Something I have seen over the years, both prior to becoming a member of the Religion of Light, and affiliated with its many diverse communities, is that there are those people who look at their relationship with God, spiritual liberation and ascension into the Celestial Realm, as a solitary process. That the entire matter begins and ends with them. Whether others connect with God, are spiritually liberated or ascend into the Celestial Realm…to them, they feel it is none of their business. They only care about themselves.

“As long as religion is only used to placate the ego, indulge in fantasies, or serves to be little more than a social club, no progress is being made.”-Tablet of the Vizir 5:1

Then there are those I have met who look at their relationship with God, spiritual liberation and ascension into the Celestial Realm, as a communal process. That the entire matter involves us all. That it is not enough for a single stream of consciousness to connect with God, to be spiritually liberated or to ascend into the Celestial Realm…to them, they feel it is everyone’s business. They care about everyone because, at some level, they know we are One, integrated Consciousness, One Universal Soul. But that we are, at this time, fragmented, but we are all trying to find our way back Home and ultimately seeking Re-unification. To, finally, once and for all, become Whole, once again.

“When you come to know what selfless service is, you will have understanding of love.”-Tablet of Mir Fratama 71:5

These are two diametrically opposite views on the spiritual path of each seeking soul, and many souls find themselves somewhere in the middle between these two polar opposites. While they may give the appearance of traveling similar roads, many times, they are operating at different levels from one another.

What I can say is this: We, as Children of Light , are in the process of coming together as One Great Tribe, before the final Manifestation of the Living Spirit (however each community knows Him) appears one final time. This merging should tell us that the age of isolation and self-centered spirituality has come to an end. We are all in this together.

“O Mithra, raise your sacred torch to enlighten our eyes, plunge your sacred sword to protect our tribes; bring your light and the truth of God down to us, help us to learn that which God requires of His servants. May the restored kingdom be realized in our lifetime. Keep us well protected within this sacred tribe under the shadow of the presence of God.”-Tablet of Mithraic Psalms 3:7-9

We come together as a spiritual family. We are awakening as a spiritual family. We will be liberated as a spiritual family and we will be made Whole as a spiritual family.

“All of humanity came into being from One origin. All of humanity is one family.”-Tablet of Mir Fratama 40:1

Those who have been involved with the process of self-realization and ascension only for themselves, must either wake up to their connection with all other souls, or they will not achieve their ultimate goal of entering the Presence of God and being made Whole.

“ No one can say the truth is not available to them. Now is the time to wake up.”-Table of Mir Fratama 101:7

It has not only been about you. It has never only been about you. Open your eyes and see that you are not alone in this journey. You did not start out as an isolated stream of consciousness and if you are progressing, you will not end as an isolated stream of consciousness. You will become more than you would have ever imagined possible.

“Those who have awakened to the Path, who have attained the mind of peace and joy, who can see all karmic conditions and who share their enlightened with others, reflect the world like a mirror; leaving no trace of themselves.”-Tablet of the Four Laws 5:7-10

But a first step towards this ascension and reunification is a paradigm shift in the here and now. Sacrifice the ego’s focus on this all being about you as a lone, separate being. You are a component in an integrated Being. Live for the greater good instead of the relative advancement of a lone soul.

“To be on the path of loving devotion to God requires a willingness to crucify the ego and a commitment to conquer the passions.”-Tablet of the Vizir 5:4

A spiritual path only pursued to benefit a solitary soul, and not pursued for the benefit of all souls, is entropy, it is a dead end street, ultimately.