Tablet of Mir Fratama Study #5

Verse “Zurvan does not always involve Himself in the affairs of creation; instead Almighty God has appointed celestial servants unto Himself who assist humanity in various functions.”-Tablet of Mir Fratama 1:5 Let’s examine these two central thoughts: “Zurvan does not always involve Himself in the affairs of creation” For the casual reader the idea that […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #7

Verse “ The response of the flying immortals was not satisfying to her and she began to develop anger; thus she took it to heart to visit the place from which the light was emanating.”-Tablet of Creation 2:3 Synopsis *The beginning of this chapter is called “The Development of Desire”. *The context of this preceding verse was […]

Tablet of Mir Fratama Study #4

Verse: “Zurvan, the One Supreme God, is above creation–outside of time and space, and resides above the heavens”-Tablet of Mir Fratama 1:4 As with so many teachings of His Divine Presence, there are dimensions of meaning conveyed in what appears to be a simple verse. Take this verse for example, it consists of 18 words, […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #6

Verse: “ Thus, she made numerous inquiries to the various flying immortals as to the origin of the *blue lights, but to no avail, for the flying immortals would not respond to her, except for saying, “We only know that the light derives from the upper realms, but we are assigned here, and are unable to see its […]

Tablet of Mir Fratama Study #3

Verse “May all those who call upon the Name of our God in truth have a blessed Sabbath.’-Tablet of Mir Fratama 1:3 At first glance, this verse may sound like any religious greeting or blessing, but that is not so. We know that the wishing of a blessed sabbath, in general, is a popular saying […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #5

Verse “ After a great deal of time had passed, one of the beings who was residing in the lower realms developed the desire to see more of the light that was passing down through the various levels of the Kingdom.”–Tablet of Creation 2:1 In the previous chapter, we learn about the state of existence in […]