What we Believe

*God, whom we call “Zurvan“, is the Divine Source of all life. God is One and exists outside of Creation.

*God is invisible, and unknowable except through the influence of the Divine Mother and a covenant through Mithra.

*Anahita is the Divine Mother of Life. She is the divine Current of Life that emanates from Zurvan into and throughout the Creation.

*All life is contained in One Being: Mithra. We are all a part of the One, Created Being. It is our divine inheritance to awaken to this reality and ascend beyond the dying creation to reunite with the One, Universal Soul of Mithra beyond the physical creation. Where Zurvan is the Heavenly Father and Anahita the Divine Mother, Mithra is the Celestial Son. He is the One, Universal Being. Different cultures refer to Mithra in many different ways:

Among the Persians, He is both called Mithra but also Ahura Mazda.

Among the Hindus, He is called: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahman, and the Adi  Purusha.

To the early Hebrews He was called “Melekh ha Zadik” meaning “Righteous King of the Melekhim or Celestial Beings”. Today this is usually  written as “Melchizedek”.

To the Yezidis He is known as the Melek Taus (or Tausy Melek) i.e. “The Peacock Angel”.

To the Buddhists, He is called the Primordial Buddha or Amitabha.

In ancient China, He was referred to as the Jade Emperor.

To the Christians, He was known as the Logos or Word of God.

To the Sikhs, He is called “Waheguru”.

To many of the Native Americans, He was called the Great Spirit.

To the ancient people of South America, He was called Quetzacoatl.

*Many societies have mistaken Mithra (The One Created Being) for Zurvan (The Divine Source). Zurvan is the Creator, while Mithra is the Creation.

*God, Mother and Son are often referred to in Asha as “The Divine Celestial Triad”. This is not a trinity as in Christianity. While we do not view the Divine Mother or the Son as being part of God, we do view them as being part of the “Godhead”. In our definition of the Godhead, this means divine rulership. (This is often referred to in Asha as “The Celestial Court of Zurvan”. There is only One God and that is Zurvan. The Ashavan view Zurvan as the Jewish people view Yawheh; we view Anahita as Taoists view the Tao, and we view Mithra as Hindus view Brahman.

This is not a new view but the original understanding of all those who progressed in their understanding of God, Mother and Son. There are not three Gods, only One God. Anahita is the Energy or Force of God, and Mithra is the Totality of all Creation.

*The Divine Sparks are traditionally known as “The Amesha Spentas”. They are:

*Vohu Mana (the divinity of Good Mind)
*Asha Vahishta (the divinity of Truth/Righteousness)
*Kshathra Vairya (the divinity of Desirable Dominion)
*Spenta Armaiti (the divinity of Holy Devotion)
*Haurvetat (the divinity of Wholeness)
*Ameretat (the divinity of Immortality).

Zurvan created the Divine Sparks, and it was through them that the creation was completed. They are also called Amahraspand “Beneficent Immortals”. Some define them as Archangels.

* All manner of beings serve God Through Mithra throughout the creation. Example: The Amesha Spentas, the Yazatas, Angels and so on.

* Tiamat, the evil one, did not begin as the personification of evil, initially. Tiamat was never designed to rebel against God at all. It was through the use of her free will that she chose to rebel against God and serve herself. The evil one seeks to dominate all physical matter. The evil one will die when Mithra brings an end to the physical creation, at which point there will be no more evil.

*Originally, all of Creation was a Realm of Limitless Light. This is Bahisht, the Kingdom of Light. The realm of darkness was created due to the rebellion of the evil one and all those who, of their own free will, followed her, all of whom were cast out into the darkness.

*The physical creation is a corruption of the evil one and her son the dragon. The streams of consciousness of Mithra (individual souls) are trapped in matter and must awaken and ascend to be liberated and find their home to Bahisht (The Eternal Kingdom of Light beyond the stars) in the presence of God (Zurvan) one day.

* All streams of consciousness (i.e. “souls”) in the physical creation are fragments of the One Universal Soul of Mithra. They exist in the physical creation with no memory of their prior state of being and must be brought into the presence of Mithra by the influence of the
Divine Mother. Mithra then instructs that soul with the Pure Teaching, and that soul begins to awaken to its true nature and begins its journey Home to the Kingdom of Light through entering a covenant with Mithra and leading a life of virtue. Once it ascends beyond the physical realm, this soul will merge with all other awakening souls to join the One Universal Soul of Mithra, an Ocean of Sentient Consciousness where all know only eternal unity and bliss in the Presence of God.

*One must obtain divine wisdom in order to be granted freedom from the chains of darkness, thus being liberated from the clutches of the evil one and her son the dragon.

*The Divine Messenger is a manifestation of Mithra in the realms of matter. Mithra appears on a world in order to awaken souls to their true nature (as part of the One Created Being) and to the importance of turning to the Divine Source and leading lives that exemplify this understanding. Mithra appears to bring sentient beings into covenant with the One God of all Life: Zurvan (however those people may know Him). The Divine Messenger has appeared historically as: Enoch, Zarathustra,Krishna, Moses,Mahavira, Buddha, Christ, Adi Ibn Musafir, Ramakrishna, Haidakhan Babaji and many more. The Divine Messenger has given us His final covenant in the covenant of Asha and the means to return to our True Home in the Kingdom of Light (Bahisht) by living the faith of Asha.

*In all incarnations of the Divine Messenger, Lord Mithra has taught humanity about its true nature and its relationship with the Creator. It goes by different names in different cultures or societies: for some it is the Torah, for some it is the Dharma and so on. The Pure teaching is truth conveyed about God and the means by which we can re-enter His Presence one day.

*In all instances where a Divine Messenger has appeared in the world, He has presented a society with the Pure Teaching to bring them to God and to purify their souls. In all instances where the Divine Messenger has offered the world a covenant to return to God, there has always been a subsequent vessel for that covenant and teaching to be implemented. That would be a religion that encapsulated the message and the covenant. The totality of all divinely revealed faiths is called “The Religion of Light” (Den Rozhn). Asha is the final presentation of the Religion of Light in the world.

*Some religions in the world originated from Lord Mithra, while some ideologies originated from Tiamat and her son Az. This being the case, not all roads lead to the One, but only those committed to Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra (however they are referenced culturally). In other words, not all religions in existence are of divine origin; those that are not sentence souls to extinction.

*The Teacher of Light is a celestial servant who has incarnated many times and in many civilizations in Earth’s history in order to present and defend the Pure Teaching of Mithra. The Teacher of Light is present in the world today in the form of Mir Eresh Zademir.

*There is an assembly of non-physical, spiritual servants of God that exists in an etheric realm adjacent to the Earth. They are the saints of this world who committed themselves to the One God, either while here on Earth, or after death. Many of the world’s greatest saints exist and serve humanity in this Assembly which we call the Society of saintly spirits.

This diverse society includes the spirits of people like: Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Mary, theApostles of Christ, Maimonides, St. Francis of Assisi, Sahdu Sundar Singh, Padre Pio, Jalal Din Rumi, Kabir, Guru Nanak, the Baba, Bahaullah, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Swami Vivekananda, Sant Kirpal Singh to name only a few.

*It is important for all awakening souls who seek a covenant with God to: avoid dangers of materialism, greed, and unrighteous acts by practicing the Ashavan Faith, which means adhering to its Maxims, the Three Bright Lamps (Scripture, Tradition and Revelation), living a virtuous life, offering worship to the One God, regular prayer, study of the Tablets of Light, observe the traditions of Asha, and to be receptive to the Revealed Light (Divine Revelation) in this modern era.

*Over the course of humanity’s history, Mithra has appeared many times and instructed many people. Overall, He has offered mankind the means to covenant with God. Mithra, out of compassion for humanity, has offered one last covenant for all mankind. That is the New Mithraic Covenant. Those who approach God through Mithra and enter this covenant will have eternal life in the Kingdom of Light. There will never be another covenant offered to mankind.

*All awakening souls must come to realize that humanity is equal regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation or social status.

*Our goal is not only to awaken and return Home to the Kingdom of Light but to help all people make this realization and begin their journey Home, as well. We are one people making our way to our True Home beyond the stars.

*The Creation originally did not include physical matter. Matter is the byproduct of an attempt of the evil one and her son, the dragon, who resided in the realm of darkness, to conquer that realm of light; in the process a small portion of that light was captured by the evil one; the melding of the light and the darkness gave birth to physical matter, to the entire physical part of creation. All of physical creation subsists along a relatively small area along the borders of the realms of Light and Darkness. This state, however, has always been a temporary situation. The realms of Light and the Realms of Darkness have been destined to revert to their natural state, separate from one another for eternity. When this happens the small area of creation that is entrenched in physical matter will cease to be. All life in the physical creation, will either ascend into the Realm of Light, leaving matter behind, or it will descend into the darkness and die with all matter (extinction of consciousness). The Great Dissolution, we are told, is fast approaching.

*In the final days of this world, before its ultimate destruction, Mithra will call for the uniting of all covenants on Earth. This unity will result in the collective ascension of all those involved. We do not know when this will occur, but we do know that once this is called for, there will be no other attempts to bring humanity to God. That this union will only be for those souls who had dedicated themselves to God by being part of a living covenant.

* Parjanya is a celestial Servant of immense power. Upon the direction of Mithra, Parjanya will strike the earth and cause its destruction. All awakening souls who are in a covenant with God, who have not already ascended into the Celestial Realm beyond the stars (Bahisht) at that point, will do so. All others will be cast into the darkness. It should be noted that all souls do have a chance to turn to Zurvan even after their physical demise.

*We believe in the doctrine of reincarnation but that it is not a universal principle. This means that only select souls are offered or require reincarnation. All others souls either ascend or descend based on the nature of their souls (i.e. it does not take lifetimes to establish who you are).Reincarnation is only offered for souls that have turned to God but are having difficulty letting go of physical attachments. Also, we do not believe in the false doctrine of the transmigration of souls (that one form of consciousness transorms into another form like a frog becomes a duck, a fish becomes a horse, or an ape becomes a human being etc.).