Ashavan Scripture Study #16

  Verses “ At this time the evil one began to recall her previous life in the lower levels of the Kingdom, and the more she contemplated of that existence, the more she became angry. After recalling the blessed light that had escaped from her during the battle between her followers and the soldiers of light, she set […]

Two Films, One Greater Message

In my time interacting with Mitraya Tarendra*, in all those conversations, there was only one that He brought up the subject of films. The first thing to understand here is that Mitraya Tarendra always spoke for a purpose, to impart Gnosis, nothing He conveyed was for no purpose. The first film Mitraya Tarendra asked me if […]

The Three Dark Shadows

In Asha we teach all Ashavan the importance of the three Bright Lamps. They are: Holy Scripture, Holy Tradition and Holy Revelation. Holy Scripture means the Holy Tablets of Light. Holy Tradition means the religious instructions and practices of the Ashavan Faith. Holy Revelation means all Divinely received instruction offered in Asha. If a person […]

What is an Ashavan?

When a person is first learning about the New Mithraic Covenant and about Asha, they will hear the term “Ashavan” and they may not know what this means. “Ashavan” is based on the word “Asha” a Pahlavi word which means “Truth and Righteousness” the suffix”van means “follower” or “disciple”. The word “Ashavan” then, means “a […]

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin.

  All souls originate from the One Universal Soul of Mithra. All souls are of Divine Origin. All souls trapped in matter have the “potential” to awaken, to ascend, and to re-merge back into the One Universal Soul which is our Natural State. That being said, not all souls awaken, not all souls will ascend, […]

Levels of Progression

Whenever you read or hear about a Heavenly Realm, and there is any mention of levels to such a wondrous place, there has to be some part of the individual that wonders why. If God made us all, why then are beings, even in a Heavenly Realm, seemingly partitioned on levels? I have a view […]

Tablet of Mir Fratama Study #14

  Verses “ Do not discriminate between persons of various castes and social statutes within society. Caste systems originate with the evil one and such systems are perpetrated by children of darkness.”-Tablet of Mir Fratama 2:1-2 In the process of spiritual development, it is a sign of maturity when a person can begin to sense […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #15

Verses “ Over a period of millenniums, the evil one established a kingdom with numerous cities and many institutes for those who lived in the darkness to worship her. Within a short period of time after establishing her kingdom in the darkness, the evil beings began to war against each other. Chaos reigned throughout the […]

Travelers and Settlers

This world provides a vast array of distractions. We can get so caught up in the day to day drama’s of this world, that we run the risk of losing sight of what is real, what is lasting, we can even lose sight of who we are or why we are really here. Ashavan should […]

Spiritual Survivors

Do you know of anyone who thinks this life is just for amusement? That they believe its all about having the most pleasurable experiences before they die? If the subject comes up about an afterlife, are they indifferent? If the subject of God comes up, is their attitude “If there is, He will have to […]