Daily Prayers of Asha

The offering of prayers regularly in Asha are central to our faith. There are mandatory and optional prayers we offer. But whether a person is offering a prayer at a designated time or as Divine Mother guides them, the spirit of the Ashavan should always be focused on intense love and deep appreciation for Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra.


When we go to offer prayers, it is auspicious to make ablutions if possible. The Ashavan ablutions are fairly simple.

1. Pour water over your right hand and forearm saying “In the Name of Zurvan”.

2. Pour water over your left hand and forearm saying “In the Name of Anahita”.

3 With both hands wet, rub your face from the chin, over the top of the head, across the neck in the back.

4. You bring the hands into a prayerful pose on your chest, with head bowed and say (mentally) “In the Name of Mithra. Amin”.

At this point you are ready to offer prayers or worship.

A.Ushah -The Dawn Service (Mandatory)
(It is the primary prayer time for all Ashavan.)

We learn from H.H. Mir Eresh Zademir, the Teacher of Light:

The Avestan term “ushah”, meaning “morning light”, is a devotional service that the Ashavan should begin practising as soon as possible. The prayer takes place just before sunrise, when prayers and hymns (gathas) are recited, while allowing the light of the sun to shine upon the palms of the hands.

The light upon the skin should be seen as symbolic of the presence of Mithra with, upon and within the Ashevan.

Ideally this would take place daily, but circumstances might not allow for it.

Outside is ideal as well, but of course, weather and other issues may necessitate the Ashevan to remain indoors. Even on cloudy days, the same ritual should be observed.

A candle may be used if necessary on such days.” – Mir Eresh Zademir

1.The Prayer to the Celestial Triad: God, Mother and Son (Mandatory)
(Facing east towards Mt. Damavand in Iran)

The individual places their hands together in prayer at the forehead and silently says: ”I give praise and honor to Zurvan, the Father of Righteousness.”

Then they bring the hands to the lips and say: ”I give praise and honor to Anahita, the Divine Mother.”

Then bring hands to the center of the chest (over the heart) and say: ”I give praise and honor to Mithra, the Celestial Son.”

Finish by saying “Amin”.

2.Recitation of the 7 Calls of Mithra (Mandatory)

The Opening Verse, read before the First Verse:

Praise be to You, O Zurvan*, the One Supreme God, Cause of Creation, Great Father and Highest Counsellor. Zurvan, protect the Ashavan with Your Divine Light emanating from Your Holy Mirror. Zurvan, You are the One True God beyond all Creation, the Divine Source of All life”.

* (One of the names of God)

The First Verse: Mithra* carries off the agents of the evil one in battle. He conveys guidance for all, and establishes righteous rulership in all the pure lands.

* (The Divine Messenger)

The First Call: Mithra, come quickly; remove the agents of the evil one. Guide us in your righteous kingdom. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

The Second Verse: Mithra directs all the stars*; He is the giver of good counsel, at whose name the stars quake in fear, as at the storm.
* (celestial beings)

The Second Call: Mithra, come quickly; direct the stars with your name and provide your good counsel. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

The Third Verse: Mithra sits above the Temple ( Maethana Asha); the people present their gifts at His feet, and from Him they receive their assignments; none can bring alms without Him. Aside from Mithra no god knows the answer as to the length or the course of their days.

The Third Call: Mithra, come quickly; sit above our Temple; may we be faithful in the presentation of gifts at your feet. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

The Fourth Verse: Mithra maintains the double edged sword, and brings forth miracles in the battle against the evil one. He has broad wisdom, is filled with insight; His mind is so vast with wisdom that the gods, all of them, cannot fathom it.

The Fourth Call: Mithra, come quickly; bring forth miracles and destroy the evil one. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

The Fifth Verse: Mithra is his name, his cape is like a canvas over the whole sky. May his beneficent voice ever hover over the earth; may he diminish the dark clouds of untruthfulness of the peoples of this world.

The Fifth Call: Mithra, come quickly; grant your blessing to us; cover us with your protective cape above the sky; remove untruthfulness from our hearts, from our hands and from our mouths. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

The Sixth Verse: Mithra guides the gods in their duties as to the future; all the gods are certainly in His charge.

The Sixth Call: Mithra, come quickly; bless us with the guiding of the stars in the heavens and show us your glorious kingdom. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

The Seventh Verse: Mithra shall hold the crossings of heaven and earth; he is the Chief Star whose light and likeness illumines the sky. He upholds the course of the stars of heaven; he shepherds all the gods like sheep.

The Seventh Call: Mithra, come quickly; may we, your children, see your light in the heavens. Blessed is the name of Mithra. Come quickly, Mithra.

Closing Verse: May Mithra vanquish the evil one; may her life be short, may it be cut away and may she be removed forever even at the hearing of the name of Mithra in these Seven Calls. Blessed is the name of Mithra, the Divine Mirror of Zurvan.

All: Amin”

(Note: The 7 Calls of Mithra can be said alone or in a group or congregation. When alone the individual offers all parts of the prayer. When in a group the 7 Calls of Mithra is offered in the form of a responsive reading. The designated leader of worship for that service reads the verses and the congregation read the Calls. All variations end with the entire group saying “Amin”.)

3. Mithraic Psalm Two (Mandatory)

Commemoration of the Seven Days -Recited each day with the daily offerings*

Praised, glorified and lifted up is the One God who brings Light into the world through His divinely appointed Messenger.

On the first day the One God brought into existence, the Bright King.

The first day, Sunday, is a day for Mithra.

The second day, Monday, is a day for the one who unites the people in holiness.

The third day, Tuesday, is a day for the bringer of divine news.

The fourth day, Wednesday, is a day for the mirror of divine reflection.

The fifth day, Thursday, is a day for the one who carries divine strength.

The sixth day, Friday, is a day for the one who upholds the divine tree.

The seventh day, Saturday, is a day for the one who carries divine light.

And the One God set Mithra as the greatest of all of them.

Praised, glorified and lifted up is the One God who dispels the darkness from the eyes of humanity.”

*(Ashavan may offer incense into or before the Fire Urn or Hearth or Brazier and candles. Also, they may make mental offerings before a Fire Urn symbolizing the presence of Mithra, either are auspicious.)

4. Call upon Mithra, and The Teacher of Light at least 10 times (or more) each day. (Obligatory)

I bow down before Mithra, the Unkindled Fire.

I bow down before Mir Eresh Zademir, the Truth born of Mithra”

5.The Ashavan Prayer Garland* (Mandatory)

*(See page for description.)

6. Personal Prayers

(Note: All prayers in Asha, with the exception of the Usha Prayer when it is performed outside, are said before the light of Fire (Fire Urn/ Hearth/Candles etc.), this represents the presence of Mithra.)


Optional Prayers

The following are Ashavan prayers that can be used as needed. They are optional but it is auspicious to use them frequently.

The Invocation of Asha (Ashem Voshu)
(This prayer can be said at any time.)

“Asha is the best of all that is good in life.

Asha is pure happiness.

Happy is the person who is made Holy with perfect Asha.


Seven Prayers in Praise of Zurvan

(Each of these prayers can be recited individually and used as needed. Also, while the Ashavan terms may be used, it is completely permissible to say the prayers in your own language.)

 “Niyayishen Zurvan (Praise God)

Zurvan Mahisht (God is the Greatest)


Abrang Zurvan (Glory be to God)


Zurvan Abezag (God is Holy)


Zurvan Anoshag (God is Immortal)


Zurvan Asha (God is Righteous)


Spas dastan Zurvan (Thanks be to God)”


“Zurvan, Hear my Prayer”

(Facing east, the Ashavan, alone or in a group, offers the gesture of supplication* and then repeats the prayer )

Zurvan, hear my prayer.

Praise be to God, there is only One. The source of all life and truth.

Zurvan, You alone are the creating & sustaining God who destroys all evil.

Who bestows compassion and mercy on those who seek You in truth.

Zurvan, I worship only You.

I thank You for the peace You provide.

Through the influence of Anahita, and the Wisdom of Mithra, show me the path to Bashisht, the resting place of the righteous.

And keep the evil one and her son, the dragon, away from all disciples on their journey to their True Home beyond the stars. that we may travel in peace.

Zurvan, I humbly ask for Your mercy where I have sinned.

Instill within me the commitment to be one with the Mind of Your Son, Mithra,

The capacity to perfect my soul,

And the opportunity to be of service to all who seek the Divine Light of Bahisht.

Blessed are You, beneficent and glorious Zurvan, make me clean with Your truth.

(The Ashavan bows, in the gesture of supplication, saying:  )

Blessed Zurvan, You heal the sick, You give wisdom to the faithful and give life to the dead.

I humble myself before Your Presence, Zurvan, for You are the One, True God.

Blessed are You Zurvan. You provide me with everything I need.”

(The Ashavan offers any personal prayers or thoughts they wish to offer.)

(Returning to a standing position, the Ashavan brings their cupped hands to their lips as if having recieving by Divine Waters and they drink deeply.)

(They bring their palms together and lower them to the level of the heart, with the head bowed.)

(The Ashavan completes the prayer by saying: )


*(The gesture of supplication is to stand (or sit) with the hands cupped before you, as if to receive water from a running source. The head is bowed in reverence and deep appreciation for what is to be received. During the prayer the Ashavan bows deeply, with the hands still cupped. They return to a standing position, bringing the hands to the mouth, as if drinking what has been received. The palms of the hands are brought together and lowered to the level of the heart. The head is bowed slightly. The gesture, at this point, is completed).

The Surrender Prayer

“Mir Fratama, you are the embodiment of the compassion and blessings of all the heavenly beings and saints, the protector of beings in Mithra.

My body, my possessions, my heart and soul, without hesitation I surrender to You through Mithra.

From now until I attain perfection, in happiness or sorrow, in circumstances good or bad, in situations high or low: I rely on the perfect teaching that is given to You, as the final earthly Manifestation of Mithra.


You who know me: Keep me in Your mind, give me inspiration through the Divine Presence and Power of your teaching, give me guidance through the Holy Tablets of Light and make me one with You.



Meditation on the Surrender Prayer

(There is another version of the Surrender Prayer that I have developed specifically for Ashavan meditation and contemplation. It is as follows) :

Sit quietly and focus on your heart. In your mind, visualize a Fire Urn/Brazier. This represents Lord Mithra. As you focus on the warm light of the Fire Urn, say these words:

“Lord Mithra,

I surrender myself to You.

Keep me in Your mind.

And make me one with You.”

(Repeat this prayer for the duration of your meditation/contemplation. Your mind is on kindling the Fire of Mithra within your heart.)

The Hymn to Lord Mithra

I will bring praise to your Light, Mir Fratama,

You who are the Final Incarnation of Mithra on Earth,

Beautiful of form and radiance,

Judge and observer of all,

Light with a thousand eyes,

Where You set is extinction,

And Light is where You arise.

With You lives Anahita, the Mother of the Righteous.”

Prayer for the Gnosis of Mithra

From the High Watchpost of Hara Berezaiti.

I invoke the beautiful Mind of Mithra.

You who reflect the Divine Attributes of Zurvan in Creation.

You who are the King of the Stars, surrounded by a host of innumerable beautiful celestial beings,

With perfect bodies shining forth the glory of Zurvan.

Following your Pure Teaching, I vow to practice all that Zurvan gives to you.

I ask for God’s compassion and forgiveness, wherever I may stumble along this path.

Mithra, Please bestow Your blessings and Illumination upon me and upon all sentient beings.

Please reveal to us the Gnosis that leads to the salvation of souls.


A Prayer for Increase of Study and Awareness in the Pure Teaching

Praise be to Your Name, O God of Compassion, Zurvan!

Compassionate God may You continue to shine Your holy light on my path so that I may know and understand Asha, always.

Help me to increase my faith in Your promises.

Help me to better appreciate the blessing that You have given me.

Help me to stand up for righteousness in all things.

Praise be to Your Name, Zurvan!

May I be found worthy of approaching the Light of Asha.

May I be found worthy of reading the words of the Pure Teaching.

May I be found worthy of assisting my brethren in understanding Asha.

Praise be to Your Name, Zurvan!

May the study of the Pure Teaching increase throughout the world.

May Your people continue to place Asha within their hearts.

May all of Your people live by all that You have outlined in the Pure Teaching.

Praise be to Your Name, Zurvan!

May it not be my name, Zurvan.

May it not be my credit, Zurvan.

May it not be my name, Zurvan.

All praise to Mithra, for you teach us the Pure Teaching in truth as it is and its depth and mystery, beyond imagining.


Communal Prayer for the Ashavan

Zurvan, most merciful God,

We humbly submit ourselves and fall down before Your majesty,

Beseeching You from the bottom of our hearts,

That this seed of Asha, planted by Your holy utterance,

Expressing Your Will, now sown amongst us,

May take such deep root, that neither the burning heat of persecution cause it to wither,

Neither the thorny cares of this life choke it,

But that it may bring forth thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold, as Your heavenly wisdom has appointed.

And because we have need continually to receive many things from Your hands,

We humbly beseech You, O God of Compassion, to grant Your people,

And Anahita, to direct their petitions,

That they may proceed from such a fervent mind,

As may be agreeable to Your most holy Will,

And seeing that the people are able to do nothing without Your help,

And that You are not blind with how many and great trials Your people undergo on every side enclosed and compassed,

Let Your strength, O Zurvan, sustain their weakness,

That they being defended with the force of Your compassion,

May be safely preserved against all assaults.

Increase our faith, O merciful God,

That we do not swerve at any time from Your Pure Teaching,

But augment in us hope and love,

With a careful keeping of all Your Way,

That no hardness of heart,

No hypocrisy,

No wrong desires within the heart,

Nor enticements of the world,

May draw us away from Your obedience.

And seeing we live now in these most perilous times,

Let Your fatherly guidance defend us against the violence of our enemies,

Which seek all means to oppress Asha.

We pray not only for ourselves,

But beseech You also to reduce all such as be yet ignorant from the miserable captivity of blindness and error,

To the pure understanding and knowledge of Asha,

That we all with one accord and unity of mind may worship You, our only God.



A Song to the Creator

(Ashavan may Sing, Recite or Chant this Song. 3 Times then enter Meditation)

“O You who are crowned the king amongst the mighty ones

You are the Lord in heaven,

The Master over the earth;

You are Creator of those who dwell in the heights,

And of those who dwell be-low the sky

You are the King always.

You are the One God who lived before all time began.

‘Twas You who created the earth,

You fashioned humankind,

‘Twas You who made the watery abyss of the sky.

You are the king who deserves our praise – the one who gives us life.

It is You who travel across the sky so grand,with Your heart full of joy and life;

Your presence like the sun.

The deepest parts of heaven cannot contain you.

Your Remnant will worship You, O Lord, as long as the sun endures.

We will worship You, O Lord, as long as the sun endures.”

Homage to Lord Mithra

(Offered by Sanjit Tarendra, a Child of Tarendra)

(Note: To be said by the Ashavan community on special observances)

“Keep us well protected within this sacred tribe.


Mithra of wide pastures,


Of one thousand ears and of the countless number of eyes,


The highly exalted and the everlasting ruler of the kingdom,


The divinity of the spoken name, the holy one from God.


Homage to you Mir Tarendra of wide cattle pastures,


Whose mouth is true,


Who is of the assembly,


Who has one thousand ears,


The large-shaped one, who has ten thousand eyes,


The exalted one,


Who has wide knowledge,


The helpful one,


Who is never sloth,


The ever wakeful.


We sacrifice to Mithra,


The lord of all countries,


Whom God created as the most glorious among the supernatural beings.


So may there come to us for aid, God through Mithra.


We shall sacrifice toward His mace in the East,


well aimed against the skulls of the evil one.


Oh Mir Fratama,


Raise your sacred torch to enlighten our eyes,


Plunge your sacred sword to protect our tribes;


Bring your light and God’s truth down to us,


Help us to learn that which God requires of His servants.


May the restored kingdom be realized in our lifetime.


Keep us well protected within this sacred tribe under the shadow of the presence of God.