If you spend enough time exploring different belief systems and philosophies you start to see a distinct pattern emerge. While there will be a notable difference between each belief system, if that system is of any value, it will outline a path towards the liberation of the soul.

Maybe the focus will be on obedience of the soul to its Creator.

Maybe the focus will be on self-realization.

Maybe the focus will be on Spiritual Ascension.

Maybe the focus will be on Liberation (what is referred to in Sanskrit at “Moksha”. )

Maybe the focus will be on Enlightenment.

Whatever the faith and whatever the focus, the pattern that emerges is that it is not some other person, or being that will bridge the distance between where you are and where you wish to be. The only person who can do this is you and no other person. You are intimately involved in your own spiritual destiny…you are not a bystander, but an active participant. If you don’ t see to your spiritual development, no one else will…no one else will do it for you.

For example, in Asha, we teach the necessity of developing the Five Divine Lights:

1) Pure Reason,
2) Pure Mind,
3) Pure Intelligence,
4) Pure Thought and
5) Pure Understanding.

And the 12 Virtues:

1) Royalty,
2) Wisdom,
3) Victory,
4) Contentment,
5) Purity,
6) Truth,
7) Faith,
8) Patience,
9) Sincerity,
10) Kindness,
11) Justice, and
12) Light

What is important to understand is that both the Divine Lights (also called Perfections) and the Virtues, are not things that exist outside of you. They already exist within you but in a dormant (unawakened) state. Our goal, then, is to awaken these aspects of our consciousness, by developing the Divine Lights and by cultivating these Virtues within us.

You are not seeking something outside of yourself to refine your consciousness. You have the means within you to do this, and if awakened they will emerge from within you and will be exhibited in your nature.

If we are serious about spiritual liberation, we must also be serious about refining our consciousness.
If we are serious about spiritual liberation, we must cultivate the virtues that are waiting to emerge from within.

In our faith, we can provide writings, teachings, observances and practices, but they all are pointing you in the direction of the Divine Source, to refining your consciousness and to cultivating virtue.

In the end, every soul is responsible for his or her spiritual liberation. They determine whether they will spiritually mature, whether they will awaken (become self-realized) if they will ascend and if they will achieve liberation (merging with the One Universal Soul in the Realm of Light.) or not.

The gateway to a new reality exists within you. You only need to consciously choose to walk through it.