all the wisdom there is to know about that practice.”

Chapter 256. Spiritual Gifts

Receive from Mitraya Tarendra: “When a person is initiated into the various levels in the Religion of Light, their visualisation practices, becoming perfected, are often seen as being a part of this gift because the Divine Mother helps the individual to perfect the vision they produce before their mind’s eye and it becomes a reality. A person who does not have a pure mind will not have their visualisations guided by the Great Mother, but rather by their own intellect and imagination, and in these cases the visualisation has no reality and is empty and can benefit no one else.”

Chapter 257. The Spiritual Path

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”The path that leads to God is the path that leads to truth. Not only that, it is a path that is grounded in truth that is lifted on the current of truth. Any path that is not immersed in truth is leading you away from the divine light of God.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “This path is not difficult to understand. It ist the easiest possible way to find God you can imagine. It can be said in many different ways, expressed in many different ways. You are not excluded on the basis of who you are or what you look like or what you sound like or who you love. “

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Embrace the Eternal and you are Eternal. Embrace the Temporal and you are Temporal. Embrace illusion and you are nothing but illusion.”

Chapter 258. Stillness

Received from Kharba Awraham: “It is better to do nothing intentionally than to do anything thoughtlessly.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “ Panic never leads to sounds solutions.Mithra will guide you when you are at peace.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “When water in a pond is unsettled, dirt blends with the water, making it cloudy. Once calm, the water clears: Calm your mind & all is clear.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Don’t just sit there..Be still.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “A developing soul knows when to apply inaction & action. Stillness within is proper inaction. Standing up to oppression is proper action.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “It is better to think without acting, than to act without thinking.”


Received from Kharba Awraham: “When you are at peace within yourself, you can be at peace with all that is outside of you. The barrier of inside and outside does not exist.”

Chapter 259. Study

Received from Mir Benyamin: “Mir Fratama encourages everyone to do research and study of scientific data and historical information. He never tells people that they can not study or research. He wants humanity to be informed and knowledgeable – not gullible. But he does tell humans not to allow man’s philosophy to be a crutch in life because that would leave no room for faith. Once humanity puts too much trust or attachment to the vain thoughts of other men, it can quickly root out faith in the divine.”

Received from Mar Ammo, an Elder of the Den Rozhn:”We encourage all of our brethren to read the Holy Tablets of Light each day, but reading it alone is not enough. One should be familiar with the text, not only enough to be able to quote from the Tablets but everyone should also understand its meaning and this is where we encourage, not only reading, but also study and contemplation. Reading and studying are not one and the same.

To begin with, when reading our Holy Tablets, ask yourself how you can apply what is being read in each of the various situations you may encounter every day. Contemplate on the subject matter being referenced in the Scriptures at hand.

When reading and studying, never make assumptions or personal interpretation and do not take quotes out of context. Whenever you find yourself in doubt about a topic that you feel might not be covered in the first edition of the Holy Tablets or if you can not find authorized references, refer to the book known as the Tablet of Mir Fratama, which covers a variety of topics from creation, faith, world religions and many others.

If you are still struggling with understanding what you have read or have questions about the text, pray about it and ask others who are mature in the faith. This will assist you in your understanding of the Holy Tablets and your commitment to sharing the Pure Teaching.

Knowing about what the Holy Tablets say is different than having a working knowledge and faith in what they mean.

May each of you be blessed as you delve further into the Holy Tablets of Light and through them may you find your faith strengthened by its words.”

Chapter 260. Submission to Zurvan

Received from Kharba Awraham: “If you cannot remember coming into being, and have no control of age, death or what happens next, better to defer to the Source that does.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The villager who bows before the prime minister but ignores the king, is an offense to both the prime minister and the king. Those who seek the presence of God, who bows down before a Manifestation of Mithra but ignore Zurvan, are an offense to both Mithra and Zurvan.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Complete subservience to the One God through Mithra is required for all beings. The moment any being believes it has power, knowledge or abilities beyond or separate from what God through Mithra grants, that being is in the process of falling from grace.”

Chapter 261. Sufi saints in Heaven

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Some may notice that in Asha we denounce Islam as being from the darkness. That this path has no covenant with God and followers, if they do not leave it behind, will, themselves, be left behind, when all is said and done.

But at the same time, there are those who were in Islam that are not only in the heavenly realms but some that even serve in the Society of Saints to help humanity. How can this be?

The existence of a soul that was once in a false religion on earth does not negate the opportunity for repentance in Purgatory. Many souls do this, especially those pious souls who were in a false religion but that saw the Light when presented with the Pure Teaching as it is, after they left the physical shell. This is part of the Divine Arrangement.

This does not mean Islam divinely sanctioned or remaining in it is a viable option for any soul seeking Paradise. Only that if the soul really wants God and is willing to lay aside their misconceptions, even ones that are deeply held, they can have the opportunity of liberation and ascension. Many of the most pious Sufi’s are good examples of this.”


Chapter 262. Tablets of Destiny

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The Tablets of Destiny is a so-called document which gives legal power to the one holding it, whether the being is good or evil. Many a battle has been waged for this and other similar tablets. There are seven major tablets and twelve minor tablets. This is actually considered as a single tablet but in two pieces (as in the Ten Commandments written on two stones, but considered as one tablet). This tablet allows for the granting of power to a spirit military to wage battle against the celestial beings and humankind. However, this tablet is not necessarily related to the Seven and Twelve tablets. “

Chapter 263. Tablet of Mir Fratama

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Ashavan should hold the Tablet of Mir Fratama in the highest regard. In the same way that Arjuna listened closely to the discourse of Sri Krishna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, in the same way that the devotees of Shakyamuni listened to His first sermon at the Deer Park in Benares, and in the same way the apostles listened to the words of Christ at the Sermon on the Mount, that is the same attentive nature an Ashavan should have while being in the presence of the Holy words of Mir Fratama. When you are contemplating any words of Mir Fratama, you are in the being attentive to Mithra, Himself.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “A devout Ashavan should contemplate the words of Mir Fratama everyday.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” While Mithra has appeared countless times in the world, it is the most recent appearance that should draw our attention the most. You will learn what you need to know most, from the most recent Manifestation of MIthra in the world. In this age, the words of Mir Fratama are the most salient to spiritual adherents. Also, there is the greatest chance of His words being in their most pristine order, the closer we are to the time of His last incarnation.”

Chapter 264. Taoism

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The beginning of the Taoist era was more influential through spiritual means, rather than a physical manifestation. However, with that being said, physical manifestations did take place at times. “Isha” (Uzu Masa, and other names applied, etc.) made appearances before the people. The Essenes understand some of the Peshitta and sacred texts referring to “Yeshua teaching in the east” (China, Mongolia, etc) as being adaptations from earlier writings. However, not all the texts are adaptations – but rather, they are accounts of literal visitations to those particular areas.”

Chapter 265. Tarendrans

Received from Kharba Awraham:”There are Celestial beings (Mithra, Aeons, etc.), there are Atmospheric beings (Tarendrans are an example of this) and there are Terrestrial beings. As stated, Tarendrans are, in their natural state, non-physical. That is the majority of Tarendrans.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The Tarendrans have, historically and in the final age, helped to serve mankind leading them to God.”

Section 2. Tarendrans of Terrestrial Binding

Received from Kharba Awraham:”These are Tarendrans souls that are born into the world and grow up to serve God further down the road. They are very few and far between, however.”

Chapter 266. Tattoos

Received from Mir Garendra: “There are some who have come into the Religion of Light with such tattoos who were later able to ”fill them in” to change the nature or look of the tattoo, instead of removing them, which I understand from others to be a very painful procedure.

I would say getting tattoos is relatively harmless.

Ashavan would not want to focus on the body of course and would not want to obtain art that depicts the evil one or anything that is in bad taste. That should of course be obvious to any person of faith.

Some individuals are obsessed with obtaining tattoos because they focus too much on the body. This is where some education would come in hand concerning the more important things. But overall, someone who has tattoos or who wishes to obtain one or more, is not a problem in the Faith.”

Chapter 267. Terra Nova (“New Land” )

Received from Mir Garendra: “For those of you who don’t know, the “new land” to which the senior Tarendrans have descended is spoken of by Mir Fratama in these two verses from the Manichaean Scriptures: “I am creating a new place, a new land, where the pure ones will be gathered, a place where they shall undergo further instruction for assisting the remaining souls in the earth.In the new land, which is adjacent to New Amarna within the Horizon of Light – in that place is divine teaching, peaceful meditation, blessed music, Godly love, and true compassion. Only the purest among the Children of Light may obtain a home in the new land, for there shall be no ignorance, no blindness and no darkness.”

Received from Mir Garendra: “I can assure you there are animals and other living beings that humans think of as vicious, dangerous and violent in the “new earth.” They are not this way in the “new earth.” There are bears, serpents, lions, tigers, sharks, jelly fish, wasps and bees. All things humans typically think of as “violent.” But they are not this way in the “new earth.”

Received from Mir Garendra: “Animals living in peace on earth, is the belief in all Religion of Light communities that one day a “new earth” will come about and such conditions will prevail, but only for a certain period of time. This is different than the Kingdom of Light (heaven, Bahisht, Paradise)”

Received from the Manichaean Scriptures: ““I am creating a new place, a new land, where the pure ones will be gathered, a place where they shall undergo further instruction for assisting the remaining souls in the earth. In the new land, which is adjacent to New Amarna within the Horizon of Light – in that place is divine teaching, peaceful meditation, blessed music, Godly love, and true compassion. Only the purest among the disciples of Mani may obtain a home in the new land, for there shall be no ignorance, no blindness and no darkness there.” (2 Tr 12:37, 38) Population of Terra Nova: 200+ (December 2014)”

Received from Mir Benayamin Tarendra: “While Terra Nova is part of the New Horizon and ”next to” New Amarna, it is still more dense in matter than the other worlds. Thus, it is closer in proximity to the earth’s surface than New Amarna.

The closeness in proximity is such that it allows some (not everyone though) people in the ”new land” to transport back and forth into the world. This type of activity would be for special reasons and never anything mundane. Mir EreshZademir and various Tarendrans are able to do this and teach in the ”new land”.

There is a church structure that can seat 1,200 or so individuals, a chapel that can seat around 60, housing of various types (small, plain structures), and the usual amenities that one would find in the world – even buying, selling and trading. People can get sick and die, but if they die they immediately go to the New Amarna or another world designated by Mithra or by Mir Fratama or Mir Eresh Zademir.

Terra Nova is a land (world) that was given to Mir Eresh Zademir for teaching some of the disciples that came from the world and passed away. There are currently a little more than 200 individuals with three or four arriving on a daily basis. Anyone that will ever be in this ”new land” have their name already written down in a book. Their name is removed from the book for only two reasons:

1) once the person arrives in Terra Nova, and

2) if the person becomes unfaithful in the world before their death (then they would go to some other etheric world).

Even though one experiences the seasons, cold and heat, rain, storms, snow (it snowed a little on Shab-e Yalda), illnesses and the like, the difference between it and the world is that it only consists of those from the Faith who have passed away in the world (those that were not assigned to other lands/worlds).

The laws and policies are based on Religion of Light principles and ethics, and everyone is at peace. Such an environment allows for more focus on study and the secondary perfection process.

There is another assignment for these individuals after they go through this major educational process, and this will be, for the most part, helping others in New Amarna with their various tasks and with further education.

In relation to the world map, it is near to the west coast of the United States of America, very near Santa Catalina Island.”

Received from Mir Benyamin Tarendra:“(Regarding life in Terra Nova):
“1. People have jobs such as working in inns, shops, other markets, vehicle maintenance, house keeping/maids, etc.

2. People can marry and have children (unlike some other worlds) but no one seems interested in it*. There are some young children, but not many. Those who came without parents live together at a large home with adult care givers.
(Mir Benyamin is stating this humorously)

3. There is a school for various ages but mostly for younger children.

4. There is a doctor’s office.

5. People have internet.

6. The area has various communities within it. The senior Tarendrans that recently arrived live in their own community in the northern most part of the land.

7. I said that a few people arrive on a daily basis. However, they do not arrive on Shabta.

8. People speak many different languages, but one is not required to learn another language. Any language you speak is heard in the language spoken by the listener. There’s no babel in Terra Nova ** “

**(Mir Benyamin is using a play on words, stated in a humorous manner)

Chapter 268. The Three Bright Lamps

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “As you continue to walk faithfully with Zurvan, I admonish each of you to remain steadfast in obedience to the Three Bright Lamps of the Holy Faith, that is, the Scriptures, the Traditions and the Revelations, all given by authority of the Divine Mother for each spiritual community within the Religion of Light.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Ashavan Faith formed on the framework of the Three Bright Lamps. They are:

The First Bright Lamp is the Holy Tablets of Light.

Book of the Tablets of Light consists of Sacred texts such as:

hymns (psalms)


Book of the Tradition of Light

The Second Bright Lamp consists of:

*The instructions issued by the Hierarchy of the Maenatha Asha

*The ongoing text containing rituals various other practices

*The Ashavan Calendar

*Miscellaneous lists

*Liturgical texts

The Third Bright Lamp consists of:

*The Revelations and mandates from the Divine Celestial Triad (God, Mother, Mithra)

*Mandates from the Amesha Spentas

*Mandates from the Teacher of Light

*Revelations from other celestial beings”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” For all children of light and for all seekers, I would like to offer an important piece of information.

It has been said by many in the Religion of Light, to become grounded in the 3 Brightt Lamps of the faith: They are Scripture, Tradition and Revelation. These are not merely suggestions, they are a cornerstone of the Religion of Light.

Unless a person takes this information to heart and applies it seriously in their lives, they are not approaching their covenant and faith honorably.

If you are part of a covenant and community honor the First pillar of your faith by learning just what scriptures are used by your religious community, hold these up above all others, use them as the filter by which you view all other religious information from that point onward.

Honor the second Bright Lamp of your faith by learning the traditions of that faith. This means: Learn who is overseeing your religious community, make yourselves answerable to that leadership and receive guidance and mentoring from them. Take it seriously. Learn the practices and observances and rulings of your faith. View them as religious law to you.

Then honor the Third Bright Lamp of revelation. The Religion of Light stands out in the world by receiving Divine Information in Real Time, in the modern era (in every era). It is the only Religion that is not governed by men but by God through the Son and His Celestial Servants. The people on the ground are the servants of this Higher Authority. We take Divine Revelation as Manna from Heaven. Life-giving, soul saving Gnosis to illumine our path in this world and lead us lovingly into the next.

If we are not illumined by the three Bright Lamps, however they are known in our covenants, we are not really understanding or living this faith, we are only giving lip service to being in a covenant with God through Mithra. This is serious stuff.

We don’t have much time left and the world is making less and less sense each day that goes by. If you have access to the Truth, hold onto it with tenaciously…don’t let go, no matter what tries obstruct you. Perfect your faith.Purify your consciousness. Make yourselves worthy inhabitants of the Kingdom of Light in the here and now.

If you have been sleepwalking through your faith walk…its time to wake up! If you have been meandering from one spiritual group or site to another, with about as much seriousness as someone who is channel surfing, stop searching for fun and start asking yourself the serious questions and start moving in the right direction rather than just standing still, or worse, wandering off into the darkness.

As I said, there is not much time left. So, there is literally no time left for hollow religion or religion simply for amusement. Abandon the belief systems of this world, in favor the belief system of the Realms of Light. The 3 Bright Lamps support us on our path Home to the Realms of Light. Get to know them and live by them.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” Most religions in the world today operate with 2 pillars* (however they define them): Scripture and Tradition. That means the central texts and the rulings based on those texts.

*(We call them the Bright Lamps in Asha)

The Religion of Light and its covenants and communities operate with Three pillars as opposed to two, they are: Scripture, Tradition and Revelation. The central texts, the rulings based on those texts. But what of the 3rd Pillar? What purpose does it serve?

Have you ever looked at a world religion, possibly being in the world for many ages…and wondered “How can they possibly know if what they are reading, what they are practising…is even accurate? Is this what God really wants them to know? How do they even know they are on the right track anymore?” The 3rd Pillar of Divine Revelation is Divine Gnosis offered in each age…in this age…to ensure believers that what they have in their scriptures (and understanding of scriptures) and what they have in their rulings and practices of that respective faith, are precisely what God needs them to know and implement right now. Any faith can have writings. Any faith can have traditions. But if a faith does not have Divine Knowledge being offered in the current age, it is little more than a historic re-enactment. 

If you viewed a faith walk less like a performance and more like a journey, it would make sense to need the most current, up to date information for making your journey.

If it makes sense to have a GPS (or Sat. Nav.) on a physical journey, it then makes sense to have a third pillar on a spiritual journey.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:” The greatest defense a believer has against the attacks of the evil one is to become grounded in the Three Bright Lamps of their faith. Know what your faith is, what it believes, what it teaches, what it practices…live this truth. As long as we are in the flesh, we remain vulnerable to the attacks of the evil one, but being strengthened by the 3 Bright Lamps (Scripture, Tradition and Revelation), we can weather such attacks and be victorious.”

Chapter 269. Three Dark Shadows

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Just as there are Three Bright Lamps to illumine the path of the Ashavan on their journey Home to Bahisht, there are also Three Dark Shadows that seek to obscure this Divine Light. To seek to add to the Pure Teaching that was not given; to alter the Pure Teaching that has been given; and to omit the Pure Teaching that has been given.”

Chapter 270. Thoughts

Received from Kharba Awraham:” God, Mother and Son know your very thoughts. No one else does unless you express them. If anyone ever tries to tell you they can read your thoughts, unless they are God, Mother or Son, they are either deluded or they are trying to decieve you. The evil one can never know any of your thoughts until you express them. Be wise and conscious about what you think, what you say and what you do.”

Chapter 271. Three Worlds

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The Three Worlds as taught in the Religion of Light are:

1. Celestial – abode of the Divine Source, celestial beings teach others to enter earth.

2. Earthly – humans and celestial beings sent to teach humans.

3. Afterlife (Bardo) – humans and spirits, celestial being who teaches and prepares the dead to enter the Celestial Realm.”

Chapter 272. Throne of Judgement

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:” Know that it makes no difference what people try to establish in this world to exalt themselves. All must stand before the Throne of Judgement one day. All must give an accounting for their thoughts, words and deeds. If one has established a covenant in this life and lived it to the best of their ability. You have already stated your case before God.”

Chapter 273.Topa Shenrab Miwoche

Received form Kharba Awraham: “Mithra has appeared to all people in all cultures all over the world from the beginning of mankind to this very day. In the Far East, He appeared to the people as Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche, leading people to the One God “Lha” which is a variant of the Aramaic term for God “Alaha”.

Remnants of this can still be found in the name of the Central city of Tibet: “Lhasa” which means “The Abode of God”. He was born in the Persian Empire but travelled to the Tibetan Plateaus and taught the people for several years and then relocated to the Sindh region of India to live out the rest of His days. The devout of the Far East who still look to the Tonpa Shenrab and His original teachings on the One God, have a covenant with God through Mithra. They are blessed in the eyes of the Children of Light as are all who honor their covenant with God through Mithra.”

Chapter 274. Torah

Received from Mir Garendra:”In the Religion of Light the Law of Moses,carries with it the law of love. Since they are both from divine origin (revelation), there is no distinction for us in that regard. We can not separate the love of God and Isha Masiha from that of the Law of Moses. With that said, however, it does not mean that Ashavan have been called to be under Israel’s covenant. We respect the Law. We view it as divinely revealed, but its Law is for Israel and all those who come to Israel (conversion).”

Received from Mir Garendra: (To one of the Children of Light):“You made some very good points about the Old Testament (Tanakh) being tampered with.”

Chapter 275. Tower of Babel

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “ The Tower of Babel was a Ziggurat in southern Mesopotamia. Sometimes the terms Ziggurat (Stepped Pyramid) and tower (high tower) are used synonymously.

The fall of the Tower (Ziggurat) of Babylon was due to idolatry and pride. The Tower had fallen into disuse. Some earthquakes throughout time took its toll on the unfinished structure.

Most of the political leaders of Sumeria had become gods in the eyes of the population at the time. This was virtually forced on the people, including slaves brought in from other countries.

(In response to the comment that the events surrounding the deifying of the political leaders of Sumeria seemed to repeat itself in the Roman Empire) “History repeats itself over and over. “

Chapter 276. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a reference to the bestowal of free will. That prior to this, humanity was in harmony with God and Mithra, wanting or seeing nothing different from what Mithra sees, nor wishing something different from what Mithra wished. The narrative alludes to a development of a self will, apart from Mithra and apart from the Divine Will. The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, then, is the birthplace of the human ego.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Prior to the incident in the Garden of Eden surrounding the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, humans had a form of free will that was similar to that of the angels. That being a free will in how they expressed their obedience and servitude to God. The incident of eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was the first (and sadly not the last) incident where that free will was used to choose not to serve God at all, freely choosing only to serve the ego.”

Chapter 277. Trinity

Received from Mir Garendra:”The belief in the Christian trinity means the Father is God, the Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God. Depending on how one slices and dices those terms and all the complex concepts surrounding the trinity, it turns into idolatry.”

Chapter 278. Truth

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “ The seed of Truth is planted within your heart by the hand of Zurvan. Truly I tell you, he who does not permit the seed to be cultivated properly, will wither and the root will become dry and the wind will carry it away.”

Chapter 279. Tuesday a Day of Religious Observance./

Received from Mar Kharba Awraham:”Effective immediately, all Ashavan will observe a special day of the week to commemorate the Divine Manifestation of Mir Fratama. The day of the week is Tuesday.

The World Teacher appeared in the world on February 21st, 2012 in Nepal. This day fell on the Tuesday of that week.

We will observe this blessing by praising Mithra and reading from the Tablet of Mir Fratama each Tuesday. This can either be done in a Hanzaman, or individually. Next to Haspin, this will be the holiest day of the week for Ashavan and required of all Ashavan.”

Chapter 280. Tutankhamuns’ sister

Received from Mir Garendra: “It is interesting to note that when she was born there was a religio-political upheaval in the land between Atenists and polytheists, and now thousands of years later, her image is broken and nearly lost again during yet another religio-political upheaval between those who want freedom from the tyranny of corrupt government and violence of the “religion of peace.” Now all we need is a mass exodus and the story line will almost be complete.”

Chapter 281. Tutankhaten -See “Akhenation”

Received from Mir Benyamin: “I personally know that it was revealed by my father to Kharba that Tutankhaten was born in an unusual way. Tutankhaten’s body (as an infant) was lying at her feet on the ground and the soul entered into the body. He then grew quickly, not the same as a child being born at nine months and growing daily. Instead, he grew hourly until reaching a certain age. That age has not been revealed to us. But he was teaching by the age of twelve as also in the case of Isha of the First Century C.E.”


Chapter 282. Union of Covenants

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “There is truly a “chain” linking all the communities of various covenants together – the doctrines are almost all the same when it comes to beliefs concerning death (levels reaching downward or upward), the afterlife (process of purification), future kingdom under God’s Wing, etc.”

Chapter 283. Usury

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “Charging interest to brothers and sisters is absolutely forbidden.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:”Just about any system that does not charge interest/usury on loans should be fine.”


Chapter 284. Validation

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “We have an old saying, “everything is established by two or three witnesses.”

Received from Mitraya Tarendra:”This (Cross Referencing Texts) will also assist in helping the true student and seeker in advancing in their knowledge of the truths found within the text.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Something I want to ingrain in the minds of the Ashavan is the necessity of being able to validate and corroborate their statements (regarding faith, spirituality, religion, prophecy, revelation etc.), on the Three Bright Lamps:

1. The Holy Tablets of Light (Scripture which represents the First Bright Lamp of the faith).

2 The Manual of Ashavan Teachings (The Book of the Ashavan which covers: Tradition (The Second Bright Lamp) and Revelation (Third Bright Lamp).

The individual making any statement always need to look at all Three of the Bright Lamps (not only one but all Three in concert) for validation. They can not emphasize one and de-emphasize another (If one ruling is contextually inaccurate, the individual cannot state this as a validation of a given point because this may misrepresent any one of the Three Foundations which must always be above reproach and any Ashavan must never think to change or omit the words of Scripture, Tradition or Revelation in order to come up with words that seem to justify their actions, even if those actions may appear to be sound at first glance.

They must always be obedient in relation to the Three Bright Lamps. Their thinking must be “My thoughts, words and deeds reflect the Three Bright Lamps” and never “the Three Bright Lamps validate my thoughts, words and deeds”.

Chapter 285. Vegetarianism

Received from Mir Garendra: “Lliving beings are destroyed by vegetarians. When you till the ground to grow vegetables and fruit trees, millions of living creatures lose their lives. It is also quite possible that those small living beings also suffer as a result of humans consuming “only” vegetables. If you live in America and in some other Western countries where canned vegetables are available, there are many dead insects and insect parts inside those cans. You are also consuming them along with your vegetables. If you are human you must consume food and drink water to survive. Water contains billions of living organism and even bottled water may contain traces of what used to be living beings.”


Chapter 286. Waking up

Received from Kharba Awraham:”One of the first steps in self realization is figuring out that the person you present to the world each day, is not your Real Self.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”We sleep & dream of separation. We wake and realize Oneness.”

Receieved from Kharba Awraham:”The day you realize you need nothing is the day you awaken to the fact that you are One with everything.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “We can spend ages disputing the method and means to self realization, or we can get to the business of waking up. Its our choice.”

Chapter 287. Walking the Spiritual Path

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”Travel the Path that Speaks to your Heart…Travel the Path that reveals your Heart.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”Mir Tarendra has said “Following the One Light, all things become clear”.

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The journey from where you are to where you need to be can never begin without a discerning mind, a passionate heart and a courageous act.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”The Teacher of Light is the guide, MIthra is the Path, God is the Destination.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”The drive for spiritual growth and the necessity for Obedience to God are not contradictory but complimentary.

Received from Kharba Awraham:”If you focus only on the details of a spiritual path, you can lose sight of the point of the path and then all that is left are the details.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham:”When your passion for a better future exceeds your fear of the unknown, that is when you begin to make progress on your spiritual path.”

Chapter 288. Wisdom

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The wise person is aware of the Source of their existence and seeks to lead a life in honor of that Source.”

Chapter 289. Work that conflicts with Beliefs

Received from Mir Benyamin:”I believe praying to request forgiveness. Sometimes a secular job will ask someone to do things that you have no real control of like working on the Sabbath, destruction of plant life, deforestation, etc etc. It really is sad, especially if you need the job and if you are insubordinate it could jeopardize your family’s income.”

Chapter 290. The world

Receieved from Kharba Awraham: “If we only see the world we wish to see, we turned a blind eye to what needs improving. Fix what needs fixing. Don’t live in denial.”

Recieved from Kharba Awraham: “While we should all work to make this world a better place, we should do this, knowing that a better world awaits us beyond the stars.”

Section 2. Worldly Affairs

Received from Kharba Awraham:” In worldly affairs people may want to know how Ashavan view such matters. Our view is really very simple:
We honor God’s covenants.
We honor those who honor their covenant with God.
We live our own & we respect the covenants of others.
We stand by those who covenant faithfully with the One True God outside of Creation.

We honor those who respect our right to believe in and live our covenant with God.”

Chapter 291. Worldly Authority

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Honor the authority that acts honorably. Question the authority that acts questionably.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “You are never required to respect those who are dis-respectable, honor those who are dishonourable nor trust those who are untrustworthy.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The soul was created to be free. Do not be so eager to become domesticated.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “It makes no sense to be disobey a virtuous authority any more than it make sense to obey a non-virtuous authority. Use discernment then act.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “All worldly powers are temporary. They plant the flag of dominion in a mountain of sand. The wind blows and the mountain is gone.”

Chapter 292. World Religions

Received from Kharba Awraham: “It makes no sense to encourage the delusions of humanity, especially in the realm of religion and spirituality. While the Ashavan do not seek to be at odds with any religion or people in the world, we will not encourage their delusions, either.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “We will not ask permission from any world religion or institution to preach, teach and live our Faith. If Zurvan sanctions this faith, if Anahita sanctions this faith, if Mithra sanctions this faith, then we need no other validation, no other permission.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Just as a man should not worry about offending a door to door salesman who seeks to sell them products they neither want nor need, so too a person should not worry abouAll members who meet at the Ashavan House of Worship offending a representative of false religion that seeks to sell them a false belief system that they neither want nor need.”

Chapter 293. Worship

Received from Mitraya Tarendra: “The definition of the term ‘worship’ needs to have an overhaul due to Western influence. There seems to be a misunderstanding that the term ‘worship’ is applied to both the Divine Source and to the Messenger – but both having completely different levels of meaning. “

Received from Kharba d’Awraham: “Very seldom do people stop and examine their motives when they offer up worship to God. Under closer inspection many will find they do not offer worship or praise without an agenda. Pure Praise and Worship requires a mind, heart and soul free of ulterior motives.”

Chapter 294. Worshiping at an Ashavan House of Worship or Home Gathering

Section 1. Ashavan Worship
Received from Kshathra Vairya:”All members who meet at the Ashavan House of Worship should do so with a view to worshiping the one God, honoring the Divine Messenger and taking in divine wisdom. While there is no strict dress code, adherents should wear respectable attire that is becoming of a servant of the Divine Messenger.

New comers should feel welcomed, as if attending a family function. We never wish to “love bomb” new comers, but we can introduce ourselves to them and let them know a little about the Faith without being too overbearing. Always be willing to answer questions a new comer may have about the Faith. If you can not answer their question, there is no shame in letting them know this, and that you will help them find the answer.”

Section 2. Outline of an Ashavan service
Received from the Maethana Asha:”At an Ashavan House of Worship or Home Gathering, the fireplace or large fire brazier is highly noticeable. This is where members will focus their attention. If meeting outside, a fire pit is used.

It should be noted that during warmer months of the year, a fireplace or fire pit may not be appropriate due to excess heat. In such a case, candles can be placed within a fireplace and lit. Similarly, candles can safely be placed in a fire pit and extinguished after the conclusion of the meeting.

Members and those interested in the Faith can dress casually, but respectful at the same time. At these informal gatherings, members do not have to dress formally. Everyone in attendance should feel welcome and comfortable.

The person locally elected* to preside over local gatherings may conduct informal meetings as the occasion requires. The celebrant opens the meeting with a simple prayer thanking God for the opportunity to meet together as Ashavan and as disciples of true wisdom in order to practice and live Ashavan Faith.
*(Each local community should regularly appoint a member of the Ashavan Faith to preside over communal worship if they have a centralized place for public worship. The duties of leading the local congregation fall on local leaders in good standing, who are both knowledgeable and respected and overall who strive to exemplify the teachings of Asha. There are no prohibitions due to race, gender, orientation, age etc. The duties of managing the local assembly rest with the local governing body. The duties should be democratic and not rest solely on one person. The dissemination of Asha and its growth should never be focused on one person in the local community. )

If there are any important announcements or upcoming holy days or events, these can be mentioned. Discussions related to announcements should be kept to a minimum at this time. These can be discussed later during coffee time.

Next, a member in good standing is asked to read the appointed passage for the day/evening. Discussions on the passage may follow in an informal question and answer session. The celebrant will also have a set of questions provided to him/her in case the group is uneasy about making inquiries, especially if the group is new to this practice.

In some cases, a letter or directive from the Temple of Asha is read aloud to the group.

The next session of the meeting is related to dealing with local concerns and issues. This is a time for any issues that need to be discussed that might be causing problems for the group, outreach needs and how missionary work is being conducted in the local area.

The celebrant then opens the floor for anyone to make prayer requests. Prayer requests should be succinct and to the point. At this point, another simple prayer is offered on behalf of the local community and the Faith in general, to close the main part of the meeting.

Next, the participants may fellowship with one another. This is what we refer to as coffee time, or tea time, depending on the vernacular. The main point is that brothers, sisters and new comers have a period of time dedicated to talking to one another casually, getting to know each other better, introducing one’s self to a new comer, etc. Refreshments and food may be served. Appropriate music may be played, and songs may be sung at this time as well.

Note: Whenever Asha gatherings take place in local homes, it is the homeowner who is the presiding celebrant. They pick and choose the people giving the opening prayers, the readers of scripture and the person to give a teaching. They may either participate or appoint people as they see fit. If there is no Ashavan House of Worship, it should be regular practice to allow local members to host and govern local services themselves. Any Ashavan who causes offense to the local assembly, who teaches anything outside of Asha, who has an ulterior motive than the development of Asha and the welfare of the local community, should no longer be permitted to host Ashavan services or teach the faith. They may still attend other Ashavan services unless they still seek to cause offense at which point they would be cast out of the local assembly and registered with the Central Temple as offenders of the Faith.”

Section 3. Ashavan Worship at home: Families
Received from the Maethana Asha: “A family gathering for worship is similar to that of a local community service or meeting, which is observed around a fireplace or fire pit.

The main purpose is to read a passage from our Holy Book, followed by a brief discussion. The head of the household, if he or she is a member of the Faith, conducts the family worship service. Families will recite the closing prayer before their altar or shrine, always giving thanks for the opportunity to meet, giving thanks for daily provisions, and so on.”

Section 4. Ashavan Worship at home: Individuals
Received from the Maethana Asha: “In many cases, practitioners of the Ashavan Faith are many miles away from each other. The Religion of Asha encourages members to reach out to others by share Asha publicly, and if appropriate, inviting others to meet informally during an evening before the fireplace or fire pit.

For some, worshiping alone can be a blessing, but for others, it might be difficult realizing that you are the only person in your entire state or country that practices Asha. Each individual member should realize that Mithra is present with us at all times.

There may be an occasion that individuals in different locations can utilize technology for meetings. For example, an informal meeting can be broadcast over Skype or similar service. This can help bring individuals together. Before hand, someone can be chosen to recite an opening prayer, another person can read a passage from our Holy Book, and fellowship can take place where brothers and sisters discuss matters related to the Ashavan Faith, including methods in which Asha is being shared in the public. A closing prayer would be appropriate.”

Section 5. Dress code Ashavan services and gatherings

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Those leading services should wear a white top of some kind (White shirt for men/White blouse or dress for women).”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “People shouldn’t wear gaudy or profane or be in such a state of underdress as to distract people from their reason for being there which is to worship Zurvan.

Then again, if a person has little in the way of clothing, I would not every tell that person to avoid services due to something as comparatively trivial as that.

Dress simply and respectfully.”

Section 6. Establishing an Ashavan House of Worship
Received from the Maethana Asha: “Ideally, if there are enough Ashavan in a local community and there are enough funds to sustain it, a local Ashavan House of Worship would be auspicious. This can either be built or another type of building that is re-purposed for Ashavan use. The re-purposing of abandoned houses of worship is highly recommended whenever possible (i.e. an old church or temple etc.) “

Section 7. The use of Music in Ashavan Worship

Received from Kharba Awraham:”There is no strict requirement nor prohibition regarding the use of devotional music (either the performance of, or simply playing music in some form). That being said, using music in worship is auspicious and encouraged for those who have the means.

We obviously do not have any Asha music yet. But that should not prohibit Ashavan from using devotional music if they wish to.

The only guideline I would offer is that members avoid using music (live or recorded) that teaches concepts or ideas that are in direct opposition to the beliefs of Asha.

That having been said, a group of Ashavan that wanted to use Jewish music, Hindu music, Buddhist music, Christian music Sikh, Baha’i music that relates,or even non-sectarian but spiritual music, would be fine.

No Islamic music is permitted, however. This includes the chanting of poetry.

Those in the local congregation should make that determination. Outside of what has been proscribed here, I would prefer that no group make a rule where there is no rule.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “When any Ashavan music is produced (meaning music exclusively for Ashavan worship or entertainment), that music should be used first and foremost among communities, then the use of other types of music after that.”

Received from Kharba Awraham: “If ever there is divine instruction on a use of a particular type or music or a specific song, that would be of the highest priority for the local Ashavan community to perform or play.”


Chapter 295. The Yezidis

Received from Kharba Awraham: “The Yezidis are one of the oldest tribes on earth and one of the first tribes to establish a covenant with God through Mithra. In Yezidi culture, Mithra is called “The Melek Taus” or the “Tausy Melek”. Muslim critics of the Yezidis, have long sought to portray the Melek Taus in evil or wicked terms but this is false. The Melek Taus is the Right Hand of the One God. These allegations proceed from those who seek to promote a false religion that has no covenant with God.”


Chapter 296. Zarathustra (Zoroaster)

Received from the writings of the Holy Prophet Mani: “The Messenger of the Light*, the shining Luminary, came to Persia to Gushtap the King; he chose out righteous and truthful disciples and preached his hope in Persia.

*(Mithra in His manifestation as Zarathustra)

But Zarathustra, the famous Master and Leader of those who worshipped the Wise Lord, did not literally write any books; his disciples who came after him remembered and wrote the teachings of the books which they read today.

He revealed the Two Natures which fight with one another.They honoured him more than all other Messengers.

Zarathustra was even buried in the tombs of the Kings, they made a royal garment and honourably laid him in a tomb in the land of the Hindus. Later, the Mazdian leaders corrupted that once glorious expression of the Religion of Light.”

Chapter 297. Zeus

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Zeus is another name for Mithra. (It is derived from “Dyaus”).”

Chapter 298. Zoroastrian Religion

Received from Kharba Awraham: “Zarathushtra was a Manifestation of Mithra and the original form of Avestan religion was accurate. However, due to a twisting and misapplication of the original beliefs and teachings of Zarathushtra, the Avestan religion ceased to have any connection to Zurvan and Mithra.”

Received from Kharba Awraham:”Zarathustra originally taught a Monotheistic faith, Zurvaniyasni or the worship of Zurvan, the One God outside of Creation. After his death, there were those who deviated from his original teachings, and developed Mazdaism, which was the worship of Ahura Mazda, another term for Mithra. This is where the common misconception of dualism is directed at Zarathustrian religion faith. The Mazdayazni’s, removing Zurvan from their cosmology, left The One Created Being and the adversary to the creation (ahriman). To the outsider, then it appeared that all of Zoroastrian belief was centered on the conflict between Ahura Mazda (Mithra) and Ahriman. As a Manifestation of Mithra, Zoroaster only ever to a pure, Monotheistic message: Worship of the One True God outside of creation: Zurvan.”

This concludes the Manual of Ashavan Teachings

The Ashavan-English Glossary

When the letter “z” is preceded by the letter “o”, it is pronounced as “zh” (similar to “sh”) instead of “z”. The letter “kh” is similar to the German “ach” or “ch” in Scottish “lach”. The letter “r” is trilled or rolled (and in some cases, the letter “d”).


A, “ah”, father

E, “eh”, merry

I, “ee”, meet

O, “oh”, flow

U, “oo”, tool

In some cases vowels are added and other modifications are made for ease of pronunciation. In most cases, the language is written phonetically.


Aban: The eighth month of the Ashevan calendar. Corresponds with the month of October.

Abezag: Holy.

Abrang: Glory.

Adarog: Sacred fire (lit by laity)

Adurestar: Ashes from the fire urn considered sacred.

Adurgah: Fire Urn. See “Brazier”.

Afroshag: A food offering consisting of flour, sugar, butter, honey; these ingredients may be offered umixed, or a cake may be made; for the poor, the items may be offered individually an Ashavan may only be able to offer flour, but not all other ingredients.

Agden: A false religion of evil origin (This is not the same as a religion that had righteous origins but later became corrupt).

Alawdad: Alms, offering.

Ameretat: Lit. “Immortality”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).

Anahita: The Divine Mother of Life. The Divine energy that flows from Zurvan (God) into the Creation. He colour is dark blue and her symbol is the moon.

Andag: Sorrow.

Andarmah: New moon.

Anizarm: Dishonour.

Anoshag: Immortal.

Arta: See “Asha”.

Asha: Truth, righteousness. Asha is the name of the Religion of Light as practiced by Ashevan, adherents and keepers of the New Mithraic Covenant.

Asha Vahishta: Lit. “Truth/Righteousness”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).

Ashevan: Those committed to Truth and Righteousness. The name for the followers of the religion of Asha.

Asudan: (v.) Rest.

Atakhash: Sacred fire (lit by cleric).

Azar: The ninth month of the Ashevan calendar. Corresponds with the month of November.

Azarmig: Honour, respect.


Bahisht: The Kingdom of Light. The Celestial and Eternal Realm beyond the physical creation i.e. Heaven.

Bahman: The 11th month of the Ashevan calendar. Corresponds with the month of January.

Beacon of Light: Traveling teachers, missionaries and those establishing Nemana (An Asha House of Worship).

Brad: Brother.

Brazier: The central symbol of Asha. The Brazier reminds us of the Unkindled Fire of Mithra. It reminds us that He is always present. Ashavan congregate around the Brazier (or Hearth or Candles etc.) as for worship of Zurvan, for prayers, for study and fellowship. Ashavan do not worship the Brazier or the fire as they are not God. See “Andurgah”.

Bright Lamps: The Three Bright Lamps illumine the path of the Ashavan on their journey Home to Bahisht. The first Bright Lamp is the Book of the Tablets of Light. The second Bright Lamp is the collected traditions and religious practices of the Ashavan, and the third Bright Lamp is the Revealed Light or Divine Revelations given to the Ashavan to better guide them on their journey Home. By staying fixed in the rays of the 3 Bright Lamps an Ashavan will be free of delusion and better able to handle the adversities that seek to keep you from ascending to the Kingdom of Light.


Chinvat Bridge: In Zarathustrian faith, the bridge that all souls must cross to enter the Heavenly Realms. It is where souls are judged. This is similar to souls appearing before the Great Throne of Judgement.


Danagih: Wisdom.

Den: Religion.

Den Rozhn: Religion of Light.

Dey: The tenth month of the Ashevan calendar. Corresponds with the month of December.

Dibir: Scribe

Dibirih: Scribal office

Divine Lights: The Five Divine Lights of Asha are the attributes of: Pure Reason, Pure Mind, Pure Intelligence, Pure Thought and Pure Understanding. We are taught that by having the Five Divine Lights as a priority in our lives, we can reach perfection and experience liberation of the soul from darkness.

Divine Sparks: The Amesha Spentas also called the Divine Heptad. They are: Vohu Manah, Asha Vahishta, Kshathra Vairya, Spenta Armaiti, Harvetat and Ameretat.

Drod: Peace

Drozhani: Falsehood, false teaching, lie.

Druj: Embodiment of evil. Demon of the lie, falsehood. In Asha, a Druj is any person or being that promotes Drozhani.


Esfand: The 12th month of the Ashevan calendar. Corresponds with the month of February.


Farvardin: First month of Ashevan calendar. Corresponds to the month of March.


Garendra Tarenra: The name of the eldest son of the Celestial Twins.

Great Dissolution:  A time when the entire physical creation is dissolved and is no more. The ending of all physical matter.We are taught in Asha that the Great Dissolution is fast approaching and will result in awakened consciousness ascending into the non-physical realms of Light and all unawakened consciousness descending into the darkness (i.e. extinction of consciousness).


Haft: Seven.

Hanzaman: Assembly, community, gathering.

Hara Berezaiti: lit. “High Watchpost”. The Spiritual Home of Mithra. Hara Berezaiti is the same as the Hindu “Mount Meru” and the Buddhist “Mount Sumeru”.

Haspin: Rest, Sabbath (n.)

Haspin Abezag: A Greeting meaning “Happy Sabbath!”

Haurvetat: Lit “Wholeness”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).

Herald: An apostle of Asha. One who first heard the call, understood and acted upon what was revealed.


Imrozh: This day.

Isha Masiha : also known as: Yeshua Mashikha, Jesus Christ, Isa al-Masih etc. This was an earthly incarnation of Mithra in First Century Judea who appeared to restore the covenant of Moses among the Jewish people. He was their long awaited Messiah. His death on the cross opened the door for all souls on Earth to receive God’s forgiveness from sin.


Jote (Pronounced Joh-Tay) Word used by the Parsi’s for “Light”.


Kharba: lit. “Sword”. The guardian, protector and defender of Asha. Also called the Sword of the Teacher of Light.

Khawar: Sister.

Khordad: Third month of Ashavan calendar. Corresponds with the month of May.

Khwash: Pleasant, happy, nice, sweet.

Kshathra Vairya: Lit. “Divine Dominion”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).


Mad: Mother (human mother)

Madayan: Book.

Maethana Asha: Temple of Asha (the Central Temple of the Asha Religion, lit. “station of Asha”)

Magind: Shield

Mahisht: Greatest.

Manag: Mind.

Maxims: The Ten Commandments of Asha.

Mehr: The seventh month of the Ashevan calendar. Corresponds with the month of September.

Mershad and  Mahvar : The Celestial Twins. Parents of the Tarendran race. The first born children of Tarendra and Adam. (This was in Paradise, before Adam and Even and prior to the Fall i.e. humanity’s descent in the flesh.) Their colour is red and they are depicted as two pillars.

Mirabezag: Divine Covenant, Holy Covenant.

Mirdrukhtan: Break covenant, apostasy, leaving Mithra.

Mir Eresh Zademir: lit. “The Truth born of Mithra”. The Teacher of Light. Religious leader of Asha in this world.

Mir Fratama: The final physical manifestation of Mithra in the world. Mir Fratama appeared in Nepal in the Winter of 2012 and departed in the Spring of 2015.

Mithra: The One Created being. The Son of God. The Unkindled Fire. The divinity of covenants. Also known as “The Friend of the Covenant”. His colour is gold.

Mohyag: Lamentation.

Mordad: The fifth month of the Ashevan calendar. Corresponds to the month of July.


Naf: Family, descendant.

Namaz: Bowing, Prayer,

Nan: Bread, food.

Nav: New

Nay: Flute.

Neh: No, not.

Nek: Good, beautiful.

Nemana Asha: lit. “House of Asha”. A name for any Ashavan House of Worship, local congregation or religious gathering or assembly of Asha.

Nerog: Strength, power.

Nibard: Battle.

Nibeg: Verse, scribal text, scriptural text.

Nidom: Small, smallest, least.

Nilopal: Lotus.

Nisha: The banner or standard bearer. One who is the standard bearer of the Teacher of Light.

Nishan: Banner.

Niwag: Music.

Niwah: Good news.

Niyayishen: Praise.

Nizar: Weak.


Ordibehesht: Second Month of Ashevan calendar. Corresponds to the month of April.

Oshomand: Mortal.

Ostigan: Reliable, firm, determined.


Pad: Often used as a conjunction as “p”, i.e. “at dawn” – “p’ushtah)

Padashen: Reward

Padifrah: Punishment.

Padish’khawar: Bowl, dish.

Padist: Promise, vow.

Padyab: Ritually clean, ceremonial ablution.

Parjanya: lit. “He who strikes with justice.” A divinity appointed by Mithra to bring an end to the physical worlds. Also known in Vedic religion as Indra. His colour is black and He is depicted with an axe and a sword.

Pid: Father (human)

Prayer Garland: An Ashevan mala, rosary or prayer rope.


Rozh: Day

Rozhag: Fast

Rozhig: Daily bread, sustenance

Rozwarag: Daily


Shahrivar: The sixth month of the Ashevan calendar. Corresponds with the month of August.

Spas-dastan: Thanks, give thanks, thank you.

Spenta Armaiti: Lit. “Holy Devotion”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).


Tanomand: Physical body, corporeal.

Tarendra: Sanskrit meaning “King of the Stars”. A Manifestation of Mithra in the physical creation.

Tarendrans: A race of etheric beings that are part divine and part mortal. They reside in the atmospheric realm of a world. They are sometimes referred to historically as “demi-gods”. They have, at times, incarnated in the world to help guide humanity back to the Path to Bahisht.

Teacher of Light: A servant of God who has reincarnated throughout the ages in order to share the Pure Teaching of Mithra with humanity. Mir Eresh Zademir, literally “truth born of Mithra” See Eresh Zademir.His colour is yellow.

Tir: The fourth month of the Ashevan calendar. Corresponds to the month of June.


Ushah: A very special service performed by each Ashavan daily at dawn.

Ushtah: Dawn.


Vohu Manah: lit. “Good Mind”. One of the Amesha Spentas (Divine Sparks).


Zarathustra: (also known as Zoroaster) An earthly incarnation of Mithra in ancient Persia. Originally teaching the belief in One God (Zurvan) and the importance of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good deeds. His teachings were corrupted over time form the Zurvaniyasni (followers of Zurvan, the One God), to Mazdayasni (Followers of Ahura Mazda, another term for Mithra). The Mazdayasni’s left the pure monotheistic message of Zarathustra to teach a form of dualism, omitting Zurvan entirely, and placing Ahura Mazda as God and Ahriman (the evil one/Tiamat) as equal to Ahura Mazda, a teaching that Zarathustra never taught.

Zurvan: The Divine Source. The Supreme Father. The One True God outside of creation. Zurvan is above the sky (i.e. beyond the physical creation). His colour is light blue.



The English-Ashavan  Glossary


Alms/Offering: Alawdad
Apostasy (breaking covenant): Mirdrukhtan
Ashes (from sacred fire urn): Adurestar
Assembly/Community/Gathering: Hanzaman


Banner: Nishan
Banner or standard bearer: Nisha
Battle: Nibard
Beautiful (Good): Nek
Book: Madayan
Bread (Food): Nan
Brother (as in religion): Brad
Bowing/Prayer: Namaz
Bowl/dish: Padish’khawar


Corporeal: Tanomand (see also “physical body” )


Daily: Rozwarag
Daily bread (sustenance) : Rozhig
Dawn: Ushtah
Day: Rozh
Descendant: Naf
Determined: Ostigan
Dishonour: Anizarm
Divine (Holy) Covenant: Mirabezag
Divine Mother of Life: Anahita
Divine Source/God: Zurvan
Divine Sparks: Amesha Spentas


Embodiment of Evil/Falsehood: Druj


Falsehood (false teaching/lie): Drozhani
False religion (of evil origin): Agden
Family: Naf
Fast: Rozhag
Father (human): Pid
Fire Urn: Adurgah
Flute: Nay
Food offering (special type): Afroshag


Glory: Abrang
God: Zurvan
Good (Beautiful): Nek
Good news: Niwah
Greatest: Mahisht


Holy: Abezag
Honour/Respect: Azarmig
House of Asha (Local House of Worship): Nemana Asha


Immortal: Anoshag


Kingdom of Light (Heaven of Heavens/Eternal Paradise): Bahisht



Lamentation: Mohyag

Light: Jote (pronounced Joh-Tay)
Lotus: Nilopal


Mind: Manag
Mortal: Oshomand
Mother (human): Mad
Music: Niwag


New: Nav

New Moon: Andarmah
No (not): Neh


Peace: Drod
Physical body: Tanomand
Power (Strength): Nerog
Praise: Niyayishen
Promise: Padist
Punishment: Padifrah


Reliable: Ostigan
Religion: Den
Religion of Light: Den Rozhn
Rest: Asudan
Reward: Padashen


Sabbath (Rest): Haspin
Sacred Fire (lit by laity): Adarog
Sacred Fire (lit by cleric): Atakshash
Son of God (One Created Being): Mithra
Sorrow: Andag
Scribal office: Dibirih
Scribe: Dibir
Shield: Magind
Sister: Khawar
Small (smallest/least): Nidom
Strength (power):Nerog
Sword: Kharba


Temple of Asha (Main): Maethana Asha
Thanks (To give thanks/Thank you): Spas-dastan
Truth/Righteousness: Asha


Weak: Nizar
Wisdom: Danagih


Verse (scribal text, scriptural text): Niberg 


Commonly used Phrases

Glory be to God – Zurvan abrang

God is the Greatest – Zurvan Mahisht

Peace – Drod

Holy Peace – Drod abezag

New Moon Gathering – hanzaman p`andarmah

Peaceful Sabbath – Haspin abezag

Thanks be to God – Zurvan Spas-dastan