The Parable of the Pool

Here is a little story to consider: Five friends were traveling together on a long journey together. Upon this long journey, they had seen and experienced many things and were now on their way home. Before returning home, the five friends come across a large pool of water. The first traveler says “I am thirsty” […]

The Apostate: The Spiritual Leper

In Asha, there will always be a mission to be open and embracing; this is essential. There is literally no one that that an Ashavan will not reach out to help, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Even the most heinous individual deserves our prayers to help them see the light. The question is “Is there any individual […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #2

Passage from the Tablets of Light “During that time there was no darkness in existence, for, only Bahisht existed, and the joy of the celestial beings and flying immortals was always in praising Zurvan.”-Tablet of Creation 1:2 Q: During what time? A: The beginning of Creation “It was by the Will of Zurvan that all […]

The Fallacy of Universalism

While we in the Ashavan Faith may believe there are many paths to the Presence of God, we do not teach the doctrine of Universalism. There are actually two definitions of universalism. The first and most well known is in reference to the theological doctrine of universal salvation. The belief that every soul regardless of […]

The Death of Death

We all take the reality of death for granted, but I will let you in on a little secret: Reality…True Reality,,.as it was originally created…did not include death! Seriously! Death was not part of life. There was no suffering, no decay and yes, no death. How is this possible? Because the original creation was composed […]

Ashavan Scripture Study #1

Ashavan Scripture Study Passage from the Tablets of Light “ In the most ancient of times, before the creation of the human body, a time which humans are unable to recall to the mind, Bahisht *existed in true peace.”-Tablet of Creation 1:1 *(The Kingdom of Light, i.e. “Heaven) * Q: What is Bahisht? “Originally, all […]