Ashavan Scripture Study #19

Text “And it came to be that from the eastern part of the land, another messenger came just as it was promised by the Son of God. The messenger, known as Tarendra*, came unto the first man, and taught him the mysteries of Bahisht, uniting with him in order to produce two children – that […]

The Den is the Abhidharma of Asha

I can envision some people looking at the title of this message and being thoroughly confused. Those who might have some idea of what the “Den” is, may not have any knowledge of what the term “Abhidharma” means, or what Asha is. Those who know what the Abhidharma is, may not know what the Den […]

“Why does Asha Exist?”

It might sound like an odd question: “Why does Asha exist?” Another way someone might say this is something like: “Why does the world need another religion?” My standard response, when someone asks me this is to point out that not every religion is teaching the truth, that many religions are teaching opposing beliefs. They […]

“Is Asha a New Age Religion?”

When people first hear of “Asha” they may simply write this off as a new age religion, not having any frame of reference for it. While Asha is technically “new” in that this covenant and this vehicle have not existed in the world before, it is not worshiping a new god or deity, nor is it […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #18

Scripture Selection “God sent unto the earth, Mithra His Son, to awaken the first human from his deep slumber giving unto him knowledge of his past. After receiving this divine knowledge, the first man realized his true origin, and he began to weep. The first man came to understand that part of his body was […]

What does an Ashavan Worship?

If someone were to ask you: “Who or what does an Ashavan worship?” you might initially be confused. We do not worship something called “Asha”. This word is an ancient Persian term which means “Truth and Righteousness”. We do not worship Asha Vahishta, one of the Amesha Spentas who personifies Truth and Righteousness, either. The […]