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Apostasy and Drozhani
Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “Be on guard for apostasy and false teaching. Nothing that is in the flesh is immune to turning from God; thus do your best, in prayer and with supplication, to always walk in the truth and to seek strong and capable leadership in those who are sent from Zurvan.”

Celebration of Mir Fratama

Received from Mar Kharba Awraham:” On the the Ashvavan Calendar, the 21st of Esfand (February 21st), will be an annual holy day. This will be the day we celebrate the appearance of Mir Fratama in the world.”


Received from Mahvar Tarendra: “”Those who die in the favor of the Father are already in the company of their fellow man in paradise, under the watchful eyes of the celestial beings.”


Received from Mir Salazar:”(Mir Fratama teaches against) only harmful desires. While in the human flesh, one has many natural desires. Hunger comes to mind. The desire to seek the truth of a matter. The desire to know the Supreme.”

Divine Instruction

Received from Mir Garendra:”God always provides His people with guidance at all times, regardless of how small or great our inquiries or issues may be. He is faithful and provides His Spirit of holiness to all of His obedient children for instruction and edification.”

Divine Revelations Being Received by Individuals or Groups

Received from Rabba Rish’kani: “When an individual claims he or she is receiving divine revelation, it must be confirmed by others who also received the exact same message. The celestial being Mir Mahvar, along with numerous angelic beings, have stated that “In this age, a lone individual does not receive divine revelation that affects others, but rather, the type of revelation that affects others is received simultaneously by several others around the world. The message received by one person is always the same received by many others, even if their languages differ from each other. There are some who have claimed to have received revelations, but others have never heard anything regarding such messages. In some cases, those messages prove to be false because it is easily demonstrated that they are not in harmony with all the Pillars of the Truth.”

It is very rare that the highest of the angelic beings, or archangels, speak to individuals, because they have many other tasks involved during this era. Relaying personal revelation is not a task that is given to these higher beings in the celestial realm. Instead, in this era of humanity’s existence, the higher angelic beings speak to groups of people at a time with messages or information that profoundly affects the community, or the assembly of the Religion of Light as a whole. With that being said, this type of communion with the highest celestial beings is only taking place with certain individuals who are highly experienced with this form of communion, and who have practised it for several years within the assembly of the Religion of Light.

One should never trust those who claim they are receiving divine revelation from angels or from other divine beings. The only time, as Mir Mahvar has taught us, that an individual is spoken to is to encourage the individual to continue walking in the way of the Creator. Individuals do not receive message from the angels that affect other people in any major way.

In the future, there will be many individuals, young and old, and all genders, who begin receiving divine revelation. At this time, the angelic beings are only assigned to groups of the Creator’s worshippers. When individuals truly receive divine revelation, it is for the individual’s encouragement, but not a message to the entire assembly.

While anyone can be inspired by Yehovih’s words and His creation, or by music, this does not make one a prophet. Often times a person is moved by something they hear or see because of emotion, which is not always inspiration. Some people have been moved to commit heinous acts against others, but these were clearly not inspired. In this regard, it is important that the brethren always bear in mind and be cautious about those who claim to be prophets.

The authorities in the assembly are made aware of who is a prophet and who is not. Those same authorities are also aware of divine revelations being given at different times.

If you believe you are being inspired to do good for others, then you should walk in that path. If you believe you are being urged by the Spirit to take a certain path, then pray about it. If you believe you have been chosen as a prophet by the Father, yet no one who has been appointed by the Father’s own agents is aware of this matter, then you are treading on dangerous grounds by making such a claim. In the latter case, the proper course of action would be to diligently pray for Yehovih’s guidance, ask for forgiveness on the matter and put it behind you.

The assembly keeps records of all those who are currently serving as prophets, seers, readers, and all clerics. If anyone doubts the claims of an individual, all they have to do is contact the assembly for verification.”

Do not Condemn your Brethren

Received from Mir Garendra:”We often discourage individuals from entering into the houses of religion or religious institutes that are considered outside the Religion of Light, and for good reason. Adherents of the Religion of Light are quite familiar with the false teachings, darkness, scandals and atrocities that are carried out in the name of “religion.” Adherents of the Religion of Light do not wish to have anything to do with such groups, sects or cults.

While the holy books from various Spiritual Communities within the Religion of Light contain some of the words of the Divine Messenger concerning the fate of certain false religions, adherents should be careful as not to condemn their fellow brothers and sisters who have been called by the Divine Messenger to serve as missionaries in groups that are generally understood as being outside the Religion of Light. Some of these brethren have been instructed by the Divine Messenger or the Teacher of Light to enter into these “other communities that are at the base of the mountain of truth, so as to teach those other adherents about the true Light.”

We read from the words of Mir Fratama:

“I have sent some missionaries among the Catholics, among the Baptists, Methodists, and others to serve as a light to the lost sheep of Isha, and they will hear the voice of the Shepherd and they shall look up and see his face, and at that time, they shall come forward into the Light.” (Tablet of Mir Fratama)

Zurvan, Mihr Yazd and Mir Tarendra does not permit such ones to become unclean by their association. They are often given a mission while there to slowly, or gradually influence others around them to see the Light. Such ones, whether meeting with Baptists, Catholics, followers of Cao Đài, or Baha’is, such missionaries will be blessed. Of course, that would not include any sect of Islam, witchcraft, or other similar dangerous religious groups and cults.

Mir Fratama speaks of faithful adherents of the Religion of Light as residing upon the mountain, and as those who have less truth than others, as residing at the base or foot of the mountain. The symbolism here indicates that those who are further up the mountain, are closer to the Presence of God, and those who are at the foot of the mountain, are further from His presence, but not out of His sight or ability to care for them. Regardless, God’s compassion is upon all those who have a willingness to acknowledge Him and a desire and zeal to walk according to His Will.

Both the Divine Messenger and the Teacher of Light have spoken of certain individuals who are a members of other religions as being “faithful to God’s voice”. Mir Fratama said, “I know some individuals in groups not known as adherents of the Religion of Light, that are more faithful to the voice of Zurvan than some individuals who are within the Religion of Light. The compassion and Light of God shines upon them, and they are blessed according to their abilities to serve Him, even though they may not be thought of as adherents of the Religion of Light. Yet, they are still servants of the One True God, and as such they have a special covenant that was written upon their hearts with my own right hand.”

If you take the words of Mir Fratama seriously, and if you believe in the truth of his teaching and those of the Divine Messengers, then you also know that it is not your place to judge or condemn those who have been called into a “special covenant” with God, even though they may not be members of Religion of Light communities that you are aware of at this time. Instead of condemning, it is best first to scrutinise your own practices and faith. Such individuals have a covenant with God, but if you are calling down judgement and condemnation upon them, you have broken your own.

May all the adherents of the Religion of Light use their God-given discernment in knowing who their brothers and sisters are and remain faithful to their covenant.”


Received from Mir Garendra: “Doubts and unhealthy skepticism will always be the downfall of any person attempting to enter into the holy gates of the Religion of Light, and for those who have already entered, it will become a wall barring them from progressing in the Light. Holding on to doubt, negative thoughts and always being cynical, are doorways to the darkness.

Excommunication from the Religion of Light

Received from Mir Garendra: “The excommunication of a member from a particular Spiritual Community within the Holy Faith is serious enough and very sad, but when a member does something so bad that it requires an order of excommunication from ALL Spiritual Communities of the Religion of Light, it is incredibly saddening because you know that member has purposely put their soul in jeopardy of being received into the Light at the end of their sojourn on earth.

We pray for all those who are struggling with the Truth that has been revealed by our Lord and His Messengers, as well as those who have turned away.

We pray that the weaker ones be granted strength from Heaven, and that those who have turned away, that they are able to experience the very real Mercy of God through the Divine Messenger and the Teacher of Righteousness who has been granted the power of absolution through the Spirit of Holiness.

The Teacher of Righteousness will be offering a universal absolution sometime this year. The date has not been announced yet. There are some within the Religion of Light who desperately need this absolution. Otherwise, they might be lost to the darkness. This is the perfect time for them to get a fresh start in the faith and to walk wisely with their Lord.

Pray for spirit of genuine repentance to be brought upon the brethren.”

The Godhead and the Divine Source

Received from Mir Fratama: “The Godhead consists of the Father, the Mother and the Son. The Godhead is another term for the divine, celestial rulership. The Godhead is not the same as the One True God, of which only the Father of Greatness is accorded such a title and position.

The Supreme God, which is the Divine Source, is the Father and He alone is the One True God. He delegates His authority to the Son and to the Mother, and to other beings, according to the Will of the Father. Only the Divine Source is worshipped in the truest sense of the term. Term worship is used throughout the various Scriptures in reference to beings other than the Divine Source.

This indicates, not the same manner of worshipping the Divine Source, but rather, the highest form of respect and honour for a particular celestial being such as the Son or for an angelic being or a celestial or earthly prophet. None of the latter are worshipped in the same manner as the One True God.”

Isha Masiha

Received from Mar Melkhizedek: “ There is more than one Yeshua in history.

*There is the Yeshua of the Amarna Period (Tutankhaten).

*There is a Yeshua who was with the Israelites after the Exodus* (and after the death of Tutankhaten).

*(The Bible refers to this manifestation as “Joshua”.)

*There is a Yeshua of the first century of the Common Era*.

*(Who most people know of as the historical Jesus )

*There is also the future Yeshua*.

*(Who the Children of Light know will be the appearance of Mir Roshka. Some religious communities will know Him as the Second Coming of Christ.)”

The Kingdom of Mithra
Recieved from Mahvar Tarendra: “In the Kingdom of Mitra, there is no hunger and there is no mourning; for there is plenty for all and death has been removed.”

Living Spirit

Received from Rabbah Rish’Kahni: The Living Spirit* is the reflection of the Father’s Light. Father’s Light-essence. While it has always existed, more emphasis was put on the Living Spirit (Mir Roshkha) in reference to the Second Creation or Second Age (referring to the Three Ages**), and in the future (but still in our Third Era and after).

*(Mihr Yazd)

**(This is in reference to a Manichaean teaching about the Creation going through Three Stages: The first the earliers stage where the realms of Light and Darkness were separate; the second where the realms of and darkness temporarily overlapped along the border between the two realms temporarily …the stage that is in the process of coming to an end. The third stage will be where the two realms return to their original state, bringing an end to the physical creation.)

As a being, the Supreme Son of Heaven is higher in rank than the Living Spirit. He existed in prominence before much emphasis was placed on the Living Spirit. The Supreme Son of Heaven appears in human flesh many times throughout history. For us humans, those times are countless, because we do not know of all the instances. This can be thousands of times a day. He can be a homeless person, a man or woman passing by, someone sharing an encouraging word, or even a whisper in the ear of someone contemplating suicide whom he encourages to change their mind. In this way, his existence as abeing is very much different than that of the Living Spirit.

In Terra Nova, the Living Spirit takes a physical appearance, but he is still a spirit. He only appears to be physical, somewhat like a hologram (for lack of a better description). The Living Spirit rarely appears as a physical being. Usually he is invisible.

As far as the Divine Messengers, Monijiao* considers most of them as being one and the same. The thought is quite simple. Monijiao adherents say that since the Messengers are ultimately from the same source, they are all the same, only appearing in different eras.”

*(A sect of Manichaeism)


Received from Mir Garendra: “”Do not despair in your loneliness. God and His Divine Messengers are always with you.”

Loving Kindness towards other Communities within the Religion of Light

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “I wish for each of you to continue generating loving-kindness towards one another, and to bear one another up, to assist each other spiritually and physically, in all times, favourable and unfavourable.

The love you demonstrate toward your brethren is an indication of the love you have for God, and is a sign that you are a true follower of our Master.

In addition to this, brethren, when it is possible, care for the needs of those who are unable to assist themselves, even if they are not of the Religion of Light. Allow the Spirit of truth to help you in discerning such matters.”

Missions to Other Religions

Received from Mir Fratama::”I have spoken on the importance of not touching that which is unclean in the various false religions in the world. There are, however, occasions which I give some of the adherents of the Religion of Light a mission which necessitates an entry to a religion that has traditionally not been aligned with the Religion of Light.

I appoint certain ones from among the sons of men to carry out such a mission so that they may bring innocent souls out of those religions and into the flock of light.

I give my promise that those sent on such missions will not be touched by the darkness, so long as they are mindful of the Light from which they originated, for I will cause them to remember the Pillars, the Commandments and the Precepts in the covenant in which they had been called.

I know those whom I have called to enter the missions that I am sending them. Each is sent according to their calling by the very Will of Zurvan.

I have made a special and unique covenant with the individuals and families which I have called for these particular missions. They shall not be judged nor shall they be criticized for being obedient to their calling.

Such individuals are registered in the Maethana Asha by name, according to the record which I provide.

No one should be presumptuous or make assumptions that he or she has been called into a mission, without having already been confirmed by the Maethana Asha. Individuals do not choose a mission, rather, they are called by me and if they are faithful in that calling, they shall be blessed immensely.”

The Name Jehovih

Received from Mir Mahvar: ““This is not wrong to use it, since it can be found, in the same manner, albeit with a “Y” instead of a “J”, as יֱהֹוִה‎ It appears in this form more than 300 times in the Hebrew Tanakh.”

John Newbrough

Received from Mahvar: (Mr. Newbrough is known for being the scribe of the book called “Oahspe”. Regarding the inaccuracy of Mr. Newbrough as a scribe): “It is true, Newbrough was not 100% accurate. By the way, he is in the celestial ranks now (communion of saints).

Need for Approval Before Transfering Covenants

Received from Mir Garendra: “On occasion, we see brethren moving in and out of various covenants without good reason. This has been an ongoing issue, but only recently was it discussed in depth at a special meeting called to discuss a variety of topics affecting the spiritual life of the adherents of the Religion of Light.

For those brethren who are in established Spiritual Communities, it is important to note that as of 2 April 2017, switching from one covenant to another, will not be permitted without first seeking counsel from approved clergy. A valid reason will need to be provided, along with a great deal of prayer and contemplation on the matter.

It is understandable that an individual may be called by the Spirit of holiness to a different covenant within the Religion of Light or because they simply made a mistake when they first joined their particular Community, but this is not evident when the individual moves from one covenant to another, numerous times in a short span of time. Good reason(s) must be given before approval can be granted to enter into a different covenant than the one you originally agreed to.

As we begin to move toward true unity among the people of the Religion of Light, and as some of the Covenants begin to be merged in these last days, it is important that brethren understand their particular covenant and maintain stability and spiritual maturity in all situations.”


Received from Mir Garendra:”Prayer, while it is a simple act, is no casual communication between you and God. Truly, it is a gift from the Heavens which allows you to speak directly with the Father. Each day when you go before the altar to worship God, you should have the attitude that it is the last day you will have the ability to make an offering or to pray.”


Received from Mir Mahvar: “Pride is a tool of the evil one to keep a soul from returning to the Kingdom of Light.”

Purposeful Action
Received from Mahvar Tarendra: “Do everything gradually and with purpose, with forgiveness for others and self, compassion towards all sentient-beings, and you will find your walk in the Religion of Light with much greater ease during difficult times.”

Respect for Appointed Leadership within the Communities of the Religion of Light

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “It is imperative to always have respect for the leadership that has been appointed throughout the Religion of Light.

While there are very few earthly spiritual leaders for the communities as a whole, they are experienced in the Three Bright Lamps as revealed and expressed in most of the spiritual communities. Look to them for guidance, as the Divine Mother guides each of them.”

Respect for Other Religious Communities within the Religion of Light
Recieved from Mir Eresh Zademir: “I admonish each of you to be respectful of the practices of fellow brethren regardless of their spiritual community, whether those practices and traditions are shared by your own community or appear unique.

Each community is responsible for maintaining their own covenant, and have been given authority by Anahita to practice their traditions and to hold to the Three Bright Lamps as has been granted to them, including shared or unique Scriptures and Revelations.

There are some communities that have a very large collection of texts in which they hold sacred or holy, while others have very few.

A community does not use a text that has not been authorised for their own use, and each person, regardless of their covenant, is commanded to have respect for their fellow brethren. Both laity and clerics should never discourage sacred texts that have been deemed worthy of use by any particular spiritual community within the Religion of Light.”

Sharing the Message of Light

Received from Mir Salazar:” Even if your covenant is no longer available for the public to join, or if your community is closed to the public for other reasons, it is still the responsibility of every person to share the Message of Light.

• Sharing the Message of Light is not always about proselytizing, but rather, it is sharing the hope of a better tomorrow — a bright future.

• So many people today are suffering in the world, not only from illnesses, hunger, financial, or homelessness, but also from various emotional problems due to different reasons often beyond their control.

• The Message of Light offers hope to those who hear its core principles.

• When sharing the Message of Light with others, be sure that it is in a language that is easily understandable by the majority of those whom you are attempting to reach.

• Using specialized terms or phrases that are foreign outside of the members of your own covenant or community, will only cause confusion to the seeker and be off-putting.

• Speak to others, not in a condescending manner, but with a humble spirit, and always be ready to listen without making assumptions. “

Steps to Take When Leaders Promote Disunity

Received from Mir Garendra: “If anyone within the Religion of Light, regardless of their Spiritual Community, finds that one of their appointed leaders in their or other community are causing or promoting disunity, then it is the responsibility of the brethren to bring this to the attention of that particular leader, admonishing that one, but with respect and with the desire to seek clarity.

The one who speaks to the leader, should make sure the leader is simply not mistaken in a comment that he/she made or that something was not misunderstood on the part of the brethren. After this, if the leader continues to sin in causing schisms, the issue should be brought to the attention of the senior most earthly leadership of the Religion of Light. If for some reason, the brethren are unable to take those steps, the issue should be brought to the attention of the Mirs.

It is important that the brethren not have an accusatory spirit and that they always use respect toward the leadership even if their leader is incorrect about a doctrine or otherwise. In many cases, it is simply a misunderstanding, or sometimes the individual has expressed his/her opinions in a manner that might have been taken wrong by the brethren. This is in no way an attempt to minimize the importance of any particular situation. Because of human frailty, this type of issue does occur from time to time. A cleric, an elder or other leader might need to be reminded of the need for humility or chastised because of a poor choice of words or ideas, but it is not the place of the laity to do this.

It is a grave sin to cause a schism, so we take such charges very seriously. If there is a situation where the brethren know for a certainty that the individual leader is teaching outright heresy, or is being unreasonable with their requests of the disciples (for example, causing them to work on too many projects at once, unusual/harsh acts of penance), expressing disdain toward other Spiritual Communities, and so on, the brethren have access to the Teacher of Righteousness through one of his assistants or to myself. If the brethren truly feel they are being taught heresy, other false or silly/non-essential doctrines or false history, and promoting disunity, they may request a temporary removal from under the individual that was originally appointed as their leader, and in some cases, the individual may be placed within another Spiritual Community if it is practical. These last steps would only take place in the most serious of cases, and most especially if the leader was truly guilty of heresy or pride.”


Received from Mir Salazar: “Do not neglect the time you have on earth to study the sacred texts of your covenant, so as to prepare your soul for entry into the eternal Kingdom of Light. Study, practice the Virtues, pray and give to others, every day.”

Three Bright Lamps

Received from Mir Eresh Zademir: “As you continue to walk faithfully with Zurvan, I admonish each of you to remain steadfast in obedience to the Three Bright Lamps of the Holy Faith, that is, the Scriptures, the Traditions and the Revelations, all given by authority of the Divine Mother for each spiritual community within the Religion of Light.”

Tuesday a Day of Religious Observance.

Received from Mar Kharba Awraham:”Effective immediately, all Ashavan will observe a special day of the week to commemorate the Divine Manifestation of Mir Fratama. The day of the week is Tuesday.
The World Teacher appeared in the world on February 21st, 2012 in Nepal. This day fell on the Tuesday of that week.

We will observe this blessing by praising Mithra and reading from the Tablet of Mir Fratama each Tuesday. This can either be done in a Hanzaman (Congregation) or individually. Next to Haspin, this will be the holiest day of the week for Ashavan and required of all Ashavan.”

Received from Mir Fratama: “Tutankhaten* was murdered by the evil priest who did not wish to understand the teaching of Tutankhaten concerning the various ”gods” and other beings which he said were merely reflections of the One God Aten. Some have said that Tutankhaten was murdered because he wished to compromise and permit the worship of various deities and other beings, but that is a misunderstanding. Tutankhaten never compromised the ideals put forth in the Religion of Light as it was revealed during the Amarna Period and the Exodus.There was a semblance of a crucifixion of Isha in the first century C.E. which points back to the execution by the evil priest who claimed to represent Amun.

*(Tutankhaten was a Manifestation of Mithra in the Amarna period of Ancient Egypt.)

Unity in Worship

Received from Mahvar Tarendra: “The children of Light need to be serious with their efforts in becoming united, not only in words, but in their worship as well. We have entered into a new phase of this age of humanity. This is a critical time in which humans are living. Be serious about your faith.”