Entering the Faith

1. Make the Profession of Faith:

In the presence of at least one or more Ashavan witness the individual verbally makes this profession:

“I confirm that Zurvan is One, Invisible and Unknowable except through the influence of Anahita and a covenant through Mithra.

I confirm that the New Mithraic Covenant is the final covenant for all mankind.

I vow to remain faithful to the Pure Teaching of Mithra in Asha.


(The Profession of faith can be witnessed in person or via the internet or other means.)

2. After the Profession of Faith, the individual takes a ritual bath or shower. (During the bath or shower the person can offer the prayer to the Divine Celestial Triad).

” In the Name of Zurvan (with the hands in a gesture of praise at the forehead),

In the Name of Anahita (with the hands in the gesture of praise at the lips)

And In the Name of Mithra (with the hands in the gesture of praise at the heart).


At this point, the person is a member of the New Mithraic Covenant, and is an Ashavan (disciple of Mithraic dedicated to Truth and Righteousness).

To have your name registered with the Central Temple of Asha, you may send a copy of your profession of faith, signed and dated to:


Entering the Faith in a Congregation

Formally entering the Faith before a congregation in a Nemana Asha (Local Asha House of Worship or local assembly or congregation) begins  with a ritual bath/shower (before attending the service) then at the service, includes the profession of faith, having a very small part of one’s hair cut if one is not bald, the hair burned in a special container, the individual receives a white cord that drapes over the right shoulder. New members can receive a membership card as well.

During the monthly*  meeting for the recitation of the Covenant, all members wear the cord they were provided.

(The monthly meeting is the New Moon service. There are other services throughout the month but this is strictly for members of Asha).