Articles of the Ashavan Faith

Distributed by the Maethana Asha

Article 1.

God, whom we call “Zurvan“, is the Divine Source of all life. God is One and exists outside of Creation.”

Q:What is God?

A: God is the Source of all life. All that exists does so by virtue of God. Without God there would be nothing at all.

Q:Where does the Name “Zurvan” come from?

A: The Name “Zurvan” is an ancient Iranian name for the One Primordial God.

Q:What does the Name “Zurvan” mean?

A: The name “Zurvan” is a Middle Persian term that originates from the word “Zruvan” meaning “Time” but is more accurately related to the term “The Ancient of Days”.

Q:How many gods are there?

A:There are many divinities but there is one One God. Zurvan is the Source of all life.

Q:Where is God?

A: Zurvan only exists outside of the Creation.

Q: How is Zurvan known in other cultures?
A: Zurvan was known in ancient Egypt as “Aten”; He is known in the Middle East as “Yahweh”; to the early followers of Yeshua He was called “Abba”; in ancient India He was known as “Yahvah”; In Tibet He is called “Lha”; and in China He is called “Mind ShangDi” In all of these examples, Zurvan is known as the Primordial Cause of Existence, itself. He sustains us in every moment. We are utterly and completely dependent on Zurvan for our very existence.

Article 2.

God is invisible, and unknowable except through the influence of the Divine Mother and a covenant through Mithra.”

Q: What does it mean for God to be invisible?

A: God is invisible to the beings in the physical creation. We cannot see outside of the physical creation, therefore we cannot see God.

Q:What does it mean for God to be unknowable?

A: On our own power we do not have the means to interact with God. This would be like the cell of a man’s body trying to interact with anything in the outside world independent of the man himself.It is an impossibility.

Q:Is there any we may know God?

A: Yes. There is one way a person may know God. It is composed of two parts: 1. Through the influence of the Divine Mother of Life and 2. Through a covenant Mithra. There is no other way.

Q:What does “The Influence of the Divine Mother” mean?

A: It means that a person is directed to the presence of God on the Divine Current of Life. The Divine Mother brings the soul into the presence of Her Son, Mithra, who then reveals Divine Knowledge that leads to the awakening of that soul. The Divine Mother then leads the obedient soul into the Heavenly Realm, beyond the Physical Creation, where it may live in the Presence of God eternally.

Q: What does “a covenant through Mithra” mean?

A: A covenant is a lasting relationship with God. This is only achieved through the presence of the divinity of covenants who is Mithra. By receiving Divine instruction and establishing a covenant through Mithra, the individual is connected to God. That is a soul that is free of the threat of extinction and will one day ascend into the Realm of Light to live in the Presence of God.
Q: Can a soul commune with God using only one of the proscribed methods?

A: No.

Q: Has anyone ever communed with God without these methods?

A: No.

Q: What of those who say they have communed God directly?

A: They were either being directed by Divine Mother but were oblivious to Her influence, and/or being illumined by a Manifestation of Mithra, but were ignorant as to who they were receiving Divine Instruction from. Or they simply were not in communion with the One True God at all.

Article 3.

Anahita is the Divine Mother of Life. She is the divine Current of Life that emanates from Zurvan into and throughout the Creation.”

Q:Who is Anahita?

A: The Divine Mother of Life.

Q: Where does the name “Anahita” come from?

A: While the Divine Mother is called by different names in different faiths and cultures, Mir Eresh Zademir, teaches us to use this name “Anahita”. His Holiness states: “It is most appropriate, especially among the Ashavan.”

Q:What does the term “The Divine Mother of Life” mean?

A: It means that anything that has life coursing through it, that has energy within it, is by virtue of the influence of Anahita.

Q:Is Anahita God?

A: No.

Q: Is Anahita a part of God?

A: No.

Q:Where does Anahita come from?

A: Anahita is the energy that emanates from the Divine Source but is not the Divine Source itself. Similar to how they rays of the Sun illumine and give warmth to the Earth but, in and of themselves, would not exist.

Q:What role does Anahita play in Creation?

A:Anahita flows from Zurvan, into the Creation and brings life to the Creation. All life pulsates with energy, Anahita is that energy.

Q:Is it permissible to worship Anahita?

A: No. We may love and honor Anahita, but worship is only for Zurvan, the Divine Source.

Q: Can a person commune with Anahita separate from Zurvan?

A: No. While a person may be consciously aware of the Divine Mother working throughout the Creation, one may never know Ahanita without first knowing God and making themselves obedient to Him.

Q: What about people who claim to interact with Divine Mother but who do not acknowledge Zurvan?

A: If they reject God, and claim to commune with Divine Mother…it is not Divine Mother they are interacting with, but some other being in creation, or they are deluding themselves.

Q:Are there any other names by which people may know Anahita?

A: Other names the Divine Mother is know by are: Shakti, Prana, Ruakh ha Kodesh, Holy Spirit, Chi or Ki, among others.

Article 4.

All life is contained in One Being: Mithra. We are all a part of the One, Created Being.”

Q: What is meant by the phrase “All life is contained in One Being?”

A: We look at the world and out into the stars and we think of this immense collection of objects and beings, but we assume that they are all disparate, separate and isolated objects and beings. But the reality is very different from this! All the things you see: whether they are the most simplest forms of life to the most complex, are, in truth, all components of One Immense Being! That means all the worlds, stars, solars sytems, galaxies, constellations, dimensions and planes of reality…all exist in this One Greater Being. Zurvan only ever created One Being. But within that One Being emanated all forms of life that have ever been. Nothing can exist outside this One Being. We are all truly One.That is the real meaning of Oneness.

Q: What is the Name of this One Being?

A: In Asha we call this One Being: Mithra.

Q: What is meant by the phrase “We are all a part of the One, Created Being”?

A: All beings are part of Mithra. In our perfected state, we are Mithra, Himself.

Q: Is this One Greater Being God?

A: No, He is the Son of God.

Q: Are we permitted to worship this Greater Being as God?

A: No. Worship is for Zurvan alone.

Q:How this One Being known in other faiths and cultures?

A: Mithra is known by countless names and terms throughout history:

Among the Persians, He is both called Mithra but also Ahura Mazda.

Among the Hindus, He is called: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahman, and the Adi Purusha.

To the early Hebrews He was called “Melekh ha Zadik” meaning “Righteous King of the Melekhim or Celestial Beings”. Today this is usually written as “Melchizedek”.

To the Yezidis He is known as the Melek Taus (or Tausy Melek) i.e. “The Peacock Angel”.

To the Buddhists, He is called the Primordial Buddha or Amitabha.

In ancient China, He was referred to as the Jade Emperor.

To the Christians, He was known as the Logos or Word of God.

To the Sikhs, He is called “Waheguru”.

To many of the Native Americans, He was called the Great Spirit.

To the ancient people of South America, He was called Quetzacoatl. And these are only the terms history remembers. It makes no mention of the countless Names He is called on the ocean of worlds that house sentient life in the physical Universe, to say nothing of the Realm of Light.

Q: Some of the names referenced here are thought to be the One God in some religions and societies, why is this?

A: Many societies have mistaken Mithra (The One Created Being) for Zurvan (The Divine Source). Zurvan is the Creator, while Mithra is the Creation.

Q:Why are there more names for Mithra than for Zurvan?

A: Because many societies have forgotten the existence of the Primordial Cause of Extistence and, instead, project Godhood onto the only aspect of God they have ever known: The Son.

Q: When an individual or society worships Mithra thinking Him to be God, is this acceptable to God?

A: While God is forgiving for innocent mistakes, it is never acceptable to worship anyone other than the Divine Source as God.

Article 5.

It is our divine inheritance to awaken to this reality and ascend beyond the dying creation to reunite with the One, Universal Soul of Mithra beyond the physical creation.“

Q:What does the term “Divine Inheritance” mean?

A: This is a term to refer to the individual soul ascending out of the dying creation, returning to the Eternal Realm of Light where it merges back into the One Universal Soul of Mithra.

Q: How do we awaken to this reality?

A: When the Divine Mother brings us into the sphere of influence of a Divine Messenger, if we are wise, we will learn what the Divine Messenger is teaching. What is imparted is the Pure Teaching (however it may be called by its adherents). By learning the Pure Teaching of a Divine Messenger we then enter a covenant with God through a Manifestation of Mithra. We live according to directives of that covenant. By learning the Pure Teaching and living the covenant of Mithra, we purify our consciousness. We are in the process of awakening our souls so they may ascend and return to their Natural State in the Realm of Light.

Q: How does a soul ascend?

A: Through embracing the Pure Teaching of a Divine Messenger, through entrance of a Covenant with Mithra, following its maxims, through the cultivation of virtues and laying aside worldly attachments. All of this contributes in the ascension of a soul to the Realm of Light.

Q:What is the dying creation?

A: The physical universes. All physical life is a corruption of a portion of the Divine Light stolen from the Eternal Realm of Light. All life in the physical creation suffers decay and death. As long as we remain in the physical creation we are subject to its physical laws. A soul that never ascends will suffer the fate of all temporal matter. To descend into the Realm of Darkness for eternity.

Q: What is the Eternal Realm of Light?

A: It is the first Realm to house beings of light. It is eternal and all beings exist in joy. It is called “Bahisht” in Asha.

Article 6.

Where Zurvan is the Heavenly Father and Anahita the Divine Mother, Mithra is the Celestial Son. “

Q: Why is Mithra called the Celestial Son?

A: Mithra is of Divine Nature and is the only Son of Zurvan, that is why we call Hime the Celestial Son.

Article 7.

God, Mother and Son are often referred to in Asha as “The Divine Celestial Triad”. This is not a trinity as in Christianity as we do not view the Divine Mother or the Son to be part of the God.”

Q:What is the Divine Celestial Triad?

A:The Divine Celestial Triad are: God (Zurvan), Mother (Anahita) and Son (Mithra).

Q:Is the Celestial Triad the same thing as the Trinitarian concept of Christianity?

A: No. There is only One God and that is Zurvan. The Ashavan view Zurvan as the Jewish people view Yawheh; we view Anahita as Taoists view the Tao, and we view Mithra as Hindus view Brahman.

Q:Are the Mother and the Son part of God?

A: No. Both the Divine Mother and the Son proceed from Zurvan but they are not part of the God.There are not three Gods, only One God. There are not three aspects to God, there is only Zurvan. Anahita is the Energy or Force of God, and Mithra is the Totality of all Creation.

Q: Is this view of God new?
A: This is not a new view but the original understanding of all those who progressed in their understanding of God, Mother and Son.

Article 8.

We are taught and believe in the existence and ministry of the Amesha Spentas.”

Q:What are the Amesha Spentas?

A: Divinities of the highest order that serve Zurvan.

Q:Where does the name originate?

A: The Name Amesha Spenta is from the Avestan language.

Q:What does this name mean?

A: The name means: “Immortal which is Holy”.

Q:Is there any other names the Amesha Spentas are known by in Asha?

A: The Amesha Spentas are called the Divine Sparks, they are also called Amahraspand “Beneficent Immortals”. In some religious traditions they are referred to as Yazata’s, some view them as deva’s and in others they are referred to as Archangels.

Q: Who are the Amesha Spentas?

A: The Amesha Spentas, as we are taught in Asha, are:

*Vohu Mana (the divinity of Good Mind)
*Asha Vahishta (the divinity of Truth/Righteousness)
*Kshathra Vairya (the divinity of Desirable Dominion)
*Spenta Armaiti (the divinity of Holy Devotion)
*Haurvetat (the divinity of Wholeness)
*Ameretat (the divinity of Immortality).

Q: Who created the Amesha Spentas?
A: Zurvan created the Divine Sparks.

Q: What influece do the Amesha Spentas have on the Creation?

A: It was through them that the creation was completed.

Q:Why are the Amesha Spenta present in an awakening soul?

A: As the individual soul begins to wake up to its true nature and begins its return to the Eternal Realm of Light the Amesha Spentas become present in that stream of consciousness. When all of the Divine Sparks are present within a soul that soul can be said to be fully awake or self realized.

Q:Why is it important for a soul to be fully awake or self-realized?

A: Only a fully awake or self realized soul enters Bahisht and returns to their Natural State in the One Universal Soul.

Q:Is it permissible to offer worship to the Amesha Spentas?
A: No. Worship is only for Zurvan.

Article 9.

All manner of beings serve God Through Mithra throughout the creation. Example: The Amesha Spentas, the Yazatas,the Deva’s, the Tarendrans, the Angels and other celestial beings.”

Q:Why types of beings serve God?

A: All manner of beings.

Q: How do the many types of beings serve God?

A: Through Mithra.

Q: Where are these beings located?

A: Throughout Creation.

Q Give some examples of the types of beings that serve God.

A: The Amesha Spentas, the yzata’s, the deva’s, the Tarendrans, the angels and cherubim and other celestial beings.

Q: What are Amesha Spentas?
A: Holy Immortals.

Q: What are Yazata’s?

A: Divinities (The Amesha Spenta’s are considered Divinities but the term is more generalized and is not exclusive to the Divine Sparks.)

Q: What is a Deva?

A: In Vedic beliefs a “Deva” is a god. In Avestan tradition a “deva” is a demon. How this word is used in this context is using the Vedic interpretation. The term came to be used in Iran to signify demons due to the propensity of the people of India bowing down before the many gods and goddesses rather than exclusively focusing their worship on the One God.

Q: What are Tarendrans?
A: They are an atmospheric race of beings that are a blend of Aeon and human ancestry.

Q: Where do the Tarendrans come from?

A: The Aeon part of their nature is derived from Mir Tarendra (a Manifestation of Mithra) and the mortal part of their nature is from Adam.

Q: How do Tarendrans differ from humans?

A: Tarendrans differ from humans in that they did not suffer the fall of Adam and Eve. They predate meeting of Adam and Eve.

Q:After being brought two existence by Mir Tarendra and Adam who were the founders of the Tarendran race?

A: The ancestry of the Tarendrans, after Mir Tarendra and Adam was through their offspring: Mershad and Mahvar also called “The Celestial Twins”.

Q: Where do the Tarendrans normally live?

A: The Tarendran race has traditionally existed in the upper atmosphere of a world that houses sentient life.

Q: Have the Tarendrans ever interacted with humanity?

A: Yes, many times throughout Earth’s history.

Q: How has the human race viewed the Tarendrans historically.

A: Sometimes they are perceived as humans, sometimes they have been referred to historically as “demigods”, and other times they have been mistaken for gods and goddesses.

Q: Is it permissible to worship a Tarendran?

A: No. It is not permissible to worship a Tarendran. Worship is only for Zurvan.

Article 10.

Tiamat, the evil one, did not begin as the personification of evil, initially. Tiamat was never designed to rebel against God at all. “

Q: Who is Tiamat?

A: The evil one.

Q: What are other names Tiamat is known by?

A: In Zoroastrianism, she is called “Ahriman”; In the spiritual tradition of “Sant Mat” she is called “Kaal” and is equated with time; In Buddhism, she is equated with Mara, the Tempter; In Judeochristian tradition she is most commonly equated with Lucifer/Satan; in Islam she would be similar to Iblis etc.

Q: Where does the Name come from?

A: The name “Tiamat” comes from the Mesopotamian culture.

Q: Did God create Tiamat to be the personification of evil?

A: No.

Q: Did God decree that Tiamat would rebel against His Will?

A: No.

Q: How did Tiamat become the evil one?

A: It was through the use of her free will that she chose to rebel against God and serve herself.

Q: What is the plan of Tiamat over the physical creation?

A: Tiamat seeks to dominate all physical matter.

Q: Will Tiamat succeed in dominating all physical matter?
A: No.

Q: Why won’t the plans of Tiamat succeed?
A: When the Great Dissolution takes place there will be no more physical matter to dominate.

Q: What is the Great Dissolution?
A: It is a term derived from Vedic tradition. It is was originally called the “Mahapralaya”, “Maha” meaning “Great” and “Pralaya” meaning “dissolution”. We are taught that the Mahapralaya will take place when the Realms of Light and Darkness cease to overlap. At that point the physical creation that only exists temporarily along the borders of the realms light and darkness will simple cease to be.

Q: When with the Great Dissolution take place?
A: When Mithra calls it forth.

Q: What will happen to Tiamat when the physical creation comes to an end?
A: Tiamat will die when Mithra brings an end to the physical creation.

Q: Aside from the evil one, and all physical matter what else will cease to existe after the Great Dissolution?
A: Evil will cease to exist.

Article 11.

Originally, all of Creation was a Realm of Limitless Light. This is Bahisht, the Kingdom of Light.”

Q:What is Bahisht?

A: The Kingdom of Light.

Q:Where does this term come from?

A: The word Bahisht means “Heaven” or “Paradise” and originates in South Asia. It is one of the more well known terms for Heaven in India and Pakistan.Bahisht was a term used to describe the Kingdom of Light by the Prophet Mani.

Q:How old is Bahisht?

A: Bahisht is the oldest Realm in all of Creation. Originally all there was was Bahisht.

Article 12.

The physical creation is a corruption of the evil one and her son, the dragon. “

Q:Has the physical creation always existed?


Q:How did the physical creation come into existence?

A: The physical creation is a corruption of the portion of the light stolen from Bahisht by the evil one. Once removed from Bahisht, the light slowed in vibration, which resulted in its formation into matter.

Q:What is the name of the son of the evil one?

A: Az.

Q:What is the son of the evil one?

A: The form of the son of the evil one is a great dragon. When ancient cultures speak of a heroic savior fighting the evil one in the form of a great dragon or serpent, it is a reference to Az, not the evil one, herself.

Article 13.

Individual souls are trapped in matter and must awaken and ascend to be liberated and find their home to Bahisht in the presence of Zurvan one day.”

Q: What are souls in reality?

A: All souls in the physical creation are fragments of the One Universal Soul of Mithra.

Q: What is the current state of the human soul?

A: All incarnate souls are trapped in matter.

Q: What must the individual soul do to be free of its current state?

A: They must awaken to their true nature, and ascend spiritually into Bahisht.

Q: Why must souls awaken?
A: Currently , they exist in the physical creation with no memory of their prior state of being and must be brought into the presence of Mithra by the influence of the Divine Mother.

Q: Why must the individual seek out a Manifestation of Mithra in their life?

A: It is through a Manifestation of Mithra in the world, (which we often call a “Divine Messenger”),that this individual soul receives instruction about its true nature and what it must do to be liberated from its current circumstance.

Q: What is the name of this teaching?
A: We call it “The Pure Teaching”. It is the basis of all teachings from the Divine Messengers who have incarnated throughout time.

Q: What happens to the soul that embraces the Pure Teaching?

A: The soul that receives the Pure Teaching from a Manifestation of Mithra, confirms this understanding and acceptance by entering a covenant with Mithra and leading a life of virtue.

Q: What happens to the soul that enters a covenant with Mithra?

A: That soul, through living that covenant begins to awaken to its true nature and begins its journey Home to Bahisht.

Q:What happens to a soul that lives according to the Pure Teaching and a Covenant with Mithra?

A: The obedient soul that embraces the Pure Teaching and enters a covenant with a Manifestation of Mithra, once it leaves the physical coil, ascends beyond the physical realm, this soul will then enter Bahisht.

Q: What happens to a soul that enters Bahisht.
A: It returns to its Natural State.

Q: What is the Natural State of the Soul.

A: The individual soul will re-merge with all other awakening souls back into the One Universal Soul of Mithra.

Q: What is another way to explain this process of returning to our Natural State in Bahisht?

A: To return to the Ocean of Sentient Consciousness.

Q: What is the state of existence in the One Univeral Soul of Mithra.

A: In our Natural State, all we will know is pure and eternal unity, tranquilty and bliss.

Q: In the One Universal Soul of Mithra do we lose our separate, distinctive identity? Do we cease to be ourselves any longer?

A: Many religious traditions teach that as the soul develops it abandons this separate sense of self that we all know to be us. But Mitraya Tarendra, one of the Manifestations of Mithra, revealed to us that this is not so! That while the individual souls merge into this Oceans of Consciousness, that out of love from Mithra Himself, He allows each individual soul to retains its personal identity. That each soul is completely unified with all other souls, and completely distinct at the every same time.

Q: Does any other religion in the world teach this concept of the destiny of the soul?

A: No other religion in the world teaches this doctrine. It is distinct to Asha.

Article 14.

One must obtain divine wisdom in order to be granted freedom from the chains of darkness, thus being liberated from the clutches of the evil one and her son the dragon.”

Q:What is Divine wisdom?

A: To have wisdom is to have the quality of knowledge born from experience. To have Divine wisdom is to have the quality of knowledge born from Divine Revelation but continually validated through personal experience.

Q: Why must we obtain divine wisdom?

A:To be granted freedom from the chains of darkness.

Q: What are these chains?

A: Material captivity, sensual attachment that lead to the extinction of the soul. Also called “The clutches of the evil one and her son, the dragon.”

Q: What happens when we are free of these chains?

A: We are liberated from the clutches of the evil one and may ascend to the Realm of Light and be eternally free of suffering, sorrow and death.

Article 15.

The Divine Messenger is a manifestation of Mithra in the realms of matter.”

Q: Why does Mithra appear in the physical creation?

A:Mithra appears to bring sentient beings into covenant with the One God of all Life: Zurvan (however those people may know Him).

Q: Why does Mithra manifest as a Divine Messenger in the world?
A: Mithra appears on a world in order to awaken souls to their true nature (as part of the One Created Being) and to the importance of turning to the Divine Source

Q: What happens to souls that receive this teaching from a Divine Messenger?
A: They lead lives that exemplify this understanding.

Q: In what forms has the Divine Messenger appeard in Earth’s history?
A: The Divine Messenger has appeared historically as:











*Tonpa Shenrab,


*Adi Ibn Musafir,


*Mahavatar Babaji and many more.

Q: Not all the recorded teachings of these Manifestations agree on all points, how do you explain this?
A: While the Manifestation of Mithra may be clear on what He is teaching, not every person who has followed a Divine Messenger has been. Because most of the Manifestations did not physically write their thoughts down, but relied upon scribes, those who either recorded those thoughts, or interpreted the meaning of those thoughts, more often than not, introduces their own views in those recordings. Time and misinterpretation lead to the develop of many false doctrines. While there have been full Manifestations like Isha Masiha (Yeshua Mashikha/Jesus Christ) or a Mahavatar Babaji, there have also been partial Manifestations where the spirit of Mithra was present with a Messenger but not always present. Some of these individuals would try to teach the Pure Teaching but through the lens of their own minds and their previously held conceptions.

Q:What was the most recent Manifestation of Mithra in the world?
A: Mithra appeared in the world as Mir Fratama, the World Teacher.

Q: How does the appearance of the Divine Messenger relate to Asha?
A: The Divine Messenger has given us His final covenant (The New Mithraic Coveannt) which is the covenant of Asha, He has given us the means to return to our True Home in Bahisht so we may return to our Natural State in the One Universal Soul of Mithra.

Article 16.

In all incarnations of the Divine Messenger, Lord Mithra has taught humanity about its true nature and its relationship with the Creator.”

Q:What is the name of the teaching of Lord Mithra?

A: The Pure Teaching.

Q: What are some of the names this Pure Teaching is known by in the world?

A: The Pure Teaching is presented to the civilizations of those the Divine Messenger visits. The Teaching will take on the cultural aspects of that Civilization but all the while remain the Pure Teaching of Mithra. For example, in India it was called Sanathana Dharma (The Perennial Truth); among the children of Abraham it was called the Torah; in ancient Tibet it was called “Yundrung Bon” (Eternal Light Teaching); among the Buddhists it was called the “The Dharma” and so on.

Q: Why does the Pure Teaching appear in so many diverse ways?
A: The Divine Messenger appears to speak to people in the land they live and the language they understand. It is easier for Him to appear in many different lands and in many different forms and teach in diverse ways, than it is to get all people, from all lands, to all speak the same language, have the same concpetual understanding. For example: Imagine trying to get someone who lives in the frozen north to understand a teaching by a Divine Messenger to a people living in an equatorial jungle. Their life experiences would be completely different. The people of the north may not understand the language, the cultural idioms or the context of a teaching addressed to a people from a tropical region. Mithra has appeared many times in many ways to teach in many styles because humanity is not as flexible, they cannot easily work past challenges posed language, or culture or age etc.

Q: At heart, what is the summary of the Pure Teaching, regardless of where it is taught or how?
A: The Pure teaching is the about God, about the nature and predicament of the soul, and the means by which we can re-enter the Presence of God, one day.

Article 17.

In all instances where a Divine Messenger has presented the Pure Teaching in the world, He has also offered a covenant to connect those souls with God.”

Q: When a Divine Messenger has appeared in the world with a form of the Pure Teaching, what also did the Divine Messenger offer those people?

A: A covenant.

Q: Why did the Divine Messenger offer this?
A: To connect those souls with God.

Q: If the Pure Teaching is of a divine nature, why is a covenant necessary?

A: While the Pure Teaching is of a divine nature, there is no guarantee that any given soul is living according to that teaching. A soul that is not consciously living this teaching and making themselves accountable to God should they stumble, has no connection to the Creator. The covenant established by Mithra ensures each soul knows what is required of them and promises them a heavenly reward if they are faithful to God. The Pure Teaching, in and of itself, is not enough to a relationship with God, the covenant made through Mithra is a Holy Relationship with God.

Articles 18.

In most instances where the Divine Messenger has offered the world a covenant to return to God, there has always been a subsequent vessel for that teaching and covenant to be implemented. That would be a religion that encapsulated that teaching and that covenant.”

Q: What has been implemented in those areas where the Pure Teaching and a Covenant through Mithra have been established?

A: A vessel for that teaching and covenant could be implemented.

Q: What is meant by “A vessel for that teaching and covenant to be implemented”?

A: A religion would be established that encapsulated that teaching and that covenant to that society.

Q: The text states “in most instances” what would be an example of a Divine Messenger appearing, offering a teaching and a covenant but no religion offered to present this teaching and covenant?

A: Mahavatar Babaji has appeared throughout the ages in the Himalayas and has never called those who seek Him out to embrace a new religion, merely apply His teaching in their own respective faiths.

Q: Do all religions offer the possiblity for a soul to return to God?
A: No. Not every religion offers a form of the Pure Teaching or a covenant through Mithra. Because of this, not evey religious path is a means to Bahisht, regardless of what that religion and its adherents promise.

Q: What are the criteria that permits a religion to lead souls to liberation?
A: It must be taught by a Divine Messenger, it must offer some form of the Pure Teaching of Mithra and it must offer a valid covenant through Mithra (however that Divine Messenger is known in that society). This makes such a religion a divinely revealed faith.

Article 19.

The totality of all divinely revealed faiths is called “The Religion of Light”. “

Q: What is the Religion of Light?

A: The totality of all divinely revealed faiths.

Q: What defines a religion as a “divinely revealed faith”?

A: It was established by a Divine Manifestation of Mithra, it provided some form of the Pure Teaching and it offered its adherents a covenant with God through Mithra.

Article 20.

Asha is the final presentation of the Religion of Light on Earth.”

Q: What is Asha?

A: A divinely revealed Faith. The final presentation of the Religion of Light on Earth.

Q: What does “The final presentation of the Religion of Light on Earth” mean?

A: That Mithra will not appear in order to offer another version of the Pure Teaching, He will not provide another covenant after this this covenant. As such Asha is the final olive branch for mankind.

Q: What is the name of the Covenant of Asha?
A: The New Mithraic Covenant.

Q: Does this mean there will never be another religion on the Earth?
A: No. This means there will never be another divinely revealed faith offered on the Earth. There may be many religions that appear in the world, but none willl be the result of a new appearance of a Divine Messenger, there will never be another offering of the Pure Teaching and there will never be another covenant offered to humanity through any other religion, other than those that already exist in the world.

Q: Does Asha teach that it is the only religion that can bring a soul to God?
A: No. There are a number of covenanting religions that still exist in the world. Asha is simply the last one that is authorized by God through Mithra.

Article 21.

Some religions in the world originated from Lord Mithra, while some ideologies originated from Tiamat and her son Az.”

Q: Are all relgions from God?
A: No.

Q: Can all religions lead a soul back to the Presence of God?

A: No.

Q:Why are there both religions of divine nature and false religions in the world?
A: Some religions in the world originated from Lord Mithra, while some ideologies originated from Tiamat and her son, Az.

Q: How can a person know this difference between a divinely revealed faith and a false religion?
A: The religion that was established by a Divine Manifestation of Mithra, that teaches some form of the Pure Teaching and that offers an actual covenant with the One True God, is a divinely revealed faith. If a religion is missing any one of these components, it is not a divinely revealed faith.

Q: What do you believe about the popular saying “All roads lead to the One”?
A: Not all roads lead to the One if they point in opposite directions. You cannot have a faith that accepts God and one that rejects God and believe those adherents will end up in the same place. You cannot have a faith that rejects idolatry and one that embraces idolatry and expecte those adherents to end up in the same place. You cannot have a faith that worships the One God and one that worships the evil one and expect for those adherents to end up in the same place. This being the case, not all roads lead to the One, but only those committed to Zurvan, Anahita and Mithra (however they are referenced culturally).

Q:What happens to all souls that follow a faith that originated in the teachings of Tiamat and her son, Az?
A: Not all religions in existence are of divine origin; those that are not sentence those souls who embrace them to extinction.

Article 22.

*The Teacher of Light is a celestial servant who has incarnated many times and in many civilizations in Earth’s history in order to present and defend the Pure Teaching of Mithra.”

Q: Who is the Teacher of Light?

A: A celestial Servant of Mithra.

Q: How often has the Teacher of Light appeared on Earth?

A: He has reincarnated in on the Earth many times, in many cultures over the ages.

Q: Why does the Teacher of Light appear in the world?

A: In order to present the Pure Teaching of Mithra.

Q: What are examples of the Teacher of Light appearing in the world in history?

A: The Teacher of Righteousness among the Essenes.Mar Mani in Babylonia. Sri Ayyapan in India are just a few examples.

Article 23.

The Teacher of Light is present in the world today in the form of Mir Eresh Zademir.”

Q:How is the Teacher of Light present in the world in this final age?

A: In the form of H.H. Mir Eresh Zademir, the spiritual head of Asha underneath Mir Fratama, the Divine Manifestation of Mithra in this final age.

Q: Will the Teacher of Light reincarnate on the Earth after this life?

A: No. After The Teacher of Light leave the flesh this final time, His soul will ascend into Bahisht for all eternity.

Article 24.

There is an assembly of non-physical, spiritual servants of God that exists in an etheric realm adjacent to the Earth. They are the saints of this world who committed themselves to the One God, either while here on Earth, or after death.”

Q: What is this assembly of saints called in Asha?
A: We refer to this assembly as the “Society of Saints”?

Q: Who is in the Society of the Saints?
A: Many of the world’s greatest saints exist and serve humanity in this Society. This diverse society includes the spirits of people like:







*the Apostles of Christ,


*St. Francis of Assisi,

*Sadhu Sundar Singh,

*Padre Pio,

*Jalal Din Rumi,


*Guru Nanak,

*The Bab,


*Hazrat Inayat Khan,

*Swami Vivekananda,

*Sant Kirpal Singh to name only a few.

Q: Not all those listed in the Society of Saints believed as one another in their physical lives, some where not even part of covenanting faiths, how do you reconcile this with being part of the Society of Saints today?

A: When a person dies, their spirit is met by celestial servants who share the Pure Teaching with them. If that spirit is open to the truth and will lay aside false beliefs, they advance spiritually. For these individuals, they led saintly lives while in the flesh. Having corrected their errors, they have continued to help mankind to lead them to the Divine Light.

Article 25.

It is important for all awakening souls who seek a covenant with God to: avoid dangers of materialism, greed, and unrighteous acts by practicing the Ashavan Faith, which means adhering to its Maxims, the Three Bright Lamps (Scripture, Tradition and Revelation), living a virtuous life, offering worship to the One God, regular prayer, study of the Tablets of Light, observe the traditions of Asha, and to be receptive to the Divine Revelation in this modern era.”

Q: If a soul that is in the process of waking up to their true nature seeks a covenant with God, what must they do?

A: Avoid materialsm, greed and unrighteous acts, adhering to the Maxims of Asha, conforming to the 3 Bright Lamps of Asha, living a virtuous life, offering worship to the One God, offer prayer regularly, Study the Holy Tablets of Light regularly, observe the religious practices of Asha and humbly received Divine Revelations in this final age.

Q: What are the Maxims of Asha?
A: The Maxims of Asha are:

1. Worship the One God and do not worship idols.

2. Do not lie.

3. Do not practice greed.

4. Do not harm any living being, neither abort an infant; and do not unnecessarily destroy any life including animals and plants.

5. Do not be unfaithful to your spouse, or commit any form of sexual misconduct.

6. Do not steal.

7. Do not deceive anyone.

8. Do not practice magic.

9. Do not be a hypocrite.

10. Do not be unfair to anyone regardless of his or her ethnicity, color, nationality, religious beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.

Q: What are the 3 Bright Lamps of Asha?
A: The 3 Bright Lamps of Asha are:
1. The Book of the Tablets of Light (The Scripture of Asha)

2. The Book of the Tradition of Light (The collection of religious teachings and practices of Asha, also called “The Manual of Ashavan Teaching.”

3. The Book of Revealed Light (All revelations of Divine origin that are offered to the Ashavan.)

Article 26.

All awakening souls must come to realize that humanity is equal regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation or social status.”

Q:What must all awakening souls come to realize?
A: That all humanity is equal regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation or social status.

Q: Can a soul awaken if that person is mysoginistic?
A: No.

Q: Can a soul awaken if a that person is a racist?
A: No.

Q: Can a soul awaken if that person is ethnocentric?

A: No.

Q: Can a soul awaken if that person is homophobic?

A: No.

Q: Can a soul awaken if that person practices caste discrimination?

A: No.

Q: Can a soul awaken if that person harbors elitist views?
A: No.

Article 27.

Our goal is not only to awaken and return Home to the Kingdom of Light but to help all people make this realization and begin their journey Home, as well. “

Q: Why do Ashavan feel the need to do outreach?
A: Because it is not enough to liberate only ourselves, we are morally obligated to help wake up those are seeking God and help guide them in the right direction so they may be liberated from the dying creation one day.

Q: Why do you feel morally obligated to Share the teachings and covenant of Asha with others?
A: Because we believe that, ultimately, we are one people making our way to our True Home beyond the stars.

Article 28.

All of physical creation exists along a relatively small area along the borders of the realms of Light and Darkness. This state, however, has always been a temporary situation. The realms of Light and the Realms of Darkness have been destined to revert to their natural state, separate from one another for eternity.”

Q: In the scope of all Creation, what percentage does the physical creation occupy?

A: Out of all the Creation, the physical creation exists along a relatively small area of the Creation itself.

Q: Where in the entire Creation does the physical creation exist?
A: The physical creation exists along border between the Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness, where these two Realms have, temporarily, converged.

Q: Will the physical creation always exist?
A: No. The physical creation has always been a temporary side effect of the overlapping of the borders of the Realms of Light and Darkness.

Q: What will take place that will bring an end to the physical creation?

A: The Two Realms: Light and Darkness, have been destined to revert to their natural state, which are separate from one another.

Q: What will happen to the physical creation when the Realms of Light and Darkness return to their original state?
A: When this happens the small area of creation that is entrenched in physical matter will cease to be.

Q: What will happen to the living things in the physical creation when the Two Realms revert to the original states?
A: At that point, all life in the physical creation, will either ascend into the Realm of Light, leaving matter behind, or it will descend into the darkness.

Q: If this has always been the case, why is this information of relevance to the people of this world at this time?
A: Because we are taught that this time of the Realms of Light and Darkness returning to their original states is soon to occur. That the Great Dissolution, we are told, is fast approaching. How this impacts the people of this world will be the Earth itself being pushed into the Realm of Darkness and only those souls that embraced the Pure Teaching of Mithra, that established covenants through a Divine Messenger and sought to lead pious lives, will actually ascend beyond the physical creation, avoiding the threat of the Darkness altogether, and entering Bahisht.

Article 29.

In the final days of this world, before its ultimate destruction, Mithra will call for the uniting of all covenants on Earth.”

Q: What is said to occur before the ultimate destruction of this world?
A: Mithra will for a uniting of all covenants on the Earth.

Q: Why will this take place?
A: This unity will result in the collective ascension of all those involved.

Q: How does this impact the souls of those who have left the flesh before this time?
A: It will not impact those souls as they will have already ascended to Bahisht.

Q: When will this uniting of covenants take place?
A: We do not know when this will occur.

Q: Will there be an opportunity of any souls not part of these covenants, to enter this greater covenant at that time?

A: No. All efforts to bring individuals souls into a covenant with God will have already taken place at that point. After that, there will be no other attempts to bring humanity to God. This union will only be for those souls who had dedicated themselves to God by being part of a living covenant.

Article 30.

Parjanya is a celestial Servant of immense power. Upon the direction of Mithra, Parjanya will strike the earth and cause its destruction.”

Q: Who is Parjanya?
A: Parjanya is a divine being of the celestial heights. He is referred to as “He Who Strikes with Justice”.

Q: What do we know about Parjanya?
A: That Parjanya will be sent by Mithra.

Q: What information do we have regarding Parjanya?
A: That before Mithra combines all valid covenants of Light as one, He will instruct the Teacher of Light to strike the Earth with the Sceptre of Light.

Q: What will be the result of the Teacher of Light striking the Earth with the Sceptre of Light?
A: At that point, Mithra will send Parjanya to strike the Earth and cause it to collapse into a mass of darkness (i.e. for it to descend into the Realm of Darkness.)

Q: What will be the fate of righteous souls that happen to be on the Earth when this takes place?

A: All awakening souls who are in a covenant with God, who have not already ascended into the Celestial Realm beyond the stars (Bahisht) at that point, will do so.

Q: What will the fate be for all other souls on Earth at that time?
A: All others will be cast into the darkness.

Q: Why will these righteous souls not experience what the others souls on Earth will experience at that time?
A: The light within them will have reached the Bahisht, itself. They will have finally returned Home.

Q: What about the many souls that never turned to God in this life? Are they all fated for extinction?
A: No. It should be noted that all souls do have a chance to turn to Zurvan even after their physical demise. Many souls that did not turn to God in this physical life, upon hearing the Pure Teaching after death, have since turned to God and have ascended into Bahisht. It is compassionate to keep these souls in our prayers that they may respond favorably of those who offer them the Pure Teaching where they are.

Q: What will happen to Tiamat and her son, Az and all the servants of the evil one, at this time?
A: We are taught that the evil one, the serpent, and all those who serve them will have been destroyed eternally.

Article 31.

We believe in the doctrine of reincarnation but that it is not a universal principle.”

Q: What is meant by the phrase, “We believe in the doctrine of reincarnation but that it is not a universal principle?”

A: This means that only select souls are offered or require reincarnation.

Q: What qualifies a soul to be “select” as opposed to one that is not?
A: In order for any soul to be eligible for re-incarnation they must have acknowleded the existence of God.

Q: What of those souls that rejected God, or are taught that God does not exist?
A: This depends: if, after they die, they receive the Pure Teaching and accept the existence of God, they may ascend to Bahisht or they may reincarnate. If they will not accept this, they are cast into the darkness.

Q: Do most souls that accept God reincarnate?
A: No. Most souls that accept God simply ascend to Bahisht.

Q: Why, would a soul reincarnate if it had the chance to ascend to Bahisht?
A: Some souls, while they accept God and the Pure Teaching, still struggle with some limiting concepts they have a hard time giving up or their worldly attachments are very strong. Reincarnation gives these select souls to removes this burdens so they may ascend to Bahisht one day.

Q: What happens to all others souls that do not accept God or who will not accept the Pure Teaching?

A: All others souls either ascend or descend based on the nature of their souls.

Q: What does Asha teach about the concept of transmigration?
A: We do not believe in the false doctrine of the transmigration of souls (that one form of consciousness transorms into another form like a frog becomes a duck, a fish becomes a horse, or an ape becomes a human being etc.).


Glossary of Terms

Amesha Spentas = Divinities in service to Zurvan that are present within the awakening soul.

Anahita = The Divine Mother of Life. The Divine Life Force that emanates from the Divine Source and permeates the Creation.

Asha = The religion of the Ashavan, the disciples of Truth and Reighteousnes. Those who have entered the New Mithraic Covenant.

Ashavan = Disciples of Truth and Righteousness. Members of the religion of Asha.

Az = The dragon, the son of Tiamat.

Bahisht = The Kingdom of Light in the Realm of Light.

Celestial Son = Another term for Mithra. He is the Eternal Son of Zurvan.

Covenant =(lit. “Contract”) An eternal relationship with God establish through Mithra, the divnitiy of covenants.

Deva = In India, “Deva” means “divnity”. In Iran, however, “Deva” came to mean “demon”. to combat the concept that these divnities were to be worshipped.

Divine Celestial Triad = God, Mother and Son. The Divine Celestial Triad is not the same a the concept of a trinity.

Divine Inheritance = A term to refer to the individual soul ascending out of the dying creation, returning to the Eternal Realm of Light where it merges back into the One Universal Soul of Mithra.

Heavenly Father: Zurvan.

Mithra = The One Created Being in whom we are all a part. The Son of Zurvan. The Lord of the Stars and divnity of covenants.

Natural State = The One Univeral Soul (called “Paramatman” in Sanskrit). WHen an individual ascend into the Realm of Light, it re-merges back into the One Universal returns to its Natural State.

New Mithraic Covenant = The Covenant of Asha. The final covenant offered to manind on Earth.

Pure Teaching = The Name of the Eternal Teaching of Mithra. It is called different names by different Manifestations throughout time but is this same Pure Teaching.

Reincarnation =In Asha, we teach that reincarnation is offered only for those select souls that have turned to God in their lives. It is usually not needed. Most souls that turn to God simply ascend to Bahisht. Reincarnation is only offered to souls that are struggling letting go of limiting beliefs and worldly attachments.

Tarendrans = Race of sentient beings, that are part Aeon/part mortal, that exist in the upper atmosphere. Sometimes referred to historically as demigods.

Teacher of Light = A celestial servant who incarnates over the ages to help present the Pure Teaching and guide the faithful. His current and final incarnation is as H.H. Mir Eresh Zademir.

Tiamat = The evil one.

Transmigration = The false doctrine of souls moving from one species to another.

Yazata = A Pahlavi word for “divnity”.

Zurvan = The One True God outside of Creation.