Tablet of Mir Fratama Study #12

  Verses “It is forbidden to create any type of image or statue of Zurvan.The Great Father is outside of time and creation and is invisible to human eyes. The creation of any image or statue of Zurvan is a form of idolatry.”-Tablet of Mir Fratama 1:11-12 This teaching by His Divine Presence should be […]

Zurvan is the Divine Source

“ Zurvan is the Divine Source and from Him everything that exists is brought into being. Zurvan is Asha*. Zurvan has only ever created one Being. All is a manifestation or perception of that one Being. Mithra, the Mirror of God, is the personification of all creation. Made in the Image of Zurvan, Mithra is the Essence […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #13

  Verses “ During this time, she was scheming and planning a strategy concerning her going up to the higher realms of Bahisht. She had amassed many more followers from her realm, so that she could wage war against the sons of God in the highest realms above her. And she and her army set forth […]

In the Absence of the Divine Messenger

Whenever a Divine Messenger is in the world it is like someone has turned the lights on in a darkened house. You can see where everything is. You know what to avoid and where to put your feet and you can move about safely. When a Divine Messengers leaves the world, it is like someone […]

Tablet of Mir Fratama Study #10

Verses “ The Great Father will forsake none who walk in the Truth. His Son and His various celestial servants, take the prayers and petitions of the Children of Light to the Highest Throne above the heavens and present such prayers and petitions to Zurvan.”-Tablet of Mir Fratama 1:9-10 Commentary While there is always much […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #12

  Verses “ Then another celestial being who had been standing above the soldiers of light, approached her and said, “Why do you come here? This is a place of peace, where desire is not present.” She was taken aback by the beauty of the celestial being and said, “I desire to see the origin […]

Dealing with Disappointments

There are few feelings in the human experience like disappointment. I have to think that it must be the closest a person comes to knowing the experience of a deflating balloon. What once filled you with hope or promise, dissipates, leaving you despondent. It could be something as innocuous as a minor inconvenience: maybe your […]