The theme of today’s message is regarding the dangers of idolatry.

Mir Fratama, The Manifestation of Mithra in this final age teaches us:

“It is forbidden to create any type of image or statue of Zurvan. The Great Father is outside of

time and creation and is invisible to human eyes. The creation of any image or statue of Zurvan is a form of idolatry.”

In the Tablet of Mir Fratama He repeatedly makes the points for the faithful to worship the One True God outside of Creation and to abadon idolatry. Along with His many undertakings while in this world Mir Fratama established a universal covenant for all mankind. A covenant, that no matter who embraces, will enter Heaven one day. The instructions in the Covenant for all Mankind state:

“ This is my covenant with you. Abandon all forms of idolatry, harmful desires, extreme materialism and accept the Message of Light as it is, without attachment to preconceived ideas and assumptions.When you genuinely accept and honestly live by these truths, I will accept you.”

The abandonment of idolatry is so serious and such a liability for the human soul that Mir Fratama mentions it first: To give up all forms of idolatry.

There is a chapter in the Tablet of Mir Fratama entirely devoted to the prohibition of idolatry:

“Man shall worship Zurvan alone, and no image or likeness of Him shall take His place, ever. Nothing in the likeness of His image should ever be used as an idol. Zurvan alone, the Highest God of all the universe, deserves full worship. Anything less is idolatry. Men make other men their gods, even their own stomachs have become their gods. Such ones from among humanity will not seek after the Light, but rather they seek to do the will of the evil one. Hear this, my children, run far from idolatry, for it is a trap that will keep you chained to the world of darkness for eternity.”

We have to understand that idolatry is not simply about making images. It is not simply about religious or spiritual artwork that people have deep feelings about. No. Idolatry is to fabricate something out of the physical environment and to bow down before it as your god.

I have heard many times the arguments of those who incorporate idols into their worship. Some dress them up; some pour ghee and milk over them; adorn them with clothes, garlands and parade them around, ultimately bowing before them. This is still practiced, for example, among the different sects within Hinduism. This is what His Divine Presence has said about this:

“ What was once a religion of unity in worship of one God, Hinduism has become a house of demons with its idolatry. Most monists and pantheists are not of the House of God. “

But Mir Fratama is aware of the love that those within Hinduism have for the Divine and wants to provide a pathway back to the One True God. He has said:

“ If Hindus will abandon their worship of many deities and their caste system, and accept the banner of Light they will have life.”

If a person in any sect of Hinduism will simply give up worshipping many deities (and this included idol worship), and they renounce caste distinction, and turn to the One God outside of Creation (that is to stop worshipping the Creation as the Creator (which the concepts of Brahman, Shiva, and Vishnu, still retain the limiting beliefs of Monism and Pantheism), they can be in covenant with the One God and ascend into the Realm of Light…it only requires a conscious choice.

It is not limited to the followers of Hinduism, however. Any religion where people set up idols and worship them, distance themselves from the One True God.

I want to be clear that it is not any religious image, any celestial being or even any image of a Divine Messenger that is the problem, it is taking that image to be God, that is the problem.

Mithra has appeared in this world many times in many cultures and is known by many names. He has constantly taught humanity the ways to covenant with Zurvan and to ascend to Bahisht one day. It is human weakness that creates idols out of these Messengers.

He has said:

“ Those religions who have taken to worshipping the Messenger instead of following the Message are in the same boat or pool. Some are on the diving end of the pool which is often times too deep for their own good, causing them to drown in their false assumptions, especially concerning idolatry. If they are listening then they will know that the Divine Source is the One, All Supreme Cause which is to be worshipped; however, they only listen to the desires of their heart, and their mouth will always speak what their heart is desiring.”

For an Ashavan to follow their covenant strictly prohibits idolatry.

You cannot be a servant of the One God and be an idolator. You cannot be a disciple of Mithra and be an idolator.

To set up an image of Mithra and bow before it is also idolatry. You cannot say “Yes, but it is an image of Mithra! He is our Lord! I fall before our Lord!”

Wrong. You are falling before a graven image.

That image is not Mithra. That image is a man made symbol used to represent Mithra, but it is not Mithra. That means, in that moment, you have made two serious mistakes:

1. You are worshiping the Mithra instead of worshiping Zurvan which is sinful.

2. You are making a graven image of Mithra and treating it like it is either Mithra or a Manifestation of Mithra, which it is not.

It is not sinful for someone to make religious art and for it to instil deep feelings of devotion, but that is not the same as creating an idol (whether physical or mental) and turning to that image as God, or calling that image Mithra (because the image is not Mithra) and He cannot be contained within a block of wood or a slab of stone or an artists canvas.

Mir Fratama is reminding all of humanity of the Pure Teaching; If you truly seek God, stop bowing down before false gods….that is a good first start.

You experience Zurvan through Mithra but you do not mistake Mithra for Zurvan. In the”Tablet of the Perfecting Spirit”, it states:

“Zurvan is beyond our comprehension. Beyond our wildest thoughts or imaginings. We, as we are, cannot know him, because we, in our current state of being, do not have the capacity to comprehend Him. Only the fool thinks they can know Zurvan by any self-originatedact. Zurvan is only revealed through the influence of the Divine Mother and the Gnosis of Mithra, and in no other way. The person who thinks they have a concept of Zurvan in their mind, have only made their mental construct into an idol. That is not Zurvan.”

You are to only worship the One God. You can only experience the One God through the influence of Anahita and a covenant with Mithra…that is it. Every other attempt to know Zurvan, will fail because you did not seek out the very means Zurvan has placed within your life to find Him. If you truly seek God, stop settling for false gods and fabricated images and concepts.

A road sign is not a destination, only a message that points you in a direction. The Celestial Son, and any Manfestation of Him, are always pointing you in the direction of Zurvan, they are not replacing Zurvan. Do not confuse the one who offers you directions for your destination…not if the destination you seek is the Presence of God.

Drod Abezag,

Mar Kharba Awraham