We will speak of the many manifestations of Mithra that have appeared in this world. He has appeared in virtually every culture, every civilization and in every era. He has taught the Pure Teaching, the Higher Truth of the Realm of Light. He has done this in many languages and in the context of the people He has appeared to, all so He can effectively convey these Eternal Truths to awaken souls, to turn them in the direction of God and bring them out of the dying creation.

It would be nice to think that every person who had the blessing to experience one of these Divine Manifestations would automatically respond favorably but that is not true. Many people have either not acknowledged the existence of these Divine Messengers or if they did they would often deny their divine nature and would think nothing of their words.

Still, there are others who are not interested in a simple message, a simple truth. They need everything wrapped up in an ornate package with a bow. Because of their preconceptions, they are only listening to certain words said in certain ways…it is style over substance.

Imagine, for a moment if a Divine Messenger traveled to a village in a distant country. He stands at the center of the village, where there is a large cross-section of people who congregate. Imagine if that Divine Messenger simply tells the people: “Be Kind”.

Not everyone would listen. Not everyone who listened would take the words to heart.

Imagine one person in that crowd who is shaking his head in disapproval.

Divine Messenger: “I ask you to be kind to others.”

Villager: “No.”

Divine Messenger: “Why not?”

Villager: “I do not find your message compelling enough….tell me a story.”

Divine Messenger: “What?”

Villager: “Tell me a story.”

Divine Messenger: “Why do you need to hear a story? Why can you not just be kind to others?”

Villager: “Tell me a story and maybe I will take your words to heart.”

Divine Messenger: “Fine…Once upon a time in a faraway place, a person, much like yourself, resolved to abandon cruelty and instead, to exhibit kindness towards all life.”

Villager: “That is it! That is what I was looking for!”

Divine Messenger: “So now you will be kind?”

Villager: “Maybe…tell me, what language did this person speak? What type of clothes did they wear? What type of mannerisms did they have? “

Divine Messenger: “Why does it matter?”

Villager: “Because I wish to also do these things as well.”

Divine Messenger: “Why? It has nothing to do with the message of the story.”

Villager: “Maybe, if I adopt the attire and language and mannerisms of this person from a far away land, then maybe I too will come to the realization that it is important to be kind to all life.”

Divine Messenger: “What is keeping you from making this realization right now, as you are?”

Villager: “Because in the life I currently lead, I cannot see myself acting in such a way.”

If there is a morale of this little story it is that Divine Messengers appear in all ages and teach one eternal truth, and while there are some who listen, others choose to ignore that teaching. And then there are others who will only respond to a Divine Teaching if they get to adopt a culture that is not their own, a language that is not their own, the mannerisms that are not their own. They put all their time and energy on the outward appearance of what a devout person should look like and so little time on the actual work of refining their consciousness. They convince themselves that the external trappings reveal a pious soul within, but they have not spent any time on making the soul within pious.

The person who adopts an ancient faith merely to be perceived by others in such a way is not centered on the truths of that faith, only the outward appearance. If you need a story, a new language, a new set of clothes and a new identity simply in order to be kind, then you have not really heard the Divine Messenger at all. You have the capacity to live Divine Truth in your life, as you are right now.

This is not “Cos-Play*”. This is not a Re-Enactment of some kind. This is the journey of your soul that needs to be taken seriously. You do not need the story in order to be kind…you just need to be kind.

“To assume that superficial appearances must be an indication of a person’s true nature, reveals within you, the same lack of depth you despise when others shove past you. This is to lack wisdom. Judge by character, by honor, by actions, and by virtue. Leave shallow judgment to simple minds.-Tablet of the Perfecting Spirit 14:11-14


*(Costume Play)