Armchair Apostates

In ages past, a person’s faith was more than a label or social organization, it defined who you were. There are many people today who still approach faith with this level of seriousness but there is a growing number of people in the world, who give religion about as much credence as a crowdfunding campaign. […]

The Soul Equation

In a secular world fewer and fewer people believe in the existence of the soul. It is something they have heard about but having never seen it, felt it, heard it, or experienced it in any way, many prefer to assume it is just the stuff of fairy tales. Religionists talk about saving the soul. […]

What is your “God Concept”?

We often take things for granted. We assume that the thoughts, images, and impressions that each of us has, are a shared pool of information with the rest of humanity but that is not so. A word that can mean hope for some, can mean fear for someone else. A thought that gives great comfort to […]

Who Created What?

If you speak to an agnostic or atheist about creation, about life, the universe and everything (other than maybe acknowledging the “Hitchhiker’s Guide” reference), they will say something to the effect of “it is all random”. But a reasonably wise person can intuit that there is an Intelligence at work within Creation. That it is […]

The Ever-present Danger of Drozhani

In Asha we are learning many new terms, some are more pressing than others for us to understand. I would like to call your attention to the Ashavan word “Drozhani” (pronounced Droh-jaani, with a soft “j” sound). Drozhani means “Falsehood, false teaching. Lie”. One who propagates Drozhani is a Druj. The reason why it is […]

All have Divine Parentage

If you were to follow the logic of people who insist there is an inherent correctness or virtue for being born into a certain race, or class of society, or gender, or caste etc. you would be left staring at a strange and very untrue premise. “They say only such and such people are of […]

What is the Ashavan Lexicon?

When you begin hearing about the new religion of Asha and the New Mithraic Covenant, you will invariably run across words and terms you may not be familiar with. If the words of a faith speak to its origins historically and culturally, there seems to be some kind of context, some kind of reason why those […]