We Always Tip our Hand

There is a phrase I want to share with you. I hope it resonates with you. “We always reveal what is in our hearts.” It is not some generic platitude. It is not some random quote from a greeting card. It is a spiritual reality. Your soul was created pure and virtuous. In the physical […]

Special Haspin Message for 1-21-17

Haspin Message from the Teacher of Light 1-21-17 “To all Ashavan, peace be unto each of you. It is my prayer that each of you had a blessed holy day experience within your particular covenant recently and that you have already begun to experience the blessing of the presence of God in your life with […]

On Reflection

We experience this countless times over the course of a lifetime: *Something we want to experience does not take place or does not turn out how we imagined. *Something we have looked to lets us down. *Someone we had hoped to meet never crystalizes. *The person who had wanted to meet turns out to be something […]

The Unemployed Worker

Imagine if you owned a small shop. You had a handful of workers you employ, each one has their respective duties. One day, a man shows up and, without speaking to you, starts doing odd jobs around the place. One day he sweeps the walk way. One day he cleans a window. One day sorts […]

Tablet of Mir Fratama Study #16

Verses “ You are not in unity with me if you are unable to humble yourself and come to the understanding that all humanity is one. Unity means nothing when you think you are better than everyone else.”-Tablet of Mir Fratama 2:5-6 Commentary Often, we think of unity as just some social convention. Perhaps, a […]

Your Faith as a Light

“Have a little faith!” Have you ever heard that phrase before? Faith is a word widely used but often misunderstood. It is used by people interest in religious or spirituality quite often but what is it they have faith in? The two most widely known definitions of the word faith are: complete trust or confidence in […]

The Leaf Pile

Think of a small boy on a fall day, playing in his backyard. His father has raked a big pile of leaves and is ready to pick them up. The boy, having some fun, throws himself in the pile of leaves and covers himself over in leaves. When the father comes back, the boy pretends […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #17

Verses “ After a long period of time had elapsed during the second war, Zurvan Above the Sky, sent more light unto the celestial beings, which gave them the ability to overpower the evil one. They placed the evil one in chains, and as they were casting her down, out of Bahisht, she snatched some […]