Tablet of Mir Fratama Study #9

Verse “The Great Father will forsake none who walk in the Truth.”-TMF 1:9 Who is the Great Father?: “Glory and victory to Zurvan*, the God of Truth. It is the Great Father that is to be worshipped by the Children of Light. “-TMF 1:1 *(Father of Greatness, the Foremost Father) The Great Father is God: […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #11

Verses “And the soldiers of light said to her, “Why have you left your abode? You are not permitted beyond the fourth level of the blessed Bahisht. State your business, for you are intruding upon this most blessed land, and you are a foreigner here. Who has sent you and who has given you Authority?” […]

Why are Covenants so Important?

The word “Covenant” is not fully understood, I believe. It is strange because it is not a difficult concept, at heart. Basically. the world “covenant” means a contract. In mundane terms, a covenant is a contractual agreement between two parties. If one party fulfills their side of the contract, the other side is contractually obligated […]

Tablet of Mir Fratama Study #8

Verse “ Serve the Great Father wholeheartedly – not by command alone, but out of the desire of your very own heart.”–TMF 1:8 As I usually do with these studies, I want to break the verse out into its central ideas: “Serve the Great Father wholeheartedly” This teaching is echoed several times within the Tablet […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #10

Verse “ But when the army began to approach the fifth level of Bahisht, thousands upon thousands of soldiers of light appeared on the edge of that level and warned her and those who followed her not to approach any further.”-Tablet of Creation 2:6 Context In the previous verses we are following what amounts to an insurrection of […]

Tablet of Mir Fratama Study #7

Verse “ Humanity, in its fallen state, while in a shell* is unable to see Zurvan without experiencing death.”-TMF 1:7 * (The body) In this verse, the Divine Messenger is explaining why it is we cannot physically see God as we currently are. This verse reminds us of one of the central tenets of Asha: […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #9

Verse: “And she continued to travel upwards as far as she was able, taking with her other beings similar to her own nature until she had amassed a vast army.”-Tablet of Creation 2:5 Context In previous studies of the Tablet of Creation we received an overview of life in the Realm of Light before the […]