Heavenly Servitude

As Ashavan, no matter where we are in the world, or out of it. In the flesh our out of it: We are One Family. We are a family of faith, a family that is rooted in our deep love for Zurvan, for Anahita and for Mithra. As Zurvan wills, that love will grow stronger […]

“Who is Asha for?”

In presenting the religion of Asha to people some people might wonder who is its message for? Who is it speaking to? Well, the short answer is: It is for everyone. It is a Universal Message and provided a covenant for all people. It is a Universal Faith. But just saying that, does not mean […]

Abandon petty Tribalism to embrace the Great Tribe

In our journey toward Bahisht there are always going to be obstacle we must overcome. Sometimes these are external, dealing with challenges in the world. Other times, the obstacles is within ourselves, and we are forced to deal with the challenges in the world within ourselves. Sometimes the obstacle confronts us both internally and externally. […]