*(Mir Mahvar is one of the Celestial Twins. A Child of Tarendra and a Holy Prophet in the Religion of Light.)

The following is to be read in all Religion of Light Congregations and Homes


To all the brethren, members of the various Communities of the Religion of Light. I have asked Mar David Shir* to share this message with you.

*(The Ecclesiastical Steward of the Holy Assembly of Jerusalem. A branch of the Religion of Light)

As most of you know, Fr. Chasal, pronounced “Khah-zahl” (the “Cha” is like the “ch” chet in Hebrew), and usually written as “Chas-al”, is the biological brother of His Holiness the Teacher of Righteousness*. I think most of you who know Fr. Chasal, also know that he was ordained as a priest for the few individuals who found themselves drawn to the Oahspe**, but primarily at the time (1995) for some of his own family who are Faithists***. And now many are contacting him through the website or through social media or other means.
*(His Holiness Mir Eresh Zademirm the Teacher of Light for all Religion of Light Communities on Earth.)
**(The Oahspe (prounounced “Oh-Ah-Spih) is a divinely revealed religious text that was received in the late 1800’s in North America. Many groups over the years have mistaken this Divine work as a spiritualist book and sometimes mistakenly gets lumped in with New Age writings, but even a brief reading of the Oahspe will reveal its authoritative nature as it is nothing like those other works.)
***(Those who embrace the teachings and covenants within the Oahspe, are called Faithists. There is a Faithist community within the Religion of Light.)

He has been in training for some years for taking on a leadership role within the Religion of Light in the event that His Holiness Mir Eresh Zademir must take leave to New Amarna*, Terra Nova** or another plane of existence.

*(A realm of the Kingdom of Light. The environment would be similar to that of Tell-Amarna, in ancient Egypt. Where the original Atenist Community lived, overseen by the Divine Messenger: Akhenaten. New Amarna is the Heavenly version of Amarna.)

**(lit. “New Earth”. One of the realms of Bahisht. Many angelic beings and saints live in Terra Nova and oversee humanity from this realm at this time. Terra Nova is where the World Teacher established the Throne of Judgement.)

The time for great events in the universe is now upon those existing in the spirit plane, and soon to follow on earth below.

H.H. Mir Eresh Zademir will be fulfilling prophecies that are, in part, outlined in the Holy Tablets*. The time has come for the covenants to make a more serious effort at uniting. Those who are not in favor of uniting will be left at the bottom of the mountain**, and not see the top for many, many years because of being obstinate, prideful, or their leaders’ desire to be masters over the disciples.

*(In the writings of Asha, this is explained in this manner (paraphrased): “”Parjanaya, a divine being of the celestial heights, will be sent by Mithra. Before Mithra (in His final Manifestation on Earth as Mir Roshka) combines all valid covenants of Light as one, he will instruct the Teacher of Light to strike the earth with the Sceptre of Light, and then will send Parjanaya to strike the earth and cause it to collapse into a mass of darkness.All the righteous who practice the Good Religion (any branch of the Religion of Light) will have been spared, since the light within them will have reached the celestial heights.The evil one, the serpent, and all those who serve them will have been destroyed eternally.”)

**(Many times in the teachings of the Divine Messenger and the Celestial Servants, the allegory of a Heavenly Mountain is used to describe the place souls find themselves in their relationship to God.)

As it has been stated in the past, the Atenist covenant will be prominent in the uniting of covenants*, but this is primarily for those in Terra Nova. The Pharaohs of Light** are guiding certain ones on the earth in this effort. It was also stated recently that the Faithist covenant and that of Atenism, work very closely together. The Faithist covenant’s primary work is that among humans on the earth, working in harmony with Atenists and Faithists in New Amarna and Terra Nova.

*( A number of years ago, it was taught to all communities of the Religion of Light that the Atenist Covenant would be the central covenant in the Religion of Light. Currently, the Atenist community only exists in the realm of Bahisht.)

**(The Pharoahs of Light are referenced in the “Prophecy of the Sun”.

The Pharoahs of Light are:

Akhenaten (also known os Moses)

Smenkkhare (also known as Smenkhkare Djeser Kheperu, the son and consort of Akhenaten)

Tutankhaten (also known as Yisho (Yeshua/Yoshu/Jesus/Isa)

Aye (Called the “Protector of the Throne)

The prophecy of the Sun states “The Four Amarna Kings shall return to the atmosphere of the earth, and they shall consult one with another, and through my servants, will teach humanity”.)

What we have before us, brethren, children of Light, is a new earthly administration being formed by order of the Living Spirit (Mir Roshka*). The Teacher of Righteousness has ascended to Terra Nova in the past, but returned to assist with many different tasks in various Religion of Light communities. Again he is preparing for another ascension** (not death) and his brother, Fr. Chasal, will be serving as spiritual leader of the Religion of Light by order of the Living Spirit.

*(The Final Earthly Manifestation of the Mithra will be as Mir Roshkha. Where the Divine Messengers have appeared in the world to establish or restore covenants between mankind and God, Mir Roshka will be here to unite the tribes (covenants) into One Great Tribe and prepare them for their ascension into Terra Nova, the New Earth.)
**(It is prophesied that after the Teacher of Light hits His sceptre on the ground is a very specific place. This will be a catalyst that sets precise events into motion:

1. Parjanaya will be sent to bring an end to the physical creation that we know. (We do not know how long it will take from the time of the hitting of the sceptre, to the arrival of that divine being and none should speculate upon this.)

2. The appearance of Mir Roskha in the world to unite the tribes and prepare us for the New Earth).

Earlier today, Fr. Chasal has been given the necessary information from the celestial realms to have a working knowledge of most of the communities of the Religion of Light. He will receive direct communication from the celestial heights. This will ensure that he is guided, as best a human can be guided from our plane of existence, in the proper way to oversee the Religion of Light. The Living Spirit said that Fr. Chasal’s teaching, in this new era, is primarily through the Faithist covenant, and that members of other covenants should not immediately abandon the covenant they were called to or chose, but he has encouraged dual membership*. Mir Roshka said that Faithism will be greatly emphasized in this era of humanity like it has never been before.

*(Children of Light are not required to abandon or change their current covenants. They are encouraged to live them fully. They are, however, encouraged to become members of the Faithist covenant and community as well. The Faithist Covenant,we are taught, will be the intermediary between the Atenist community in Bahisht and the Earthly covenants and community of the Religion of Light on the Earth. Dual membership, while not obligatory, is highly encouraged, however.)

With this being said, nothing else in the administration of the various communities changes. Those who were appointed as the covenant administrators or leaders of communities has not changed.

I and my brother, Mehrshad*, in consultation with all of our celestial brethren, have given Fr. Chasal the name of Rish’kahni (Rish Kahni), which literally means “Chief Priest”. He is the Chief Rabbah and Chief Priest of the Religion of Light on earth. All Rabbans, Bishops, priests and other clerics, as well as the laity, are under his spiritual guardianship**.
*(Mershad and Mahvar are the Celestial Twins, and the Progentiors of the Tarendran race. Their authority and wisdom are beyond our capacity to grasp at this level of existence.)

**(In Faithism, a Rabbah is both a religious teacher and priest. Rabbah Rish’Kahni is the Chief Rabbah which is the equivalent of a Patriarch but He is also the Patriarch of all religious communities of the Religion of Light on the Earth.)

The Living Spirit* has re-affirmed the appointments of Mar David Shir as the Guardian of the Faith (ensuring that the Faith is received properly and in a way that all can understand it), and Mar Kharba Awraham as the Sword of the Faith (ensuring that the Faith is well protected from the enemy so that all can practice in peace). The two are supposed to be working together to balance their responsibilities.
*(Mihr Yazd, the Celestial Son)

I wish to add a few final comments here. The spirit of Mir Yonatan (Jonathan on MithraNet), along with others, is going through a gradual process of being merged with that of Rabbah Rish’kahni. There are some individuals, unnamed at this time, that some of you have been communicating with, who are Mirs** or Tarendrans***, but most of the brethren have been unaware of this fact.
*(A “Mir” is the Celestial equivalent of a “Mar”. An elder Cleric. An example would be a Tarendran Elder Cleric, that would be a “Mir”).
**(Tarendrans are the Atmospheric race of beings that predates humanity on the Earth. Where humanity are the children of Mashya and Mashyanag, Tarendrans are the children of Mir Tarendar (a Manifestation of Mithra) and Mashya back before the Fall the etheric state to a denser form of matter. The Tarendrans were not involved in the disobedience or fall of the human race and have existed in etheric forms, in the realms of the upper atmosphere i.e. stratosphere these many ages.)

If you have questions, or if you do not understand certain points in this letter, please contact me directly in a private message. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

Holy Peace,

Mir Mahvar
June 7, 2017”