“Tell me a Story”

We will speak of the many manifestations of Mithra that have appeared in this world. He has appeared in virtually every culture, every civilization and in every era. He has taught the Pure Teaching, the Higher Truth of the Realm of Light. He has done this in many languages and in the context of the […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #20

Text “And in the same era, the light was spread throughout the earth, causing many creatures of varying sizes and natures to come forth, such as lions, bears, fish, birds, and others. And similarly, grass, trees and other vegetation was springing forth from the earth, and much of it was edible for the new humans. And […]

The Keys to your Liberation already Exist within You

If you spend enough time exploring different belief systems and philosophies you start to see a distinct pattern emerge. While there will be a notable difference between each belief system, if that system is of any value, it will outline a path towards the liberation of the soul. Maybe the focus will be on obedience […]

Spiritual Liberation through Higher Vibration

People often approach the subject religion from varying positions. Some people see religion as a means to connect with their Creator. Others only view it as customary cultural observance, a sign you somehow “belong” to that society but really, beyond this, they do not give it any serious thought. Then there are those that go deeper […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #19

Text “And it came to be that from the eastern part of the land, another messenger came just as it was promised by the Son of God. The messenger, known as Tarendra*, came unto the first man, and taught him the mysteries of Bahisht, uniting with him in order to produce two children – that […]

The Den is the Abhidharma of Asha

I can envision some people looking at the title of this message and being thoroughly confused. Those who might have some idea of what the “Den” is, may not have any knowledge of what the term “Abhidharma” means, or what Asha is. Those who know what the Abhidharma is, may not know what the Den […]

“Why does Asha Exist?”

It might sound like an odd question: “Why does Asha exist?” Another way someone might say this is something like: “Why does the world need another religion?” My standard response, when someone asks me this is to point out that not every religion is teaching the truth, that many religions are teaching opposing beliefs. They […]

“Is Asha a New Age Religion?”

When people first hear of “Asha” they may simply write this off as a new age religion, not having any frame of reference for it. While Asha is technically “new” in that this covenant and this vehicle have not existed in the world before, it is not worshiping a new god or deity, nor is it […]